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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Triplets, Tricophony- 13th November 1992

HAGAR the immortal, knew that the power of a drumbeat was infinite; and the steady rhythm of a deep resounding 'Boom, Boom, Boom' was enough to correlate precisely their intentions.
The drum which would accompany the old funeral procession, the drum which issued salute in an army band, the drum of the tribesman, through to the bandsman - these drums all emphasize the will and thought of the men at the occasion. One can feel it; they may test it for themselves. Say something with expression - anyway you put it - then say it with the beat of a drum (after every pause) and observe the response; for the drumbeat seals the intention.


When one comes to read certain works they are immediately connected with the author, or the source (not the scribe); and many have discovered a perpetuity by such involvements, and in their own right have become 'Masters' (as in teachers) within that particular. So what became of those men (and one woman) to whom we owe revelations, the account, and appendages.

The countless times they were invisibly consulted had moved them as individuals to pursue further their devotions and accuracy in clairvoyant/historical account. And they are all well.

And what became of East, West, North & South? Precisely that.

John went on to Avalon,
The seas were dark, the men corrupt,
Crusader-knight whose flesh was torn,
His crucible, his sword, his cross,
Oh Valiant grace!

The stag's belly was slit, and out of it
Came both chalice and froth.

The seat of Kings
Was granted to him,
He, who now takes Devonshire tea
In Dunstable.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Trilogy- 12th November 1992

IN the beginning there was confusion, and such a great mass of confusing 'stuff' closeted the spirit of Man - wrapped as a babe, swaddled in the matter of thought, matter of fact, and enveloped in darkness.

And then it came to pass - although not in incremented time - that there was fluid and saturation: a golden rain did permeate and penetrate the veils of fact surrounding Man. This golden fluid was light imbued and did radiate the substance of that which was then the world, as Man was downcast. Without this golden rain there should be no Sun made visible and no warmth to nurture growth. Those who are not so endowed do not, cannot, perceive the Sun and his radiations. 

Thus the worlds divided and Wisdom ventured in amongst the 'matter' of fact.

Twice did men call out into the darkness that they and theirs be granted form. And thus upon the water grew all manner of forms, all of which were Man.

And Man could converse freely with the Angels who hovered and clung to their dearly beloved. There was weeping as from a mother whose son ventured out to war, and last embraces as forgetfulness came to enshroud the being of Man.

His spirit was clothed with earthliness, his soul was compounded by element and ether; his knowledge - so vast - was vaulted away as a keep-safe for future recollections. To taste of the experience of Earth, to summon the senses and befit them, to forgo the heavenly wisdom for the crude barbarism which he courageously challenged; albeit a most inner and personal challenge.

 And the gods bestowed their gifts. Some were grand, whilst others troublesome. And men gathered unto them faculties and reservoirs of much which would sustain their being.
Reprieve from this, and that of this existence, was granted by one gift of such exit, named Death. And by entering into Death each soul could return once again into passages of spirit-insight; essential homes of his happiest desire.

"The earthly world would clarify much!" it was said. Clarify! And the promise and the pledge, was one of choosing.
And as if with a pack of cards, men were dealt destinies; according too, to parent stars and overseeing Angels. The push and shove began. The karmic wheel was spun. (They certainly built things to last - it's still spinning.)

Men clamored for experience, and experience was granted. Hitherto the windows into heavenly existence were clear and unblemished, and as long as Man beheld the greater vision he was content. However the troubles began when the soot and the silt of his own conduct (conductivity) besmirched that window through to higher vision, and no longer could a man discern the god from the gas.

Men fell back upon parables of historical note, and lived in their imagination for as long as they did suffer. But soon even this did dwindle; as the Earth hardened, their skulls too did harden and their hearts and minds did close.

Very soon all creatures of innocence - and there were many in number and variety - were tortured by Man, for his pleasure. The Earth was defiled by the insult of Men to Men, and Kingdoms sought divorce as argument seized compatibility. They never directly spoke to each other after that.

Men then took war upon themselves - having no other realm to vent their violations further. Once again the innocents suffered, once again the planet was defiled and insulted. Did Mars command the veins with an overbearing will of design? Atlas says so.

Amongst the struggle and the madness there were always the enlightened ones, who protected and were protected from the tide of insanity which encouraged such stupidities. "It is time" said they, "to unlock the vaulted wisdom and return it to these men, who need it today more than the day in which they gave it over for safekeeping".

