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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Father God & Christ, Consciousness- 9th February 1994

I shall praise the light -
And regard the fires with stern respect,
For too much life becomes as death,
As clarity itself, you cannot see -
As light on light, too bright for me.

THIS Light too bright to see is not a tyrannical benefactor. He is the sweetest of all the Mysteries, and yet impotent at this time, in the task of revealing Himself before the lies. One must bear in mind that two thousand years is but a very little episode; and His descent at that time was, if it could be said, overdue.

The very tide to be reversed, was the way of the atavistic movement which brought souls in herds to the flaming altars of their illuminations; and effectively so, as one purified the soul and chanted their way into Heaven, given to the consolatory Angels as perfected men - perfected, yes, but not self-realized.

The realizations of the Godhead, of that very grandeur which is promoted by Father God Himself, were imparted, lent and spent; and the individual was to be only half of what he might have become, were that he did have the opportunity. But these 'self-less' souls did negate their desire for any part of this World, and with no compelling gravitation tipped off the edge into fanciful spheres of Nirvanic bliss, immersed in the beauteous oceans of dreaming.

Were they to have entered with their egos intact and their self-conscious exactment, they may have marveled at the light-waves and the sublimity therein; choosing too, that moment of peak saturation, whereby so filled, they may have pulled back into the living realms and re-established the relationships and karmas as were waiting. But for the soul who has advanced back to the original paradisiacal determination, the Nirvanic oceans are perilously consuming for there is no will or want for anything more, and the soul is satisfied to dream into eternity.

There are arguments amongst even the greatest of beings as to the desirability of such an outcome. However, from the point of view which does contrast the affirmative, we suggest that Christ has brought the gift of egohood to each soul, a gift which could never be forced in any way, as it would defeat itself thereby. There is always a catch!

There have always been attractive teachers, greatly empowered and motivated to rise upon the peak of the advancing men before them - with this difference: some, not all, are self-realized and self-conscious, whilst their followers are not. Their followers bring to them the power of the accelerated push, for it is as a submission of ego in such devotion; a willing (for there may be no other way) submission of self, confusing the revelations as invoked to be the same as the teacher who is invoking. Thus they will tell you that so and so is the World and is the Christ, when it is but a falsehood - an incredible one at that, to say so. In that instance the teacher has disclosed the inner mysteries in a way which has deflected the truth and reality through that of his own ego. Whilst also the same goes for the student who must go via the teacher rather than through the source, to study, to worship, to experience.

However there are on the other hand, teachers who will stand back and allow their pupils to be led into the inner mysteries, to come to their true knowing for themselves. When this is successfully fused within the pupil, he shall come to love and know the tree or the sand or the sky or the Light or his fellow soul-mate, or his study or his active employment or his inner employment. He shall come to know the qualities of that which is before him intimately, perceiving and loving them with a clarity which is not possible if come to through another.

So you can see that the two teaching techniques are in opposition to one another. The freedom as worked for by us is seized with the riskiness of ill choosing. The mainstream procession of successive enlightened souls tell of a story that by our perspective is of one prematurely completed.

Not all Eastern traditions encouraged the self-less, ego-less path. Not all did require the surrender of Christ, that Heaven be won.

The 'I Am' of Man was/is a bold and enterprising 'I'. It ripples the waters and contests the minor gods before it, it desires continually - desiring to become, desiring to know;

  • desiring to know by becoming (empathy);
  • desiring to become by knowing (study and wisdom);
  • desiring to desire aright and without self-harm (discrimination and karma);
  • desiring to love and therefore to desire again (to acknowledge and return to former love in great joy).
This is the fundamental contrast to the ego-less persuasion.


The reality of Christ Incarnatus is indisputable. As for the inertia in Man's failing to proclaim this openly and emphatically, the reason is plain - there is always a little 'catch-up' time required before the pneu-mind of Man can find the concept, the phrase, to translate for what the soul already knows. The vocabulary of thinking simply is not available to the ordinary consciousness. The exceptions are those who have had to make the connections with the Christ consciously by effort, and usually with pain also. The reward has been some measure of certainty realized, which in itself is quite a contradiction in terms. However, a measure rather than full complement is all that is achievable given the present conditions upon the Globe. This will change given time, but in the meanwhile a few too many good souls are being bewildered by the lack of constancy between the sight of the soul and the insight that travails it.

