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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Wheeling Sun- a commentary- 11th October 1993

The wheeling Sun drew the stars down,
And around,
In virtuous complicity.
Oh savory wolf, biting ankles of change,

The SAVORY WOLF is the Moon which 'dogs' this planet, as it were, dragging and pulling at the feet which attempt advancement. The old ways of the old Moon were dominating the men that they, in ancient clairvoyance, clung to the past realities, being destined to retrace rather than move forward. The Moon influences neither encouraged individuality or Heavenly perspective, but rather brought the motion of memory upon the face of the Globe.

The rhythm produced encouraged much life to be and continue, as well as those 'beginnings' derived from moon-matter - the astral point of 'new' and deceased organisms. However, from a point of view of Man, the Wolf (the Moon) would refuse the change necessary for the World to continue on.

Lucid and weary, the man-beast remains,

Thus was the struggle of the LUCID AND WEARY Man, under the champion of the Moon and its influences before our Christ interrupted the gain.

Two for the temple, two for the altar,
The TEMPLE is the physical 'house', the ALTAR, the 'God-space', the Spirit. Man has the dual combination in both his higher and lower aspects. Both are signified, only that the higher man redeems the grosser aspects and delivers them into purified being by the relationship, whilst the lower aspects redeem those of the higher; for the soul is nourished by the upgrading and developing ego-consciousness.

TWO FOR THE TEMPLE, TWO FOR THE ALTAR: The duality of Heavenly-Man and Individual-Man is incorporated at the soul level and within the physical realm also. Such duality is represented in the twin-soul doctrine, whereupon the active ego-male divisioning is distinct from the heavenly-encompassing dream condition of the soul-consciousness.

New is the virgin, but Nature her daughter.
The VIRGIN being the Spirit of the World - that Spirit incarnate in the world which brings forth our NATURE, being the Natural World to which we cleave.

Fill pail with semen, fill pail by slaughter,

Two bearers of Divine Life are the holy fluids, distinct and characteristic: semen and blood. This combination perpetuates the generations; this, the semen and blood, are not only progenitors but also the fluids wherein there is no time.

There are provisions within these sacred substances for the future. There are marvels associated with the actual nature inherent in this substance, and usually not to be expounded further as the ramifications are often abused by the debased and the wicked, not only by the blending of races [non-human] and the bleeding of men, but by those sinister practices which extract the human essences and verily feed them to lusting devils.

However, returning to the script, there are meanings and also meanings: the PAIL, being this World herself, whereupon Christ has secreted much of Himself into the makeover and psyche of this sphere, and has bonded in union. The spending of the blood in SLAUGHTER was with that of The Greatest Violation of all; and as full-circle, Man had abused his very Creator. 

The essence born in Adam was given him by Christ, who was also to be Father of the twelve distinct races to follow. None of this is to be thought of directly in the explicit sense of the sexual organs and ejaculation as we carry and offer our seed as men - such 'spirito-vitae' in principle and in action is before the physical adaptation and subsequent performance in the lesser act, which may or may not have Divine implication also.

The MAN and the BEAST are uniquely separated in this manner. The animal is innocent and at the same time most conscious in those parts of the anatomy which are stimulated overly. The beast may be 'centered' consciously within the sense of the experience, placing for a time its 'thinking' within - for example - its stomach or its genitals; or even if sunning itself, in the spine which soaks the sun.

The blood and semen ascribed to the lone beast are not marked with the distinct keys of individuality that are unique to the Man who perpetuates his Divinity by such carrier also.

The saliva is an equal carrier of signature, but has no potency as does the blood. The saliva, the tears, the sweat, are not excretions in the sense of defecation, they help meet the exterial signatures and deny them in formation of their own. The man exudes himself in his clear bodily fluids, repels and offends other signatures; whereas the urine and faeces are the result - the off-casting - by a defined man, whereupon the governing signature prevails the domain.

Pillage and Warranty, one half, one quarter.
ONE HALF, ONE QUARTER: is the divisioning principle of propagation as the mixture comes together in the generations spawn: in the marriage of our World with our Christ - Christ being the WARRANTY - blended with the Earth which was plundered and beguiled by wraiths and demons and corrupted, wasted men. The PILLAGE had already occurred, His Warranty to this pillage in union renders both to be half as effective, neither totally prevailing. For it is not His Law to enforce His Law as He would have it.

