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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Christ in Child- 24th December 1994

THERE was a hurling and a rushing as the spaces parted, making way before Him as He pressed so. He did bear down with almighty gravitation, out from the four corners of space and from beyond; He did gather Himself into a parcel amenable to solemn reconciliation. Particles which were, He dispensed, and flew freely. The outer Cosmos became as with a dust storm, where more seeds were spawn, flouncing from His excess.

It was need that called to Him, the need from an overburdened Humanity: too sensitive to material entrapments, too lithe to loathe the true upsets of the soul. Downcast and ignoble they had scorned their own, with uncharitable and pitiless rebukes, seeing not the salve of pure love and its hundred and one applications.

Men were troubled and troublesome. There were uneven powers upon the Globe, invasions of tyrannical persuasions, who sought to behest such lasting and imperishable blights upon soul and heart, and also upon the shining face of knowledge, for it too was marred and cunningly overworked with a mantle of filigree deception to cherish the false gods and false models whose doctrines were of nonsense, a nonsense which would merely confound and perplex the soul yet further.

Here He was, our beloved Christ. He held this world in his hand like a bubble and He peered into it. There between the forefinger and thumb it rested and His desire drew Him in, into the very core and out again.

Our Lord perished when He entered into His World. He had scattered Himself everywhere at the last, and by entering into the obstinate mass He had only to deny Himself Himself, and by so doing He perished somewhat. The death-wrastle did not win over Him, but moreover did afflict His constitution as it does all men. He shall be subject to those unravelings perhaps even long after His men have succeeded and acquired their plastic frame. It is as His stigmata, that He wears the death of men perpetually.

The tents were embellished and the festoons were elaborate. The air was scented and the anticipation was great. Our three Kings were three attending planetary spirits. They were Jupiter, Venus and Conundrum, and they were present to be sage to the receiving of His plenty. These three had been denied by men, wherein assorted scholars had plotted their powers and rays, and so judged them by their movements, but invested no real attribution to their influences, as they did offer in virtue to men. Their time was also to be realized and brought forward, stimulated by the Christ, in His Powers of receiving. They brought the gifts which were there and awaiting: celestial joy, beauty and youth - tonics to replenish the wizened souls. 

All of the babes on that day were Christ-filled. Every one which was then born thereafter was visited by Him. It was an occurrence. It so happened. The children whose souls bore resemblance to Him in purity of spirit, in function and in fine, these became also as intimately refined to His presence, which was still searching for that final terminal that could encompass but a portion of His mighty circumference.

Infant man could receive Him - this was His first association, for the evidence of ego would otherwise withstand even He who made it so. That He could first associate with little children was following the path of incarnation also, for as men we enter into our bodily realms most slowly, there is but due time for fruition in aspect. This too was followed by Christ, as in the ordinary man; and so it was in accordance with the natural perforations by which He too recalled Himself, culminating finally in the exaggeration of the Baptism.

Praise be to little children, for here we find the spirit supple and the heart forthcoming. Oh the perils of age! To this day, every small child is still infilled with Christ, as before, at the time of that first prelude to Christmas, as He searches for adherence and He readmits each man into sanctity.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sexuality, Homosexuality & Soul-twins- 15th December 1994

AS far as there are two souls who are so linked to one another, as from the split-egg of presoul in grand soul, there is always an invisible connection maintaining an equilibrium of sorts, wherever and whoever they are. 

Homosexuality is brought about by the circumstance of both twin souls concurrently manifesting in the expression of the same sex. This is unusual, however should one of the two repeat an incarnation of gender and the other swing back, there shall be a natural yearning from one to another, searched for in that form, by such relationship for that period.

This explains also how it can be that an individual may indeed alter their inclinations during the course of the one life, wherein their soul-twin has ceased their incarnation, or just entered into that stage of physical development and become so responsive as to alterably affect their partner thus.

The confusion is explained in many formats and for many given reasons, which may or may not be relevant to the adaptation of this primary event. However, as one can see from the above explanation, the etheric as well as astral magnetisms are determined by such a primary relationship as is inherent, to be later recognised in part, in relationship/s unknown.

The topic of sexuality is usually not broached as it is beswept with the issue of Origin. Not only in regards to propagation but in cosmic terms there are mysteries involved which are potent to Life, potent to potential, and potent of the past. Entire doctrines (such as the Eastern-Indian) are with understanding of the essential connection which streams into a man and out from a man bringing elements of cosmic fire and cosmic seed into the beingness of manifestation.

The question of Lucifer's relationship is answered by saying that he is too young for such a maturity. If Lucifer were a man he would not sprout a beard. He is bound to the affection of an ideal rather than an actuality - i.e. soul in manifestation. Therefore anything which is expressive of actuality comes in after him. As discussed, his power as witnessed directly through those men who have 'given up the ghost' (the Holy Ghost) and meditate upon nothingness with narcotic dreams, they are limp and witless and disorientated, they would not desire, for desire is too difficult for Lucifer and his world of ease.

Having said that, and in returning to the matter of study, it would be an impropriety for such a lesson to be introduced within a group situation, or even for some, to be sent out for solitary study. Whilst we do not deny that there is much to be comprehended, and many a marvellous mystery for which worlds unfurl daily because of, it is not for public consideration at this time. (Partially, nay mainly because there is so much material we should like to address and impart - would that we could work through it with you – that needs to be concerted in streams pertaining to the immediate and far future, at the present.)

