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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Place for Everyone & Everyone in their Place- 26th October 1996

Dear Teachers,
There is one aspect of the last teaching on Angels which we seek to pursue, and that is their role as 'Chief Comforters'. The Christian Christian up until now has been referring his discomfort to Christ in line with the Scripture 'Come unto me all ye that travail and are heavy laden and I will give you rest'.

At this point we can consider the chain of command that exists in big companies where staff who want to discuss any matters that concern them need to go via their immediate superior and never go above them or direct to top management.

You have encouraged us to pray to our Father God and to our dear Christ and to invoke the powers of the Holy Spirit, so obviously these teachings are valid for eternity. However are we to pay increasing attention to who we approach with what in the Spiritual Worlds, knowing full well that a complete disregard for this required discernment will lead to all sorts of untoward developments?
And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever;
Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.
-John 14:16-18

IN the Gospels we are given both a Holy Spirit of the Father, who by divine action moves as the very breath of life bringing anima, firing motiva, impelling and compelling existence with a fiery ferocity; as contrasted to the Holy Spirit Angelus, who by personal attendance may offer guidance, inspiration and comfort on behalf of our Christ.
One may review the texts with this insight into angelic activity - these unseen 'ghosts' who have done divine bidding abetting Man; being of heavenly countenance, though not of the Holy Spirit to whom we attribute all Life.

That Holy Spirit (Maximus Move-us) would be intolerable if personified, deified, or represented as is to a man. Life cannot face life in double - it would discount itself, or ruin the lesser. For a man to realize the presence of the Holy Spirit Insignia he would break apart and turn inside out confronting the mighty wealth of powers that Father God's Life presents.

Yet we have here now witnessed the problem of dual currencies attributed; and mistakenly so, as are so many surface readings which are pieced together and placed in treasure. However, thankfully, treasure finds its owner - eventually. Often in studies the student is arrayed with finding complexities highlighted which before were neatly covered to be then exhumed and tried. And this fallout from learning makes one feel at times that the actual knowledge brings about a misgiving as to former knowing, and our confidence is wanting because we are adapting or incorporating new views.

Of course this effect is quite transitory, as it soon becomes so much a part of the individual's own knowing that all newly acquired learning finds its home and settles in quite comfortably. We should not be deterred from new findings and reviewing the old ideas, even though it may appear that we have been formerly inadequate because of it.

The spirit's wisdom is wrapped up in us and has been there always, and our individual learnings will always grapple with contrast; being both insensible to their properties, yet divinely placed as well. We are always gathering our learning - collecting, assimilating, loving our knowing and comparing that loving. Like a succession of sunrises with all of each day's contrast there, we have a calendar of knowledge in a variable of seasons, coming to us.

The meaning becomes quite plain when one holds the relevant keys into the insights required. In the instance of the dual meanings here, we find that the angelic domain is honored under the one title, and yet this is in keeping with their one persona consciousness that they collectively experience, whist at the same time they hold distinct operations and duties - and in terms of our Guardian Angels, each are personally qualified and given separately to individual men to care for us.

We may find something of the story given to us in the passages in Hebrews 1:1-2. Our Father God (given to sundry times and divers manners) has appointed our Christ heir of all things. It is asked that the Angels of God worship Him (Hebrews 1:6). 

Furthermore it is then said: 

"Who maketh his Angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire." Hebrews 1:7

Following on there is:
But to which of the angels said he at any time, Sit on my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool? Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?
- Hebrews 1:13-14

The Angels were given to be 'spirits', when from Father God the legions of Christ were first assembled. There were of origin the first-born, and then those that were to follow the first-born of Christ. The question "but to which of the angels?" tells us of the differing scores; to which the reply then counters "are they not all ministering spirits?"; and of course, this is so.

The "flames of fire" denote the Holy Spirit in the uppermost context given to Father God's life empowerment. The power to create and the active builders who execute the blueprint of the Creator, comes from the angel mass, which on universal whole may stimulate all life. This is not one single entity to be so prayed to or petitioned with. The only petitioner qualified is Christ - and as an emanatory force which flows directly from our Father God, this angelic stream (if cared to call it that) of the Holy Spiritual Force, is quite distinct from the lesser hosts so titled and made separate from.

God also testifying with them, both by signs and wonders and by various miracles and by gifts of the Holy Spirit according to His own will. For He did not subject to angels the world to come, concerning which we are speaking.
-Hebrews 2:4-5

And finally:
For verily he took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham.
-Hebrews 2:16

Jesus the Christ, was distinct from the Angels - truly being neither above nor below their status from God, for how could He be beneath or reconciled above that which directly was of His Father? Nonetheless, He was distinct, and to the glory of Father God this was made possible.

The Son was distinct therefore, from His Father - born of, but not the same as, as was not the case of the Angels. The Angels are Father God in representation - in living action. Because they are faithful to Him and consistent throughout; without the slightest departure they are as Him.

In the Trinity we find that there is Father God who is withdrawn and unknowable, but signified and whole (and knowable nonetheless); there is the Holy Spirit, His Spirit made manifest, which may work its way throughout Creation as life-force or angelic mind, substance itself and all things which are consistent, permanent and of existence. Whilst also there is the Christ-Son who heralds that divinity which seeks change, new creativity, realization of godhood in Man sanctified in Father God; and although is not dissimilar to God is now distinct from Him.

This is the Trinity, and from these three divisionings comes all else. These three principles are the primary elements to all life manifested. Nothing exists without them. Nothing may enter into being without the three, and we can find the three in one.

In our efforts towards prescriptive prayer and consideration it is necessary to discern and learn to differentiate subtle, peculiar and perfunctionary dissimilitudes, for herein are the very marvels of being! This is yet another 'sense' to be developed, as developed it is in a man who strives to consciously work for his spiritual fulfillment and grapple with the innate life distinguishing the realities within. The sorry fact that men are not encouraged to reason with the definitives and become thereby so further connected in with that which they may then distinguish, is yes, something which we may seek to remedy.

