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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fishes & Loaves- 6th May 2007

AS soul proprietors we all know just how difficult it is not to mortgage ourselves into the vagaries of self abandonment, giving up the freehold of Spirit for the tenancy of this World.

And it is somewhat true, that negotiating any lifetime requires a mask and a gluepot (an old expression); meaning that the fabric of earthly living is short-lived and by all appearances ever changing, with an inevitable death.

The question that was raised tonight was: "Why do we incarnate at all?" "What is the benefit and purpose for ourselves and the Spiritual Worlds?"

There are two types of Purpose - one is where the kernel of its truth and benefit is there right from the very start and does invigorate the spirited soul who drives it.

The second, is that Purpose that is as yet unrealized until the fulfillment of duty and action has been complete. It is a Purpose which is spirit in the making, unresolved as to outcome, but imagined in the Divine Mind and incorporated there before its play.

Such Purpose could be attributed to the incarnation of the Cosmos as known through the higher Gods, and the extraordinary drive around which the Physical Worlds have been manifested. We can consider what it means for the 'higher' life to be entitled in Matter, and what possible benefit this could bring.

In order for something, for anything to exist, it must have its place within the whole, within the frame. Things, whether they be widgets or new planets, must have a place for their nature to be incorporated; and within that place a solid fit. If one digit of a widget was out of place, for example, then the entire fit would become maligned very quickly and obsolete. 

Place and purpose are prerequisite to existence. Furthermore this Purpose needs be conducive to the whole (must fit also), and cannot stand apart from its environment else the environment would dissolve its place in rapid transit.

This principle cannot translate into the social context, where the world of ideas and paradigm can preexist existence itself, seemingly, but is more to the point of a veritable truth underpinning consequence; i.e. existence requires substantiation from a place and purpose outside of itself in order to be, and this existence needs be in concordance with that which parents it.

Now having said that, one could see very clearly that parentage is going to determine much of the ongoing status of that which is to follow. Life remaining faithful to the Life from which it is born of - that which substantiates its being - is rightfully coherent to the Nature that enables it.

However and having said that, there can be just one very small anomaly in this divine principle of precedence, and that is that life can become static through its own self fulfilling repetition. 

In other words, this requirement of 'fitting in' to a wonderful operating system such as it is, with the highest of Holies and the best Parentage one could hope for, this evolving and perfecting routine is also held in place with a uniform expectation and outcome.

If you ever thought that Karma has a tight grip, just try the slap of the Almighty! 

Now on the whole this is of course, the highest Grace to become ennobled by; and if choosing, there really is no choice, because the ways of God really are the only way. And more than that, there is no better place to be, sustained by the Heavens and protected in their hold. But (and it is a very small 'but') in the scheme of things, it could become, by stagnation, undone.

The physical existence is not anarchical or complacent; it was not, interestingly enough, born of the same either. There was no physical system that preceded it, and the Space and Purpose from which it began, took on attributes of increase - of multiplying - which hitherto had not occurred before. It is now known as the "Fishes and Loaves" principle of need and multiplication. And it is extraordinary.

Formerly, for example, there was (and is) a system whereby the enlightened/advanced beings within the Spiritual Worlds could be graded from the highest to the lowest, in a natural sequence. If you were to pictorially view this, you would see the being who is most advanced at the top and then all the others in their placing, coming in one beneath the other in a gradient that only affords a single plane to each. The positioning might shift from time to time, but the gradient is always there - from the highest to the lowest - you can see it.

Here it should be added that this gradient is not a harmful thing, it merely is a truth of its own keeping. If I held a race, and at the end of that race there was but a very small door to go through, then there would be no doubt as to who managed to get through first, second, third and so forth. There also would be no 'ties' in place, just a single succession of winning places. And so the grading of development finds its levels similarly and obviously, giving one place to one station at any one time.

Yet with the Material World in its system, all men within it can and do arrive at the same stations simultaneously and together. This in itself, as said before, is extraordinary and innovative, and has ramifications for the Spiritual Worlds without also.