As far as the student and the personal aspects go, they may come to know the wisdoms involved, by such means that no text could tell. The judgments which are half-informed are dangerous, as far as the forces which are so implicated are little understood by those who are not situated so (as in the case of homosexuality).

Homosexuality does deviate from the natural law, but is also subject to a natural law which has determined it. We have seen great sadnesses result, and from this we learn to pity any circumstance in which a man is outcast and resistant to the ordinary. Remembering too, that the genitals involved are quite typically plant-like and can be responsive completely amongst their own, without a need for soul or mind to correspond or convene upon the involuntary needs or actions. Likewise, they are so connected with essential forces which ebb and circulate, which culminate around all life (all things living), being quite natural to it. Therefore the association between an individual's consciousness and his sexuality (active or latent) may be, at certain times, disparate.

It is not a frivolous subject, and may we qualify also by saying that there can be great reverence offered, even in contemplation, for the actual holiness inherent in sexuality, which is not to be demeaned by attitude or action which is inconsistent with its true expression, and that expression's source.

How quickly a man discounts those qualities that are vital to God and belittles the divine inner realities so connected. This is why there is disgrace to those whose heart is distinct from the act; whereas it is truly a heart connection for which the soul itself would seek out and then meet in compliance and with culmination

The homosexual metabolizes his etheric fluids quite differently to the heterosexual. Even though the soul partners may be in no close proximity (perhaps in different countries), the activities of the one in this regard, shall hold effect upon the other until such a time that the etheric body may adapt and 'rearrange' itself to try to stabilize the constant desires at play. 

There are many young deaths at present, and this is of itself a great piteous tragedy; however it is also a signature of this age, when there are soul-twins becoming released by their partners thereby. Many soul-twins may be incarnating at this period beginning - just as babies or about to descend and come through - and before they come to an adolescent maturity their soul partner has desisted his body in a way of soul sacrifice. The exact reasoning for their appearing in the same sex concurrently is not to be noted here, but what can be said for all of the individuals who have re-entered the Heavens prematurely, is that they shall be returning within the lifetime of their soul-twin, rapidly by standards, that may 'take in' the Event which is summoning many back with precious timing.

When the soul-twins are harmonizing to each other, there is not only an equilibrium to each, but a vortex too (alike to spirit-space) which is accessible as an open gateway through to each other, reminiscent of their former whole. Most have developed quite naturally and happily (if that term can be used) being together as progressive as one another. Any discordance is usually but temporary, and yet necessary too to the ever-challenging ego-status of each.

In most instances the souls live distinctly apart without ever any contact for the reason, perhaps, that fulfillment is not 'enough' for the ego itself, though it be for the soul. The ego craves to learn and bring to itself an understanding of all men, and further to that of other beings that it may be adapted so as to survive its positioning. The soul's loves nourish, whilst the ego's loves bring the future into being and the present to be known and grappled with.

Without the nourishment of soul-love we could not withstand the forces as brought to us by our own ego, and without the curiosity and love from the ego embracing all newness, we should not recognize the inner soul qualities from which the love resounds.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lucifer- back in the box- 11th December 1994

He chose not himself,
That light from Heaven's ray,
There but a play-back,
Sullen and ill-illumined,
Where shadows are neither,
And light is just minor,
And life only rumor,
With parties consistent without gravitude,
There was no warrior,
And he couldn't find humor

Perpetual solitude,
Self-amassed and pleased,
So snug in smug with unrelease,
A mausoleum with unsparked spirits,
One great creation fixed,
As all art is the jailer of its very beauty,
By design and by intention -
It lives in its decease.

Had Christ written, he too should have subjected His power, in part, to the jailer. The Living Word was not to be captive in any respect; and furthermore there is no reliquary incised with His impressions. Only the devoted may feel His Presence acutely and bear His Aurora. 

The physical remnants all changed, and were of themselves transmuted and reborn, along with the catalytic action that was the resurrection over death. Yes, Christ won out over Lucifer and would not play his games with him. 

"Look around you" He would say, "See the noble and unique spirit within the presentation" ... "Look further and don't stop looking; as we cherish our Love from our Father". He mingled Himself with all Art in this way, that men may look further and know of a living reality attached to the fixed memory; and so the evil is lessened, yet more persuasive, as the records amount and the future beforehand swells to overfull.

Arguably such speak about Lucifer may be as delightful as a box of chocolates, however the student is asked to go cautiously into this subject and retain due solemnity. See what befalls when he is invoked!- the careless, unloving demeanor. He is critical, bitchy-critical, he is farcical and uses laughter to scorn with unfair, unkind spar. This not what we would have ourselves be. Let us love with intensity and divulge the depths of an adequate seriousness. Beware of the frivolity of Lucifer for he is the grandest time-waster of all Humanity. 

So dear ones, the exercise has been done and the reasoning made clear. Of course Lucifer's name need not be the only daring invocation. Contrariwise, if you know him well enough you may then distinguish him from Christ, and find that quite so (as commented afore) the two are confused - just as Jesus and little Jim - by those who saw likeness and knew not of difference.

