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Saturday, June 26, 2010

John the Baptiser- July 1994

Dear Teachers,
Bruce has asked about a passage of St. John’s Gospel which appears to contradict the other gospels, in that John (the Baptist) says that he is not Elias (John 1:21), when Christ has said that he is (Matthew 11:14). Reading through again and again, I now ask you for a description of John please, in who he was and is, in what he did and how, and to what purpose? Could we have a picture-window of then please?

IT was in a cavity of sweet-water, held floating in the lake of the womb, that it was that John happened upon his Lord once again [Luke 1:41], making meet within the appointed place, this world. In foremost joy he knew that the Life was brought to him; that Life which he must go forth and reveal, employed with fervor, with haste, to as many as could receive it.

A voice in the desert was indeed a hard thing to come by [John 1:23]. What is meant by this, is that commonly the throat is so set upon with dryness that speech is stubborn and requires relief. To 'cry out' as that voice, is to be strong that you may do so. Quite so, were the men of that time most dry and without.

This could be explained at length, to understand the condition of the souls and their personage, and the wizened remains of what once was a fine and healthy people. The nervous system from the base of the spine branching to the cranium and out, had a plague of ague. The Helots were dying because of imported disease carried in by the devils which did cohabit with men, devils which could manifest appearing as men themselves - who had souls, but had not souls. And for those men who were men, their constitution was wracked with insult and burning, and they were parched dry inside with unresponsive hearts so stiffly encased; without tears, without expression, in the many other fluids which flow from a man who ordinarily bears emotion. Even the bloods became sluggish and like paste, for it was overgrown with it.

This was not the Orb as we see it, but it was nonetheless, the old world out of which we did advance. The transition from sphere unto sphere was of itself a catastrophe of kind, one which still resonates upon this world and does cause ill because of it. The catastrophe was moreover a spiritual war, vented with insolence which damaged many souls and entrapped them with a guile.

There were also many advanced spirits and men who foresaw the episodes which were to come (and repeat, in minor degree later on) and although the conditions of those very ancient times were as now unrecognisable, they were to be the beginnings of our Christ being called upon, that He should save all the men who were left.

There is a spirit of the Moon, our old Moon, which is not the one which ensouls this planet, for there is also she which tarries on, to which we all gravitate. This planetary spirit was not as the enspirited Moon, but as the enspirited body of Men at that time. He was the Captain, so to speak, mighty and forsworn to his people. This was the spirit Elijah, which was to be of John the Baptiser, who necessarily could bridge the way and so sacrifice himself to Christ.

That the head was to be later severed from the trunk [Mark 6:27] was the most pitiable example of the relinquishment of such forces as were holding our new planet at bay. For Elijah gave up himself from the world, as part of the withholding of the old ways which bent so heavily upon the Globe. He withdrew from manifestation also, being present only as invisible, as he makes passage to and from the old world into this. The men he loves are still his men; and yet they have, by the grace of Christ, become altered and now impervious to the lower influences which struck at their souls from their brothers’ remains. For it was that the graveyards of lost souls made suffer the fresh, seeking their life once again, pressing on men who were walking the Earth. These remnants of men have now their spirits sleeping, and have separated off in the wasteland of memory adhered to the old Moon.

He who was Elijah renounced himself [John 3:30-31] that the men might proceed forth in order to recognize Christ in His full magnificence. It was to be the death of self of the old world and old order, to permit Christ to come into the waking souls of all men. In this queer example of refutation - " I am not" - it is plain that he has no longer acknowledged himself and in this found true sacrifice, for greater Sacrifice to later follow.

The remission of sins was a regaining of certain (as ensured) strength on behalf of the men who sought to purge in preparation for the receiving of the Christ, that they were truly in freedom, as appointed by Christ Himself; that they could shake and loosen from them all that was undesirable to them and become spiritually glorious once again.

The events at the waterside were all joyous and exceedingly "hearty". For there, immersed beside he who was with the Spirit of the older world, who knew the waters like no other, there was the portal through to the new world, finally made apparent to those men - cleansed from the deceit of the past which had pretended to be in all realism their very fate. So those who were overcome with freedom weighed heavier with the water which had washed over them. They received it into their physical constitution, as it lessened the strengths of the condensation of deposits, and brought about a lively circulation of all fiery and inert forces.

The men thus transformed then saw Christ in His radiance; and because of their departure from failure they could then absorb the Hope which poured from our Master’s Being. And this Hope was so potent that it could touch the hearts of any man who could come to see it. From one unto another it gave the vision to the soul. Borne by Love, the Christ-light entered into those who would first believe in the freedom that He gives for this, our Future.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Love: the Physician- 24th June 1994

LOVE is the great physician. This is indeed no new piece of wisdom, for it has ever been known as that remedy to incompleteness, to weakness, and for the maligned - for any who do suffer in extreme in any part of their composition.

