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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Channeling the Waters of an UNCHARTED Consciousness- 1991

THE sarcophagus that capitulated the sleeping pupil, decorated with symbols of long boats and sacred river, was thought to be as a vessel from which the spirit journeyed upward in death, in initiation. The Egyptians held to the concept of the body of the river, being the true body of man, to hold and carry his spirit through to the higher regions.

This river the great Gautama crossed in life and also beyond: this river of Purgatory with flames of hellfire beneath and the breath of Cosmic Fire above.

To carry these concepts through, one could look to the subject of mediumship and 'channeling'. Channeling, being the condition of free-flowing, a sacrifice of one's own consciousness, casting it adrift, so to speak, that channels of influence may stream through as they will. The more effective the medium the greater the sacrifice.

Many have desired to try on garments that do not belong nor suit them, even in fancy-dress. The idea appeals to the child in all. We are mystified quite easily when a character actor assumes a split personality or dons a puppet-like costume that alters the appearance markedly. It is true to say that one wears a personality during life, which for the best part is disposed of after life. And that the influences and traits which color any given personality, lose their hold on a soul beyond a certain point of usefulness. However, it is nonetheless of our own making, the cloth of a very distinct weave; and the consciousness itself is attuned to being attached to such a refined personality. It is a dangerous practice indeed, to try to sever or loosen such attachment.

The channels of today do not hold a true picture clairvoyantly of the actual processes that are involved in their fancy-dress pursuits. Should they from the outset, be qualified in witnessing firsthand the very real and marked effect that is to such detriment of their own psyche and personality, they should reflect strongly on such a sacrifice, thereby questioning to what true purpose should this renouncing of self lead to.

One cannot be effectual within the physical world or world of the spirit if one has given up their freedom of individuality. It is as a captain giving his ship to the pirates. Rather, sailing into their port and stepping off from the abandoned boat.

We each have our duty, and our first must be to all that which we have gathered and collected that makes up the fabric of our being, that clothes the spirit within. It is our work to refine it and to be keeper, if you will. For there is responsibility in all action that streams from this self-substance, which in truth cannot be lent nor forfeited, momentarily or forever.

The only entities who should use such a medium - who is so undeveloped as to be unaware of the true properties that are being affected - are the most undesirable bedfellows, who are attracted in the abuse of the natural laws that clearly prohibit such intimate intercourse with man and demons.

So if one has not been born with a clairvoyance that can perceive truly the effects of psychic practices and enjoys taking risks of great magnitude, one might as well play blind man's buff on the tip of Mt. Kosciusko and pray that intuition will steer well!

There is inquiry and there is stupidity. Every time man must question his motivations before progressing onto uncharted water. Equipped with the compass of morality and a good grounding in navigation, fixed in position by the starry map overhead, each one shall make his journey in time of his own.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Light & Life- 17th March 1991

The Light and Life* vision in infancy is well begun and already instilled with exuberance in vast measure. Wonder at the teachings is a tonic for those who impart and take part in the myriad of concepts that enrich all to study and contemplate, to hold, treasure and care for. It is important to dust the treasures!

Caretakers of truth and wisdom are sought for everywhere and we rejoice in this enterprise- though need we exclaim it?
Prophecy, advice and persuading the course of life, is not our domain or tangle. It is important to emphasize this is in order to put straight from the outset those who may hold to feeble hope that we may direct their life and actions accordingly. However, with proper meditations and study, fixations and spiritual purpose, it is our prayer with blessing that all will be infilled with a strength and clarity of purpose that not only has grand effect upon their own purpose, but of all that they come in contact with.

There are however, already questions although unspoken. Yes, fish can fly; albeit in a body of water, rather than light. No, no man stands so high above another, lest he fly from the planet nigh to be seen again!

All work perfected is privilege.
Ghosts from the past are to be put to rest.
Early rising and early rest is best- we should not plant the seeds in the garden at midnight.

There are few kickbacks in this line of business.

An honest endeavor is all that is sought, that and an open heart. Be patient, it will all come, and with much surprise to this enterprise. 
[*Light & Life was a newsletter not connected with this work.]

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The PLANT Kingdom's WISDOM- 1991

CARROTS are a remarkable vegetable, for one thing, their intensity of color; which was not always as is, but used never to leave the range of green with slight yellowing. Steeped in phosphates the orange radiance denotes a special period in which the planet's physicality took yet another leap into the evolvement it now has.