The intuitive man may come to his soul-knowledge self assured and strong in heart- the extravaganza of extraneous proof is not required in order to stimulate his inner perception. The psychic senses are underdeveloped and therefore irregular and unreliable in the present constitution of Man. This is why it is hit and miss in all cases - coupled with the fact that the permitting conditions for such intermediary perceptions are appalling and inconclusive to great ability. Even the greatest amongst us may be misled. Conditions change; it has not always been so in the past, nor will it be in the future, but for the time being the passage into clairvoyance is deceptively murky. This is markedly important to keep in mind, especially if one advises you ever believing that their talent in this regard is unquestionably whole or complete.

It is true to say that Christ - the Christ, our Christ - was more readily perceived as an Individual Being, distinct, in times preceding His deeper decension. However, He was not in the common vocabulary. Some things you know but never ever name. You do not know you live with the knowledge, because to name it thus would become a distinction between Christ and You - and this was not so. (Just as one knows their mother way before they name her thus.)

The age of Philosophy reasoned away the golden wisdoms. One by one the sacredness of Man was drawn out and brought to comparison. This was not a bad contest, but the beginning to an almighty appendage of ideas which was to follow Man into the centuries to come, that he might fully discover the true meaning of them, as they demand.


The Wolf-spirits of the Moon are the detainees of human sloth. They are harlequin and of many forms. Quick and strong, they have devoured the astral offcasts and now have a taste for the living as well. Sheltered from the direct light, they slink around the darker aspect of shadowy Moon - cold its heart, cold its bone. The wolverines travel the direct road through to the Earth, and then return.

Further notes:

According to RS Gnostic knowledge was inspired by "the impulse coming from Luciferic forces". 
That doesn't mean that there's nothing to learn here; but at no stage did Dr. Steiner advocate the "ego-less" path. The human ego is a gift from Christ:

"But now we know that this entire development of the human being, this evolution of the individual soul members as we differentiate them, is essentially bound up with something else — is essentially bound up with the gradual incorporation of the human ego. For this incorporation of the human ego into the nature of man is the whole mission of the Earth evolution. So we have, as it were, two intermingling evolutionary streams, in that we must go through the Earth evolution, following that of Saturn, Sun and Moon, and that as earth humanity we bring to development especially this fourth member, the Ego, and join this Ego to the other principal members of human nature, upon which preparatory work was done earlier: namely, the physical body, the etheric body, and the astral body."

-Rudolf Steiner 

Countering this "mission of Earth evolution" is Lucifer.

The human ego evolves, but at no stage do we try to delete it:

"You see in a certain sense there now exists an intimate relationship between the human ego and the three members of man's soul nature: the sentient soul, the rational or intellectual soul
, and the consciousness soul. Chiefly within these three members the human ego lives its inner life; and in our fifth post-Atlantean epoch it lives in the consciousness soul, and will live most deeply in it, because in the consciousness soul the pure ego can come to expression quite unhindered, so to speak, by the other members. Indeed we live in our time in an epoch in which this ego has the great and special mission of developing itself, of building upon itself.

"If we take a sort of prophetic glance into the future, at what is to come, if we say that man will develop the Spirit-Self, or Manas, in the next, the sixth post-Atlantean epoch, then we recognize that Spirit-Self, or Manas, really lies above the sphere of the ego. As matter of fact, man could not in this future develop the Spirit-Self out of his own forces; but if he is to develop his Spirit-Self, he must be helped in a certain way by that which flows to the earth through the forces of higher Beings. Man has come to that stage in the evolution of his ego where, out of his own forces, he really can develop only up to the consciousness soul; but this development would not be complete if he should not anticipate in a certain sense that which will reach its true, complete, self-impelled human evolution only upon Jupiter, the next embodiment of our planet. Up to the end of the Earth evolution man should develop his ego; and he will have had opportunity to accomplish this development within the sentient, intellectual, and consciousness souls. But the actual Spirit-Self is to become the human possession only upon Jupiter; only there will it become the fitting human endowment. On Jupiter man will have about the same relation to the Spirit-Self that he has to the ego on earth. If then the human being develops the Spirit-Self during the earth-period, he cannot relate himself to it as to the ego. Of our ego we say: We ourself are that; it is ourself in reality. When in the next epoch, the sixth post-Atlantean, the Spirit-Self shall have come to expression, then we shall not be able to address this Spirit-Self as ourself; but we shall say: Our ego has developed to a certain stage, so that our Spirit-Self can shine into it, as from higher worlds, as a kind of Angel Being, which we ourselves are not, but which shines into us and takes possession of us. Thus will our Spirit-Self appear to us; and only upon Jupiter will it appear as our own being, as our ego now is. Human evolution moves forward in this way."


