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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ability to Tolerate Substance- August 29th 1998

[Reply to question on the above]

YES, this is so - one dark consequence of drawing in vapor which the ego (when so open) finds difficulty tolerating, will be a further and heightened intolerance thereafter - the legacy being known as an allergy.

Not all individuals respond similarly: it is an interesting point that what may have been even a harmless nutritive to one, can transform overnight into something taken for a poison subsequently. This proves somewhat the importance of our relationship to all else, requiring a certain stronghold and endurance from our own incorporations firstly; something which over time is gathered and guaranteed, not by using purely physical means, but rather by the employment of virtues.

If a man or a demon is opportunistic enough to work with the intention of approaching another in such periods which he is weakened, opened and susceptible to overwhelming influences, then it happens that in the short term the man concerned may be afflicted with their presence and overcome by their will to the degree of losing their own mind's deciding.

A man does not have to incorporate intentional breathing exercises that he relaxes the elasticity responsively in lung cavity or in that of his auric shell; or inflates his astral sensitivities or lends his conceptualization to the outer imaginings; or gives over his arterial holdings; or pick-axes his own border-walls of resistance; or prematurely exposes his ego - no, there are many ways of having this effected, and many more in which another human being or demon being may take advantage. However, just as with the physical proximity's reaction, we shall also in time find that by Grace a man will become 'allergic' as well to the very demon or predator who has tried to take advantage of him thus.

The demon who has insisted that a man take up a weapon and murder, for example, will be loathsome and haunting upon his return, ever frightening to the same man, who has now petitioned his senses to lock down against it. He will tremble all life thereafter, as it presents itself to him. The same demon shall be mistaken by him for the Angel of Conscience - so wretchedly confused is the man who flies from that which, by original weakness, he first did invite to him.

The process of the physical response may begin with the ego being susceptible to the signatory substance or its characteristics whilst being overtly 'open'. However and having said that, long after the ego's fissures have tightened there will be a response of alarm in the corresponding astral nerves, distinguishing it even through times of relative inexposure.

Of course, initially the substance of itself need not be even physically offensive, but moreover it is its associative qualities (planetary, spiritual origin etc.), which at certain times gather certain strengths, and we may react against for many reasons accordingly. The result is that of a poison being regarded by the individual for whom either a tolerance must be acquired, or an ensuing corruption will take place in the condition of alarm, astrally, etherically and physically. The vitalities leak and the mainframe loses its overall magnetism, the cohesive properties of form are given to alter and the cellular structures erode; the etheric life is no longer drawn in and bonded with sufficiently, and the physical body shrinks, weeps, cracks and groans under the assault of the said and recognized 'poisons'.

In homeopathic reform, it is not only that the reintroduction to certain substance (or moreover, their etheric properties in pure goodness) is given, but also that the assimilation of that substance is given into water, that issues the medicinal difference. Water is the Heavenly Ego manifest, and it is the Heavenly Ego that negotiates and contains all other egos within, that we can come together and mix and mingle as we do in a landscape of differing yet corresponding being. It is because of our combining affiliate with our all-encompassing Heavenly Ego that we do not simply repel each other out into the reaches of an infinite distance; and because of this egoic binding, influences may harmonize, some amongst may gratify, and the lives of all do obey the greater laws.

Sadly though, our physical properties are as yet not so refined as to be able to immediately give over to the greater realities from which they were born of; and so it is that poisons do corrupt quite generally whether slow in action or apparent. Both willful people and invasive substance can wear at the physicality of one to whom these poisons terrorize.

It can be said here also that such weakness or susceptibility is not shameful in regards to one's own position in development. Overall the only answer for humankind in strengthening their bodies throughout, as well as their egoic flexes within is, as maintained before, won only by the path of virtue. This needs be achieved collectively else innocent souls will continue to be born into bodies and conditions which are remiss.

Quite often it is today, that there are no defined qualifications given to individuals at the outset; and saintly souls who are even yet more sensitive to the collective sadness and weaknesses of the whole, are the first to be given the outcomes of sickly complaints.

So it is that we cannot look to this one and that and consider ourselves capably diagnostic enough to fully comprehend the true causes of each physical complaint as it presents in the obvious. For every apparent manifestation of something, the exact opposite may be its cause also. This is a both a useful tool as well as exercise to remember when we are assuming or assessing the outer characteristics of another.

Intuitively it may well be possible though, to divine some of our own causes (and there we are permitted lawfully to examine upon our own consent!) and then with an optimism for cure, set about to:

  1. Effect a healing within ourselves which will hold good for the whole else of our brothers as well.
  2. Love more, laugh more, and above all do not intend again to afflict our own natures, if they be as poison, where they are not wanted or called for.
  3. Strengthen selfhood - with arterial responsibility, with a self-consciousness that wakefully defines what it is that is desirable, workable and wanted, and refuse outright that which the Arterial Self cannot tolerate.

Prayer of Table Grace:

That which we take unto ourselves,
For ourselves,
That which does sustain us,
May it be filled with the Fire of the Twelve,
And so divinely imbued,
That we may tolerate Life,
And Life may tolerate us.


Note: Regards breathing exercises for asthmartyrs -

If the lessening of breathing is self-employed as a corrective to the condition of over-breathing, then it also follows in relation to the ego activity of that organ that the individual thereby will be practicing self-consciously an affirmation of self-containment. By exercising one's self-containment you may strengthen your overall resistance and ability to discriminate; and the attitude described in the physical practices will carry on through to attitudinal habits then conducted in the psyche also.

However, all good practices can exceed the point of their usefulness and this too is to be reckoned with. A man can breathe too little and be weakened by an inactivity. A medicine may become a poison if taken when no longer required and therefore is refused by the organism (and later to become an allergen if the man persists with it).

Like so, if a man who does not over-breathe is taught a technique of intentionally lessening his uptake to suit other purposes indicated but not defined by the condition, then we advise that this point of the exercise may prove counter-productive and confusing to the issue of causality and management.

Rather than by measuring the volume or omissions of the man to gauge the condition of over-breathing, we suggest that he be asked to know this for himself, that he may also then go on to discriminate other times too when the discipline should be effected as well.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Divisioning of the Sexes & the Serpent's Way- 27th August 1998

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.
- Genesis 2:7
HERE we are told that this was the first point that Man began to know as a living soul, our own being and our Creator. Our very first breath in through our nostrils and into our lungs was that of the very breath of Father God, and life came to us because of it. So upon our first breath into our lungs, our organs of discernment, there came knowledge of Him and of subsequent life. This concept is worth repeating because it gives us the picture of a man who has the knowledge of God instilled within him.

In the perigee of Genesis we are given the distinct phases of our earthly garb described, beginning with the externalization of Man. Common to all cosmic activity there are episodes in time when things empty out of themselves and spill their many characteristics all about, often creating further exterialized worlds which later in time will go on to unfold a'further.

There is no end to the magnitude or its assembled parts! Life can be fractioned and yet determined to such cohesiveness that it simply reforms more wondrously ever into yet more detailed life in constant multiplication. Love is boundless, Eternity ceaseless, and so fundamentally, there are enough materials imaginable for any number of worlds to be in flux and flow.

Now Man in his spiritual being contained (and still contains) it all - everything - the keys to the kingdoms, in substance, in kind, in Godliness, in sublimnity. Accrued along the way he has also preferred to exaggerate certain characteristic developments, which at the sojourn of the previous semester he was encouraged to slough off.

In a manner similar to emptying one's pockets in order to view the contents you've been cherishing, Man was organized into naming the living creatures which were to populate the world. Alike to the grit worn off the edge of a great sea shell, the lesser kingdoms came into being out from Man himself; for Man and by Father God, our inner inhabitants were given form, and we in part were released of them.