Master Carrot took on new characteristics, not only in color, but in hardness and size. The growth of the top used to flourish in far greater stages, but is now somewhat pruned back, with all of the sun-force infilling down into the main body and impacting in lively spirals throughout the length of the root, rather than the tip of the bushy outcrop. Master Carrot is a progressive vegetable who is an indication of the vegetables yet to come.

Most folk picture the future Earth as a woman laid barren that shall not prove good ground for sustaining harvests, and the annihilation of species of plants to be considerable. Whilst it is true that the quality of soil and consuming erosion does of itself discourage healthy growth, and there are tendencies to promote species of plants which are 'designer' interfered-with varieties, it is not a true picture to presume that the plant kingdom will be so marked by these conditions as to cease glorious reproduction and wither from the face of the Earth.

Just as there are waves of maladies that visit and leave mankind in episodes concurrent with the inner conditions at that time, so too are there species of vegetable, tree and flower which must incarnate come what may, where the ground be habitable and hospitable enough to hold them.

The plant kingdom being so full of life, literally speaking, is not easily deterred in its desire to fully enter into that world which we dwell in. Faithful to humanity, it trails wherever humanity goes and sprouts forth wherever it can. 

Guardians of the mysteries, from peony to pine - that which is encaptured in plant form, holds both nature and spirit essential to the Cosmos. In heart of bud and blossom, is divinity in aroma and expulsion; ego and mind in root and runner, wisdom of cyclic rhythm in seasonal dance, precision of form in expression of one to another. Oh to be a botanist!

The plants hold many a remedy - as many as there are maladies. New varieties will spring forth and perpetuate. This ever renewal brings much sanity back to an otherwise chaotic existence.

As said before, what is born of the spiritual worlds and is in relation to Man, must necessarily find expression in all manner of realms he cohabits. The wonder of wonders is to seek out that particular expression which encapsulates that spiritual reality. One may come to glean much wisdom in this way of inquiry. This does not imply that we are to put bud, blossom or root on the tongue to come to know of its properties, or even that they should speak to you and tell of their well kept secrets. But one may courteously greet each flower and leaf and rest awhile in good company, and the knowledge that this abounding life represents quite visibly, the glory of the spiritual world.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Combustive Power- 7th March 1991

COMBUSTION is the active principle - combining with the relevant catalysts - underlying all motivation and sheer force, whether it be automotivation or the active will-forces within the human being's motivation.

Many formulas for the sequence of events leading up to any given combustive reaction have been sought, and interestingly enough science today has only just begun to measure the most obvious relay systems in their own measurable way.

Nature herself works on a catalytic formula that enables great metamorphoses to occur in the daily growth patterns within all kingdoms. Usually the full boundary has been overcome in a particular pattern or line of growth and the threshold of life and death is once more confronted. This threshold implies that were the process to stop - just prior to the pivoting metamorphosis - death would result: extinction, annihilation. Therefore the given boundary is to be overstepped into radical leaps of change - a new varying and related pattern is to be continued.

The seed may or may not take in the soil, there is a most definite catalyst required for it to enter the realm and progression of the sprout, and so on. All along there are marked progressive stages whereupon life can be withdrawn or go on. Nothing in Nature stays the same for an uninterrupted indefinite duration, all stages are defined and marked, and the combustive motivation moves and assists such radical changes that are necessary for life to continue - albeit in advanced modes, continually.
So when we apply this ruling to a means of captivating automotive combustion we must harness that which endeavors - through reaching its respective evolutionary boundaries - to develop into its respective next stage, and disallow the process of death, suspending its transformative pattern of development.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Lord's Prayer- 1991

Our Father, our dear Creator, of us, of all of us,
All hallowed be Thy Name, we hold it most sacred to us,
And do know this Name to be
That which is our very substance.
Thy Kingdom come,
As no other does fix the Eternal Law,
From which all laws are born.
Thy Will be done,
For this Will does cognise all manifestation and command all form,
On Earth as it is now in Your Heaven.
Give us this day, as we embrace Your Eternity,
Our daily bread, as we ask You to sustain us eternally,
And forgive us of our errors,
As You did make us with fault and flaw,
As we forgive all others and release them from our fixed ledger of debt,
And commit them to Perfection rather than Sin.
Lead us not into temptation,
And if put to the challenge, may we walk in the shadow of Your example,
To find the light home,
And deliver us from Evil,
That by Your Power and Presence all evil may be transformed,
For Thine is the Kingdom,
None other may presume,
The Power, everlasting,
Holy, Pure and Inextinguishable,
The Glory, we do rejoice, and shall make You proud,
For ever, and ever,
In the Eternal, in You, as of now.



