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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Heaven- 1991

MUCH has been alluded to in the speculative compromises which outline Heaven, given in the form of stories and pictures in an effort to manufacture some exquisite representation for all of those who know of it not with firsthand recollection.

Although the word 'Heaven' usually refers to an after-death experience - and certain realizations are apparent only after crossing the portals of earthly existence - one may not presume that Heaven itself may be immediately interpreted, nor that it denotes only the vast workings of Cosmic interplay- which we also refer to as 'the Heavens' with all of the menagerie that is encompassed within the grand scheme. For one might suggest that the Father's Mansion does have many, many, rooms, all of which go to make up the Heavens. 
However, that which He does keep especial to Him, whereby our approach and our entry must be with humble servitude and due reverence, from where the light streams from with all goodness condensed, unshackled and unrestrained, the veritable heart and mind centre, that which is, not that which was - this we may term as Heaven.

Within the Cosmic order of the Heavens there is constant flux and flow, much change around that which is the pivot, being Heaven. So many identities, so many inhabitants, so many individualities, remarkably going about their expressions and experiences. One could explore for an eternity and yet not shake the hand of each and every one. . . . and Man is free to go out and participate, for there are tastes and accomplishments waiting, with keys offered to every door.

But in this, the Heavens, one may also go out in singular notion and choose limited company and spectrum. One may also be confined or may cleave to a select society - for this too is freedom, the freedom of Cosmic dispassion.

But were one to enter into the Heaven where our Father does reside, one may not turn face from He who is ever-present; and the undeniable realities from which we are all surely born out from, do with distinct non-variable bliss, renew and restore us completely. Consciousness then, as we understand it, is but limited to the limitless: given over to such completeness. 

Whilst living an earthly existence, many seek more mistakenly to annihilate the consciousness, seeking representative experience equal to that which is commonly referred to as Devachan: of our Father's Heaven. Although one may in ecstasy be persuaded that this is surely the condition of the Heaven that we seek and know so well, it is but a shadowy hinterland which in semi-reproduction does whisper cunningly in the ear of the desperate, in imitation, but not in reality. For one is called and invited there into, one does not manipulate the invitation, but earns it. And to earn such is to labour so that replenishment is not due reward, but due necessity.

The Heavenly Cosmos, little and large, is brimful of the most exciting of communities. This too, may seize the imaginations of men so as to tantalize and torment those who are unhappy with their present lot. But perceptions are often entrances into future modes of experience, and we do harvest the future from the seeds of our wonderings, our impulsed desires, created and formed as of now.

Not one speck is left in isolation. The party of Creation is on perpetual holiday, commemorating the moment. For a holiday is indeed a holy day - given to exact importance. And every day has great significance and is duly celebrated so.

There are many wise beings whose wisdom does stream from eons and eons of certain experience particular to them. The Cosmic community is not to be disregarded, but respected throughout. Many of a particular realm lend themselves, their designs, their experiences unique to their kind, to our world and our patterns; which from hierarchy to minor are gleaned and set. Most offer most generously, they do not guard their knowledge. In fact there can be an abundance, and a well trained ear serves well. If one ever thought that their elders gave too much advice, eagerly giving of themselves, just wait until you begin to journey again throughout the Cosmic regions! It can make journeying difficult indeed, and visitations are somewhat limited to certain timings and returns. Many do not get far, as they are held up quite close to the Earth, and enjoy such company, partaking in much that relates to this or that community.

All sorts of beings offer sublime assistance to Man - some of course, are by opinion of greater concern than others; they give what they can, sharing of that they know. But the company one keeps can have vast ranges of differing perspectives and may or may not be in accord with that vision which is yet to be realized in Man.

One must acknowledge that even the lowest of the demons, offers to Man what he has and experiences thereby. However, it is a cordial arrangement and although this is paramount to acquiring a certain discernment, it is pleasing to understand that essentially, the community of the Hierarchies all mean well and offer themselves.

It is because Man has been afforded much freedom to pick and choose and is very young in the formative character which sets his future, that 'evil' is so acutely realized; much more pertaining to the evolution of humanity, than as regards the Cosmic order without. For everyone has their place, however Man's is not quite fixed yet, and in being so malleable is often open to conjecture and fright, argument and design, as to which characteristics will eventually prevail, which forces and impulses shall infill his being and so forth. This is the way of freedom. This is where the dramatic contrasts occur, and are not such an issue within the many communities who are what they are, so attracted and placed and held within each other’s field of magnetism, suspended in friendly cohabitation.