Returning to the concept of Space, Purpose and Continuum - we found earlier that Space and Purpose are generally limited to propagating more of the same. We found that the element of repetition is intrinsic to this system, in a positive way, of course.

But now there is another aspect to Cosmic Life that is introduced - and it is not a defiance of Space, but an expansion of it. It does not involve going against the nature of the divine Purpose at the heart of that Space, but rather multiplies its possibilities.

Here is a project and plan of vast proportions - and how quickly we can see the hopes for the many becoming realized as were never before allowed or allocated for previously.

Through Christ, the realization of a divine actuary has been incorporated (through His Being, which is at the pinnacle of this gradient aforementioned, in Supreme development and success), circumventing the one way, small door principle, and replacing it with a charity of the highest, that no longer is the ladder to Heaven with single rungs and constant formation, it is a whole. And added to this, the codicil that Men can acquire on behalf of other Men also, that learning and development is infectious, and improvement can be and is collective.

Fishes and loaves, fishes and loaves.... 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Birth, Death & Tea- 29th April 2007

LIGHT lives in the Water, and when the water in our fluids courses our veins and our membranes it is permeated with that light; and this light does feed us and then expire.

It is the light within the water, traveled and contained, that feeds the plant. Flowers kept in the water of a clear glass vase, will remain fresher longer than those that are in an opaque container.

As a tonic, drink the water of the early sun. Take a clear glass or jug with water in it, out into the sunrise; leave it in the new day's sun for an hour or two, and then drink it. 
There are good properties within that light that will nourish you. This remedy is especially good for the frail, who do not get to go outdoors themselves. It does not have to be in direct light to be absorbing the day's light and ethers - just outside in the open air.

There are of course, pathways to energies everywhere. Undeniably so. But today we will speak of something more than a pulse and vitality, something which is inherent to life within itself and moves more freely (and elusively) than any energized pathway might be able.

To begin we can consider that water itself is but condensed light, in altered but exact form. Water as we know, by nature is utterly Divine. It is the host for all organic life and the carrier of future life to come as well. By this we are saying that not only is water current (great pun!), but it has present within it values of yet unrealized properties as well. 

Blind underwater creatures that live in the darkened depths of the deepest oceans, experience both light and sight through the water around them.

The fetus in the mother's womb is not yet incarnate or conscious there, but does experience an awareness in that place - and that awareness is the very experience of being held and suspended in pure light, as the fluidic sac is just that. 

And some of you, just by the mention of this, will now go back to their earliest of memories and be able to say "Yes, that experience of being suspended in light, pure light, I remember that".

You know when folk speak of near death experiences and they are standing in a tunnel of light, it is often that they are actually in the chamber of their own heart experiencing the light there, as it (when at rest) is drawing in the light from the soul; and they are at that point of either returning to a pulse or vacating out. But that is indeed where they are standing. They may have lifted up and out of their bodies temporarily, they may have flown once around the Earth and back again. But when that decision to live was in play, that place where they stand is most central to their self within the World and the life lived around it - it is in the heart.

And believe it now or no, it is extremely helpful to know where you are. There are times when things can appear so far away like that, and yet be more intimately closer than we know.

This experience described, now that you do know it, can help you navigate such an event far better. And it should be said also, that when the heart is at rest in between all beats, the light of the soul is naturally drawn in and then travels the bloods thus permeated. So when the heart is at rest in those first moments of death, it is as active as usual and technically not 'dead' at all; with the all important light forces of the soul still pouring in as before.

So you may picture yourself as just aware now of that place - your consciousness having traveled there and the light streaming in upon you. Within the rays are moving pictures that are moving rapidly, which are living memories of the soul moving amongst this light in prismatic form. You may or may not be able to see this procession of memories at this time, but you will feel them nonetheless and from this feel very wise. For they are your soul's own memories and the pictures are yours alone; and the wisdom is yours also, and very lovely.