"That which I do take for myself, unto myself.
That which does sustain me:
Be it filled with the fire from the Twelve,
And so divinely imbued,
That I may tolerate life and life shall tolerate me."

-Table Grace

ONE'S daily bread is that which is given from the Father that we might BE and continue to BE. For all that was, is of the substance of our dear God, and it is to Him that we seek assurance of His Divine Consideration for our continuance.
All life must be sustained through Him, from whom we have been given our substance. It does well to remember this and give praise for such; and to ask that we may be granted further life through His Grace.

The Lord's Prayer calls for the salvation of all men. When pronounced in humble utterings, quietly spoken or fully choired in Mass, it does plea on behalf of all of mankind. "Give us this day, our daily bread" instead of "give me this day, my daily bread"- contextually it speaks for all men, whosoever may ask of it. Just one man alone is far better than none to express the sentiments that are carried through when beseeching the Father.

For we must ask to be given; this is the first law and principle of our divinity. We may surrender ourselves or surrender the offerings of the heavenly powers. This is the most personal choice with which we are daily confronted. What possible use is assistance uncalled for? What possible use is assistance given if not called for?

Man has been overwhelmed by the illusion of separateness, of isolation. All of the realms of devilish temptations would have it this way. But they cannot cut the bridges which carry us over the deep waters. There are those who defiantly work to restore such bridges in hourly need. The Heavenly Host are here to be sought after. We do pledge ourselves in obedience, and respect shall be granted the same.

We may still fall into error and ask for forgiveness; and to those who err by us we grant the same in accordance with heavenly design. In the recognition of there being a Law and a pledge to abide by such Law, we acknowledge our true station which is fixed between feeble fallibility and indestructible divinity.

For there is but one Kingdom; all other principalities are but as dung and mire. One King for one Kingdom, one allegiance to one very definite God. Who are we to defy our Maker? Do we turn from the One who in very Creation did breathe life and form into our being from the first? Who may challenge and exalt themselves higher? Who does try to lead us from the immutable quest which forthrightly compels us so to seek out our true and proper heritage? 

Would that the day would come, when that which is spoken in such phrases of said prayer lived in the hearts of every infant, adult and elderly man and woman. If in entire unison that which is Man did return to shake the hands of the Heavenly Host, and transformation entirely was manifest. His Kingdom shall have reunited with every speck, grain and corpuscle; illuminating every dark corner of physical existence. 

Restore the Heavenly order with Heavenly impulse, and Heaven once more will reunite in marriage with her sad, most forlorn lover, our Earth. New mountains would spring from the ground. New rivulets sing, awash over byways, through channels down to underground ravines, bringing sweet water to stagnant pools. Men should sing from organs alike to none other known before, the praises. The voice so pure and so powerful, that one note may command physical matter.

When all men are in one accord, they will know and come to recognize the stirrings in their brother’s heart and mind, without such need to physically phrase conversation. The racial bounds of language have no distinction in this the future communication.

Glance into that world which extends into the forever where men can determine and create all form by themselves with grand design. Blossomed: the talents acquired in perseverance, concentration and application, through to such creativity. 

Here a structure, there a landscape! Lo! See through this window! See the house I have built. Hands of beauty, minds that are pure and determined. A plastic world obedient to Men, who are obedient to the Father, and self-become plastic to His Fashioning.

It is difficult to describe such conditions, but not so difficult to realize them, as they are already in place and frequented by us in our nightly peregrinations. Us? All of us, if it would be but realized and remembered. 

The sanctuaries of the soul do surround and comfort the soul. We pray that our humble daily waking consciousness shall recall that essential existence bound for physical transmutation. Why forgetfulness? Why the delay in meeting all of the Earth with that which is in the power and grasp of Man inherently? 

