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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Conference with Vanity- 1st April 1999

"Show yourself!" - His commanding words addressed the figure plainly. Reticent and cowering, the hooded intrudent moved forward.

"Speak Master Vanity, and tell me of yourself."

The creature beneath the cloak began to assume quite quickly, something of a lively confidence. It flourished its head, and then with girlish affectation, it giggled.

Christ looked on, waiting patiently for some reply. His Presence had enlivened the being and it was now most comfortably animated within its own nature. Its eyes burnt inwards, it stroked its own hair. Comfortable with the grand attention it was soaking in, it then found the appropriate moment to dramatically moan and sob.

"I am ill-understood ... my beauty is so coveted ... I am painfully envied and therefore disliked - alone in my abstract pleno [fullness/completeness]."

"Does greatness have to be recompensed with a loneliness?" Christ murmured, as if to Himself; and then, as though startled into full wakefulness He spoke with full accent upon this other:
"I have seen what may come of you within this very future, and there is much to be done, if you are to remain within my World. Do you have knowledge of that star from which your tender self resides? Will you allow me to tell you of its holy and reliable instincts? Come closer and I will show you - if you would have it my friend."

With anyone else it would have argued (unto eternity); perhaps only for attention's sake, and be so engaged with speak about itself, or for that of the fact that it had no real consideration for much outside of its mean comprehension. However, this was Christ: The Christ, our Christ. And He had come.

They said that He was received within the World, and yes it had been also so said that He was fearless! When He had gone into the many wild places of bush and wood, of river and sea, of hilltop and mountain, into the etheric paradise and then penetrating the caverns of the astral depths as well - throughout the many, many natures He had visited and passed through - they had said in report afterward, that He had played. That He did not test His Strength, but His Joy.

With a caravan of Muses there following, the mirth amongst each place thus visited was complete! Happiness kissed the cheek of each and every face so smiled upon, glad again, for if ever there was a King within the World it was this Sovereign!

Yes, it was said that He had truly met with everything, and everybody spoke well of Him. Little demons (those that were about) came into new being - the very first to wave around and jiggle into dance when He was about. Naught could be untouched by this happiness that had returned into the Earth.

But then, there were those days not so spoken of ... weren't there. Days when He grew solemn and distant and the world had felt His Hurt.

Obedient to his Master's mind, Vanity sought to lock into the understanding offered. For this was Christ, and even Vanity could not entirely be himself anymore, now having been so very closely touched by his patriarch.

"You see that star up there"- the finger pointed and a radiant light moved out from it, rapidly appearing and disappearing.

"This star is not your star, you have long been affixed incorrectly." He pondered in silent conference, and then continued, "The true Venus that you seek is now the Sun."


Four columns of light (not quite as intense as a star voyager conveyer beam) appeared with prismic infusion, out of which appeared four figures. Exquisite and gracious, the four assembled before the two.

"These are your family dear one - do you not know them?"

Vanity became awkward, sensing only an inner emptiness ... and an unbearable ugliness in contrast to the party intent upon him. He had no reply to give. He felt nothing but a horrible self-pity.

Christ in that moment had healed him of an ugliness which had cankered his being e'er since it began. He had reunited him with his kind, and temporarily censured his composure.

The sadness returned ... "What was it about this God? What was my part in it all?" He wondered within, then Vanity knew. It had been his face Christ had looked into and called upon, just moments before He had been punctured, just before His Blood had soaked forth. And that was when the sadness had come ... when the gaiety had gone and the world all o'sudden went unbelievably cold. He remembered!

It was Vanity presiding when Man condemned God to die. It was Vanity present and detaining when Man humiliated the One who loved him the most. It was Vanity that had turned away and caused the Sun in its greatest grief to expire its light into the bosom of its beloved.

Christ's voice then spoke. Vanity suppressed the tears and waited in silence.

"Vanity, you are my greatest child - the naughtiest also - and yet you are still growing. Though false pride is but an empty beginning, it is still a beginning nonetheless, for within you as well, is a little of me and my unfinished work, my love and my all too eager impatience.

"Child of the Ego, you shall grow to maketh a strong and beauteous bearer of soul. Know this, that one day you shall live joyously in your true worth, and that the reality of self is truly that of God made manifest in you. Self-love shall be conceived as the love of our dear Father God; self-loving in proper consideration shall introduce you to your spirits in kind and in destiny, who share in this divinity as so come to being in you.