The men continued on with blank face and slovenly countenance - but the gnomes grew very wise. For they of the etheric kingdom were awake and willing, eager to help in the restoration of spiritual wisdom. The men had not the ability to receive it back. At most they would daydream and play with crystals or other objects of fancy; but no nearer to the equation of spiritual nuance.

Oh forgetful Man! Of such imbalanced proportions! Global conditions, a hindrance also. 

Haughtiness incurred them from the asking and subsequent receiving. There was only one way to go: the long way 'round - the path of experience.

Blithely the men stumble on. And we wait and catch those who make it to the finish line.

If we could but fix our attention, our wills and our inner gaze upon one reality: He who has come to help the weary from the incongruities of the World; to be as He would have us be - nothing more and nothing less.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Insolentry of Grief- 10th November 1992

MEN are by nature of spirit: joyous, rapturous, creative beings who delight in all universal offerings. It can be said however, that the description would best befit a deva or an angel, rather than be actual to a man. Even if one were to peel away the layers of personal remorse and acquired stupidities, skeptically one might find acknowledgment of the above statement difficult. And, one might add, particularly when men encounter deep and painful sorrows are they disproving the notion that grief is yet but another false garb, containing an otherwise buoyant and joyous being.

Much of the concerns, the grievous concerns which afflict a man within the world, apply too to the lower houses of Heaven and only to those realms which can accommodate sufferance and discord. The land of upset does have its borders which the journeying soul shall indeed come to know the end of; and upon venturing further shall be required in passport (of sorts) to enable him into the splendid realms of actuality.

Oddly enough, those sympathies which nourish the soul and awaken him to: pity, charity, concern, etc. - those very sympathies developed will afford the soul the opportunity for passing through into the higher worlds. And yet another paradox! Except to say, that a cold heart could not find entrance in.

One has to remember that grief in the long run is in place because of its purpose. Now it may be that philosophers may query the systematic logic of this, but we would argue that 'spirit' sees system and purpose a little differently to us. From the point of view of Heaven, all manner of priorities vary from those we set about to 'logically' maintain in intellectual precedence. And so to say that grief firstly, is for a purpose, is also to add: as are all realms of experience and phases of being.

Grief is not in place for suffering simply for suffering's sake, nor for 'punishment', nor for the reason that some devil presumed the upper hand. All of these points to the negative are important ones, although many will disagree.

We may examine the consequences of grief upon a man. Firstly, the man is forced inward and for a time has pushed all knowledge and receptivity of the outer world away from his concerns. He separates himself - divorces himself from that which he identifies as having caused the pain in the first place. Introspective and in turmoil he contracts and confers not only inwardly, but upwardly: addressing and imploring the higher beings (and his higher being) for solace, for assistance; even for escape.

Now the grief itself has been termed an insolentry for two reasons:
  1. Because of the manner in which the man does veil himself from the world during the episode of grief.  
  2. Because the grief itself does properly belong with the concerns of the world and the soul attempts to take grief into realms in which the reality behind it no longer exists. The suffering is vanquished, but the soul who has adopted the grief does not know this. Only when it has 'dropped' from his being can he see that he has carried it with him.  

Even folk do this shortly after death, if this has been upon them at the time of their passing. And it can be difficult indeed to strip them of this and their prolonged suffering. It is like looking for candy in a butcher's shop - all eyes are upon you! (Bulls-eyes!) 

And so the question is: How does one temper the reality of grief within the world with merriment, which is inhibited within the soul. (Merriment, not to be confused with false merriment – joviality - but true merriment. Ho Ho Ho.) 

Self-consciousness provides for the spectator of the participating consciousness. This spectator: the 'I Am Not' (I am knot), as you would have it, comes to feel separate from the world which it views; for as a working perceptive consciousness it is separate - as a man he is not. As an individuality he is different, differently defined, self-defined. 

That 'spectator' within all of us can be removed from criticism, and positioned above the general cares and woes - particularly in times of grief it shall remain there. This is not to say that this self-consciousness is not colored with preference or even emotion, but that there is a protection from overwhelming sorrow in this divorce from personality.  

One can achieve this by knowing within, that no matter how gruesome, difficult, perilous or cruel conditions may present in the world, they are not permanently real, and nor do they affect us in higher realms after death. Our loved ones will endure, we shall endure, as we have done so all along. And there will be compensatory joys and much renewal, even though we may be 'open' to a seemingly treacherous existence in the here and now.

