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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Intense Combined Study- 24th August 1994

WHEN gathered with the purpose for study, one of you shall recite the work which all attention will be bent upon. This may be anyone and may be a shared occupation alternating one with one another. However there is an important point to be made about the role: that to all else it may be regarded that your very teacher is before you during this time as the words outpour.

As your concentration moves in and around the text so given and now enlivened, being issued from the reader who is for that time not as himself but is as the author of whatever the study you have chosen, the aspects of that author who is connected become him, so it is preferable for that very time that he be regarded as such.

So enters the philosopher, the doctor, the naturalist, the specialist, the occultist or even the saint - and the beings who co-inspired - all are drawn to the one who shall address you on their behalf. May you come to know the due reverence which well respects the learned (and their representatives) as you are delivered of their offerings. And too, that those who enter through the gates of inquiry together shall regard the reading with such veneration that hesitates to violate the sequence with some interrupting remark.

This consideration of correct attitude is of importance, for it is that by such we may address any study, making more effective our effort. Reverence need not be reserved only for prayer. May we consider each and every time we prepare to work creatively together, what it is that we are doing purely in the attempt, and what that very attempt reaches out to.

Indeed there are marvelous accomplishments from good men who forge futures cooperatively, bringing design and all of its significant aspects- the divine and pure mathematics being combined with the uncertainties of variables, with then the multiples of variables, where entire towns are born and bravely engineered, then lost to time. The variable of that vision is lost too with the original men who have now evacuated to Heaven, and then to return to create anew in lands quite distinct, building cities and circuits and plotting clusters and citadels where the folk may go. How it is that they position the mazes, with dwelling upon dwelling, huddled in set formation with connecting lines, not only of waterways and now electrical route, but in maps of activity, and being of who they are and what they do and how it is, as it has all come together. 

Some men leave and in time yet again, the pattern breaks down and the souls of the community depart their grouping and move on. Is there nothing left? What is there for men if there is not communion? So more maps and charts, earthmoving and brick-slinging - divine charters infused with the material expression of this their vision - that men may be in community with one another for that time that they may have together. The configuration and their movements within are all of tremendous importance, each unto another. In commerce or in friendship there are constellations of men throughout this World which influence the individual within, now and for his future. And so we may also look upon our study-nebula likewise, to which the satellites are drawn.

There is no such thing as greed in the advance for higher knowledge; fervor, even yes a desperation - but that we should desire to learn and to know is holy, both in aspect and in origin. It shall be the reawakening to Wisdom which shall draw men out into the light of their extenuated souls and ennoble. It is the second savior to Man, bringing the power for Man to know for himself of the strengths and the beauty and the license he has been given to unlock those secrets of Heaven.

The Mystery Wisdom is there to be known! For it in itself may be loved and be cherished, being but the mirror to God; and what we may find in our learnings shall be that tribute and joy in the revealing of Him. Every wondering excites the ethers; and of that which we may ponder together with holy cause and attitude, pleases our divinity because this is the task for all Men: that we may bring divine comprehension back into the World, having made the journey forth retrieving this knowing into the harbor of the consciousness and thereby being causal to the upliftment also of all men. (Being a collective effort.)

This stern and noble enterprise therefore, may be begun with such thanksgivings as are attributable. Every pupil does revere his teacher, else he should not call upon him for instruction, and so it is good practice and polite, openly or silently, to offer gratitude to those authors of the study you are to commence. This is a practice which shall remain for a very long time to come, as there shall always be those just up ahead of you to whom you shall come to rely upon for guidance and instruction. Courtesies are valued and honored.

We may sincerely bring to mind that all thoughts which may follow on during later discussion and are subjected to the class for scrutiny, are significant, and when expressed are done so for a reason. It may then be the object to examine the pertinence and also that reason (if known), remembering that it is then and there that the worth of the associations can be realized; particularly for the one who has given them, there becomes an opportunity for either further insight or then the complete disregard of. In other words, a study group is a working group being active in that part which is designated so.

However, the first part is that time wherein we may pledge obeisance to our teacher, realizing him before us in the man or woman who speaks for him. Let there be no argument against him as it is uncommon to proper consideration to issue objections and detract from the study thereby. The objections have their place, most certainly so, when the (reading) part is completed and discussion ensues; and yet we might add, that we have known recitals to actually extend over days whereupon the class have enjoyed the power given in the wisdom-rendition and lent themselves wholly to that teaching for that time.

Being asked, (this is only to say that if one wishes to experience a study which shall assist in proving a certain intensity- and this is not recommended to be the way for everyone or every gathering) we should advise that there are no consumables, (although water is beneficial) to be had during the study session of concentration; but that this is allowed for afterwards when the mind has relaxed and the study has been absorbed somewhat. The writing of notes is also to be discouraged as it is active and distracting to the full concentration - sleeping would be preferable to such activity.

The words as spoken - as distinct from being read silently to oneself, or listened to from a recording - shall as with the same qualities of melody, make impression upon the listeners. They shall impart some of that they are to convey. It is therefore to be well decided what it is that is chosen for study - the character and the nature - for the influence will be pronounced and withheld in the psyche and makeover of the individuals present.

One may make use of a bell, that it be accessible to all, in the event that one need to break the intensity for a period of rest. The bell may also be used to summon the reconvening, so as there is a very definite sandwich of study being made apparent and obvious to all concerned (the invisible presences also).

That a study may be enjoyed to be repeated many times over, can be valuable; bringing different qualities each time. This may be during the same sitting or over a period of weeks; and the participants will reckon with an eventual strength from that piece thereby. 

Group study requires much and cannot be mastered all at once. There becomes a delicate power accompanying intent and concentration when exercised constructively and cooperatively. In point of fact, each such effort is individual and builds upon itself according to the grace, characters and purpose set.

There shall be ongoing guidance as it is watched over with great interest from those who have made this very subject their business and their delight.
Happy trails.

Requisites: Flowers, Candles & Bell

At the beginning of the meeting:
• Ring Bell


Beloved Christ, Master to all great teachers in the World,
We beseech Your Presence and commit all learning to Your Care and Direction,
We come to you today in prayer to ask for Your Guidance, in these our efforts.

Too often have we erred with false judgment,
And many times prone to sweet deceptions,
Still yet we are eager to become as perfect men and women!
We pray that we shall not be dissuaded from this,
But hold fast to Your Promise, Your Vision, which You defend.
And we shall be your champions also -
Defying doubt and the guiles of false logic.

Let those who protest the glory of men
Suffer their visions affecting no other;
Until such a time that we pray will arrive,
When they exhaust their improvisations
And come to You Dear Christ, again.