You will not find consciousness in the ethernet of the brain. It is not in a dry spark - it is rather conveyed through the soul's light within the fluids. It moves where it is needed to go, and the fluidic system provides for this light to be contained, and made substantial and accessible. The light pre-exists the bodily condition as always, and lives outside of it for the most part as well. It is drawn in by the many levels of consciousness within the individual; and with each breath we draw, we incarnate ourselves all the more.

So the man that has just deceased has gone to the chamber of his own heart - to the very entrance there into Eternity - and stood at that gateway contemplating his leaving. However the light forces of his own soul are streaming towards him, still in a living current, yet the rivers of him also are bleeding out as he expires into the world.

Here too is a then significant picture of our Christ and His bleeding out into the World. When His own Soul rayed into that body for the last time, and the fluids were drawn to air and into the ground and the light, His Light began to permeate the soil.... and all matter was altered and transformed, from that day on.

And, this is precisely how the water in the Communion Cup can be the conveyor and the blood of Christ - for by the humble prayers we make when we call to Him, His Soul answers us and the Light of His Soul rays into that water to be then received into us.

But you must never try this with the soul of another human being. Mixing and mingling happen ordinarily and naturally, light to light and so forth. But the action that occurs within the Communion Cup is entirely different to what might be if one were to try to do the same with another being or soul in this vein.

When the victims of the black arts have their blood drunk by those who would take their light forces into themselves, or when a lover would covet the soul of their partner in a kiss, there is a sublime resistance on behalf of the soulic forces to become a part of any nature which is not natural to their own. It simply does not work. The light does of itself contain a certain vitality which is separate though not distinct, and this vitality is mistaken for the value of the soul by those aggressors who would requisite that which is not theirs to have.

However debilitating it is to be deplete in such vitality for a very short while, the victim of a would-be soul-stealing, is actually never at risk of it occurring in this way. The black arts, as usual, are mistaken. (They are so often mistaken, but that is pretty much the whole of their problem.)

Conversely there will be those people who would love to share some of their own light around and water you constantly with it; convinced that their light is the light of the World, and driven by a purpose to share it thusly. Now before I go on I must say that this problem is completely distinct from the man who serves those around him without pride or prejudice. No, in this is meant the man who sincerely, singularly and diffidently seeks to change others around him to his way of being, irrespective of whether or not they wish this for themselves - the forceful man who believes he is commissioned to make up the world's mind with his own.

If you are around a person like this and find them to be depleting in their company, it is very useful to have a vessel of water with you and this will alleviate the difficulty you might be experiencing with them. Do not drink the water after you have parted company, tip it out. And it goes without saying, that if they are particularly difficult and opinionated to be around, do not take beverages whilst in their proximity. For in the short term such influences are taken on by the body of fluids around you, and it is their intention also that they be absorbed into your interests and mind. Better to go and have a drink away from them (you can always excuse yourself to the bathroom and sip water there). This is of course, applicable only to those overbearingly forceful folk who willfully wish you to commit to their ways and ideas.

However, and having said that, the sharing of refreshments with good company and companionship is ever delightful in the sharing of aspect and forging community. Thus the pouring and sharing of tea is a reverential act with holy consequence - with or without the sugar!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Science of Meaning- 21st April 2007

WITHIN the language of music there is a term crescendo, which implies that it is with emphasis that series of notes are to be played and that they will get louder: with gusto, with verve, with intensity, with an accentuated volume - an element of gravity and perhaps grace also.

All kinds of people can place meaning in all kinds of things and thought. Having a sense of meaning is not exclusive to the righteous, or for those in love. Filtering societies and underpinning most behaviors, are the designated 'meanings' which are both pledged and dedicated to throughout.

The one incongruity lies in the notion, that by us having this sense of meaning towards something or someone, we are personally investing more meaning ourselves into that which is being conveyed with importance.

You can see this in the eyes of dedication where the act of importance takes over.... and a sense of superiority follows.

Meaning that is not sagacious, but rather improperly haughty, is dangerous. 

The one key to true Meaning with worth, is that it is never self appreciating or prideful.