The angels however, were not clothed as individual spirits (for this is not in their nature - angels 'bond' whereas creative spirits 'split'). This is because they, or the angels, do not share in the ego of Man but rather are given to the presence as inspired to them secondhand, so to speak. The varying elements were to serve us and their respective environments - without physical substance either.

Adam 'named' the world - out from his own lungs expelled the breath to form the name of each and every inhabitant of field and air; said sacred name, that perfect utterance - the expression of being known - all the natures of beast (then gentle) being from the one nature, one God, one Man.

Then and there life could have meant a self-fulfillment in its loneliest aspect, for the world, as manifold as it was, was self-contained, coordinated and perfectly sterile. The natures did not harmonize (this is why they could be fractioned off in the first place) and had no means to communicate amongst themselves. It was a knowledge plain and apparent that could sequent the World - but not love.

Now not only do the masculine and feminine principles preside throughout very nearly all cosmic activity (in one form or another), but also do the active principles of duality and combining perpetuate life in the highest of spiritual spheres. In plain speak, in their own way the gods 'make love' - not by orgy, but with dual combining. When they do our seas swell, rains fall, the ethers are replete once more, the coals that fire the Sun are stoked, and Cupid smiles at the explosion of yet another Big Bang theory.

Yes it is that the higher gods themselves combine most naturally and thus it was that Man too was then given the means to truly come to another in ways that involved love both into himself, his partner and into the world at large. This love differed from that which is generated through compassionate empathy or later, sympathy, for it encompassed the same benevolence one knows from the nurturing nature of our Creator - alongside the creativity given of to two equals in spirit, engendering the activities of same higher conducive forces.

The 'act' created a spiritual dynamic whereupon Heaven and Earth could be truly married. The loving coupling of two people does in turn have its effect giving back to the higher gods who first inspired it: they know of its human occurrence and return their affections spiritually upon this world. They have no part in the provocation of human interaction; just simply respond in the purity of the expression.

So the paradox was that the oneness of flesh created by two, synergized the highest of influences which not only brought men life into the immediate but also the gifts of renewal and further propagation to the planet as a whole. And this was unashamedly splendid.

When we are loved we are ennobled. As a child with the love and adoration of the parent we grow to be ennobled in our being throughout, impressioned by that deep caring so known. When an animal cares for its young there is such an ennoblement within the species, within the unit and the pack; although instinctive. Such instinctive love is also known to Man, where in most instances there becomes an unconditional sacrifice of self for the child, and in both instances there is such a warmth and divine purpose amongst the incorporated family which could not have been comprehended or experienced within the 'self-contained' and sexless world.

We can add to this in examination of the developing ego. Yet again, same paradox, different name, that alongside the growing being who is aspiring towards a greater selfhood as he acquires that sense of ego and of who he is, there is also the greater capacity to love and to choose this love (not by impulse or instinct alone); and to give of himself decidedly and fruitfully.

Now in the instance of both varieties of loving we have mentioned, there is an expression, a working, a giving, a caring-for - intentions to provide for another before one's own needs or wants. This is not implied that the entire day and night be filled so consumedly, but that within the sphere of activity between any two given souls there is a love known for the other that exceeds the love of their self. Not only is Christ apparent at such a conjoining, but also His Love for both as is then known.

It is by Christ we have been afforded our egos such as they are, it is by Christ's merit indeed that we have come to distinguish ourselves and grow to love more perfectly. All of this is good. Neither is it to the discredit of the parental love offered and shared, for when we depart of this love to embrace another who is not of our family but rather of our own choosing, beyond the obligation and instinct, this at the ego's best is unashamedly most splendid.

There are two minor gods, Lucifer and Satan often spoken of, quizzically, characteristically ... and the one thing which these two fellows share commonly is that their love is only of an ambitious variety - it is a hungry love, which is both consuming and lonely. For neither have the impulse to coupling, and neither understand the wherewithal to love greatly enough despite of themselves.

They are as collectors who choose to make great private acquisitions. They are both proud in these adorations, narcissistic and aggressive, they display no capacity to step outside of their own known realm and learn of another, let alone sacrifice for one either.

The reason why both Satan and Lucifer may work their way into a man - within his soul-life, affecting his astrality and his composure - is that there are ancient times within our beings which correspond to these gods of isolation. Before we demonstrated our divisionings we too were aloof from the spiritual splendor of a single other. We could always comprehend the greater Powers, we knew of the radiant, vibrant path to Father God from almost any station within our starry trek, yet we did not have company cared-for to detail, we did not 'chum up' or relate one to another importantly. And this is not to maintain universality versus some kind of sentimentality, but rather here to explain that in all things we are as 'inside out' and that the path to the macrocosm of greater thought and virtue is gated right there at the heart of our fellow brothers and sisters. From knowing one man well we may come to learn also of our selves, moreso than any mirror or self-judgment could ever arrive at for us.

The Serpent is the collective host, coming from that former era within humanity when that reptilian coldness prevailed. As said before, all creatures assuredly came out from both God and Man, and this specter of the past came from a time which simply did not understand the warmth of selfless love. This is indeed the great parable of virtue. If one gives virtue they become as powerful with it, yet if they take it to keep and use it not, then it is as death to the soul.

Satan and Lucifer both urge Man to take the fruits and become as gods, knowing both good and evil in this way; and with an independent enterprise, entered into the bodily transactions, now exploited by the hungering gods. Flesh and function were given instantly to corruption. What could have been an immortal coil, became instead a collection of compliant components each with their 'air' of isolation also. Christ adheres them together, this is also true, however, since the Fall of Mankind we have suffered a derision of virtues working within.

The Serpent came to man through woman because it is from the woman that the old forces flow. The futures stream in through men forging the world's imaginings and makings; whilst the women make this possible in that they hold the powers from the past in containment. Man himself cannot let loose of that cord which connects him to his origins, and so he secures himself within the woman that he might still hold to Father God, yet advance forward also.


From the Gospel of Philip:

"Whereas in this world the union is one of husband with wife... in the aeon the form of the union is different. [This is possible because] Christos came to repair the separation which was from the beginning, and unite again the two, and give life to those who died as a result of the separation. "

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Breathing Exercises & Odor Exposure- 27th August 1998

.... in relation to the ego and its tolerance

IF one is to practice breathing exercises for spiritual purposes we offer here the thought that the quality of the experience very much can depend upon what exactly it is that your cavities are ushering in at the time of the exercise. Is the air before you permeate or saturate with fragrance or pollutant?

Every man is an incorporated being who exacts himself constantly in aspect, within the relays of a mutual concurrence; he finds out who he is in relation to all else about him. The properties known to him in breathing are not just simple chemistry combining and reacting. This processing of time via the organ of our own egos no less, is moreover an ability to sense and know the humidities and extrapolate with them.

As it is we come to experience much of the physical world in direct clarity, whilst in the same moment we are also met with the subtle influences whose interpretations can best be known to us by the lung. As the soul-forces (which are contained and carried in the fluids) expire into a scent, we may signify much of the being and properties through smelling them, rather than by any other means available to us.

Think therefore just how paramount it becomes to invite the desirable properties to us of that or whom we should really wish to mix and mingle with. The enhancement of a spiritual breathing program or the dereliction thereof, can be consequent to our beings consumption of the immediate ethers. Incense burners know of this - providing the quality of the material burned was pure and resinous (oily rather than dried).

If monks were to breathe, chant and pray in each other's company they would bathe first so as not to be disturbed by the odors given. Expelling intestinal gas is completely discouraged for more than the obvious reasons!