It is good for men to hear truth such as this. It is wholesome for the soul within, because truths have a way of resonating health. The soul does and will respond. 

There is so little true consideration given today. This is why meditations upon 'simple' but potent truths are so lively and helpful. Contemplating truths which are essential to being, assist men with rhythms, development, order, and most importantly, returning to the awareness of that happy being which in truth is inside him.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Death Forces & the Astral World- 5th November 1992

THE sea’s plankton arrives at physical growth by astral offspring. It is a product of death, before being a product of life. It is the baseline nourishment sustaining other sea-life, but it of itself comes through a process of death and death's rays from astral overhang, rather than as new beginnings.

All of the first life-forms came, as if dropped from the sky, from certain results brought about by death-exit transformation from another realm, another form. For 'beginnings' do begin somewhere, and as introductory species or organism they begin their fungi, their form, their populace and regeneration, from aspects delivered together, immediately connected to a former existence.

Rarely could it be that molecules conspire without some preceding, overshadowing, governing experience. This need not be of memory, nor of a specific former Pneu, but that there is a 'grip' within a new world, or at the apex of an old one - there needs be an 'egg from a preceding chicken' rather than an egg born of itself.

Not only do we come to there being 'life out from death' within the chain of a mixed ecology - which is animate invisibly for the greater portion. That too, the remains of matter disposed, breaks up and dissipates with its commensurate astral counterpart, and may be so imbued with surrounding force and 'taken up' by life again, manifesting physically for a limited time- that lower organisms make re-entry into the world via this means. Also, sadly at times, do detrimental organisms invade as viral compounds of disease, again by such means.

When there have been conferences on sunspot activity, moon activity, and other starry considerations upon the virulence of microbic mass, this is because the influences within the Astrea complex will have a definite determination upon the conditions in which this death-life will flourish. Therefore one may unquestionably make predictions which indicate the propensity of plague and malady afflicting the human constitution.

Not only is this relevant to Man but to beast and plant as well. For as mentioned, some outcrops of new life (death-life) may be disastrous, or at least unwholesome for existing life; whilst others are intrinsic to the perpetuation of an ecology reliant upon their presence, ever renewing the foundationary building-blocks of life and life's supporting elements.

The bulk of physical matter once expired, becomes 'loosened' having been released from the overall will, and dissipates, leaving behind its astral image, which too dissolves respectively. In balance, one finds, that living organisms hold to a process of regeneration (the etheric body allowing for such) and the composite material has a 'dying' process whereby the astral body remains intact - unless there is a problem, to wit: the physical composure continues to be around.

In point of fact there is astral representation to every form, both alive (etherically imbued) and inanimate. And it may be noted that astral fiber is not life itself but an adherence - in some respects a world of its own, insofar as representations maybe as misleading as they are in physical realms. (Perhaps more so.)

The Astral World is more plastic to thought as it is closer in to what Man may recognize as lower-man desires and emotions. Having said that our astral body is of a finer grade of substance than that which is reflected within the immediate astral shell of this Globe: named the Astral World. The fiber of Man's body-astrea is refined and composite of material which extends far beyond the perimeters of this immediate astral environment attached to all entities confined to manifest on the Earth.

Once a man has departed the 'city limits' so to speak, he is conversant with morally imbued substance, of which, rays permeate with all manner of wondrous influence. Therefore the student may regard himself fortunate to be composite of a 'starry body' which incorporates constellations of influences; other than just that belonging to the immature Earth and its lower emanations.

The reason why natural compost becomes so effective, is because the rotting physical material has given over its astrality to 'kick off' microorganisms, which in turn shall imbue the soil and plant. A fertilizer which has been dried is rendered lifeless in this respect, even though minerals may be present. However, the astrality formed from animal products and their corresponding death-life offspring is another matter entirely. They shall be characterized by the original donor, the original permeations.

Question: How are the etheric properties of the plant affected in any way by astrality? 

As mentioned before, the plants (some plants) are born directly from astral origin. (The cactus is a large overhang from an earlier period; still remaining.) These plants and early forms of life, brought physical substance into being. They were catalytically imperative. There is now a range within the plant kingdom of lesser and greater respondents to and above the astral world.