This is very exciting, as you can well imagine. This is particularly why many should seek a word in your ear. Active creation. As the drama unfolds many a kingdom should be pleased to see that of their own propagated within the constitution of Man. Further to this there are systems outer to this system inner, which too has its emissaries of advisers and advice. Remember that it is natural to offer those aspects of yourself, for one has little else to offer.

This is not to say that the opportunities of Man are unique to Man. Man is unique to Man, but not the opportunities afforded for design. There have been many past who have gone before, who have now settled into a progressive compilation of what is so developed; and there is no reason not to presume that there shall be others with similar opportunities given. In fact in local terms, there is the animal kingdom directly beneath our system of cyclic endeavors. Although in this case the beasts are directly associated and of the making of Man, but are at least an indication of other periods where souls shall be given similar, not same, but similar opportunities.

All in all, the Heavens are a nice place. One may not be familiar with every aspect or come to know every soul; but the fear, or more correctly the bewildering apprehension about the place, is basically because of our uncertain standing within the larger community.

As for the Heaven, Heaven itself, we are all afforded time-out to pay homage and rejoice in that which is uniquely of the Father's. In this we are brought home to a common station, whereby all communities are so aligned, and may have mutual experience without being mutually inclined. We cannot describe buildings and trees and so forth- forms pertain to the Cosmic Heavens, whilst the light which lights the forms, streams through from Heaven. 

Our Father’s Heaven is more interpreted as a condition, and as yet the visible characteristics are unreported. This would be interesting to hear of, granted. There are beings who do claim that they have had privy to a glimpse; whether or not you are inclined to take their word for it is another matter. Usually it is something of a relationship to the Cosmic Orders rather than the secret door. For the ways of unconsciousness afford dreamlike representations and recollections at best, which are most personal and not necessarily reflective of reality at that level.

We are all overwhelmed by the Father's presence, for who could match minds? Who could sit at that table? But we are content to take the offerings which are digested according to our frail abilities, predigested, alike to the milk from a mother.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Perceptions in the Modern World- 14th May 1991

WHEN a child chooses a toy - an object that is concentrated upon and experienced - the form of that object makes an impression upon the expanding consciousness of that child. Frequently the child must come to know the object and grasp it in two hands or between two teeth, and is loathe to let the object be taken from them until the child herself has fully come to absorb every detail into her order of perception.

Children have the ability to perceive colors as brighter and more vivid, almost radiant, as opposed to the adult, in perception and cognition. Tones of color and of their source, whether cold or warm, bright or dull, natural or synthetic: these colors assist in building the fiber, as it were, of the child's subtle bodies. They translate them into the system of assimilation, the digestive processes, and flow back through the senses, through which they first made recognition. 

It is paramount therefore, that a child may be given access to experience the wonders of the natural world, and have a home that is aesthetically pleasing in the sense of good and proper taste. From this one can surmise that the child of the country is blessed with an advantage that the child of the flat-dweller in a large city, has not.

The perceptions of early childhood will mark or enhance the ability for perception, deduction and imagination, for the rest of their days. Deprivation in early childhood leads to an underdeveloped, quite handicapped adult who has not the ability to see through his eyes, hear through his ears, and so forth; as the world becomes almost indistinguishable to the perception- a haze and a muddle, as it were. 

The treatment for such a handicap in later life is to re-establish one's relationship with the outer world, rather than by trying to hide within an introspective consciousness of the world one lives in. The temptation is of course, when one has not the ability to discern true beauty as opposed to fashion or tizzyness, is that the individual tries to surround themselves (often expensively) with the material requisites which unfortunately in reality, come no closer to enhancing their soul perception of the true nature of the world around them. 

It is therefore a wonderful therapy for all to be creative when making an environment, be it garden or house, to be pleasing to the souls of the individuals who encounter it; if done in the proper way. This of itself is not an indulgence, but can be quite an inspiration in finding the ways and means of this artistic endeavor, and can be beneficial to all concerned.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Elemental Man- 14th May 1991

IN past mythology there were many beasts that featured in certain tales: reptilian of the watery element; those with the breath of flame-throwers, of the fiery elements; creatures endowed with feather and wingspan of the air, and heavyset hardened-skull, cave and darkness dwellers of the earth.

