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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Reality to the Various Bodies of Christ- 24th December 1992

FOR it was that the body of David was dark and cumbersome. Ethanael did oversee the transformation, which at the time of the Baptism, bespoke as if another. And the body was worsted under the strain of the blending, the intermingling of body-celeste and body-corrupt.

Heirome saw to it that the fingers bore no nails, the toes either. The flesh was exposed.

The body-exalted was seen flying over Jerusalem, witnessed by thousands. There was a summoning intensity - those who watched drew breath; those who doubted were defeated. It was no private spectacle. The fishermen lined-up their tiny boats and kept watch with unrealized expectation for many nights, many months after.

A succession of rainbows appeared from His Light. His Image was as if in triplicate, with one either side of He who was Him. He spoke without speaking. From His pointed Hand there drew light. He revolved around the Earth three times and oversaw His Kingdom.

Those who mistook His Being to be nothing more than an apparition were quick to scoff, when He had passed. Some could not even contain the memory of that they had witnessed.

There were many healings in an instant; whilst as many broken bodies. For there were some of those who had bodies of flesh with demons within, who looked likened to Men, but were not Men; and these were broken down all at once - instantly.

Lightning seized cloudless skies.

The Earth had not refused this God physical entry. He did prove that He belonged rightfully - that the Men are His Men, and Man is Him.

For the descension into Matter was no easy navigation, and born entrance into the world's embrace at our Christmas time. As all are! 

The Earth did not spew Him, but the naive flesh could not withstand His Potency. When His Body dissolved into the Earth, the demons bethought they had won, for they harbored such conceit as made them stupid to the facts. 

The dissolution spread rapidly - where not one speck remained unaffected. All had the markings of Christ, in form, in growth, from soil upwards. And He was free as before, but not as before. King and claimant, willful, he had saturated all Earthly matter, Earthly matter now being His greater Body.

Matter is not as it seems: it is as insubstantial as a dream; and venerated as an elusive dream. Physicality requires fluidity, flux, motivation and response, and very solid-appearing ethers which are the binding-stuff of earthly design. Such ethers are reactive to those subtle forces as outlined, but only appear as substantial. The Body of Christ which did infiltrate the substance of Earthly matter has brought deeper substantiation - compelled matter to draw together in a way which has strengthened form. Here is paradox: matter itself has become moreso, than with inclination to disassociate, break up, break down or etherialize.

The process of refinement is more easily worked upon because of this, e.g. I can write on paper which is as paper, rather than pulp. In other words, we have something to work with which shall be dependable and intrinsically good.

For He has adopted the offspring of His child - the Earth - and been received by said grandchild: the physical world.
For some eggs are fertilized after expulsion.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Pledge & Purpose- 23rd December 1992

THE veils of consciousness are alike to the frozen skin which sits atop a river or pond in the early freeze.

How should we continue to teach if we held to the view that men are insufferably stupid and without our reach? We must correct ourselves for ill-placed vanity and remind ourselves of all possibilities, and that the task is to find a way through to the hearts of our sleeping brothers.

Dismay is never warranted, for there is no possible use for disquiet and subsequent fatiguing thought. Remember also that men change remarkably from lifetime to lifetime, and one cannot gauge their magnitude of qualities by those active/inactive in the present.

What one can assess however, is their level of corruption, how weak their will, how bent their fork, so to speak, and the overall direction they are heading. Nonetheless, it would take a very gifted seer to determine an accurate judgment of this; either that or the Heart of God, which is ever hopeful and intent upon redemption.

We must offer our brothers and sisters the same patience as we ask of for ourselves. We must remonstrate all good work, and if we say "do as I do", we must do well.

How often we are motivated today by intense pledges we have been brought to in the very distant past. For it is that men may have such great concerns coupled with a true understanding of purpose, that they will be driven similarly again and again, lifetime after lifetime, true to the original pledge of endeavor. The potency of pledges is such, because it is the beginning skill of Man the Conjurer. Conjurer, not as in trickster - no, no, no - but conjurer as in: he would create outer circumstance by skilful, directed, imaginative design.