When our Christ heals He does because of His Love, and it is by His Love that specific remedy is cured, cured in precise prescription, knowing only that man and what he does need; and therefore that remedy is lasting and significant, and vital to his being. Cure the remedy well and you cure the man who is to receive it.

So you may now picture that it was not by superior craftiness that He effected and effects His rapid miracles. This is an unusual approach to the subject of healing, of administering to one another, but it is paramount to the crucible of any said cure.

One must not become offended at the thought offered that we are all without and wanting in some particular way. In this we are most perfect for what we are at this time. Having been 'made to order', so to speak, we are largely (nay, in total) a proud product of our Maker. Any deficit in character or soul, ego-consciousness or capacity of expression, is accounted for, explained and forgiven and then set to be answered with comparable virtue.

All the while we are developing our capacities to contain Love, that we may receive it, that we may transport and thus deliver it, and that we may be saturated and swell with it. This is the ongoing 'expansive' advancement of a man, which directly affects his inner and outer constitution. If we may accept this as a fundamental basis to whatever practice of healing we presume, then we begin in accordance with a projected healthy outcome.

To envisage love on demand is unreasonable. Love is a place where our consciousness cannot yet penetrate in full-knowing awareness. Try as we might, it is as the daylight hours are to one who is totally blind - the real warmth is differentiated but the vision though illumined, is not accessible.

In this way it appears to be elusive and yet we are held buoyant within its swaddling; we remain vital and intact because of its bonding to Life. Our perception is moreover elusive, unstable and wanting, rather than Love itself.

We may falter, we may teeter in and out and around its great offerings, but Love is the most dependable strength contrasted to all else; and of course is quite inseparable to all that 'else'. What Love is cannot be defined by the deduction of what it is not; and yet by the same token, we may look to ourselves and ask 'what we are not' in order to find how Love may administer to us and fulfil those very deficits.

Firstly we may establish that such Love as is true, pure and good, and quite real, intensely real, is unfettered from obligation: monetarily it may not be bartered, in relationships it may not be negotiated for exchange. It is quick to infill He who loves, no more, no less. Paradoxically all men are startled at this thought, as the inner impressions of their contesting natures rise in protest with bewildered indignation, alarmed because of their seeming incapacity to love wholeheartedly and well.

However it is that men are and are not what they seem. To know Love is more natural to each and everyone than is presumed. The daily self of the world is tardy in admission and is not as yet responsive to the more curious factors - the inner-mystery realities - of the larger World. However, the soul is accustomed to entreat and consult with Heaven constantly.

The only impressions which 'stick' upon the soul's higher bodies are those which were come to through love. Eventually every memory is either dissolved or dismissed to its respective realm. It may be available for recovery once we travel back and down into those other realms, but truly they are not with value anyhow if disassociated from our experience of Love as well. One can see that the sum total of a man shall be his Love as he has known, and perhaps ultimately this 'system' is the only safeguard for the higher souls of Man, that there is no provision within his higher being for wayward development or disease in determined character.

All evil, in origin, is spawned from lovelessness. Any being, who by mischief to the extreme, labours for havoc, for upset, for entrapment, for injury to another, in spite, in harm, in crime, in err, is an epitome of lovelessness. The arguments of evil and that Father God did make allowances for - in light and shade - can be simplified thus:-

Father God did not create Evil as such - He did not set His Mind to opposing Himself - verily, Evil is no equal opponent to Love, but rather it is the premature offspring which is as yet so underdeveloped as to be capable of living Love's reality. It must, in part, be loved also, for should it not be, it should not survive. Although wicked and self-despised, corruptive, decadent, malicious, destructive and treacherous, Evil and all of its cohorts is pitiable, redeemable and entitled to a proper development. This is high doctrine, for it is essential to our presumptions about ourselves.

Each man holds those parts of his nature which too are as yet so underdeveloped and tender when exposed. The 'dark-side' to a man which is referenced, is not the reality of the noble being he is. We are rebuked and admonished by our failings constantly, whilst also encouraged by this to demand the changes within our makeover that will improve the mastery of self and subsequently work our way to greatness.

As we adopt and refine 'lower' attributes we become vaguely in touch with certain corresponding beings who are drawn to us by our level of activity in this regard. These beings are more of a hindrance to the man than of assistance, as they are provocative to meet their own ends - which are whatever the association. However, in time the influence of the man wins out and when he, as overlord, has brought light to this parcel of dark nature, the associated beings are instantly affected and redeemed. Now this should be correct from the point also that these beings have had their part to play in the man's overall contest and subsequent victorious glory, and even though it has been unintentional, they are awarded same release, as is the dark pocket of heart he did suffer.

Quite so, are we dependent upon the uptake of men who may advance before us. Those souls who head the evolution of Mankind actually do so that they may cause similar effect in those who are following up behind them. They know full well that the expeditions of soul-development need provide the future keys for the wellspring of Pneu for the men following to advance. They go forth at that front, with the blessing of the greatest light, where there is no filter to dilute its radiance.