Your question regarding the who as opposed to what, is most relevant to the whole matter of Man and his spiritual discernment. For example: men may go to seek a comfort from many sources which may prove to be only a facsimile at best or an synthetic imitation at worst - a comfort which is verily spiked with future discomfort would they but knew what they sought - and so the 'who' is much, much more important than the simple 'what' - particularly as there are very few reliable 'whos', yet a multitudinous bevy of 'whats'.

The untoward development is an issue of marked concern. If we appeal to the correct and the worthy spiritual powers and principalities, in full knowledge of their relevancies and their gifts on offer, then we become endowed with their properties by association and by cultivating their influences. If men continue on believing that all will take care of itself and that their part in the learning is all but done, then their insights shall be glib and misplaced and the charm of the world will slowly become awash with the very sameness that they claim.

It does take an effort of concentration, and a trying to reach for the concepts which take us into the definitive, yet comprehensive understandings. But this is surely the future of Man to try for just that, for he above any other kingdom has the power of such wakeful observation and learning to make these comprehensions and find them as living realities within his heart and mind, within his very trinity of self as is manifest.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Angelic Soul Agencies- 4th October 1996

SUBTERRANEAN to men live their Angels. In one sense, Man's Avant-garde (first guardian souls) encompass such an extended view into their lives and their immediate futures - as with a broad-range telescopic lens - that the Angels' interpretation alone brings intuition into the man's consciousness and helps in the governing of all relevant and proceeding wisdoms.

A man on his own would be rather helpless and without. He could no more motivate a steam train with his own puff and pant than instigate the necessary negotiations within a single day of a single life were he totally alone.

It is true that we are given a certain privacy and sense of solitude within our consciousness, this being only right, as the concerns of other beings (other men, women or otherwise) must hold to their own quarters also impinging not; whilst it shall be the wit and wisdom of any man eventually which makes his decisions upon his own life's leading. However there are whisperings from his life's interpreters and would-be advisers everywhere, making many suggestions with an eager interest and at times an overbearing concern. Men instinctively push back such assaults from other men or beings, although needing an effort of will to do so because all other's opinions encroach the freedoms of the future and subsequent decisions therewith.

This is mentioned because it is relevant to the guiding angels, who do not work to direct or advise or coerce, simply and firstly because the man himself would eventually refuse them; and both spiritually and consciously would be right to do so. They cannot intervene with an assistance which objects his thinking, crosses his decided path or pushes him against his desire. To do so would instantly disassociate them from their role beside him, besides which, they love their fellows so completely it would not become possible for them to act willfully against him.

Also there is no self-interest or self gain. Unlike other beings who enjoy the saturation of a man's attentive company and the vitality besides, the guardian Angels of a man do not receive a 'kick-back' of any kind; they are not elemental in nature. Were this to be so one would find that they would soon become depleted in themselves and well spent, having to rely upon a constancy which would not sustain them. No, their own pleasures and sustenance is quite removed from the interaction; and yet as said, the love remains, being pertinent to their greatest joy and ward.

So there is a different way which they may intimate their warnings and express their offers of help in their companionship. Before continuing on it should be added here that there are myriads of helpful entities that do not come under this subject today. There are numerous varieties of angels themselves, some which are so large their bodies can encompass a whole mass of sky. There are helpful souls who having moved from this world return to their great loves and keep contact. There are faerie workers who are brightly intelligent and servants to men. There are, of course, those selected animals which oblige and assist, alongside the spiritual beings of the plant kingdom which live to serve men completely. So we are placed within a commodity of community that offers itself ever graciously to meet our desires.

However, our guardian Angels are to be distinguished because they may personally know us in ways that the others do not. It is they who are the chief comforters bringing this to the man or child when he is without. No matter how deep the devastation or how lonely the experience, there is in the world, behind this and every sadness, the consoling of our angels, which can be felt.

Comfort itself comes from a medicinal, remedial love which understands in essence the nature of both the man and his calamity. True comfort is the most wonderful supplication and experience, because here we are instantly brought to find (yet again) something of the miraculous qualities which we assume should exist, however profoundly. The properties of pity, nurture, compassion, communion and divination all invoke the highest intuitive powers which are communicated not only from being to being, but being to God and then God into being and back again. Think for a moment of those cherished times of great and meaningful empathy - a reprieve from our own consciousness! Putting self aside we may come to God (and if to Man, then to Christ) by our very unities. For the greater cosmic influences are subtle yet powerful, in invocation. 

Our Angels in this are often our teachers, for they speak to us not in words, but with intuitive reasoning which enables our own to come more readily to understandings. If we are without the means to interpret another man justly or comprehensively, we are afforded the faculty through that of our Angel's, and also their relationship with the other man's Angel.

So instantly we have access to a greater ability improving a wonderful friendship, providing it is those powers of intuitive knowledge that we decide for ourselves to firstly call upon, pertaining to the higher aspects of the other man concerned. You may consciously try this, and with the ensuing assistance shall find that strangers will become endeared to you in no time. You may have met them for the very first instance and have had no past signatory relationship with them - no experience to share, no resonance mainstaying - and yet by the powers of your guiding Angel it will happen that you may intuitively know them with all of their appeal as known to God.

It is guaranteed that if a man approaches any other having first asked for the counsel of his Angel and so attending to it, his company will recognize that the reality between them is not set upon the ordinary and the obvious but has been removed into realms of insight which provoke the higher influences now working through them. In other words, because of the Angel's wisdom there shall be a lightness of heart shared amongst them. The heart is well eased when it does not have to battle with inaffable people. A soul may relax when he feels truly accepted; as by great Grace we most certainly are. It is often with the qualities as brought to us by our advisory beings that we can quite quickly come to understandings which ordinarily are out of our ken.

There is so much a man can come to! Our Angels cannot lead us by any means, but think of the multiplicity of ranges we have as yet unknown, but have the means to interpret because of their insight. They are, in a manner of speaking, our higher faculties; whilst at the same time they are also very much beings in their own right, with their own consciousness and their own being.