"Vanity, though mistaken, sorely pained and wretchedly ugly, trivial and almost empty, beguiled and ever delusional ... I still love thee. You are an innocent and in need of the guidance that I shall give. Remain with us here, and believe, for not only have I now come to be with you ...I am here to stay."

Friday, November 12, 2010

Optimum Ingravia- 30th March 1999

MEN do not need wars - it is the very concept that our finest minds entertain which may invite perils rather than detain them.

Should we ever accept or explain genocide? Whether by hand or by nature, such "transformation" occurring in global events by any form of corruption is not an event welcomed by Christ. In point of fact, it is moreover a dangerous distraction away from the truth of this Being and Presence within our Humanity.

We caution all who are specialists in their spiritual thinking to guard their attitudes with extreme vigilance, such as is quick to refute the explanations of causality, as a silent precursor to acceptance.

You see much begins and ends with us. The future worlds importantly, morph right out from the many-petalled mind of the world - and this mind is but our mind, contributed to by our finest.

We betray our brothers and sisters and that of our future selves when we presume to comprehend the transactions of war and of pestilence. In philosophy also, men may distance themselves with such 'objectivity' that argues "death is inevitable", "life in this world is transitory", "out of evil cometh good", and so forth.

Yet it is by our observation that we can say that souls may be flung into an obscurity with violent death, and disturbed out from what would have been a life from which much good could have been gleaned. But when individuals pass through the gates of death in shock, taking with them the last moments of mortal terror (experienced deeply in the body as well) the 'animal' itself is panicked and eventually torn out from its impelling desire to drive down into life - ill-prepared it desists. Then what follows for much after is the grievous condition of such insecurities that are attributable to such an event. Men are durable but not insufferable.

Optimum ingravia.

The Incarnation was an act of Love for this World. The forces which oppose this, distort and disrupt our dear Creation. But let it be said: There is no great meaning or benefaction to come from disorder, disharmony and death. We are cautioned in these remarkably potent of times to affix our meditations and subsequent propaganda on the lap of Beauty, the breast of Wisdom, the Staff of Christ and the Fatherhood of God.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dragons of War- 1999

Mr. Yong from South Korea asks:
I really want the world of what you said, but it's not. Now I worry about my situation why all things of outside doesn’t correspond with my intention. So I can't feel any peace in my mind. Please give me a little console by your deep word.
Thank you.

Dear Mr. Yong,
These Dragons of War are old, very old, and stretch and strain at their skin, hungry to eat our new Humanity. But they cannot.

You have endured and survived and remained yourself. No death and no dragon can injure your selfhood. Disappointment can damage, but is soon quick healed as well. And the sadness for others that you feel - well, that is irreparable, this is true.

Great scholars, idealists, philosophers and peacemakers, spirits who have lived and spirits who are with us now, they all know this sadness and the incredible weight of it. It is a sadness which sings softly its melodic weeping throughout - one which we are always aware of and shall be disconsolate until the suffering ceases.

All suffering is real. Whether it be experienced here in this world or carried into the Heavens as well. And we sorrow with those who have only known so.

Beyond this great hardship there is one to whom you can go - to Christ, and if not to Him, then to Father God in prayer. In prayer you may come to reserves that cannot be found within the mental limits here. In prayer, if you ask from the heart, comfort can be known that could not find its way to you before.

You have the consolation of those who work as you do - right here with you - you may sense the presence and gain much strength from that body of men who are both holy and wise, and are not to be dissuaded by the corruptive forces at present.

We will not tell you that the calamities you perceive do not matter or do not exist, they do. We will not tell you that there is anyway you may feel good about them, for there is not. But we can tell you that they will end, and all good men will become as they rightfully should be - haloed with the forces of the Sun, in freedom, true Brotherhood and with a future filled with hope, great desire, fulfillment and love.

God bless (and keep trying Dear One),

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Infidelity to God- 23rd March 1999

BY Christ we may come to love, know and commune with our Father. The sin which we have been saved from is that condition in which we are severed from His Presence within our heart, minds and lives. It is that unspeakable darkness which the Light of this World made good, transforming the fixation of souls, returning them to the holy ordinances from whence they first came, reuniting them with all of Heaven's dowry now due.