Christ would have us appreciate a man through to his highest attribute of soul and spirit; Lucifer denies the soul's individuality and would love only the representation of perfected spirit. 

By Christ we have conscious unity, where even the combinings invent further marks of individuality; the signatures are still distinct and precious, and belonging to the souls who have thus become mutually fused, in part. However, by Lucifer all signature keys are his and given over to him in surrender of self - he is the lover and there is the stipulation of such combining. He would be at the bedside to the graveside indulging in the loveless and mediocre passions of men, lascivious to their over-spill.

Christ does not impinge upon experience, He would lead a man to his Father directly: He is as the Water, as the Light, which all may pass through where will and the waters and the light oblige. He is fulfilled by the true meaning, and by that which makes all men so dear to Him - their innate godliness, unique divinity, to be self-realized in this, His World. He is called upon very clearly with revelation and with awe. 

Conjecture may be as a murmur, but when a man sees a truth he sees Him - right before the soul, He is there - for He is drawn to the man who experiences the divine aspirations, and their answers through revelations. A revelatory knowing is as a breath in for the soul's breathing. The uptake in - the "oh!" - as the focus has sharpened and just briefly the man has "got the picture" as it is before him. Then the release - the soul breathes out with great issue and peace. The knowing follows, for the goodness taken in from the finding is retained and the breathing out is synergistic to this imparting/departing process.

Combined but separate, we truly become what we love. We are nourished and infilled by what we love, and then also so characterized, but still distinct. What a man abides with in his heart, in his waking hours and with his attention, so too he shall take to himself and be, accordingly. The man who expends himself with hate becomes precisely what it is that he does hate - and in good measure - for the soul then truly knows its brother well, and if nothing else, learns charity, a charity which shall desist from such a judgment. 

Fixations - even the holy and desirous ones - are too consuming. For a man to become himself requires that he not seek to blend egos or experience one hundred percent of the time. Solitary meditations shall make balance of the account of all experience, that the individual may digest quite thoroughly and happily his life's score. This time for stillness (other than sleep) is paramount to the further ingestion of divine observances. For we ask that our ego come to identify the truly wondrous aspects of life, which surely are all around us, that we rest most buoyant upon daily and thereby experience that truth, as the gates of the water-course submit, right up to soul, and the revelation rushes in completely.

For every evil there is antidote. By our studies we may learn of these antidotes and understand how to administer them into the world (both at large and of thought). Effectively our work is placed with the wherewithal to negotiate victories, that our humanhood has many a skill to learn, acquire and practice, and then to impart - all the while for a redemption for the whole, as gratitude and respect for our Father foremostly.

Reverence for Life itself is necessary; and however obvious that may sound, it will be surprising to the student how commonplace irreverence to Life actually is. Such irreverence is heretical- even moreso than the actual kill. Yet, as painfully sad this may become to our students, we are mindful of the karmic obligations which are certain to pronounce, and are satisfied that the insolent men are soon exposed to their own weaponry - knives and all.

Let us pray then not for cleverness, but straight-knowledge, which is as clear and precise as the first light of morning.

Lucifer would have us bear no karma, and by his assurity a man would and could not learn for himself the golden principles. (Peter Panism.) Let us not flinch from experience, but rather make of experience all that is worthwhile, praying that our adherences are well chosen and beneficial to the World.

Some knowledge is best kept like the trinkets put away, viewed occasionally and then placed back in secure storage ... Lucifer may be placed back in his box now.
Some knowledge is as the amulets borne plainly and most proudly, that become as part of the personage - that of our dear Christ - let us carry Him into our consciousness and not hesitate to love Him as He loves us.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lucifer & Contrast- 27th November 1994

THE soul is most private, and when it comes to certain confrontations it may well accord to flee from the demands of another's consciousness and its intent. 

The very speak about dreams, in company, invokes both recent and deep impressions which imbue the material of the man, whether realized or not. In order that the waking consciousness, the self-consciousness, negotiates these impressions, the man himself must be well ready to do so. The fact that these impressions have belonged to the dream condition in the first place, already tells us to caution a forced attempt. So it is that there may be an uncomfortable reality present, or further to this an even greater disturbance, particularly in the case when there is a being involved whose sole communication is via his dream connection, and he is threatened by the eye of self-consciousness turning towards him.

It is not unusual for us to converse with many creatures and beings as well as fellow men and angels during our nightly peregrinations. However, there are too those beings who attach themselves quite fondly to a particular soul and frequently associate (yes, literally associate) themselves with that man; and all the while do not wish to be seen.

Men have the advantage over such beings, in that they are always the 'loudest' to be heard. The beings to whom we refer are subtle nonetheless, and with this intimate endorsement, they truly do believe themselves to be part of the man to whom they have gravitated to, and for that time in a way most peculiar to him, and are indeed identifiably so. However, the man is free should he wish to be and obviously independent of any being (save himself), and when given the choice knowledgeably, he may sever such connections; or in the case of mutual love he may further the sympathies and meet-equal the attachment.

By this one can see also that there are undeniably good reasons for our survey of the dream conditions we inhabit and partake in. Also, that it is cautionary in regards to other folk who may be immeasurably upset by the very concept and articulation of their soul's endeavors. For herein is a delicate transition: that of meeting what was formerly unrecognizable by the daily consciousness; and the bridge in needs be woven two-ply, slow and strong. 