The ONE QUARTER went to the Church, which split by two, was of PETER (of Earth) and of John (of Heaven).

By sea, by writ, by holy known order,
Peter came and spent it further,
Forced to wander,
Simon marked a little time,
And many more besides -
In little Jim the truth does hide,
What did become of him?

But flesh no more, the eyes can't see -
Or nod or blink or weep or wink.
The FLESH of Christ had been also the body of the SUN. The Sun was the 'eye of the sky' literally, and men with spiritual sight could look into the eyes of their God, of Christ, whilst He was manifest and held there.

At the Crucifixion there was that time when the light left the Sun, and it was then that Christ drew out and away from His Higher Body and became deeply withdrawn into the depths of death within this World. It was the final absorption.

The Sun itself is not dead however, and there is a further mystery as to how it is maintained and remaining. It is without our Lord because He inhabits this World and the Light of this World, particularly.
Judas the villain, with heavy remorse,
Pity the carrion, pity the ghost!
Far from the edges, crumbling ruins,
Sinks the scarlet dusty Sun,
'Tis the same, there sat beneath it,
The One to whom the twelve are drawn.
Resplendent be the company,
Portended for the suckling of sweeter life
And Grace's offerings;
We give, they give, to perpetuity,
We conspire to make linkage with the lineage of spirit which decided the perpetuity of the Holy Reality of Christ Incarnate; and with a true love of all Man, we come to the World assigned and conjoined with a stately fellowship, proving to be with the very best of COMPANY!

That spill which flows down mountain to sea -

And now not only is there the flow of progeny from the spill of our forefathers to our present seed, but also there is this offering of the mysteries which perpetuate from one loving heart to another, so cherished. And as Father gives to his Son, so the CURRENTS flow of these mighty marvels safe-kept and honored, with wisdoms and learnings to enrich the noble spirit and feed the World also.

Through men of old, those men of then,
By currents spent such lives were rent
And offered back to God.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Indelible Remains- 7th October 1993

I communed with mine own heart, saying, Lo, I am come to great estate, and have gotten more wisdom than all they that have been before me in Jerusalem: yea, my heart had great experience of wisdom and knowledge.
And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit.
For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.
-Ecclesiastes 1:16-18

WHERE in the catchment there is surplus there becomes overspill, and equally so may a man be overwhelmed with information that he may not contain any of it long enough to begin the assimilative analysis and comprehension thereof.

For why is it that some have nil capacity toward new thought and subsequent discovery, whilst others may advance with moderate ease? Attitudes and perspective are of great account; physiology also will determine perimeters of accomplishment, however all men are capable of a certain amount of clear and concise thinking, which becomes the mainstay to any investigation and any gathering of practical thought.

The greater difficulty arresting the student is that of distraction, rather than lack of actual ability. He or she is bemused by fleeting concerns, called hither and thither and relishing the free aspect of the mind's frolic; and it is this unstable flippancy that we may learn to quiet in meditation, that all learning itself need not be as 'free-falling' by nature or in consequence.

The necessity for straight knowledge has been doubted for many centuries. And oddly enough, it has been the scholar and the adept which have most fervently argued the case against. For knowledge unlike wisdom, expires and consumes the man in the learning. There is a price, there is a forfeit, there is a giving on behalf of he who seeks to obtain that certain knowledge. You are surprised? It is not as sinister or untoward as it may first sound. Perhaps we might be best to start at the beginning.

When Men were dumb and thoughts hung in the air unattached and unused by the soul-spirits amongst them, there was an understanding, an ordinary spiritual perspective, which enabled the men to comprehend quite completely - much as we still do in various phases after death and just prior to birth also.

This innate comprehension was indelibly marked within the then new constitution. The heart/soul of a Man had immediate access into the great truths of cosmic reality, and this understanding gave the memory of eons to each every individual, who then were as one ego so combined: split and differing souls, but with unrealized egohood, all sharing the similar realities and experiences in being.

One may look at the peace surrounding the beast or even the plant in the tightly-bound acceptance of who and what they are. The stretch to know more simply is not struggled with; adaptations [in plant and beast] have arisen largely because of such compliances, not for want or willing or self-direction.