Now it can be, that we wish to effect a marked change upon the world, all for the good of Man; whilst also the will itself may be frustrated, because the intention has not witnessed total fruition. Here comes the important part: if our intention is pooled with those of great men who have held similar and equal hopes, desires and pledges, and also that they are in line with being useful to Humanity, then we are actually attributed a measure of enhancement to our otherwise flagging will. If on the other hand, we pledge to do ill in the world and depart the fleshy threshold with dissatisfaction in the sense of not having done enough mischief, then a remarkable and opposite effect applies.

There is a rule that Men shall never truly be satisfied. That is to say, that they may indeed become content with this state of affairs, however there is a germ within the kernel of future experience which provokes a man to ever go seeking improvement. 

Now, if he has ventured down the mischievous path he will still seek betterment, even if it is to become a better devil. In point of fact they tend to be the most conceited folk of all, competitive, assertive, trying to prove themselves remarkable. . . and yet from lifetime to lifetime, in the case of the 'fallen into ill' soul, his will shall go wanting and eventually expire - partly because of the very nature of the activity he becomes a part of, and basically because the will requires supplication when it is frustrated. It will receive such supplication from the ghosts of former hopes and good intentions - it shall be offered nil by comrades in devilry.

So it is that eventually the ill-minded do not advance far, but are wasted away from the arena of human affairs. If you would like to take the time to journey quietly inward, you can well 'feel' the glowing promises of passionate men who have loved so completely - you may sense the gravity, the earnestness, the pity known, the inspired hope, and the community of Magi who work to change the world.

Most men are content to muddle their way in and out of simple needs. But once they have happened upon that bonfire first lit by the Lords of Compassion, they are nevermore the same. For once a man has issued the words: "I wish to help", and has the accompanying motivation to do so, he shall concurrently be frustrated, and strengthened ever after. He shall also become more capable of effecting remarkable 'good' in his immediate circumstance - providing that the will is in line with such 'good' intentions, truly good intentions.

The greater mean in determining this is empathy: subsequent sympathy born from experience. Therefore a man shall be stimulated to pity by his own contrast of experiences. Then he does wish to provide for his fellow brothers better conditions, happier times, and release from certain hell.

We can never cultivate our compassionate drive to effect better change within the world enough. For this is the inclination and the way for all students who would one day become learned teachers. For whom do they teach? Would they teach only for themselves and the title? Of course not. Therefore the making of a good teacher is one who loves to teach. And the teacher must have great and grand consideration for his beloved pupil, or what use the teacher? 

By definition also a good teacher has no self-interest either. His motivation is primarily selfless, with no payment, no manipulation, no vampirism and no distinction. That the ego of the teacher is not bound to the failure or progression of the student/s. He does however, accept all responsibility for the karma of that which he has made accessible, and been used by said student. In this respect there is little to be gained!

We do what we do, because it infills us with joy to do so, and because of pledges so pronounced back in the early ethers of a former world - a time when greater souls breathed inspiration, right before our glowing faces - eye to eye, they communicated visions of what could be.

The majesty of men does not exactly relate to how tall their buildings, or even their struggles throughout adversity, but rather to the refinement of being, which may conduct itself in all realms, taking to each place resonances from High Heaven itself - those qualities made active and expressed, which stream from emanations from the highest order. It is remarkable that men can and do develop such wondrous impulses:

• When we invite creativity.
• When we examine with stern reflection.
• When we find courage in the unlikeliest of places.
• When we knowingly, willingly set about to produce children and care for them.
• When we defy our greeds and protest our meanness.
• When we disassemble and reassemble.
• When we recognize and appreciate the beauty, as given by our Creator and can contrast distinctions.
• When we cure our arrowheads in the fire of the immortal passions.
• When we forgive.
• When we share binding affections which stream into infinity.
• When we sing at the top of our voice regardless of audience.
• When we are moved to care for the smaller and the lesser.
• When we erupt with humor and catch a glimpse of the Divine smile.
• When we suffer and endure, but remain throughout not bitter.
• When we hold the courage to challenge ourselves.
• When we hold a mirror to the Divine and believe it to be ourselves.
• When we wrestle the inner thief.
• When we can identify the Holies, even after such experience which is mundane.
• When we can recover the lost and resuscitate the fallen.
• When we are Men in the Light of God.

