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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Principles- 18th December 1997

THE theme of this year's Christmas meditation is of the voracity of Life and of Christ's accompaniment therewith.

In that this World entertains the powers of our Father's Holy Spirit - that being the Spiritual Life- it is because it is enabled and bonded so by Christ.

Life does not hesitate. It will come where it will. It moves with the grace and gracefulness swift to find that space which it can infill. Look at the waters when they move through and into any pass. Water will seep and creep and run across that which it does not already instill. It shapes and obliges the physical world; it does not negotiate for it is the Life itself.

The Light is eager to permeate and penetrate the wanting world. It persists even below the dark earths; with a sublateral equation the Sun's forces are received through the passive and joyful etheric globe. So even the roots become pronounced in their affection, and with warmth the plant-soul grows with forceful enterprise. And this Light is Life itself.

Feel the Orb pulse with the Spirit's determination; always renewing, rebirthing, redoing the making, the creating, this prologue to eternity.

What of the World without Christ? As a teardrop expelled and fallen from His Eye? As an island independent, loathe to the captive spirit compelled? In strife with itself, falling back into chaos?

And what of the Holy Spirit within the shard, if not for Christ? Very quickly the fiery forces would belittle that without soul, without true purpose. The tensions in the astral sphere would be annihilated with one lightning strike of commission, for it is to be that Father God cannot tolerate orbs of wanton evil. How could this be so? His patience with the temporal is but temporal, according to its spiritual wealth and worthiness made known.

Life without Christ is a dangerous Life - merciless and without humor, contesting this love against another in strength of contrast, insulting to all. Life with Christ in Man and throughout his multifarious adjuncts, is Principle. Principle builds worlds, and the substance of Principle is Love.

Each spirit and creature, creation and community is so loved by Christ that He has given them Himself to make their substance. When we receive the Father's Life in the Holy Spirit well into our hungry beings, we can do this and remain, because it is the body of Christ we exaggerate our existence with. He is at every living conjunction. 

It is He that submits the fiery forces to relation and begs their complementary aspects. It is He that discharges the excess. It is He that warrants the tide of death forces without. For the equal and opposite effluence is present as a mighty space of anti-life which laps also at the shores of our Humanity. It is but a greater Life in future to become, but not of one that we can at present tolerate. So our beloved Creator fully comprehends that of the dark unknowables of possible affliction, and withstands them for us also.

Here with Him, we are safe. Here in this cavity the brilliant spirits perform and love well. Here also, His delight in each moment when souls may be great, when the exhilaration is put to good purpose and so defined ... then Christ knows too He has brought His Father further into this World - when Life is pronounced in us.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Dunstable Appointment -13th November 1997

YOU yourself missed the connection - being now mentioned, in the cryptographical text concerning young Father John and the etheric nature of Avalon ... he, mixing company and tradition in that fey and romancing province (and timelessness). Now? No little wonder that you have cleaved to our body of thought and desire in this, our Johaninne association!

John indeed "tarries" on [John 21:22]. As was given by Christ's own authority to remain with this World - commissioned to unerringly accompany every era and people until our Lord re-turned the Globe and made saturate a Golden Age - true to Christendom.

As a child impressioned with the faithful truth as was, with an incorruptible recollection of our dear Christ's presence, he as first and chief engraver, maintains the World's own memory. In the neat, but not so mean, his clarity of Christ remains; and as overseer to all future coordinates, John, Father John (yet son of John), is ageless.

No great soul's whereabouts are ever made known. Involvements are conducted and timed according to their choosing. However, in dream-life or in chapel, in private postulate or in deep felt wondering, he is closer to you than the sugar which combines in the tea in any café - stirred, drunk and flushing!

It is correct enough to say that souls of merit make chance to visit all parts and places, both city and hamlet; not to consort though or connect in sociality, but rather to make a presence established and maintained.

In the Avalonian narrative it is spoken of in the context of the crypto-geographical significance - in that the four main Gospel authors took positioning over respective quarters. Yet the East, West, North and South are as much pertaining to influences as they are to place within the main.

Having said that, there are many sites which may be especial to a great one; for example, that place in which he may keep stored away his physical body undisturbed; that place also where he may work out from uninhibited - whilst also an actively charged place which carries his force and influence, that is beacon-like and ever flaming, with or without his actual presence being there.

Great Britain itself was formerly most especial in such a way, with pockets now of ghostly activity - tiring fast with many moved on, now straining beneath the veneer so set above it.

Newer fonts of holy springs bubble up wherever there are hearts to summon them - conversely, many of the traces that were, have been over-trodden by the revival of paganity now driving the angelic beings and faerie folk to 'move camp' for the lack of a more gracious and Christian entertainment.

Once picturesque and lively terrains could emanate the homage of their resident Master; yet even this cannot be today if there are not the physical presences of those men and women who carry forth and connect the influences in daily life and thought pertaining.

John will go with you! It will not be a matter of your finding him anywhere but with you already! You this time, take him to Dunstable - and on, and back, and home.

There is no one place more sacred to Christ than another. There is a need however, for the esoteric realities to be seeded and tended by those who may also pioneer our Humanity. The geographies have mixed and mingled. 

The heart's terrain reaches overseas and now blesses many, who once by distance were kept distinct. In a way it is the modern world that reflects the spiritual realities here. The divisions between men are diminishing. You now carry the work independently of place, but in what you are, giving out into the larger community.

The stag's belly refers to the World before the Moon leapt out from it - being the chalice (the old world) which empties itself back into the Globe pouring in, on the tides of new life.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Four Presentations of Death- 6th September 1997


Dear Teachers,
I have more than a few questions tonight; after a day which though sun-filled and generally cheerful, I found death to be the primary subject presenting to me again and again.

Upon waking, my first question I had planned to put to you, rose and solidified itself throughout the morning. It was to ask about practical work being done in the world alongside the very esoteric understanding of it, as to whether you could illuminate us further please as to its value and place (side by side)?

My afternoon with the family was spent with a man who knows he is dying ... he is very weak now and has lost all sensation in his feet up to his legs as he withdraws - and he candidly speaks of his fears having left him - that he "doesn't really care anymore what happens to him". And yet all his life until now he has been afraid to die, believing that nothing was to follow thereafter.