Lord, Your Sweet Breath enters this very room,
The same Breath which spins orbs upon their axes,
And moves with such might,
A might that will inflict no harm.
May we come to learn of the Mysteries of this;
And cheerfully repel the insults of all great and meagre contestants.

We ask today that the surrounding and immediate ethers be cleansed, that that they might be in accordance with those aspects most suitable to wholesome, healthy, enlightening discourse, meditation or prayer - that the atmosphere be relieved and be unencumbered.


  • Prayer: We invite and offer thanksgivings, both silently and openly to the Masters, and our friends who also join us today. We are in gratitude to those authors, whose work we study. We pray that our will is pure and that which is given is given in the name of Christ.
  • Divine knowledge surges in. 3X
  • We now ask for silence.
  • Ring Bell.

"It is a sad day if our students hesitate to proclaim Him as their course-leader or Him as their main fount of inspiration. What a wonderful and protected way to begin any new meeting with - alongside the public or with the students-in-common - to beseech His Presence and commit all learning to His Care and Direction." – Gravity & Levity, 1st July 1999

"Of the favored practices today, we find that folk do often sprinkle the water, light the candle and incense, ring the bells, the gongs or whatever, chant, incant, cut the air in imaginative motion, sit in circles, etc. etc., and or pray.

"Now the practice of the above list is fine and quite helpful, and certainly does make a difference (which we shall outline in a moment). However it is the last consideration which is of the greatest difference; and as one may often start with an opening prayer, it is advisable to include in this conferment, the wish and the need for a 'clearing of the ethers'. Because the very sobriety of prayer does indeed clear the room of unsavory influences to begin with - those which cannot tolerate prayer evacuate readily - one is halfway there to the whole job done. Furthermore, conditions surrounding one may be altered and attuned; but only if asked for, envisualized and concentrated upon. For not all have the good fortune to sit acrest a mountain top or bathe in the crystalline air of the sacred. One is impinged upon by influence upon influence; nothing which would particularly upset or hinder a man of itself, but does not make for a good response time, set in the spaces between a man and his thought."

-Sound in the Ether,
27th June 1992 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Humility, Devotion, Sensation & Intellect- 22nd August 1994

IF we may love it is because we have come to know that which we love truly, it is not because we have artificially manufactured the love as experienced. 

Similarly, when we come to humility it is not by immediate intention, but rather the humility comes as a natural offspring and response from a heart which is opened by love, and further moved by pity or by empathy, by commonalty, or perhaps the desire for striving (on behalf of the other), a desire for furtherance, for betterment, for the conditions or soul of another. 

There are acts which require willing and there are virtues which flow from a man in consequence, and also too, are largely involuntary and without conscious design or exertion. We may be aware of the experience, but not invoke the actual experience purely for the sake of it. 

Devotion is known and elemental to every being. It is not remarkable to one or another, but is subsequent, subsequent to life itself. Devotion insteeps our beings, for it comes from the spirit at the core of the infinitesimal to the All. There becomes a resounding rejoice for this rapture in the living, and were one to penetrate the starry domains they may sense the universal quivering, which when taken as silent, becomes devotion. 

Plants expire affection, a fondness, which is non-specific. The dews which pool in bead and orb, hold the fragrance of fragrance of their love, which bleeds and evaporates into the warmth of the morning.

Today we may look at those virtues which are incorporated within a man, which issue forth in a secondary response to the ego-consciousness and active will, but are primary to his spiritual being overall - the 'evaporative man'- in the soul-life, which is unconsciously emissive. 

Sensation requires response: response to identify, response to reconcile, and response to make adjustments. If I have the sensation of coldness, I may identify the coldness and from where its source comes, and I shall reconcile myself to it, that I may adjust myself in relation to the conditions without or those conditions as governed by my being in relation to it. For every series of such responses there are implications which command or inform yet other sensations, and so on. 

Many men live utterly in a cycle of sensation and response. After the wonder and newness of their childhood has diminished and become entangled in habitual thinking, if the soul-life is undernourished and ill-satisfied and the man himself is disqualified from a fresh attitude and is displaced in heart and mind, then he is often detached and remaining within this simple cycle of activity.

Further to this we are met with the intellectual provokings of inquiry, which bring a man out from his ordinary cycle of responsive events, and by the talent of directing a 'good question' into the 'unknown' he is given the invisible hand of the Muse of the corresponding Angel of Wisdom, who will guide him to which he inquires of. (We made use of the word 'corresponding', as this is precisely what is meant, that the individual shall be answered with the assistance of the one to whom he needs.) 

The intellect is quasi-thought-fluent and quasi-truth-coherent. There is a distinction here between thoughts (which are quite separate in one sense to that which they represent) and to the 'truth', the 'isness' as comprehended by the soul, as is then allowed for and appreciated by the fires of the intellect.

The thoughts encapsulate but are not the actuality. The intellect is capable of understanding both most wonderfully, and once again we may begin to tackle and comprehend the significance and usefulness of exoteric and esoteric thinking. 

Esoteric 'thinking' actually surpasses the thoughts and fires the intellect to be active in the essential comprehension of spiritual 'isness'. This is an exercise which is not independent of intellectual activity, for would that it was, there would be a ) madness, b) non-sense, or c) unconsciousness, and the future development of the mind would be isolated from its divinity and purpose. 

From this one may understand that the intellect, though evolving in Man and increasing in velocity of action, is intrinsic to the correlation between thought and 'new' thought. The 'sensory' man (sensation-response) suffers a 'like-so' thought response and this process is rarely interactive, although two such individuals often parley together. The reason for this is that the individual draws from a past consciousness which related to some experience in the past, and identifies the same in the present. This is relevant and necessary to all concerned, to a degree. 

How often a person may remind us of another and we make such same comparisons and opinions which are presumed upon because of this likeness we identify. Yet by the same token it is completely mistaken thinking to employ this method as far as the 'new' individual before you is concerned. It is preferable to consider the man before you as a mysterious being, rather than believe you have him sewn up by your projected opinion of him.

This holds good, if for nothing more, than the exercise of beginning to 'see' what in the world is really before you; for there is no enigma quite like a man, any man, and this may be a reference for yourself. Humility here will follow. If we actively curtail our opinions, criticisms and even our evaluations of every man we meet and know, then we shall come to the peace which humility brings when it follows this one important premise:
I do not know you as Christ knows you. I should wish to come to love you as Christ loves you. I have no right to confine you by my entangled thoughts about the reality which is you. However, what I can say is that you are of divine origin (like myself) and we are brothers in this, and although I have no real notion of your trials perceived and your trials encountered, I shall assist you where I can, and be honored by your company.
The elemental kingdom, the fairies, actually do for the main part, hold this affection towards all men. Theirs is a pride of association and jealousy for ego, however they can and do serve this world and foremostly set the way for this humble attitude.