We do not take the opinion that Humanity is an ill-fated experiment for the case of freewill, but rather that Men hold the keys to cosmic ability - already proven - and there shall be degrees of accomplishment, degrees of advancement.

If we can believe in the goodness and remarkableness of Men, then we may fix a goal for the constant revelation of such. It is a belief also that 'God does not waste His time' and that there is good purpose to the plan which is Man… and it is for Men to realize it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Father/Mother Christmas- 22nd December 1992

THE 'bells on high' will fill the wombs of the next year's baby showers, as the gates to the world open up at Christmas-time and decide, as the world swells. For there is a procession of inflowing souls who must gather at yearly intervals to enter into the earthly realm. The 'heart' of the Earth, as it were, opens up to receive into its boundaries new men, renewed men, who seek re-entry.

Once a man has departed the 'city limits' of the Globe and severed such ties as are his, with affection within, he is disassociated and propelled out into fields of planetary attraction. Go where he might, he cannot and does not immediately return, once he has broken through the outer Astral sheath which mirrors conditions of this world.

It is natural for humans to desire return, and contrary to the abounding propaganda of today, they love their communal residence; and with the affection of a child to parent, they love also this being which ensouls this planet. The soul of Man can indeed recognize her from afar and will always be drawn unto her.

Activity always passes into and through the poles of the Globe. This is why, when there is importance given to a certain high spirit residing at the North Pole, that we consider this out-of-the-way environment. One might suspect that there is great seclusion to be had in the far regions of intemperate latitude, however there is ever more activity to be witnessed than at the busiest city in the world!

The 'bells on high' aforementioned, speak of the sound in which a soul penetrating into the atmosphere resounds. We are so regulated - there being a time to await death also - that it is necessary for the admissions to find their way in upon the only breath in for the year that the planet inhales. She is a creature of time, of rhythm, so bound by her relationship to her fellow planetary beings.

Every human soul impresses her with their likeness, and she, Mother Earth, is aware of every individuality who clings upon her garb. One can see from this, that there is therefore a distinction to be had when comparisons are made of Man and the microorganisms he bears. For Man is neither conscious nor adept at perceiving individualities which comprise parts of his physical person; but Mother Earth is. And she gives to each and every one, not only provision for an existence, a term of life, but she gives willingly that of her own substance which we command, build and toy with, explore, and take unto ourselves. It is by her acceptance of the children each year that we celebrate the loving arms into which they are received, and the presents to, which each child is given.

This is our explanation of Father/Mother Christmas as representative of our beloved planetary spirit: currently Mother Earth.

One can always bring to mind the spiritual reality behind the treasured fable. It can be true to say also, that any story perpetuated has a life of its own, instilled regardless of spiritual foundation or substance. However, when one comes to the fables as received in festival and commonly celebrated, it is because of the inward response, the conversion of imagination into soul-language.

Frequently we suppress and ignore our faculties for such soul communication. The personality is persistently insistent that it alone is wakeful to the world. Yet we wear our personality as we would a uniform - and it is equally restricting if allowed to be so. And should you hear grumbles about Christmas celebrations 'being tiresome' or loathsome, you can understand that it is but an overactive personality which is denying its own mortality. For the soul of man rejoices this sacred period of the year.

Yes indeed, those who are recently deceased - recently being anything up to and including several hundred years - do draw close to their spirit-kin at Christmas. They are enabled to do so because of the very openness of this our world, and that they have not as yet stepped the perimeters, have not 'gathered in' their binding affections, which could be largely remaining with those still living.

You see, it is a little like having a 'principal place of residence' where one can go visiting out from, or holiday, but keeps most of the personal effects at that one address. We too have such bases to return to, and those who are deceased but 'within range' are those who still, in greater measure, call this globe their principal place of residence.

Now what is the consequence of those who encourage men to develop inclinations which protest their home with dissatisfaction? There are beings which promise paradise: pretending that it can be won by those who are too lazy to effect paradise on Earth itself. What is neglected - to mention by such guileful, manipulative, sweet-talking wraiths - is that men must have paradise within, that the heart of such paradise, any paradise, is the cultivation of the substance of heavenly vision.