When Men came to adopt knowledge they did so forsaking their heavenly inheritance of innate wisdom. The two may not actively coincide. Therefore the great masters who, having come up through those streams of thought, did make this discovery: that the price for these acquisitions was expensive to the very soul which sought them- expensive but not valueless.

This is the point we should best like to maintain. The type and quality of the knowledge (for all knowledge is empirically different) shall be the final deciding element in the proper advancement of the studious soul.

The very aversion to clear thinking may well be a result of an intuitive alarm which may not be formalized in actual recognition by the individual, however they are fearful of becoming wrongly involved, entangled and entwined with that which is before them. It is also that they discern that there is a 'loss' within of that 'unformed wisdom' every time their effort to know is provoked.

However and conversely, it can be also that it is as death to the soul not to advance cunningly into the realm of knowledge, for as times permit, the ways of men demand such change by decree of those forerunner souls, lofty and wise, who have survived knowledge and regained their wisdoms twice over.

Knowledge is tangible; it is the glue of the entire physical world. There is more determined obstinacy in the meet and makeover of certain knowledge than in the physical fabric of mineral or organism. For each and every knowable is unchangeable.

The nature of knowledge is limitation - confined to a set definition, and is precisely what it is. It is also astrality, for it is not what it resembles, but is the likeness, the image, that we hold.

Wisdom is the gateway link, the path direct to the reality that we combine with. It is therefore a living connection and interrelation between ourselves - via the heart - and that to which the wisdom connects us to. This is why we have encouraged the student to be able to come to both comprehensions in being. If we inspire the essential wisdoms and stimulate such further wonders as do elevate the soul, then the individual may begin to seek out such material knowledge as is desirable and profitable to the soul also.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Heralds of Dawn- 6th October 1993

LISTEN to the gallery of birds: their crowing, their calling, as they herald the new day. These new sounds - new because they are first in - combine the enthusiasm of cherishing angels in the expression of avid chirping. Each and every call, with bell-like emphasis, has meaning. The orchestrated chattering song harmonizes pleasingly, does it not? It does not offend the ear. It is rather, an enlivening experience to partake in the conscious appreciation of the new day's recital.

The bird during dawn expounds, almost one would say, exaggeratedly. Life animates their warbling tongue, their masterful throat, their puffed-up breast; and before the hunt for food and before flight, they are moved to accompany the choir without.

Birds are happy creatures (of the airborne variety), they are the last species which is truly of Paradise and withstanding. They are constant and may be defensive, but are never unreasonably aggressive by nature. And added to that they hold a perception which extends far past the physical reality, they 'know' the world as it is colored with flame and spark and multitudes of otherwise invisible attendants.

They are sympathizers also - they may actually know of the conditions around them. The practice of bird-keeping has long been a consolation for sorrowful men, for it is that the bird may absorb into it such vapors of unhappiness, and discharge them requited. Trees too are an example of this, as they indirectly suffer grievances of sorts. The hardening of their structures was not always so and they have memories of happier times. The new shoot and sapling are truer to the nature of the tree: flexible and supple. The crusty wood became an atmospheric fallout; and also they mourn for independence from the odorous discharges without.

The birds in this way complement their temperament with cheery encouragement. The soil-bound tree, rigid and with many rings, holds also long association with families of etheric beings. Moreover the discontent of the tree is because of the installation of impatience as is wont, from devas incorporated. There is much which displeases them, and once again it is the morning message delivered by the bird which lifts their disgruntle and gives them pure happiness in the experience. This is of course only partially true for deep forestry wherein the habitat is unrestrained. However there are few places to be found now, where the impure ethers do not saturate the tree or the atmosphere of unstable men does not permeate.

As the separation became greater (that of man and his etheric perception), so too did his indiscriminate violations of the natural world. And as regard and consideration is restored in active effort, the consciousness gradually is regaining the etheric perception again. Of course this shall happen slowly, but one may witness this and associated sensitivities in the generations who have past memory-impressions leading their blind ability today.

This is only right and proper, for it is in the etheric perception that Men may also most readily perceive our Christ. And His very Face is often caught in image on this or that flower or on the surface of water, in dewy formation upon the condensation, and in hidden places everywhere. His imprint watchfully gazes, being there but not there; and as the darkness unveils and the procession of Light returns to the land, the tiny winged friends of the Master are privy to the resplendent reality of His Passing before them, as He does do.