Best ever is the fresh flower which speaks to us truly of fields and light, warm earth and etheric bliss; of dewy-drenched mornings and shivery breezes; of the community of nature and the gods whose signature live amongst them - and finally of much also - the etheric vitality which enters and animates with wonderful vibrancy, both plant and man. What a mystery it is indeed that some flowers can make us awash with great favor just in the smelling; that their properties are delivered in pleasing and happy tones of fragrance. This method of concentrated breathing can be a working teacher! The virtues of the plant may be incorporated and the being then motivated so.

At the time of concerted exercise, driving our wills to direct the rhythm of our breathing -
  • beware the artificial fragrance;
  • beware the scent of animals and unscrupulous men, and fetid breath;
  • old clothes which are impregnated;
  • musty rooms;
  • menstruating females;
  • cooking smells (particularly where meats have been burned);
  • avoid pungent or foul smelling plants, whilst all other smells which are repulsive to you.
After any given exercise do not go and immediately extinguish the candle flames for the vapors quite often will poison your past effort.

It is good to bear in mind that intentional breathing acts upon us in such a way that not only are we allowing ourselves to be susceptible to extraordinary influences about us by such practices, but also are we more exposed to whatever they may be at the same time. Given this, one can begin to realize the relationship between the 'fossicking' asthma sufferer (whose ego is already given to expensive inquiries) and subsequent difficulties within regulated breathing.

On the one hand, less volume decreases the personal subtle exchange. On the other, an intentional working of the lung whereby the consciousness drives its 'opening' forces into the makeover, means 'less' really can become more and the experience could wind up intolerable.

It is best however, to caution those that practice, as to the surrounding influences, and recommend that they find an oil (for example) that they can carry upon them; one that they are immediately happy with - (preferably a sage to a sweet for these determined purposes - however, if it is a sweet oil that calms the restlessness then in moderate dilution use gladly) and remind them also to be aware of other influencing odors that are around them.

When an infant slips and slides its way into life it is touched, then it breathes the world into it. Then it sucks its mother's loving presence and slowly comes to focus eyes which dance the shadow and the light, chasing the undeciphered forms and colors and sounds that then all follow. We greet much of the world and the adjoining worlds, by meeting in such close proximities that afford an intimate analysis - our relationship to our foods, our own properties of person (known likewise therefore in others about us also) our constant intermingling with the light and the dark, and our exchanges with the higher beings that enable us to come to experience and that Father God is before us. In all of our transactions we begin to exact the true self that we may be.

We come to this world:
  • analytically - via the lungs
  • creatively - via the reproductive organs
  • passively - via the eyes and ears
  • imaginatively - via the brain and pineal gland
  • empathically & spiritually - via the heart
  • actively & combustively - via the stomach
  • decisively - via the muscle coordinates
  • willingly - via the blood
  • tolerably - via the bowel
  • memorably - via the bone
  • soulfully - via the bodily fluids
  • virtuously - via the kidneys
  • emmanatorily - via the fingertips
"Spiritual beings express their nature in colors, sounds, aromas and everything that the senses perceive, and they flow into us when we connect ourselves with sensations. The first Logos streams on as a directly perceptible aroma. A being of a higher or lower nature lives in every odor. Very high, god beings live in incense; they draw us up directly to God. The lowest kind of beings are incarnated in musk scent. People who know about such things use musk for sensual attraction."

-Rudolf Steiner 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Twelve Amulets of Christian Rosencreutz- 1st July 1998

FOR a man to be a man he is to know what it is to feel like a man - and therefore live in a constant praise also for the fiber and fabric of all fellow men.

Were a man to be of the dispassionate bent - sublime or retarded, too mean, or too spent; if a man were to cooperate with such singular forces to surpass all of the others; if he were to concentrate himself on a beingness which is not that of his brothers; if he lived, yet excluded Christ, from heart that is, or later mind; were he to discount himself for but a sham play, a pretence expected and willed outside of himself; should he despise his own longings and therefore urge upon others the closure of theirs too; if he took on the form of a beast through ritual enslavement, occultist shape-changing, or be simply given to excessive and corrosive vice ... if a man departs his Manhood he begins to make loose his entirety, risking yet a further separation within his frame and makeover whereupon (in the extreme) he dissipates piecemeal and does not recover himself cohesively.

We have often discussed what it means when a man loses his very desire to return to life in this world that he knows. How very dangerous it is that he should invest nothing of himself, in love and forehope, in planning and co-evolution. Yet not only is this lifeless complacency quite possible, for some it can further destruct the fabric, the constitution, of this entity's comprise. 

Losing one's soul, through sin - meant simply as is implied - means that we may become so completely devalued that indeed our own soul can no longer adhere to the conflicting influences - particularly if we have taken our life's substance from the soulic imbibings, and then feed them into the snatches of a demonic consumption. For this is the effort of the larger corrupting antagonists to Man - the little foes labor in their way towards this end also, so that the feeding frenzy occurs, scavenging upon the subtle components and vitalities now dispersed in the breaking of a man.

When a violent death occurs and the individual has severed himself away from what was his own astrality, he is unable to extract much of his life's accruing there in the centers placed about his bodies. The former impressions are so contaminated within the last moments (and the ill surrounding them) that the ego cannot enter into the astral organs and distil from them what it would. Certain attributes which were acquired are lost in this, however the ability the ego has formerly exercised is still transferable and remains.

Now upon transit from the remains, there happens upon those astral vitalities and portions of the man now quick departing, the same demons who conspired to the original violence that caused the hapless death; and it is that they ravage the offal. For what exactly has been accumulated within the astral essences here are as a 'cosmic tonic' of sorts - virtues in essence so perfectly worked over and received within their corresponding centers, now given to a wraith who has no immediate means of conjuring his own, who labors in thieving the same way so many men likewise would steal into Heaven themselves, before being truly worthy for admission.

However poorly this is, the individual who suffers the hasty departure, although not unaffected, is without the experiences and horror of what occurs amongst the detached remains. Also (and we do not prescribe this) some folk are liberated in such a way from their astral work-over, that there becomes a purer passing of a kind. This is not to discount the usefulness of our taking up that which has been accumulated and imbued within our subtle counterparts to the physical properties, but in comment that whole peoples of the past have caused warring and skipped the process, thereby returning to the same tribal community with an effortless fealty, content amongst their own, yet also with something of an innocent naivety having overlooked their astral overload (yet leaving its ghosts still anguishing upon the land).

If for example, a boy has grown up amongst an atmosphere which has imbued his own astrality, that caused terrible sufferings to his own soul and ego, he has to address these imprints also after death. That same boy during his life may grow to go on and further develop the same astral tendencies as were first put upon him, coloring and suggesting currencies and properties contrary to what might have ever been were he not first exposed to the hatreds and lasciviousness he now knows. Then, let's say, the same boy meets with death in a brutal car accident, or by a shooting or in some such violence which causes a distinct and permanent separation out from his physical and corresponding astral form - the results to be considered are as follows:

When men detach themselves from their physical bodies they usually do so by a process of desisting. The soul is aware of the gateway's approach and makes cause for withdrawal in a loosening from the form.

The impulse into this world has to be strong to keep us here. Fixing us into each and every conjuncture, we reaffirm our driving down into life and into this world with every pulse, every blink, every morning when we return. Desisting from this most powerful exchange we know within our own beloved bodies, and with the life of this world, is something which is only achieved cohesively with the benevolent assistance of higher beings.

For some the preparation for entry back into the higher worlds can occur smoothly, so smoothly in fact that expiration comes swiftly and without warning. In the instance of 'sudden' death whereby the body has remained whole, and without outer interference causing the death itself, there is a grace about this leaving because our individual is exacting himself, without any hesitation whatsoever, into Heaven. He does not falter and is quite ready to go on. For one who could have viewed him from the perspective of the spiritual worlds months earlier, they would have found his readiness in place there also.