How may I know that the cow finds the dewy new sprouts of grass so sweet? What may fire my imagination in a way that, although I am not a cow myself, nor have I eaten grass, I can bridge the signatures and appreciate it as the cow might have it? It is by my Angel that I can do this. I have a key into perspectives and a key into the higher natures and their aspects. Because of this, as well as all of this, I am also given (should I listen) a key into the remarkable events pertaining to my own life just outside my own perspective.

To some these intuitive gifts would seem inadequate. As powers go, there are many who would prefer something more worldly perhaps. Yet what has just been described if cultivated seriously, brings such a talent and leap into knowing, that there could not be a greater service provided. 

Oh yes, our Angels may alert us to an impending danger, or even the right spin of the wheel, or an opportunity arising; but the cognizing factors to these are one and the same. For example: the overview of the Angel realizes predestined events because of their pertaining to the higher nature's of all around them. It is not merely a gift of seeing outward events as they may occur in the future, as they live in possibility, for that vision alone is exterior and an event like any other if taken to be so. No it is the interpretation of what incurs these events that makes it realized as to their forthcoming. It is the interpretive powers within the higher intuition that can work within the outer world understanding its spiritual causes.

Our Angels therefore can be our spiritual eyes and ears when we in earthly incarnation have not the ability of range for ourselves. The fact that we have the faculty to interpret our Angels however, is in itself a supersensory talent acquired by the correct exercise of conferring with them to such a purpose. There is no cunning to be had, only an examination of things as they are in the spiritual worlds.

After death these Angels can make for wonderful companions doing likewise, providing we have incorporated them as part of our lives whilst incarnating. They are beings of Christ, subtitled to His Thought and Wishes.

As Man has bravely gone on into godhood he has challenged the existence of all other kingdoms, if only in his inquiry. Uniquely alone and upbuilding evolution, Man holds to one side a predestined certainty and to another, the unknown. It is through these individual charges that we may come to be known by Christ as we to Him, as they are of His Substance, of Him Himself, that we may have a secure and accurate reasoning in higher matters. For it is He that understands all keys and all signature characteristics and all futures within.

There are two types of beings, the Creative and Angelic - from Father God this was so; so too, from Christ as well. Demonic beings come from when the one develops into the other and the perversion of influence reaffects malevolently those whose influence still streams pure and intact.

Creative spirits who have come into Angelhood and have been inducted into armies by higher beings who drew their will away from them and bled their individualities away, are now dark-angels who are in service to that which overpowers them, and uses them for the creative vitalities which they hold signature to. It is the inordinate blend of corrupted creativity and the subservience of a lesser angel which creates the malformed anarchies. Then also, in regards to the 'fallen' angels, there is the truth that when they stepped out of their parent stream and incorporated powers which were not of their license, once again the unfavorable influence upon all else in the plan ensued.

Our own Angels cannot perceive our Double's activities. Their higher concentration seems to preclude much of what our formidable selves present. It is not in their nature to understand and therefore not considerate to them. So we find that Man has the loving assistance of the higher powers directly beside him when required and called upon, and yet also his examiner in which he has invested much evil.

The thought and desire-bodied elementals which Man colors the personalities of, are firstly compliant to Man, impressionable to Man and therefore angelic in nature. However, by the very creative impulses man has imbued them with, if they are not of the higher substances these creatures become 'demonic' in their action back upon Man. They are useful in the negative sense and reinforce much of his own behavior, but when developed properly they can be aids in measured disciplines and repeated behavior, by establishing many constants within the individual who has brought them up, so to speak.

Similarly, the agent of our Double is also angel in makeover, and once again, in the more permanent sense, has been individually characterized by the creative factors as given in Man.

Angels by makeover, have no capacity to willfully make new and varied anythings. Put simply, if you had one hundred thousand tiles to make a mosaic, and all of the palette of colors there as well, and if you gave these tiles to a one hundred thousand men you would have one hundred thousand different murals to purvey. Then give them to one hundred thousand Angels and you would have but one. Angels are like that. They would be most pleased that they had got them all fitting and looking the same. In point of fact, they would be in pain, if one tile was traded out of place.

Having said that, offer one hundred thousand Angels the plans to follow according to the Creation of our great Benefactor and watch the world then grow! Give that same plan-sheet to the men (or demi-gods) and not one plant would take in the grit of their chaos!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finding & Embracing our Double- 28th September 1996

Reginald Machell 
Dear Teachers,
After your last message (thank you) there were questions arising concerning the 'Double' you mentioned. We have a collection of aspects discussed that we ask that you comment upon please?

In defining our Doubles a little further, is it true to say that they are corruptible or immortal in substance? Does it signify past karmic remnants of former lives belonging to the reincarnating ego? Is it the lower astral body, or lower self or any part thereof? Is it a "ghost" which may live separately from us, or are we inextricably connected?

We know of the dual relationships between the Sun as contrasted to the Sun's rays illuminating the Moon; and we know of our Christ as being contrasted to the Anti-Christ also; now we are brought to consider our own Double's contrast to that of our Higher Self and we ask about the prospect of likeness here, and how it is that it becomes so close to the undiscerning that we may be easily deluded - we are unable to know the activities of the Double, which is strangely so diametrically opposed to its 'other'. Also, that we may live under a presumption that it doesn't exist at all - could you explain this please?
On the matter of likeness we suggest that there are shared signatures which happily enable redemption to occur - is this so?

In the circumstance of men who behave badly, despising good men, (acting out of envy for example) is this their Double which is responsible?

Do we have difficulty interpreting the actions of the Double as that of our own when we have effected an evil of sorts?