Later in the afternoon I heard of Mother Teresa's passing. A sense of pain swept over me to think that the World is now without her - mentally I scanned the populace to find a similar strength amongst us; and I felt the tears immediately - even though I know that such a great soul has to eventually depart, it still hurt.

Coming home at night there was a group of youths at the roadside. One boy was attacking another, and would lunge towards him forcing him out onto the road in front of the traffic. I saw this twice happen, as with the intent from the attacker, and felt the possibility of this young boy's death.

We backed the car right up to them as they fought, and then leaning out I forcibly hollered my finest insults to get their attention and then threatened their gaping faces with the police. Being a woman crude language is surprising enough in the short term, and so it worked enough to stop, for that time, in what they were doing. There was no bravery there - I was quite safe with my family in the van - but I felt the psychic force required too, addressing their actions and the karma of the event to pass. Also one could see the gratefulness of the chap being struck at - he limped away, from what could have been his death that night I am sure.

Lastly, I returned to see on television the funeral of Diana Spencer; and my hardness towards her dissolved into yet more tears when I read the envelope on top of her coffin which read "Mummy". I could not help but be sad.

Watching on it was my strongest impression there, and then that she, at this occasion, did not reconcile the facts as they had happened. Many, including myself have had difficulty in realizing that she is dead - yet I felt as a great possibility that Princess Diana herself had no comprehension of what was about. That she was moved by the immediate mourning, but unbelieving (and reasonably so) of her death.

And then I felt that I should come to you and ask of these things; being sober and melancholy, deeply needing your insights, and such dear comments - I shall wait now, and thank you in expectation of your answers.

TODAY you have had four presentations of death: one with a youth whose life negotiated yet more life, a boy who belongs to this World, who has not (by standards of the developing ego within) even fully entered into his life and this World, as yet.

Recognizing karma in those perturbations, we may even effect a change in the gravity's centre now known, and this teaches the souls of all parties of a confirmation of the underpinning realities within our movements as they alter orbits of others.

Those who exercise intuition and are open to the intimations of our mute angels, read the semaphore as they implore us to act on their behalf. Quite often the angelic beings are impotent were it not for the compliance of earthly helpers and of those who feel the needs and go to the Karma and challenge it (albeit it fiercely at times).

Sympathy is depleted of its passion. Empathy may become assertive, in that it is by empathy that we are so like he who we would assist, that we can act for them; punctuate our reasoning with expression, know their challenges and exploit a measure of success on their behalf. In sympathy a man or woman is more often resigned to a sadness, rather than seeking actively an acquittal out from that sadness for the other involved.

With respect to your father-in-law, he is a man who is infilled with a knowing now of his own immortality. Though he does not voice this much, his ancient memory has reawakened and it understands all of what goes before him.

It has been said of course that this World is indeed a mysterious place, yet far more mysterious is the divinity in its complexity as apparent in Man in his being.

One thing we may prosper to know is that we (all of us) take every man for granted, never truly seeing the especial qualities that permeate their being. If only in quiescence, they are nonetheless present and most wonderful; whilst also each man's lineage is Father God related - all souls knowing the fires of life and the holy fires; the tempering flames and the cleansing flames; the enlivening spark and the life of that fire to come, and more to follow.

Men wear their collective experience in the uppermost parts of their true selves - in that of their egohood denoted by their being over lifetimes of effort and testing. And, as creatures so worn, so are they also ennobled.

The phases of materialism are unusual to this Age. Later we shall discuss this issue (that of the wedding of the Spiritual world with this of the Physical) but here in this passage we shall only go on to add that a man's esoteric perception is concurrent to his self-conscious recognition of the process, that spirituality is inherent in all men firstly - being a given whether mindfully expressed or not.

Here is a man who will comprehend many truths he cannot phrase in thought or word; and furthermore, as his time approaches summation, he shall have unspoken assistance also. He will cease to feel the aloneness that he has experienced whilst living the physical existence. It will be love that draws him closer to his death.

You see, the passing that he once envisaged of there being 'nothing' of himself after dying from this life, this picture he spoke of in terror was the true expression coming from his soul's perspective of his Higher Self, as it could not connect within this World. The desolation that he foretold was moreover that of his soul's impressions of his present life from its vantage. 

So we have had a man whose soul believed him to be quite 'dead', to that of a deceased girl that still believes herself to be alive! Yes, you are correct. Violent deaths, especially when occurring in still-young lives, give little or no opportunity for the consciousness to make its adjustments and 'take in' the changes out from the world that it had come to know. Particularly also, with such a one who was immersed in a sensual extravagance, who enjoyed the happiest of aspects to a material existence. This is by far the more difficult to pass through from, as distinct to the individual who has left hardship or frailty, pain or sparse provision.

Added to this is - as was judged - the protest of the bodily remains (and its astral counterparts). Without a cremation releasing the individual from their physical remnants, and all of the coincidental associations within in the matter borne by them, there is a tendency to stay on until the frame and form has diminished, the fluids have all expired and the astral sheath has dissipated also.

Cremation of the body brings about an indescribable relief to the being so then released. The corporeal into ethereal - new bodies rapidly form around the naked spirit, draped as a glowing cloth of gossamer, whilst the consciousness too, is given a freedom made also of a much finer material ... spreading out from the center with the flashing of an opening nebulae; out, way out, into the reaches of all planes past encountered. Joyous in the sensing, free from a personality and its attendant elemental objectors, the soul after cremation regains its sense of eternal self, and has confidence in that experience.

Therefore the dear child who many minds are now bent upon and are calling to, examining picture after picture of her past moments recorded, will also regain her sense of eternal self, rather than the transitory earth-lived figure she was known by; independent of the worldly image that would entrap or immortalize, not in substance, but only in form.

Many spirits are disbelieving of their death, however it is the personality that exhumes the worldly nuance not the soul, for the soul always seeks an eternal continuance.

Also, and having said that, there can be interests and concerns which hold a soul fast to the World: that with whom we love and care for, and also all that is left unfulfilled ... these keep us mourning for that existence where we can once again make our part profound.

Question: Sometimes I believe that we bring a disservice to our brothers if we over-estimate their personages - what I mean is, is that not therefore to merely love them falsely?