For example: Just as Man has both lower representation and sympathies within the astral confines of the Earth, and has too a starry body of which the lower is but a part of - we come to find these plants, flowers and fruits, which correspond to higher planetary influences in various grades of perfection. These in turn correspond with similar aspects in Man.

However, in regards to earthly life and impacting the depths of physical existence, 'firing up' so to speak; we then turn to the gates of the astral encasement which ordinarily reflects a range within the physical world.

Also too, it can be said that every realm pertaining to the Earth has altered in quality and characteristic over time. The relationship of one sphere to another has altered too - in exactly how closely related the manifestations become.

Matter has either lively properties - is ethericly sustained and is not decomposing - or becomes a synthesis of death. In regards to sugars (refined sugars) and processed foods, it is obvious that activity follows from assimilation, but what kind of inner activity is inspired? Furthermore, invasive and corruptive organisms can and do flourish from the properties of such dead material. The refined sugar has something of his sugar characteristic intact - and, as long as he is physically apparent (even in part) he has attached to his substance, an astral counterpart. This counterpart is as a reflection, it is not there before the cane - except in the manner of original organisms.

In the case of Man and animal it has form and function prior to physical manifestation. In the case of etheric-world plant, it comes after physical growth and develops in relation to designs laid down within the etheric memory of the seed. It conforms to form, but does not perpetuate such form.

Our etheric constituents would only provide for some of our design i.e. as wondrous milky plant, albeit restricted. But, with warmth we have translated the flesh to hold blood, and actually recreate according to the overall impulses of our astral design.

Returning to the 'dead' matter consumed in diet:- we find that susceptibility to other forms of life will arise from this practice - obtrusive varieties, foreign and unwelcome.

All is life and lively. There is life and then more life; followed by consuming life, etc... However, one personally strives for an ecology which harmoniously precludes predators and parasites who are better suited to an environment other than that of one's body. One's nourishment comes not from death-forces, but rather from the Sun, the Wind, and Water. That which is good from the Earth is only valuable in property because of the forces of Sun, Wind and Water.
  • The Sun delivers as the gateway from the higher Heavens, many a cosmic property within the warmth and light of His being.
  • The Wind brings us the element of Cosmic motivation and the spirits who dwell therein oversee, along with the beings who dwell in the light, those characteristics belonging to imagination, dream, vision, and inspiration. Literally lofty! The fiery elements dwell also in the ether.
  • The Water transports divinity, embracing all, binding Heaven into Earth. Water is the blood of the Cosmos, the Fountain, the Heart of God.
Man's origins are not of that from which the physical world is born. They are lovingly connected, but not to be confused as dual evolutions, for the kindred of Men are from higher ordinances with generous aspect - necessarily. One cannot put 'higher into lower' - the theory of evolvement is all wrong as far as this goes.
Think about it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Duality- 3rd November 1992

THE ostrich egg - what a wonderful size! Fertility has long been represented by the egg, and the egg itself the cradle for many new beginnings, from chick to universal whorl. The mystery of course is that the heart is so hidden, and one may not inquire within prematurely 'to find the prize'. In point of fact, one may only wait for the 'prize' to venture forth in its own time; and the breaking through of the shell will be one test for readiness in becoming world-worthy.

The Mysteries are very much alike to the egg. The common man perceives them all to be alike, he cannot distinguish one from another; and the Mysteries appear as wholesome and commonplace as a room full of eggs. He would not know how to handle them in their fragility. He should not know how they may speak to him - one by one, from heart to heart - before manifesting evidently. And for all those who feel as though they are 'walking on egg-shells' they have probably mishandled a few, and caused the breakage!

(It is natural for folk to relish the opportunity for dressing up in wonderful costumes. Self-expression is not always as easy for some as it is for others, particularly when 'self' is not self-evident. Fashion of course, is therefore desired, not as a means to conform, but to adopt an identity which is more than acceptable. It is good for folk to be highly thought of - would that this were the case for each and all - but it does not follow necessarily, particularly when there appears to be little merit.) 

There is a reality of ourselves presenting as 'walking eggs' also. The auric egg as defined, is a distinction which separates the man from those emanations which stream out into the perimeters of spatial latitude. Each man truly extends into this 'forever', however at the same time does have an immediate density which encapsulates the driving ego and connecting soul of that man. This too provides a measure of resistance and minor restraint, and is not only the brightest concentration of memory impressions, dreams and visions, but also too a bubble-like enclosure of which there is tension separating a man into an individuality; separate from his higher deity and lower kingdoms.