On the subject of fear: if we learn more about this dweller, is there a way to approach this mystery on behalf of healing and come to some answers which will highlight and alleviate some of the more hidden fears which haunt all of us? Fear is a huge problem and there are perceived fears from without that we may deal with, but there are those fears from within, perhaps less easily perceived that you could help us to identify? Is all fear, inner fear, destructive, and therefore for us to seek to remove by love? Or are there fears of the higher nature which are valid and valuable and qualified that we must endure in order to sense the challenges ahead?

Is the forming of our Double an elemental process?

And finally, can we dare to go into this subject of learning for the healing? Are there rewards to all in our venturing further by this approach?
Thank you for your thoughts on this, they are appreciated,

- J & G

IT is the Double that shields us from the otherwise penetrating blaze of purity, that in a higher form of passion is diffused and filtered by the host of past company we bring with us. Here is a different angle again to add to the collection, but for a moment we can try this approach so as not to begin with a fear itself of our very Double.

The phantom man is not to be despised inasmuch as it is what we have made it, and also from the viewpoint that all parts which comprise our being hold great and significant purpose. So we begin by seeking to ease the tension which is building upon this concept.

If you consider the position of men who are growing in evolution, you will find that goodness may well be disproportionate and uncontainable to aspects of their fledgling egos. Too much of anything can bring about unbearable pressure from without and within, and this holds true also for even goodness as known to us by the actions of the spirit.

The body of the Double is astral indeed, although it is not the whole of our astral composure, yet it can most definitely walk about as whole when cleaved from the constitution of a man. Yes, as a ghost it can and does wander seeking out those things to which it is stimulated to - ever wanting of the world even after its connections have been severed from.

Depending upon the spiritual nature of the man from whom it has been made, it may be that it does disseminate quite rapidly. Or if it has been comprised and saturated with life during the incarnation and belongs to a temperament which lusts and leaks with habitual self-indulgence which lies contrary to creativity, sharing or life, then this shade of a man can wander quite strong in self, having had so much vitality poured into its nature whilst the man had lived, that it may then go on into perpetuation, hovering and leeching off those who hold to similar activity.

Our first consideration with this being is that it is foremostly impressionable to us and of our making and that we are indeed responsible in every way for it. It is the greater host to the community of lesser elementals which we carry; whilst at the same time it, unlike they, holds signatory and solitary being. The lesser elementals and thought-forms which flit around a man have a primary body which is shared amongst them and it is innocuous to good or to evil permutations. This primary body holds a group consciousness of kind, which experiences the impressions of the man collectively amongst other men concurrently.

Our Double however, holds an individuality which is its own insofar as it is distinct from our own spirit-beings and holds a degree of self-awareness which may one day work independently of the man to whom it is attached. The difficulty in concept here, is only that the Double referred to comprises an impermanent body which breaks down eventually after the soul of the man has retired from the Earth (usually this is so, but there are exceptions longstanding). Whilst also there is the being of the Double, who is as a deformed Angel that is committed to the individual and all of his story over the eons of lifetimes and has been scorned in nature, and like the knotted and twisty-gnarly tree of countless seasons of soul, bears all of the sins attributable to that man for which it follows.

Oh, what hideous spectre does pursue me!
All my years from Heaven to Earth and back again;
That gaze goes through me and I am shamed once more!
I have led this pitiable creature to Hell,
But it would not stay; saying:
"Do you not love me for what you have made of me?"
And of all the vile essences expressed in that accusation,
No truer judgment could set upon the jailer himself.
And once again I know my remorse.

These beings of remorse are the ongoing soul-natures which are ensheathed in astral passion, central to our Double's manifesting. They too have being and incarnating body - that of the astral substance in which we have clothed them.

The souls of Man have caused much pain to many kingdoms which support him. There are creatures dismissed into death for the purpose of sustenance; and this does not only occur with man as carnivore, but also Man in thought. His very processes impinge upon the sensitivities of beings who dwell in the neighboring etheric World, and then also into the higher realms as well. All of this must eventually turn around and change, when Man is then servant to the life he has expended on his account; and opportunities for such will arise and greet him, and the processes he goes by will be exchanged for a maturity of proper community.

Fundamental principles live themselves out in Man and must work their way through in every respect, in all of the layers of his behavior and design. These principles must make their shift from the core itself as it seems, and can only do so in the persistence of the ego's conscious demands to align with the truth of the spirit.

Love in actuality can be viewed, even in this system, as more of a philosophy. The fact that good and evil coexist has long been an argument for the placing of the shadow in relation to the light, and if for the exercise of thinking alone, there are points along these lines which can be seen to be reasonable. This may ennoble the active choice therefore for loving, inasmuch as it says that love itself is not obligatory and yet it overrides marvelously the discordant and fractured harmonies. (That sounds as though it is a contradiction, but it is no more a contradiction as is the coexistence of good and of evil, and we thought a fitting example, in truth.)

When you say that the likeness is disturbing because of the lack of discernment, this is highlighting one of the most interesting concerns any student or teacher could have. That we may have affection for an Anti-Christ because of his likeness to the Christ, and this is what brings us to him, leads us to ask if the differences between are separately important. Everything is less or more than it appears and it is the very task of the esotericist to learn to divine the properties and discover their intrinsic value as separate to each other. The power in this knowledge is in that we may now further question the apparent from the not-so-obvious realities; and may we be considered in our approach, to see if we have a light which is deflected or a look-alike that is only partly what we may think it to be, and partly perhaps that which we do not.

This study of men and their Double may bring with it a healing in relation to their fears. All experiences encountered within the world are known to Man because they have originated in a spiritual reality, with a similar experience beginning in the Heavens. Fear as it is within the higher man became known when he first felt separation from Father God. The separation itself was and wasn't so; and yet the fear struck at the heart and seized the consciousness because things were not fundamentally what they should be, and it came with the realization of this being so.

It is the fear that alerts us to the 'Uh oh' realization that change is moving upon us a little too rapidly to connect the past to the future with "I looked about and He was gone" - the fear in our soul is that we shall become Godless, because Godlessness to the Soul is death. The soul is in fear of its own end, and there is inbuilt the apprehensive knowledge of this possibility. How this is so cannot rightly be explained, simply because the Soul itself is intact and not given firsthand to the experience ordinarily.