Rather to love and know the very real qualities that there are? Preferably, yes, an exact appreciation bears certain truth and therefore truly great loving, and yet many a soul has been nourished by 'false' adulation, and even gone on to 'become' that of the image originally so projected.

You can find that the people may 'love' this dear woman because in truth they have had a hand in the making of her. So long as the imaginings of others are flattering or uplifting, then the fabric of our persona will 'take' to these impressionings, and in similar ways to the open suggestibility of a child, so it will take effect also.

We may be reminded how well it goes for each of us to think well of another, for essentially past or future, there shall never be a mistake in that. It does not mean to say that we need suffer the company of a mischievous conduct believing it always to be 'good', when clearly it is not, but that in attitude (which can be stern as well) we are generous in preference to mean, kind in contrast to critical and complimentary to virtues slight as well as those pronounced.

Mother Teresa has a countenance that knows the weaknesses of men and the world that cradles those men that she loves, undespisingly. She forgave the sickness, she became servant of the poorest of men, thereby finding Christ right there beside her at all times - for He too is foremost in the very worst of situations, unafraid.

There is nothing this soul would not have traded for the true prosperity of those in need. In humility and unadorned, her powers assembled because of a determined consciousness that won its effort amongst the very worst of realities.

Conversely, here is a soul who the people did not transform, but rather she was the one who helped to make and better the souls around her. She recognized and met with evil on all its levels afflicting her people, and she contested its presence, determined that it should no longer be suffered.There can be no easy progression on to such selflessness in spirit. Every day was an effort for her, every minute a decision of an exacting will. Do we believe that for some it falls naturally? Or is it to be a continual reaffirmation, as the self-consciousness presents the ego with the dialogue for self-reflection?

Although our faith in Christ is absolute (largely because He and Faith are absolute in their nature too) we need constantly to make this apparent to ourselves and to the World.

This brings us to the subject:
The Wedding between Worlds.

Sweet Teresa worked with the Physical World in a practical way, and at the same time she held the loftiest of spiritual ideals and imaginations. Your question at first (which related to the practical healing therapy), can be applied also to schooling, farming, artistry etc. wherein a higher understanding may benefit the worldly application. This is vital to be acknowledged and respected and brought to entertainment in the content of both worlds.

Divisiveness is a law which gave realms, species and entire systems their independence out from one another; yet also in past consequence it has severed worlds before due time and then drawn veils, with a wanting causation and a dismissive alienation resulting.

There has been a somber risk known to the guardian agencies of Man that the distinction between the Spiritual Worlds and that of the Physical World may become so complete that the Physical World will become removed, eventually to persist in an activity of its own, working its evolution quite independently.

Admittedly also, this can be a reality in which the Spiritual neighborhood may be admonished, whereby it ceases its interests in the practical and immediate affairs of the worldly - removing and withdrawing its own influences.

Operating but a dual carriageway of existence, we can already see the two distinguished thus, in twixt and twain. It becomes here that we can observe most wonderfully the picture of Grace coming to us as known of by Sin.

When Grace itself spills into the World, it does so from the highest quarters of Humanity's beginnings. The virtues are not 'detached' from the World, but until so called into it they are as separate and as isolated as from one another, to the longing and overall detriment of both. The complex paradox that purity alone did not bring the infant Mankind to his bonding with the hierarchical spheres, meant that he must combine himself with deed, with earthly action, so that the spiritual forces be called into the World and live through such action of doing that which is done. Man in purity (which he was, and essentially is) has to be and has therefore to err, in order to bring Heaven into the Earth and for Earth to be raised up to Heaven.

To live is to err as the Higher Worlds might confer, but you know that there becomes a further mystery when Man himself teaches the higher beings by his actions in the Physical World. Not only is our consciousness narrower and more specifically attuned for individuals incarnate, but so also are all of those who may see through the eyes of men, and gather experience by such as is experienced by them.

The double edge to Karma is that not only does physical and earthly law compel more of the same, but also it provokes the holy law and its furtherance. For the Buddhist who would obliterate both physical obligation and personal Karma, there is the quickening of a semi-spiritual death which results in the ego's dispassion for all things new.

The ability of Man to take to him new and unknown experiences is by most standards unique to his being alone. Creatures, elementals and sub-creatures, all dwell in repetition and live instinctively with little or no capacity of being for future change. Generally a colony or grouping of any species will adapt collectively through their pneu, that has intercepted and adjusted on behalf of the whole (pneu + new = pneu; i.e. the whole digests the portion and assimilates it so). Added to that most beings simply will not consciously recognize (even see) that which is not in their comprehension. But a man can.

A man can ask and ponder and wonder. A man can seek that which he does not know, and study anew with a curious happiness.

So we are set apart on our island this Earth, with a propensity to endow the very physicality with heavenly exploit, and at the same time we are fixed by the attention of those higher beings that watch on (and lower beings also) who are learning through us of new experience and what it brings.

During this era of materialism the greatest supplication a man can be given is that of true insight. To live in the World alone and for the World alone, bereft of true spirituality, is to be as a member not longer with circulation ... we may atrophy, we may gangrene, if we do not have our spiritual life's blood moving within us.

For those in this endeavor to introduce and reintroduce men's consciousness to the inner perspectives, there is work and opportunity and great need to occupy their days and their nights for centuries to come. However it is not enough to keep separate these Worlds in parallel fashion, yet never combined. Esoteric work must live with the World, not as a theory but as a life.

The objective is not for men to depart their existence dishonoring the World, but to assist in the connection becoming established, which the spiritual life will further. The example of the Asthma clinic, or for that matter the work involved in schooling and so forth, brings about the very necessary application of practical practice and effort, and concern and remarkable coincidence, bettering both physical and spiritual circumstance for all.

If our Work (the Work) is to succeed in saving our World, this World, from shafting off entirely from the Higher Spheres, then it must be by practical means which are conducted by those whose esoteric knowledge is reasonable, considerate and thorough - that there be a marriage of the two by such combining. For should the Physical World but take a separate existence, and in turn should the Spiritual sphere snub its child to the Sun, then the longing thereafter would sorrow the Heavens, as all futures unrealized are so wont to do. Both worlds need meeting, for in truth they are same, yet they are in need of each other to be so.