The importance of study, which employs the intellectual fires to both degrees, whereupon we rehearse what we know and then 'let go' of it in order to leap into the true reality upon which it leads us to, is that we may also draw into ourselves those virtues which accompany the esoteric thinking. This becomes yet a higher set sequence of sensation and response, for there follows a sensation which is in accordance with the heart (the mediator of the Soul - the Christ-Soul) and then a response of soul which evaporates out from a man. 

Many times there will also be a physical accompaniment which is obvious, such as the benefactions of the devotions which bring tears or varying emissions, consequential to. However, at the same time there shall be a pitch which is identified, reconciling and adjusting in the process of said response. The sensations are pertaining to the unseen realms of activity and so the identification is only momentarily acquired, as the new intellect may not sustain the constants for longer than a 'brief encounter'. Of itself this does only explain the fact and not the reason, except to say that development is gradual and may be improved when practiced. 

There are many experiences of soul which occur to you but do not reconcile within the self's consciousness within the World. That Christ is with you when you have called to Him, may not in the immediate, infiltrate the intellect, or even touch you with a 'tangible' sensation. It is often the lowly invisible beings who sweep impressions upon the astrality of men who seek sensation which is extraordinary, and not the higher more desirable beings. For the Angelic require only that you are lifted into their inspiration and touched accordingly, and that you may come to them in time befitting a proper development which is accomplished and won over with steady rehearsal only. 

Furthermore, as the penetrations into higher knowledge are pursued earnestly and with vigor, there becomes a propensity within the man to embrace all things and parts thereof, as well as beings, with the necessary humility which admits "I do not know", that we may learn. This was indeed a correct surmise as noted (by J.) - and if that accompanying revelation could be maintained throughout one half of the relative creativity, then the locking of consciousness shall be more readily come to. 

Yes there is a certain mystery in this. The exoteric thinking is a ' 7 ', being comprehensive of the thought-defined gambit. The esoteric moves into the ' 8 ', being beyond the range of the '7 '. 

When men combine they either remain as responsive individuals, or may for a time share a consciousness which actually responds but 'feels' and knows of the other's 'sensation' accompanying. When we 'know' something of a man we are better to know a truth, even if the truth acknowledged is that we do not know anything of the man. The closer we are to realizing and experiencing a valid truth leads us to higher comprehensions of the reality we experience; therefore, that thought alone shall in fact bring us closer to our brother, than bring separation. (Providing of course that it is not taken as a negative ruling for all time - it is rather a preliminary to learning.)

Some concepts only provide for a mind-muddle imploring confusion, even agitation. If this is experienced then it is best left alone, for if the individual for any reason has the response of antipathy and rejection, then there will be no opening for the thought to be exchanged for the higher experience. If on the other hand, there is a measure of joy or a pronouncement thereof, then there is a good opportunity to ride the wave into the starry domains to set up a sequence with the great and grandest, who will guide you aloft.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Pageant: a healthy development of the ego-15th August 1994

HOW so your divining? How great the contrast, how much clearer does become that which we divine. And so the Divine divines us, in turn. Always in turn? Yes.

It is helpful to feel humbled when we go seeking a God, especially He who set the standard, replacing even true pride with a humility exceedingly grander. For it simply doesn't work - trying to correspond self-worth with God - for contrary to the reality, we may get so entrapped in our own personage too readily.

So rather than endow our friends with sublime commendations and extraordinary vernacular deliberating their personal life-plans, we would rather offer those means, where possible, by which they shall be exalted further. (May they also know that we do love them well with a constancy, and not only for 'what they seem' to be.)

Now to begin: making a balance between egoism, egocentricity and proper humility need not be arduous or hypercritical by its action. It is, as pointed to in the opening sentence, quite essential to encourage the definition which only contrast brings; and to no less is it applied as regards to one's health and wellbeing of their ego/ego consciousness. Remembering that this is (in fact) the prize gift as brought to us uniquely by our Christ, then we are to lend our attention forthwith, and never give discredit to the healthy development thereof.

For a man to stand strong in the world requires that he be embellished with a protective radiance which cocoons his being and conceals and contains his individuality. This emanative sealant is not as the auric web, but is etherically bound from belly button - just as the amniotic sac dispensed with at birth - and surrounds the man in a portable womb. The immediate substance which encases him in this way and buffers him from all greater Cosmic influence is directly from Christ and is distinct from his own build up.

This can be specifically tested because the substance itself has no signature of the individual connected with it and comes and goes in ebb and flow depending upon the condition of the man also. It is the veneer to the ego, as it were. A great proportion of etheric nourishment may be drawn from the sac-like encasing, and also depleted - as in the case of a healer who has acquired the talent to tear himself apart and diminish his own life-forces. ('Talent' is used dubiously here and is not accurate, 'skill' might be more pertinent.)

So we reside within a portable oasis which is to function as a protection to our individual beingness. That we have been so separated from the incoming diversities of a greater nature which do impinge upon this Globe unrelentlessly is a marvel, for otherwise we should be distracted and diluted amongst the sea of egos which chorus around us constantly.

Sadly, pitiably, there are unworthy teachers who have purposefully worked at the erosion of their pupil's ego-veneer - for 'reasons' best left unsaid. However, this crime against Christ is never permanent, as it passes when the teacher moves on (dies) or when the pupil regains his selfhood.

This ego-veneer expands and contracts depending upon the conditions and consciousness of the man. After death it becomes as thin as skin, as light as gossamer, making but a small cavity, space by which the ego goes by. During our sleep it remains with the body, protective to the life-link within, but expanding out to wherever the consciousness may incorporate itself - when this does occur. You may picture it as our own portable sunlight, our aureole, which is just as distinct from the Sun itself we may add, and not primary to the immediate globe, but rather essential to Christ and borrowed from Him. There is a separate being who is incarnate within the Sun, to whom the aureole rays are given.

In like fashion we too may expand this light-veneer out from us when we are self-realized, enhanced, fulfilled, saturated with love, acting, willing or determined by love (Christ's influence); and this etheric bond does enstrengthen also. We had best point out that the word 'etheric' is inadequate, and that there are many grades relating to the same. However, it is the prime carrier of Life and in this context we may accurately come to an understanding of it and its associated realms with this in mind.

Now several more concepts are applicable here. Firstly an unhealthy ego activity is reflected in the ego-veneer which becomes as sticky or tacky, and is visibly thin in patches, but murky also. One would imagine perhaps that less ego activity would amount in a greater veneer to encase it, however it requires an inner maintenance of sorts and condenses unreasonably when there is a deficit of inner warmth and activity.