Men are protected from their greater realizations. The fantastic revelations which occur during the day and during their night also, are enriching to the soul itself and saved by it. The soul is the overseer of the individual, which will forever remember the memorable - the grand and the good, the beauteous, the impassioned, the pious, the grave sympathies, the congenial rests, the glories, the gratitude and awe and essence when met with a greater being and furthermore to be acknowledged by that higher being, the love from a like soul now incorporated, and the love which did come back from the very birth of soul out from Father God. These are the soul's memorabilia which are kept safe for all time. 

Amongst such there are those revelatory experiences, to wit those received by the soul, not yet entering into the self-consciousness most fully (if at all), whereby the man himself is deranged in said aspect, largely because he is not equipped or prepared to come to the happiness which would follow. Eventually, as the man becomes aligned with the activities and desires coherent with the soul-qualities, he shall find that there will be a cortex of experience reflective of that fantastique revelation. 

Returning to the subject of beings to whom one might take counsel from: All advice must bear scrutiny, for it is obliged to do so in the offering, and it is furthermore a kindness to all concerned if one questions all such ideas put forward from the invisible realms and holds them to stern review.

There are gradients of beings everywhere. There are those who are marvelous, and marvelously mistaken. If you come to think of the men you have known who could really 'tell a good story', then there is but a fragment of what there may come from the beings who would bend an ear, would that there was someone to listen. The fascination with invisibleness is therefore grandly misleading - that in itself is no qualification for the truth of a worthy insight. Amongst this, we are intuitive also - once again, this operation advances us into our activities far more than is realized - and that intuition, that immediate 'knowing' is direct discernment from our souls, who hold the upper and overall view. 

And not only are we accompanied perhaps by beings who are frivolous or misleading, but also if worthy, we are befriended by genuine confidantes, who are more interested in us for our sake rather than hungering for our vitalities to be expended. The benevolent beings are enabled to usher wisdom to us in many different ways, and usually the gifts brought to us come briefly, but are empowered with an accompanying joy - once again, alike to a fleeting fragrance, the signature of their presence: never overwhelming, never overstated, touching the consciousness but lightly.

When it comes to lengthier encounters, those which are necessarily consuming to some degree or another, it is imperative that the individual searches the words through to the thoughts, to the source, and decides for himself. . . and decides well. There will always be a need for such discernment to be exercised. 

As the student progressively encounters all manner of interesting and inviting influences throughout his expanding cosmogenic arena, he shall be required to come to judgments continually. A man could possibly also, sit amongst the mud-worms and prove the case for indiscrimination, however to this we should add that the mud-worms have not the choice the man has; and would that they did, they would not choose to be mud-worms, but to be rather a man! And so to try to prove equality, cosmically, is not ideologically loving (knowing), but ideologically untrue.

Judgments within relative composure are necessary, that we may distinguish all things as they are and as they are relative to us, so that by this we may rejoice in their being, ultimately. Further to this it would appear that everything has its 'downside'. In other words, there is a fault and flaw so to speak, in the makeover of every individual being, whether divine or semi-divine. Whatever the inadequacy may be, whatever the mark of the make, there is that to which the being themselves would and should improve upon by personal choice. For this we can hope and pray for all universal beings, and eventually as we become capable of crediting them we shall actually know some of the characteristics which are unfavorable as well as wonderful. In this we may go on to appreciate their position and not to necessarily emulate the whole of them, but to know what is good from what is even so undesirable.

We have been asked why it is that there is little mention of Lucifer, that we have not called upon such other names also and brought the wisdoms directly from them or about them which are attributable. Similarly, when we do call upon the notorieties, their very properties are most powerfully represented, in both glamor and distraction, with fault and flaw quite concealed amongst the more dazzling investitures. 

Lucifer is extraordinarily suave. One may enjoy his artistry, but take care to invite him in person! (In your person.) He is also 'full of himself'. And there was his greatest flaw: self-rapture- taking all that he could of God into himself and believing it to be he and not Thee.

Now there is a second world, an entirely separate world, attributable to this grand being Lucifer. It is the other world, the false-Venus, as they say, to where the men may go and meditate and lose themselves in him.

And what was good? That he became as the first demigod, that he stepped out from the Divine inclinations and instituted the provision for his artistry, his creativity, which hitherto was queer and beyond imagination.

Our Creator was and is the creator before all else. The 'all else' were empowered by Him. The 'all else' were Him. He then gave a certain few the ability to create anew also. Not just to propagate the same, but to bring forth such variety within the life which turned the old laws (even if they were only one breath old) and make Change. (big C.)

Christ could not go against the Father. Change may be a corruption and therefore an outrageous rebuke to God to tangle with any law so placed. This would go against the heart of any being and no less our Christ also. Father God blessed Christ to go and split egos, to differentiate and then to create in the fashion according to His Will; and Lucifer having identified himself with Christ (some time further on after the divisioning of Men) took on qualities which he too desired to create and maintain. However he had not the power to endow a being with ego, he had no knowledge of ego himself and subsequently his influence and his world holds a counter-effect on men wherein they amass their consciousness to him as a whole and would willing trade their ego at the door for his paradise: his manufactured world.