It was Mother Teresa's life work to commit a spiritual strength to a wanting world, and a practical blessing offered in kind. This luminary amongst her lovers welcomed grace in such deposits, leaving now thousands of men who are by consequence genuinely transformed by Christ, through her. For this is wherein all healing and hope resides. Take Christ with you into all worldly endeavors and pray His representation be known to those you touch.... and trust in that.

Question please: Often I prefer to pray inaudibly - even when others have spoken a prayer I will continue on with it without using my voice. I know that there is much power in the spoken word, and particularly in prayer, but somehow I find the words interrupt my internal dialogue and sense of feeling. Am I wrong in this? And what do you prescribe?

Audible prayer does hold an invocative presence - it is an active masculine practice - in the meaning that it directs forcibly the will into word, into divine statement so told with high authority and stipulation.

The silent prayer that you prefer is a feminine aspect which is not of the direction of one's will but rather limits itself to the Will. It is an open form of prayer is it not? If you take notice of the desires involved it is impersonal and undecided and more general in content than it is detailed.

Both prayers are usefully employed and much needed - and here again is the example of complementary ways of being. Neither is preferable because both are necessary to each other.

As men we must take charge of our own decidings and heavenly petitions, whilst also we must then give over to the Will of Father God and there remain. Amen

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

“False” Hope- 3rd August 1997

THE prime ingredient to all Hope is the prospect inherent of it not permitting undetermined failure. It is this possibility, this uncertainty, which we are aware of, which the Hope itself transmutes - in the action of its presence and embedded in its being, it brings about something far greater than supposed.

Seldom are we uplifted so, having here contained the indissolvable contrast - the defiance to such dark whisperings of defeat - a happiness which is not of itself dependent upon assurety, but rather the vision of a yet better outcome than could reasonably be anticipated. This vision brings strength, just of itself.

Humanity is enriched and fed by much of its 'intangible' strivings. The material world knows only to measure and test its successes by the obvious and the outer, seeking to prove and maintain a constant and desired objective. Whereas in the realms of the neighboring spiritual we find that all future achievements and successes live plainly in the striving itself, regardless of the outcome apparent without.

We have studied together often, the inimical aspects associated with negative forecasting, of how exactly the atmosphere of a locality may be impregnated with the wretched offspring from a violent episode. We have considered all veins of demonic impingements and their haphazard strikes. We have sought to understand the implications of the elemental in thought-world, and of their children born into the physical. Then from these dark considerations, we have even ventured into the suffering of our beloved Christ, actually attempting to comprehend just a fraction of that of His Struggle, His Sufferance, and of His aggravants both minor and worse. 

Given all of these uncomely concepts – these, ripe with potential devastation and corruption just in simple contemplation - we find that there amongst all of the woeful there is still the remarkable: that which uplifts the student beyond the suffering, alleviates the oppressiveness and distracts us from the forecast ... and offers more.

[Comments on an accident at a ski resort.] When the rescuing army moved into the remains of the landslide to gingerly and tediously pluck away the mountain of forlorn debris, they effected remarkable hope - a hope that will profit the World for decades to follow, and even on further. The labor of each individual, the will of every single worker went to refute the evidence there before them. They have refused to commit to the full reality of devastation they chose to better.

We may always be cautioned to madness when a man chooses willingly to deny that which is there in front of him. The men involved in this case were individuals who were not delirious, but rather well reasoning, careful, deliberate, good natured, even-tempered, considerate souls who fully knew the gravity and the danger of that which they were dealing with. It is precisely this qualification of sanity, of true assessment, of honest discernment of the reality as it stands, that will contribute to the empowerment of this hope as it answers the obvious.

Furthermore the individuals concerned have employed an active investment alongside their hoping. They have given something of themselves in an effort towards the impossible; and with this experience they can actually feel the heartbeat of the Life now brought in by their efforts.

The World is pitted with sorrows, men call to Father God pledging Him before the keen 'reality', believing so wholeheartedly that goodness and happiness shall tender their needs ... defying beyond reason the limitations of a sanitized life.

The primary essences hold no 'reasonable' explanation of themselves: Zeal, Optimism, Hope, Compassion, Hilarity, Simplicity, Succor, Fervor and even at times depending, Purpose. These essences cannot be solely attributed to need. Whole worlds have been known to manifest devoid of them (the Astral World does just that, for example). Need alone cannot explain their very being or appearance. Yet they are primary to Life and necessary to its ongoing expression; explicit to the meaning, regardless of the box and di they enter into.

This is the very point to be understood. One can say the esoteric rule is that they are literally 'above' failure and 'above' credence in their nature and their action. These essences bring both joy and life to the lesser gods as well as the angelic caretakers.

When it has been said that the gods feed from the harvested thoughts of Man, it is not so meant in the particular, nor in the boneless fragments of an exasperated thinking - no! Moreover the want is for the diet of an enspirited knowing ejaculated into the hungry ethers, which delight to receive from Humanity's loving.

Herein the permanent traces remain, kept to unfurl from the before-absent Graces. Therein the new World forms again and again, marveling upon itself, drawing closer, no longer distant; eking upon desires ever greater, than were ever justifiably realizable. No false veneer, no 'normalcy', no pretense of goodness, no vanity of sham, no perpetuation of the worthless, no exaggeration of petty values, no glib material hope of acquisition, or of heartless contrition - none of these 'hopeless' hopes: the freeze dried variety of a soulless reality. None of the achievable and reachable, but oh!, only the true and seemingly impossible - they that are independent of the odds at stake.

The essences are anchored in the spiritual atmosphere; they livingly remain connected to the kernels of future borne by the man himself ever after. Valiant Hope composes the glistening armor: same armor as entitled to the spirits so depicted, clothed with the substance gathered around their imperial self, worn eternally to deflect all defeat's approaches….. his armor of Hope - Cervantes's dear soldier.

There is a science to be understood in the practice of dealing with absurdities. Firstly of course the frame of mind needs be charitable and not irritable; open hearted in purpose and not hinged upon a particular outcome envisioned. Now this is directly opposing the methods given to the 'black' conspirators who work the thought-forms with intensive objectives and imaginings, acquiring control over the lesser wills around them (who are then later mocked for their weaknesses and discarded). The 'black' untowardness is self-centered and so limiting, never relaxing to possibilities coincidental to their own.