There are aspects of paradise very much alive throughout our dear planet today. There are probably many more secret and wondrous places right here, as to be found anywhere. One does not need to step the bounds to go seeking such ineffable beauty. Nor are we the only repository of suffering and disfigurement. Yes sadly, one can find equivalents abroad also. Perhaps the success of Man shall have remarkable consequences elsewhere.

It is such a success that is paramount: that men come to understand the glorious, well-meaning, well-wishing of all that contains them. At times we might lose perception of such, and are truly frightened. It is not that the spiritual reality has changed in this, but our view, our consistency, our inner abilities are thwarted. And Man may feel downcast into unspeakable perils of solitude.


Yet also, if one were granted the 'second-sight' they may well complain of the fragmented activity breaking out and expressing - in chatter, in busyness, in momentum, in continuum, in activity upon activity, in screech and clang, in laugh and titter, in eyes a'watching, in multitudinous swarms; and he would discover to the point of alarm that he truly is not alone!

If we can strip away the sadness of the world, then we should find for perpetuity our never-lost paradise, intact and radiant. It is with memories of such that our souls return unto the Earth, foregoing their angel-wings once more, and requesting the flesh that they shall drive until death.

What is the attraction you might ask? Well there has to be at least one! Perhaps this is what is known as the mystery of life itself. The attraction is verily the love itself which calls out to us from our dear planet. And it is by invitation only. Each have a name and a signal, for with each there are shared memories, as the re-embodying man applies for such consideration.

It is one matter for men to die, but another entirely for the absorption and re-entry of new souls to come. This is the time when we welcome them home. We turn to our bold and joyful children and we commend their courage, and we encourage them to further their way in the world. We are reminded that manifestation embraces us, and did welcome us at this special time, when we too, approached the frosty portals of the pole's gateway and sang with a choir accompanied . . . and with grand expectation.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Journey to Desire's End- 1992

Some may take the Gorgonian inroads,
Whilst some the pleasurable scenic drive,
The journeys are many and curious,
For the wayfarer, the traveler
- Well come!

Let us go to the market of great surprise!
Well shod!
With hoof and tail held high,
In step!
With prance and certain gaiety.
Well done!

A morning's venture,
So home we run,
Home we run!
We have slept a fair night's rest.
They champ those champions.
We plot and plan our next navigation,
Uphill, downhill,
We run.

Hither thither, thither hither,
Beware! the noonday's sun!
And then turn back
Down plotted track,
And back to bed we run.

With thread and twine,
Of half a day's wind,
We heed the call to return,
We explore in the morning,
Turn back at noon,
That before the twilight falls,
We return.

Turn back,
Turn back!
Lest the twilight catches you -
Now back,
Go back!
For the home run avenue.

Come tomorrow,
We will go again the distant route:
The ways of men,
We meet,
We eat,
We then excrete,
We sing of that and what might have been.

Go back!
The track,
That homeward runs.
The day is spent,
The songs are sung,
The home-fire burns,
The hearth is warm,
The time has come nigh
To now return home.

Farewell, farewell,
A blessing to one and to all.
The parties disband,
With a promise and a wave,
With weary cheer and hesitation,
Hopes rise on tribulation,
Good day! Good day!
And a very good night to you also.

I have stopped,
I have shopped,
I have spent,
I repent.
I have traded even my purse,
For remorse,
For my loss.

Now we carry bargains home;
With heaving fortitude,
And quiet groan,
We bear the weight,
Of this day's trading,
We hesitate,
With slight misgiving.
Was there more what was not found?
Perhaps tomorrow we will shop around.

And so the treasures and comestibles (what's left)
Are at home dispatched,
Or shared or lent,
Or lovingly admired,
Or enviously spied,
As we compare our treasure-troves . . .
And sort through piles of jumble.

I'll go again a different course,
I'll leave home very early.
I'll stretch the day,
With Summer's recourse,
And live each minute of the journey.

I'll travel, converse haggle and trade,
I'll seek out the path of the quickest -
Or no, perhaps
That I might sleep,
And dream that same dream,
And take journey
The next day or even,
The next.

For it is but the dream,
That does carry me onwards,
My night is as day,
And my day is but dreamland.