Contrary to this comes true humility. Here we may witness the very real differentiation which proves that humility enhances the self with egohood. For it is that this protective veneer may at suitable times, be shared by individuals who are responsive to each other and remitting of their selves. Not only do the aureoles stretch out and contain in combination the two or the many (who for that time are in true humility towards each other) but also the aureole intensity becomes magnificently illumined and is truly colorful with hues of blue, sprinkled with stars. The heavens become literally mirrored as the ego begins to fully function in 'open' activity.
One must realize that our self-consciousness is supported by:-

  1. That we are what we are: Beingness.
  2. That we know it: the gift of the ego.
  3. That Christ knows it: our higher astrality.
  4. That we know Christ: our Christ-Soul - not ego, but heart.
  5. That we are separate - our greater ego - to all other beings: the ego-veneer.
  6. That we may combine with all other beings: our Christ-soul combined with ego in possibility through empathy shared and in consciousness experienced.
  7. And last but not least, our Father God, our Spirit permits us to be, and furthermore is the very Life which does sustain us.
So the conductivity of the active ego is relative to its exterior shawl: our greater ego as is borrowed from Christ. Our true individuality is not compromised by that humility which leads us to 'combine proximities' (yes that is the very real meaning) and envelop ourselves within that which we adore.

Loving Christ, as with the love of another individual, expands the greater ego, and when rehearsed it may become sufficiently healthy and coherent, and this does reflect back into the consciousness of the man thereby. In this he shall be ever stronger in the World - by this we mean to say that he shall not be or feel buffeted this way and that by the thoughts and opinions of those men to whom he comes in contact with. For many such offerings are remarkably unhealthy to accommodate or wear and there are many who do know instinctively that they are burdened thereby.

Humility does not require us to lay down with fools and do likewise make babble. Humility shall endow us with the very vision of God, that we may contrast our own selves accordingly and appreciate both.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seeking Christ- 11th August 1994

SHOULD you seek Him in the West, he shall spring up in the East. Should you hearken in the farthest outreach, He will be there in the nearest of proximities, but still unseen. If you were to give Him your faith, then He shall still ever surprise you.

Forget that you have sight, for one moment. You may close your eyes. When this is done, and you rest from the multi-tiered visions set before you, you may not see Him at this moment, but truly you can experience His Presence, His Breath, His Voice, His Guidance, His Touch, His Wisdom and His Love. All of this about Him you can know...… right now.

You do not need to see Him for He is the Light, and He hides in that Light, which is Him; and we, as this World, infill His consciousness. His mind is bent upon His Creation; and as He determines, so does it continue. His whisperings are with you - they are there in all inner certainty. For He lives in Truth, as in truth, He does live.

One may say to another, be it whoever: another man to a man, or an invisible being to that man; but whoever speaks, if it be truthful and pertinent to the spiritual realities, then it is issued from Christ also - more intimately than ever imagined.

We may look and we may look, and to some there comes even a despair that He is not presenting as we conspire. But think that we are urged to reconsider, that there is no distant day to aspire to, but rather today, in which we may truly begin to feel His Presence and acknowledge our Master.

Nothing is what it seems and everything is not what it seems. We may gather much hurriedly and score little, and always it is disbelief which prevents the complete submission to the ecstasy of full experience. It is this disbelief we carry everywhere which enables us to find interest and enthusiasm in those things of the world which are laborious to the soul itself. The soul may become over-fevered and overly joyed when first awakened within its physical domain. Many joys that were dormant arise, and all of the great happinesses as known before, return to the man who can 'suspend his disbelief' that he may 'see' without sight.

For it is the light side, the brightest side, the freshest clear clean water, and the sweetest warm-scented breeze; it is the bud and the new sprout, it is the right moment - that time in which Creation is at her best. He is manifest for all of it, but is at His strength, when it is at its. He is in all goodness and is adherent to all Truth, as the Truth is Him.

Our peace and our times of 'knowing' bring us the nourishment, and also the enjoyment of the savor of that nourishment. Our impatience, when experienced, becomes as a hunger which is satisfied by such commune as does answer our sadness, in the beauty which it brings. So from one to another, from the savor to the hunger and then to savor, we travel the boundaries of great thought and explore the realities, intent on their 'higher natures'. 

The Elder Brothers consolidate as one mass, as one Being, in what they do. There is no sacrifice of individuality - absolutely not. As a matter of fact there are personages here which are extremely distinct from one another, who prefer the ways of a certain age and have cloaked themselves according to that manner. The characters are most dear and discriminately different - we have no trouble telling each other apart! You might however, have difficulty differentiating between Brothers.

We may teach you what we do because we are of your Future. We are the draftsmen of the Design, having such freedoms to come and go the stretch of the immediate Cosmos, at will, and pass in between the shouldering millenniums as though they lived today. Unlike ordinary men we have lots of time - as much as we should want. For there is an ability to address any number of calendar events in the one day, and still 'make' more time where and when needed.

It is to be remembered that the conditions which prevail at present are by no means an accurate indication of what shall be forthcoming. That men do not perceive Christ has nothing to do with their physical psyche. However, it is the make-up of their mentality and the rigidity of their heart which prohibits the undeniable certainty. It is to this end that we endeavor to bring assistance, that men may make dissolute their false realities and exchange them for a 'good grounding' in higher knowledge. And this can be done, as we have hitherto witnessed in those men which have so developed. And because of these accomplished initiates, there shall be more to follow, proportionately. Once again, it is often a matter of 'who you know', or who you follow.

Some men who have advanced, have been lost to other planetary realms, but even they will return. For that part of them in which Mankind lives, never ceases its persuasion. The great souls become what they are because of their being men - men of Christ - and plainly, it shines through in each one of them.

Yes it is that Christ does come as a Teacher, before the souls who may see Him, because their vision is extrasensory. There are many apparitions of high and splendid individual beings who do visit, and some, by duplicate of themselves, and some as only representative. However, of the Christ Himself, the lesser Christ, which is offered in the fleshy world, there are abstractions of Him which do appear and converse and participate in such communication. There is a real treasure amongst the forgeries. Only this is not alike to some starship campaign, with a 'Commander Christ' and His following of automatons - we are, as we go on, far more imbued with our individual differences rather than with less. And Christ does know each name. (Each real name.) He does not just come and go, He comes and stays.

