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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Path of Warmth- 9th June 2011

CHRONIC stupidity can arise from a number of causes, however there is one malaise in particular that is antecedent to the currency of practical learning and retained knowledge, that is explicit also to cognitive dysfunction. 

Our thought processes live outside of our physical brain and being.  There is electrical activity that occurs within the hemisphere of the brain when 'fishing' for solutions and ideas, whilst also there are 'living' records of the concepts and memories once they are attained.

Actual thinking itself is far more complex in both structure and possibility than computation and association alone.  The suggestion that machine minds can exceed human intelligence is glib and restrictive, whilst also self-prophetic as it is the machine pre-organized thinking that is diseasing our thinking in general today.

Young minds are forceful and energetic. Life gives the young an opportunity to change and shape their time, their era, with their velocity of thought. If you consider this for a moment you can appreciate how quickly history can fall away and let new ideas fashion the present. If this dynamic were not the case then change and improvement would barely be possible.

It is the gift given to every generation - the energetic supremacy within the world of thought. What this means is that the collective thought world of any age is shaped and impressed by the young of its time. From this new ideas are communicated easily and old ideas quickly dissipate.

This is not to say that it is only from young minds that the world can be changed esoterically, for there are unique individuals who can carry the exuberance of their youth into their later years, however in the main the opportunities are delegated to those who will use them.

Returning to thinking and the processes involved: we find that the differences between human thinking and AI (artificial intelligence) can be simply put - one is warm and the other is cold.

You cannot install 'caring' or nurture into a program, that is in any way real. It may mimic something but it will be in actuality an illusion.

One could argue that we are trying to entertain emotion within the thinking and that it is irrelevant and off topic to do so. We answer this thus:

Warmth pervades every interior within the hierarchies of the Heavens. Warmth can be characterized by its temperate dance - for it is neither deathly cold with stagnation nor blazingly hot with consuming, wearing, properties. 

So often people can be described as being coldly uncaring or indifferent, or so very fiercely emotional that they begin to wither the other folk around them. Whereas the 'warm' people are those felt to bring comfort with their presence, who do not impinge in a negative way but rather bring life and hope and caring to those around them.

The nobleness of warmth far exceeds the small behaviors of dear people, for its body is that of the essential and cosmic virtue, out from which our very spiritual lives are formed.

Such nurture is Godliness and no less. Gentle nurture and its warmth holds and protects and keeps in check the motions of the planets, the ecology of the realm - ever weighing and balancing need upon need, place upon place, with both reverence and kindness evidential in being. Think not that life itself could continue, were it not for the kindness that the Infinite permits. 

Without the generosity which nurturing warmth does bring, all things would be in isolation and not even each to his own - merely one in the singular with nothing - no mothers or fathers or suns. 

The principle of warmth manifests wherever there is need calling it into being.  This is a natural response and so characterizes its goodness and properties. Warmth is the conveyor, but not the heat itself.  It is the heavenly deliverer conducting what otherwise would be too much energetic force, or too little without its presence.

And likewise, even in human behavior, the warmth can temper the heat and revive the cold - it is essential to health, both mental and physical.  A cold mind or an over-active mind loses its discernment for logic and the pathways to it. 

Both the cold mind and the over-active heated thinking tend towards self-centered behavior. Self-centeredness does not provide a conduit into thinking. 

Remembering that new thinking occurs outside of the body and into the ethers, self-centered individuals are 'brain bound' and by their own determining and cannot reach further than themselves. 

The thought world and the thinking processes are all around us.  In point of fact, the physical world is thought manifest.

Thought itself may have many shapes, forms and density variants, but it is essentially, the 'stuff of stuff' around us continually rearranging itself. 

To the seer the thoughts an individual entertains can comically be forming in the ethers around him - like an animated play. The memories and imaginings can appear etherically with form and shape and sometimes even person - in entourage to the individual who visits these thoughts, and for a time, makes them so tangible. 

The act of wondering is literally the experience of stepping out from oneself.  To ponder, to question, to wonder, opens the door of self into the immediate and provoking otherness, and one only has to imagine this feeling without even a direction, to sense the ideas that lie outside of their own reckoning. 

The talent of a man lies in his discerning and choosing; it was never in one's own genius alone. For it is impossible to know something you have not known before without it coming from outside the realm of your own immediate thinking. And unless you were born an adept with the recall of many lifetimes past, you simply do not have the original knowledge or pathways to it within your own mind. 

One's own soul holds recollection and can 'think', yet the soul does not live in the brain and nor will it be found there.

