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Friday, April 10, 2020

THE BROKEN GODS- Good Friday 2020 Easter

Ladislav Záborský
The World does not permit anomalies. The constant correcting and re-installation within life is rather a process of creative perfecting - ambivalent to de facto cause, and its causality.

This principle holds tight on an otherwise burgeoning prothesis of composure: one that would infinitely randomise its own accord.

The essential Christ is one of such exploratory creativity - this element, His Element, is second to God - He, with the capital G - and with rare qualities - is distinct to the lesser party, with its hosts and dominions enthralled from the projections above.

There is required a certain servitude of Cosmic Grace to which the tenants of Heaven comply.

The propriety of universal conduct is anything but chaotic. Its own majesty is the elegance of restraint, whereupon spinning worlds synchronise themselves into patterns and planes of seasonal interplay.

Do not ever entertain the notion ‘that all times coexist comprehensively in the same conjunct paralleled’ with finality ... best not let this idea take away from the concurrence which really is: that which lives sequentially in real time, as it occurs, for the first time - for this of itself is a marvel.

Randomness and the conviviality of time are illusions of the catalogue - no more and no less - else newness could not partner with historical precedent.

Of course there is the patterning one may model the story on - and this too is the nature of Nature - where new life draws its clothing and behaviours from preexisting patterning - and herein is a tension and paradox were it not for the indwelling nuclei within is ever changing, improving and evolving.

The preponderance of Creation is revivifying to the inspired. Alike to the infilling grace of gratitude, the contemplation of harmonious life renews the cells and membranes - it become a reminder to our own chaos within that the substantial metric of all manifestation is reliably absolute.

Part 2.

There was a time when the concepts of chaos and randomness did not exist in the psyche of Man.

By appearance the infant and toddler are unawares and extremely chaotic in their expressions and thought - and yet it is that purpose drives every exploration, and they operate out from an absolute certainty, unless and until a pain or discomfort temporarily interrupts their innate cheeriness. Every thought and action of a child is purposeful to their development and striving - and is not as awkward or misplaced as it may seem.

Likewise our own souls are motivated solely with purpose - in divining, with striving, be it latent or active, there is the ever present desire to go forward into the future with purpose.

And equally concurrent to this is the essential desire for that element of purpose to be with goodness.

This is natural to the spirit of Man, as is with all of the supporting hierarchical natures upholding him.

And so - on the darkest of days on the cosmic calendar we are drawn to question the very men whose behaviours run counter-current to the natural ordinary congenial cohabiting synopsis - to ask: from where does the rot within these souls come from, who would wantonly destroy and distress their humanity?

It has always been a risky precursor to say one is motivated by a ‘higher purpose’. Societies that are orthodox seek compliance with the imposition of some greater good designated to, and for, the individuals who are expected to leave their own sense of deciding and purpose at the doors of their respective selfhood.

This synthetic prose of purpose is counterfeit to the discerning soul and collectively incurs a laziness of will whereby the organised group of people begin to display an inertia of sorts - thereby lacking will, commonsense, consciousness and general health.

Synthetic purpose and imitation goodness are debilitating for those to whom it is imposed upon, as well as for they who would impose it also.

There is a necessity to guard our truths most wisely. What is meant by this is that it can be good to speak truthfully and also be good to be silent; but given that our words are literally a living extension of our own beings, it is never good to speak deceptively, or with an untruth knowingly.

Recitations are debilitating to the will, whereas logic is stabilising, whilst knowledge (self acquired through study or firsthand) is healing.

Commercial societies and their enterprises promulgate ‘other truths’ that the populace is expected to adopt with such synthetic goodness, and moralistic mantras that circumvent the individual’s path of deciding and discovery.

Society (of any kind) is corralled into submission. Submission is the prelude to death.

Conversely, cooperation is the knit of great goodness where mutual striving and collaboration produce harmonious and like purposeful results - however submission denotes dominance - and this one might say, is an impulse that is anti-Man and anti-God.

The evilly of dominance is intoxicating to the would-be suppressors and manipulators of humankind - it is completely demonic without exception.

In the stead of finding life forces derived from goodly activity, the suppressor becomes (for a time) empowered by a sinister force, which in turn succours from the misspent energies of humankind.

This is precisely why freedom is so important in relation to the destiny of Man. It is not freedom for freedom’s sake - an anarchy which of itself implies a lacking of respectful goodness - it is the fundamental torsion of spiritual power that requires determining.

The mass-grab from suppressive forces has accelerated with ever growing infringements congesting the ethers with the greed for greater dominance - dominion over Man.

If there is a battle to be had, as champions of our beloved Christ - it is for those who choose self freedom to find and maintain their true purpose, whilst holding respect for all others to do so as well - unencumbered from the pressures and powers of outer persuasive elements who push constantly to impose their own design upon beings in various ways.

This is the age of true resistance.

Persuasion runs counter-current to goodness, as it oversteps its natural perimeters.

When we go inwards into prayerful commune, we seek to be heard, and we ask - we do not summon - we may hesitate to expect, and wait - because we do not wilfully command the powers we appeal to. And nor do the Heavens seek to control us either.

Free-will is essential to Divinity.

Synthetic purpose and artificial goodness hold no everlasting substantiveness. They are sterile to life - merely animated with a hidden purpose that is unattached to need or reality, often contrary to their own facade

“Man know thyself” is ultimately the key to overcoming the dark armies that stipend the joy from Man.

Think of the defiant Christ who would not betray Himself or Humanity with compliance to those who would have Him give over His veritable SELF.

Whilst one can appreciate the pathos of this day, there can also be seen the almighty defiance from the supremely free Spirit who had refused to accept the will of His treacherous suppressors.

It is God given: that we can protect ourselves and defy those forces who would subdue us - and with inner constancy we invoke the right to shed the influence of they who would seek sovereignty over our selfhood - that we can refuse them - and thereby encourage the greater World to become freed in spirit also.

Christ is our chief defender, and by His condolence to our suffering, we may be unshackled from harm and unhindered in Spirit evermore. 


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