Conversely, it was by Lucifer's lack of ego approach that the many properties of beauty were expounded in full. However in Christ we are given the opportunity to subdue ourselves but temporarily, that we may come to step outside from our own sense of compact self and become that which our consciousness chooses to adhere to. And also, by Christ we are given our separateness too, that we may not be lost to the mud-worms or their habitat of consciousness, should we choose to visit them, and that we may be fully 'recoverable' from wherever we may venture into.

Lucifer maintains (and it is all that he knows) that no being should suffer pain. This is interesting, because how often all men have wished this for the world, and we can see that it is indeed a compassionate plea, and also a great sympathy that there should be no sufferance to endure for anyone.

And so he would take what souls he may, and give to them eternal rest with eternal dreams of eternal pleasures in an eternal semi-consciousness - much like an anaesthetic for all time. A land of tranquil repose, where the delights are just dainty, never strenuous; for Lucifer would not have one try for anything. The pleasure may not be too great and the passion too strong nor the beauty too terrible. In fact, in his world it all becomes commonplace.

In Christ we have contrast.
By Christ we may know contrast.
We thank Christ for this contrast,
Because without which,
We have sameness.
Sameness is not to be confused with oneness.
We already have oneness.
We do not, in reality, have sameness.

Dear and beloved Christ -
When the differences become too painful
And we are too awkward in this our tenure -
Shall you come?
And by Your Presence,
May all differences be brought to harmony,
Yet still kept rightfully separate?

How brave we should like to be!
You have given us the means to discriminate,
To now awake ever moreso to life.
And to combine in such a way,
That a man is both chaste and in union
At the same time.

Such divine contradiction as this may be,
Is the very contrast which brings clarity.
And for this we thank thee,
Dear Christ,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On Dreaming- 20th November 1994

IN direct association and alongside this our world, there are many infra-activities of being whereupon ethereal men and Angels may meet together and expose their souls in so doing. This world indeed relies upon the unseen life and its conducts, and although it is the chief determiner and all does conspire around it, this current globe, one might also look to the unseen realms which shoulder that same physical presence, and begin to understand the relationships and the go-betweens.

The entrance for many is in dream. For others it may be the natural place of existence for them, to which the physical waking does not occur. Depending upon the being and the activity, it may be their only realm in which they dwell, notwithstanding the fact that it does coincide with a very definite physical brother.

Spaces have been made, manufactured and reserved, and very holy council may be found, guaranteed as it were, in certain places established and continued on. For all men need to have their allotments, as too those souls who are most capable and spiritually active - they have 'addresses' that may be permanently found and enjoyed by those who find their way to frequent there. And the key is affinity.

When we pass out from our bodies into varying dream conditions, we are afforded a necessary release from the strains of a bodily harbor. We are loosened, although not deceased, and by natural inclination we go seeking that which the soul loves best and does know.

Nightly all men - and little children besides - are given to wander freely without care or worldly caution, as they eventually take their heavenly supplication which shall sustain them through the following day. In episode, the consciousness is unrestrained; and depending upon the effort and intent, the calm and the preceding considerations, a man may translate some of his experience into the unseen places and know something of the elongated being he became. What is recalled however, accounts for very little of what actually was ventured into.

One has only to think in terms of commensurate time to find that the hours spent in slumber have been undeniably vague. Does one require or wish to have the gift of retaining full consciousness across the threshold? Is one prepared? This is indeed an interesting question, because eventually all men can and will enter into sleep and back out again with full translation, however what would that mean in the current conditions of an eager student?

Firstly let us say that the desire to become more conscious and awake in the world is always preferable to the alternative. We strive to hold such abilities which will quicken the processes of all exactings in such ways which are tolerable rather than painful, meaningful rather than nonsensical; and blissful that the understandings may be wholly embraced. So as students we are given to ask that consciousness be keener and that we become more capable, proving the worth of everything we do.

The passage into sleep used not to be an experience which was forfeited; indeed Avalon was only ever penetrated in the dream condition and could be visited then in groups who would hold consensus upon waking. These realms were given to the night, whereas the tardy occupations still held responsibility throughout the day. However, the overall abilities of consciousness altered - physically differed - and the men became more defined in their daily narrowings, and yet concurrently more active in the further realms (although not remembered so) during the night.

Consciousness is more than a mirror when there is an ego involved. The ego designates the specifics and the identification, the ego makes the distinctions between this and that, and it and that. Consciousness however, does not discriminate, for by nature it absorbs the experience of that which infills it.

So the consciousness of a man during its release in sleep, travels into many places and settles into certain experience. It may venture into parts of the man's physical body - particularly in the case of an illness it will do this, to discover what is unsettling it in those respective parts. It may drift within a few feet of the body and experience the room or the belongings within the room; it may travel to just one and spend time there communicating with all that that object has to say (in terms of memory impressions and so forth). This is why it is suggested that one be very prudent with bedroom decor.

Consciousness may move on to the food which is still to be digested and communicate/experience the qualities of that material. This would be done via the astral inclinations so associated. One might be drawn into the home paddock or parley with Bacchus and his usual ravings.

Then there comes the musings of the day and last thoughts for the night. Our desires take the consciousness further into directions appointed. The very contemplations which infilled the daily clarified consciousness, will send it searching in the night. It shall go precisely where it pleases, and here also we may have conference with like souls or souls to which there is karma detailed.