Yet with an individual who borders death because of a partial failing, where death is imminent but slow, we find that the man is so undispersed with life that he will not commit to desistance or willingly give over to the angelic beings which would help loosen him from his impulses into the world. So the grace of this situation, is that the time he may need is the time it does take. Also that he does love this world, and shall profit by a happy return because he has died reluctantly. He shall delight in being born once more to these trees and terrain, to the sky and its endless puffs.

So as we have the man who by natural means goes very quickly into the higher worlds with no hesitation, we find that he is breathing the atmosphere of the Heavens even before he gets there; whilst the man who falters at the pass does most lovingly regard his time known in the world. Now in the instance of sudden death which has been imposed upon the individual, there has been no time permitted for withdrawal, preparation or soulic consent. 

The karmic laws of Christ do not permit death in any equation. Death as retribution is irreconcilable to Christ. One may assist or provide for another's life, but nowhere does karma in its correct and uppermost aspect, call for death, any death, to befall. This is important to know, because the principles of karma extend out and beyond the reaches of this world, and as greater principles to higher orders, are exemplary to spiritual importance rather than just to physical law.

So our boy has not by his own choice or arrangement desisted from his body or the existence that went with it; and the commensurate shock which accompanies such severance is present, yet thankfully to be almost immediately supplicated by the same attending angels who then skillfully ease him out from the mess now left behind.

Unfortunately it happens that when one man's influence directly imposes itself, in signature, into the physical perimeters of a given organ, then the astrality of that organ is imbibed with that signature until dissolution. Most of our organs are not accessible for such contact to be made directly by another individual, however there are instances where this does occur as indicated, and the astral counterparts to these organs are indelibly incised and connected thereafter. The properties differ according to each, and exact information is not encouraged for public examination here - but suffice to say that all of the bodily temple is holy and to be regarded as that.

Parts of our physical body relate specifically to cosmic habitat, form and force. A kiss on the lips from one may take the other into that spiritual region from which lips come from! That the consciousness may actually experience these higher regions comes because it belongs also to one who has lips as well, which are connected to that region.

Now as a matter of point, this could be taken as a very plain or humorous example, however in the specific of lips we find the very gateway opening to:
  • Breath
  • The Word
  • The forming of words
  • The receiving of sustenance
  • Smiling, as the immediate expression of happiness and delight
  • Pouting, being closed to thoughtfulness

A kiss given on the cheek or the hand is an expression of high respect and regard, because it is a greeting upon another without an overt expression of selfhood by the nature of the lips themselves.

When we touch something or someone with our finger tips we are exacting our own emissions of influence out from our hands, and the streams of influence so given can become quite a forceful expression in character of ourselves.

A kiss is inquisitive of the other being, it respectfully asks of their person, rather than explaining in expression of their own. Christ healed with a simple kiss, greeting each as they were, with love.

The hand delivers both the heart and the will of an individual, and can impart currents of signatory influence particularly into the organs by touch (affecting therefore their astral counterpart). For the organs which are accessible to touch (without causing injury or bleeding) (this can include the lower intestines also - though we do not suggest this practice of handling) there is a significant surface tension which may differentiate incoming forces. The outer skin is conversant with exchange. It is not so sensitive to another's influence psychically that it cannot refute or repel.

Our egoic stronghold always moves outmost to the periphery. The soulic forces interestingly enough, live in the interior, but can escape further (through fluidic secretions) the boundaries of containment.

So our egoic activity presses outwardly sensing the nerve endings and sensory organs, which are on the outer of our physical bodies foremostly. For amongst our physical collective the ego has ordained that it desires to perceive the world outside of itself (in preference to having the sensory organs within the organism, and nerve endings known to the consciousness with the intensity of heart beatings and compacture).

That surface of organ which is exposed ordinarily, holds within it an elastic egoic quality that meets, greets, experiences or repels the world. However for those organs whose life and being do not outwardly participate in the world, whose action is of the fiery ethers, compelling the starry virtues and assimilating the passions (both higher and lower) of their man - those organs are receptive and impressionable to the physical contact of another individual.

The connecting touch interferes with the way in which the organ is sustained and known a'further. The importance of this given in a black mass ritual where there is murder, is that the magician contaminates the organ he has touched, to the point where it cannot be exhumed by its owner.

As we have explained earlier, each man distils properties from his physical/astral organs and they go on to translate into accrued characteristics he may take with him within his higher ego. Long after he leaves the membrane of this sphere he holds those essential qualities he did acquire during his life and stored in their respective repositories. So therefore the magician seeks out something their essences, as also would the native warrior who scores the heart or brain of his opponent. It is a deliberate interception of what would have been a gleaning from a life's work.

On many levels we are to say that the coveted acquisition is a cordial, and whilst sublimely beneficent to its maker is only partially enduring to the thief ... for the relevance of the making has eluded them and the true virtue has withdrawn back to its place of beginning. All that remains is an incandescent vapor which in its vitality exudes a stale perfume that quickly fouls.

If in surgery a man's organs are exposed to the hands of another, then there is also the interference of the signature of that man indwelling within the operations of that particular organ thereafter.

In 'psychic surgery' where the intent of the operator is to artificially (and by his signature and will) motivate a given organ, we find the interference to continue in such a way that the 'physician' can affect that man thereby during the remainder of his life. This is no small matter. For in the instance of contamination occurring after death, the individual passes out from the influence of the afflicting party, whereas in the circumstance where a man has had his heart manipulated, the hold on his heart can remain entangled with the will of this 'physician' whilst he lives.

For the recipient of such psychic surgery there shall be a sensation of presence known to him, whereby the person of the physician will be felt and acknowledged very clearly as if from within. (J. - The 'seal' practice was precisely the same endeavor - although it wasn't explained in terms of the organs that were to be targeted.*)

Many of us have experienced this sense of another one's presence with those in whom we have shared some great affection. However, in this instance that we speak of, there are subliminal suggestions proffered to the recipient in ways which are both perilous and demeaning. The question here therefore is: if we have fallen into the hands of another inwardly, and reek of their influence, how are we to summon ourselves against their further advances.

Firstly, a healer might suggest to you that there becomes such a dependence that you dare not break a link with him, for this is the very cord of your survival. This alone is a most dangerous fear to have build within a man, because his healer now presents as his god - albeit is not God, but stands in His Light and thus wears His Halo.

Know this and be sure: not one man upon this Globe may lawfully issue you your true life's-force and your true life's-spirit or take it from you. If there is true love between the healer and recipient there is God. If there is true love present, then in the spirit of that love the healer will desist willingly for any given time - without objection or offense, but with impartiality and respect. They will detach themselves in proof of their overall concern for that which their patients will and desire.

If you have any questions ever about the integrity of a man to whom you have entrusted yourself in healing, (or equally, who have pledged to help heal) then it is of necessity that you move to such a distance, that you may then go onto careful consideration about the condition which you are presently in. This is good and should be welcomed by any real healer, for we need know for ourselves, as best we can, the higher instincts for proper care and cure.

There needs to be that time afforded where we go solely to Father God for His Counsel and Concessions. It may be that when we return we find that the presence of our healer is most welcome, however, if indeed there has been an interference of a psychic impropriety then the heat of the hand must be removed ... along with the fiery action which is broadcast upon us.

In the treatment of a psychic affliction where someone is taking an undue advantage, we should remember that we are calling for that which is our most natural right. Cleansing oneself out from the effects of another comes of disassociation (in will) and defection (in property). Our ego, our agent of the will, travels outwardly to the extremities, yet can also be directed specifically to any area of our being which is invaded unlawfully and make its intent then known. The word 'No' is as powerful as we can make it.

