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Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Twelve Influences- 21st June 2020

George Watts 

There is a party of twelve Spiritual beings, who bring gifts to the era of Humanity's present: six are separate from the other six, in intention and kind.

Six mean harm to the populace as it evolves, and every time they introduce wickedness, the other six step in, and turn the disruption into a good. This has been  the way of change for a long time.

One might hope that the model for life is good upon good, but generally the evolutionary pathways have sprung out of malady and impending misfortune, into a betterment thereby.

Afflictions may manifestly be evil and personal, or equally can be merely disruptors simply through proximity and general design. Goodness is always particular and individual. Remedial help is not a one-size-fits-all - but distinct to the problem/s encountered in need of supplication.

One principle should be stated at the outset about the disruptive elements - and that is to say that: the forces that conspire against Humanity are always turned and thwarted by the supporting presences throughout eventually.

The World itself has a destiny which is upheld ... as does its occupants.

Within the singular life we have all known our limitations, but also those wondrous events that put ourselves onto a very certain path, with the perfect outcome.

Nudged and guided throughout our lives, when we look back at the paths that brought us to our personal success, we realise very little, yet somewhat, the fantastic circumstances that made it so. That equally it could be said that despite of ourselves, rather than because of ourselves, we have succeeded.

Learning from one's mistakes is a case in point: often in a sequence of seven - with there being six disruptive elements and then one to follow that puts peace or reason to the six. Seven year cycles demonstrate this.

Out of the six gracious influences there is a remedy to be found to improve or negate the six disruptors.

  • Chaos: Reason 
  • Violence: Calm 
  • Pestilence: Produce 
  • Famine: Charity 
  • Ignorance: Imagination 
  • Depravity: Piety 
These twelve elements can be perceived at work within the natural and cyclical outfalls from weathers, in relation to storms and crops etc. and also regarding populations of virus and bacteria growth.

If, and when, there is mischief in the World (particularly this modern world) and poisons are pushed into the waterways and through 'medicinal' means, or by alien (other) influence, the standard will remain the same.

Out from the six spiritual beings of Reason, Calm, Produce, Charity, Imagination and
Piety, there will eventuate the reigning in and transmuting of the Chaos, Violence, Pestilence, Famine, Ignorance and Depravity for which is suffered.

An example of this can be Influenza: where the body and being are disrupted: with firstly the element of Chaos being introduced to the otherwise healthy ecology of the body; and then follows the Violence of the symptomatic response (sneezing, wheezing, coughing, expiring etc); and then the Pestilence where the viral load increases throughout the system; and the Famine comes where the body itself during this process is starved from its normal pathways to nutrition physically; and the Ignorance of the temporary amnesia of the health prior, and what to do now; and the Depravity being the corruptive element where the illness invokes damage upon the system it inflicts

 Giovan Francesco Capoferri based on a design by Lorenzo Lotto.

If one has had a strong case of the flu you may be able to well relate to the spiritual benefits that occurred at some point during and after - that not only did the element of Reason, Calm, Produce, Charity, Imagination and Piety, vanquish the malady out of your system and restore you to health, but also, you could literally sense one or more of these virtuous influences deeply during and thereafter.

The experience of pure reason - to finally have clear thinking and purpose returned; to know that calm when descending into a healing sleep, or coming back into the world feeling so much the better; the experience of produce, how valuable the smallest sip of water or broth, or the taste savouring the slightest food and then, when strength returns, to know how to become productive in ways now enhanced; to know the charity of healing and wellbeing and to go on to offer such nurture to others when called to do so; and the Imaginative forces that we are introduced to in the midst of fevered delusion, and sub-par confusions, where our ordinary mindset is released and we may explore all thoughts wildly, to then come out of the illness with an expanded consciousness thereby; and finally, that of Piety, where we are brought closer to Divinity when so challenged in life, and for our very lives, and then to go on knowing our bond and love for both life and the Heavenly coexistent within ourselves.

This simple example continues in principle to almost everything - its patterning is certain, and the blessings that can, and will follow the worst of the disruptions - be them malevolent or random - shall be the same. In this we may breathe easy, and work to further the influences of the positive six throughout, that their healing for the World is expedient.

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