The sac and the fluid which encompasses the embryonic form, is directly drawn in impulse and substance from the auric sac and fluid comprised in the individual's own auric egg. Thus the man himself makes way for his own embodiment, unfolding himself out from himself.

From the time of conception there is an intimate relationship between mother and incarnating soul. Her womb becomes transformed into a momentary vacuum which transmutes the radiant changes which shall set upon her.

There is percussion in intercourse, when the man and the woman so joined, allow much activity to enter down into the physical space within and around them. It is as though the two worlds come close, close enough for bonding and transference; born of the vitalities which stream from the man, imploring the woman to accept him, them, and the universe which follows.

There is liquor from the auric sac of the man, through which his vitalities - as being unmistakably his - are given over in trust, into the magnetic womb of his partner. She in turn accepting thus, will carry concealed that which is characteristic of him, within her auric sac - not to be 'flushed out' or expired, as it were. For such union is profoundly intimate and impressions thereby struck are lasting.

If a child has entered into this act of bonding, we find that the soul so drawn to this event, this cosmic happening, has sought and found opportunity to enter into (get a foot in!) the physik of the earthly mother. From then on a veritable vortex of activity shall remain within the mother, who ordinarily would have closed off from the influences in this respect, but remains in heavenly attitude and openness for the term of her pregnancy.

The incarnating individual necessarily, requires many influences and impulses, to draw around him those forms of which he shall incorporate and make of himself. This is ongoing and each minute is vital to his advance in such development.

If it comes to pass that the infant is expelled from the womb prematurely, and the individual is forced to withdraw from their bond of physical substance, the woman shall know intensely of the loss because the intimate companionship has ceased - not only as a child, but as a lover has departed.

Willingly it is that the woman gives over to bring in the children of the world. If the soul of the woman was uncompliant it should not be so. Regardless of personality and even circumstance, the being of she the mother, is both privileged and rejoicing at the union invoked in example of former bonding. When the man enters into the woman he does so similarly to the child: the incarnating ego. And in part he remains there with that woman, after the event; even after death.

These are the beginnings of dividing ourself (fractional beginnings). Every time we touch an object we impart to it something of our characteristic emanation. Every handshake, every kiss, gives person to person, a signatory influence which is lasting. Much of what we are is dispersed and scattered, and in this we leave a trail of our former selves scattered behind our movements. Taken to the extreme our world and worldly substance is facilitated by the offspring remnants of other beings' activity- tangible though it is. We too, tangibly exude substantive emanations which are characteristically individual.

Intercourse is an act not of submission, but something close to it. It is the condition - as in some conversation - of an individuality meeting with another individuality, and by such makes way for perhaps yet another individuality to enter into the otherwise private auric egg of being. Here we not only impart something of our own individuality, but prepare to receive another's individuality head-on. (Wrong phrase, but expressive.) The man so joined with the woman has come into her field of influence over him; she shall carry his essence as was imparted. (And no, this need not be physically accomplished.)

Of course there are implications from this when one ventures into the area of mixed kingdom affairs: Man/Beast, Man/Demon, relations are unwholesome because such psychic unions do have disastrous ramifications. And without using too much detail, the offspring from such is effectively created within the auric egg and then manifests physically; rather than as thought - occurring as a physical union of cell and cell and so forth.

Another point which could be made here is the question of inverse perversions from the natural act. As with every other facet of Creation there can be perversion whereby the 'original idea' is spat out and replaced by a similar. However, simply put, if an individuality seeks satisfaction only for himself, to please himself, then the act of intercourse is contradictory to his being's desires. The results from self-indulgent overactivity, are in the long run, madness or a subsequent breakdown of health.

The reason for this is, one cannot open up to heavenly activity and give over to another individuality, in a fashion which withdraws from transference. For then the activity stimulated within the vitalities, turns upon the individual's own constitution, causing havoc, turmoil and malady. It is though the vitalities are turned inward; for the bonding is incomplete, the relationship not true and unanswered.

The individuality who drives the constitution cannot successfully seed himself with fluids of his current being - as this is what the ego-orientated, self-indulgent, self-adoring seeks to do. As proper union, we find expression of the individuality coming to realize Love, in the giving and receiving - irrespective of their individuality.