'NO - you are not welcome in my company, in my person, or in my affairs – NO, you hold no charge over me, then, now or ever. If your presence appears to me, and asks of my alliance, I answer: NO!

KNOW my permission is not given for you to instigate any effect upon me whatsoever.

KNOW, that as it is my divine right, by the Protection of Christ and in the Care of our Father God, I command thee to get from me this instant! KNOW that I am free of your contagions and wanting, and commit you to your respectful place, far from me.'

We began today's discussion in speak of what it is to have a man as a man, or then as naught more than a disseminate. Sadly in the case of a man who has forfeited his soulic connections entertaining death forces to the point of extinguishing his own selfhood completely - when no appeal to Father God through Christ has been petitioned - it can be that the portions which comprise his many bodies are scattered and left in disarray. The wanting spirit finds its way back to Father God. The soul itself shrinks away and finds solace in some natural habitat; whilst the ego is fractured, splintering the consciousness which falls into every piece and part therefrom of that dismantled being. In this final unmaking the individual does know the terror and pain of an abandoned being. The lost soul in a perpetual wasteland, comprehends now the prospects gone. This deplorable anguish is so unpleasant, that even the sin that brought the soul there, even in all of its dark emotions, cannot withstand the comfortless moans.

When men are fettered by ambitions too greedy, when their prides exceed their mean reality, when their natures despise, scorn, hate and show envy; when they forget how to give, as their Father gives to them; when they invite death and relinquish their brothers, they sin against themselves and conspire to extinguish their own souls. Sin, dear ones, is very, very real.

Let us rejoice in our one great Benefactor, that His Strength and Intention will see us become complete. Pray that all will find His Love amongst them, and cherish each other well. For then and then only shall we be saved. 


*From the Grim Troubadour:
We cannot speak of seals in great detail. To do so would become a prescription for such - and that is not desirous. However, what may be said is that this attachment within a man does not dissolve and does not become incorporated within his being after death. One does not bear artificial appendages that are 'withdrawable' - transferable, yes, withdrawable in and out of incarnation, no.

The 'Keeper of the Seals' was the term given to the chief Hierophant, who during spells of initiatory ingestions required that the subservient pupil would allow such seals afforded to them, as a mark of their lodge, of their school, of their faction; and such were imposed, given and known only to the Hierophant whose jurisdiction prevailed.

In times of initiations into spheres, venturing into planes, such relationships were as linkages, from pupil to master - like a lifeline from one to the other, and thus they stayed. Such seals did however have definite form given to them, and had power to override the will of the pupil in those times, as necessary - depending upon who was the keeper. Much the same as the 'learn to drive car' which has two steering wheels, two brake pedals. As one can well imagine much trust was mandatory on behalf of the pupil as to whom he may trust.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Salve for the Soul- June 1998

IT is within our deepmost and holiest of instincts for our spirits to seek out and offer a comfort.

  • Separation from God is painful.
  • Extreme beauty can be painful.
  • Truly seeing ourselves, in relation to the largeness around us, can be painful.
  • Slipping into the causeway of Eternity can be painful.
  • Cessation in all of its forms, is painful.
  • Feeling our perimeters of existence is painful - where one life meets another, the surfactant can be painful.
  • Empathy can be painful.
  • Sensing the condition within the evolving collective is painful.
  • Rebuking the woes (in combat to: defeat, fear, doubt, criticism's surmise, depression, blasphemy, dread; and all other such opponents to the glory of Man) is painful.
  • The Calvary within us is painful.
  • The impartial timing of heartbeats - out of step from one another - is wearing and painful to the individual heart that wants for synchronized resonation.
  • The collaboration of evil is painful.
  • The diffusement of reason - both plain and divine - is painful.
  • Intolerable threats to our existence (water too deep, substance contains poison, mountain too high, edge too sharp), all things even in silent standing around us that could injure our physical being, are painful.
  • Intolerable threats to our spiritual existence as labored with on behalf of us by Christ and Christ-Michael, when experienced, are painful.
  • Misinformation, to the sensitive, is painful.
  • Stupidity, to the developing ego, is painful.
  • Bitter or scornful tongues, and the hurt caused by the beings surrounding that soul, with foul issue - these bring injure which is painful.
  • Language, with its current inaccuracies, is painful.
  • Selfishness is painful.
  • Dedication, by its very obligatory persuasions, is painful.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Orphans without Play- 10th April 1998

DEEP in the crevice of death, sunk through the filter of a deep and porous sadness, sat an almighty being, undefeated, yet depressed with the weight of an agued humanity. All Heaven could feel the woes of this World; same World which had swallowed their Creator God whole. 

In the vacuuminous darkness, bestole wretchedness and wickedness – the same way that the opportunistic germs will gather to a goodness exposed - and as with an artificial pride of possibility, the evil collected upon itself and presented itself foolishly to Christ. Evil danced its mocking, its sneering and its seducing. Let loose now in our Lord's absence, the sprites of Satan infiltrated above, emptying out from the seething containments below.

Angels do cover your ears!

For the cursing without is infective with sin!

Women, stay close to your cots,

And pray over them;

And men, tie roofs to your houses,

Lest you lose all within!

See where there is bickering?

This is where the sin enters in.

See where there is harrowing?

This is where the sin begins.

See where there is much cursing?

Devil’s work begins to win!

Cover yourselves from tempestuous behavior;

Shelter beneath love dear ones,

And Father God will keep you well!

But on the day of the Crucifixion the eggs turned black, though yet still soft and warm from burgeoned fowl. Calves were stillborn and other mammals deformed. Crops cut down, with blight at the kernel, hard and dry and shriveled within; trees, cheerless and lank, splintered into premature kindling. Wells discharged septic, whilst even too the holy fonts then stank. Wherever there was new life to be had, in replacement there laughed Death. Death, the very antithesis of Christ, was to be known by Him.

So scorned are our goodly characters! So injured the Graces which uphold us! How must our Christ fathom this: the disease of His Life and promise of ruin? How does He turn back upon Himself and leave us so? Return dear Lord! Return you must! For we are now orphaned in this World, without You!

In the olden days - those days before the new Life of Christ - there were sagely men and sporting men, debating men, beguiling men; there were children intent upon given tasks, and children who applied and contested their talents; but there was nothing beyond the practicalities ... there was not the capacity for playfulness and its pure humor. This World did not play, it did not comprehend a joke. And why there be cheer, in this dark orb then Christless and misgiven?

Affixed to stars, hope strands in gossamer growth. Ribbons woven, banded the Globe in banners preempting the return of our Lord. For one startled episode, our angelic cooperatives hesitated and had withdrew. How forlorn it was, as they amassed at the perimeters of the orb, holding back from their beloved like so, undirected and confused in such deep and darkened sorrow.

Then they heard His voice, as familiar as ever before! Instructing them well to go gather the hope and discharge it then into the World. They saw Him not, yet knew His Presence felt; there but not there, He was a 'ghost ' amongst His own.

Even to this day men are as ghostly to their spiritual friends. For still there is much hidden about a man, least obvious to himself, in seed bespeckling the aura.
Colors pass over a man, just as the sunrise infiltrates the morning sky. A man's true aura (which is composite of many stars) has the subtle beauty that the lower astral cannot represent. The larger body in which we are contained, is of wholeness, and we may travel to parts of it, yet snug fit in this womb of auric light. And all of this is held within the ego - inverse we are - Cosmos inversed. And this is your Easter egg - verily, the Easter ego of Man! In egg-like form the ego contains the concentrate of the greater albuminic aura, in which our consciousness is couched. Protected yet nourished from within, the inverse universe cradling the child-spirit-consciousness of God.