But one may well imagine the horrors the soul may shudder with, when it suffers a loveless life as delivered it by the ego. As the ego advances it quite often is delirious and unempathetic to its encounters. When we first sensed our selves we then lost our sense of God in the strongest intuition, and then this followed through with regards to all other life to which He is apparent. This is one reason why love becomes our greatest savior, because the ego understands love and through it appeases others, our souls and our God; whilst naught else may bring them all together.

It is true to suggest that there are fears (such as this just mentioned) which live on in a man deep beneath his consciousness and have very early and unknown origins. It is interesting to watch a man in his emanations and activity when his consciousness is taken to trust and his thoughts and desires act out from an impulse which is from love before all else.

Any activity of ego can have the burden of the fear (all fears combined) within its structure. Even works which are self-pleasing (or perhaps what should be said is especially works which are self-pleasing) carry with them those fears that live both in higher reaches of self and also in double. However, when the ego is effaced with the action of one's loving occupation, attention, empathetic or sympathetic resonance and so forth, there is God working through them also to bring about the answer to the fear, the great fear, of Him having gone from their lives. So that when we experience the love beneficently, then to same measure we can say God is with us. The panic in the soul may well come from our own lovelessness, and so Man must learn to cease the search for self-indulgence alone, but seek more to fulfill and to love all else more perfectly.

The 'lower self' is a term usually used in direct relation to a specific example, and yet can be misleading if put to a schedule in blatant aspect. For example: the powers which converge around the organs and desires for reproduction are often alluded to as being incorporated within the 'lower self' or 'lower nature' or 'lower desires' whereas, those same powers are of the highest influence and principle working through Man.

The resources which pertain to the physical expression and psychic-astral vitalities can prove to incorporate a greater creativity in which God and Christ enter into Man. Such wholesome and high powers may also be left out of the process; and here the principle and example of the Double and J's remark about likeness is perfectly exampled, in that the physical act alone may well be mistaken for the godly, whilst the godly act may also be misnamed as being only that of the 'lower'. Man must align and synchronize all of his powers that they flow through from the very highest apex of his being into all that he does (and back again), for the powers not to be wasted, spilling over into that of the Double instead. From this you can see that the term 'lower' of itself is relative to that which we describe, and misleading if put to category. That which is divorced from the higher impulses can be confined to being an expression of just that alone, whilst what we may consider to be purely lower may indeed be a vehicle for the profound.

To answer an incidental question also along these lines, relative to what was just said: in the case of a man being influenced by alcohol whilst coupling, he is indeed divorced from the higher powers which perhaps could have become manifest (if also the true love was present). He is literally cut off at the waist (below both head and his heart) and the emanatory process astrally mimic less than the animals. This too falls under the activity of the Double, who is charged with vitality which promotes self-interred activity.

The interest the being of alcohol holds for the promotion of unredeemed Doubles is mainly in that of their likeness to him - a veritable Anti-Christian army, proud and assuming, ruthless in their desires, hollow in their beings, severed from the true heart and mind and their reaches.

There can be much envy which follows from the man who has lived the empty and hollow existence, inspired to hopefully contrast himself with how he could and should one day be; and although the envy is framed in a dark countenance, it comes with a wanting from a haphazard soul. This is the beginning perhaps to a change to be wrought within, for there are many promptings to self-improvement which bring about the necessary beginnings and willings for change.

Often we have stipulated that men should involve themselves in those things day-to-day which fulfill them and inspire them, and warm them to further life, for the consequence of this is that they will learn to lovingly appreciate this world and interact with all beings well because of it. Either we are discordant or harmonious; and in being discordant we are unproductive in the long run, being given to an artificial life which has only the veneer and appearance of living. The only reality is Love, and Man must learn to divine the true from the false accordingly.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Take Heart!- 23rd September 1996

Dear Elder Brothers,
It is now five weeks since we put into practice your teaching on the absolute necessity to refrain from ingesting alcoholic beverages. This new path is proving a very exciting one with respect to the reactions of others. I can say that I have been pleasantly surprised at the goodwill extended to me by family, friends and acquaintances once my position is revealed.

The extent of offense caused has been negligible - which is the opposite to what was imagined (probably based on my own offense originally). The fear of offense however, continues to haunt us; and the character "Elwood P. Dowd" played by James Stewart in the film "Harvey" is a case in point. Elwood (and Harvey) actually love going to bars and buying alcoholic drinks and not drinking them, which is a suffrage no doubt used to avoid offense and a breaking down of friendships. This cannot be our path.

Scott Peck's comment that A.A. is the strongest Christian Church in America, …………….leads me to almost ask you for a 'book of instructions'. However, I also sense that you and our Christ are very close at hand in the myriad of challenges associated with abstaining (and desiring that others abstain also) and hence equip me as and when necessary.

I believe you are reasonably pleased thus far with the way we are 'blazing our own way’ but please, it is hard, and your guidance would be a great help.

By the way, isn't it wonderful that people are thinking of giving up alcohol because of the teaching - 'the harvest IS ready'. …………….

DURING the interim period of transition such as you are experiencing now, there will be conditions arising as well as an awareness which is sensitive to peculiars of particulars, which will not be remarkable to you in the long run, as you go along. Although each leap in a man is profoundly indifferent to all of that which it has just left behind, there are 'catch ups' which need follow, and also adjustments to be made accordingly. No one man can do this with automatic ease unless it not be new to him.

So with the many questions here to address, the first official should be regarding this period of having just changed with respect to your needs now, and then on to the same in relation to what you may hopefully expect in the future.

Water cleanses. It is by the nature of the water - the ego-nature of our water - that we can help that of our own ego cleanse itself and rid itself of those imprints outstanding which we no longer require. We may address the higher ego of the water, and therein wash that of our own ego clean. It is recommended that water be sipped often, keeping this understanding of its nature in mind, in thankfulness for its being, its presence and its action upon our very nature. The water shall become sweet to us, and its improvement within us is most desirous for all conditions, yet most especially to this. If thoughts pertaining to alcohol arise in any form it is good to go and immediately take in the water; and to do this with the intention of it being remedial to self……..