This is why some mistaken souls seek to repress and rape, because they perceive submission to be love. However, obviously they have got it wrong - whilst also not reaching mutual union on any level. Worse still, they may well have given over their individuality to a devil, complicating matters more, particularly in regard to the aforementioned vitality/properties/characteristic link. For those who have been victims of such abuse, the 'unclean' feeling remains; as unfortunately, so do the characteristic properties the individual has imparted or withheld.
(Imparted/Male, Withheld/Female)

The separation of the sexes imbued Man, with further insights into the two corresponding and complementary impulses which cause Creation to Be and be driven. The soul craves experience in both phases of being, being essentially the substance of both, but predominantly active in one.

It is accepted generally, that the future form of Man shall be something of a hermaphrodite; and whilst there may be some reality in this, there is emphasis given to the two aspects so joined as if they become but one. However they do not cease to be Male/Female and this cannot be alluded to without mistaken comprehension. 

Duality is being.
Balance, reflections, augmentation, relationship (literally relativity), perpetuality, contrast and harmony, all manifest only because of the principle and being of duality.

The deeper aspects to the conjoining of soul betwixt soul - not in physical terms, but spiritual realities - is an expression of that mystery which lies in the heart of Creation herself: the experience and expression of duality.

The divided duality, being that half referred to as the individual (in/divide/dual), seeks not only communication with those with whom there is genuine love, but a sharing also of those characteristic qualities between the two.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Quest for Perfection- 31st October 1992

THERE are barriers, opponents, which ridicule the striving man in striving to be his best - particularly relentless at times of exertion and struggle. The very word 'determination' implies that one proceeds 'undeterred', or that at the very least, wishes to be. What exactly waylays the pious and the striving, and separates a man from his visions of self-perfection? And why, once one has affirmed commitment to that vision, is the story incomplete and the man begins ever more challenges - tests as it were, summoning reserves of such determination as is required, affording no release, no pax, no reconciliation with personal devas and devils?

Furthermore, we find that man is 'complete' to begin with: essentially, quintessentially, perfection unrealized. There may come a time within the advanced development of the student, when he has managed such self-perception as to 'see' his own reality of perfection - and more often than not, mistakenly places this (his higher being) to be the Godhead divinity, rather than the lesser being which he is.

Whilst it holds true that all rays emanate, all sparks must sparkle from said Godhead, it is also equally true to say that they are not one and the same. For the minor shall always be but a part of the greater major, and by being but a portion or a splinter cannot represent the whole. Therefore we cannot presume our image to be the image of God in totality, for it is folly - jolly folly, albeit.

The initiate is scorned also by visions of imperfection. Here lies quite a contrasting paradox. Nothing quite prepares one for comprehensive soul-searching which enlightens the shadows and apparitions of the past. Much company travels with us, although largely inanimate until stirred and ever awakened by recollection and desire.

That we wish to propel forward, we meet with obstruction. How mighty the wind! How taut the muscle! Furthermore, there can be an attraction for men to cast aside their foibles and despise their failings, so much so that they are quite prepared to forsake their humanity: a baby/bathwater situation. This can actually strike down a most advanced student who literally will pluck out the offending eye and join league with a rogue that incites men to be as robots, as predictable, as clean of fault; but not sinless - even though they would see it that way.

When conditions cease to 'hurt' we cease to feel. Men simply cannot be subject to a graded perfection without the sacrifice of such material composite to their being, and totally relevant to their existence, their humanity. Failings hold provision for reform. 

Behind the kingdom of the garden, behind each tree and shrub, leaf and bud, there is an invisible lover, a multitude of lovers, who tend the new growth and suffer with the desolate. These adherent beings - who are of the plants, but not the plants themselves - these beings work accordingly with great patience, reliant upon men to realize their perfection.

For as the story goes, men must advance forward before the time the nature-spirit is afforded their individuality, granted a soul and a sister-evolution that identifies them differently. Man must first cross the threshold, afore these beings are given Time. For they live not in time, but are as perpetual infants or perpetually aged.

They suffer many afflictions dispersed amongst them from the woes of men. Their sympathies are in concordance with the pulse of life itself, and they are not pleased or understanding at the disastrous blunders of men towards their charge. Some are prone to bad tempers - generally a mimic of man acquired. However, pagan though it may tend to be, they are most qualified attendants to the sustaining etheric world they love to frequent.