We have spoken before of Sin in the context of lovelessness (in its action), and in relation to ill-health (by its consequence), and today we make study of the scriptural references in which it occurs, speaking most clearly of the deficit of compliance within the soulic consciousness of a man.

When Christ burgeoned the physical world with His Coming, He insisted, upon this life made manifest throughout the world, the new knowledge of the Father. Much had gone without up until this point. Many men had become disgraced within their very humanhood, being entrapped by the senses, distracted by the pleasures, inconstant due to suffering, and deceased from their very connections unto Him.

Without a direct pathway through to our Father God, we and our beloved planet have nothing. It is only a matter of time until that which is without the spirit withers and fades for all eternity.

We may look to this passage: [KJV]
Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.
- John 14:10

Know also, that in accordance with our likeness to Him and to He, that we must also believe that Christ and the Father do dwell within our very natures. He is in Him, and we may say these words on behalf of that portion of He that is within us also.

Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very work's sake.
- John 14:11

May we perceive this combination. Meditation upon this fact does make for the reality and presence of such.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.
- John 14:12

Each has his Christhood to qualify himself in the becoming.

And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
- John 14:13

I cherish and make holy that name we do share.

If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.
- John 14:14

With the authority of Father God.

If ye love me, keep my commandments.
- John 14:15
 That thy love will broaden and the devil shall sicken.

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;
- John 14:16

That through the vital action of the ever moving, motivating Holy Spirit we may transverse with Father God.

Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.
- John 14:17

The World shall be spiritualized through Man. It is only by our inner knowing that we may bring the Kingdom of Heaven into matter.

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.
- John 14:18

I will not leave you without life - in this moment, and eternally - for this I come to you.

Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also.
- John 14:19

Not to be entertained by the world, or its vision, but through the common life within.

At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.
- John 14:20

And thou shall sin no more - no separateness, no distinction from God the Father.

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.
- John 14:26

And it is through the vassal/vessel of life itself that we shall come to know a 'further of life. And it is through past thinking, in the imaginative memories, that we cognize these spiritual realities.

This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with him while we are walking in darkness, we lie and do not do what is true; but if we walk in the light as he himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he who is faithful and just will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.
-1 John 1:5-10 [RSV]

When we acknowledge our conditions of separateness and distinction from Father God we are immediately reconciled to Him once again. For those who take it upon their own egos to assume that the closeness is automatic, without the searching, there can be the illusion of Presence, without the actuality. Better to confess to an emptiness and call upon Him to provide, than profess a spiritual abundance offering no vein for the inspirative force to pour in.

And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?
Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.
- John 9:2-3

With this passage, and to this purpose, we suggest that the emphasis be placed on the end statement explaining that the blind man is not, in fact, so distant from Father God.

Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth.
- John 9:41

Man was truly without Sin before his fall into physicality. Prior to his sensorial splurge he was more spirituality enlivened and keen to the deliveries as brought about by the higher powers.

This is not to suggest that we discredit the worldly senses in order to return to a comprehending relationship with the Father, but it does however suggest to us that there is much that will distract us away from Him to the point of illusion and sin. Can we pray with our eyes open to the world? No, not effectively. That we may go to Him and confer as we must, there needs be those times in which He alone is given our attention, and we become 'blind' for that time, in giving over to the vision of the inner eye instead.

When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?
She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.

- John 8:10-11


They asked him [the healed man], Who is the man who said to thee, Take up thy couch and walk?

But he that had been healed knew not who it was, for Jesus had slidden away, there being a crowd in the place.

After these things Jesus finds him in the temple, and said to him, Behold, thou art become well: sin no more, that something worse do not happen to thee.
- John 5:12-14 [Darby]

One can argue that impurity to any degree can sully the soul with a sickness - and that this may later become manifest within the physical constitution. However, primarily we suggest that the first cause of all sin, which we may name as Sin, is that of separateness from Father God. All else may follow on in consequence because of that. A murderer would not commit the kill were he at one with Father God. No man or woman would take part in a loveless act if they perceived His Will.
Christ issues His writ - "go and sin no more" - because it is He that empowers the man and the woman once again to come to such holy commune with their Father. By His Will and His Convenience it is enabled.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Disablement of the Self- 23rd March 1999


I'd like to know a little more about how this disablement of the self occurs; what is the process? [See The Communicative]

I can think of obvious things like drug abuse, being in an abusive relationship, etc. But can the erosion of the self ever be a permanent state if there is a flicker of spirit left in one's soul?

