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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Diametrics- 22nd April 1990

DIAMETRICS (not to be confused with the perversion of) is an exact science that holds formulas for thought and answers to problems set. The early game-masters were proficient in the art of Diametrics and applied such formulation to enhance the symbols and signs of intuitive instruction- much like the dice, cards, constellations and so forth.

All thought and perception thereof is fragmented. 

Perspectives and pictures as a whole, are to be regarded as a whole. Any question holds a solution in the total diameter; of which the question forms but a part. Essentially of course, one eventuates back to the question.

The castle has many rooms. We want to know in which room we must go in order to locate the kitchen. To find the kitchen we first envisage the whole castle. How many doors lead into and out of the castle? Suppose there are four. We have observed that the carts carrying supplies of food only enter through one door: which will lead us to the kitchen. We wish to know how to extract the yolk of an egg without breaking the shell, nor removing the white. Simple! Wait for the chick to be born of itself.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Addictive Personalities- 1990

Look not to addiction, but to addictive personalities. Such shackles of obsessive repetition are the beast's desire for the tedious. Freedom is painful to the beast, essential for the spirit. There is a constant conflict between the two - the illustration of the two-headed llama is apt.

The beast adores surrender to its nature. Higher nature works towards subservience to man, knowing inwardly that its future will is bound to that kingdom. But when man has not the power of will to guide the animal within, the beings of repetition bound closely to sub-physical desires and gratifications, sway the undiscerning into such obedience.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Icon Gateway- 1st April 1990

MANY an icon becomes a portable doorway for the devoted and their devotions to enter through such, with prayers and communion to the beloved Helpers. With intent and fixation these primitive depictions become meditative foci for all those who approach such doorways and windows. 

Before we may enter a house we need a door to pass through. Consolidation as such provides such an entry. The aspiring have given much importance to holy objects and depictions that become endowed with a powerful impress, and transformed with golden auric glow - such as the crowning halo.

Calling on Heaven is far more desirable to fixing one's thoughts on the woes of the world. Which of the two is the permanent reality? Which sustains?

Meditations are enriching to the soul and conveyances for the travel of divine contemplation are to be regarded. Beauty and sanctuary were once the offerings of the temples and churches of worship and the healthy basis of enriched thought.

We do not suggest gaudiness to replace tastefulness, but if a house of worship is to be set aside for such a purpose, one could work on an environ that best rejoices in the fantastic representations of the glory of the higher worlds.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Strange magic is woven..1990

Dear Reader,
We must first start this story with the end; if anything it will save you from turning to the back page…

The Heavenly Hosts rejoicingly pirouette about the head of the infant. 

The Unicorn’s blood – precious droplets fall in the tears of Man, permeating even the McDonald's chain within the tiled, sterile walls of sweetened “hospital food” “to go”.
The hideous arthritic dwarves conspire with uranium and rare earths, cunningly carving a future, literally. 

The fay folk and the Muses still whisper to inspire now the Greenies and their Pan god, battling ever daily the green-slime demons of the electric ether, who have radiated their presence into every household, stranglehold……. 

Nothing has really changed from the past dreams (‘fantasy’ it is now called), nothing save men’s perceptions of the true inhabitants of this world.

Strange magic is woven- the greatest test than ever before, it is an effort to arouse an erection of understanding “et spirito”. But the sleepers do not dictate to the gods the reality which they dream amongst.

Wash the cynicism away; cleanse the knife-sharp soul-suicide. Fortunately the King of Men is very much with us, and when all is done He shall still be with us. We have surely just begun.

Rifling through the belongings of the now deceased, was an awesome privilege, she had many times played out in her mind. Today however, was that day.

The house smelt of sweet undefinable dampness, the rooms appeared empty, even though nothing had been touched. She felt as an intruder amongst the sanctity of thoughts that still hung heavy permeating the stale collections of a lifetime. He had bequeathed all his worldly possessions and the unworldly; and yes of course, three laughs…

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter, March 28th 1990

THE spear becomes a scepter, with bauble on top, the thorny twine, an elaborate kingly crown, and the metal clamps spring open - the broken one is weightless. He rises in triumphant glory.

"I am the Alpha and the Omega!" And the quest is moving forward, the diminished are being renewed to their former glory, the stripped and battered are relinquishing their bondage. The path homeward, in heavenly procession, calls to the massive pilgrimage.

If there is one thing above all that one must be forthright and adamant about, it is the fact of renewal and divine consolation. The heritage of all beings is holy, and their evolutionary paths are laid through the heavens. No lie or illusion can mark this truth indefinitely.

The Lord has come to set things aright. Conceptions of this inspire charity and pity towards the wretchedness in the state of man. This can be a misleading perspective as the pictures given can indicate that we are wretched and pitiable in our true condition. But the Lord, who sees us and knows us, does not actively challenge our inner beings to turn around, rise up and join him, if surely His work was from grief alone. Rather, He realizes our true perfection, and through Him true perfection is realized as He is the key. He holds the world on His scepter. He defies the illusions cast of our degradation. This is a subtle, but nonetheless important view of the attitude in regards to our forecast.

Through his Blood, which watered the earth - diluted and potent - we are steeped in a remedy which brings Man back to the Gods, and can turn us around, as we go screaming into space.

Go and find your way in the world, and when you have discovered all there is to know, return. This is the story of the Father and Son.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Identity 1990

We would much rather have it to be thought of as “old friends” than have to fudge around the issue as to identity. Would you come to know us any better? Who we may claim to be at this stage is relevant, but if a stranger were to come and take the same name as representing us it could be dangerous for you to trust solely in name only.

And so we ask that you be patient for the time being, concentrate on each and every lesson given, and we shall try to perfect the medium in which we work. It is important to be guarded at all times for incoherent messages – prophecy is not in our field, advice can be dangerous. There is definite intent and lessons to be recorded however; but never cease to discuss and question, for our sakes as well as yours. Misguided information is bound to come through; we shall try our best to establish a clear contact that will become distinguishable in time.

You may find that [typing] speed helps. Do not be discouraged. We cannot offer anything in way of gain for you, we believe you to be sincere and that this understanding was from the first.

Pure teaching when given can be muddied at the outset; you cannot buy the world’s wisdom, nor can you offer payment for the propagation of the task. But if recorded properly, there are those who are waiting to receive these lessons when put to print- and one can never underestimate the possibilities.

We do not ask that you be tied to us in any way whatsoever.

If a community arises from this activity it must be strong enough to perpetuate itself. We can assist. If we sold tickets tomorrow it would be a non-event without the work and participation required by those who seriously seek betterment. Laws do not prohibit intervention, but they do discount its usefulness in most instances. For example, intervention is only a temporary application: a river can be directed in course upwards flowing into the sky, but it will come down eventually.

The obstinacy of Man’s constitution is a blessed safeguard for his future freedom. And when all is accounted for at the end of the day, Man himself will understand in blessing his Father’s reasons.

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