Many 'positive thinkers' are, by the nature of their willful envisionings, also negligent in the same way, and presuming of their self-importance. Feeding upon the mundane desires, they do not call within the essential forces, but rather make do with much lifeless profit.

By contrast we can look to the healers, who surpass the uncertainties, exchanging the mean realities for the preferred - always with hope. Always too, with an admission of the near impossible also.

We have spoken before about the usefulness of aptly timed absurdities, however in respect to the invoking of the essences it becomes more to say that thereby, one can 'make a space' out from the continuity, for them to enter into. This is why men who are experiencing extreme difficulty are often seen to employ unrelated diversions in their thinking: juggling jacks, reciting sing-song rhymes, recalling the names of saints - i.e. to set their minds to some relatively absurd abstract wherein they are removed from the difficulty at hand. Following on from this then, is the ability to receive the 'illogical' essence which they adopt - they can then find their hope, their humor, their compassion, even when circumstances appear unpermiting.

Survivors of even protracted exiles at sea, or lost to land, will also answer that much that 'kept them going' was the trivial exercise, the playful thought, which was removed from the reality they were so confined in. The key to this becoming successful however, lies first and foremostly in the rationality of the individual being concurrent with his musings. For to have one and not the other, brings to bear a displacement, an inordinate tension within the mind and heart, having nowheres to correspond to (causing either senility or madness).

Mere cleverness without relief makes brittle the mind, whereas entertaining naught but the humors, loosens a man into all but a premature heaven. Such true magic does not contest reason, but walks along its way and then goes a little bit further beyond its reaches, guided by the soul who dismisses all solemnity with a yet higher seriousness, such as is known by the emissaries of Father God. Where else, but from a divine 'madness' could we attribute the holy virtues, that in their essential and blessed action within us, translate into love for the sake of all love, hope for the sake of all hopes, compassion for the sake of dear all, and laughter for the merry mirth of the gods!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Signatory Influences, Bones, & Woodwards-19th July 1997

THE density of a man, made explicit in his bones, conduits both the gathering influences associated with the greater memory and the memory's incise, alongside the flowing influences of maintaining the present and the willing to do so.

Amongst our very many physical constituents is the skeletal frame, our own skeletal composite which most signifies the deliberate workings of our former selves. The creative will of the man who preceded his frame, seeks to bring substance into the world which represents the many particles so gathered afore; excluding the influences here of the many other memory-incised beings who incorporate his fields of physically manifesting.

Our senses receive angelic beings constantly to them. It is necessary for these beings to actually participate with us, within us, that we may be able to communicate through them and out into the world. They are the eloquent translators if you like - intermediaries - insisting the way for us into domains which we would ordinarily be insensible to, enabling us to perceive many beings of the world before coming to share signatory keys with them of mutual experience.

When a man stands amongst a commonly beautiful landscape and takes in its air, feels its vapor, sees its forms, hears its movements and resounding, the nature around him knows him in return. Would that it held a conscious memory for these things, it would be furthermore enabled to identify him should he return. To impress ourselves upon any place, whether consciously retrieved or impressed as a memory or not, still brings that first all important introduction of our being amongst the many.

All of the participants within the scenery, do in their own way experience an impacting impression of the man before them. Distance is immaterial here as well. Providing one of the senses has met with whatever lies upon that landscape, then the communication is apparent in the spiritual domain. One can know this for themselves in the quite active pleasure drawn from being amongst the natural scenery and meeting with it. This pleasure comes from the conversing taking place, actively inspiring, stimulating, cavorting and enthusing, in a party of company, co-mingling upon the ethers.

However there were not always 'friendly' landscapes which received a man and welcomed his interaction. Even this world has known hostile environments which were embittered to the intrusion of any new being. Deadly terrain and poisonous plant-life held fortresses which were repelling and murderous. Some of the 'old world' was hideous indeed!

Firstly here we can take up this point of beings - such as those who dwell in and amongst the trees and in a landscape - being able to recognize uniqueness; for importantly, they can differentiate. Overall and by appearances, most folk assume that the 'hiding' which is possible within the physical world is relevant within the qualifying spiritual realities. Hiding is a wonderful amusement to Father God! The principle of intentional withdrawal is a failsafe to the soul and a gift from Father God to insure that the freedoms of each be guaranteed. There is always a door out from any situation here or in the greater Kosmos. Father God gives us that right and freedom to disassociate whenever we feel the need or desire great enough - to disembark, to sever, to stand apart, to begin afresh, to have had enough and let that simply be enough.

Hiding, in the lesser but more curious sense, says "I have gone, but I will return". It is a pretense of an exit, with the restful interlude that is so much required. Hiding may well be a preliminary to a complete disassociation, or it might afford a gathering of self to enable a transition of place. However the principle is a good one, albeit characterized in the physical world moreover.

In the context of the Spiritual Worlds you are either here or there, and apparently so - there is not this in-between. That is why 'hiding' is referred to as 'curious' to this World. (Not curious to this World as in 'interesting', although it certainly is that too, in accordance with the perceptions of the many beings who look on upon us.) 

Which brings us back to the point that we began upon, that is to say that from the spiritual vantage (which is the level that our plant friends receive us upon, for example) there is no such hiding - they know not only that we are what we are, but also that we are all different. Thus it is that we come to our dealings with them, on this personal basis, in accordance with the politeness delivered on behalf of us, by these angelic beings. It is they who make the first and formal introductions, it is they who translate and communicate the specifications of each significant factor, it is they who enable us to come to new acquaintances and experience their expression of being, even though we have not known them before. 

In this delightful speak of our sensory beings we have but one example of the interplay between our soul-selves, our Arterial Self and our egoic self relating in our physical body with the cooperation of other beings. This occurs on every level and throughout our entire physical system which adheres around our skeletal frame. There are elemental beings in our blood (associated and cleaving to); there are planetary beings associated to the mineral constituents too; there are physical artifactual remains which are not discarded, that belong to our forebears and continue on that association; there are beings pertaining to the influences in and around all of the fluids which circulate and depart the body; beings of the individual organs and their zodiacal counterparts; and beings that live in the hair, akashic animals that perpetuate the identity of selfhood as was known by the man.