We venture and encircle,
The starry trek with great design;
A plotting and a planning,
A procession,
Through this night.

Turn back!
Turn back!
The voice begins to stir and call,
E’er come the call for wakefulness be not met at all . .

The nightly peregrinations,
The visitations,
The great embark,
Does cease with the fall,
Of the twilight of a stirring consciousness.

Home again,
Home again,
The new day begins.
There are so many inroads,
Which lead our way through
To Heaven's party,
Where there the Heavenly Host entertains,
With each,
A sweet or savory platter -
To each their swizzle stick.

Now departing,
With a kiss from an Angel of sweet virtue,
Or a bite from a demon,
Who with foul-mouthed grimace grins.
With a promise and a wave,
And a parting hesitation.

Turn back!
Turn back!
The homeward trail we turn,
As we journey forth,
Going thither and hither,
Hither and thither,
The circuit of hope's desire.

And we slumber,
Such sweet slumber,
With our days and nights
Of split continuum.
And we plan and we plot,
Our designs,
Our infinite prospects,
Setting maps and charts
With vast configuration.

And we sing of what has been,
And we sing of what is to come,
And we hear,
The songs unsung from the Word,
That needs no tongue to form.
And we laugh of exploits
With the fervor of the frivolous,
And we know that desire's end,
Comes with which attainment,
Only journey brings.

Do we share,
Or thus compare?
That which the journey gleans?
Compelled to go our own way,
The way that takes a million more . . .

Home again,
Home again,
Home again we are called.
The quickest distance,
The nearest horizon.
We travel so far as it takes,
For commensurate time to return;
For these are our limits so set,
Of the journey,
The boundary that calls for return.

We set out in the morning,
And turn around at noon,
To be home before the twilight falls,
To be home before sleep's sweet whisper calls,
That come the new morn,
We resume.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Goodness- 6th December 1992

ORANGE groves are resplendent in luxurious sweet ethers. Anyone who has passaged an orchard's thoroughfare will know of the experience which delights and overruns the senses. Magnificent fruit trees at the times of abundance, exude properties of liquid light, fragrance and expression of total perfection. The fruit may be given over into the mouths of men and examined within, that the splendid, vital properties be imparted to Man and exchanged for his consideration. The beings who tend to these glorious wiseacres are of service perfected, embodied in prosperity made obvious, become apparent.

We must look to those things within the world which are truly 'good' and good of themselves - uncontaminated, 'essentially' true. There is much real goodness, explicitly stated, to be found. It is wise therefore, for a man to acquaint himself with such, making conscious associations with those expressions of perfect goodness which he has come to recognize and subsequently know. 

This was once the 'art' of the artist, the labor and longing of the chef, and the seeker of divinity. Goodness, the finding thereof, leads to a comprehension and innate perception of 'goodness' hidden - in Man, in mire. It is the identification, the instant recognition, the conscious practice, the intention of focus and the seeking out, as it were. To come to know and experience goodness and be glad, and give gratitude for its grace, its perfection, its expression.

How often do men contest there being such a thing? How often do the demons arise indignant and proclaim the injustice of being but 'second-best'? Are we to summon the Angels and then defile them with conceit which says that all are but the same? Discernment of beauty and truth is the way into that Paradise described as Heaven. If we lust after anything less, then by such content we are self-bound to equal domains of sympathy.

However, true beauty and true goodness does exist, whether recognized or not, and it is to the knowledge of this we can aspire. We may begin with the fruit, with the sky, with the form - "Tell us oh flower, of your correspondence with HIM?" For it is the perfect goodness in the flower that shall correspond with HIM; as so with us. It is with perfect service and sacrifice that such beauty becomes manifest. For surely those aspects of Nature which in loving servitude do obey and give over to the needs of their partner relations, are of the highest accord with God, and they of God. That we may cohabit and furthermore be of worth, by that our service. 

It is death to the very soul to strive against this. If we deny the rhythms of such cosmic law - that of coexistence - then surely we eke out a certain self-annihilation, for there is no place in Heaven for the insufferably selfish. It is a self-determining system, cosmologically speaking. The malcontents eventually shrink out of existence, literally. A self-cleaning (sort of).