True meaning is conveyed and given unawares and without airs! It is as the mother or father whispers into the seashell ear of their infant child - and whilst pride is natural, their acts of love are not enriched by it. Their cause is not for the cause itself - i.e. parenthood in general - but for the very specific needs and loving attention required by the child that they hold.

Unless we are to live a parody of emotion and context, it is important that we begin a maturity of behavior that is prudent in self aggrandizement (aggrandize-meant) and more complete in true worth and value.

Of course it does necessitate our thinking and acting to be more self-aware and reflecting to achieve this. Often we take recourse over such thoughts and deeds that are honestly sinful, and do not stop to question or review the thoughts that are composing our meaning of life as they go along. For us, the thoughts of 'meaning' are never to be doubted and questioned, and rightfully this does give them an incredible strength within us. However and importantly to note, it also gives them a dangerous license if we allow this to continue.

To explain: If you consider the great speakers and leaders of the ages, and were to ask the people who had heard firsthand their commentary, you would find that the element of self aggrandizement simply was not there. Not in part or in whole, it was vacant from their talk and their being. And because of this purity of heart and purpose, the truth was conveyed on so faithfully.

Egotism, as differentiated from egoism, always maintains that in some magic way its presence or part is value-adding to that which it holds meaning in. Whereas egoism, can separate self from other selves and from other matters, and work for their benefit and glory without the need to enhance their own self reputation or self worth in the doing.

And even though in natural consequence we truly are enhanced by the good work we do, an infection of smugness is lethal to that work if we are to corrupt it so.

The question originally put was: "Why can some folk can put so much meaning into things which are rituals they have created, or proclaimed acts of love that are symbolic rather than fruitful?", and "Where does true meaning come into this, if there can be so many varieties of meaning given amongst people?"

This is a courageous question, with fortunately the simple answer in part above. Anything pledged or made secure with meaning that is born of egotism, is merely just egotism without the meaning - it has only the facade, motion, ritual and look, perhaps even the feeling of meaning. However that which is worked for, considered and upheld with a love and honor, born from an egoistic appreciation, is with true meaning.

Furthermore, egoistic meaning simply supports that which it conveys the meaning of, it does not believe that it itself is giving meaning to it - for only Divinity does that. We do not impart meaning, nor can we manufacture it, nor can we value-add to that for which we find meaning - for once we have believed that we have changed it by our finding meaning in it, we have negated its meaning in its first right and context.

For example:
There was once an elderly gardener pruning his roses in his small front lawn. Some of the bushes had some very cheerful buds and blooms amongst them.

He lived not far from where a big conference hall was. At the end of the 'workshop' day, many people would walk past his little garden to go their cars and drive home or out to dinner, where they could rejoice the day's events.

On one such occasion there were three that went by and noticed the evening's sun glow illumine the palette of roses.

"Oh" said one of them, "I feel at one with that rose bush."

"Oh" said another one of them, "I am that rose - my love for the world has made it what it is; I feel all life within me."

And the other said, "Do you think he would notice if we took some?"

At best we are gardeners: caretakers of the truth, of our charge; and need to be indifferent to the parts we play in their continuance.

If we are true to ourselves, we realize that life itself is much grander than our participation, and without our inspirations guiding us we would probably do more harm than good.

You cannot invite someone to complete another's painting - especially if it was a Da Vinci. You might be the best painter in the world. You might even adore Da Vinci with a fierce and dedicated love. You might identify with him, or simply try to identify with him, but you cannot enhance a painting he has painted, or improve on it, or update it, or even for that matter form an alliance. You cannot put meaning into it for him, or where it was not. All of this would be unthinkable.

You can however, put meaning into your own life by how you live and what you do. And this special meaning may or may not be apparent to the world, but is definitely there between you and the invisible host of mentors that help guide you. It is duty bound and privately enjoyable, and though without prize, it is but the one true meaning of profound meaningfulness....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Acid Test- 15th April 2007

IN more complex times buffoonery was a form of wizardry; for the more clever with a working intelligence a being or a man is, the harder it can be to be laughable, and furthermore, worth laughing at.