The sin itself of all that is in the World manifesting in flesh was answered by water in its presence therein. What does this tell us of spheres which exist which are as barren as a cloudless desert - those that crumble and harden and crumble again? …………………… Now we bring into the systems once again the undefiled and the pure substance which is no more to be insulted within the constitution by the poison which has bitterly used it to its own end.

………………………………. Remembering that although pure alcohol is waterless in a certain measurement only (it has fluidity even after distillation), it is the bearing of a sufficient water-nature, which does carry and conceal and empower the substance vehicular to it. The presence of God, so to speak, in just fraction of appearance is far better than none. His representation lives within that water and speaks directly therein to us - and He would rather be present to us in sin than not at all. The concept that sin drives God from us is as untrue as it is true. God is comprehensive, even when we are not, and He does not flinch from Sin, even though certain angels and men may quaver………………….

The transitional time-out may continue into weeks and months (or years) depending upon the associated thought-forms and desires which ridicule the change. Once again it can be said that this is all perfectly normal and part and parcel of the blessing which is to follow. The initial decision is essentially the conclusion, and yet the power of blessing which results will actually come from the contests experienced in these immediate days right after…………….

The persona of the alcoholic drinker is one which identifies self with glass in hand; friendship and society; calmness, warmness and general 'wellbeing'. You shall know when you have managed to step out from this persona when you no longer 'react' - there is no reaction struck either way - when you are impervious to the sight of a bar or a glass and do not identify with the memories imposed upon you from this vantage of past tiddlies………….

At this point there becomes a great change. Great and grand and glorious! For a man may renounce a good many things, but of all things to do battle with, of this he becomes empowered the most. This too makes for all important steps to follow ever after - now being the very best position to travel out from, to go anywhere. Command of awareness and spiritual clarity, tried, tested and won - battle seen and foe delivered - and all goes well! Bravo! The world shudders with delight and ... Christ is satisfied. For now He is content that you are well safe and once again strong in self and bright-spirited!

The goodwill noted is a marvelous experience of love as opposed to the hatefulness… through the unfortunate. This goodwill is so very real and harmonious it is healing to everyone concerned, and it can be said that in these early days of abstinence it carries the man quite far into his efforts and is to be remembered always after.

The 'fear of offense' offers us two concerns, namely offense itself and the 'fear' that is mentioned. Offense itself, when not intended, is not a concern one can seriously entertain the thought of, then owning up to. If there is no genuine ill intent, if you do not seek disruption or insult, if you are innocent to the other folk's discretion and how they have made judge of you or your actions, then let it pass, without giving time to their folly.

Too often good men are deceived by the murky thoughts of protesters who try to provoke a self-doubt at their own goodness. Misery does indeed love company, and in this we may not feel responsible for the condition of those who remain at the bar. That is their choice, although sadly may be so weakened as to their wisdom in making such choice. A man can no more safely step out of the boat and onto the water to save a drowning man than go to the bar with the pretense of drinking. He must remain in the boat and do everything he can from that position, this is true.

The point of Elwood being in the bar in the first place was the contrast itself to the 'preferred society' to which a man of 'status' would usually keep. Being a true brother to all, he held absolutely no differentiation between one and another; even to the point of accepting and befriending a good-natured being who also broke with convention (a Pookah).

Whilst the good Doctor projected himself into fanciful thinking it was Elwood who was at home in the 'here and now', enjoying in the company that went along with it. Central to the whirl of wants and pleadings that surrounded him, he did as best as he could, being almost, as it were, quite Buddhistic in his attitude.

However as an example you draw, it is worthy of note because as pleasant as he was, there was a decided lack of egohood there, was there not? As in sense of self, and sense of self-direction; in creativity, motivation and determination - were these qualities apparent? Or did in fact the gentleness of the character depicted, alarm us to his inability to withstand the very nonsense around him? For surely there comes a point when a man needs be firm about himself and does not just merely go along with the demands of others simply to make peace and be pleasant? If this is so then the path of Elwood is dangerous (and perhaps at that bar he did drink - just a rough guess).

So peace-seeking at cost of self is unproductive. Somewhere the tensions will manifest yet again if there is no resolution. Confrontations resume, and if the man further sets out to placate the storm by giving into its fury, then he simply causes that storm to upset his inner being by the very fact that he has gone against that which he knows to be right.

Offend not thine own heart! For those who are offended at thy righteousness, let them be so! For it may help towards their own conversion one day, and until then you may be given the strength to battle with their bad manners and disapproval.

As for the 'fear' so mentioned, there is a parallel fear coexisting in a man, one which corresponds within his dual-self demon and that which corresponds within his higher self of soul. In times of testing (and this is definitely one of those times for you) both types of fear can become accentuated. The 'Dweller on the Threshold' Double of a man, has all of the residual which is abhorrent to the Higher Self - that same Higher Self which is partly characterized and freed because of the Double adopting the 'undesirable' characteristics.

Now of course it is completely necessary for the Higher Self of a man to eventually take up the Double and address all that he has been and done to create and color this other half, however they are at odds with one another; and especially during this transition, they are pulling away from each other with a greater than ever calamity and expression. The Higher Self is expanding and maintaining itself, however it may inspire a fear of reprisal and also a fear of regression. This is because the Double of the man is protesting this new change and promotes a fear of identity, a fear of losing identity and so forth.

Occultly speaking this is the most difficult contender of all - moreso than any actual exterior devil. The anterior objective is to not pacify, but nullify these fears and we do this by not feeding them our attention or our potency in any way, shape or form. If we expend ourselves by trying to creatively answer scenarios of offense or of fearful outcome, even in trying to pacify we are nonetheless giving the fears more substance than they are worth. We are actually feeding also our 'Double', rather than in giving our thoughts and our desires into that which is more worthy and spirit-building - focusing on the higher man and all that ennobles him in what he does within the world; for one does and will detract from the other. 