There is a blanket bank of lies concerning the splendid spiritual realities in which we are saturated. Such lies protest goodness firstly, as they are exceedingly uncomfortable with admissions of such truth. For this would become a concession of pain.

Conversely one finds much struggle for men to become outwardly beautiful or associate themselves with such, in a vain attempt to resemble the goodness they seek. By such one can readily understand that although mistaken in discernment, they endeavor for this reason. 

Heaven is immeasurably beautiful. For those with no recollection who might argue against this one can ask, "How could it be otherwise?" Heaven is immeasurably beautiful and exudes goodness, as goodness is 'perfection in service' and often made perfect by service also.

We are enhanced into completeness by becoming worthy. We are worthy by that service which renders us valuable. We are unworthy if complacent and without offering. We are without value if we are not actively responsive to need.

The student must train to be quick in response of service, that we are grateful for all opportunities for useful employment. That we acknowledge the importance of co-dependence and the responsibilities one can joyfully fulfill. That the lower kingdoms do not hesitate to oblige, why should we? From where then does almighty sloth come?

Sloth (great word isn't it?) entered the world alongside Pride. For it is presupposed by the proud that they are valuable in the eyes of God - which is true- but also, that they need find no more approval than this. In part one can understand this point of view. That is to say, that if we already please God, or at least are valuable to Him, then there is no higher authority which we should work to become more valuable for.

However, God is innocent of both Pride and Sloth and has not provided for the soul who withholds their useful powers - this is foreign even to Him, just as the underneath of your toenail is foreign to you. The active principle of Creation does not concern itself with static dust. It does move it on, but does not seek to learn its ways. God Himself does not give counsel or credence to Sloth or Pride. (And you can really hurt Pride by saying that.)

Pride is the younger cousin of Vanity - Vanity, who is at her best not only a virtue but the Virtues: the Vanities. For it is distinguished by men, by their conduct and become introverted. Not to become nonplussed, the Holy Vanities are those cosmic beings who stand at the masthead of those Cosmic impulses. Such impulses find their way into Man to be either transmuted or made active; they are taken in and received within. The vanity as is known in man is presumptuous of a perfection of which he is not necessarily active in or master at. This is earthly vanity. The Holy Vanities are the concordance of virtues endowed to Man but not as yet, fully received.

Goodness is not of itself one virtue, but does stream forth throughout the expression of each and every one. The reactive nature of all virtues is that of service. In other words, the conductivity is responsive. Therefore as 'goodness' is perfection in service, all virtues are characteristic of such expression. The impulse behind each virtue is an offering to those who would receive such positive endowments; and manifest in differing variations throughout the multidimensional realms of coexistence. 

We are empowered to develop a keen rapport with all that which will be defined as 'good' within our hemisphere. The experience of that radiant/light/warmth revelation is one of coming to the reality of Goodness. This does not need to be repeated. It is in the meditation thereof, the consideration, the seeking and the coming to know.

How quickly the fruit can spoil! If we are to grapple with Goodness, it is especial to the paramount timing of this consideration. For the fruit unripe or decaying, shall not give us a proper representation of such fruit perfected. Therefore, when in time we strike such Goodness in example, we must be quick to acknowledge lest it dissolve from our grasp. 

We particularly give thanks for Goodness, knowing well that by doing so we are provoked from within. The system which envelops our constitution of fiber and sinew, breath, beat and rhythm, is driven by Goodness - the condescension of God.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Marriage- 23rd November 1992

ALL men are descendants of bastards, as that union made 'holy and sanctified', known as marriage, was not recognized objectively by they the ancestors of men.

It is with great faith that one pledges their entire unknown future and promises obedience, faithfulness, responsibility and undying love, within this commitment. And surely, with the spiritual nature of such pledges, certain bonds exist into the forever, forged in hope between the two earnest souls.
Marriage is a noble attempt, whereby individuals are moved to forego their self-centeredness and incorporate another: into their homes, their lives, their future, their prosperity, their demise, their desires, their aspirations, their conjugation; alongside their active being.

Quite naturally, all men seek union, and regardless of the type of companionship, they require the living experience of such rapport which love 'in circuit' (returned) does bring. This may be between father and son, elder and youth, old friends, new friends (of older friendship), scholar and student etc. etc.