The reason why so many comics have ceased their own life, is that their intelligence itself had begun to work against them; and the conflict of tensions became too great. For it is possible to be seriously funny or intelligently humorous, but it is also possible to slip into those humors that degrade oneself and are therefore are as a poison to the self with every exhibit.

We are therefore cautioned as to the humor we choose. Equally, it is deleterious to make merry of another, whether in slapstick or cunning, because those circumstances are weighed by the soul in the contemplation, and brought before us very readily when exhumed.

Mirth from the gods actually brings 'fruit' of a kind. It generates life, through the energy expelled - it is the way much is brought to manifestation. Yes, through mirth. And this is a happy thought: that life can begin with a chuckle.

However, we can study and review our own set of cheers and what it is that invokes the life within us in a laugh; and some forms of humor are very similar to watching a mouse scuttle backwards and forth in a confined space. What is meant by this is, there is a thought visited that goes in one direction, but with the laughing point is sent back to be revisited in a different way....but then, because there is no real wisdom in that initial enterprise, the thinking can only travel so far when it is destined to yet turn back on itself for more clues. This is the kind of befuddling humor that is born of nonsense.

Another variation of humor, is when we can catch a glimpse of our own selves in something or someone that we had not openly recognized before. This is a 'freeing' kind of humor, where the mouse is let from the confines. It means that up until that moment there has been an inner tension of something not seen, not realized, and then in by being brought to clarity, it ceases to turn upon its cage and escapes. We all know this form of laughter, it feels as though a burden is gone, the chest is cleared and so forth.

Often our difficulty is externalized and it appears we are laughing at another, but nonetheless the story of it goes inward, and is quite meaningful to us in that recognizing.

Yet another form of humor is the vaporous variety. This is when the mouse dies of defeat. It is pathos without the resurrection or hope at the end. It is not 'black' humor, but more sordid again because it is derelict to self to maintain it. If someone laughs at your person or your behavior, and they do it in an uncommon way specific to you and to malediction, this laughter from both them and from your own self-denial, is painfully derisive. It is injurious and expires the self. On some level there are folk who know of the potency of this 'humor', and exercise their negative willfulness in ways which perform this dereliction. It bears not a happy outcome.

Furthermore there is the laughter of learning - the "I've got it" when the mouse gets the cheese grain (and then flies out of the enclosure with a magic umbrella) - you got it . Yes, this is a form of mirth, and it is the very scrap beginning of what it is that the gods pass between them in lively digest.... and then what passes back out from us unto they who deliver it.

Yes, true knowledge, or more specifically, the gleaning effect of true knowledge, is a form of mirth born of humor. And here is why:

Picture if you will our working intelligence, being solid ground beneath us, then the imaginations being the ethers directly around and above us. Then picture also beside us a great tree. Its roots go directly into the standing ground of our own thought and knowledge. Its trunk is beside us. And very high (almost in the clouds), are branches that have the golden fruit above us. The fruit is too high to reach from where we are standing, but it is there nonetheless.

Beside these fruits are the most wondrous blossoms. They are fragrant and have pods that open and expire delicious and heavenly scents. They make you want to try the fruit that is so out of reach. They open with a pop, and tiny droplets of vapor are coming all around you. These vapors alone could probably sustain and nourish you.

The extract of the blossom for a short time, congeals with the atmosphere of the imagination surrounding you. And for a short while, this atmosphere in the immediate proximity is quite plastic to your thought and your wanting.

"I want a ladder so that I might reach that fruit" you think to yourself. And there in the ethers a ladder begins to form - and lo! it takes on a solid form - not only does it appear solid, it is solid. And so you climb.

I want a bird to carry me up - and lo! a giant swan appears and you straddle its muscular back between its feathered shoulders....

I want a balloon that will take me up higher....or shoes with springs beneath them. Or levity, for my now weightless being - lift me up!

And for a time the imaginationary substance is so enlivened, it is plastic to this wondering and request, and we are enabled to rise to the level of the fruit and bring it down.

The fruit once held, expires the blossom's power.... and as it is hungrily gobbled down, both the knowledge and the applicant are transformed - the tree is a little stronger, and the man (you) a little wiser.

