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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spiritual Contemplation & Health- 18th March 1990

THERE is truth to say that the days are longer for some and shorter for others. To the world-weary, each day seems to spin past so very quickly, to the point where they and their short term perception of events loses hold of interest in the day to day happenings that confront them.

If it could but be realized, every meeting, word and thought, every occurrence in daily life, is significant. Challenges, both small and immense, confront the soul, presenting new opportunities for future life. World-weariness however, leads only to certain death.

As the soul withdraws its consciousness from the wonders of life, the days become as one day; their sleeping moments are not so very different from those upon waking. The mind becomes vague and the threshold between this world and the next is indiscriminately mingled.

Some would have it that the pursuit of spiritual contemplation is but an aimless delusion for fools. We would hope that life is viewed with fresh concepts and that in striving, fulfillment and understanding these other perspectives, our Father's creation would not be disregarded by those who hold no alternative other than the yardstick of their perception of the 'real world'.

The ability to study in earnest requires wakefulness in mind, observation, and an open heart. During the course of the day certain influences pertain to different interactions. By all means, at breakfast time study breakfast! This is a joke, but not a joke. As you know, the organs work with rhythms of efficiency and their function peaks and falls at given intervals during the course of the day. Their related planets and their influences therefore, have bearing on the happenings and reflections that result. Some activities are more desirous than others at various times depending on these given conditions.

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