Also corresponding to such mythology were the angelic doctrines of the elemental faerie host: those that inhabit and dwell amongst their elements with both higher and lower faculties, from sprite, sylph, nymph, elf, salamander, gnome, dwarf and so forth. Each elemental being had an elemental beast or group of beast-like brothers and powers from the garden of the world, being like representation of their particular element from which they originally sprung.
Alike to parents, the higher realms of the Angelic Host would look on, with visitations and guardianship over their correspondingly significant concerns, moving in either the air, water or fire, but not the earthly realms.

Man in his relation to the Zodiac is placed (in loose terms today) under the influence of one particular element. And the corresponding natures of these elements hold keys to the advantages and disadvantages that might present to the personality during that period in which he comes under their influence.

However, a man may bring with him a temperament that does not fit the present one, under which influence he is currently determined by. In fact this is most often the case, as the former may well help to balance the latter, redistributing attributes and essential qualities, re-establishing a different relationship within the cosmos.

Therefore one might be choleric in temperament and come into the world demanding to be fed, but be born into the watery aspect which in time, will too, have its influence on the building and expression of the future nature and personality of that particular individual.

So it goes also with the sanguine, melancholic and phlegmatic. In regards to health there is a direct relationship between the treatment and effect on an individual, depending on both past and present elemental aspects that dominate their personality characteristics, largely because the organs are stimulated by such aspects, as too the astral body, in which both etherical forces permeate or cosmic qualities are received within. The balance of the temperament plays an essential role in the determining of such wellbeing and harmony within the whole constitution, rather than just one aspect.

The phlegmatic individual might feel compelled to seek a diet, for example, that encourages this disposition. This of itself would better be corrected by a menu which selectively did not promote the nature of the watery element but instead brought the influence of the sanguine or the choleric.

Although the sanguine might enjoy in indulgence of sugars and tea drinking, there may be benefit in the consumption of complementary foods and beverages (although try and make a true sanguine ingest lemon, bitters, salt and spice!)

However, these contrasting foods may assist with health deficiencies, although moreover, the inclinations within a particular temperament and their relation to the perception of the outer world play a far greater role in the general wellbeing of the individual.

That is not to say that one should dismiss the qualities that one is endowed with, however at the bottom of one's lower nature there is a serpent, a slug, a dragon, vulture, and so forth, to be contended with. Similarly too, a John, Luke, Matthew and Mark: representing the qualities of higher elemental persuasion.

(Also, by the bye, one might have a phlegmatic St. Bernard, a choleric German Shepherd, a melancholic Bloodhound, or a sanguine Setter!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Venus & Nero- 11th May 1991

NERO was not quite as mad as history would teach us. He was in fact largely misunderstood; and much propaganda that was put onto public record shortly after his death accounted for tributes that either never took place, or were never engaged in by his own hand. 

Nero was despised and held in suspicion by his court, relatives and all of the people that served him. There was an occasion where he had given much mercy to his brother's son, who later betrayed his trust and turned on him during a period of frenzied illness.

Nero had little time for people and their ways, he had dreamt in visions that it was possible to commune with the gods. He had dedicated his pursuits with the intent of finding the ways and means of doing just that.
When alone in his chamber all manner of spectres would pay salutations at his bedside. One in particular established a relationship with him, and to this one he gave the name, Venus.

Although his love for this being that came to him might have been inspired from Venus and her rays, he was unhappily deluded as to the reality of the matter. He had withdrawn further and further away from the company of men, to the extent where daily politics had lost all flavour, and his duties were neglected. Titus had full reign over those affairs, and to this default Nero was responsible for the consequences in his name.

The problem of Nero and Venus is a fine example of the problem that those seeking the spiritual roads first encounter.

Empires seldom hinge upon presence of mind of any one individual. However there are always responsibilities to which one is accountable for, and mistakes which at times, must be viewed in reality, and rectified.

Nero became, by his own fixations of purpose, beyond the reach of reality and questioning; but instead accepted into his life what he mistook to be a higher divinity who should do his living for him. At that point one could possibly say, that he had ceased to live - when he sought the radiance of Venus to infill his consciousness, and unhappily gave all affairs over to others to control.

In his last days he was quite overcome with such delusions, and folk maintained that he was unfit, lost his wit and all reason. There was truth to this of course, but no debauchery or violence compelled him, and no such physical encounters seduced him.