The one thing which is entirely wrong with this analogy, is that it appears that knowledge and the gaining of it is a singular event and a sole experience, which does not require interaction from others in the making. It is only so said as an attempt to describe the action of the working imagination and its relation to reason and future knowledge.

It is to say, that we begin with a body of conscious reckoning and are moved to leave that platform temporarily in order to gain what has attracted us to do so. The means of that enablement occurs in the intermingling of the surrounding imagination and the knowledge therein combining.

Now, humor is the physical manifestation of this event of the combining - between the imagination and the expirations of unrealized knowledge. The knowledge pre-existed, and in many forms:

  •  as a continuation of the tree,
  •  as a blossom,
  •  as an extract and dispelled vapor of the blossom
  •  and as a fruit, and a fruit finally digested.

However, when imagination meets the rarefied emanation of a truth, there is humor.

The transitory substance that can be built into a balloon, a bird, or whatever it takes to get you to that truth-fruit, is the semi-permeable, palpable and maker of the then obvious. Humor is the congealed imagination - powered by the desire to know more.

It is fancy (such as the temporary 'spring shoes' etc.), but it is succinct to that it is meant for. It is capable and effective, even though its own substance is temporary and immaterial. It is more substantial than the ethers of the imagination alone because it has combined with a very exacting substance of truth in fruit.

And as you ponder the mixes of these words you might be bemused in the reckoning.

If you are simply annoyed it will go no further, book is closed and all chance of following through to the truth is stopped. If you are vague and confused your bird might but be a sparrow and your springs too small to be uplifting.

But if you are merry and your imagination is fired by a healthy amusement (a-muse-meant) then you are uplifted by this muse with cheerful enterprise.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Donkey's Lot- 6th April 2007, Easter

JERUSALEM used to be the highest point above sea level in the world. All of the plants that breathed its temperate air seized their nourishment from the lofty altitudes. And the voices of the men had bell like tones to them - resoundingly clear into the purest of expirations.

This was of course, a very long time ago.... long, long before - and a long time to come, also.

Can you picture a world that bore the spirit of Man in faithful tenement? This was a time, an age resplendent in possibility and pure joy - a noble exactment of life itself - not a parody of madness it was later to become.

The World was not always deceased of itself. Much began and evolved according to every plan and hope laid out in Heaven. And still we see evidence in the webbing life spiralling into existence upon itself, in the paradoxical biologies succinct unto themselves yet combining in cooperative play.

This World was not always in tension, in fear, holding its breath with dubious surmise. Its people, the people, were not born in doubt of their lives - and even sickness itself had a charity to it, effecting neither pain nor death, but just change.

The World itself paraded the Heavens as the young pride of it all. Look now, look there! The Christly enterprise (like a much loved child) is showing His dance, while the archaic Archai look on with aged affection.

And later when the people sought Tibet and their Shangrila, it was Jerusalem that bespoke their inspiration. And when all men are moved to justice, to striving and to mutual regard, it is to Christ that they cleave, whether knowingly or not.

And so it was, as it had to be, that He came to that place that once breathed for all - to the heart of the World, the broken heart of the World, now dusty and detached, and totally unrecognizable.

He had traveling companions that knew Him well. They were not strangers, but most had living memories of places and realms all far happier. Perhaps to these golden souls, it was accepting a commission in the worst science fiction show - because all of them knew of eternal endurance, each had their purpose happily infected by Him - and they had been prepared in some measure for the trials of the worst.... but were being transported into a time where they were so soon to forget themselves. 

And this was the greatest enemy, as is still is today - Man forgetting himself; entering the gates of the World through birth, and forgetting. Becoming challenged and giving up and giving in, forgetting. Fumbling through and navigating not. Forgetting - this is the greatest afflicting sin of the World. This is something most difficult to prepare for and then work with. Dementia gravitas. Oh dear, my dear, the bleached membranes - where to now?