What then makes for the unique difference between love between 'lovers' and love within marriage? There is an old saying which ends with this phrase: "It is especial to me because I have made it thus." This is not to discredit or demerit that which we hold to be special, but to say, oft times the intrinsic value is of little or no account or relevance, when moreover it is that which we instill, that which we put into the vessel, which enhances it with deliberate virtue. Men can create lovely works, with care and deliberation and vision and fortitude; much can be said as this for marriage. The value may not lie intrinsically within an empty vow or paper certificate, or misguided pledge - it can however, become as ennobled and as wonderful as is made.

Our Father does not bind His men by pledges. The distinction being that the bonds of love between God and Man are self-evident and existent. So too, between that man and that woman whose lives are interwoven, whose experiences together are enriching and meaningful.

Is there a case therefore for polygamy? Over time this may well be the case, as it is over lifetimes for most. However a multiplicity of husbands or wives betrothed concurrently becomes an unequal equation of a then defunct proposal. One discounts the former pledge by renewing it with another. Therefore I cannot successfully have more than one wife at the one time.

When a man gravitates to a woman there are hopeful faces everywhere, for the invisible children awaiting re-entry into the world, long for the grace of the enveloping love. Quite obviously there is a moral value as well as State necessity, which places marriage as imperative to accommodating a family.

There is a further reason for this:- A child thrives upon the emanations of both parents. There is an intimate relationship between the child and their parent, that no other man or woman can fulfill in the same way. For as a child continues to form and grow, he is dependent upon both mother and father magnetically. He becomes fixed in the world by the corresponding relationship between the two parents. And he can do this because of his intimate association prior to being born. Much later on in life, when parents have departed, the child/man shall know the loss more acutely than with any other (in this sense). They shall feel 'fixed' in the world quite differently. 

Equally so, if the small child has not the actual presence of their mother or father around him, then he shall suffer weakness of which, later on he may interpret as deficiencies of character, confidence, self-worth and identity. For deficient in part, he will be.

This is not to discount the loving adoptions which may help heal the growing individual, for this is another kind of care again, particularly structured.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Open Circle- 18th November 1992

CONSPIRACIES usually begin with good intentions, i.e. the cause is heart-motivated, the men believe that they are just and correct - and most of (not all) the powerful influencing bodies within the world are ill-prepared for the oncoming freedoms which shall be known to men in the not-so-distant future.

Many groups are crippled and enslaved by an extraordinary being which craves satisfaction on its terms. It almost cannot be avoided: the situation where sometime down the track a body of men so formed, will attract to it a being whose nature is complementary and exact to that of theirs.

This surely is a test for pure love. For if it is ambition which presides beneath the words or false longings, then the men will become gruesomely exaggerated and propelled along an accentuated progression. 

From this point of view one can envisage why some groups chose to be select and 'closed', believing that differentiation was imperative to uphold the purity of said group.

In the broader sense there are, of course, parallels here with that notion of civilized/Christian etc. families, also being protected from 'contaminated' thought or men. And there are reasons for such implications. The basic premise may be warranted, but overall will not work. However, men will fight to maintain and try to secure, for they are not quick to realize change in any respect.

Each to his own? Unlawful interference is often the consequence of such bigotry. Bigotry and fear exist because of the needs and persuasions of the group entity. If one could release the men from their grafted allegiance, they would find that the unsanitary hatefulness would simply melt away. 

It is unfortunate to admit how readily we as individual men, can be enticed and 'taken in' as it were, by all kinds of exterior motivations and influences. For although in part, we may have leanings or prerogatives, we are so easily hinged onto levels of extremes, afore unimagined.

As for the question of threat to our friends and our work: as with all dangers the greater ones to guard for, are from within rather than without. For one can only try to do their level best within the outer world, and if interrupted then the equation of karma rests with those who have caused the grief. If one is blameless then the work holds fast and good; it is rather the dangers as alluded to, which may creep up upon any aspiring group at any time.
Yet, to diversify for a moment, that body of men, the greatest body of men: Humanity as a whole, is quite free from one overpowering demon, and is yet to acknowledge their God. We work and pray for unification, and yet the upside to this mass being divided off into so many countless ranges of being, is that the creature/entities of Men cannot get a grip on the overall body. Meanwhile, if it is to be Christ who shall 'gather them in' we may relax for the first time in hundreds of thousands of years!

