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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Let Thy Will be Done- 7th March 2010

TWO years before Time began, the days were created; and the breaking moment between existence and its motivated motion gave Time itself both momentum and the possibility of catch up... to be from that beginning moment onwards, 'out of synch' yet with a patterning and a precedence for back-changing, stopping, and the revision of what is to be.

All life manifests within the higher realms before the earthly worldly times embrace or follow these realities. Yet the World itself holds notions and actions of its very own which can be independent of the direct spiritual impulses. Both men and matter can move indiscriminately - even harmfully - and certainly (moreover) the freewill choices shuffle the boundaries of predestined happenings continuously.

Miracles and interventions are of the heavenly kind. This is not to say that a man, woman or child cannot of their own instigate a marvelous charity - oh yes, these choices and actions are real, deliberate and independent too. However the Graces of Divine Intervention are divine, i.e. the outcome hoped for has to occur within the spiritual blueprint firstly, and then into the worldly sphere incorporated within a certain time - for untoward rescues and turnarounds that are positive, are not effected solely within the earthly sphere.

Matter is responsive to Divinity's Will and to higher causal being - it is not responsive directly to even that of its own. Some science tends to assume that interactions of life occur in communication within singular planes, but this is not so.

Nor is it the case with people either. When individuals communicate from one to another meaningfully, it is not by the exchange of words alone but is manifesting over many higher planes above the physical conversation. There is literally an exchange of ideas and a conveyance of thought, and a sense of self and of angel and even of the very Presence of God, from one to another.

Not one thing is independently single layered. Referring to other planes of activity is essential to all action within life for even the simplest of transactions. And it is when an action becomes earthbound and renegade to this that there becomes a potentially devastating consequence to follow after. 'Other plane' referring does not have to be cyclical or predestined, but it needs to be discerned in accordance with so many otherwise varying factors.

To be in concert with higher wisdoms, determinings and considerations is not a matter of complicity or automation, it simply gives over the will of one into the consideration of many; and from this there will be a beneficial outcome.

It is both good and creative to hold personal hopes and ambitions, have wants and desires for all kinds of future events to come. But there also needs to be the attitude of spirit that, in a rather polite obeisance to the futures, exercises both patience and levity with a far broader perspective to our own personal requests.

At what point do we grow to become proper and worthy students of the higher path? It is precisely that point when we give over our personal desires into the higher considerations. We do not necessarily give up on them, just give them over. It is the exact and precise moment of realization that this world and the living beings and souls around me have their place, their needs and equal consideration.

As simple as this sounds, it is so often forgotten. Can you wait for your Mercedes until every last man and woman and child have full meals in their day? And if not, why not? Are you serious about effecting good work in the world? For in attitude it begins. One may not be particularly serious - one foot on the path and the other on the precipice - but this is not a journey, it is a nothing.

To mindfully pray "If it be Thy Will" before tasks and plannings, becomes a fine caveat for karma. It is not a renunciation of responsibility, yet in effect and by effect, it is. Our lives reform when this inner attitude is consciously deliberated.

At this point of development our egos are powerful; we might not all have a tremendous control or knowledge of their capability, but they are nonetheless very potent in their action. It is at this very point we learn to exercise the inner patience and converse in reverent consideration of the higher aspects of all that we do - to pause from our willing and be prepared to pause until such a time as the spiritual worlds can find a harmonious or beneficent time to manifest whatever it is we are trying to realize.

So much imagination is wasted by desirous or agitated projections that are willful. The very moment we give over these desires we are relieved of their energetic bearings and freed up to do what we can do in a day. The 'Universe' takes very seriously the souls who consult with an open heart and with consideration of others - obliged to circumstances.

At present this World is quite a magical place with vast and imposing limitations. It is still not easy to navigate or interpret, and there are many pioneer souls who are still mapping its ways, even whilst it ever reforms and changes also. It can be said that the conditions of living have wondrous moments - beautiful segments, pockets of happy times....but on the whole (and even for those how have developed and worked themselves far) it is still a terrain fraught with uncomfortable and perilous difficulties.

And so where would we be without the full blessing of higher guidance?
Should any man desire to go it alone and live by the standard "Do what thou wilt" - i.e. to suit only themselves and divine not the humors of the Heavens firstly - then it will be that they go throughout their lives without the full support that they could have been offered back.

If but for nothing else than practicality - if not for the affection of others, the compassion, the humanity, the charity, the moral duty, the receiving, the believing, the sheer relieving - if not for these but for nothing else than practicality, why not therefore live in consult with the wisdoms which incorporate the interests of all?
• Before our thinking: "Let Thy Will be done."
• Held before our wanting: "Let Thy Will be done."
• And before our choosing: "Let Thy Will be done."

And this is in cooperation (if not in deed but in heart) with the entire force of Life itself which seeks collaboration and duly awards he or she who bears this upon their breast and impresses the world with their sincerity, and from one to another do know each other as true brothers in this Community of the All.

You are but a student of one if you do not live by this standard. This is not to say that another individual or organization should dictate your doings and know above your own discernment as to what is required of you by God or by Heaven or for the betterment of all. It is not to forgo your own license to self but moreover to enhance such empowerment in refining both attitude and intuition to the spiritual frequencies.
By this we become more empathetic and sensitive to the conditions around us and informed of the realities about to prevail. Of ourselves no one man instigates the future - his decisions and actions can and do make small and great changes but when it is said: "Man ye are Gods" it could be better said:

"Man ye are Gods - among many Gods - enveloped and governed by The God, Our God, that contains us all."

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