There is a saying that most times you find something in the last place you looked (because you stop looking after you find it) - but also, sometimes you find something in the very last place you would think to look, for its unlikelihood of being there. Well this was very true and most surprising.

The donkeys had it all the time. If you pat their broad flat furry snout and meet them eye-to-gentle-eye, you can feel it in their presence. They held the memory. When men forgot the times of Grace, and departed themselves and being true to their character divine, when the golden ages ceased to saturate their being, it was the donkey that lived the memory of that time.

And although it is not a working knowledge, there is a living wisdom that followed. Creatures high and low, water sod and in the dirt - beasts, birds and minnow, have the certainty living within their daily consciousness and are appeased by it, as it connects them to a spiritual design they know also.

Yes, hidden in the mountains shoulder, stirring, panting, moving in - this the collective spirit of the Kingdom of Animalia....the deepest recollections brought to currency....of where Self is placed in relation to the All.

Yes, yes, it does not bring 'peace' amongst them or continuity, or community - for that is beyond their homogeneous dissipation. However, and more important than that, this Kingdom realizes much that was then lost sorely to Man.

In a roundabout way too - if you have followed this far - our own bodies also have this consciousness which is current and self-realizing also. The 'animal' which is the body, has this sacredity that the donkey and his fellows share.

From this is a small insight as to why folk try so hard to enter into an animal/body consciousness at times, and the royalties it holds. And there are issues of and around this that in the end go nowhere. Because even though we can understand further how hard a man can press to go back into the animal, he will only come to the animal's knowledge and not that of his own. The mixing of species has never been propitious (a combination of prosperous and auspicious) and in this, the deepest aspect, more terrible than we can know. 

Man must know Man, and whilst the animal has his peace and sanctity of presence, we cannot arrive at ourselves through bestial endeavors, for this negates the very purpose by the definition of its own - namely self consciousness, self realization, self awareness, self recollection and so on.

Yes still, it is glad to know that the creatures were still intrinsic to themselves and bear the memories of the golden times past, having portals into those worlds besides - even though ourselves are dislocated from it all.

So it was and became, that the flesh of Man had to become reformed - that our Communion cup does not seek its way to the mind but to the flesh; and this is because it is there where change is needed now; and here also the only place where change can effect.

The receiving of Christ's Body into that of our own, is that way to bring our own self and higher mind into our earthly existence. We cannot piggyback the animal's bliss, or that of our animal body's life and lore - and of ourselves there is little connection into the world, our incarnating stops where it should not - but here in Communion, there is Christ Himself reconnecting the nerves, through His Body and Blood, replacing the Animal.

In Victorian times there used to be 'samplers' where ladies would do cross-stitch pictures - usually of a cottage with flowers, around which would be the alphabet and perhaps numbers. The stitches would be even, the colors bright and cheerful, and a sense of everything being in its place.

Although depthless, these pictures portrayed an infantile sense of placing and place (in a good way) that all was proper, and the image was cheerful. This sense of propriety really manifests strongly within the Animal Host - they live fixed expectations well, and do not venture outside of them.

Men by nature are contrary to this - and the nature of an animal is quite dissimilar to that of a man. This is one reason contributing to their harboring their spiritual keys so well, and also an insight as to why we cannot come to our own through them. 

Men can definitely feel closer to the spiritual through experiences with animals (or their own animal) because there is a link which is closer than they can personally achieve readily through that of their own singular consciousness within the world at present.

And second to that seeking, and equally as deleterious, becomes the combining and communing with those plants which can speak to a man of their relationship with the spiritual worlds - bringing his consciousness therefore up and into the being of the plant's commune with life and beyond.

And it is that both the plant and the animal have very strong callings and persuasions to most men and women who understandably seek out their reconnection with their own true natures and their divinity in recollection. It is no wonder that folk will go to the lower kingdoms when their own way home appears gone.

Beloved Christ we come to you
In our times of morbid Forgetfulness,
In the knowledge and great gratitude,
That You are our Life and Continuity,
Our memory and our Future,
Our Jerusalem renewed,
Our Way to the Father, and so to ourselves,
Forever and in all ways,

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