The Indians would mimic the real name, usually with a teacher trying to 'find' it for the pupil, and by this it was thought that the pupil, could go forth in strength, having the identity which was to remain forever on. This may or may not be the case, however, in likelihood, one's real name takes much to acquire, and is only so found at that culminating peak of initial entrance into the spiritual brotherhood of Adepts. There would be little significance if one were to find this name afore they knew its full meaning. Such a thing is built around and upon over eons of experience - the naming itself is a little like a birth to watch, as it becomes apparent out from the man. However, for all, until such a time, Christ has given us our covenant and His Name.

Our dear boy [student] is not being too intrusive - he hasn't yet begun to scratch this surface! - as welcome as he is to try to, (and try he shall). Frustration of itself when put to no purpose and not acted upon is deleterious in its action, for it wears one away with the very vapors it creates. It is, as with ourselves, that one must hunger before becoming satisfied truly. There is not one difficulty or demise that you know that we do not. Every effort which seeks fulfillment is to a higher purpose, every higher purpose shall uplift a man ever further, and every gauge so increased is won forever.

The special tasks for those who pursue these ideographic baffling mysteries, are decided upon firstly by the student himself; and so, the rewards. If we are to feel nonplussed or confused, it is usually because the attempt to grapple with something has been hurried much faster than the heart should wish. The heart has a timing all of its own, independent to the mind and its understandings. 

It may be sooner or later to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of the study that one has set themselves to adopt and incorporate and fully know within their being. There may be an anxiety which arises from the two becoming as so distinct that it becomes sensitive to the man within. However, and most importantly, even though it is achieved in its own time, the heart of a man once brought before a learning, shall fully develop in that respect, that the soul may correspond. And this is healthy, both in the intuitive realm and the physical realm of being.

The feelings of desperation which may flood the student from time to time are pronounced and enlarged by the sporadic enthusiasms which are thus compensated. Like a dog at the feed-bowl, he is eager, and in fervor, and once again the heart is hurried to bring to itself what the student so desperately wishes to hold for himself. But be assured, it does come in time.

It is of no real consequence to try to describe for you those things which you cannot, at present, come to know. One might hope that distant (or not so distant) memories would be stirred perhaps - that Christ is known personally, and was 'seen' (when this was possible) before your consciousness took root in this World, this time around. But there is so much to look forward to, and one must take heart in that - that, and in the present.

Some things that you may try to grapple with are simply beyond the reach of the explanations of the mind, no matter how sophisticated its thinking is. The mind will nonetheless seek such qualifications, and perhaps believe that it has done so. The thinking processes are very different when it comes to esoteric and exoteric thought. The mind is very capable, when practiced, to adopt higher thought and mirror it well. 

On the exoteric level it becomes used to reaffirming what is - tangibly is - and identifying it. When it seeks to identify those things which are elusive to the tangible thinking and have parent realities in higher spheres of activity, then it must necessarily become so inclined, in line with the heart, or else it shall compensate by swapping modes of concept - exchanging and mistaking, one for another. In other words, we will look for a physical Christ in the form we project materially, when we begin by seeking the higher being to which the exoteric thoughts cannot penetrate.

The same rules do not always apply. Thus it is that we may learn to suspend our disbelief - in that the disbelief is the very logic of qualifying which is derived from theory abstractions - i.e. what something is, or what it isn't. The method is useful as far as it goes. It then becomes a talent to learn to switch over into the field of comprehensive inquiry which steps aside from the material translation and may reach up into the very rise of thinking, where it meets with its reality. Once again, closing one's eyes will help make this transition. If we are visually inclined, we are pronounced in the exoteric world and called there - no matter how beautiful the stimulation, it is remarkable to that outer activity. Thus it is a natural instinct to pray with eyes turned inward. And also to sleep.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spiritual Healing- 7th August 1994

I have a query regards Spiritual Healing which I think will be of general interest.
  1. Is there much point in the Christian Spiritual Healing as practiced by Dr. Christopher Woodard, where he prays directly to Christ to intervene?
  2. What of healing prayers?
  3. Of the laying on of hands?
  4. Of Reiki?
- Bruce

Firstly, we must look carefully at what we might mean by the term 'healing' and what it implies - what it is to be 'healed'. We are most perfect for what we are at this very moment in time; for what counts, counts, what doesn't, doesn't, and what equates in expression is what it is.

The concept of healing requires radical change, whether it be in one or more levels of expression of being, and interacting and harmonizing accordingly. In origin we come from perfection, and this is carried through so far as our true spiritual position - our essential selves, our spiritual souls, are wise. To be wise is to be adept, capable, uncannily precise, without dementia, inherently accurate to, and so forth - and this we are, and so shall it be.

Furthermore, as regards this incarnation and physical malady, we suggest that there may be obvious discomforts and problems apart from the weaknesses which are shared by all. However, it is of important note, that the true path to physical perfection has not been acquired and won by anyone as yet. (Except at the very point of death, where there is agreement within the entire constitution all the way through, whereupon the man desists at every internal conjuncture.)

Physical perfection is being worked upon at this point by men and their extended family - it is not even achieved by those who are spiritually defined and purified (their bodies break down very quickly indeed, under these current conditions, and cannot suffice to withstand the fiery temperament which whips and circulates the ethers/elements and fluidic circulations).

In many respects, in the more 'perfect' the individual in advanced and progressive ways, it is found that there are 'in and out' performances required (much like sleep, but with consciousness) so that the body does not become insatiably tired or torn. This is how it is at present, because of the element of physical form in relation to the astral and etheric palavers. This will not always be so. The future bodies of Man shall become far more fashionable (in the context of being fashioned according to spirit); and he shall find that there becomes an immediate example of what he is and what he does, which is more common to the spiritual realms today. However, this responsiveness in form is saved from us, for the most part, as is the pain of our imperfections of expression.

Every time an infant awakes from their sleep, they are bonded furthermore into the worldly consciousness. They have secured themselves there, just a little bit more. And in practice of this repetitive waking - many times in one day, until there is just the one (or two as the case maybe) - the man becomes enforced as he reunites with the circumstance of his incarnation.

We can consider for a moment what this is. Sleep fetches us the necessary starry vigor which sustains our life-beings and is incorporated throughout our etheric charges. Returning from sleep does something beneficial also: it increases our power of effectiveness upon this Earth. Every waking is a marvel. That we return to our bodies, to our circumstance in whatever it is, is an incredible event. It is true to say that we are reborn every time we return from the realms of slumber, back to our beloved World.

So we find that there are men, women and children who return to their frame but suffer that they do, in some extraordinary way. The causes of ill-health are not so easily attributable; even an occult physician who has the power of insight to distinguish where the life flows and where it does not, may ponder the final remedies for this. We have often indicated that one may trust the discernment of Christ, for He can know a man from the inside out, and be him that he may be recovered.