These beings so named are relative to the physical body, but are not the full complement as regards to the many subtle bodies within and about, as well as the psychic menagerie of forces and forms associated with other planes of being. However we can now understand further from this, that when we say that the bones maintain the physical identity peculiar to the man alone, then this is quite distinct from the flesh around them to which they have gathered. The community of beings which assist to comprise a person's physical system in a cooperating harmony, does not penetrate the substance of his own will which he has built up to form the frame which they hang upon.

Now given that there is a living, physical representation of a man to be found within these bones we can look to the malady of brittleness and disintegration to ask the causality and understand a'further.

A living bone represents the past of a man, and yet concurrently its action within the system is to assist in the blood production, which courses the interiors and therefore comprises intelligently much of the will and future of the man. The seeds of a man's future actually pass through his past on the way through! (A physical example here for your 'dear friend'.) And too, as it has been said, if the blood courses the body too fast, it shall make brittle the bones - if the desire and will to make futures apparent hurry beyond the due respect to the qualifying 'past', then they shall cause deterioration of that 'past' in the process.

Bones have been known to dissolve in the chemical man who would refuse himself and refute all he was. "That was not me" says the man running into the future; and yet what with the ownership and responsibility of that which did define us? The very image of the jiggling skeleton is one of the grinning past which we would flee from. (Dance he does, as dance he might - dance, dance, dance and into the night!)

There are many degenerative conditions of the bones, and aggravants. One which formerly was asked about, in relation to the treatment of asthma, was the induction of steroids and their effects upon a man, including the cortisone being deleterious to the bones.

The blueprint form for the skeleton is derived from the living forms of Man which circulate the ethers. It is therefore borrowed; whilst the actual process of formation and accumulative strength has been worked in detail by the very will and commitment the man holds to promote his earthly incarnation. The hollows inside the densities offer a tensile strength as well as their lightness to the structure, and these hollows give over to the soul spaces thus incorporated, proving that even at our most physical point (whilst living), we seek to combine always with the spiritual aspects that co-exist and not deny them. Only after death have the fluids and jellies departed. Only after death does the pale pink/blue living frame blanch to white.

However, there can be occurrences which bring a deathly deterioration to gnaw at the bone inside of a living man. Dogs devour bones; they actually eat the whole article, grind by grind. There can be substances which give us an artificial strength ... nicotine, cortisone, ginseng, amphetamines (and others), that like dogs can turn upon us, relishing, ravishing the bones. For it is in the bones that a man is who he is in the world. We cannot find traces of his higher ego (other than in his works of course) in the physical world, nor scan the memories which are scored by the durations of lifetimes reduced from this world ... but we can find 'him' in record best represented in that bone he has built up.

The true strength as represented in the bones of a man is given to a destruction when a short-term artificial strength is so incorporated. The identity of the man becomes in conflict within himself. The will of that man assumes a false persona of dangerous divisions. The blood pursues its pathways faster and harder, because it is now running from the man who has made it. The heart and eyes begin to lose their discernment as the past and the present become in conflict.

It is true to say that we personalize and 'own' all of our physical substance so used. We can also (and do) share cells and mutually work upon such substance, not only from animals and plants, but also we may exchange cells with our appointed fellows-in-kind, and incorporate/impress and bear same karmic relationship to the cells so shared. When certain signatory relationships begin to define one another in their presence, the adoption of mutual particles can occur over years and even keep on in relayed use into subsequent lifetimes. 

On the other hand, sharing cells with someone to whom there has been no signature key established with whilst they were living, is meaningless. What is meant to say here is, that it is not enough to merely harvest cells from another individual in order to essentially enter into a relationship with them, as it can be done through karmic exchange.

Medicines manufactured, living material which is duplicated, these work according to the outer processes of the forms originally defined without the man himself. This is not to suggest that it is lawful to do this necessarily, or without consequence of its own, but in relation to the point in hand we can say that these materials are usually without the influence of the signature belonging to the man from whom the substance is gathered.

Were he to have had a signatory relationship with the receiver, then it becomes an entirely different matter. One example of this is to say that were a person to be duplicated by physical means, the nature of the incarnating ego within the secondary fellow would not in any way represent the nature (ego or otherwise signatory) of the first, from which the physical blueprint has been extracted. The principle itself is similar to the etheric castings, but that is where the comparisons end. (This being yet another subject apart from this one, to enter into.)

We may add here also, that this is distinct from a whole organ transplant; the associations there are part of a corporate entity. The organ of a living man in complete form constitutes far more than tissue cells and fiber. The original forms intact belong to the minor gods with their respective spheres of activity. The physical organs are our cosmic representatives, designed from the soul indications of our very being. The 'sharing' of one's heart in the literal sense (to the exclusion of your own use we might add), commits a spiritual perjury, whereby we are no longer capable of transfusing directly to Father God in our expression. Both parties will be disrupted and demeaned accordingly.

Returning to particle sharing: we may offer another example of this, in that we are exposed to many emissions daily, and commingling emissions from one unto another. The substance of these may be received into our own system, but will not be incorporated or 'owned' for a time, because there is not the signatory entrance made available. Should there be material come to you when you have shook the hand of a man, or even did know them but not have a 'special' relationship with them (and it needs be very significant indeed in order to share cells in the way in which we have referred) then it happens that the material passes us by innocently, blithely referring back eventually to those forms to which it does resonate with most perfectly.

Therefore we shall also have a completely different result when a man digests the flesh of an animal he has known to that which he has not - in relation to its passing. (Crude to say, but true.) In addition to the 'mad cow' dialogue, we would say that the animals here have incorporated hosts of cells from other animals that they have physically been in the proximity of and known. This of course is a different matter to the way in which a man may combine or not combine as the case may be, and yet it is important because the family of matter and its adherents has been received by the animal which has not the ability to simply pass it - the ingestion goes further into the accepting system of the cattle.

There is a difference between a domestic dog which feeds from the flesh of something it has not known whilst it lived, and the animal which feeds directly off its kill. Conversely you can observe the variations even in the wildest of zoo captive that does not experience that 'live kill', and therefore the assumption of signatory cells, and the way in which its nature is quietened because of this. 

This subject also runs deeper as far as the astrality of the blood goes, and so forth. However, overall there is an enlivening which occurs within the exchange or incorporation, which enters the being into a furthered relationship, testing the efficacy between them. If a lover's kiss exchanges cells and the two willingly commit and receive cells to live in one another, then by the mutual affability this will further the relationship and combine physical substance. If a man were to spit on his enemy however, and the saliva was to touch any part of his enemy's body, even just through the skin, then this becomes an assault of sorts because the material (no matter how slight), will take work to overcome, to cast off on behalf of the receiver.