Because all things are so contained in the one [egg] we have in life therefore the presence to invoke duplication. Auras coexist in the same space and encompass the same length and breadth as do all others. All men share this, held within the greater auric egg of Christ. Captured within this same field of auric vitality are also the associated kingdoms in and around Man; therefore the substance and keys to all manifested forms, whilst also the interior knowledge of their nature, instinct and pneu is also there. Infinity, as distinct from time, exists in the reaches. And Man in both essence and possibility, safekept, is also there. This is your Easter egg - your Easter ego.

Of Springs to come,
And the new life's push;
Of generations born,
To the generation's rush;
Of material interludes,
With cosmic ports beyond;
Of beings most animate,
Giving love amongst their own;
Of fur and feathers,
And insects too,
Of fish and frond
And spore and dew -
Each life indwelling,
Now bearing more of the same,
In love, re-telling
This, the Eternal Name.

The fecundant urge to replenish and renew, this our fertility, was furbished with Christ's return. What did betake Him when He let death pass Him out from the gates of the physical body? And what of the body itself, so ennobled for awhile, yet infused with a passion too great to withstand in boneless sinew - and what of the heart also? What of the Resurrection?

The passage of Death for Christ was unlike our experience when we move between worlds. When we step out from this place and time we are subdued by the angels of dissolution and given the freedoms to separate from our distinct and physical frame. The otherwise pain would be most shocking to our spiritual natures, for we are so bonded in all ways to the world and its substances while we live amongst it.

So as Death is often portrayed with his face hid within a cloaked hood, his face is kept from us when we pass, and we truly do not comprehend any process of cessation as it really is. Upon our personages and about us there is death occurring continuously, but alike to our young prince who was kept innocent of the worldly ills which lay in decay around his fortress, we too are veiled from its reality as it moves amongst our existence.

Christ however, went with Death (Death unmasked) throughout all of his processes, following him into each and every vestibule of final infection, into all such transactions there are in material life where he becomes present; there and almost to the threshold of new life as well.

Death hitherto was present at the threshold of new life, insofar and particularly as new life would often double as his valet. For example: when some life plagiarizes life before it, when other, in vampiristic form (as in yeast growth or fungi or cancer) overrides the life it seizes upon, and is the very cause of its cessation, its properties are then of death so governing.

Death is the being of Mankind's collective sin. Demons are predictable and because of this we may come to expect bad behavior from them and not be so disappointed (at least until such a time when they are converted). However, the sins of men that cause death are more powerful in their furthering death, because Man is a representative of Christ, and all that he does bears the power of the same. What we do as men we do with the greater Cosmos, witnessing both Father God and Christ's presence and power in certain measure.

From this you can see that we have collectively inspired and perpetuated many destructive impulses that unravel the world in all of its processes. When men project ill will, when they savor their own bad behavior, they assault not only in the immediate, they also contaminate their futures Christ-given.

It was this being, summoned and fed by men, which Christ confronted; this being, which indirectly has come of Him and wears his same power. This being which threatened the souls He defends, in same likeness to Father God.

The resurrected body is one without evil. The etheric is so pure that the form is held together as with honey! If a man emits a malice, it does age him, age him with the extraordinary death to heart and soul that his spirit does know. Hatred deflates a man. By Christ we can now come to forgiveness, to expression, and to such happy playfulness which is of Life and not in contest with it.

His heart was preserved and still beats to this day. The form, though transformed, has dissipated and is scattered as seeds into the World. Can you guess where and what the heart is? It is but the Sun!

A merry laugh, uncontaminated by sneer or pain, brings with it a burst of new life into the world. You can feel it when it comes. Such joy in laughter and mirth defies the deathly sadness at times, and is Christ inspired, quite of this New Age. When we laugh our egos expand and contract, and during the expansion the etheric vitality swells in. You see all merit comes from a greater merit - a cosmological example - and our merriment itself is a profound quality whereupon we most keenly sense the activity of Life.

Had our dear Christ been so overcome by the sorrowful aspects of Death when He was given to investigate, answer and heal, He would have been so waylaid by the grief ne'er to have risen above it.

'Upon a laugh I shall arise' and so He did - when He saw the distorted image before Him of what went wrong, he found a whimsical, affectionate, 'things are now perfectly clear to me' almighty laugh. A laughter that blew demons away, flipping thousands over mountains and back again up to the Moon. A laughter that cloaked Death once more and tore the flesh from his bones now naked beneath. It was a laugh that spun the Karmic wheel around, and around and around, until it slowed down! It was His laugh that taught the babes to chuckle so, and the faeries they see to dance for them gaily. And His laugh that affords the good natured soul, who despite of himself or all that goes wrong, regardless of age or of tired, pained limb, despite a poverty having not much without with a hunger within, that in fear, or by trial or even with death seizing in, we can step back from the pain, for a holy moment and recover a joy by such laughter that knows of His Love.

Never concede Christ to doubt or to upset or to death. Though He suffered and still does, in the wrestle on all our behalves, we must also know confidently that all answers are there in He; and He loves with such a wholeliness that not one soul will be left out. His tenderness and affection, His love for us in clear intention, is fearless ... remember this: Death trembles in the Presence of our dear Christ now, not our Lord with that old bony! (You'll get the hang of it.)

Smile broadly this Easter...
For He Hath Risen!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Arterial Objective of the Work - 21st March 1998

EVERY sentient being collaborates directly with Father God personally and firstly. All relationships twixt and in twain are secondary to the first and prominent relationship held between 'they and Thee'. In spiritual splendor our audacious beings have constant rapport with our Supreme Father without severance or interruption. Let no man argue this. Not in argument against our own self's knowing, or in argument with the right we hold to have our arterial connections.

That a man is incorporated with God gives him his 'independence' also, in respect to his own sense of selfhood. As men we are not subjected to a system but rather supported by a cosmic system which we navigate on our own. Spiritually our freedoms about the relative spheres enable us to prosper wherever we choose. If a man is incarnating within this world, being given to a certain country and time, it is because he (with arterial consent and choosing) has decided this and so advanced. It is not moreover, a system in which we are given to flow with - like amoebae coursing the drain pipe - even though we can add here also that from the spiritual vantage this physical world at present is the most difficult of places to be in!

Being both hazardous and awkward, this stubborn atmosphere being but mid-evolution, is confusing to the human nature and soul who can and does suffer 'entrapment' here, once committed to the body. Although this is relieved in either nightly sleep or through astral disassociation, men and women are at this point uncomfortably contained in measure. For one thing there is deterioration and death - something which is not understood by the soul to the degree as it is experienced within the body. Also, the physical world has a hardness to it which cracks and crumbles - it is a crusty compaction which pretends permanence but dies away repeatedly.

Of course all of this will alter and develop, leaving valuable remnants to seed future rounds of same corruptible world we already know. However, in this time it is not surprising that there is suspicion given where the consciousness is floundering. We can look therefore to the greatest needs there are within our modern (yet not so modern) humanity.... amidst the ecology of hardship.

The shoes don't fit,
They pinch the toes,
The smile is weak
True happiness gone,
The faith misspent –
When Christ is not known,
The self unloved,
Unproven and alone.

Frequently we use occult means to address spiritual and essential problems, yet this is not to promulgate occultism itself as the very answer to these problems. Not all men are required to be pharmacists before taking their medication. Our pharmacopoeia is expansive and incomprehensible to most of the souls who can yet benefit from it. So given this analogy we suggest that as far as the work goes, which comes from our dissertations, there shall be doctors, chemists, on-field prescribing administrators and the ailing - Hospitallers of St. John. 