The egoic complex has fine thinking, but it does not reside in the brain nor can it be found there either. 

Our egoic thinking really is developing into that which chooses all things within the deepest sincerity. In some it functions well, in some it is yet too feint: for many physical and mental aggravants inhibit its purpose and drive the mediocre impressions primarily. Egoic thinking is prime, yet handicapped by intoxicants, corrupt, selfish or lewd thinking, trauma and of course physical decline. 

This subject borders the considerations of free will and choosing. If it is to be the function of the ego to choose, then generally speaking we are empowered also to ignore it and the values of choosing 'wisely'. If habits or ill health presides, then original choosing will be mean and determined by our glibness... often needing a fresh start, a new life with young eyes, to be able to try again with our strengths so intended.

Secondary to this is the overall thought world and the impressions it has to offer.  In eras past there were all kinds of struggles and philosophical imaginings that were about physical and spiritual survival, and the Divine. This generally (in the West) is preoccupied with fantasy and entertainment - with an immense amount of mental energy being spent on going down electronic paths of predetermined games. Hours, days, months and years can be spent 'exploring' the visual stories given out through these games - and also their best years, when it comes to the formation of new thought which is to be plastic to the aspirations and velocities of the generation at hand.

The concept of entertainment is very much one of being temporarily disconnected from the concerns of ordinary life - to feel a 'relief' as it were, from the pursuing worries. Not only does media disseminated knowledge exacerbate great fear and concern in relation to the worries of countries, currencies and the ecology today, but also the immediate thought world is saturate with this concentration of fear.

Then there is the internet - where for the moment one can find resourceful knowledge, and communication can be useful, generous, supportive and even warm. 

Fundamentalist reforms will become larger and stronger than ever before. Even though one might imagine that they are based on older traditions and respect for such etc., you will find that it is the young that drive and enforce these factions, populating and promulgating their 'truths' now repackaged. 

Idiocy is on the increase for two reasons - firstly self-centeredness, secondly, the ethers close by are over-full right now with relatively useless, go-nowhere thoughts inspired and inspiring this age of entertainment. For the more folk consider escapism as a proper part of living life, the worse this relay will become. 

Nourishing thoughts are to be found still, and for those with a compassionate heart the way of warmth will bring them lively interactions with both this world and the next.

Perhaps in this era, it shall no longer be spoken that one walks the path of the light or the dark, but of the divine deliverer - that of Warmth.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Methods of Christ- 22nd April 2011 Easter

OUR Lord Christ was and is, likable.

He is, in majesty - apparently and most obviously - commanding, handsome and calm.

In issues not so apparent, His attributes could be described as adoring, passionate, energetic, cohesive, ordered, most serious, cultured (in the true sense of the word, and having all cultures within), momentary yet eternally focused, benevolent, enthusiastic, artistically creative, gentle, powerful, charismatic (in the pure sense), thoughtful, polite, considerate, playful, well humored, compassionate, persuasive, cooperative, altruistic, reverent, appreciative, friendly, sincere, utterly honest, straightforward, helpful, warm, approachable, extraordinary, talented, unselfish, objective, understanding, tolerant, problem solving, mighty, concerned, generous, humble, grieving, open-hearted, and above all else, most loving.

Today we celebrate His Being, and commiserate His Sacrifice. For He is the unseen Hero, Champion by default, defender of all Goodness; Lord to both creatures and men, for whom the Angels are mystified.

Christ, beloved of the Gods and Hosts ascending, with remarkable effort and concentration He bore our troubles, that we might have an eternal freedom within the fields of Heaven.

Christ You are no orphan, for Your Heavenly Father stands beside You - and we, in this grand order and family so tied, seek your Grace and supplication throughout the ways here and beyond.

Dear Soul of all souls, You know us completely - we ask that your goodness become apparent within our actions - that permeate our thinking, our willing and our feeling - that You are reborn in every moment that lives in the lives of men.

Dear Christ, Your very Presence brings the healing that is prayed for - and the Peace. Across the seas from life to new life, you carry us so. Along the plains of the ordinary to the hilltops of the extraordinary, you lift our souls. From the fires to still waters, our intimacy grows.

Luminescent in the most depressed of dark spaces, there is no place You cannot permeate and light. The immorality of fear dissolves where You go, and its treacherous mistruths also. No lie survives around you, hatreds dissipate, serpents lose their teeth.