Finally there becomes also, our drift into the recess of Father God – to which the beings who may lift you hither are too beautiful to be remembered if ever fully seen - wherein the soul is renewed and endowed with its starry plasma and the man and his consciousness is completely overwhelmed.

Contrary to the accommodating nature of the consciousness, becomes the ego, which is as the very tip of the consciousness - it is extremely appreciative because it holds the ability to compare. In most dream conditions a man does not question where he is or what he does, as his consciousness is given to go where it will and be taking up necessary investigations into those things which took the soul's interest or the mind's time, but were not known to satisfaction. In this, the full experience credits us with a further knowledge, which although we do not carry through to our waking minds necessarily, does nonetheless bring information and pictures to our beings upon our re-admission into that realm of inquiry.

This is a healthy and healing activity, and in many respects the ego may not go comfortably where the consciousness can. So the adoption of the subsequent experience is not personal, but rather remaining general, and presents no burden to the individual to have ventured into any particular format for a time.

Still too the ego has its choosings - much of which the waking consciousness may not surrender to for one reason or another. One reason being that the vessel is too small, that one cannot pour a pint into a dram, and that the higher experiences of the ego need have a man who is practiced in his thinking daily, to be qualified to make the translation. The other reason also, is that a man's daily consciousness is literally pulled this way and that - he is subject to the reasonings of others which impinge upon his thinking, he is given to the clouds of concerns which envelop his thought, he is restricted by the overall thought and feeling activities which permeate his environment, he is excessively strained by the very qualities of all exterial exposure and persuaded by the senses; and so the translation of such ego transactions of the night are largely unheeded.

When a man is given to obscure recollections which are unsavoury or troublesome, he is usually being confronted with the day back to front. In other words, as we have described, much of the outer influences in a man's day may make recollection prohibitive, and if upon waking he is given to the 'hellish' nonsensical variety of dream recollection, it is but a mirror of those influences which are daily inhibiting him from the more fantastic recollections which would if they could, surface the consciousness.

However, in this one need not be dismayed at the array of carnival visions they endure, when compared to those places so frequented which are of singular importance and significant to the soul. All men are spiritually sustained, however the man who is intent upon the religious life is often met with bizarre presentations because he is struggling with much of his daily life - that there is a very defined extreme between the outer and inner activities, and his ego and that of others also.

When we add intent into our consciousness, with the desire for a self-consciousness within our dream life, we are directing our ego to be active, we are deciding to be particular. With times given to review and such practice, there will be a sifting and a sorting enabled within the individual for the full experiences to be made known.

However we do not recommend 'consciousness at all cost' to be the attitude. The transition and the journeys which the ethereal man may nightly enjoy cannot be forced by intent alone. We must win the soul's place by the very nature of that which we pour our intent into. We must characterize those special places or events which we shall arrive at within the spiritual realms, for the key in is affinity.

All of us have met and do meet within the sleep times. It often brings a smile to us to hear our friends exclaim "Oh, if only I could but meet with one of them!" - and yet precisely the night before they themselves came before us and stayed a while. Our concerns with the world must not be given up because we seek the spiritual places, yet those very places and stations and souls within, are imperative to our life, our daily life also.

Many astral (not astrea) travellers have become quite ill physically because they have lost much of their association with their physical body. They become so used to pushing themselves out from it that it becomes permanently loosened. Of course this too can be a natural consequence of ill-health generally, that the individual is therefore predisposed to his astral wanderings. However in this one may be as a traveller without a map, and once again we are to remind that it also requires a lofty ideal travel to or a situation of likeness, which will give merit to the journey, rather than just the overall attempt to self-consciously go anywhere indiscriminately. The key in is affinity.

Night Prayer:
This day is gone and I must ask:
What has past? What has past?
Dear Christ this day did baffle me,
My life, my loves, its mystery,
In all I was, in all I could see,
May I make better from this memory?

Morning Prayer:
And now is morn and I must ask:
What did pass? What did pass?
Dear Christ this night did baffle me,
My life, my loves, its mystery,
In all I was, in all I could be,
Please give to me, that memory.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Giraffe & Our Mission- 16th October 1994

SEE now the patches, the remaining of the dark of his coat - these are where his body first began, and then as it grew larger they became separated by the spaces in between. (Alike to the earth when it splits and cracks in the heat, with islands of body insisted upon by the swelling ground beneath uprising.)

See also the noble breadth, wherefore he is reminiscent of that former time when all creatures were vast and even men stood twice as tall. He bears that tendency from an old Earth period, which also brings too, the inclinations which shall return; that the overall height will once more be regained, only this time it shall be by physical charge.

So our Giraffe is a fellow of the future, and not some archaic remain or contortion of the past. His elegant neck was not grafted, but inspired. As the top new shoots are always juicier and sweeter, he sees their flame and protest into life. He tastes paradise and knows it as he idles beside the glamor of an outstretched tree. He is fondled and sat upon by those nature spirits who too belong, living an etheric consciousness. He lives from horn to hoof and back again. 