The Ego is our Fourth Principle: (Lucifer-Pride) 
"The Christ will deepen the inner life of man, but also make him humble; the Luciferic spirits will lead man out beyond himself, and make him wise, clever, talented, but also in a certain sense haughty;
 will teach him that he might become something superhuman even during the Earth evolution. Everything, therefore, which in the future shall lead man to rise above himself, as it were, which will make him proud of his own human nature even here upon earth — that will be a Luciferic impulse; but what makes a man more deeply sincere, what brings his inner life to such depths as can come only through the complete development of the fourth principle — that comes from the Christ."


Essentially the ego-less path is the teaching of the Anti-Christ:

"Thus will the Christ Spirit and the spirit of this being face one another — the Christ Spirit, from whom humanity may hope to receive the mighty macrocosmic impulse of its fourth princ
iple, and the Luciferic Spirit, who will wish in a certain way to lead humanity beyond this.
"If people would agree that we must acquire from the Luciferic spirits only that to which we can look up in the same way that we look down to our lower nature ... then they would be doing right. But if people should come to say: You see the Christ gives only the fourth principle, while these spirits give the sixth and seventh ... people who think thus concerning Christ will worship and extol ... the Antichrist.

"Thus will the position of the Antichrist towards the Christ make itself felt in the future. And with the outer intellect, with the outer wisdom, one will not be able to challenge such things; for it will be possible to produce much which from the point of view of the intellect and talent will be more clever in the Antichrist than that which will more and more flow into the soul from the Christ, as the highest human principle. Because Christ brings to man the fourth macrocosmic principle — since it is macrocosmic, it is infinitely more important than all microcosmic principles; it is stronger than they, even though it is related to the human ego, stronger than all others which can be gained during Earth evolution — still, because it is only the fourth principle, it will be thought of as lower than the fifth, sixth and seventh, which come from the Luciferic spirits; and especially lower than that which comes from Antichrist."


The egoless path means death, death to development- Christlessness:

"But from this you see that in a certain way it is not exactly easy to understand the Christ evolution within the earth, because in a sense the objection is justified that particular 
spirits, Luciferic spirits, lead up to other principles — but only to microcosmic principles. I expressed that earlier when I said: The Christ is a sort of focal point, in which the Being works through His deed, the Being works through that which He is. Round about the Christ sit the twelve Bodhisattvas of the world, upon whom streams what flows from the Christ, and who elevate it, in the sense of increased wisdom, to higher principles. 

"BUT IT ALL FLOWS FROM THE FOURTH PRINCIPLE — even upon the higher principles — in so far as these are evolved on the earth. On this account there is much error with regard to the uniqueness of the Christ, because there is not a clear understanding that in the Christ we have, to be sure, to do with the fourth principle, but with the fourth macrocosmic principle, and even though higher principles can be developed, these are only the microcosmic principles of beings who have not come to full development on the Moon, but who in their way transcend the human."


Friday, June 4, 2010

Working the Rosary- 29th January 1994

REMEMBER back to the teaching of our coming to meet with the physical world particularly via the experience of contact upon the tips of our fingers? In the lower kingdoms the animals have different points other than their fingers (or equivalent):

  • in a dog, for example, it is the surface of the tongue that reasons the experience most greatly of the outer world;
  • in the cat it is their whiskers;
  • in the bird it is the tip of the beak;
  • in the otter and seal it becomes the whiskers and underside of the belly;
  • in the horse it is the hoof;
  • monkeys use their hands;
  • cows - cows don't really have one they more or less pretend their way through consciousness in the world;
  • sheep, back of tongue and throat;
  • camels, by spittle (extending themselves);
  • the snail's underneath;
  • the shark's nose;
  • the rhinoceros's horn;
  • the giraffe's lips;
  • the bat's feet (not a healthy/good way to the enter the world);
  • the mollusk's shell;
  • the caterpillar's fiber;
  • the flower's heart within the petals (as to 'touch', this is a contradiction in terms, but the heart is as their eye and flowering plants mature to the world unfolding when in flower, fulfilling their true and desired limit);
  • trees emit and travel through the odor and exhaling of their foliage, while plants like cotton continue a worldly consciousness after being plucked, processed and brought into a direct relationship with Man by use - even long after the plant has withdrawn, the preserved fiber in sheet or shirt is actually still acting as an extended digit to the overall spirit of the plant and gathering experience thereby.