For there is a moment they anticipate and then rejoice where Christ in actuality sweeps through bringing an injection of greater life at the time of the sunrise. His Being inflames the day, He is not 'without' the Globe, but ever present and attending each section in part at all times, but also in far greater 'being' at this time of which the birds knowingly rejoice.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Peter- 1st October 1993

THE Apostle Peter gathered tenets and testimony, and pledged to incorporate all in the one body, lest otherwise it corrupt and let go of this world. He went to this one and that, and as a magician spellbinds or a spider sews, he caught the overflow from these now liberated men and collected the sediment from which his beloved Temple stood firm. And it was and was not, all that was hoped for: the ministries, some persimmon, some olive-green and some as pale nectar, delicate and palatable.

There was fury abounding in the wars of the righteous. There were great commissions and assignments from noble saints and martyrs; most of whom went unnoted.
The 'shaking out' of demons from the Globe moved them into untracked hemispheres and into neighboring planes, beneath rock and into primitive domain. The squealing from their condemnation could be heard by each purified man.

The wretched, the dismembered, became as new; for hitherto they had been left to rot though still alive. The inner man was dejected, suffering a poverty of soul in a wasteland of a loveless Humanity. Now by His Pure Example the 'worthless' became sovereigns of that beauteous place promised to the goodly and the confessor, and to the blameless little children that too often were taken unto death.

The Charities, of which there were a perfect dozen, took on employment in purpose by these active men. Arguments profusely stormed, as scholars dictated the text in context and then out again. The moralists, the purists and the archivists, all cleaved to what certainty they could maintain. That the Church be a vestibule for our Father, yes, and likewise the Palace of our Christ, that too, and the holy space wherein Man could broach the Divine - and added to these there were inclinations of anxiety and protectiveness which echoed the original characterization borne by Peter himself. That it was the exact preservation of this, the representation to carry over the centuries from Christ's Ministry to now, that the living Spirit be caught and contained in this manifestation of faith made concrete.

And this was and was not - the preserves held the air of a stale tomb and invited the living men and women to objectify the remnants of their deity.

But that was not all it stood for - as stand it did in a world which trembled and labored with new knowledge. As the shafts of fresh wisdom encompassed the ancient terrains, it was the Church herself which protected the reborn and nurtured the novitiate of character and determination.

Peter believed in the marriage between truth and perpetual reasoning, that the Mission of Christ should be a never-to-end saga invoking His Purpose, by account of His Propriety from the beginning of time (being the notation A.D.).

Peter lost his fingers, the digits one by one were removed due to illness, and these he kept and later gave to separate offices of the extending ministry.

'Heaven on Earth' is not a call to materialize Heaven or even to enslave her in an unholy coupling. May we be as Heaven-like as to call her majesty to us; and be perfect enough to contain her furious Love.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Foreknowledge, Comprehension & Degree- September 1993

DEAR Life is impassioned; it does not run anything like the Public Service or the clerk's budget! We are furthered by change and empowered to direct our course when met with such change, and no day is ever really predictable. That they may become synonymous with the calendar year before, is due to lack of observation rather than detail.

Foreknowledge actually inhibits possibility. Some wonderful decisions have been negotiated by those commanders who had not the prior knowledge of their logistical difficulties and overcame them with a projection that they themselves gave out into future providence. They stipulated the outcome and the future with a foresight peculiar to their own vision alone. If we are given foreknowledge we are immediately altered in relation to it, we begin to oblige and fulfill its determination. So the overall question must be (within): Is the foreknowledge presenting to us, desirable, good and worthy of us becoming a part of?

It becomes possible too, that a man carries a multitude of prospects unordered in time and in relation to one another, conflicting in time also. For he may project much of his future belonging in the countryside, whilst also in proximity to his relatives; further on he perceives the possibility of Paradise. All the while he is ill-content unless he can satisfy all three, which perhaps he may or perhaps he may not achieve, concurrently.