The problem of healing in general terms is that it denotes that the entire evolution of Man culminates in it. Then there is the suggested argument also that says, that without the healing first, Man shall not sequence his chosen evolutionary path. This is why we look to Christ to manifest perfection before it is attained. For if we are to be ill-fitted to our selves - caught in unobliging constitutions - then we shall have not the means to know otherwise.

The laying on of hands is dynamic. The reason why some good men maintain that it is not required in spiritual healing is because spiritual healing does not need it, and can be effective in many ways other. Also there is the concern that the practice of the laying on of hands (or more correctly, of palms) might involve touch from the fingertips which inspire emanations that are personally characterized and willed. This is not conducive to natural healing, for we must respect that the individual who is the point of focus, is bound by complexities and does not require that of our own. We carry associations and desires and all manner of relationships to various conjunctures within our own constitution, and the living virtues/vitalities which coincide; and we may impart some of this, which translates as further confusion, to the already disrupted individual. And so, the practice of touching another, for the purpose of natural healing, is best when -

  1. There is love between the two or,
  2. If the laying on of hands is palm touch only.
The reasons for this are that our Christ's influence can come through the streams of heart-ways from the palm of the hand, should a man consciously give his heart to this, and make his body a vessel for such. Divorced from the characteristic influences as imparted from the active fingers, he may lend himself to purposefully deliver the Christ qualities which radiate out from the heart and translate in every way to the receiver.

The ramifications of touch, from parent to child or wherever there is great love from one to another, completely alter in relation to the usual occurrence. For it happens that every influence as is imparted and expressed out through the fingertips alters in that contact - in an extraordinarily beautiful way, it becomes a manifestation of perfection realized.

Casual contact, for which there is little empathy passing between two individuals, may bring about uncomfortable or even injurious, twinges of emanational activity. We are usually not aware of the cause of discomfort, but much is transported to us via touch, which speaks of a man, representing but a part of him. And that part is more than likely to be a momentary exaggeration, rather than a true indication of his refined nature.

In other words, should a man drop money into the palm of your hand, and briefly score it with his finger tip, you silently acknowledge his presence, his physical presence - then it may be that he has been brutal with himself not only five minutes before (perhaps distressed or angered, ill-tempered or short-tempered) and even if this is only because of habit, he shall quickly transmit such inflammatory exclamation through that one touch. A moment later and he may have consoled himself and become quite enlivened to enthusiasm.

To be accurate in this, we could point out too, that people do not give over money (of any amount) with much happiness usually. This is not an attempt at humor, but just yet another point to be aware of, that certain circumstances will unconsciously evoke responses in the moment, which will travel through the various fingers and emanate with a tangible strength.

But as in the case of physical touch with a loved one, a certain timelessness can be experienced, because the defined aspects of the moment (the one presiding exaggerated expression which dominates) becomes overwhelmed by the experience and expression of love itself.

This is why there is a confusion about the ego and its impressions - by love, the ego is not discounted but is fully enhanced - it appears to be forfeit, because it ceases to be intrusive and the will is appeased and satisfied, whilst the individuals, in turn, lock consciousnesses. The natural healing which follows on from this experience does so because the individuals are thereby relaxed - relaxed in order to be open to the renewing vitalities which are given the road to go in by. For example: singularly, I may express this or that as the moment does take me, but I do not become comprehensive until I may actually come to it, or to whom, with love. Then the effect within and without becomes truly effective. The love as is experienced allows Life a greater entrance, and in this we are brought healing, where it is most needed.

Now to the question of psychic healing. Every poison carries a key to its own antidote. This applies on every level throughout every phase of being. Furthermore, the entire cosmic system is friendly to men. Man doesn't just happen to 'fit in'. It goes beyond having just a place in the natural order for Man is the natural order - in toto it is him.

Therefore the multitudes of remedies and woes are of vast score and significance. There is no final solution (which is not death at this point) and there is not one 'method' to instigating a change, for the better, for health and healing. We have discussed the very most wonderful - namely, the Love of Christ and the love which passes between specially forged relationships - and now we may consider the aspects of the administration of vitalities by those who are skilled with the intent of such. Reiki maybe examined under this heading also.

There is a way that some healers have come to a point of being readily effective, and that is from that of their own experience. Some folk have suffered considerably in previous life-times, and because of the acute experience at that time - of grave pain or threat, of deprivation, of great shock - there can be deep memories interpreted in the identification of similar concerns of others.

Because of this identifying, the psyche of that individual, who is now well, actually contains a certain key which suggests the way in which the problem was answered; for in time, there has been resolution. And the presence alone, of one to another, may be beneficial and a great instigator to help. It need not be a healing which is brought about instantaneously, or remarkably, but it is conversation to the soul, from one man to another, which shows of the way in which one individual has found triumph and succeeded to survive.

Men may suffer sadness and impatience, but this of itself is a distraction to the condition and brings no supplication. The folk who feel impelled to heal may offer much, if in fact they do hold the keys as described above. If they do not have the measure of empathy and experience to draw from then it indeed becomes another matter. We may coax much in life that we may not will for. We may encourage but not summon. We may pray but not demand. The wish or the desire for another's healing is best served selfless.

Practitioners of any kind who are paid for their healing, actually 'buy' the illness they serve to treat, if they fail to deliver what it is that they have promised. Our promises hold good for all time, and no less in this manner, whereby a man may believe that he can effect a cure within another and in exchange for his intervention perceived, he may take money from another. Because of the money he has taken from the other, there is a pact between the two - whether or not either or both have an infallible faith in the cure being effected. The practitioner commits himself to the very complex binary of their now intermingled karma. It is a brave speculation - with great rewards, eventually.

Healing is a return to grace, in soul or in stature, we pray that:-

Let there be no further insult to our being -
This being of Man, and our being of Christ.

Within each one of us there is that undertow which summons us back,
Back to the perfection of Love
Whose pinions brush past and carry twofold.

In strength of the soul,
Great and fantastic goodness does multiply,
Whilst virtue's draughts infill our being
With momentous tribute to this Life we are living
And compounded to.

We pray, as we wake,
That our first choice is made and made well,
And may each of our brothers also come to this World
In full happiness, and health -
The health of a happy spirit,
Who understands the Grace of God
Which smiles with constancy and Love
Undeterred, unharmed, unmarred.

Christ give us the patience,
Whilst we are incomplete,
To forgive ourselves of that which makes us weak,
And know only of Love as is perfect.


Monday, June 28, 2010

The Teaching of the Monkey- July 1994

BABBLE is offensive to the listener because it delivers with no connection; assaulting, rather than complementing.

