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Friday, December 24, 2010


Some say that the gods
Are ever at play,
That the planets roll out,
At random or in game;
That the rising and the fall,
In the breathing of the day,
Moves from a heartless chest,
And a life devoid of divine intelligence.

But I know other-wise.
I have witnessed first,
That God named Christ,
I've seen His Love,
As Life realized,
I've seen His Mind in all good things;
And when I've tired,
Of the antagonists' plight,
When nonsense speaks,
And the stupid make quiet,
When good souls are suppressed,
By this evil contest,
I go to Him. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Abiding Thyself

"Upon a rock", He sayed, He sayed,
Up on a rock, he prayed, he prayed.

Ashes, a pitcher divine,
Not such a goblet,
More a hollowed carved stone.

Succored with fancy,
Abideth this brief lovely while,
Dreams all a'canter: the earthly unrobed.

Pinion the bride -
Rest and rest again,
Take in to her smiles,
Sane greed and eager,
Burning, urging, holding fast,
And asks and asks
And asks… and asks.

Come! Pour forth and be then done (when done).
Oh! Gratitude's recovery, our own soul's bride;
His Will, His Life, in all bestowed honor,
To you, that you,
May herein abide.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Atheist

Standing on the shore,
Wedged into damp and grainy shell;
Salt breeze skips over the murmuring peaks,
Finds its way to the face,
Of the pelican on the beach.

The eyelids do not blink,
There is no willing strength
To raise or close the lid,
To protect or make sleep;
No cover, nor watery wash,
For that which he looks out from.

He sees water, he sees mist,
He sees clouds laden with rain;
Droplets indent his glassy sea,
Invade the bulk, become the same;
But eyes are dry and paralyzed …
Paralyzed eyes search out a paralyzed sky.

The sky looks down on its suffering son,
That sorry creature, a creature undone,
Pacing the pier, surveying the beach …
Very soon his neck, will not hold up his beak.

Have mercy on the godless man,
The one alike to this sad pelican;
Have mercy too on the godless four -
Pestilence, arrogance, hatred and war!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time's Agony

For the span of worldly things
In amongst the continuum,
And the sandwich of iniquity,
Corrosive filaments of true mishap
Become a differing history.

And for all of the schemes,
Scribed, penned, planned and dreamed,
Men work the future also
With remarkable unpredictability.

Yet when Time is enslaved
To but a mediocre rendition
Of yet then a further
Ceaseless cyclic repetition,
It wearies of itself,
In agonies paced
Around this one-planed shelf.

But Man has revived
The heart of Time
With new life, and no pain,
In the uncontrived.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Forever Changing

I speak to my Lord
And ask of Him ever,
To be strong with His Word,
To stay constant in Love.

"Love" He says to me,
"Is the one constancy;
And because I give this
As My immutable promise,
All else can change,
And yet remain the same."

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stone's Throw

Ten straining fingers,
Knuckles, the cosmic points
Of intersecting deliberation,
Of now or when or never!

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