Even the tiniest ember of Christ's love still smouldering there? Can one permanently disable this flame?

THE wording here used is very exact and is appreciated! For to 'disable the flame' explains a condition which is not of extinction or of annihilation, but rather of inertia. There is no provision within Creation for uncreating that which is permanent.

Throughout the many layered panoramic schemes of manifestation, the exaggeration of being and the cosmic display, is for the main, transitory, changing and illusory. Those things which are transitory, changing and illusory must contain (or grow to contain) some real cosmic substance that they reach some kind of 'permanent status' to therefore remain. Spiritually speaking a cosmic substance of worth is a rarefied virtue.

Those things which are transitory, changing and illusory that are deficit in cosmic substance, disassemble and go back into the interior wardrobes from whence all 'stuff' comes from. If there were not the disposables such as these, then the 'uncreating' that occurs would extinguish the permanent and thereby disable all 'life' (in and out of manifestation).

So the worthy remains, the permanent remains; some actively being and being represented, being clothed, demonstrating, creating, etc., some in quiescence, in retirement, in repose, in dream activity from higher realms, and so forth.

Inertia is certain death. It is not death in terms of changingness and transitory conditions - moving from one condition into another - it is hollow representation, it is having no resistance and no response, no will, no empathetic resonance and no capacity to such humility as that which can take in the influences and charges of another. 

Some individuals are traveling these roads to living the inert spiritual existence. You can see that their resistance is failing, their responsiveness is given over to deceit (a lazy consciousness who allows the personality to maintain it for example - or a mentality which co-exists in lying to itself - again a dangerous practice). The will may become weakened to the point where desires and demons take over in place. The empathetic sensitivities are silenced. A false ego presumes to 'know' more than any other. Therefore inspiration is blocked (including that from Father God) and from which we have Sin.

These tendencies can carry on throughout lifetimes unfortunately, and poison the individual who has so 'fallen'. In the extreme, if his humanhood has been so relinquished, the soul itself is sloughed off and returns to its origins eventually. The man is dismembered and all that remains is his divinity of Christhood and his spark of Godliness from which all else did circumnavigate. 

There are opportunities however, for many men to retrieve their composite selves and make good again. There are stages and conditions whereupon they are reawakened, given to more suitable interludes for such to happen, and the process such as was just described, is few and far between in the main. Usually it happens, that when men fall back into the arms of demon armies and their ways, they live such a horror, for a time, that when they are given the opportunity to return, it is achieved, and with all the dressings of a future sainthood ahead of them by that very experience.

You see, one thing which never ceases, wherever it is, is consciousness. That flame, that spark which is often referred to, is just that ad infinitum, continuum. Yes, that consciousness will know what has occurred and where it is. It will feel its beingness. If its condition is a cold-blooded slime, living under some rock somewhere, it will know. If the waves toss over it in currents that rock its slippery veins backwards and forth, it will know. It might have forgotten its humanhood that it forsook, but it will still be conscious to the degree that it moved to. It will know.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Communicative- 28th February 1999


Dear Brothers,
In reference to your thrice emphasized Definitive Decision, formally stated, to "wholeheartedly and unreservedly receive Christ and hence the whole world into our beings, and dedicate our lives back to Father God by acknowledging that it is His life in us - firstly".

Most Christians would say that they have made and perhaps remade these decisions many times and in various forms, i.e. going forward at the call of an evangelist, giving our worldly goods to the poor, receiving Holy Communion etc. etc.

And yet dear teachers your point is needed. Many of these very dedicated churchmen who would say that they have made all of the above decisions and even say that they believe that they have made all possible decisions on this subject (mea culpa). If someone were to ask them 'How aware are you of the indwelling Christ, and is it Father God that lives in you firstly?' they would be left speechless and feeling inadequate.

Is it possible therefore that you are hinting at a decision making process, ritual or formality which is entirely new and which if followed leads us into a closer and conscious union with Father God and Christ, prerequisite for the stormy waters foretold in the same teaching.

Secondly, may I come back to 'integration' as a function of consciousness and place it against the background of the prevalence of distractedness and a lack-of-fulfillment of expectations during the Christian Communion as reported by honest priests and laymen alike.