He knows happiness and this is a key to his affable nature. He knows precisely what he wants and has the means, when uninterrupted, to savor it. He is fully conscious in that moment, that moment of ongoing happiness, because he fits with the circumstance with a perfect fit, when that joy surrenders the being into bonding with that moment. There is no argument with such a peace- there becomes no contest or awkwardness of being. 

There is a tight-fit of consciousness as it melds with its partner in being - ipso facto the nature-spirit of the tree - as our Giraffe is divorced from distraction, almost incapable of being distracted, aloof to the hurried lives which pass on by beneath his out-reached torso.

If we are to hold a soul-picture of this friend, then we may find that he is not overwhelmed with a sense of his own presence particularly, as the creatures who are active with the equivalent to hands in action. He is unaware of himself and his conspicuousness. He does not set a space around himself as some beasts would do in defining territories and thereby extending their bodies so, trying to expand into a largeness which is further than their physical presence. He adopts the space he is in, but does not seek to make it his own. Most creatures are covetous by nature which is not a contradiction to their being, but is pertaining to that 'gathering in' so required by any developing spirit; for to pursue the course of experience is a constant acquiring of sorts. But not so the Giraffe, he is one of those uncanny animals who are naturally satisfied, too satisfied to ponder the discomforts of a longing or a proving.

So we may see that this essence - the grace of complete comfort, fulfilment and happiness - is known to Man in part and necessary to him, and yet at the same time is kept distinctive to him that he may also aggrieve enough to go on and better yet his situation. For a man, to know moments of perfect happiness is primal to his being and to his being's future. Such moments are not to be denied because they are his life and that time when he 'fits' in alignment, that alignment of heart and consciousness, and is relieved of the worldly burdens and delivered to God by such love as is known. Compliant with an irresistible joy, Man is renewed by that happiness which invites him to stay in the present wholly and fully and without remission. 

So to have this within a life is contrasted by intermissions of solitude and struggle, of intensity from egos without, and remonstrations from that individuality which is ours; and the 'essence of Giraffe' is not long-staying, though it may live in him throughout each and every day. We in definition, do waver from the sublime pitch into the recesses of ineptitude, comfort and discomfort, realization and perfect knowing plummeting into further questioning, perhaps even sweeping by the unfathomable depths of doubt, and ever to set ourselves that time for attachment and that time for detachment.

From this we may well feel confused as to our 'real mission' in this lifetime and for the future, because any certainty shall fall away, and yet assuredly, if it is reliable, know also that that certainty will return. This applies to anything. Perhaps we address the broader aspects here, but the personal quandaries share much in common, enough to say that quite often the emotions which are experienced are more natural to their commodity rather than to resolution. 

What is meant by this is that if one is ever given an answer which defines their direction in life, it is no more satisfying, it does not hurry it along any quicker. Outcome is truly best saved for its time to which it belongs, and not to be attempted to be pre-empted out of time. However, having said that, a man must set himself that destiny to which he will work towards. The details of getting there are another matter and largely 'hit and miss' (necessarily), but to arrive somewhere does require a fixed purpose or need or wish, if one cares to call it that- and largely we are all allowed precisely such determination. (Providing of course that there is no freedom of another disallowed for in the equation.)

The desire for the 'mission' is a wonderful characteristic of the selfless pupil. It becomes consistent with the gratitude for such learnings which fulfill the soul and re-establish identity with reality, being natural for us all to feel the collective push onwards and upwards for the whole of our dear Mankind, that the consciousness will be urged by the 'mission' into the light of freedom from ignorance, that ignorance which constrains to the point almost of death and departure. 

We know that desire well; it never leaves one but indefinably gets stronger and more fervent that it be perpetuated. And all of those men who likewise appreciate the possibilities for greatness up ahead, they too by the qualification of their yearnings on behalf of their brothers, are but part of that 'mission', which at present gives back more of the same! Ever stronger- quite so, until all of Humanity has been gathered up and gathered in. 

It is exciting, frustrating, near disastrous and never completed. Each student who does offer himself to the World to do as he does best, to give when and where he is obliged, and does recognize such - each one is an encouragement to the cause, and so needed. Nature and her laws do tend to work to a very tight schedule - the 'just in time' approach - which, when witnessed from an overview, is breathtakingly bewildering to see that such a fine line is drawn time and time and time again. 

The student will find this: that he becomes necessary to the moment. He shall recognize by the intimations of others before him, what their souls need from him, and he shall respond. That he is aware for the sake of those who are not, that he is ever ready to offer the wisdoms that they simply cannot gain elsewhere - given the fact that they are brought before you and in your presence which is reinforced by prayer and by study and by careful consideration, and by the light in your eyes which travels out from one who knows.

The World truly is hungry for spiritual consolation at this time. Moreover than any other impending need, it is the struggle of spirit and sanity of spirit, which is of first issue. Furthermore, every student is an encouragement to his teachers and his angels and relied upon with huge hope; supported also by his desire for this cause.

This is intrinsic and at the very core of our 'work' (our life). It is a good question and one we hope will never stop being asked! Asked and answered.


The question from our friend was: "What is my real mission in this incarnation?"

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Animals & Man (continued)- 9th October 1994

IMAGINE this if you will: you have just completed the most exquisite set of pictures applying artistry and exactness, definition, realism and creativity; studies, some bold, some of delicate hue, one after another, each being quite different, each most marvelous as a reproduction of the inner picture which so composed it. One could say that it was the very final result of a definite term - the accomplishment now being obvious in these fine and individual works - and also that they were indeed a mixture of soul and what comprised soul up to that point, with a gradient of development actually captured in the pictorial account.