On a more useful note this explains also why many in custom have mixed spittle in with the medicines they are administering to their beloved who are very sick, that this will have a binding effect to the substance brought in (bearing in mind also that you can also enhance the efficacy by using 'live' remedies, or extracts also from that which the patient has a relationship with personally).

When folk eat their own produce grown - that they have laid hand to whilst it was 'living' - then the incorporation of the nutrients and life-forces excels that of those that have been distant from the origin.

In the extreme case it would mean that the diet would have to all be grown distinctly from the person in question, and then cooked (the result would be malnutrition). For when you partake of raw fruit and vegetables they are still quite 'alive' for you to enter into a relationship with firstly, and therefore take the substance in a lasting way into yourself.
However, artificial substances can delude the system, and enliven it into untoward activity in response as well. This has already been maintained with artificial sweeteners as a case in point, but also we can look to those families of compositions which mimic chemicular interactions, or interface with parent-host organisms (derived from animal substances) and beckon short-term reactions within the system, which provoke fiery activity within a particular center on its own.

In a roundabout way we have discussed here today the distinctions between those whom we share signature keys with, they who we have known previously during the course of their life (this may be a connection through a simple handshake for a man, or encounter for a plant or animal, or of course, involve time spent in the company of, with shared experience common to both etc.) and those beings and men to whom we do not hold previous association with (from any lifetime) and are therefore immune to their presence to a large degree.

We have discussed how it is by law that we come into a new presence and know how to receive it, and they receive us also. The angelic intermediaries afford us new parcels of life and meetings which we would have been hitherto unprepared to come to. It is they who shall continue to direct us after death and equally help us to interpret all things foreign and beyond our ordinary reckoning.

As for the 'Woodwards' - the spirit-guardians of the wood - it can be said that they relinquished their posts to Christ as He had claimed the Etheric World for His own. The Woodwards were the gentler of the 'protectorate'; their lot were boundary keepers at the time when the physical world bordered close in to the etheric realm.

Men were often caught walking in and around ... leaving their wits at the edge of this world, chasing their visions with some wild and indiscriminate laughter which upset the Woodwards terribly.

But it went with the nature of the place that men be so taken with the great amusement of Life, and so drunk with glee, until overcome with the exertion of it all. They would eventually give in to a stupefied rest somewhere, to be then dragged back through the dark forest and into their own world, by the Woodward of that keep - then to waken quite curious-like and wondering, but with not one recollection of the day that had gone before!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Inhale this World- 1997

Out from the colloidal mass,
The golden vein flowed forth -
Further, farther,
New life pushed,
Held up love's reaching grasp,
Yet not to halt at failure's gate.

No breath's disgrace,
No aggravate,
But now with an ease,
This soft, soft landing,
A certain entry, and welcome breath;
From colloidal beginnings,
New life is met.

With measured dose our love bursts forth;
The other host –
Who now expelled,
A time that was anaesthetised...
Yet as companion, amiably follows
The singularity of Continuum's fellow:
Uninterrupted His ceaseless line.

Rock the child gently,
For the heart (your child) is cradled best,
With a congenial pulse
And a patient breath;
For two gifts we are given:
Both entry and exit,
From this World unto Heaven.

Inhale this World!
Suck place and draw it close;
For where breathes Man,
Breathes God,
As His cavities spread
With stippled gaining,
He swells,
Faint not from meagre love,
In timid takings untold.

There is he who can't take air within.
Without it also seeping,
Speaking the solemn truth of pain,
Sad surplussed man, he senses all -
The wanting,
Known same as Christ's own grieving.

Yet oh! how in gladness in godness,
We unmask disease with sweet reform!
The healing complete,
No more the sickened soul!

Go inspire the hope of colloidal gold,
Defy the binding affliction -
For one cure dignifies the World,
And releases its men,
In Divine contradiction,
Back to God.

Breathe Love- 1997

The Spirit rides bare-backed the Soul,
Appending, the shining aureole;
Within his grasp the ego's scroll,
Beneath his feet, the temporal.

With armor bright -
The love of God;
He finds his seat -
That rise and fall,
Between Heaven,
And this glorious World.

Heaven be,
To whom heaven does!
Take heart,
Breathe love,
And never trust in doubt,
Dear ones.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friendship, Francis & Wealth- 10th May 1997

THERE are seeming contradictions between men; and then there are impassable contradictions existing between some. There are those who are equal and opposing contestants who complement each other and strengthen each other's fields of being. Whilst there are those contradictory forces between certain egos which jar at the heart and provoke a subservience or bitterness as a result of their simple proximity.

In first comment to the premise that true friendships may override any or all differences, and in so saying, that the love will disable any contradiction that lies between them - we say no. Upon observation it can be noted (not necessarily in activity passing between any two), that simply amongst the ethers surrounding them, it will be evident if people are in soul agreement or not, with harmonious interplay or lack thereof. It is a given at the outset, and one cannot manufacture a true friendship, especially a friendship which is based on a decision to ignore the aspects of a man, and all that he is - simply because it is contradictory to yourself and your preferred ideas of him. 

This would be a greater contradiction to the terms of the meaning of friendship. We love well what we know well, and we may only identify what it is we know well if indeed it lives within ourselves harmoniously to begin with. Taking the World within ourselves holds literal meaning; and for some the empathetic contours are as vast and varied as the peaks and valleys atop the seas.

When St. Francis of Assisi embraced Sister Poverty he wedded himself to the World. When he renounced his inheritance of status and goods, he did this full knowing of that which would alter the course of his life remaining. Not belligerent to hardship, he compelled all hardship to call him Master; and on behalf of the meek souls he encountered, whose troubles compounded upon themselves daily, whose wills were sore-worn by the fears deep within their aching beings, Francis brought reasoning into a soul-environment gripped with an insanity.

Reasoning itself is born from the clarity of a spiritual purity and the love that follows. Selflessness promotes awareness and gives over to reasoning in observation and primary detail. For the selfish, self-orientated, self-invested individual, there becomes an insanity of sorts which holds to false statements, interpretations and clings to a comfortable false knowledge of the world about them. 