Nero had had a full life offered to him but had desired more, and was indeed given it. You might ask, is this the risk that one undertakes when trying to find their way on the inner-path. Yes, this is most certainly the case. Especially when one considers in full belief that they have already reached a certain station in evolution where there is no need to learn further, and elevate themselves, to themselves, beyond their capabilities.
Nero fell into love with what he sought to love; in summation, that which was attracted to him, in like attraction. In this it was small wonder therefore, that he found satisfaction; and for this, gave over his faculties of judgment for the price of such love.

Learning to know and love the qualities of that which is outside of our being challenges and expands the soul, rather than seeking the satisfaction of the mirror-image of that which exists within our own being.

Learning to be vigilant, in being awake, in standing guard over one's consciousness - this strengthens the perception. Rather than trying to give up and give over, submitting one's consciousness.

Learning to deal with all matters that require we should give of our attention, no matter how slight we regard them to be, to give what is called upon us for in our duties - this sets the path for higher duties and responsibilities; rather than denying the work at hand, and giving over to fancy and pleasure at such expense.

This is the lesson of Nero and Venus.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Tempered Sword- 10th May 1991

THE FIERY home of shaktiput is in the indwelling cosmos. Just as there are natural mineral elements permeating as vital constituents within the physical structure, so too is fire, flame, spark and radiation, elemental, belonging to the cosmic fires, flames, sparks and radiation. And this is but an echo almost in fraction of the mother element.

In the principles of homeopathy - of dispersement, dilution, coupled with regularity in active formula, and repetition - one can call upon higher qualities of any particular homeopathic substance: any substance that is represented in the physical world. So too, in a similar fashion, can the fiery elements be called into play. However such reactions caused by this employ are dramatically effective in the physical world to say the least.

A rapid and extreme undoing in some instances (eg. nuclear activity) once established, could be viewed as a great ball of thread that has been tossed and unwound, whereupon the pyromaniacal scientist has induced a burst of fiery element to be brought into the surrounding physical substance and unwittingly brought only devastation through failure to utilize and contain such effective force, in calling down showery waves of such fiery element in this way. They have a defined duration and parameter that will not be exceeded. Nor will the consequences become indefinite, as indeed it is occurring in bursts, dependent upon the physical material which called it forth in the first instance.

Cold fusion is quite possible, and variations of this theory shall be brought into practice in the very near future.
Man has practiced many forms of calling fiery elements into and affecting their own physical constitution. It is a wonder that those stimulating the chakras in such a haphazard and violent a way, are protected largely from that sorry condition known as spontaneous combustion! (Although not all have been so lucky!)

Here is a very good example of what naturally occurs as opposed to that which is synthetic. The adept acquires with commensurate development the ability to call into his being and utilize all manner of elements, which ordinarily are latent but inert within the undeveloped faculties of an undeveloped individual. These abilities cannot artificially be reproduced- just as one cannot sprout an extra arm or leg purely from the desire to do so. So when the undeveloped individual is inflicted with all manner of powerful fiery-element ignitions, the undeveloped faculties can only cope for a very short period without reaching a limit; in a certain sense, an overload.

Returning to the principles of homeopathy: In the physical world there is the potential - as should be necessarily - to unlock gateways into the higher substances of any given physical substance. And in dwelling in and around these physical substances one could reckon that the formulas into the higher substances should be happened upon during daily life, in all probability. Whilst this does occur in a way whereby the physical man can encounter and survive these occurrences, it does not impede or interfere with the natural physical laws and capabilities, unless provoked artificially.

An example of provoking and interfering with a physical order of natural occurrence would be in the biodynamic practices of utilizing a homeopathic formula to devastate a certain species within a given radius. Without going into the morality of such a practice we can view the extreme difference between:-

a) The species that in all probability would exist somewhere in the paddock - among the same conditions - and that offers dilutions of that which is required for biodynamics. However, there is little or no physical effect from this on the whole.

b) When man has taken these naturally occurring elements and used them in such a way that interferes and dissipates the natural order; at least of what would have been.
 An interesting point is that in the act of copulation and subsequent conception, rhythm is essential to the very act.

And so we may live in an existence where the fiery elements and their physical brothers coexist, but do not interfere with the physical order - unless called upon to do so. If the student therefore, assumes that because such qualities exist and can be invoked, they must question the benefit of uninformed and undeveloped practices concerning such fiery elements.

Like a child with an abandoned toy that she has tired with, such individuals rarely have the staying power to concentrate on this or any other practice for any length of time- usually because they are trying to master capabilities too quickly with shortcuts, unaware of the limits they intend to artificially exceed.