Equally so, we are unfulfilled by much of our daily occupation, which too may fail to make connection with a reality within ourselves. 

This is very much subsequent to the times, in that some men suffer a sophisticated world which requires an abstract interaction, rather than a primary purpose as executed. Disorientation can result from too little primary involvement - which is that which is done for the immediate and resolute purpose, other than as an intermediary between. This will help in regaining the here and now in the present, rather than by forecasting. We become effectual to that purpose ourselves.

This has been described in order to establish one of the great differences in thinking as it is experienced today. In recent times in particular, the intellect has separated and shrunk back from the man's entirety, both within and by his relationship with the world at large. Our thoughts and our understanding of our thoughts is changing. We have by no means developed our thinking so it is responsive accurately in keen proximity to the truth and the reality to which it is bonded.

Now this is not to be dismissive of present-day thinking; on the contrary, it is to be appreciated and accounted for, especially when referring back to works written down in centuries long past. For example, at the time when the Gospel of St. John was made account of, the men who were to receive it could then acknowledge the reality as brought before them, without reasoning. The impressions would flow from their connecting with the text and its author and the truth for which it was apparent.

In this we can understand why it was that storytelling, fictional storytelling, was unknown of. Any account written, spoken or sung, was to be a true one in accordance with how it happened; and there would be a direct joy and experience derived from such. Should a man have given a story which was manufactured, then it should bring no reality and simply be of no consequential interest to the receiver.

And yes, while we are on the subject, the word 'guile' is indicative of magic. For here we come to two points of interest: one is that it has only been of recent times in our intellectual development, that Man has been enabled to create and deliver lies. Point number two is that in place of an actual lie was the fractional ability to delude oneself.

Men have always been thought-centered, and understandably so, also there were those who by acquired skills could manufacture illusion so as to be perceived as believable. Once again, this is not reliant upon words, but impressions as linked to the creator and their production. This is the magic, the wicked magic of guile, which to a people who had no ability to scrutinize with doubt, were little equipped to decide upon something they had no reason to suspect was other than what it was. The marvelous myths from the past were of true account; there was no wherewithal to conjure up 'unknowns'; men were never that creative, the legends that perpetuated did so because they were experienced as they happened. 

Now it is very interesting to see the substitute vision - the television - which Man goes by today. Formerly he was enriched and connected to the multitude of picture visions which he could receive from others, and at times was not able to distinguish from that of his own experience either. But the consciousness contracted back further and progressively narrowed. His innocence was overswept by an intelligence which would ennoble itself by its very search to regain truth, for in this a man could win much for himself consciously. Added to this there were also demons who could deceive, and spirits-disincarnate who affected the naive men with their past happenings.

So we find that the man at the time of the Gospels being recorded, was comprehensive of the past. He was strong in his sympathies and understandings of the direct images perceived, and by this could best come to an intelligent grasp by what had occurred - even more so, possibly, than by what did occur in actuality. 

We may clarify this by suggesting that Christ Himself was perceived directly by very few men at the time of His Incarnation. Many of the men who came into physical proximity actually drew greater experience into their consciousness after the event, by the review as given to them in the Gospels through the eyes of one who really did see better than them. We might add, this happened in subsequent lifetimes for a period also, that they could go to the experience via the Gospel recollection and find Christ as the Christ.

The men lived back to front, whereas today we project our consciousness forward. We are capable of executing action which may be one hundred times removed from the end purpose, we are used to disassociating ourselves from the very history of men, with a consciousness that really cannot comprehend the differences. To most, the events which have brought Man into today are discounted as 'silly'. It is not opinion, but that they are completely incapable nowadays of looking backwards. Men look forward and pre-empt their own futures.

Men speak to men best. They could share their picture insights amongst each other. Some were clearer and stronger amongst family, but generally speaking, in the past I could tell you of some account that I did firsthand witness and you could comprehend it whole. Our dear Christ became a man to speak to men. This was the only way in. Although we are by no means suggesting that was the total of His Plan by the Incarnation, it was necessary for Him to meet Man in this way.

The problem was that He could not or did not, by his choosing effect the same presentation as would be imparted from a man. When Pilate was dumbfounded as to what was truth, he had not the experience before him as would have ordinarily substantiated what Christ had forsworn. There is a mystery as to why Christ could not or did not, deliver immediate picture-images from His own accounts of Heaven and of Himself.

We may forgive the men for their blindnesses towards Him, and understand that doubly they were unused to claims which were unfulfilled. If a man made a claim and spoke of himself, he delivered the accompanying visions of just that, or conversely if he was competent in wicked vision he could borrow from where he chose and misrepresent himself deceptively. In either case there was the credential, the credibility of the issue of experience. But not so with our Christ - in the ordinary way - for those who were prepared and most vital to make account thereof, there was a gradient of impression which marked them evermore. There can be little comment about the qualifications of those few and in what way exactly they could interpret the Master; but out from them there could be the account which was to later ripple the impressions of the truth; which taken in hindsight could then be digested and thus honored.

As men of the future, today our comprehension is quick to jump into that advance, and more greatly so shall Christ be found there, where we look forward. This may explain the two approaches to Christ and why it shall be that many will not find Him today in the gracious Bible, but need project forward, impelled with modern thought, to find Him where He awaits. Those who still may receive the picture-images from the Gospels have done so in some connection in a life before this one, and they may be enriched to the realities and the mysteries accordingly.

We must seek to understand both the past and our future in this, and respect the very many differences of comprehension so given to each one, to know them well.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Instantaneous Sufi Healings- 4th July 1994


We have a letter written to us (to you, actually) from a Dr. H. in Jordan, who has been experimenting upon people, trying to find ways in which he may invoke miraculous healings to traumatic wounds and enable these folk to be impervious to pain also. As well as this, he has managed to interfere with such gifted men, Sufi dervishes, [Tariqa Casnazaniyyah] who can, by some mysterious technique, have cuts inflicted, which then heal immediately. (Although in the case of these experiments, he claims he has blocked the process independently from their will in the matter.) We have felt obliged to come to you and ask you for an essay, please, that we may send this on to Dr. H.

THE vital essences of a man are not for indiscriminate use. There are three parts to this question, and they are as follows:
  1. What is the process by which these mystics may repair injury before its effects are determined?
  2. What is the outcome, in respect to man and the living organism?
  3. What are the legalities of this issue? (In Cosmic Law.)
There is an ability in some whereupon they may step backwards in time, that their bodies may reference the condition that they were and return to it. This method relies upon rapidity, in that the time-principle involved is better served with a shorter interim. In other words, a man who has been split with a sharp knife can tolerate the according issue for a very short period of time, and we can presume that the exercise therefore is to be brief in both the physical insult and then in the mending.

