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Saturday, March 31, 2018

On Earth, as it is in Heaven- 30th March 2018, Easter

It is as the opposites of the dial - the midnight of the world to midday; it is that threshold where life dives into death, and comes back up to breathe the vapours of existence yet again. Now, right now, is that tension of the seasons, where the frost will meet the warmth, where the blood will find its oxygen.

At the threshold of a new day, Humanity finds that the sadness of Christ veils its very existence for but a short while; and then, as the Easter Eastern Sun rises, the Light of the World returns.

The universe is pragmatic; whereas the Worldly perspective knows both hope and lament.

From a cosmic perspective, the Angels and the Gods, do not decry or derange, or wrestle with the might-have-beens. It is very almost an automata perspective - yet not without its charity.

In the worldly arena events and their outfalls are magnified; there are emotions and tensions that contest outcomes, that speak to effecting change, that wish for futures in the making, with dark histories cast aside and replaced.

The flux and flow of these tidal events, of these great and grand emotions of the globe and its peoples, of the struggle to improvement of each race and mind and spirit therein, is not only a progressive movement; it is a living contrast of continual contradiction.

Thus it is, the Golgotha of our soul. Of our collective souls, and collective Karma, and the resurrection out from the deepest betrayal.

"Master", we have asked: "Why have you suffered so? And, to what purpose do we suffer also?"

He replied: "It was never my intention that my own should know the pain of the spirit, of the heart, or the flesh. To experience want and hardship, to be tested, be thwarted, be lavished with insult. This was never a plan, that Humanity could sink under the weight of their burdened anxiety.

"There is but one consolation: I promise you, it will end - and to with, not only shall the suffering cease forever, but eternal peace and happiness will compromise all else. I promise you that. For this has already been won in the Heavens by me, and thus we must pray: "On Earth, as it is in Heaven".

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