Men enjoy sensation over the complete surface area of the skin and beneath the skin, and are not restricted as to how it is that they 'sense' the world. However, the tips of the fingers are the most sophisticated (the wiser) one may say, and have too, the dual purpose of issue which acts as a protective form of repellent, defining by vitality exactly the nerve's boundaries and the forthcoming emanations without. All ten fingers have an individual ray dispersing from the tip, even though they combine harmoniously. The number of digits has been particular to the streams of 'interest and enlightenment' within the man.

The Rosary, in the decad, was worked for each finger (including the thumbs), singularly and separately, moving piece by piece along, working one and then another, feeling each influence and its relationship within and without.


  1. Our Father: Active Life - the Will & the forces of Ego. [Index finger]
  2. Peace/Containment (in relation to #1) Directly above the palm (the heart).
  3. Strength: sustained and active - to be used, summoned by the Will.
  4. Sexuality: Various aspects related.
  5. Good Naturedness: humor, goodwill - the thumb is the most obliging of the hand.
    LEFT HAND [or passive]

  6. Our Father, Passive: the Divine Will of utter existence - Quiescent. [Index finger]
  7. Disintegration: the power to desist, to dissolve.
  8. Obedience: strength curtailed - servitude.
  9. Reverence: suppression of the Ego, the power to 'give way' in surrender to God.
  10. Nobility: Generous, upstanding & virtuous.

The actual hand depends on which is preferenced for being the leading and active hand - a left-handed person may exchange 1-5 for 6-10. 

When a prayer or meditation is entertained we seek to be inward - some lose consciousness in this. However, when coupled with the process of determined and conscious touch, the actual prayer is exterialized and then recovered, substantiating and at the same time experiencing a more marked degree of conscious experience.

Every prayer and meditation may be interpreted according to the aspect of the ten. The centers within a man each respond differently and we may 'work' internally the constitution in the correct and proper exercise of such.

Quite often the weaknesses and failings a man may experience and personally seek to change are to be located primarily on that hand; in an aspect 'gone wrong' as it were.
The cooperation of meditation and Rosary encourages the aspects to virtuous activity in the affirmative, even though for the best part of the day they do meet with the world and all of its intemperance. 

The wearing of nail polish was as a conceit, saying: (depending upon color too) "I am refined and animated in all of these aspects - most perfect". The nails themselves are great protection of that area which is too subtly tuned to be exposed, but given in the process at the tips. A woman's vanity at seeking to hide the windows to those spaces was once considered an indication of her worldliness and inner insensitivities.

Clarification on how to do the Rosary meditation

Firstly one might start with one quality per day. Then instead of going through the whole of one hand, start with a finger on the right and then follow with the mirror finger on the left. This is the balanced way to do it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Souls in Attendance & the Elements Throughout- 28th January 1994

WHEN someone has lost something they return to that spot where it has been misplaced, don't they? That is if they know of the general locality. This is as it is for the souls who are no longer embodied but still very much connected with this world in love and interest. They return to where and whom their selves have been so given in a lifetime; and too, to that which is desired, most longed for, as well.

For some this becomes a perilous frustration unsatisfied, for there are no means of making real that very thing in same or similar manner. However, some benefits are fully realized and the connections placed prove greatly worthwhile.

This is the case for those attendances made by mutually inclined souls at those functions which promote spiritual (higher) thought and holy celebration; for it is as they have lost that part of that they need. There are wonderings unanswered and strengths to be instilled, and also there are many 'last minute' forces of attribute that would please them and prepare them before moving on.

Every time a deceased person is thought of they are immediately connected and noted by those who share a key (mutual signature key). They are sensitive to the rememberings and kindnesses, to the bitternesses as well - thus one has pleaded to not speak ill or think harm of the dead as it becomes a seething woe which upsets and unsettles the individual.

Relationships become more not less, significant after death. The true attitudes are clearer, the soul defined and naturally gravitating to that which it is sincere to. There are many reasons why an individual may be unfulfilled in a particular way and seek such a remedy within the world. There is not the ability in most to retain a linked concentration for very long, and the actual attendance is in part also, much like a dream is to us. Their meeting at the world's edge with the living is similarly dreamlike for them as well. However if the intent and driving interest is strong enough, involvement will be guaranteed.

One of the advantages enjoyed by these souls at a prayerful session or an advanced discourse, is in that the subject matter is assimilated readily without obstruction and the full body and flavor is really experienced on that pertinent level. The souls who amass at such gatherings know that they require the inspiration or the answers, the cleansing or the celebration which may only be found by them within the actual events taking place in the physical world. As aforementioned, some individuals are frustrated in this, having no avenue, via relatives, friends or associates, so given (or not given as the case may be) to such spiritual advancement.