The enigma of Love, as a preponderance, calls for answering and invokes the internal awakenings, which promote wellbeing overall when happened upon. There are degrees to which we may experience divine Love as it sweeps over and through our beings; and those occasions to which we are knowingly enveloped with its ferocity, are at best intermittent and diminish in intensity, having but the crest at the time of mirrored acknowledgment, in which one being, by another's love, may come to know themselves and be retrieved from their self-pervading gloom. In little wavelets and in larger also, each man rises to meet with another on the top of the mass of inconsequential detail. We are enlightened to importance and we are forgetful of those trivial significances, and we are taken with the one passion which exceeds all others.

The greatest intangible is also the greatest known. From the palette of delight, from needs met and nurture sustaining; joy, gratitude, exhilaration and all of its exuberance; in piety, in reverence, in faith and courageous optimism; by charity (both outer and of opinion), forgiveness and clear-sighted instincts; by the receiving of Grace and the obedience to God (in His Service, where needed - in answer to); with creativity and all of its expressions; through teaching and in being instructed fruitfully; with the familiar and the foreign; in our powers of blessing and well-wishing; in health and all for the healing; in resolution, with peace, and as the emphasis to Life as known. . . Love is with us and is endemic to all such goodness.

Seek to know Love tremendously!

How often we have suggested that it is for the sake of your soul that you must give your occupation, at least in part, to that which overcomes you with inspired enthusiasm.
Do not be disheartened believing that you are insensible to ever know great joy, for it will of itself initiate the motivation. If we disallow ourselves those times and opportunities for exulted happiness then we dismiss also those openings of destiny which otherwise would have presented. Anticipate the most fulfilling and joyful experiences ahead- it is important to do this that they may come forth.

It is not implausible to find your heart's desire, because all the while it is a reality which is known and recognized by the heart awaiting to become an actuality. We are prompted by foreknowledge of those things that are precious to the heart and soul, and feel required to take notice. If you employ yourself with a wholehearted endeavor, those individuals for which you already share a bond of community will be enabled to draw closer.

Affinities as shared are vital to the continuance of each and every man and woman, for it is that recognition which Love brings that uplifts and upholds us far above our failings and our error.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Consecration of Chapel- 19th June 1994

Today, on this day,
At this moment,
We welcome the graceful beings,
Who with offerings in kind,
In gentle step have braved our presence,
That they may partake in our creation,
Today and on other days,
In our expression.

We come together in thankfulness,
With certain hopefulness and expectation,
That anticipates our reassertion,
Of our true spiritual beginnings.

And whether clothed in this physical substance,
Or as the light-footed from neighboring realm,
We each owe our life to our Heavenly Father,
And that life as is lived, to our Christ.

At this moment, as it goes back,
Back to all of the moments which were before,
We are here and inextricably advanced,
By our spiritual beginnings -
Those origins of Spirit.

And so today,
We shall dedicate this humble parlor -
That it may be frequented,
And used as is intended.

We dedicate it to Christ,
Inviting His Presence especially,
For it is to Christ,
That we entrust our futures,
And it is with Christ that we may align,
And unite with the better-most part
Of our dear brothers in kind;
And it is through Christ,
By His Vision,
That we shall perceive,
Our link and lineage with Heaven.

Much is unseen by Men,
And it is often our faith alone,
Which carries us through this World.
We may come to the very edge however,
Here at this altar,
For it is at this altar -
So designated now especially,
That the mighty effort begins,
For this is the junction,
For souls on both sides,
And it is the very neck of gathered Grace,
Which pools here and is retrieved,
By those who give and take,
From this fount which flows invisibly,
Through way of this small altar.

Our own personal altars
Upon which the light of the spirit ever shines,
Is that of our heart,
By which our deepest devotions
And direct communications
Are immediately transported.

And here, in wood that sleeps
In dreaming consciousness,
We have formed an external heart to come to,
That we may reach Heaven also.
And it is only because of our inner altars,
In which we confide and pray,
That we may make real,
This altar here before us.

And as all eyes are fixed upon
This obvious gateway,
There is a radiance which streams
From every man and woman,
Who in accord direct their love,
And uttermost yearnings in effort together.

And so the hearts are not as one to another,
But all to God, the Father -
Conjoined in splendid direction.
And this empowers the effort -
Enstrengthening the men so joined,
Attempting upliftment,
And redemption for all.

The moments we give to devotion,
Are very few when gathered over a lifetime and accounted for,
And yet our souls crave true perspective,
They know the perils of an empty life.

We may pray today,
That with what time passes
Here in this room,
This room made special,
Shall be remedial in benefaction,
And sustaining to each,
Who hereafter may enter.

Let them come to certainty,
That they are truly loved,
And depart from this Chapel,
With an inner joy that shall sustain them.