Of course, even if one could open a bag of tricks and teach them, it would invariably go from one to another. “Next we want to affect time!” they would say. “We want to learn to walk on our heads and recite the meanings of universal law”, and so on! There is no end to such childish demands that are frequently exclaimed. However, it is fortunate that the unattainable is just that, as there would be many sorry students who would be spun into varied states all over the globe, without knowing how to undo the damage caused to themselves and to others. 

Knowledge of occult science is indeed a two edged sword, one with a very sharp blade. . . to be handled carefully!

Sorrow- 10th May 1991

THE question of happiness was addressed the other day, but what of sorrow? Sorrow does not of itself belong solely to the astral realms but is experienced in all realms of evolving life.

The young beast may experience sorrow at the loss of its mother. The man may grieve for what he has lost, what he is not, and what is to become of him or his brother. The Angelic host may sorrow for all those beings who sorrow: their pain being the pain of others. This experience is not confined to any single man, woman, community or kingdom.
Those who embark on the road inward towards a higher ground of insight and spiritual wisdom have come initially to believe that spiritual teachings coupled with a spiritual consciousness, shall stem the flow of sorrow from oneself, and that the adept is immune to the sorrows of the world as he 'rises above' that which may cause earthly sorrow. 
However one form of sorrow is easily replaced by another, with the difference being that the adept has now the ability to gauge sympathy and empathy, along with right action. His place in the world enables him to assist, rather than add in any way to those conditions of sorrow.

Sorrow is far different from despair. Despair comes when an individual is so shattered and fragmented that total chaos within the consciousness seizes that particular soul into panic, where temporarily that soul is closed to all that may assist him. Such aloneness and panic in its very nature is destructive to that individual.

Sorrow reminds us of better times to come. There is comfort in past recollections of former splendor that we've all shared and shall encounter again. As long as there is one ounce of sorrow within any kingdom in spirit, no-one may escape that existence, no denial will remove the mark.

The point being that sorrow can be both useful and productive. It speaks to our souls and awakens, in a way that no other condition could. We give thanks therefore, for such experience, and are not held in fear by the spirit of sorrow who comes and confronts us longingly, daily, hourly and minute by minute.

One can see in certain megalomaniacs a coarseness of attitude, when they have denied her presence and turned her away. Believing that such sweet pain can and should be avoided, their empathy with the soul-condition in their immediate world can only inevitably lead them on to that lonely path of despair, which we spoke of formerly.

So we suggest that if there be pity, it be for all. Then let there be acceptance, with hope and a steadfast, enduring confidence that she is leading us all towards much higher, more perfect spiritual abodes yet to be realized. We shall follow the spirit of sorrow back home to our Father.

Monday, June 22, 2009

GARDEN Speak- 9th May 1991

THE turnip is a most hardy vegetable that can endure conditions other vegetables would shrivel up and die with. If old man turnip could converse with Man he would share the knowledge of sharp, prudent thinking. He could speak, not with cunning, but actuality, of the secrets of the seasons and when best to plant by them for the rest of the wellbeing of the garden. He would not favour the flowers, nor the aromatic herbs, but in plain speak contrast the properties of both trowel and soil, principally and practically, and to the point.

Should the peach ever sing to you, it would be of far-off places and of sunlit dreams; ignoring both weather conditions and grub habitation. The peach should not even know from which tree she fell, for her place is in the etheric realm of inspiration, and she lives in the hope of one day becoming more like unto a bird than a fruit. But at the time of that great springing from the branch, she cannot lift upward. . . and sorrowfully impacts the dirt below, again and again.

A well fed watermelon is a very content chap indeed. Usually quite asleep, but when roused is amiable and ready to please, providing that they might consume and swell in the manner that pleases them also. The watermelon would tell you that he is a mistaken fruit, left out of those realms, held back through his slovenliness.

The bean should explain the importance of social order. He would rather keep to his own kind, however, and is loathe to share any properties of the entire plant as he simply doesn't know of them.

The sugar cane embraces all men and is fulfilled by pleasing man. Sweetly seductive, the sugar cane seeks a marriage that overrides the other plants and would promise, promise, promise, day and night, anything she believes would please you to hear, true or not.

The EGRET'S Teeth- 9th May 1991

THE egret is a bird whose digestive and assimilation processes do not require excess saliva in order to consume its diet. Muscles carry the small portions to the stomach, where the digestion works on whole pieces at any given time. The teeth do not perform the function of chewing, even though tiny teeth are in place in the skull formation.