For most individuals the love and interest for the world increases after death, particularly having enjoyed the relief of discovering yet again the continuity and 'bigger picture' so to speak. Certain trials and errors are addressed, but on the whole the individual is usually drawn in interest back to those specific places and people for a brief glimpse and reassociation; very quickly indeed, but long enough for a general soul-impression to be retained. This heightened enthusiasm shall help drive the individual back into the next incarnation come his time, and also help mark those particulars which shall be met with upon return.

He shall be afforded the connections with the world as long as his corresponding signature keys remain: with people, with belongings, with ongoing karma - as say a manuscript read or a bridge built and walked upon - his own cadaver (mummified or preserved cryogenically) or even, in the extreme, in the instance of a very holy soul, just by the uttering of his name. All of these things provide the attraction and entrance back into the world at the edge where the two realities rest upon another.

At Communion how may the souls partake in the actual water and the wafer; is any to be left aside for them? 

Some elements translate exactly throughout the subtle regions: water is water and the water here may be directly experienced by a discarnate soul as it is; and particularly when transfused, imbued and enlivened with Holy Virtue. The 'taking in' of substance is different however, as the 'drinking' is done as quick as thought and desire draws their ethereal lips to the goblet; and although weight for weight the measure remains the same, it can be possible that one hundred such souls have shared the cup - and we have seen this - all the while the living company are none the wiser.

This is the true realization and meaning of the ever-replenishing font. For within the Spiritual Worlds this phenomenon is current and expected: no well ever dries, no candle ever dies and the multiplying of fish and loaves is as a 'daily' occurrence. One might say that the principle of regeneration is known to the World because of this; only that the World knows death also, which does interrupt the Divine precipitator. 

As the elements carry over, they do so into every phase of cosmic echelon, and it is not by coincidence that characteristics within a man are often discerned in terms of the aspect of fire, of water, of air or of etherical portendance.

Musically there can be affinities with the individual elements, a melody may, according to its characteristic aspect, bring water, bring fire, and so forth, into the room; albeit invisibly, but nonetheless quite tangibly - from a spiritual point of view. In the instance of an interpretation which lends itself to a chaos of change (as with your Mahler) there becomes a conflict of elements as one is called forth and does mingle or argue upon another.

To some, the effects of this are quite exciting and one can actually translate where one begins and ends, and how the aspects are invoked, only to clash and disrupt upon themselves - it is very much alike to an audible game of paper, scissor, rock etc. However, such stimulation may be overdone and unproductive: insofar as the characteristic theme is only ever in part and unfulfilled. This may explain the fascination for such.

All music may be interpreted in this way - not to forget also that for those pieces which are characteristically of water, for example, the beings associated with the water are related too; whilst our corresponding elements within are awakened and responsive to the musical invocations.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Preparation for Communion- 27th January 1994

AS men cavort superficially atop the skin of this Globe, held to a periphery thin-layered and pressured by the almighty sky above, their intrigues and consipirations adhere also to but an outer film: that exterial shell which is knowledge - that knowledge of this, the current World. Layered alike to the rippling rock, the fields of forces impose upon the men, superimposed - superlatively lapping in, wave upon wave, in many levels adjunct, seeping in and passing through this sphere.

You might travel to some exotic repose and sup on turtle soup, break bread that is leavened with gold dust, toast the peat moss and casually laugh as the foibles and follies are gradually disclosed and made much of. In company one may unwittingly confess to sundry dispositions- one dozen no less, all fascinatingly contradictory. Such is modern life and its accompanying bourgeois thought - the disclosures are believed to be real and of import, the fare more than sanitary, the dialogue amusing. Yes, the pursuits rival those of the catalog of spiritual precepts and comprehension of Christ - outweighed and out won in appearance, by superficiality.

However such superficiality is of itself superficial to the true man; and the veneerial [as in ‘veneer’] representation allows little disclosure of his heart's reasoning. The spiritual man seeks conformity whereby the outer life as lived is relaxed and responsive to the soul's indications. For some there may be an actual pain sensed when called to compromise in greater degree, when the will of the world contradicts the innermost higher motivations.

When we expel out from ourselves in breath and particularly voice, we are actively conjoining the forces of the soul-will with that of the ego anchored presently in amongst the world. The activity of exhalation and vocal exclamation is consistent throughout a man, even if the actual meaning of the words is less significant and the intention impotent. Nonetheless, the constitution is in line with the soul in this expression. It is a venturing into the world; something which must necessarily be improved upon and wholeheartedly affirmed, because without such a straight-through connection the being would withdraw and discarnate immediately. There must be some measure of consistency linking a man with his superficial existence.