Many hopes are brought before an altar,
We pray for the prayers,
Which shall be issued forth,
That they shall be potent,
Exact to the need,
And heard by they who are qualified,
So that we may bring invisibly in,
Those who are too weak,
To vouchsafe themselves-
And call for blessings on behalf of them.

We trust in the efficacy,
Of all prayers silent or spoken,
We pray for their expediency,
And offer in return our loving gratitude.
This loving gratitude,
Is exceptionally all the angels have looked for from a man -
That and his ennoblement,
Which mirrors the piety as is theirs.
They too shall sanction this place with Hope.
And today we invite them to come and go as they please -
Most freely,
And be very welcome.

Finally we may ask,
That this Chapel
Be so insufferable to all Sin,
That Sin's contentions
Are rendered powerless to the men within.

Bring them a levity,
Which is free from the burdens of upset,
That with unreserved happiness,
Their inner commitment,
Shall be reinforced strong.

And with joyous occasion,
This spiritual preparation shall make,
The way for a grand and glorious future for all,


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bones- 13th June 1994

Dear Teachers, we have had a question from C. M. which is in three parts. It concerns those who are buried rather than cremated, asking of their remains and whether or not there is a special significance in a graveside visit because of them. She goes on to ask about the ramifications of this, with prayer and contact; and also to ask, what of Christ and His physical body after the Crucifixion and after His Resurrection?

DEAR Child, of all of our attachments within this physical arena, that of our bodily graftings is most dear and especial to us. There is much argument and divisiveness however, within the single constitution of a man, for which there may be this and that suspended from agreement - amicable though it be.

Everybody's body is at this point, advancing and evolving, adapting and reordering, suffering and in turn, strengthening, responding to soul and acknowledging the World in ever new ways. Our bodies are both our door and our key into this World. Simply put, they have been described as mere vessels or vehicles in the past, and yet there is a marvel and a mystery which goes beyond the 'throwaway' or 'disposable' concept.

Too few regard their physical constitution with the reverence and care required to maintain it. We distinguish between life and death with no in-between, however from a spiritual vantage point one can see gradients of dissolution affecting the very many bodies that interweave the physical and markedly, each man does differ in his fortitudes and in his fading.

To some the re-embodiment physically is maligned and despised as an awkward captivity, as a piteous condition. For admittedly there are physical pains experienced and wretchedness made obvious and trials set before a man, which the spirit simply would not anguish with in similar form. But there becomes also an exertion of will in cooperation with the soul of the striving man who works to perform the tedious tasks, just to sustain or drive his frame further. This concentration of exerted effort is the most marvelous preparation for the individual after death, whereupon all conscious trying translates into furthered skills and consciousness in further worlds of experience.

Have you ever heard of the expression "I feel it in my bones"? This quaint phrase is accurate to the core, as it describes our most hardened substance, weighted to the world but mobile, where our concentrations of deep memory reside. Much is transitory and floats in and out and around the man himself. His vitalities, his soul-forces (soul-expressions) and soul-experiences are ever moving and changing, as do the colors which surround him - they are not fixed.

His physical body is as a 'float' overall, a maze also of circulatory systems visible and invisible which stream in and around key centers that correspond to higher faculties and higher spheres. Some (most) attributes are borrowed. All are then individualized, and all conspire around the skeleton, our sturdy 'tree of life' whose boughs and branches support the mass with delicate strength. This 'tree' is independent of the rest insofar as it is totally of our own making and is an extension of our creative will.

As the developing fetus forms, the drawing in of the tiny frame is commanded by the incarnating ego at the time, that has built upon the skill over lifetimes of varying design, and accomplished this task of concentrating matter, personal matter, to their individualized form which is and is to be. We are assisted in the compilation of such 'body building' as is initially carried out prebirth and continues on throughout one's entire lifetime until dissolution. Physiology in this sense - the explanation of the various streams of assistance from levels of beings so apportioned - would of itself take many books indeed to enter into proper and worthy explanation. (You can see why we are irked at the 'throw-away' concept, therefore!) Suffice to say that Man is also in this respect, a synthetic being who has many imports within his system that need be worked over and made adaptable and perfected by him in futures to come. There are many gifts that we are given that need be used before we are truly entitled to call them our own.

The skeletal form is that point where we have driven as far into the World as possible in this hardening process of consolidation. It is of course, the most stable in this respect, and yet whilst it is enhardened, it is to be remembered that the living article is imbued with fluids and fibers which are quite pliable and unlike rock for example, by comparison. This is still an organic component which is by contrast to the metallic bodies with which a man harbors and works with within his fluidic system also.