There is a school of thought which suggests that we limit our expectations to such a degree that we may become peaceable within ourselves and thus satisfied. If we appeal to Christ for recommendation in this, we find that He has not chosen to limit His Expectations, and He is content to be ill-satisfied until the new order of the new day is realized completely. Therefore in the tradition of our beloved Master may we all be idealists and satisfied with no less - never to suffer the limitations of self, spawned by deflating, spurious, debilitating condemnations.

If a man has doom overshadowing him as his reality, then we may pray for his release and redemption from this tyrant of the future. Should he attempt to mask our efforts with equal morbidity, know that he experiences his own forecasts not ours, of which he offers opinion.

We are ever reminded to fix our attention wisely. Our days are comprised of incremented forecasting - i.e. all thoughts entertained may invoke a certain future. We invite all manner of involvements to us in work, in frivolity, in moments lost, by progress known, in all that we seek to combine with. In all we enter into we make the future, and there are many, many, possibilities afforded us for the times ahead.

How often one should like to ask "Why not?" when attempting an innovative initiative. Those who oppose new suggestions argue that initiative is dangerous, simply because it ventures into the unknown: the realm of new possibility! However this is as so for every living minute - certainty is illusive in reality, for forecasting. Orthodoxy must withstand the change that renewal implies or let go and die.

The seasons perpetuate as this is the law, however the rotund of cyclic initiation, as one inspires the next, is not given to dictate the exact quality of each and every day. Every summer is quite different from the last, just as from differing points of the Globe the nature of the day is different - magnetic influx or the romance of a sun-drenched day. If I am in a valley or if I perch upon a cliff, my senses tell me of very differing characteristics the day brings. When I move about I may experience this the variations: sudden drop in temperature, a rapid rise in humidity, the freshness of a wind that has turned and the sweetness of a mild, warm flow; the early morning 'feeling' to that of the oncoming evening, the descending mantle of night, half-lit by a new moon lamp; or that of the broadway illumined and sparkling. Every point stood upon, encompassed, lends itself to a differing comprehension. The overall feeling inspired by the conditions within the ordinance of the revolving season is quite individual and pertinent to position and man.

The spirits of the air respond and gather in active congregations. The Angels belonging to mist and to dew, will amass in special convening, responding to the men of the area. When we are excited for no apparent reason other than we have sensed the vibrant activity within the wind and are exhilarated by its issue, we are sensitive also to the movement in the ether, transpiring, drawing the plant up and from the earth, summoning growth as the airy souls move in amongst them.

So what we are saying is that the laws provide us with a measure of dependability within which, there are scores of variable experience dependent upon self and positioning of self.

When the air has mingled with the sea and it comes to us from far away, we can experience the orchestrated passion of the percussion of waves, wind and volatile sparring. When the heat calls the scent forth to migrate out from its native bloom, it urges the extraction and the parting in the distillation of a summer's perfume until it can give no more. When the rainwater glances the soil, and trickles find their way rootward, we can feel the gentle perfection of a need being answered deep in the ground. The variables are as considerable as the numbers of leaves upon the trees and veins upon the leaves and shaft upon the vein.

The more men may advance the more astute they shall become to detail. Although it may be difficult to comprehend at present, it will become very possible in the consciousness to be developed, that a man will perceive those intricacies which comprise ongoing reality, and above all, shall not be overwhelmed by this perception which also will enable him to 'narrow down' into particulars at will. Overall, the understanding of the trees, leaves, veins and shafts, shall be encompassed within the comprehension. Whilst also he will be able within the power of mind alone, to go to any given leaf and examine it to the exclusion of the tree, that all of the overall characteristics will be factored in and decipherable at will for individual scrutiny and investigation.

This perception may be initially brought into development by those multi-considerations which provide for understandings which seek to lead into complexities rather than shy away from them. To focus is to hold the ability to 'narrow down' on specifics and to adjust the lenses in order to incorporate the bigger picture. It is a continual widening of perspective and concentrating of intent and will, fixing a particular.

Therefore we seek to always learn more, incorporate more and enhance our skills of perception and comprehension, that we are not satisfied with simple judgments. Immediate impressions are wonderfully useful and they serve to indicate the essential character of those conditions before us, however we are empowered to move further into those areas which are not immediately apparent and enlighten them further before passing judgment.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Billowing & Bellowing- Making Waves- 30th September 1993

PICTURE the crest of a wave at the uppermost pinnacle, as it is only prior to the dip it will flatten into. Now picture also an illuminated apex, one that is not visibly the tip but adjoining just above the actual peak.