If you are counting on your hand the numbers of plants before you as representing heads of nature-spirits, compared to numbers of men, then remember also that the worldly numbers of men do not come close to the total number of heads, within circulation out of incarnation.

Folk who converse intimately with plants do also - aside from the character of the plant - speak out to its accompanying deva. As proud guardian he/she shall certainly hear remarks directed and possibly make some subtle reply. There can be quite a relationship between gardener and the invisible community to whom he does attend.

Generally speaking, for all the blundering and seeming 'oafishness' men do hold the upper hand of the upper-world and are relatively free from interference or annoyances, or dictates from their fellows of the garden. However, if invited and given license to break into some form of communication - anything up to retaliation, so one must be careful - then it is possible that certain events will be effected directly by one of these beings. For they are not dissimilar to men characteristically, in that some shall be warm-hearted, whilst others incapable of mutual consideration. Some are expressive, some are purely pure mischievousness, others contemptible and unfortunately dangerous.

Men of course, are not alone in their bad habits and imperfections. As just discussed, the lower elemental kingdoms offer already in similar fashion, perhaps although, with less deliberation. From where did the sins and the lesser sins entangle themselves? What exactly entered into possibility for Man at the time of Heavenly impulse acquired?

Remember the thirteenth fairy, the 'bad' fairy that was snubbed at the christening? She, after all but one of the heavenly endowments blessed Beauty, insisted on death, and that it would come of her own doing. [“Every one was terrified at her saying, when the twelfth came forward, for she had not yet bestowed her gift, and though she could not do away with the evil prophecy, yet she could soften it, so she said, "The Princess shall not die, but fall into a deep sleep for a hundred years." ] Past the age of puberty, no longer wrapped within the total innocence of childhood, the young woman was destined to prick her finger and then slumber on.

And sleep we do - throughout every violation to God, every mistake we hide from the soul, we sleep in the wrappings of many an insolentry until. . . how did the story go? The afforded provision was a prince who might struggle through the thorns to climb the castle wall, with valour and determination, to approach the concealed chamber; and entering, finding princess, be moved of heart to kiss her, thereby awakening her back to life! Thus the soul is renewed and awakened, albeit in a future so distant, a span so long that many have lived and died between. What being the key element to all of this? Predetermined time? Perhaps - willingness, vision, an undeterred determination, and a love - true love.

The majority were good fairies, whose gifts bring food to the table and attributes befitting a privileged princess. They were joyed to wish well for the human child; with a majesty all of their own. The malevolent fairy was the cause of the upset, and because of jealousy and being 'left out' would poison and corrupt the child who was blameless.

Rivalry between kingdoms is far worse than any general neighboring war. To a large extent kingdoms separate off - even dividing within themselves; even though each does sustain another with great coherence and intrinsic passion.

Yet some of the lower elementals contrive to upset men, who innocent of the fact, are at times so readily persuaded and come to grief because of impish maliciousness. These, as said before, represent a minority (who are admonished by their radiant peers) whose own failings have multiplied directly within the influence of corrupted men. And so it goes. And men do tease and taunt the gods sometimes.

There are aggravations with the predator system of the animal kingdom. There are aggravations within the poisonous virtueless offspring of noxious plants. There are aggravations of weather which is uncompliant to arid land.

It is important that we pray for all such aggravation to cease. Also, that we may be confident in broadcasting speculation that this will come to pass: that the lion will lie down with the lamb. . . that perfection is but a distance away from those who are virtue-orientated.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hungary in Transition- 14th October 1992

THERE is usually strife and upheaval when discontented men seek to re-establish their identity to coincide with their homeland. Men seek to attach themselves to a region and possess part of that realm, whereas they are truly but caretakers and surveyors of that country, with not one single entitlement to actual ownership, its privies or its claims.

It is natural for individuals to be excitable and seized with threat. Much of our substance and fiber is born from that very locality we call home- in the literal sense, most definitely. And men who perceive yet more change, who have endured much hardship already, feel 'raw and exposed' with only that 'fiber' from home remaining.

Any rapid change - even that which has been long sought after and worked for - any change shall reshuffle the air and surface great discontent. Added to this we find that still today, certain ghosts do stalk Hungary herself, and the surrounding countries.