There is a principle to be remembered here before we go on to further instruction. This is best remembered in regard to many practices and understandings: Men are essentially free beings. Try to remember that, when teachings lead you to necessary areas whereupon we find our threads of existence intertwining and need make explanation of them. For one may arrive at the thought that we are here, there and everywhere in the sense that we leave ourselves, our imprints, everywhere that we have been, and have projected ourselves into. These imprints do trace back to the man assuredly, but not to the point of intruding or impinging upon his future being, for if this were not the case we would be held by the past inescapably. So when we study our certain investitures and how all are linked, we may know that there is a law which prohibits a man to be called upon by his past if he does not himself wish it to be so.

In further explanation of this, we mean to say one can go to an object and decipher a man's past emanations from that object, and by doing so may trace his past history around that time of his being in contact with the object. Furthermore it is possible, if skilled enough, to establish a communicative present-day link with the man (if he is within worldly reach) that may call to him. However if it is not of his comprehension and his available powers of understanding, then he shall rebuke such callings. If there is not a shared or common key, there shall be no communication or choice thereof; and if he is taken up with concentrations elsewhere and does not enter into communication, then it is of his choice entirely and he shall not be bothered or usurped invasively.

Man is a free being. This is a very good and healthy thought to hold. Many times our imprints are to be taken as us - they are mistaken for the soul they represent. There are vast differences in this. Man is freer than we could ever presume. What a wonderful surety to hold! And in respect to the karma of an individual, it may be added that all beings embrace karma lovingly - the soul of Man acknowledges the sense and justice of that which is brought before him. All trials are sweetened eventually. All conquests are truly worth the patience and labor. All men are grateful to the binding laws of karma which facilitate their passage throughout all planes of experience.

Returning to the bones: they are especially significant to a man, even after they have dried and remained after death. The bones themselves continue to hold many memories which were incised within them - particularly in their cavities where the fluids did flow - and when a person goes to the graveside and is within a certain radius of the remaining skeleton there shall be stronger impressions given out which speak to those particularly who shared memories also, and the experience will be greater because of that. 

Bones of monks and saints have long been treasured for the reason that the living men could directly feel the presence of the man past and perhaps come to the deeper impressions of the memory as was held by him at that time. Furthermore, this reservoir of deposit needs to be broken down and dissipated in order for those aspects of the former man (i.e. now made ghostly) to be fully released and for the most part, truly laid to rest. There is little sentimental value in the long run to be gleaned from historical detail. We all have it. One must try to remember that it is the living soul, the current individual, to which we would entrust and share our love with. Aspects of self are of themselves, ongoing and improving. They need release for their own sake - innately and abstractly speaking.

In the ordinary understanding, Christ was boneless. He did not contribute to the formation of such a skeletal frame, His incarnating was without the skeleton as formed by another - which was returned, dissolving during incarnation, for it could not be borne by our God of the Light. All matter was redeemed by Him upon His return. He was completely fluid and animated by His own intensity, requiring not the bones as we should.

Rudolf Steiner :

At the baptism in Jordan, when the significant symbol of the dove appeared above the head of Jesus, he was not merely inspired but directly intuited by the Christ.
On that occasion something shot through the entire body of Jesus of Nazareth, even into those parts which, at the present stage of human development, are most withdrawn from the influence of man — the very bones.
I am now about to say something which to the materialistic consciousness of the present day seems nonsense; but that is of no matter. At the moment when the body of Jesus of Nazareth was permeated and fired by the Individuality of Christ — the great Sun-Spirit — the effect reached even into the bones.
If you burn a bone the cartilaginous part is consumed and the bone ash is left. The mineral substance of the bone and the cartilage are held together by a power which is opposed to fire, but also, therefore, associated with it.
This power is at present entirely beyond the control of man's will, but it was under the control of Him Who was later to pass through the Event of Golgotha. Man can at present move his hand, but has no power to affect the chemical forces of his bones; he has become solid through them. The body of Jesus of Nazareth, through its having been intuited by the Christ, is the only body on earth that has ever acquired control over the force that holds cartilage and bone-ash together.
Through this control over the bones a force entered the world which is positively able to conquer death; for the bones are guilty of the death of man.
Man has become entangled in the mineral part of the earth through being so constructed that he has incorporated into himself solid bony substance. Death came to him because of this, and it is not without cause that death is represented by a skeleton — the symbol is fully justified.
The Christ-Impulse is the living force that is able to again transform the bones that is, to lead men gradually towards that which is spiritual; and this will come to pass in future evolution. This is why no external force was permitted to interfere with the bony structure of Jesus Christ: no bone of Him was to be broken.
The others who were crucified with Him had their bones broken, but in Him the words of the prophet had to be fulfilled: “No bone of Him shall be broken!” This was in order that what had been imparted as a mighty central impulse to the earth should not be spoilt by any outside influence.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Winged Serpents- 24th May 1994

Question: Could you please discuss the relationship of the Winged Serpent beings to esoteric knowledge? –S.G.

CELESTIAL beings are usually as beautiful as they are. All things do quite honestly represent themselves upon their base-realm, and though the creatures are many and diverse, they the menagerie, are not truly indicative of the angelic hierarchies nor the blessed spirits (of which there are many) which do incorporate the varied heavens.