Now it happens (we may continue to imagine) that the backing material which each entire piece was worked upon, is tinged with an overall color not before assumed, and over time our palettes have noticeably corrupted from what they originally were. The definition too is somewhat rearranged by the added shade and the overall aspects are not quite the same. We are disappointed and dissatisfied with what now remains; it is unusual to us, having taken on a different and removed character overall; for in being the artist we are particular to the original vision and intention. So we put them to one side and begin again on a new set, working the visions this time on the equivalent to an acid-proof paper.

Our blessed beasts were adopted by Gods, Gods who are distinct from higher Angels because they have a self-directed will which determines within the 'limits' of creativity; whereas Angels do not create, they imitate perfectly the Plan and the Law in general and sublime obedience. However, Gods, lesser Gods are as barons of the future, and employed in amongst the unstable waters of creative design.

Our Animal Kingdom, as dismissed by Man, was so outcast at the juncture of being more wonderful than cumbersome. The divisionings were not because of evil or unwontedness; they were as the altered compositions of that artist, having been worked marvelously from great and lesser substance, but then fained by a tragedy of virus- contaminated at a point - which allowed only for separation. Then, as unrecognizable to the parent as they'd become, they were taken in and fostered by 'like' souls who were advanced enough to pool their aspect and attribute, and begin the grand revision. 

Massive collections, herds, were gathered up and gathered in, for their astrality could command a physicality within this World, and their 'humaness', their human qualities, being born from such, gained then a place and a perpetuation into re-embodiment within the Earth. But once attracted there was to be no leaving, and the animals themselves are bound to this Globe without the freedoms Man or the lesser Gods expire.

Firstly we must say that the Animal Kingdom drew many fine attributes, albeit raw and unfinished, into its natures. Conversely, there will be in time, some attributes which shall be reunited and resumed; but this is to occur only when the true and proper coincidence arrives. For to attempt to draw in any particular animal influence at this point is perilous for many reasons, one of which is the fact that they at present are under the governance of their lesser god. He has not freely relinquished them back, and so to incorporate an animal, any animal, back into one's being is to become obedient to his rightful keeper whose characteristics will then dominate the aspiring human traits that freshly attempt their expression into life.

Each keeper of the animals is an awesome being to behold, he has now the full astral force of that group of his dominion, he has their exaggerated characteristics impressed within his own 'like' being, and he is essentially, a being who has much insight and experience behind him. He is duty-bound to his collective and for they who have no ego naturally- theirs are true to his identity as far as he is to they.

Further to this, each species of creature is split into groupings which are self-limiting and then complete. There was a time initially when the physical substance abounded and the admission into life was unharnessed, however this is not now the case, and the fleshes which comprise one species will be the same in weight and measure and not added to. They are theirs to re-embody into and if the evolution of the animal itself changes that which is remarkable to it, then the capacity for incarnation remains too, but this is distinct to the earlier phases whereupon the physical fleshes were shared and indistinguishable.

When a man or an animal re-embodies they are entitled to a particular substance, and because of this there is fortunately quite a distinct separation on the physical level between Man and beast. The soul of a man knows one from the other. If a man consumes meat his astrality can and will be affected, however he will not take on the physical substance of that cadaver - his body will refuse every atom of it. Proteins will not come directly out from that substance, as the man's physicality will not combine satisfactorily. 

Astrally the nature of the animal may lead the constitution into a mimicry, i.e. the gathering of fleshy mass, as the cow does know by the right manipulation and digestion of the grass. This is what will work upon the man - apart from other characteristics of cow nature - not the immediate flesh equaling flesh.

So one may begin to understand that there are many derivative astral characteristics that effectively work upon a man - as the Asiatics in particular endorse. However, the desirability of these potent behavioral forces is to be questioned with cautious concern, for is a snake or a rhinoceros anatomically compatible? May we withstand the tiger once we have unleashed him into our astral metabolism? What does an octopus know of our movements or abilities? If we are to believe that Man has already a full set of capabilities determining the organization of his constitution and giving expression to his being, then we must naturally question our need to borrow from the animals any aspect peculiarly theirs by this means of astral investiture. 

Initially all creatures were born out from Christ, having been aspects to Man. In their pure form those attributes are still in Christ's keeping and discharged by Him, to Man and now to animal also. The highest of the attributes will be essential to Man within his development, but once again they shall issue from Christ, and His Greater starry Body, and not come from the animals or their keepers, even though they are related or shared.

If a dog knows selfless obligation then it continually derives that virtuous impulse from its ability to absorb that influence, which has been received by the group spirit of its species which in turn carries it into the Pneu, the collective soul-knowledge, which has its pourings from the stellar Christ Body. The ability inherent in that dog to act for selfless obligation has been as it was in Man before he was made separate. Though the two do still cooperate in likeness, they do not draw such influence from one another. (That is not to say that one may not inspire or invoke similar inclinations in the other.) However, as far as source and substance go, the source is the same, the substance is distinct. As abstractions they have altered past recollection. However, we are nonetheless, 'family', with all of its implications.

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