The physical existence demonstrates in clarity many of the problems experienced within a given temperament and constitution; and a spiritual poverty, akin to a physical dearth, inevitably leads to a spiritual sickness eventually made apparent. We have about us men who suffer from one or from both, and it is our desire to bring supplication to these wanting souls and ease the wretchedness of all consuming afflictions.

It is not by choice that we are secreted away - albeit with the glamour of a cartoon hero (as infallible and empty) - as unknown and removed. If given the decision, each of us would (and will some day) have license to leave this 'sterile bubble' of existence for that of the popular community.

Reason before the Law

Men adore laws. This is most natural. They seek them out, they test their strength against them, they sit comfortably amongst them, they define their lives in the conciseness of them. Men adore laws.

'Law' in the Spiritual Worlds indicates 'freedom' because it offers the greater path to any given freedom. A law determines its worth by enabling freedoms which would otherwise not be able to operate: distinction, through law, gives both being and beingness protection. The fact that another being cannot overstep into our own selfhood and forcibly change our being is one of the greatest and purest examples of the freeing effect laws do provide. I am free to know I am, and remain who I am, untainted and unimpinged upon, unalterably - unless by my own choosing to change, and this shall be effected with consent only from Father God.

Now it is that some men and women enjoy lesser laws (as implied in the material world) to the extent that they trust in them as they would any other. This can be law for law's sake. Although appearing safe and uncontestable, with frame upon frame upholding the surface thoughts of identity, it is dangerous for such validity to be unquestioned by heart or good reason.

We have looked and found that Christ overturned the worldly theme of all Law - exacting the higher freedoms which require a conscious participation - an internalized validation as it were. We, with He, are minor applicants of His Love and Being, and create and re-value the laws according to their intrinsic worth - for their usefulness, their purposefulness, and their determination from the soul's perspective. 

As a Lodge of Christian Teachers we do not comply with rules and laws specific to the Lodge upholding its identity. We work and move around in the world according to need at all times. We have long lost the terms stipulatory, and replaced them with carefulness (and caring), consideration and constancy - but above all ... love.

The Lodges who oppose our work have such laws and rules that are not to be questioned or contrasted, and penalties are enforced (repeatedly) which deter the freedom of attempting to reason them. Most hold to the attitude that they may 'do as they will' but in practice their wills are so slackened that invariably they are 'doing it' for another.

What might have been charity in the correct circumstances becomes as an evil when the willfulness of an individual overbearingly demands said charity. Therefore our Order is not answerable to anyone's demands or wishes if we do not choose to see good purpose that the charity be forthcoming. Such choice is never compelled by law, because by compulsion it would cease to be a choice therefore. If it ceases to become a choice and a matter of who has the strongest will and ego it is then a matter of an evil, an inequality, an inept love with no self-appraisal. A hollow act - whatever that act be.

In most relationships (even the student will find this) the stronger will concerned will be most likely be that of our own (or yours in relation to others), and so it is doubly important to respect the above and not even attempt to motivate another artificially with the energy that is your own. Even if the best possible outcome succeeds from this in the immediate, the inert purpose within the other individual is spoiled and sometimes to the detriment of their ever achieving it on their own in a single lifetime.

Teachers cannot do for their students. They cannot:
  • will laws to keep their virtues lively,
  • will love,
  • will discrimination,
  • will perspective,
  • will solidarity,
  • will development.

On the right hand path it would simply be counter-productive and on the left hand path it is mandatory.

The love of Father God is unconditional, and so is ours. We have watched the panorama of time prove that men are much loved continuously through episodes of great travail - as well as in their goodness. The love remains and is ever stronger, being inextricably attached to the life force itself which is empowered by the Holy Spirit. Such love loves and does not concern itself with any preliminary qualifying laws.

Further to this, all things are known for what they are, not what they should be or claim to be, or by title suggest. Although it is simply put, in relation to esoteric work it is valuable to remember. If a teacher amongst us ceased to teach well, no matter what his name or former historical identity, then he would simply be a teacher no more. There is no greater entitlement than reality itself. The reality of who we are speaks more than by name's subscription. And this becomes relative in the minute, in the meeting, in the conduct, in the translating, in the praying, and even in the willing.

Occultism & Esotericism

Remember back to the differences as described between the Principle (and working power) of something and its Persona (in being primarily and in quality secondarily)? [See Within Reason - the Fire of the Twelve ]

The occult perspective studies and implicates principles and powers which comprise the underpinning realities (also manifest in the physical existence). It enters into the dynamics of influence, the correspondence and conjoining of powers (contrary or sympathetic) and it comprehends the greater and lesser cosmology in operation throughout its many examples.

Being a science it is plain and not given to opinion, when studied or presented as is. Although the observation of consequences plays an integral part in the science of occultism, there is no means through it alone to arrive at a further knowledge of that which is being studied. There can be a materialistic approach and overview to the machinations of law, invocation and consequence. Also there can be but a maze of detail, yet not the kernel of discernment provided - neither the wherewithal to know pertinence, aptness or distinction.

Esotericism seeks out the planes of the soul and spirit and knows them as the foremost reality:
  • determining, preferring, weighing, perceiving the beauteous characteristics;
  • being able to spiral inwardly to the core of a truth and travel further again;
  • understanding the hidden factors present;
  • accounting for those things which make all other things different and outstanding;
  • appreciating the presence of the Holy Power in Persona,
  • coming to significance, rather than by being adrift in fact.

In Occultism one can put a name to a Master so that he is:
  1. known for who he has been historically, or
  2. is known as who he is best representing currently.
Representing as such, is not out-and-out forgery, for many teachers have had a Great One envelop their persona with properties passed on and assumed to the extent that the emanatory forces are almost coincidental. In this way we can have one hundred Master Jesuses on any given sphere, all cooperating with the essential soul who has them organized. (The number 'one hundred' here is an extreme example of possibility, whereas in fact there is seldom more than just the one.)

From the esoteric perspective we may look to a Master and have with him the associative impression (knowing his signatory feeling inspired within his presence), realizing that his true name is only known to himself and all other names are borrowed or spent, but inaccurate anyway. 

It is flattering and at times uplifting to be well thought of (deservedly or no), but it is also disabling to a complete relationship for someone to try to adapt another into the projected images they may hold of that person, and prefer their own egoic attachment to that of the complete reality. So in this context also, names given to Masters can be presumptuous and damaging, whilst the student is no better informed by it, but separated afurther from the teacher (who, we might add here, is not dispassionate about their own identity!).

As the abstraction that they are, names often promise to qualify, but cannot of their own. Yet it is reasonable to ask of affiliates and co-transgressing streams of influence. In this we can answer:

Amongst a comedy of errors we have publicly presented in the past - each time being matched by an eventide of cross-purpose. One has to wonder at the delicate sensitivities which comprise the thought-membrane of this world at large. If change is introduced it becomes quite electric with the new thought to pass - then, alike to a sky tense with the radiant charge, until the random and intermittent strikes release and expose the powerful light. Briefly there and then largely gone, dissipated abruptly, the thought environment returns to its sultry, sulky broodiness, as the new thought is then dismissed back to its source. For thought to remain it needs to incarnate with versatility through men. It cannot remain, like an unread library book upon the world shelf, for then its life expires. With 'new' thought the life expires most rapidly.

So as a spiritual movement which has as one objective - to help marry the Earth with its spiritual empire - we have found that only through living men who commute with living thoughts, which they transact with living currency amongst their own - only through this singular effort seeding the world, have the entries begun to find existence for all others to follow. For there are some men who receive new thought more capably than their fellows; and this has to do with factors previous to any one given lifetime.

