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Friday, November 18, 2011

Painting Mythic- 17th September 2010

PAINTING is the concordance of similarities, the confluence of imagery committed to form. The hieroglyphic mythic dance with mind and Soul. The portrait of God and deity of nature.

Paintings encapsulate the humors, by such comedic gesture and sweeping line.

The intent of the artist is paramount to the subsequent delivery of his creation.

In this way a painting can deliver a concept or an emotion or a chaos, defined by the heart, enabled with purpose, driving the work.
Two colors emit nature whereas one color gives way to introspection. Many colors become as light. No color turns pictures into words - for it can deliver a spirit window, as it has a veil removed as it were, as it was.

The photograph does not convey intent as the painting does, nor character either.

The muse to all great artwork arrives in the Silence and brings many friends whose merriment is in watching the brushes sweep and line.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Suffering Pain, & Medication- 30th May 2010

THERE is a wry irony known sometimes, that spiritual pursuits aggravate our physical pain all the more harder. For the forces that conspire within the 'awakened' or the consciously striving-to-be-conscious man, are intensely energetic - and the nerves can become so ferociously impinged upon, as piano wires are to an zealous infant pianist.

Whilst palsy is of itself a cold condition, the pain experienced within and about its confinement is very hot. There are excessive energetic forces still trying to drive into corrupted pathways and insinuating themselves in regions that they do not belong in, causing aggravation.

Pain medication (with the exception of alcohol) can bring the heat from this overactivity to be nulled for a time - literally damping down this frenzied chaos within.

Our physical bodies are not who we are, but are beloved and cherished companions who serve us lifelong. Subjugated not only to our wills and spirit, and karmic interplay, they are also still evolving their own paths of experience and development; suffering and enjoying our emotional journey with them; and in constant hardship due to aging, pollutants, deformities and the imperfect condition (within and without) that is physical necessity today.

However, firstly and foremostly, the innate nature of our own body is rapturous in our presence. And when we return more fully into them after departing during sleep, they have all the excitement of that puppy at the door to see us - and the devotion besides!

The character of one's own body is generally very good, subservient, and 'connected' to the soul within. It is a profound partnership and one which is over overlooked - for largely good reasons.

It can become a disturbance to the fine knit of the relationship to think of this for too long and hard divisively, about the soul and the anima it resides in separately. Yet having said this, if one is ill or injured and the 'fit' is incomplete or with physical hardship, then that individual's soul is constantly aware of this reality and does not need to be informed of the sovereignty his being has over his dear physical frame.

This world, at this time, is still very much in stages of development. The way a man of the future will eat, breathe, be and age in the body, will all become quite different in the systems that we work with right now. And of course, both mind and will shall also become advanced of this and more enduring.

At present we have developed warmth, we have cooperation, we have the heavenly breath within us flowing down through every level of being and back up into the highest part we can know. If an individual takes pain relief medication, yet has no pain experienced at that time of receiving it, then the warmth that he has will leave him - either temporarily or forever (meaning death will ensue) - depending on the dosage.

And yes, not only does this affect the warmth of his own body into coldness, and the forces that inspire the physical heat, but numbness can take hold, life forces will recoil, and out-of-body experiences can happen, because he is out of his body - and the warmth from the personality can be inhibited as well. Furthermore it is true that there are some who go down to the threshold of death in this cold state and vacate their own bodies, leaving them to entities who can come into them and inhabit thereafter, preventing their own return.

Now when examining the individual who takes medication and is experiencing pain, the very opposite is true. For the pain itself causes and is caused by, a condition of excessive heat - the fiery life forces becoming frustrated and being blocked from the ordinary pathways. And so, to the point of normalcy, the pain relief can quieten the angst of vitality, bringing one back to the threshold of life, as it was.

Pain of itself is debilitating and wearing to the general wellbeing of the whole. Medication can overtax the organs, yet so can the overly persistent vitalities, and because of this, from a spiritual and physical perspective we would suggest that pain relief be the preferred option if possible. This is why context is so very important - and one would have to be very careful as to how much becomes too much.

The drug abuser often begins medicating because of a congregate of forces within his head rather than force causing pain in his body - which he seeks to nullify. And for many, the out-of-body experience is taken to be profoundly blissful all on its own. Sadly and rapidly, the medications themselves can cause an abundance of chaotic forces to come in-spilling without more relief to manage quietening them down. A dive pattern is set in motion aggrieving the restless soul for which there is no relieving, no exit, no answer - other than to give up, suffer or die.