We know Christ to be the Alpha and the Omega and can see that the experience of the Mass integrates our consciousness wonderfully via the path of memory to the His-story of Christ.

However you have shown us that Christ approaches us predominantly from the future.
Could it be that our hopes of meeting Christ in the Communion service as it exists, need to be much more defined and limited to that which it is - His-story, and that the higher experience of Him needs be sought by the integration of our consciousness with some new form of ritual celebration of His future - albeit an integration with mystery.

John W.


THE intercessionary period of Kali Yuga makes difficult and murky conditions within all phases of activity pertaining to the physical world, and the supersensual impressioning within and without it as well. Much like a trumpet with a muffler, our inordinate senses of spiritual divining are distorted to the point where at present, materialism prevails (even amongst the most clairvoyant). You might have a high-pitched vantage with a massive lens to view the stars, and still it will be a cloudy night. This is what Kali Yuga is and more: a clouded night and a fog-filled day.

And He is needed. With all of the urgency that presses in amongst us, He is needed. With Man so disabled, cut off from his heavenly perceptions and made distraught thereby - He is needed. Amongst the doubt in the hearts of the goodly and the recklessness in those who believe themselves abandoned - He is needed. This is His time, because we need Him most, right now.

If our spiritual impressionings are vague it is not because of an emptiness within, but that we are extraordinarily compressed within a physical existence that is taut with unrelenting tensions. Seized up upon itself, our compacted matter is still yet to be permeated respondingly. The only reason why experiences of a psychic nature glaringly break through at times in the comprehension of they who are open to that influence, is because the experience is more physically related than it is spiritually defined. It comes via the astral/physical sense conditions and is restricted to the immediate (quite often mirroring a physical condition within a man) in cooperation; whereas the experiences of the spiritual worlds directly are quite blocked insofar as the consciousness that is receiving them. The imaginative forces bridge the clairvoyant inadequacies, however they cannot translate a spiritual actuality as is.

Ordinarily, with the correct perception a spiritual actuality would be an objective event to be observed and agreed upon. Within the conditions of the Globe today, and within our physical consciousness which receives such conditions, the only way a man may come to realize and experience a spiritual event is via his subjective reasonings, rather than through clear observations without himself.

This will not always be the same within the conditions of matter and makeover, but for the present it is sorely the situation we must bear with. So in relation to the way in which any given man will experience the holy powers working through him and into the world, it should be explained that this will reflect only partially that which does occur, and also it shall be summoned up through his consciousness subjectively through imaginative recall. Eventually each man's preliminary interpretations will coherently coincide with the exact realities as they are adhered in nature. The senses will incorporate many subsistent planes of actuality as they co-occur. But for now the lenses are obscured and we are given to rely on our deeper, yet unseen reaches within the determination of heart and heart's mind. We must depend upon such inner bearings that will find their way through without the outer instruments to guide. We can do this with the right coordinates and the help of Christ, God-willing.

The Question: The 'How to' of the Decision

True decisions are never made hurriedly or on the spur of the moment. Some decisions may appear to be summoned all of a sudden or pressed to be answered immaturely, but in relation to the nature of an inner decision, the preparation and formulation makes for the resumé and is essential to the consistency resulting.

A Christian may be called to reaffirm his position in a variety of ways throughout any given day. There can be many responses, differing responses, which go to make up the 'meat' of the final decision. For there are components to every man which must all be heard: some that will argue, some that must needs be worked through. Even when our prospective self comes to the fore and takes authority in that of the future, there comes also that creature from the past who cries to maintain all that has gone before and perhaps wills to remain, rather than let go to change.

Decisions take much providing for, even when the heart prescribes quite knowingly that which is the right and proper decision to come to. Ahead of such time as is manifest, there requires thoroughness on behalf of the man to pay respect to every facet of being and condition which is to be affected. It is upon entering into such mighty decisions that those facets and conditions begin to present most markedly to be guided. This is why the student who begins his path in earnest is immediately beset with all kinds of opposing tests, as it were - simply because he is called to address and reconcile every detail which will call upon him, out from him. As often it is, the more important and heart-driven the decision so formulating, the harder and more difficult the faculty which is exhumed is to put to the test.