The Winged Serpents and their atrocious friends (the pirates) have a distinctive smell which they bring with them - an odor of decay - and yet their wisdoms are inordinately challenging, being an incorporation of moon logic and mirror-truth. So much that is entered into may transpire within this sphere and be held here. Truth may be lit from many an angle, but also (in clairvoyance) it may be perceived 'by the light of the moon', which is as the silver mirror - back to front - and in time, what has been and deceased within the moment.

These are your ishtars (shishhh-tars) - the mercurial overlords which may prove to be generous friends eventually; or simply, as they are now, a corruptive influence which bounces irregular forces into and around those ritualistic circles which invite their presence. The objective is usually to 'create' a demon or an angel and to invoke a higher being: to actually call by demand and encapture or enslave, such a majestic creature as would ordinarily be distinct from the associations of physical and quasi-physical expression.

The serpent beings may achieve this only by the use of the man's calling - the entrapment of a splendid being, who is beckoned and would go to the summons of a man. Overall both parties - the men and the serpents - are not being playful, and are not in any way being considerate to the angel, which by design they are endeavoring to 'rape'.

There is little point continuing on about such grievous practices, except to caution the men who have tasted the angelic essences and have abused such love as do pour from these radiant beings: you do so in forfeit of your own angel-being. Every man has angel within him, not only in qualities, but in reality he is so linked to all of their hierarchies, and every crime or insult that he may dare to arrogantly impose shall detract from that corresponding center within his own being. Also because of this, he shall be forever disbarred from their realms of being, and in the extreme he shall lose vision of them also. The callous misuse of pure beings is reprehensible to all other like beings, and they know and remember.

Furthermore, this is not just a simple matter of excuse by claimed innocence. The occult path is one of desire, and as a man's heart is, so is he. Should he desire furtherance above all else and all others, he is set back as far as he advances. Were he to genuinely desire the furtherance of his brothers and labor on their behalf, he shall be lifted on wings by the tireless beings who may only assist other lovers of men.

Does a man desire admiration? Many an occult teacher has! For it is that their ego-life is near never fulfilled - there is a particular greed which goes hungry for adulation and is insatiably demanding. This path is begun because initially the ego-weak have sought ‘bad' company in which to identify themselves with - false gods and false goods - and they endeavor to appease their own emptiness with an outer substantiation. The martyr need not be endorsed by any man to know his value of trial.

Dear boy, you have been looking in all of the wrong places! How often it is that we must reiterate that it is your heart-knowledge that will carry you and save you - no other can do so, no matter how glamorous or aweful. There is no method to spirituality. There are no conditions to fulfill, which you do not already know within. There are no accolades which are of any worth- none.

Of all the masters to follow, Christ is the most generous. Be careful who you offer yourself to, for they are not as He, those others.

There have been many earnest attempts by a noble, inspirited fellow (yourself) which appear to have brought disappointments and even confusion. The dissatisfaction is not unusual and the loneliness is symptomatic. However, we can promise one thing: that all cause is justified and you have been held back thus far from linking yourself to some terrible mistakes because of your goodness, and so we may now call to you personally to have more confidence in your self-worth and request that you may begin to care for it more seriously- ever more seriously.

If your peers or your teachers inspire you with warmth and do impress you as 'all round good guys' then well and good. Be careful. You may soon judge for yourself by their appearance and the amount of their life's striving as to how well their methods have enhanced their spiritual prosperity. Are they full of light or are they weighted and spent? Find a measure and begin to think ahead of that same path they encourage you, as was theirs.

Try not to be impatient with yourself or your conditions; there are great opportunities ahead in the not-so-far future.

Be of Good Cheer & God Bless,

-Father Giles

Monday, June 21, 2010

Man to Man- 23rd May 1994

AT the uppermost altitudes of Spirit, in that place of pure Holies, the seat of God, there is but One, (that we know of) that may journey to and from and meet with His Father with full self-consciousness; an awareness which is equal (in part) that they may be of one mind together at such interludes.

This is the all-presuming of the Christians who enter into the highest mysteries of which there is no way possible that anyone could substantiate. . . or argue. This is the first tenet for which we suppose all else; and by the power of Christ we are afforded the audacious means to partake in His realities (as He with us), that we may realize their somber importance without personally needing to qualify or examine piece by piece.

God became in Man and Man becomes in God. There would be no other way for us to reach up to the summit and extend our beings back to our cradles of beginning. Christ has made it so, that we: the fellow children of the Father, all share in His higher Worlds; that we are not downcast and divorced from the very greatest, the most splendid, the more brilliantly radiant, the noblest Divine Realities.

