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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Out of the Blue- 1995 Christmas

THE distance which seems to be between us and the starry belt beyond is only an exaggeration of consciousness - ours, and that of this planet. In truth, all places are 'twixt and twain', they are together in habitude, in recess. Every place and plane, memory or projection, is neither near nor far, being simply here or there in relation to us. That is the larger, more comprehensive overview.

The blue ethers expel memory, as if to discount substance, and memory of substance 'vanishes' amid their erasive powers. 'Annihilation' it is called, not meaning to be 'snuffed out' or destroyed, but rather to be counted as nil - to be as though one were not, displaced in space and in relation to, dissolved in the blue, rendered with impermanence, concealed with invisibleness - this is ethereal annihilation. It is the 'empty' spaces in which we see nothing but where there is much. Light penetrates blue ether and will not be dissolved therein. It is a lover of specifics and ignores the illusions of space.

The Sacred Planets are not round places - planets as depicted for convenience as balls upon a map. This type of thinking is misleading to the truth. It is and it isn't post-positive. For one thing, everything is spherical, and so the apt description is the reality view - however, with tension upon the circumference and higher worlds central to the being (accessible thereby) all Life is orbital, planets or otherwise.

The seven Sacred Planets have been held to much controversy and speculation. This paper shall not end such but begin anew, adding to it with but a few more. You may picture sandbars with wading water in between. These sandbanks are as the perimeter of each world, whilst the waters are the blue ethers, which by their intrinsic powers of rendering specific invisibility, do cordon the sandbars exclusively from one another.

The Moon Sphere is both within this of our own, whilst also extending out (as far as the extremity of slag remaining in the silvery disc; that being the edge of the sand bar, as it were - as it is). The moon material incorporated is pound-by-pound slight indeed. However, when it is considered what is actually attached to that mass, it may be appreciated that there is a much larger sphere so connected to it, where there is yet another repository of mimicry to the Earth. This is an ancient astral sheath which is inseparably hovering alongside the Moon's mass; and it is upon this astral cadaver that verily the 'sins of the past' still haunt us.

To make a point, there becomes a leaning from one to another - this world's immediate astrality with its former host of 'hangers on', whilst the recollection of the former world as it was, is beneath the skin of this our world, and faithful in realm to the past, in perfection. So there are two Moons from one Moon, except to say that the Moon is now the Earth - and so one may say in such context that there are in fact three Moons to be considered.

These are not example to the three immutable currencies (past, present and future). For they are:

Past Preserved (Inner Moon)
Past Disconsolate (remains and decaying Moon)
Past Incarnate (the present sphere - our Earth)

There is no element of future within these immediate three. There is a living sojourn, a very real relationship here, which although may be separated up by those distinctions, does nonetheless prevaricate one globe in beingness.

Now to the point: the mystery-spheres as named, are of realms which dwell concurrent to our own; just as the Moon in its three phases is present, so too are the sacred spheres belonging to the higher realms. If they didn't already exist there should be no point entering into discussion about them. They either are, or are not- and they are.

The Venus incarnation of this planet shall be of attitude rather than ensoulment. Once again, we ask that the former concepts of floating balls be put away for the time being. For the domains of Venus are already frequented and inhabited and specifically characterized of its rightful order. When it is spoken of in terms of our own planet re-embodying into one which we will call Venus, it is not to become as a hijacker to a planet, nor is it to be that same spirit which is, but that it will ascend into corresponding mass and become Venus imbued, and therefore Venus entitled.

The name of this planet has hitherto been guarded, so guarded as to be confused and neglected. For the spirit to which we cling, propels our passage throughout the phases of heavenly development, sensitive to the guidance of the traveling humanity. The spirit whose arms do cradle us are of Venus herself (ever present), whilst the being which is the Earth is as a child.

The planetary influences - the characteristics of their realms - are with us in part, present today. The seven Angels of the seven domains are irreproachable and quite removed from any mixture of influence or play upon the theme. The seven ruling Angels stand away from each, but are the as the upstanding grain of the pearl, essentially signatory to those conditions as are then to be represented.

There are also Lords of the Domains, who are creative by nature and responsible to each. These Lords (overlords) are benevolent caretakers who are not fixed in time or place, even though they are usually duty-bound to remain within their respective domains. It was three such lords who did make a visitation heralding the blessed Christ. You see, it was much more of a vacation from soul in body to make way for the Christ. It was a planetary soul who too departed so, leaving to become our Venus, as we will come to know.

The three Kings (and Kings they truly were) were of Venus, Jupiter [Sangus/Sancus- son of Jupiter] and Conundrum - who besought to negotiate the said transition. The spirit-being which had up until that time brought the gathering mass to be this World into conspiration, was to empty out and exhume itself. This spirit was Elijah-John, who although is buried with the remains of the Moon has now gone on to prepare for the incarnation of Venus.

This planet did not die but continued to be. The former worship of her is now irrelevant. Christ fused into the orb because only then could all matter become completely revivified and resurrected. His Body and the body of the World, as He entered into His own Creation, echoed such remonstrations as were matured by His Rapture.


What is Corundum? [As per initial transcription]

Conundrum! Not Corundum! The unseen planetary sphere. (The Negro King) The Unnamed Realm: Conundrum.