From this you may understand therefore that the decision spoken of, which asks each and every incarnate should they wish to remain upon this particular Tree of Life, is well prepared for in advance and answered largely in small portions throughout the preceding periods. In short, although however it is that there comes the time eventually (and soon) for such preparation to come to a close, whereby the soul no longer has that liberty of time to take up the pieces in deciding, if they have not worked through the necessary fulfillments, this may not have been won in the parliament of self, sufficiently to go further.

The Question of Feeling Inadequate & Unholy

It has been said that one of the greatest 'blow-outs' of excess vitality misused and spent within the aspirant can be that of megalomania. To this we would add, that there is the same demon manifest also in spiritual self-doubt and annihilative thought suffered within.

The corruptive passion of desiring to contain and control the world is born out from an immature ego which has been enlivened with the holy realities yet has not exercised them out from himself. The virtues become corrosive if they are not expressed, made manifest through action and thought without. This often comes with a strong willed person, who of high mind has drawn such powers unto himself initially, but has collapsed within at the gates of action and turned virtue into further empowerment for will. He will then go on to project this will into outer circumstances believing this to be equally holy, and in the course of the inverted astralities (see Narcotics- Corrupting the Astral) the discernment and practice will go on to manifest the very opposite of the virtue first drawn in.

Now in relation to the 'Christian man' who is pained by a low attitude of self-worth and deficit of sacred experience, this same demon offers the corruptive passions of desiring to contain and control the person within as though that very person was distinct from who they really are. The ego can be as subjective yet mistaken in this investiture, just as it is with the megalomaniac who cannot determine the perimeters of self and willfulness in relation to the outer world. The individual in this instance turns upon his inner world and dictates in ways which cause self-affliction. Once again we have an immature ego who has initially drawn in such vitalities from inspirative sources yet not qualified them in the immediate.

In other words, when the force from the virtue was received it should have been translated into manifest action, but because of the disablement of self (and this can come about for many reasons) this has not occurred. Eventually the virtues appear as poisons and the man begins to hold an extremely low view of himself (and of others) because of this. He may go into Church or to revelry for further inspiration, which can actually cause further aggravation given the above. The only way out from this particular spiral is in the 'doing' rather in the reflecting (or even praying) ... it comes of the release and expiring of the heavenly forces.

What this means is that it becomes in that man that he needs and must find ways to provoke happinesses, joys, inspirations, good work (not insincere, empty or heartless enterprises), effect love, communion, goodwill, charity, compassion etc. out in the world effectively. He must expend this virtue in order to contain it properly. Mere talk and conjecture and abstractness will not provide the relief needed, nor can more goodness flow back into a man until it is spent amongst others.

Question: of Ritual & Consciousness

The question here was regarding a ritual or formality which might assist with the decision making process; and it is a very good question because it immediately helps us to understand just how difficult it all is.

When we defer ourselves to ritual we are, in fact, most ill-disposed to any decision making whatsoever! The decision process cannot be exteriorized or made to occur apart from us, without from us, or encouraged to effectively inspire, conspire or make of us - it has to be self-consciously deliberated one hundred percent within; self-determined, self-realized, self-acquitted, arterially and thoroughly, self-consciously within.

If we participate in a ritual we are giving over to the collective strengths and influences which it might present. We are predisposing our own mindful directives into the care and direction of another being (be them invisible or priest) and to the effects of whatever percussive effort is enabling the ethers to strengthen. 

If such a ritual could be prescribed that would assist a man to come to those decisions of Christhood it would demean the properties of selfhood in consequence. There has been no way to reform such as this... even though there have been those faculties of the Church which severely believed that Christ could be delivered within Man in this way. Methodology denies ego, and for Christ to be born in the ego of each Man, this must be invoked by self-conscious reckoning and not by an artificial stimulation.

This is not to say that some rituals aren't beneficial to Man ... it is just to answer the question in relation to the Decision and whether or not we may be enhanced through practice rather than self-conscious thinking.

One more thing to add here however: it is also true to say that there are some practices which can and do lead to a man developing an enstrengthened measure of focus, concentration and direction of purpose. These practices are exercises which are not involved communally, but in isolation, under the direction of one's own will and ability. Any repetitive practice actually strengthens a man in the process. Where there is will, effort, intention exercised there becomes a certain reinforcement in the etheric body maintained. If you couple this will, effort and intention with a physical percussive movement - digging the garden, stirring the porridge, swinging a pendulum, striding a walk to a rhythm etc. with using significantly inspirative mantras, verses, prayers, in repetitive dance alongside the physical movements, then you have an exercise which will work through the etheric body enhancing the memories, vitalities, and in this instance we speak of, the quickening of the thought processes with its clarity and definition which enables us to reaffirm and meet our decision making when required.