Beyond a doubt, where doubts cannot reach, and further than the span of woe, to realms where only the good can go … in vivid plot, the widening girth of history wobbles, the dramatic procession of this, civilization. And with all of the clamoring, the building and later the dying, the constancy, amidst this brevity, remains. For finite living invests in resurrection - for one and for all - it could never hold confidence in earthly promises alone.

Demons will goosestep their way into a self-made oblivion. The conceited chatter vainly to only that of their sad reflection - yet even this and they shall be improved. For there is no creature immune to goodness, no entity who is so tragically cast out, that cannot be brought back into true love.

The methods of Christ are sufficient to the need - they encompass and surpass the degrees and scope of what once was. And the battering, the argument, the negotiating of evil for good; the descent into matter, into death and to darkness, the compliance, the subjugation, the trial and the pain - and then, the transforming, the redeeming, the life restoring ... all these events were endured in an earlier cosmic era, by our Beloved Christ to affect one for all.

With different faces and objectors, principles and principalities, yet essentially the same quintessential actions and results, this martyrdom had been played out before in an earlier story.

And from all of this is won our freedoms. From all of this, the might is enforced. And from true sacrifice by the one who will wear it, is so too the sovereign’s cloak.

The darkest of days was not a mistake - yet in overall measure, we still weep for His trials. For the burdens of hope, and the aspects protected, are there in His Care, in His Life, in His Work.

Our selves cannot measure all that Christ gives to us, in the futures now waiting, in the pathways to love. We know not His motives, His hardships or thought, but we can thank this Brother with all praise from our hearts. And strive to live so - as He does in Himself - with a clarity that puts need above everything else; with a vision that holds every heart dear within, and a solemn fealty to all that is Him.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Predawn Knowing- April 16th 2011


THE arcane period between memory and the present becomes the pre-dawn aphasia which is saturate with pure reason and Divinity's call. This sanctum of the Holy Spaces endures all and corrupts none - and eventually is that passage unto death.

The peace of the dying is sweet, after the remorse has fallen away, and it holds yet that same and beloved peace that the newborn have - cradled in a supernal knowing, blessed and caressed by all of the goodness around them.

In this respect we depart our innocence during life and recall, and forget the most powerful of happinesses that uphold us even so.

This pre-dawn knowing, this tide of supernatural love, is there:

• in the quiet
• in the spaces
• in the moments
• in appreciation
• in acceptance
• in a vision
• in seeking
• in religion
• in gentleness
• in ambiguity
• in some forcefulness
• in all things true
• in the pre-dawn itself!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life Changing- 20th March 2011

THERE will come a time when all men will be able to look directly into the past and see for themselves what happened there as the events did occur - for every movement, sound and apparition continues on in a constant replay of itself. 

Life changes and is characterized by change to a great extent - whereas death goes on same as it ever was, fixed in time, and committed to a solemn perpetuity. This does not mean to say that the Soul or Spirit of a man is bound to such constant behavior, but that the vapors of his very actions are circumspect to their creation.

Karmic interplay rests largely on this evidential memory. It requires a tangible platform to be able to constantly deal its hand. This platform is not the same, yet not dissimilar, to the akashic exchange which also permeates space, time and being.

If people only knew how permanent every word and action was, they would instantly reform. It would become to the awareness as though a personal film crew accompanied them everywhere only to later play it all back with same-time detail.

All kinds of behaviors from both children and adults could be instantly and purposefully reshaped if genuine excerpts would be captured and replayed to them. To some extent our love of watching a good film comes from the aspect of soul which is fascinated by this learning. It is the Soul that has the upper view generally with the hindsight of time and the fresh enthusiasm every time.

Watching a film of oneself is generally an uncomfortable challenge most people would try to avoid. Children and narcissists are more comfortable, however it does demonstrate the ability of the consciousness to become candid and be able to move out from owning even that which was done by them days or even hours before.

Part of this ability to change comes paradoxically from disassociation. We need to be able to see further than the person we have been in the past in order to become the new person of the future.

Comically, sometimes an individual will maintain that they have not done or said something when minutes before they just did. This is a very good example of disassociative based changing. If that person is to be able to see the truth about something or to reform their own behavior, they need to unlock themselves from the person who just did what it is that needed changing.

Often a person cannot manage both at the same time - they cannot view their past self as well as their self they are working towards simultaneously, as one severely contradicts the other resulting in a static tension that does not cooperate with change.

Autism is an extreme of this dual awareness, where the individual is caught in between fixation and disassociation without the further moving forward.

So one can try to help reform a particular conduct by filming it and then playing it back in a real time sequence (i.e. not edited) - for example, if a person is finding that their eating habits are running contrary to their health and they should like to change their daily routine, you can film them whilst they are eating (or they can film themselves) and by watching this just a few times over, behavior will adapt out from this learning.