Whilst the progressive evolution is statutory to Cosmic affairs - the onward upward push for all - it is rare and unusual for individual beings to be given the dual aspects of self reflection coupled with higher empathies/higher awareness. Most beings are confined respectively to their station, having been allotted qualities that soon became them, for which they lived by and were consequently related to indefinitely. Then there came Man. There was a provision for everything: that he would be enabled to become more, and that he would have such key elements that would correspond with the range of beings already in existence. Here we have a 'sweet babe' to all, thereby - the angels know their counterpart selves in him, likewise the demons also… likewise, our Christ. 

And Man is yet to know himself.

Solitude is a remarkable commodity. Solitude is a great illusion, but nonetheless a real one. How is it that there are those aspects few may share, which isolate a man in his times of grief or great joy, in his thoughtfulness and true expression in which he feels set apart and alone? In solitude we withdraw to commune with our souls and with God; we retract, we contract, we consolidate and examine. Solitude is associated badly because it is mostly the unfavorable times within a man's life which may prompt him to go inward in this fashion, when in reality it is this capacity to do so, from which he shall recover from his unhappinesses and find the renewal he desperately seeks.

However, the aspect of solitude: i.e. the ability for an individual to experience his individuality and ignore the transpirations of an ever-full and buzzing Cosmos - allows for him the private attention from Father God, and if addressed, from Christ, his first-born Son, also. As we say, that we are given to know Solitude within the busy sea of life is remarkable. Not all beings may achieve this and certainly those who are incapable of self-reflection are too dispersed amongst ongoing experience to be enabled to pause from their doings, and return into themselves and travel forth in prayer or conference. That we may retract into solitude enstrengthens our aspects of empathizing also. For empathy at its best is directed and chosen rather than suffered or maintained. 

Let us explain: There are many beings that do resonate and empathize with those of their kind, or perhaps with those, which for whatever reason do hold influence upon them. In point of fact, the rain which hurls and gushes from the sky may splash you unwittingly, and there shall be an empathy between you and that rain, in that experience. Just so, there are beings who suffer the outfall from others. They suffer because they have not the ability to will otherwise or the choice in the matter, and are subject to their environment, subject to the influences, without respite.

To a degree a man may feel that this is so with the ceaseless quirks and quarks of bombardment. However, there is his solitude which will save him, and there is also his ability to go where he will, in directing his self-conscious subjugation, sympathies and finally his enjoyable empathies from which he shall come to greater being thereby. This verily, is the gift from the Gods: to willingly arrive at such understandings, provoked initially by curiosity or (when advanced) by love, to find empathy at a choosing and enter into a relationship whereby the two individuals share qualities in that experience.

We have now come to yet another attribute for which we as men are privileged- that we do not have to be like so to come to the experience of it. Yes, we shall have the fabrication of all things from which to know by, but by the same token we need not be actively expressive in any manner to actually understand it by another.

Further to this is the quality of shared attributes/strengths, in a most positive and creative way: the ennobling of men by the mutual upliftment. This is provided for only because of Christ's empathy with us, meager though we be by comparison; that He seeks to know us, that we may know Him, for it is that the heart and mind are to be revealed and made known before true coexistence may be maintained.

Explanation: hitherto we have been confined by law. Law regulates the motions of all movement. Law enables coexistence. Law provides the necessary licenses within a presumed and apportioned plan. Christ sought to change that. He did not adopt a lawless approach, but what He did maintain and uphold was, that were the mutual heart and mind and position of one unto another to be known and understood, then there would be a perfect dance so to speak, proper consideration: a constellation which spun around each partner anticipating their drives, dodging and ducking at will, balancing their relationship unto another by the conception of what they are in relation to each other. In other words, a self-realised and self-motivated system which is at the same time supremely conscious of their fellow beings.

'Immediate' karma was in place for those who were to be restrained within the Law, that they should be 'bounced back' as far as they extended, that they need not self-consciously empathize, but rather were given, repeatedly, the experience of their own expression's endeavor. There are limited perimeters within this phase of being, for the karma in this sense holds everyone most tightly. The soul-review after death as given to men, was complementary to this and enfolded a man in the true meaning of his actions and activities. For the bearing of one's karma is compelling, but also can be consuming to the point of further distraction, whereas the experience after death in review enables a man in solitude to draw to himself those understandings which shall increase his ability of empathy at a later date, forever on.

Because of this benefactor to action, we are rewarded with a slack, a lapse of karmic intervention, which is not-so-immediate or impending. Although we are equally accountable for all that we create, we are endowed with the gift of redemption, redemption whereby we are given the opportunity to redeem ourselves, and are thus saved by that. By this we are advantaged a little higher every time; karma is not merely a corrective law, but has become by Christ unobtrusive to our greatness. This is an important point, because the grace of a protracted interlude - between action and karmic response - affords a man the time to strengthen in the in-between. He is savored with the after-death review, he is judged by himself and knows what it is that he seeks to refine; and he is held back until such time as he is capable, from those worldly dramas which he must address.

