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Monday, October 17, 2011

Salvation is with us- 18th October 2009

IT has happened. Salvation is with us- salvation which is the keister* to all. In these times when the ownership of associations and churches has been dilute, when the ordinary man is now eclectic in opinion, and the heart is opening (whether knowing or not) this very time is of our God Incarnate in the World - yes, this God, our World, being the Living Connection to All.

Facts do not need discussion for their substantiation. Evidence does not need philosophy to make it ever more real. Perception comes after. And the rotund of Nature glistens under the sweat of good men who try to spin her weight through time and space ... whereas and yet, she dances quite freely!

A church here and an ashram there - sublime in dedication, but still witless to the greater Glory. Yet soon forthcoming - as is to the honest quest - the finding that right now, in each, in all and throughout, our Christ has verily risen!

*Keister meaning: (old English) a safe secure chest box - a place to stash things of importance.

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