Imagine now that with the tug and pull of the descending volume, the invisible pinnacle is drawn down into the water, having been met and bonded to by the advancing wave. So we have a welling of the water causing an incline upwards and a decline prior to the next rise, which at its height comes to an etheric vapor - almost as a kiss upon the cheek, it meets, and then convinces the force to drive down into the depths, having mingled thus.

We have spoken of the breathing principle whereby there becomes an absorption, a refining and evacuation, and this has allowed us also to review our various attitudes and experiences with this in context. Today we move to the third principle involved, where a higher world meets a lower world as due result of the repetitive action in this the Breathing. For this is an important consideration as any, that there becomes an integration of coexisting realms, and too in the precise nature that spirit may suffer and enhance a grosser form of being.

At what points do all worlds conjoin, and wherein the thread from one to the other? It is because of the bipolar action of the universal principle of breath and breathing that affords a sequence of rhythm, some of which will become more variable and expansive because of the previous.

This becomes fundamental to all levels of being. In passion, in time, in cycle, propagation (of any kind), there becomes a pattern of breathing which shall intermittently vary from the constant parameter, and with the assistance of momentum brought from the previous, shall make impact all of a sudden into the world beside its own. Depending upon the relationship we hold in activity in said breathing, and the purpose, we do fuse the higher attribute with the greatest peak of inhalation and draw it back into the expanded system. In all ways we introduce the spiritual substances into our sheath and matter upon this working principle. It is that extra, that tipping over from one world into the next:-

Physically, from this explanation one might well understand the man who is given to asthmatic episode, drawing in such volumes as do push him into a certain spiritual gateway of perception. In the scrutiny of higher cause and with accompanying sensitivity, he does provoke himself to accelerate the vitalities consummated excessively.
May light pour through our being!

There are individuals also, in contrast to this, who cannot temper the breath of due tolerance and cease to incorporate, 'taking in' as little as possible. Herein the forces of life may override where wanted not, for rhythms will not be denied. It is as though these men have gasped inwards and by the restriction of constriction are stifled to the directing of higher influences.

We rise with spasms of opportunity, the forecasting of which has been known in astrology. Impetus summons the necessary elevation which insists that the median space may be come to. The flower must and does poise its head towards the light and draws it to it.

There is a larger pattern to be constructed: the valuable meal, the one in which the whole being is sustained, may only be (for example's sake only) one in twelve. But it is absolutely necessary to have ingested and digested and expelled the eleven preceding, for that is how we come to the nature of all things.

An author of many biographies once said that he could always trust his accuracy with, at the very least, the beginning and the end! When we are 'sucked' into life and gather matter, and 'sucked' out with one grand and mighty expiration, it becomes as if the time so accounted for was as no time: that space in between those lifetimes. When these rest upon each other - the birth, the death, the rebirth etc. - as the peaks and troughs of a certain continuum - we may examine further the integral points where consciousness has met with divinity and thereby 'drawn in' the lasting impression and impetus of such.

The blind fetus in the warm dark womb, dreams of the life to come, completely infilled with the spiritual sight that may still penetrate Heaven. It is with a heavenly perspective that he or she envisions the days and years to come, interpreting the surrounding souls with ethereal intimacy. Conditions and events foreviewed, are with the analysis of spiritual credit; for the incoming soul has reasoned with God, so to speak, and knows that the adventure ahead holds tremendous worth and meaning.

The actual stages of incarnating are as with the peak principle of the indwelling inhalation. Gradually, steadily, the plateau continues until in development the child extends far enough, high enough, to summon into themselves more of themselves. It is a little like standing tip-toed to pluck the apple from the over branch: near enough is never good enough, for it has to touch that we may bring it to us.

In the instance of death and rebirth we find that the exceptional peaks of significance are at the beginning and end, whilst the minor waves are the nights of sleep in between. The actual sleep periods hold their exceptional rises also, where the individual meets again with those starry forces which verily renew him once received and taken into him. So one can say that it is not a question of all sleep connecting our beings thus, but that the succession of preceding waves of slumber will lift us up and carry us out on an exceptional rise which relies on their percussive impetus.