For one, they require the ability to reason well, which invariably evolves into imaginative receptivity. Though it is a divine contrast the two are not incompatible, as it is that both do come from the same source and return us also back to the same place. The operating forces achieving the pure reason and that of the imaginative cognition are one of the same. This occurs in the highermost spiritual principles, yet also is evident in the much lesser contaminated context of men's thought (being subjective in preference to objective) as well. In the Physical World this then translates as opinion, whereas in the spiritual realms the purity of both are objective fact - imagination being an expansive-by-nature substance, reason being a containing material.

It is through the etheric body that both cooperate. In males the reasoning presides, which mirrors their characteristic aspect of imaginative cognition (i.e. that which goes forth). In females there becomes the intuitive imaginative receptive thought process, which mirrors their characteristic impulse to reason (being containment and order).

Now as souls develop their etheric bodies (regardless of physical gender), they begin to function with both influences equal to each other. They will then be capable of a fine and precise reasoning which contentedly holds place alongside in the same consciousness, the projections of an imaginative mind. At this level of ability we then have an individual who is therefore capable of receiving, translating and delivering new thought into the world - having both the capability of comprehending and containing the esoteric thought, that thereafter the men and women who predominate in just the one phase of thinking can go on to receive and give further life to the thought as it has been refined by its disseminators.

Physical substance is etheric substance without the imaginative forces manifestly expressed within it. This was not always so. In former episodes of the Globe (even this planet), there were plastic times imbued with imaginative properties - empathetic and responsive to the creative faculties of humankind. Now, following alongside the course of the egoic development and the prevailing consciousness, we have a physical world which is contained with certain frames of reference - giving to structures of mineral forces, duty bound. Physical life is inseparable to its higher counterpart in the Etheric existence. Of its own it cannot replenish or renew or welcome any manner of future.

Reason unemployed is static - truth nonetheless, yet static. This world is now in danger of becoming a mausoleum of itself (thoughtfully), if not for the etheric influences still feeding life which not only promotes what has been before, but of that which will come as well.

Plants everywhere are as the living antennae to Man. They are responsive to his soul-condition, and also impressionable to the projected imaginations occurring out from him as well. It is a common enough notion to equate the emotions with astrality, and true to say that the confluence of desire is often expressed there, however the initial wonderings, stirrings and projected desires are sparked in the etheric medium of the imaginative forces - not being responsive to a specific reality at the time (unless there is a sensory reality provoking a response) - and this forecasting is itself a supernatural event. This be so with many conditions of being which become a subjective reaction (though begun in fact, the individual goes on to experience more than the situation itself has provoked) - and our interpretations are largely imaginative. Across the spectrum from despair to great joy, this is so.

The wording regarding imagination does not mean to imply that it is a nonsense or without reality - but rather that the consciousness through its forces, has the means to creatively and spiritually navigate a higher insight than the obvious. It is this form of consciousness that the plants themselves do live with here - when someone said that it is as though they were asleep, yes, except to add that the plant life dreams too. They babble on and chatter to themselves amidst their expirations of 'thoughts at play' - often contended with the enchantment of a happy sleep, unless disturbed by the saturation of a man's imagination nearby. It is particularly because the plant lives in this imaginative condition that it reacts so to the projections of men, both collectively and in the singular.

The attendant insect hosts are given moreso to the configurations of reason - once again responsive to men's thoughts (as representatives thereof), and with astrality also, which determines their usefulness or poisonousness within the world.

Creativity does not denote disorder, disharmony or chaos. The disruptive influences are known for being just that, whether they be manifest in Man or concurring against Man from the outer - perverting an otherwise natural process within him or within the world. The creative imaginative forces as borne in the Etheric realm are firstly and in all aspects, of Christ Himself. For although He is well qualified with the Divine Reason which underpins all things, it is that of the holy curiosity which demonstrates the powers Father God has given to Man - the freedoms, the very places to go, in both subjective and objective surveillance.

How privileged we are to be able to touch and know what we can through the transport of a good imagination! As a connective tissue, the fiber and filament of all thought aspires out through our egoic shell and rays into our beings as well on a return path. True creativity promotes good and useful outcome; blessed by our Father - for where Christ is, He is. Where hopeful design requests the cooperation of the eager and awaiting Cosmos, there too becomes the Holy Spirit to empower each detail.

An example of a body which has an astral life, physical existence, yet no etheric correspondent, is a vampire. This yet again makes a valuable example, for the being here is an automaton caught within unreceptiveness, with desire present (even satisfied in episodes), but with no capability for achieving new life further without bleeding others. Also there is no aspect of imaginative thinking to be had either. No humor, foresight, empathy, sympathy, optimism etc. - all which require the forces of the etheric imagination to live within the consciousness. To a lesser extent the deficits of vampirism can be found in individuals who are receding in etheric vitality (though by appearances are living tolerably within the world).

In regards to the Work it is imperative that for those who are capable, that the reasoning and the esoteric comprehension are arrived at by their own effort. If an individual does not exercise his own thinking he is not in any way helping that thought to take hold in the world and incarnate properly; and nor is he therefore truly equipped to pass it on or benefit from it himself long term.

Much good learning requires effort. Within reason and beyond, there requires a healthy flexing of selfhood, which arterially determines the value and place of a given truth - over and over again we work the surrounding cosmos in, that the incarnating Christos become in Man.

When our dear friend disseminates the teachings as he does to unknown locations - giving out the words, offering these thoughts - some are received with such love as is offered to a newborn - the arms outstretched, the heart aglow. And it is of great importance to this work and the waiting world that he himself has worked it over and comprehended the points it presents. For the thoughts and the parent concepts distributed are living entities which only find perpetuation in life through those who give life back to them expired in the processes of the actual thinking (and later in egoic resonance). If an individual passed on esoteric work that he himself had no idea about, then the reality of their work would be lifeless by the time the recipients came to it.

Now this is not so when it comes to the exoteric information printed and passed on - being received and comprehended by folk who simply purchase from an unknowing bookshop for example. However, when it comes to the nature and life of ALL esoteric thought, it is an entirely different matter. Spiritual thought (streams, teachers, teachings, and spirito-religiosity) may only survive when the links are unbroken and there are men who may knowingly pass it on. Because of this much wisdom is safeguarded in respect to what it might well evolve into if given an exoteric status in the world.

It is regretful to think that the printed word itself cannot ever offer a legacy for some to find at a later date - and yet if one could see the shadowy forms about the pages they would know that there is a ghoulish corpseness to a loved-no-more expired thought. Yes, a reader may come to a given author and know his influence in his present day being, providing that the affinity is there. However, when it comes to this work as it is, there must always be an individual responsible and available, who may lead the other (if asked) to the temple door.

There must always be a succession of thought proceeding through the world. When calling our students the torchbearers of such wisdom, it means, also sadly, that were one flame to go out ere it was passed over, the whole chain of the future would then go unlit. Thought can be traced back through its chain of torchbearers, its benefactors, to the original source (who are still with us to this day). A body of thought likewise can be attributed. To begin with we give you the names of Herodotus and Zechariah.

New thought challenges the world, and is inspired solely by Christ in His Etheric existence. The inpouring is attributable to Him now firstly, and all is good. Although it is, that the old thought may protest its appearance (and stay, adding such connotations that imply suspicion and subversive intention), we have entered into a time now which requires the esoteric infill and life-giving properties it affords. Souls are desperate for insight, and are weary with procedural practice. Canny and waiting, it is both our belief and our hope, that humanity is ready for the happy adjustments ahead.

This is our cause, and our arterial objective: that by Christ, men shall come to find Father God apparent in all things - as they are to Him.

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