We are as blind puppies who know not the world, as in time it shall become reality to them. We stumble and fall with untried limbs, wade through our mess and make for the milk.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kuwait War- 26th February 1991

THE ARAB folk are infilled with the ancient wisdom's wisdom. There are those in the world who would be archaeologists, and those who would be architects following the plans for the new world. Both have their place. Only harm however, from the emissions of such poisons as are now being distributed throughout that region, shall become eventual - now inevitable. The significance of those burning fires and their emissions is that the forces of the Earth have been set free in such magnitude. This was a dastardly desire all along that in fact this should happen. In the first instance these merchants of mineral oil have derived much wealth in distributing the foul manure of the earth to those countries who believed their cocktails to be valuable to their existence, never properly seeking out other means: other fuels that would not contaminate or putrefy their domain.

Answers will come, alternatives can be found. And now the sea and the air is stained black with the demons who have been given such boundless freedom to frequent the earth as they will. Wars are fought with many objectives and hidden agendas.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Lodestone of WISDOM- 1991

TO be earnest about one's studies and responsibilities, is to summon the will in order to concentrate on performing the task set before one. To be earnest and determined is an essential prerequisite which can be overlooked by the intellect of one who is so caught between many small demands, duties, studies and interests, that they accustom proportioning a meager interest in all, and the will is so divided and sapped and no particular one is concentrated on and worked thoroughly through.

It is preferable to have knowingly chosen a stream of belief whereupon one gives full dedication, thereby creating a foci for the components of one's lifestyle to orbit around- having a fixed station, central to that life and its strivings.

During the course of a life one may choose to fix their attention and devotion to many differing aspects of inspiration. However, sadly there are many today, especially within the Western world (who are setting pace throughout the socialist countries), that mistakenly hold the viewpoint that 'freedom of the individual' implies that no one particular system of thought is to be applied to in seriousness, in earnest, but rather experience of life itself would become the all important teacher as to the mysteries of life. So the only earnest pursuit was in pursuing a lifestyle which chose to ignore the earnest pursuit, to fill one's days with occupations and indulgences that did not adhere to any particular progression of inquiry. "I shall keep an open mind" is the popular phrase, or "Who really knows?" is the follower thought; which suggests that divine wisdom is not to be had by anyone, and that they shall not endeavor to discover the whys and wherefores of life, because on this assumption such whys and wherefores do not exist, and if they did they are somehow irrelevant to their knowing personally.

So in the modern world folk find it very difficult to perceive the truth and nature of any facet of their life, as there is no basis to their perceptions and no ground for their feet to rest upon. They are as moss with nothing in particular to attach themselves to, until such a time as they choose an earnest pursuit.

All thoughts are offspring from higher values and profound concepts, would that they were investigated. A particular thought never loses its parent connection, and the higher thought can be reached by a man when the initial thought is consulted in earnest.

It is much alike to the hall with many doors. Should a man consciously pronounce "I shall go into the inquiry, based on the concept that the world is truly flat", then eventually with dedicated pursuit of such an assumption, the truth of that matter will be revealed. The aspects that involve such an inquiry, with careful observation, shall also be digested; so long as there is an active interest, an intent, an earnest and a conscious starting-point.

If the statement had referred to the world and its roundness, the perception of the world and the inquiry to follow should also lead to staggering truths. However these two examples may be difficult to follow through with, with fervour.

Let us say then for example, a man might base his world inquiry and dedication to living by the example set before us of our Lord, Christ. This study and dedication which has assumed value, is now central to the life and perspectives of that soul which has consciously held that all else shall be to reveal this higher knowledge of our Lord. If in earnest, even the morning bread shall now speak to that man.

One might seek to attach themselves to the veterinary sciences or botanical inquiry. Serious devotion to such study will not only help the man examine the truth of the nature of these kingdoms, but also that of the order and nature of Man.

Questions must be asked continually, and before one can be stimulated and motivated in keen interest and awareness, one must adopt an earnest dedication which can be the basis and focus point for such questions to attract themselves to. This involves a conscious decree which shall stream forth from the individual, out into the course of his life and into its connections, reaching the appropriate questions, bringing home the wonderfully profound explanations. This is setting a magnetic field of wisdom, with the lodestone being the earnestness of dedication to a particular wisdom.

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