Certain rhythms have been known to invoke sleep, just as others implore life!

This is the way of advancement - as in the 'going one better' so to speak, and the provision thereof. Because were it not for this behavior in natural law there should be only linear frames of activity, with moderated 'breathing' remaining ever the same.

However, it is being true to its own principle, allowing for the greater inhalation at certain conjunctions, for that is namely, to 'bring together' in union - to unify:

To be = Contracted exhalation
To become = Expanded/dilated inhalation
To be + = Contracted - individual 'essence' remaining exhalation


To become = Desire to meet with cosmic reality pushes expansion to edge of reality. Exceptional inhalation.

To be + = Brings the truth back into being, the essence & experience remaining.
The ego personalizes the combination.
  • LOVE

To become = Inhale. The Beingness knows and identifies concurrently with the mutual correspondent in empathy: the one draws in the other at the same time.

To be + = Recollection remains. Exhale

  • Exceptional Love

To become = The consciousness of an individual may expand so far as to hearken to and correspond with the spiritual-soul reality of another individual. inhalation
That the ego may envelop (for a time) and incorporate the 'whole' of another. (This being the Exceptional Love of Christ also.) And too, that the ego (normally defined) blends with the qualities and attributes which comprise their partner-in-being - this, an exceptional experience of course, requires too, that the individuals must resume their individuality with the essence of their counterpart thus contained.

We do not seek to lose ourselves in any given realm of experience, but rather to be and become, giving due time to both whilst riding the larger wave also, when it arrives.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Author of St. John's Gospel- 27th September 1993

Question: Was the author of St. John's Gospel one and the same as John the Apostle?

NO, he was the son of John the Apostle, who did father this 'new flower', as to be yet again, one of the 'first-born' - only this time, with tradition unlocked. The Christian child bore the blessings and impressions of one very unique Godfather. (Who was alive at the time of his birth.)

The babe can be found alluded to within the holy reference. But nothing was made known of his mother, neither before nor after their union and parting.

John was besotted with this child, to whom a divine reasoning was apportioned. And much of the essence of all that was worked for was poured into this little being, that by the time he had come to manhood he held such recollections within his corona that did truthfully recount the many steps of the Master, our Beloved Christ, and his dutiful counterparts, his companions, to whom were molded to His Radiance.

It was possible that St. John was enabled the hind-vision which proved 'the event'. It was only to be in this way, for to each and every adult mind the great truth could not be surmounted.

Much was withheld, for even a holy potency may devastate the unprepared. And men, for all of their willingness, had not the minds as yet, that they could conceive Christ's Personage. Yet a child, this child, suffered no difficulty, and by the time his ego gripped the outer world it was overfilled with the passion of the Twelve, and their love for their Love.

Christ the Manly-being would not father a child Himself. This could not be.

John, the Greek, was and is a living testimony to the Fact. He became convinced that he should be perpetually living amongst men, that by his constant endurance, having denial and charity, he should forgo (relinquish) all heavenly interludes - in periods of sleep or death - that by him the account is apparent in earnest representation. "Flower of the Heart" was the tender term to which he was referred. Perhaps what is less considered about 'those times' is the element of fantastic beauty as brought to bear in the perception of the twelve inspired. For to infill men with the hope for their impending future, there was much realization of all the good things a man may come to and be. Great beauty can be a stern and serious reality; but also an exquisite experience.

Generally of late, the holy raptures are much quietened, our men and women are resigned to the physical limitations which, for the most part, are uncompliant to hold great intercourse. The bodies are not equipped, for there is a purpose in such 'hardening' and 'narrowing', compelling the psyche to specifics.

However, it is somewhat incorrect to correlate the exploits of this party with only the suffering which was to follow, suffering sustained by the reckless Grace of insight, which enlivened these men to profound and penetrating example. All of the twelve experienced thus, only not all of the twelve could carry through the detailed taste of the great passions that had visited and slipped from them, leaving them as only men again, but enthused to continue on. For, wherein the mirth in a protracted isolation from God? The obedience to our Lord, and likewise to ourselves also, was to be a happy obedience, with all cares made lighter even though we willingly multiply our payload.

The Temple of St. John was forged as the open gateway through to The Event which combined our Christ with His World, for the sake and sanity of all men.

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