The mystic who has charge over his plasticity and coherence, will work to maintain what he was rather than heal anew. It is more difficult, as every minute passes, to arrive at that fixed time of the past for which the body may recall being a particular way. The miraculous nature of this 'talent' is that the physical body has returned completely to what it was, with no evidence whatsoever of intrusion - there is no scar for which the seal was broken, no fluid imparted or evident.

We refute the notion that this principle of immortality may be artificially invoked within another man. That it might be interfered and interrupted is another matter.

The rhetoric of healing (as a case to justify research into this phenomenon) implies that this technique may prove useful for surgical purposes. However in respect to the adjunct factor of the man returning to his former condition, one would (if this was achieved) result in same preoperative condition - disease, cause and all.

The vitalities of a man saturate his physical composition. These same vitalities amass the heavens also, and are combined with purpose that they may bring endurance to being. By this we mean, that the very powers of life are empowered by God, Who by Will and by Wisdom does inspire the principles of adherence and of form, of beingness and of withdrawal; and with that withdrawal, dissemination. Without the governing Will and discerning Wisdom there should be no differentiation. Vitalities to any degree, may be directed into the adhering or the disseminating, and so we look to divine qualification for life, one that is decided rather than random.

The terms of withdrawal do not imply that one actually desists from being, but rather that they are removed from one plane of activity into another. The principle of life overall is not thereby negotiated against itself, as it is proven in its complexities towards renewal, revivification and the subsequent endurance of all enspirited souls.

The instantaneous healings of the past which have been effected by great and wonderful souls (as opposed to technique) were brought about because of the very nature of the men and their condition of being, to which they could share of their marvelous velocity of life-principles executed with perfection. But even these grand souls, who when moved by compassion did give of themselves - and did tire their selves in this transition of life - even these could not heal the entire world at once, but rather needed the actual contact, the touch, as when one soul recognizes another; as this they did do and did spend of themselves.

You ask: what of future bodies? Is this not the way of the future and therefore permissible intervention? It is important to realise that the fakir may deliver a short-term trick by which he is no more advanced than when he began. In other words, by returning to what he was before he has injured himself, he is no more the better. Now, the condition in which you aspire to with physical qualities of immortality exist in the higher worlds already. Man already endures all!

The prolongation of one's physical coherents is an act reserved for the discretion of the soul, rather than the purposes of worldly consideration. The soul dictates the term, unless it is unlawfully given cause to withdraw from the world prematurely (from abortion to murder) and it is with sacrifice and with love that it seeks to blend with the physical World at large, in its own time.

There is an impatience that is quite common to men who already know achievement. This impatience may be to see men as they will be- of future conditions afore their proper time. Certainly all aspirants have been frustrated by the very visions that compel them and there is a delicate balance to be maintained, that the savor of today is not soured with impatience for that of tomorrow. We have often asked: "For what use is a perfect body, without a most perfect man within?"

Immortality on any level implies static. Once the pinions have been leveled and the furthermost advantages defined, a man shall be 'locked' into those 'set' charters and with all of the working implications which rest with those qualities given permanence. So it may be understood, that Man at present is far removed from his physical destiny, working a little at a time on towards the next stage, so to speak, with the actual 'completion': the final physical result, not being known.

Murder is unquestionably unlawful and offensive to Life; and those who would murder will not be tolerated by Life itself and all of its lovers. Contrary to the principle of existence and the ineffable right as apportioned to every being afforded such Life, the intent to disable another's capabilities, to thwart, to insist, to will against, to intrude into their fields of fiery activity uninvited, to cause a premature death and subsequent departure, is unlawful. By that it is meant that the laws which do preside, protecting each being's freedom within existence, shall be answered so that all actions which run contrary to Life are commensurately returned.

Our actual actions are of remarkable significance and are repeated - not being the once that we shall involve ourselves in this or that deed, but rather in point of fact, we shall experience our actions many, many times over.

Although our self-conscious awareness is not fully awakened to much that we do, our preoccupations, by their review, shall enrich the awareness as it shall be enjoyed in lifetimes to come. Our participation with other men in particular, offers us insights to the experiences as they come to us from our involvements. 

These mirror-insights for which our brothers do give us well, become devastating to that soul who has brought horror and repulsion to another. Violence is taken up by the soul, echoing through the many bodies which comprise a man, and momentarily shocks the individual into repulsion. This word "repulsion" is quite meant in the literal sense - that there becomes a repulsive wave which emanates out from the being who has been in any way unlawfully set upon. The impressions of such horror as is come by are released from the sufferer, who shall not bear them ever after. However, they are attached to the very one who has issued assault, finding their parent so to speak, and remaining with that pitiable individual until such time as he may exhaust their presence.

The one to whom the horrors were emitted from actually 'owns' the key to this appendage. The horrific impressions shall not be let loose from the man until such a time as the original sufferer is satisfied and moved to love or forgiveness; and only then shall they be duly exhausted. Therefore, he who would assault becomes enslaved to the very suffering he does cause, and as manservant to all of his fellow men who he has inflicted injury upon (particularly with death), shall be bound by their terrors until such a time that mercy retrieves their troubled beings.

This principle in itself, is kindly to all men who do benefit from experience's learnings. The fact that there are still men who are without conscience proves the necessity for sympathetic karma; just as the numbers of men today who are with conscience prove a good example as result of the law.

Men for whom there have been the greatest conflicts between, do by necessity come to attraction and love in fellowship thereafter. Not only are we led to love by way of these grave altercations however, there are the special affinities which coincide also whereby two souls have only ever known joy in their companionship.

Entire races who neighbor and battle with antipathies, consolidate in later generations with many of the incarnating egos intertwined. The World ever calls us out and we demand upon ourselves by our activities and our influence, expending our vitalities where we will, with creativity or with harm; and assured to find result.

The vitalities which work within a man may not be borrowed, extracted or taken. Men are empowered to share with influence their marked vitalities as combined with communal activity, and it is by a balanced interaction that one soul unto another may call forth such life-essences that are drawn by the attracting activity of the two.

It is in mistaken pursuit that one may believe that the life-essences may be stimulated or quickened to manufacture. There needs be cause for life to enter in, and not by its condemnation do we encourage it - i.e. by the injury of existing life. 

The nemesis of Life is wrought upon those who would degrade her. Be wary of who you should offend in this manner, knowing that the only immortality worth winning is that of the pure and beauteous spirit; as the one who embraces Life with great Love, who shall forgive you of your loathsomeness and show you joy worthwhile.

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