Comment by J. - I get a strong picture of the three Kings at the birth having the same experience that Christ had at the transfiguration. That is one of Brotherhood, Constancy and support.


Perhaps as the brotherhood of Uncles, one might say! These founders to the planet’s associates are most definitely held and fixed in common trust. The beams of support are a triple A gauge and the connecting junctions are riveted with Love.

Comment by J. -
Denial is there in both - Christ, although picking up some followers, is predominantly a story of denial. The virtuous three were denied by the men of the World.

Denial in the World? From denial alongside evidence, comes great sadness in the spiritual worlds. For there is no sustaining ecology of belief given to those who deny, and to their others. It was as though men simply passed back their futurious gifts. 

The mechanism of denial is related to the astral mirror which deflects the truth unfaithfully. When men qualify the astral delusions, it is generally because they are bound to the astral realities with inordinate desire. Astral passions alone, without soul connection or inspiration, are lifeless and therefore life-consuming. Denial is consequential to the routine involvements in soulless passion as inflamed. The virtues in purity were to give to men their possibilities into the future, but were denied because the men were engrossed with lower passions, ignoring the heart's qualities and reference to cosmic passion, which should have uplifted and thereby purified all passion.

Comment by J. -
Death looms over both events. In the Babe we have the death of the Cosmic Christ (in part) as He desires and accepts His gravitation. At the transfiguration Christ finds the wherewithal to proceed to Calvary.

This would take an entire essay at the very least to comment upon, for the exact definition of Death itself is an imponderable. The Cosmic Christ gathered and then disseminated; and also by that same doing, revalued the entire World.

Although Death 'loomed' it is perhaps not the rightful theme to His tearing apart in the perishing. Death is an individual being - and we would say that Christ never actually gave it all up to him. Properties were transformed.

At the Transfiguration - the positive old Moon forces borne by John the Baptist/Elijah were transformed so that they could still be part of the future with Christ (John's trunk and limbs).

At the birth, Celestial Joy, Beauty and Youth yet to be experienced fully in future epochs, are nonetheless made available now in Christ. Christ is central to both. Yes, as the above now tells - in more ways than thought of. However, that very question necessitated the answer. And so it goes.


  1. In Christian legend the names of the three kings are Melchior, Balthasar and
    The derivation of the first one is easy: Melchior a Hebrew word meaning King
    of Light, a name applied to Venus.
    Balthasar is a little more difficult. Ba'al is a Semitic word meaning Lord.
    I believe you can find the "asar" as an Arabic and Persian word meaning "sky
    blue". It becomes "azure" in English. So "Lord of the Sky", what's that?
    Zeus the sky god is also known as Zeus-pater ( Sky Father) which became
    Jupiter. The word "pater" must have come originally from the Sanskrit
    Kaspar, well I haven't found anything on Kaspar. Our dark king is a

    I found another view in an old encyclopaedia:

    Jasper or Gathaspar (in Syriac sources as Gudophorem ) brings
    frankincense; Melchior, gold; and Balthasar myrrh, which is named as a
    emblem of mortality. Balthasar is named as the Negro in this one.

    Another source leaves the dark King unnamed but says he was the youngest.
    It was the Venerable Bede in the middle ages, who distinguished the names we
    now know.

  2. Dyauṣ Pitā, literally "Sky Father" is the ancient sky god of Vedic pantheon, consort of Prithvi Mata "Earth Mother" and father of the chief deities of the Rigveda, Agni (Fire), Indra, and Ushas (Dawn).

    In the Rigveda, Dyaus Pita appears only in verses 1.89.4, 1.90.7, 1.164.33, 1.191.6 and 4.1.10, and only in RV 1.89.4 does Pitar Dyaus "Father Sky" appear alongside Mata Prithvi "Mother Earth".

    He is thus a very marginal deity in Rigvedic mythology, but his intrinsic importance is visible from his being the father of the chief deities. That Dyaus was seen as the father of Indra is known only from one verse, RV 4.17.4:

    "Thy Father Dyaus esteemed himself a hero: most noble was the work of Indra's Maker / His who begat the strong bolt's Lord who roareth, immovable like earth from her foundation." (trans. Griffith (1888))

    He is mainly considered in comparative philology as a last remnant of the chief god of Proto-Indo-European religion.[1] The name Dyauṣ Pitā is exactly parallel to the Greek Zeus Pater etymologically, and closely related to Latin Jupiter. Both Dyauṣ and Zeus reflect a Proto-Indo-European *Dyeus. Based on this reconstruction, the widespread opinion in scholarship since the 19th century has been that Indra had replaced Dyaus as the chief god of the early Indo-Aryans. While Prthivi survives as a Hindu goddess after the end of the Vedic period, Dyaus Pita became almost unknown already in antiquity.

    The noun dyaús (when used without the pitā "father") means "sky, heaven" and occurs frequently in the Rigveda, as a mythological entity, but not as a male deity: the sky in Vedic mythology was imagined as rising in three tiers, avama , madhyama, and uttama or tṛtīya (RV 5.60.6). In the Purusha Suktam (10.90.14), the sky is described to have been created from the head of the primaeval being, the Purusha.


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