The question is: How are the challenges as presented by an ever pressing future, become met by men to whom the very past owes so much? To deny the past is quite often denying much of ourselves it is said, and it is no small wonder that integration does not come easily. The unseen enemies stifle the spirit; whilst an army of uncertainties storms the forlorn people.

Yet having commented thus far, one must add also that there is a gentle majesty which presides, quintessential to that true identity of Hungary herself. It is her very nature that men shall come to reclaim, and by this will once again find their way to an inner (and worldly) prosperity.

For we return to the question of adherence to home-identity. It is not that one should be dissuaded from such expression, but moreover be correct in seeking out the true, essential nature of their homeland- to 'regain' the country, so to speak, in the proper sense. Not by titles or land-holdings, but by actual communication with the Spirit of Hungary's nature.

The tormented ghosts definitely need exorcising. These fellows go back as far as the memory fires - particularly attached to those unfortunate places which have a history of such suffering within their lifetime. And this does indeed hinder those who are unstable and prone to sympathies of equal proportion. It is difficult to make such evacuations; partly because the material of which these ghosts comprise is not in the least 'biodegradable'. However there are certain pointers which should help.

Firstly one can realize, that largely, the deceased remains are not the true and proper entities as such, they are but remains, representatives of an ensouled being. Nonetheless, prayers for they who inhabited the specters is wanting, because the circumstances of their departure and separation must have been extraordinarily grim.
Furthermore there are emanations remaining from such past horrors, and these too contaminate wherever they invade - impressions within buildings particularly. Now whilst men cannot simply go around burning down those buildings which are contaminated by strife or by torment, it is of importance to note the cleansing effect which the very presence of fire will bring. The fireplace in every room, the lit candle and taper - these have a wonderful effect upon the subtle ethers in 'clearing' and exhausting the unwanted perpetration of perpetual upset.

Thus how wonderful to light a candle before prayer! How soothing a bonfire! How fascinating a blaze! The misguided mission of the pyromaniac may be understood in the light of this fiery discourse! The fiery hinterlands as depicted as Hell have been such, for the very fire commits undesirables to be transported to that place in which all horrors reside - that they are 'captured' by the fire, captive and contained, and not fit for residence elsewhere.

Here is one reason also why cremation of an individual after death is so much more preferable to burial. Not only is the man to be released with rapidity, but certain demons may be sloughed off leaving him free to collect what is his and withdraw. Those demons of upset which invoke physical disease shall also be given leave through the purification of fire's presence.

So one may come to see yet another value for the controlled use of fire. Conversely, as a remedial also, there is of course the sprinkling of Holy Water to be considered. This too, is greatly effective, with differing results. Water is quite capable of receiving into it further divinity - the amount of actual water has no bearing on the radiance of such. For water may bring to it, that which by its nature it knows best, and can sanctify - expelling the invisible elements which cannot endure its angelic relations.

Men are empowered to evoke water to become intensely irradiated, if they desire and will correctly. For it must be in like manner, in accordance with the nature of Divinity, not by the effort of man alone.

One might ask: But what use are these two practices? What use is it in contesting with invisible foes, when I need practical advice regarding those most evident?

One may easily become dismayed. It need not be said that first and foremost, it is our duty and our passion to curb and discipline our own behaviors. That we strive to be peaceable, and by our own acts attributed we may instruct others of kindness, consideration and care. This of course is a lifelong work of itself, and one has to come to terms with fellow brothers who cannot at this time, make such a self-determination. However, we may become aware of these extraneous factors which aggravate our fellow brothers and know how to lessen their burdens thereby. One may not be intrusive of course, however so much aggravation and upset perpetuates itself and is only answered by the few who seek to tend (more often than not) to basic needs.

The basic needs being:

  1. To be lovingly accepted.
  2. To be fed and given warmth and shelter.
  3. Useful occupation and application.
  4. Hygienic residence, particularly in relation to invisible entities and emanations.

If one or more of these basic needs is wanting, it is true to say that the misery which follows brings dissension affecting the entire community.

No political ideology shall be successfully maintained if the people are apathetic to its demands. And if such directives maintain apathy as a requirement, then the system as a whole is determined from the start.

All change, although painful in transition, is for the better. It is true. Anything which brings pain is transition on its way to renewal of life. Happier days shall come eventually to all - we must hold fast to this truth, amidst the suffering.

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