The act of inhalation, and the concentration of listening or observing, 'listening visually', is likewise an act of congeniality between the superficial consciousness and the higher awareness within. Here the child takes back to the parent all that it has gleaned and seeks approval.

In many respects a man is sorely affected and afflicted by those immediate surroundings he is steeped within, and by the quality, ingenuity and moral fiber of the men and women he interacts with. For it does so happen, that continually he is obliged to return inwardly with those impressions, and by this he himself is colored within and without. These are but simple terms to put them in, but it is fact. Just as it has been proved afore that one should not house the criminally insane together, and as far as is possible, the sufferers of sickness, nor should one expose themselves to madness or folly, disreputableness or cheats, without following through with an absolution to remedy the insult, and a critical analysis which forgives the wayward but discerns the fault and folly.

There are many forms of absolution in which a man may cleanse and begin again. One such, sturdily empowered, is the aspect of Communion which releases the participants from the influences of the temporary world and its dross. However it befits a good opportunity right here to make a point of he who hosts the ritual: that he be beware not to poison the very water so enlivened because of the action within himself. For he who makes the utterances or clarifies the song, is outwardly active, whilst all others are immediately responsive; and because of the nature of this absolution, care must be observed as to the protection of the gathering - usually by earlier remonstrations and prayers devised by the officiator afore time.

In many respects men are protected from the consciousness of inner action. The amassing and congealing of each combustive particle, the mirror-celestial body as miniature and all of its constellations, the lights of intuition and comprehension as they dart here and there amongst the aura like an electrical storm - man is contained in his superficiality that he be saved from the overwhelming effects of inner experience.

In sleep it is true to say that he travels the starry courses. It is equally true to say that he travels inwardly to do so, amongst the mirror impression of his very own body - and that being the 'outer' gateway to the greater splendor which is above all else, above all else. This is a fine distinction, and true.


It is best that he/she be removed from the company just prior to the Communion. Whilst absent, there makes for good timing for prayers and quiet meditation, so that the gathering might prepare well for the vital supplication which is about to be administered. Set the mood, as they say.

It can be a time for personal thanksgiving and review, with the object to 'touch base' inwardly and allow the heart to open without reluctance or denial.

As for the host, there are many ponderances which may assist his intent; and also it must be added that he does not make appearance until he feels enabled to do so - that it is not to schedule or clock, but might be five minutes or five hours or even not at all, that he comes to the water of Christ and believes himself prepared and worthy to ask for such blessing.

He is mindful also of the great need with those who are in attendance, so much so that it is as a life and death wager - being the life of the soul renewed afore it dies to the world. For it is that we seek to combine with that Divinity which does inspire this transitory but obstinate world. We urge that the said combination revivify our beings and cleanse them completely. So, because of the outpouring - particularly in relation to the spokesperson involved - there is a need for prior absolution that the issue be uncontaminated during the Communion.

The first part of this is the extreme power of such conscious foreknowledge. In other words, as is often the case with all mystic actions, the knowledge marks the intent which governs and decrees the willed action, and in just by the knowing of the spiritual realities one is quicker to initiate and invoke them.

The second part portends to the actual substance with the prayers - to be pronounced out loud - as this will begin to be as enfleurage to the design, that he may purge sufficiently to be prepared.

1. Recite the Paternoster.

2. The Abscondance from Sin

Touch me not with your vile aberrations!
For I am made foreign to your deceit,
Your trickery, which curses all Men -
I do withstand your loathsome promptings
And contest the fickle demands
Of wickedness and its conceit -
And, for the sake of all Men,
I demand you to cease your illegal claim
And go to God for forgiveness and redemption,
This day.
I am surrendering my afflictions
And reckoning them to Christ
That He may deal with them;
Masterfully and completely.

Beloved Christ -
I abscond from all Sin as imposed or entertained,
And pray that you shall release all men, including myself,
From the terrors of spiritual death -
May we come to know and live Love in every breath,
In and exhaling,
This day.


Monday, May 31, 2010

Paradise & Happiness- 26th January 1994

Beloved Child,
There is not one sadness known which is not also in greater measure known to Heaven - meaning that that which grieves a man is struck in the heart of an Angel until such a time as the Angel may bandage the complaint and make pure the vile affliction. For every impairing aggravation, every insult upon the soul of a man begs attendance alarmingly - quite so, as emphatically as the infant commands those hearts who hear his wails of helplessness.