Alcohol, plainly put, is an evil both to the ego and to the body. In relation to the individual who is in pain, its nature is actually stimulating and fiery and whilst it appears to be 'cold', by its paralyzing of the head forces. It will behave as coals to the fire in general, very quickly inflaming the astrality of emotions, nerves and forces overall.

The natures of the opiates and synthesized opiates rapidly pull one heavenwards, flying over the astral terrain but very quickly - glancing as it were without inviting the same astral frenzy.

Acupuncture can unblock heated aggregates, but it can be frustrated where physical injury has created the blockages and they are occurring there on that level first and foremostly. 

Nothing in Nature desires hardship, suffering or pain, and yet conditions within our World can be unspeakably morose at times. The difficulties and suffering within any life literally translate into remarkable rewards of the spirit thereafter. It would seem far too cruel to assign pain for this purpose, and we do not - however compensation does become an outcome of its experience nonetheless.

We are creatures of contrast - we gather experience and measure all things by it. Long after you walk out of this lifetime you will carry with you that 'badge of honor', which is every sting from every spearhead of twinge, stab and ache; and although you cannot feel any of that torment anymore, what you can and do feel is everything else in contrast to that pain once known - and it is wonderful. It becomes a point of reference that will never leave you - and forever enhances the consciousness you carry, wherever you are within the spiritual planes.

Even dreams may reflect this elation referring to the 'now' pure joy - at the 'not-pain' experienced moment by moment - which will remain with you spiritually for all times to follow.

Some things done in one's life cannot be redone, re-said or retraced, or turned back upon - and regret can bear down upon the mind as it frantically tries to make fit the situation. Panic attacks occur when the will itself is in the midst of trying to make components fit where they can't. It can be as simple as trying to motivate a leg that cannot move, to a mind that can't accept; to endeavor to control the uncontrollable; to be content with something that is unthinkable ... many times situations and the mind cannot be reconciled, and the individual who knows this trauma becomes doubly depressed believing that somehow (unreasonably) that they should be 'on top' or 'in control' of this situation.

Trying to placate self or others is superficial only and evasive. For this experience of alarm generally comes from very real problems at hand.

Often folk berate themselves at not being able to cope better, when in point of fact they are living a hero's quest - in hope, in breath, in struggles so borne.

The friction of forces which is anxiety itself is literally a mental pain which is not dissimilar to the physical pain as described earlier. The mind and will are overstimulated, energetically summoning vitality to assist in making right an unponderable - it is a sphinxy kind of bind, for the riddle of anxiety is not how can I make this all fit together, but rather "how can I desist from something so important?".

Prayer is incredibly potent in this regard (apart from the Divine supplication it can bring also) - for in prayer we are not desisting but rather persisting with deferring. Our forces may move out from our heads, our minds, and our own will to that which is further than ourselves ... and we are immeasurably relieved of not only the chaos of the excessive forces, but also the answer is there in the prayer itself.

The immediate solution to the Sphinx relay riddle that can entrap one's courage into a static chaos, is by deferring it onto prayer. It may be a specific prayer, the Lord's Prayer, or a prayer which is pertinent to the problem of the moment. 

The spiritual life is truly lived in the moment, and the heart of a man succeeds all of his actions past. It is that which he is known by - no more and no less.

Although when briefly visited these topics may appear merely platitudinous - they are not. There are golden standards which can be explored and reasoned to the very deepest of understandings. The good man who is committed to this path before him, implores the world by that of his very being. And he can live goodness and goodness will know him. 

One last word on the subject of pain: Your brother in pain, Beloved Christ, knows the hardships that it causes. Trial, dilemma, conflict and contrast - He sees and feels your pain. Our most mortal God weeps for better days. You can go to Him in your prayers and in your sleep. And in like to Him, your strength and your courage builds up the future worlds. For the substance of Mankind is not fabricated by luxury, nor made sound and given permanence by holidays and acquiescence - it is won at the coalface of terror, faith, sincerity, and an earnest belief in life itself - with an intuitive sensing, and deliberate enquiry, with a heart to the whole, and a long reaching vision withstanding.

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