Of course it can happen that the person who sees themselves in film may find fault in something entirely different or in nothing at all. However, if there is a chance at their ability to consciously grasp the situation then this may have positive and instant results.

It has been observed also that a person may come upon a truth that they have not consciously thought of before, and yet the very instant it is before them it feels as if they have known it all along. Some might even own the idea as if it were their creation. Once again there becomes the corrective and necessary dissassociation out from that self, or part of self that did not know only moments earlier.

Children and some adults will blame the pixies before taking responsibility for something they have done. However, although this seems like denial and abnegation of concern it can, conversely, be a sign that they themselves have changed what it was they were before in this regard.

This is different to merely lying about the facts, because in lying a person is not disassociating effectively but only partially. Equally it is a form of conscious lying to disarm the urge to reform by saying to oneself "I will diet tomorrow", when the will and intention to do so is not present at all. A lot of habits rest on unconscious directives which can be dealt with by the unconscious solutions overall.

Often we want people to see or say that they have been to blame when they have changed, yet by revisiting that mindset they might revisit that conduct within too easily. A former addict is often best not to speak of their times of dereliction, as also many folk intuitively feel that even speaking of a past ailment might provoke its return.

And so it is that this can be useful to know in relation to how we approach the past, whilst desiring to effect positive change in the future.
To revisit the faces of history's occurrences is somewhat perilous to the active ego, whose task it is primarily to adapt and change and look forward. The very action of any regression counteracts the forces of life's own propulsion, and it is something that is so invocative that it requires much development in order to be safely done so.

There is a great beauty and majesty apparent and obvious in all eras, yet also a terrific sadness for the ghosts of civilizations past, whose peoples and projects were, for their time, hope filled and inspired.

And yet also, those same people are, for the main part, right here with us today, trying different technologies, arts and philosophies, with varying races, yet same families, all over again. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why did Atlantis Fall?- 27th February 2011

ATLANTIS did not 'fall' so much as it rose.

There is a principle which can come into being where the energetic commotion of indifference to the present, can lead to the very destruction of the elements within its time. In other words, that which has ceased to be cared for and no longer entertained within our life-giving/life-prolonging consideration, will effectively begin to desist from existence.

Or put more simply still, conditions for change and making way for change, are sensitive to the will and want of Mankind itself. Furthermore, if Mankind is not satiate with his present day environment and with peace there, then upheaval will ensue.

At the time of Atlantis the physicality of this world was mute to permanence, and yet was straining greatly with tensions arising from its mutability and the reckless desire for constant change.

When it comes to the question of the age of Atlantis closing, there are more than a few considerations to be had here. Scholars will debate the causalities of this period, that ended an entire civilization, for some time to come.

Here was the period when men began to be mindful of the future and they aggressively pursued it with an exaggerated fervor - much like the impulses of technology and learning have accelerated today voraciously.

Herein is the double bind. Evolving into newness is actually a 'new' occurrence unique to Mankind itself. The 'write your own script' concept was preserved for deity and limited in its levels of catastrophic consequence. However in this instance you have a body of souls who are involved in this collective process individually, whose overall 'fate' as it were, is not so predesigned as to be entirely predictable.

This is now then the open philosophical question: is creativity itself dangerous? How can freewill walk in step alongside responsibility and development? And with all of the power of the will and imagining of men, how do we make way for the future to enter in, without there being some catastrophic change to their present day realities as a result of it?

Prior to the Atlantiac period, there had been eons of relative inactivity. Their societies mimicked the spiritual worlds, their thinking was gracious, their imagining was picturesque and the people were generally satisfied. The days and lives were quiet. It was a golden era of a gentle society. The push for advantage over one another did not exist. Imagination did not live in the mind, but rather, the reality.

Imagination itself had had an entirely different purpose. It was immediately functional in the moment it was in - it was present - and not used as a tool for creatively forming ideas and subsequent happenings of what wasn't there. It was the means to discern what was there.

When the forces of Imagination first manifested they did so as mind itself, enabling a collective knowing that had an objective, yet collective, experience - sympathetic, empathetic resonance enabled by the concordance of the imagination itself. Even in the very process of 'knowing oneself', the mind of the imagination enables this knowing to be; and even though it may appear that the mind and the imagination run parallel to one another, they began fully melded, in-separate and as one.