Returning to the 'group' question:- One cannot get away from the suggestion of a group, for it appears to occur naturally, either of the moment or with regular session. Whether named or not, there shall be a group, particularly if the common interest and involvement is this writing. And so what may we expect, this time? You must realize that if we all waited for perfect men to partake in such work then the work itself would be hollow. Furthermore we are crossed because of those factors which predetermine the quality of such a group almost as from the first.

Obvious corruptions are not of issue at all. Be of good cheer. (Too repetitive am I? Well, it is meant.) When the men or women of a group become so serious that they cannot share a smile, you may pick that something has gone dreadfully wrong. If the light has gone from their faces and the joy of involvement is tired and displaced, one may be alerted too. It does not matter what the group may be formed around, the men must willingly be so involved. Beware of the serious conceit, the hushed tones, the gravity which is self-bound.

How often there becomes - particularly in esotericism - groups within groups, as they necessarily narrow down.

However, we must clearly do as our Master would have us do, and dare to embrace all. One may choose to be 'locked-in' to a multitude of divisive participations, or conversely, remain free of even the thought of such divisions, and absolve the heart from all restrictions. Definitely a case of the group you have when you are not having a group! 

If we refer back into mainstream humanity then we are so lost within a crowd, our ego is released. Our joy may be in natural wonder, in the heart of the moment, with whom we are with - irrespective of expectation. For the ego relationship with a group god or demon is one which requires such sacrifice, as all attention elsewhere is undue. A man may not stop to breathe the air, but that he does it in the name of the group. 

At the other extreme, if men are not driven and appear impractical, non-committed to a cause, then one may suggest that these quiet souls are impervious to the direct designs. However, they are few. For every man you know of shall seek to adhere his allegiance to his favorite football team, race or star-sign.

This sense of belonging is understandable, especially when men are 'marked' similarly and those corresponding similarities bounce for joy when in immediate orbit of one another. However, in the broader, larger sense of the question regarding political determinants etc., there are secret lodges whose fixation is to change the worldly currency, and participate within the affairs and exchanging wealth of men. The aspirants need not be directly involved, but their intentions are to color history their way, that certain conditions prevail. And there is an enormous pushing and pulling in tensions around the Globe.

From our point of view such involvement is perilous. Perhaps, to enlighten further, we can add, that even with the advantage of clairvoyant foresight, and even with the powers of will overpowering that these lodges endorse, and even with their undying loyalty unto themselves, they rarely accomplish what they set out to do - they are frustrated in many a turn of fate. Yes they interfere abominably. And there are as many secret lodges as there are countries in the world, usually territorial - and for good reason. 

In the years to come there shall be such an influx of knowledge that even these lodges will become bewildered. Besides which, the kingdoms are responding in their own way to certain change, overall. There is a revolt between the lower world and all that is good, substantial and holy. For men need be awake, truly awake, that they may begin to participate in the makings of their own destiny.

So many 'good' groups have soured in time. This should not deter us, for it is not the group itself, but that which formed the group which is important.

One can only proceed with clear intention, and from time to time review that intention. We can and do, deflect back a preposterous amount of nuisance devilry. We are good at that. We do not charge or 'make waves', but indeed may answer all oncoming attack. Good living, quick responses! That is as far as esotericism goes.

But when it comes to the exoteric arena there are such tragedies, sins of neglect, as well as sins of obtuse violence. Suffering unleashed, a helplessness and hopelessness - souls entering into heaven daily who are so broken, bent with dismay. Men must tend to men, and for all of our discourses we hope to stir and incite the 'better man' within. It is as a cultivation which slowly comes upon a man.

Men naturally respond to that which they know to be correct: that which is intrinsically and empirically correct. The whole truth, nothing but the holy truth - the whole.

The monks who would educate the lay, knew that their order was free from enslavement as long as they gave back to the world. The circle was never fully closed: the provision for a greater Humanity.

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