Within many mammals today there are redundant physical attributes that appear, when questioned, to perform no particular relevant function within the physiological order of requirement. It is assumed therefore, that such physical characteristics relate to former species and imply the evolution thereof. However, as we know, physical attributes do not merely apply to physical function alone, but are in fact reliant on higher cosmic values that perform many valuable tasks in assisting the physical existence.

So one might question, to what valuable purpose does the egret require his teeth. (Perhaps to flash an alluring smile?)

Similarly there are many organs within the constitution of man that are misunderstood. In the instance of dual kidneys there has been the explanation that one serves as back-up, as it were, for the other should there be failure in one. Though this is useful in the unhappy event, one might question why man is not served with six kidneys, given this logic. Also question as to why we are not indeed equipped with two livers, intestinal tracts and so forth. We suggest that the performance and nature of the two are completely different, even though they may work independently from one another.

The animal kingdom can be found reflected within the constitution of Man. Without Man the animal kingdom could not determine its way into physical existence. In order to draw into matter those cosmic forces required for the systems of organized metabolism, one must have a series of corresponding magnetic counterparts to call those particular forces and attributes into. Man himself holds the qualities that enable those cosmic forces to be attracted down into physical substance thereby assisting those kingdoms beneath to be clothed in a similar way. They are dependent on the constitution of Man for this to occur. Should humanity completely withdraw from the planet, so too would the corresponding lifeforms of kingdoms below cease to manifest in like way.

There are beings within the elemental realms awaiting to be called forth within the future evolution of Man's physical existence. Man holds the keys to the earthly doors for such beings if the opportunity is to arise that they too may evolve and progress in this fashion.

Similarly Man owes his expression to certain Gods and their existing evolution, without which those vital cosmic forces could not be called into manifestation.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happiness- 8th May 1991

WHEN most folk are asked what they should seek to derive from life itself it would be rare to find an answer other than happiness. 

So to reflect on this state and the achievement thereof is valid before one can really help any individual and hope to awaken them to higher desires that will in fact assist them in realizing such a goal.

It could be said that when a man has dreams, hopes or aspirations, it should be for the very great, the very highest pinnacle, rather than desiring an outcome that cannot further their existing condition. Certainly in asking - or as some would have it, expecting - happiness, they are in fact asking by measure for something great, and also achievable.

Philosophically the question of eternal happiness, however, today will not be addressed. Personal happiness and true happiness of soul is the subject upon which we shall enter.

There is of course the immediate and the dream/imagining existence. A prisoner held within a solitary cell might expect that a single hearty meal should provide a measure of happiness. Secondly, a glance at the abounding sky would infill his being with happiness; and of course thirdly, certain release from bondage. Although all three conditions would invoke cheer in such a soul, the soul is not truly dependent on any of the three to meet with the goal of being truly happy. In fact the prisoner could be happy at any given moment, locked within the same conditions in which he was unhappy. The despair and grief is symptomatic of the fact that the individual cannot accept the present conditions, and everything within his being is rejecting that which is imposed on it.

From this illustration one can see that the individual himself can determine, to a point, his mastery and perception over the conditions in which he is held. By the act of rejecting such conditions he is causing a measure of discomfort. For it is not the conditions themselves who have master over his consciousness, but his wrestling with the desire to change such conditions in order to achieve the expected happiness.

Also we might add that change in itself does not necessarily bring with it the desired fulfillment. If the only expectation from any change is that of happiness, rather than indwelling in the experience of the new, then there is little point given that the happiness sought can be experienced at any point, in reality anytime, anyhow.

Physically when a man relaxes there is a calmness of muscles. When smiling the facial muscles have relaxed into that attitude. When the consciousness is relaxed in the world in which it operates, there is the experience of happiness and wellbeing which flows from the head down to the toes. 

To be active and motivated there must be control over the state of tension and relaxation. Tension from one muscle to another brings action and reaction, and without tensing and flexing (and exercising), the will could not drive the body into outer activity - there should be of course, paralysis.

However, total tension, working one muscle against another with no rhythm - extraordinary tightness - causes also such paralysis, as the muscles thereby would be frozen, locked as it were, against each other. And so relaxation is essential, that for one muscle to work, another must necessarily give over and relax. For the vitality to flow throughout the entire system this active and passive communication must persist in regulated episodes throughout physical existence.

From this one might suggest that happiness can at anytime be achieved, and is best, even in small quantities, to be realized before one anticipates changing oneself or the conditions surrounding oneself.

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