Postscript to the exercising: further repetitions such as same time of day etc. enhance the powers further. Also, the nature of the meditation entertained, and the characteristic of the employment you are involved in with the percussive effort makes for great and subtle differences.

Question: as to Integration as a Function of Consciousness and its Place in Communion in Relation to the Path of the Memories
  • Our consciousness can be infused.
  • Our consciousness can be integrated.
  • Our consciousness can be combined with.
  • Our consciousness can be determining.
Infusion occurs when a 'higher' consciousness over-lights (as distinct from overshadows!) that of our own self-determining consciousness. This occurs during the receptivity provided during prayer, Communion, inspiration, rapture etc. - the influence ranging from Christ to Muse. It suggests an inequality of mind, whereupon we are enlightened or expanded for a time and raised beyond what is ordinarily achievable with our own working day-to-day awareness.

Integration denotes the mingling of principal qualities. This can occur when the past represents itself to the consciousness enabling a bridge into the future thereby. Integration makes the differing aspects respective to each other. It can be in the meeting of equals or unequals (in plane, principle or persona) and is prerequisite to any action of consciousness which relies on the power of two that it may know itself in relation to something else.

Combining is an important differentiation to make from integration. Combining requires two equals to participate firstly. Necessarily this also must occur same plane, same shared reality etc. Combining also requires a living, enspirited presence of two parties to share in the commune. Therefore by definition, one cannot combine with the past and have the past actively participate. The term integration was used in relation to the process of Communion because, via the memories we meet with certain planes of happening, thought and experience, but do not actively, in equal or by living (currently living) means, combine with those memories.

Determination in consciousness directs our wonderings, seekings, furthering because of the curiosities - our willing, our efforts, our deliberating, our deciding. Determination depicts who we are, who we go to in thought, who we choose to deflect ourselves against and who and what is best to combine with.

Now given the above we can look to the sacrament of Communion in relation to the memories and ask what occurs. As we began with initially, we find that the condition our consciousness is cradled in at present, is not with the spiritual perceptors or sense of presence or actuality that it could objectively have were it to perceive the ritual as it is happening. We have little or no immediate means of knowing, for example, if the event of the Communion was worthwhile at the time - such as if our host (the one we rely on to govern the proceedings) were nursing a hangover which is dogging his consciousness. If he is waylaid by a personal misery or given to a wondering which distracts him out from his purpose of that holy moment, then the efficacy of his procedure will be gravely marred. Were this to be the case, would we know any different, given the shadow world of the spiritual that vaguely graces us?

An effective Communion enstrengthens the participants in a way which reinforces their own incarnating within the physical world (as wanting as it is). It means that limb by limb, where the will drives into the blood and circulates, it does so with more of the sureness of definition, that the 'I am' is indwelling and supreme.

In a roundabout way we have something of a comparison, if not a contradiction to what was examined earlier in relation to ritual and awareness. However, as fine a point as it is, we may say that it is not the ritual or given method which will choreograph an effective 'I am' (and therefore self-consciousness to follow) but rather Christ's presence so called and taken in (through the physical water and bread).

So what we are saying here is that it need not be sophisticated or complicated, rehearsed, ritual perfunctory to a repetitive strain. The means of ritual can bring about gifts of other kinds, but on the highest of all high planes to be on - in relation to the practice and meaning and purpose of the Communion - it is the asking and the receiving of Christ which is all important. It is the genuine intent on behalf of the host, it is the sincere calling for on behalf of the wanting mass; it follows then, that Christ be there and so made in us.

And this you will know. If you remain uninspired you shall know this also. Do not be afraid to ask "Can I feel, really feel His Presence here? Do I feel Him within? Do I know myself to be stronger because of it and determined by Him?" If the answer is "well, no, not really" then you may begin your pilgrimage into finding whatever circumstances that shall speak to your spirit thus. Do not be content with the mundane particularly when it is meant to be of the especial!