The criminal who commits murder without remorse is better to confront the loss of a loved one, (either another or himself) at such a time when he has arrived at refinement. If a man has no respect for life, then one more murder shall only indulge his gross defiances. He shall not know the weight, the true weight of his callous contrivances. Although this is simply put, and sadly so, he shall markedly recall that happening which a delayed karma shall bring to his doorstep one day, when he is actually above the committal of that crime. 

 Many 'good' people suffer drastic happenings, of which it is asked, "Why?" Though it does appear to be a terrible shame that karma still rises to meet one, even after they have long relinquished the call for it, it is often that it does so, way past the time of the first consequence. Furthermore, these good men will be sorting through the slag that has remained with them, and breaking free at a rapid rate, that they will be rewarded and jubilant when all is said and done. It is not a pleasant subject, for it is that men are innocent of their actions within the world - that being the very reason for the karma which we are subject to.

However and in summation, the Will of Christ is an imponderable. Just as we may not truly see the light but what the light illumines for us, we may only find the ways of His Will, rather than penetrate its substance. Christ's Will fashions the new Laws of Being; it has been His exclamation which has defied the 'old' ways throughout. Yet He would not defy His Father. So we may view the greater Creation as an abstraction for which our Father is not over-pleased at this time, in that changes were deemed favorable.

The Will of God is that first impulse which is Life. The Will of our Christ defends that Life and stands before Death (Death which mocks God) and balances its element of Defeat with Renewal.

(We shall leave you with that thought, hoping that it will not be overlooked. It is worthy of much attention, as there is such a strong fundamental reality which streams from it, that it is vital to your question.)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Purpose of the Work- 15th May 1994

AND. . . . to the purpose then, of our dear students: If it is not to be with all men, you ask, then is it not exclusive. And wherewith our merit?

Firstly, it is for all men as we do lay the way at the forefront of Humanity's expedition. Secondly, there are many men who have been exposed to esoteric teachings who are awakened to the inner concepts, but are without reliable guidance, and in peril of such errors as do waste away their beings.

There are movements in spiritually based centers - so-named - that we ponder the reasoning which enwraps and entraps their kind in half-truth (deny Christ's existence). Then there are those who do name Him and then proceed to abandon His expirations and promulgate the lusts of Baal (in one form or another); and by this we mean that there are men of high office who have set themselves a career in such pride that would rather have men kept exactly where they are, whilst they are advanced by this.

The differences are distinct and obvious: there are those of us who offer and give and are empathetic to the needs of our brothers, whilst there are those sorry souls who are self-bound and spiritually grazed, who say they know the true Christ but do follow but an impostor.

Each one of you has already experienced the gravity of this our work. We have never encouraged false pride in our students, for the reason that it encumbers the striving soul and leads to remorse. However, let there be moments to be proud on behalf of our body of individuals who have resolutely pledged unto themselves that they shall stand beside Christ and love all He loves, and be ever ready to transport His illuminations when and wherever they may.

One must not underestimate their own personal offerings. You may think of your tasks ahead in the context of homeopathic magic, that your work in the World is that one part substance to the one hundred thousand parts removed: those with empty ego who are persuaded in time by the truth, because it is the truth - and through your work it shall find its way to them.

This lifetime is not your first effort working directly with us, nor shall it find completion in a handful of decades. Most of you have still to uncover the remains of what you did come to before; and when this is achieved (be confident) then you shall feel more enabled to 'be your own person' as they say, and contentedness will preside overall.

It is our hope that our students may continue on. We have never sought to alarm, to pontificate those disasters which threaten Men (and by this we mean at the core - like the worm in the heart) and yet we shall be remiss if we discount the fact that this is no playful game where one is resigned to lose and the other to win, for we may all lose by consequence. There is no thing that Christ cannot allow for. There is no demon that threatens Mankind by might, that Christ may not dismiss. The principalities are overweighted and burgeoned with concordances of wisdom, which alike to a thundercloud have amassed overdue and seek release.

The purpose of your work dear friends and fellows, is outlined by need. The numbers of those who may do as you do are too few to do without you! That may be acknowledged.

In the arena of competing thoughts projected, there are those which are marked by their initiators, marked with a bias that errs to one degree each side of the truth.

Christianity is esoteric. There really is no such palaver as exoteric Christianity.

So you ask for a discernment here. Yes, the mysteries are still fresh - exceedingly new, as far as time in this World - and the minds of most are as rigid as they have ever been, being taken up into acquiring a consciousness. Then there are those individuals that you shall be brought into contact with - who will find you - that are inwardly quite desperate for a latch-hold.

Men can be affected for all time just by a wondrous insight. It is refreshing for their soul to be given a contest from one of our students. All men relish important thought and meaningful communication.

Most of all we offer the living Christ as He is in the World today, and is in each man. This we can pass on as the first important inner reality, thereby cutting the paths and preparing the way ahead for our brothers to follow.

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