The Double will pull the Higher Self into the pit if allowed to be listened to and taken seriously. Therefore, there is no equality, no equal decision-making to be had and no equal status until one becomes as good and pure as the other, and this may only be achieved if the Higher Self stands firm in what it allows.

Oddly enough, the further along the path a man may travel the more keenly he feels the presence of his Double. He is uneasy in this and inclined to forever look over his shoulder and oft times equate it with himself; and so the fear returns ever stronger. The answer to this, to enable us to live with our Double (as this we must) brings us into yet more dangerous territory with only the contemplation thereof.

In this it could also be said here, that there is a certain magician well known, who due to his progression of inner law sought to draw in certain powers to enhance his spiritual bodies, and by doing so (in ritualistic borrowing) he empowered his 'Double' into the bargain. This endoubled his virtuosity, but also quadrupled his 'negative' self. He was thereafter taken to every miserable influence which was to follow.

Hatefulness, spitefulness and haughtiness increase our Double's sense of self-worth. It thrives on this and is quick to point out all other's failings and misdemeanors. If we can keep this in check, if we can cease the unempathetic prattle of this Double, then we shall be well clear to proceed forth into our change.

Our wills need to be made yet keener, and it is good practice to have to keep ourselves in check. We may actually think that it is our higher natures which judge the mistaken of the world most harshly, but it is rather that of our Double that incites all corruptive behavior. If we make an enormous change for the better we may be grateful that this was possible, yet if we fall fain to severe judgment of those who remain in the condition we have just come from, then we are listening to the Double, who in the first place cannot take credit anyways for that change so noted. It is interesting the way it happens like that!

Alcoholics Anonymous as a movement, has to be one of the most courageous and outstanding in the world - this is so - and yet further to this we would like to suggest however, just one small correction to the overall philosophy as good as it seems. For to say one's name in introduction and then follow on by adding the statement "I am an alcoholic", is sadly overall, quite deleterious to the man. What a powerful antecedent to begin anything with " I am"…….

As said before, the persona must necessarily be dropped, and this thinking does anything but.

The concept for this arose from the notion that an alcoholic had to acknowledge his problem before he could address it fully. ………….However, it would be far better if an affirmation for the good could replace the ongoing pitiable alliance aforementioned.

It can happen, it must be said, that the transitional stage that we have discussed today can indeed go on for the remainder of a lifetime. This may be sadly so, and for many who go to A.A. for a strength and a support in a fellowship in kind (during this transitional period), then it is marvelous indeed that the courage continues. After death they shall be utterly free of those cravings which ravaged their equilibrium and even sanity……………There are many problems of personality which death may sweep away and free the soul thereof. In the case of the man who has not the strength to reinforce new thought-forms and cast new elementals for this transition and yet has deliberately changed himself in his ways and fought his habits, he shall not carry them over to any degree once deceased from this world.

As to the question as to what one may say and the challenges given to this abstaining: all of the spiritual powers support you, and now because you are not offensive to them, they may go with you. You were offered a truth boldly and you touched it and then were not afraid to embrace it - taking it to be your very own. Not only for yourself have you done this, but for Christ and for the men of this world, for all of your actions will be different now accordingly (and more profitable), whilst also your abstinence increases the strength in others for such as well.

This has been the beginning for a new life for you. No other change could be as significant or invoke the chain of consequence as this now does. This is also a time to bring about as many new relationships within this world, experiencing it more fully and more detailed in a way that is yours to know. And because of there being this time of transition, it really is required that you care for yourself sincerely.

By this we mean to say that you are not yet quite entitled or enabled to fully bless others out from alcohol until you yourself have been completely divorced from the association. This will come, but you shall need to find a little patience with yourself on this matter, remembering that it is such a very important thing you do, and it shall be managed all the better if you do not tense and strain, giving more attention than due. Best not contend with the others battles at this point, until there is peace resolved within; and this will be achieved. For the time being, in coming to the world anew one can try to focus on that which feeds the soul and sense delightfully, and take restoration in this.

This does not mean to take a holiday from self - no, no, no! - but to get acquainted with self, reacquainted afresh, because there were a period of years when although functional and remarkably so, you had not altogether felt free to express self in a way that you are now preparing to do……….

To ensure that you may spiritually take up the benefit, means that there must be time afforded right now for your own care (and comfort). You will be required to do much, and shall know for yourself what and when this is to be. However (and no more clearly can we advise this) for the weeks ahead think not about the salvation of others (just at this point of abstaining), nor make concern about their feelings when it comes to your directions, for this is a time where you need to reestablish all things with the world and name them anew, including yourself.
(And, it's more than worth it!)

Take heart!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Study & Meditation- 30th August 1996

May the bird in Man return to him

WHEN a bird flies it does not defy gravity, it understands gravity, and through such understanding negotiates its relationship. If it were to simply disobey the impulses of gravity it would go straight up without end; whereas it becomes flight in the very principle itself, that enables the bird, in pressure sandwiched between the waves of wind supporting its horizontal torso throughout the passage.

Gravity itself is not earthbound. Its directions and redirections work elsewhere also. There are greater gravities to lesser gravities, as are to be found spiritually orienteering when the magnetisms work with the man's own knowing, whilst his upright bearing is gravitized in God; Father God being both central and impulsive to the inner cleaving.

As the bird we can renegotiate those impulses fixed in Father God. The higher altitudes of spirit correspond with the light-filled ethers the birds travel. Our sense for questing which refines the thinking and receiving, are the wings of Hermes - the bird returned in Man.

Meditation differs from learned study in that the soul's conception in meditation is instantly and remarkably appealed to. In study there becomes a sequence of pondering - bird goes to pond to fish, dipping in and out, catching as catch can, working the silver pathways, following each elbow bend as the school darts and turns and then swims on. Yes, with acquired learning we labor for our ego's next new catch as we dip in and out of the waters of deep thought, moving between the seen and unseen world.