This is not a request for a psychic benefaction. It is seeking to 'know' and experience the full health of the spirit. This can be found amongst enterprises which are of great love, creativity and joy… in a serene seriousness, in a profound environment ...

It can be worthwhile to want more and to know that you are so far unfulfilled. Christ wants much more for us ... so much more than we have been content with! We can hope for all of our brothers in this way. We can believe also that they too will find such completion and happiness remarkable to them.

We walk back through the ancient doors to return to the beginning. Planets retrace their cyclical spiraling that we may make a fresh start; every time we reference thought we do this in miniature before the mind's eye; all things go back and begin yet new life before resuming. The quickest way in most to invoke the imaginative powers (and therefore entertain the spiritual consciousness within) is through the memories rather than the actualities, in process. We associate, we integrate. 

The journey though, from the deep past into now and then on to the Future Christ who bears our stories yet to follow, starts at that beginning, that soul-reference, in which we are introduced to our Father and name Him such. This first recognition was a momentous occasion in our being (and to Him also); and following on from that we are reminded of all of the times since then (in the collective) that we have gone to Him.

Sandwiched within the sanctity of the Alpha and Omega we live our lives. Every time we work a thought, striving for betterment, attempting to grapple with the divine mysteries as we may find them, interpreting the angelic signs and speak, giving ourselves to the purpose of higher thought, cherishing our beings and honoring those of others in all of their godly aspects, we polish the gold on our reflective consciousness and bring precision to its definitive picture. We make fine ourselves, our world and our futures ...and slowly but surely it is happening! We are qualifying our decision with actuality. We are giving it both substance and meaning and reaffirming His Faith in us by such becoming. 


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chakras- 28th February 1999

[Question on the nature of the chakras from James Gillen]

Dear James,
The Chakras illumined within the body of Man, are ancillary to his organization and independent of the planetary influences. In popular teaching they are perceived to be batteries of energetic propensity - distinctly with virtue and power, particularly when activated on their respective levels.

To most students they represent the wheels and lights found on a pinball machine - or something similar - with which the very enlightened may reach a perfect score with!

However, there is more to these concentrated centers that are carried along by our being ... that they are, individually, angelic entities - each separate and distinct from our own indwelling consciousness - although grafted on to our personal starry frame - quite alike to anemones amongst the rock pools, pocketed away, a hidden nature within.

They have been with us within our evolution since the very first formation of an organ had begun. As independent as they are, the Chakric beings are impressionable to the ways of their over-ruling human, and work in the man to translate many properties, filtering both charge and discharge. Enlivened or inanimate, they offer also a cosmic presence, with bearing upon the function of that which they are adhered to, experiencing a parallel evolution reliant upon the development of the man within.

It has long been known that the artificial stimulation of any chakric center within an individual is without lasting effect, and eventually causes a deterioration in the further responsiveness that would ordinarily follow. But what is not discussed, yet begs much greater issue, is the ethical perspective governing those who would try for 'false positives' within their astral/organic whole.

The willful manipulation of angelic beings is of terrible consequence. All being equal, it is one thing to conjoin harmoniously and progress according to the natural developing processes, but it is quite another matter when a man strikes charge over their most gentle of kindred and milks them for more than he is entitled to. Because all angelic beings share in the one mind with extraordinary singularity amongst all ranks therein, it is well known that if by action or design you offend one, you offend them all! Overt obstruction of the chakric responses offend them no end!

You see, it is a matter of the most subtle regulation taking place - it is not that the 'inactive' chakra is taking in less that it should; it is, as guardian to Man, holding off the incoming of forces until such a time as he can withstand their impelling nature! And it is only according to a progressive development that a man can effectively coerce the Guardian Angel honorably, to translate the powers yet further.

Now it is that these angels are not transferable, but indeed trace our incarnations and beyond with great personal love and determination. Within their own sphere they are self-consciously cohabiting (although not creative or inventive) - our personal Elohim* who would guide our travels with great joy and aggressive caution.

This may explain to you in part the experimental fascination which has been held for these 'private' and sensitive parts of a man - explained more in terms of their lowest appearance, rather than in being known for what they truly are.

Yours in the Service, Dear Friend,

*They are therefore as correspondents in their action and capacity to the greater Elohim within the macrocosma. They are not relative to the Planetary Spirits within their spheres contained, but moreover pertaining to the hierarchy which guides them.

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