In this respect, perhaps above any other, the danger of a materialistic greed (or fear) is that of this insanity - of becoming witless and unclarified, of presuming and devising and manipulating without regard, of losing touch in a detachedness removed from the truth, severing off from the real graces found here and also in Heaven.

Material wealth holds very little bearing on individual attitude. The gambling house is a good case in point; and not only does it promote the false optimisms in both the rich and the poor, it also will contribute to much same insanity. For that gorgon of madness straddles the height of that institution and feeds from the lust and the valueless intercourse within - the stimulative forces excited in the men in wanting their loveless monies - with no true gain - whilst their souls suffer the disquiet, being cheated of any true and savored connection in their misplaced affection.

Men of fortune may lavish themselves with the conceit of expensive indulgences, full knowing that there are impoverished families who live in need and have not such excessive squander. Folk may trivialize wealth but then they trivialize another's suffering by doing so - they may explain it away, but truly, does one man deserve any more than another? Surely all belongs to Father God, and as such it must be our first joy to give as He does give - if not in goods or belongings, but in love.

Love brings in creativity, just as selflessness bears reasoning. The powers associated with creativity enter in the Christ-force from which all creativity here originates. Creativity is not the perverse, for the sake of the perversity, neither is it a re-hash of the old dressed up in a newer or delirious costume. Creativity, in its aliveness, forms new conjunctures, and from those new life will then emerge. This is why love must be the qualifying principle here, because the meeting of new conjunctures requires a coming together of two otherwise separate forces in being.

If two men are in contradiction to one another (truly, not in affable sparring, but essentially and measurably distinct) there will be no such opportunity for these conjunctures to cross or become apparent; for if anything, the ego recedes as the individual recoils back from the encroaching differences.

This is useful in respect to our practical mingling. It has never been a worthy ideal to mix thoughts and ideas, commerce and relationships, amongst every soul, singly or collectively, reasonably or creatively. That we may refer to the Love of Father God directly, we may arterially comprehend and love as He does. We need not seek the community of co-mingling and abject sameness.

Instinctively men realize that they cannot reconcile themselves to all other men, and feel this as a pressure of inadequacy. This pressures spurs them on to become 'more' - and by ambitious means they may well, mistakenly, set out to achieve a 'higher status' because of the original differences so intuited. So from this you can see that it is a preferred and wholesome view to understand at the outset that individual differences may co-exist; but that we are foolhardy to pretend that they do not, unwary to ignore when they challenge us, and potentially over-reactive if we are unconsciously uncomfortable because of the nature of it all.

It was asked as to whether or not it is advisable for a poor person to pray for that which they need. Should folk ever pray for money and does this outlook affect their lifestyle accordingly? 

Money is a nonsense to God, however, need speaks to His emissary angels. Any currency which is an abstraction from the real dealings does not translate in a prayer, but moreover a want, which we may be assuming or experiencing.

Angels do not guide cheque books or promissory contracts, because of the nature of the operation concerned - i.e. when a man has signed his name to any promise he has given himself in a questionable way. It simply isn't done amongst the higher beings ... inasmuch as the signature is a dubious promise and an aggravant to the future will of the man concerned. The practice is not deemed holy, and any such ceremonies or manuscripts that require a signature are held to be intrusively encroaching on the future freedoms of the individuals taking part. (Often though, unbeknownst to them - which invalidates the process by intent, but discredits the procedure therefore, anyways.)

Coinage bears an interesting history simply when we consider the many influences surrounding the metals that were used themselves. In this respect Angels have been known to pass gold or even coppers from time to time, but they would not interpret this as strictly money, but would rather pick up upon the envisioned metal and need thereof. Printed paper notes and bonds, stocks and deeds, mean absolutely nothing to them. Merging interests and corporate containments do speak to the higher worlds, because of the implications of group beings and so forth. Collective destinies rest on many greater transactions.

If a poor person (or for that matter a soul suffering any deficit) prays because of need of definite measure, then it becomes a matter then of answering that need - and it may not necessarily come in the terms that are requested, in a specific, because that specific is best left to the host to work with.

Should a man pray from the promptings of a greed and not an immediate and pressing deficit, then it shall be that his soul need will be answered eventually - once again, not in ways first envisaged, but in those respects pertinent to his soulic longings. So if a wealthy man prays that things will go his way so that he may accumulate more digits, his real need exposed to Heaven is a supplication to the demon of wrongful desire; and accordingly this will be addressed. He may even wonder why such and such has happened, when all of the time it began with his initial calling for help!

You see, in prayerful terms, help means help. When you open yourself up to converse and confide with the soul-world of your inner Heaven's keepers and charge, you ask consciously and soulfully, from both the ego's desires and also the heart's hopes as well.

All of your story is read at that moment.
All that could not be voiced or phrased into form is received.
All that has been carried and weighted is unburdened and delivered.
In soul, as well as mind, we are answered.

If men were left alone in this to ask what was best for them they would be sorry fellows indeed! We are all still quite inarticulate in spirit-speak, incoherent in thought when it is placed beside our desire. But we shall, and do learn the proper askings ... and come to know that the strongest currency runs vigorously in Christ; and that Father God defends and protects every love a man can share, for in the highest reality, all else, apart from that ennobling and enlivening love, is worthless.

Addendum: Money and the Higher Worlds

Perhaps the answer to this lies in the fact that (unlike this Physical world at times) things are what they are in the higher worlds, apparent and obviously so. In real terms and in inner terms it is the essence and nature of something which relates back to its parent existence. In the higher worlds all things have individual signatures that livingly correspond with an apparent truth. The point of money in this world is that commerce is designed for the exact opposite to this. The exchange rates in commerce are relative to their own laws and standards as made by men - and further to this the entire wealth of one country can dominate and dictate to a poorer country and thereby affect their rates, currencies and exchange in the longterm, artificially.

If a soul views currency after death (say for example they are to look at it in review - holding it in the palm of their hand) they will see only paper and metal. The paper's reality will speak to them of the plant pulp and the signature of that forest from which it came; the metal will hold influence in regards to the men who mined it and the planet to which it is parented - but the soul itself will not perceive 'worth' other than what is intrinsically within it.

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