In meditation (one of good quality that is) our bird can fly and test himself amongst the lively organization of light and regions of current. The soul-wisdoms are brought before our consciousness and we are alight with their truth. The expression 'uplifting' means literally that; we are uplifted out from our mundane pressures of self to that 'higher' expression the truth has brought wings to.

So when we approach our meditative contemplations it is important to receive them inspiritively, i.e. not to look for the skies in the reflection of the pond, not to dissect or disseminate, but rather to receive the impressions whole. For a good meditational picture will work in upon a man, not subject to the ego's deciding.

As with prayer, and also quite similarly with a pleasing landscape that satisfies the soul with beauty, these truths before a man speak to that man, not he to them. Nor do they in any way become altered. It is that they livingly correspond within the soul of that individual already.

The truth of Christ resides in Man. It is not a truth that can be bought or won intellectually. Study itself, if founded on untruth, is useless; and yet study by itself is no guarantee of any truth having been arrived at.

Paradoxically Man must reclaim the soul wisdoms and endorse them anew. To know and know well implies that it is the fish which empowers the engine of the bird, that has then and only then, the strength enough for the mighty uplift. All food is upon the ground, it is not to be had in the sky.

So we can consider:
  1. Private Study
  2. Group Study
  3. Private Prayer & Contemplations Self-led
  4. Private Prayer & Contemplations Received
  5. Group Meditation & Prayer

Private Study
Here we may endeavor to assimilate, having worked for truths which can build upon themselves, or make for good contrast, whichever.
In study we are brought a little further each time in our contention with new thought. The practice itself of giving time to these efforts enstrengthens a man's application in all other areas of knowledge also.

Spiritual studies, when healthy, bring an individual to an overall discernment which becomes keener in worldly matters. This is of course relating solely to matters which are not self-invested. In other words the most dependable discernments come when the motivation has not self interest being the persuading factor.

Spiritual studies therefore affect the consciousness directly (with the obvious results of immediate learning) and indirectly with a general ability becoming enhanced, which overall affects the worldly consciousness also.

Group Study
When in amongst collective thought the action of the study becomes profoundly enhanced. If the material of the study is worthwhile, if the thought introduced and considered is dynamic to the evolution of Man's being, then it shall promote such to not only the participants, but also spill out into the World at large.

Therefore it could be said that a group endeavor is primarily useful, not only to the souls attending (both seen and unseen) but also bringing about many new thoughts to be received within those who have no direct knowledge of the possibilities of such.
In group study we can also bring talents and insights creatively working upon the piece considered. Group studies can bring the very best and very worst of conditions for actual learning.

It is always preferable for a man to solely consider a learning before rushing into discussion along any lines, for it does happen that the words which adhere to the thought in the first association are indelibly difficult to disassociate from thereafter. It is crucial that the process of measuring our own responses to a single truth is learned quietly and without interference from without.

Discussion has the ability to kill out a higher thought in its reception, because it attaches to it another's questions and associations which are unrelated to the responses to be had in another. The personal experience will depart. This is why much learning in schools at senior level is not retained by the adults in later years. A teacher may present the thoughts forth, which if they are true to a reality, then they shall be 'good food' for the wandering consciousness. However if opinions and questions come flying in before the individual has time enough to meet the thought with his own succession of cognitive responses, then his ego has not the ability to retain the learning as was first presented. Therefore it is wise enough to come to the group study having entered into private time well in advance and well prepared.

Private Prayer & Contemplation: Self-Led
That which springs from the wells of need and great loving is accentuated in spiritual repose. Once again our full attention and our full being may be given to God for a time, in a way that no other should intrude upon.

In private time we commune with those we are drawing closer to on a higher level - in prayer, in like inspiration. However it does occur because of our empathetic resonance and not because of an interaction between egos.

We do not will our prayers. We may will ourselves to be fixed or applied, to help form the word or thought or to be silent, but we do not actively project ourselves contaminating the action of the prayer.

The nature of prayer and meditation is that it is given to the higher impulses when we forgo our lesser cares and concerns. Birds may make bed in their twiggy nests, but do not try to take them on flight. We remove ourselves from the world to go where the cares cannot.

Private Meditation & Prayer: Received
Self-led we are taken where we need. If we choose a piece already composed as our feature for contemplation, then our transport into higher thought is affected by the nature of the source as also the spiritual nature generally then placed before us. We can travel much farther flying the imagination's reaches of another who is better skilled. In this, through many passages, we can associate freely with splendid minds and higher divinity.

If we choose to put to prayer or ponder some written phrase or work, we may move out from need to that which can answer yet greater need. There certainly is a place for both.

However, the symptoms of Man, even in his despair, are just that. Higher prayer formed well and above the simple desires of immediate and personal need, reaches out with great exploit that the lively spiritual worlds further be incorporated with conditions here in the World.

The prayer of personal petitions address worldly concern firstly, whilst the prayer without ego directions (given to and from another) summons the heavenly influences foremostly.

Group Meditation & Prayer
The combining of men for higher purpose and higher influence is charmed with the very hopefulness at the outset. If there is no expectation there shall be no result. For the spiritual promptings are quickly dismissed with a sour attitude. This is why cynical folk can never breeze through into the larger experience.

Also if there is no such experience being realized, one is advised to question the effectiveness of the issue, remembering though that the prayers of men are more potent than realized at the time. We can be guided by our inner responses in this and make question of them.

Effective prayers incur their own hopefulness as well. Meditations which are inspiring or healing should invoke enthusiasm, wonder, rapture, fraternity, and answer soul needs. We may reaffirm and reinspire with repetitive prayers and meditations experienced, given to group concentration, when proceeded with in the correct fashion.

This is distinct from study in that once again we do not need to go to the pond to find the sky. There is a time to fish... and a time to fly! ... 


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