The tragedies, the true element of, were brought into being as a certain condemnation of innocence. Innocence blithely protracted her way throughout the events of men, who were only impressed with the virtuous score - whilst at the same time disbarred their purities by such means as were correspondingly devilish; and there was not the function of clear-sighted comprehension to make comparisons.

Paradise in its original condition, welcomed all beings to converse openly. This was a conjunction, one of those conjunctions that entertained the spiritual beings visibly, clothing all with like substance and actually offering stimulation and supplication also. This was not just cordoned by man and his entourage- the familiar kingdoms (familiar, as in family); the original Paradise was famous for its diversity. 

Just as Persia in her eloquent prime gathered to herself every rich beauty found upon the Globe, Paradise imported every element of cosmic finery, accompanied by the unusual, the illustrious, the dainty and preferring; the proud (and justifiably so), the grand, the wild and intemperate; the man loving male - the irregular innovators who run and conspire contrary to the compelling law; the beings of organization and their brothers-in-law, the beings of chaos; while also, the forms of beauteous thought lay all around and coupled with the then, dreaming Man.

In its latter days, those which were to be the last, there became a veritable menagerie of contrasting speculations. Mankind was not without his 'elder brothers' then, for they had advanced, leading the procession through the gates of the old Moon and into the boundaries of the greater sphere of the Earth. They were there at the heralding - young Man did not venture in unaccompanied.

The substance in which Life cavorted, was far different to flesh and bone as is now. All was fluid: the dream substance which is by nature less disciplined but more elastic, is permanently changeable and tiresome to fix consciousness in. Men were however, entertained well.

Active participation, active measures of will and willing require the dual interaction of two corresponding and reactive parties. The dream consciousness which coincided with the conditions as experienced in Paradise, did not afford an actual participation as such - the impressions came and went in rich magnitude, but nonetheless were insubstantial to the sensibilities comprising a man. Fundamental challenges did not make issue. For example, there was no threat of consequence established in the then, naive psyche, and therefore no comprehension as to true relativity. 

Man could not fix his own position in relation to the entire world, and he 'floated' in and out of soul dreaming with no real demand for self concentration. The identity of men was all too easily confused also. The remarkable and fantastic qualities as brought to bear in the associate beings, were often so calculated and experienced as to be their own. This in itself was educating in part, but irregular to the inherent inclinations set within, to later become. The separation from the spiritual perception and the mingling with its fellows was the first grief of which Man turned within himself to search for what he had lost.

A mantle of certain refraction (certain, as in particular) was put upon the regions, enwrapping, enfolding the gentle world, with a newfound stability, an order, which became the physical existence. This order drew its inspiration from the etheric breath, and is maintained by all of those elements and forces which permeated the original Paradise. However, they are concealed in Physical Life, for otherwise each would be all too persuasive and bring ruin upon the now obstinate matter.

Sorrow and sadness warrant resolution, that they be administered to, that there is a need hitherto unanswered - that is what sorrow and sadness truly are. The actual experienced knowing of sadness is from the Greater Sadness as in the Father God Himself - or at least we presume so.

One would imagine that need was relative to time only, and in this one may be content eternally without the knowing of that hollow which is sadness. Philosophically there has always been the question: out from which inspires the greatest motivation, happiness or sadness? And it might well be reasoned that sadness provokes the spirit to make a change for that which would lean into happier circumstance. In filling the need (in the attempt also) we are active; whereas with no need there is no actual expansion. Or is there? This particular thought is an unanswerable. For it has also been observed that happiness by its nature is expansive, and does carry the spirit much further in the experience. 

There is a wonderful contradiction in Law - however, provided for - that serene contentment and all of its refractives, actually multiply and strengthen, and are the cosmic principles within the furtive scheme of propagation and renewal. In other words, Creation is formed by and around Happiness, in the literal sense. The ongoing Creation could not ceaselessly replenish her enthusiasm without this divine principle reality of true Happiness. It is the fulfilling principle, thus the Angels are motivated and sensitive to such inclination.

In a roundabout way one can begin to comprehend the need for need - the very polar opposite, as borne within the tragedies which later were to become known by Man. The purpose of sorrow was to intensify the clarity with each and every being, that they may come to fully realize what it is they inflict upon the outer world; how it is they inflict upon themselves, and decide accordingly what is proved to be needed by them for perfection. For it is the incorporation of such gravity of self - self centeredness in the correct and proper sense, rather than in the negative - which implies experience and profits by its virtues.