Most activities of the mind, are in point of fact, intuitive. Very little thinking today is creative. A lot of thinking can be distorted or bent, however it is adaptive and usually a corruption moreover of something prior, rather than being truly different or new.

All men (meaning men and women) have tremendous capabilities in a demigod likeness. We may not use this power to create, but it is innate and our worlds are plastic to this possibility. And in likeness to this, our thoughts permeate the physical world with great impact. If a body of men are dissatisfied, then the elemental beings local to their area will react similarly, and with some severity, if the collective consciousness is strong enough.

And of course the mindful upset of men need not come from negative causes; it can simply be that they are sensing or hoping for more knowledge and making way for what the future can bring. It is the tension of birth and the force that it knows. It can stem from a certain ambition, or just tension itself which becomes compounded in difficulty.

For example: during this recent era we have seen Western society clumsily and eagerly put science and 'new science' into the greatest authoritative position. There became a shift away from the pockets of organized belief to a common idea that no belief was safe to invest oneself in, but rather science and knowledge in general had the higher order of importance.

This was a good thing in many respects because it literally broke open all of the sects, organizations and societies which had hitherto claimed an impervious righteousness above all else and others. It dispelled the glamour of the past, as the impulses of the future grew stronger and quickly overshadowed their elderly protesters.

Of course not all of that which is of the past is necessarily worth preserving or honoring. Yet it would be both ungrateful and ungracious, not to acknowledge every striving and blessed event that us brought us to this place in time right now; and perilous to that fiber within our own selves, made of that very substance, to reject its worth and fling the goodness from ourselves, simply because it does not wear a face of modern times.

Imagination was never perfunctory to distortion before Atlantis; its purpose was the complete opposite - that is to be able to divine and convey the truth. With the egoic awareness of men beginning to take hold of their governing consciousness, they literally became authors of their own destinies - which meant that life itself was to be plagiarized.

The word 'subjective' was born. It became accepted that everyone had their own view, their own opinion, and truth was an impossible endeavor that would be undefined although absolute.

This subject is incredibly important to the health of our interior life and its impact upon the immediate world - both personally and further. Especially if the individual has a powerful mind, it becomes an even keener subject to be studied and known.

One could say that the Atlantis period was 'too much too soon'. And yes, there were definitely difficulties with the kinds of natures evoked at that time also - yet even evil itself is primarily the victim of being a goodness out of its proper time, and a devouring ambition without empathetic appeal.

When messengers of the past have spoken of killing out desire and basically inhibiting oneself into a humble present, it was because of the virtue of this, but perhaps also to simply require men to curtail their wants until such a time as they can want them safely.

We are men of the future and are committed to work for it daily. We do not subscribe to a stagnant life or hopeless aspect. 'Dare to dream' used to be a catch phrase of sorts, but one can see the humor of it when the dreaming can bring conditions crumbling down around one. Yes! this is true.

And so, how to maintain the connection to the present and nurture it, whilst work creatively and safely with future ideas and projects?

1. Never become personally invested in your projections for the future; i.e. they are not selfish, but a furtherance for all.

2. Try to limit complaining in general. One can work to better a situation but complaining without the actual work is injurious to the ethers. There are elemental beings who hear and feel this and become upset and agitated. It goes on to spread more agitation generally. Even casual remarks (like about the weather) are potentially bringing everyone and everything down. Conversation does almost expect it, but it is far better to invoke cheerful observations in light conversation.

3. Give thanks daily. It is so important to be thankful for what one has - because to live in a disharmonic wanting brings chaos to the immediate life. Having visions for times to come, and plans for a different future, or even to participate in truly creative and innovative ideas, requires especially that person find the level mean within, which calms those elementals of discontent and disquiet. It requires the ability to be able to soothe oneself at the same time.

Creativity brings about a tremendous summoning of energy which is there to assist the project for its happening to come, however too often it is spent with the calamity of something else and is directed where it should not be. Added to this we may become disengaged in the very life we have around us, which of itself goes to form a different kind of elemental energy also. One would no longer call this energy a 'vitality', because it is non-specific to a need and misdirected - becoming essentially destructive.

The contemplation from this is immensely beneficial. We are reminded of the wonderful possibilities there are ahead, providing we can fix our place firmly within the present also. 

Invest your mind and talent into the here and now, in the confidence of there being many, many evolving tomorrows to follow. Try to learn to instigate all thought and actions from a place of considered calm, rather than discontent, or its fellow emotions. As light as this may seem, it is a discipline which will help carry both yourself and the world steadily onward. And this is especially relevant to those great souls whose destiny will go on to invoke great futures for all.

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