Each man compounds within. This is indisputable.

The 'dissolving' of self can only ever be apportioned lymphatically. A merger between individual souls becomes not as a 'dissolving' but rather as an incorporation, for identity therein is enhanced rather than forfeited. So too with one's merger with Christ willingly. And so it goes.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Holy Spirit -13th January 1994

CHRIST is INCARNATION. All that is of this World does spill out from His Being. All that was manufactured, all that is and is to be and to become, is of our Lord. For Christ being the Word-manifest does issue forth the split resonances which sing as Man, and Man's beings which are incorporated within the lesser kingdoms.

The Divinity which is Father God did send His Son in place of He; for He being Perfect Life cannot compromise Himself as anything else. Without the presence of His Life - true and perfect Life: this being the Holy Spirit - no being could exist at all; not at all. This Life pushes all into the worldly existence and sustains them there. However it is moreover the 'spirit' itself which has been long before this worldly life, and perpetuates ever on in deep commitment to Father God.

Man is the World, as he is with Christ, as Christ is with he; and the World gyrates around His Being. This is the home of Man, this is his station of which he is king and need not apologize for this. The rampart need be defined and held secure. The decisions shall be decided, and one by one the judgments will fall - not with the finger of an outside adjudicator but by the heart of the inner man, he shall pick and choose his preferred destiny.

This World has many bodies; not all are incorporated and some are not ripe, nay, prepared.

Our World may look in upon herself, from the outside in, and knows each and every man who trips the land. She feels and she suffers; she rejoices and she tires and she is tended to by mighty protectors, that she is ever again excited unto Life, that she may bear.

One may meditate upon the Holy Spirit for the action of Life itself leaps into the man who welcomes it. For this is what Father God can give to us, be to us. It is the intermediary between He (the Unknowable) and Manifestation (being Worldly incarnate or not - meaning utter Manifestation) - between He, He as He comes to us in us as the Holy Spirit, as bonded and driving and sustaining of all of Creation: the Greater Christ.

And it is not the vitalities which are the Life, for the Life invigorates all current, all flow. They (the vitalities) are as but veins, but not of Pure God. This is not to suggest that Father God is 'energy' etc. etc. - His Spirit-forces determine all catalysts, empower all propulsions into eternity, and enliven the menagerie of forms. Christ draws together the ineffable mix with the Will that decides we can endure more Life.

For we have already been given spirit enough to lastingly be, but we gather unto ourselves in such development, that we are caused to incorporate a community of beings within our soul hemisphere, and also with dependence. For not alone is any man. 

Where do we begin? The substance itself hosts not a few communities comprised, also the very organs and minerals correspond livingly with entire planetary regions and their fellows. His ego is in part, scattered, and his individuality is shared with every other he has personally known, and such record and linkage does dwell within him also. So too, those gracious beings who have consoled or conjoined in inner and outer realms; and also that other soul, split from the egg of the ego, now two; particles borrowed, bringing intimate relationship when animal flesh is consumed and the animal is now part of the man's constitutional community, as well as his own animal; the beings of thought and of desire who frequent around the heart and the mind and the blood, and dance attached to the immediate aura.

  • Creation is the relationship and union of otherwise separate entities.
  • Creation becomes when there is an ecology of harmonious existence.
  • Creation, in essence of our World, is Christ.
We may pray to our Father God because of the Holy Spirit - we have proof of His Presence by the very fact that we exist. Even after death, when one discovers that they are intact, then there is His Presence in the continuance of Life. And this Life moves through everything and by its travels there is not one thing which He would not know.

You are an individuality but the Holy Spirit which causes you is ever moving, circulating, all at the one time - it is not of time, but all at once. . . and in all. Be careful not to miss it! (The point that is.)


We invite the untamable into our lives,
This one pervading element:
The Will of God Himself,
By which all being is meshed and mingled
And quickened into activity,
Driving the pulse afore creativity,
Animating with cohesion,
Enlivening with an incomprehensible power
Which moves with Wisdom,
Impels with determination,
Out from and into the Heavenly Order.

Arise! Hearken to this Spirit of Exaggeration,
From which futures unfurl with courage.
And as the grass leaps the earth,
It is so urged and made confident
By the forthrightness and action
Of the Life as brought
By this, our Holy Spirit.

By Christ we are reserved;
As Life spills life,
He sets the curbs
And maintains the freedoms also.
By Christ the fires are tempered, warm,
And we are contained in His Body
And by His Will,
Through which the Holy Spirit conforms
In Love which obliges such Goodness.


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