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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Death of a King- 22nd December 2009

WHAT is little known or remembered is the consequence which brought death to the visiting King the very night of the Child Christ's birth.

This old King had carried forth the gift of former impulses past - conceded now to the reign and manner of his Holy Superior.

It was as though a starlit planet had disappeared from the sky - even though all the talk was of new constellations to be revealed... and the old planet faded and was quick forgotten.

Who was this old King? And what did he represent in ages now given to veils? And why did he slip into fable, far from history’s reach? Emissary of the former Christ, beloved of the Ancient Realm, a sage whose life had spanned some hundreds of years, a master among men who had been both guardian and revealer of his time; yet he was not to live past the infant's coming, and bade not to see the tensions beyond.

Miramuse: the velvet gentleman. Velvet cloth, made from silk from the Orient, was available then - a bed of fine fibers like no other, that mimicked the weaving of pulled rugs in miniature grain - this cloth he wore, and it shimmered as he moved. He also had a private trade in the same, along with various exotic imports - so many exquisite high crafts of inlaid pearl, gold, metal smithing, strong yet light fine fabrics, animal husbandry producing curious pelts; marvelous tapestries depicting visions of sorts; dainty and salty foods which were pleasing and medicinal to take; remedies and tonics that were sweet but not corruptive; oils, fragrances and purgatives, sealed with wax and delivered in gold; manuscripts of secrets - as to the taming of beasts and the taming of man; recipes and instructions in simple key and script - so plain it was difficult to find the value therein; tools of Astronomy and Gastronomy; harbors with ships stocked in marvelous trade.

This was a finer time than is imagined today - one of subtle beauties and tastes that were rich and quick to fill senses, imagination and even soul, a period where there was a finery and grace depicted through the arts and sciences - in contrast to the violence about, which was not so much barbarous as it was pervertedly epicureal also - they found a hundred ways to kill a man as if this were an art form as well. 

'Modern man' of those days, considered himself at the apex of civilized behavior - and this attitude of mind and being was prevalent throughout every continent. 

At the time of the Christ Child's birth it was assumed that the standing of human civilization and development thereof, was almost, if not already, complete. Even certain trade relations were so amicable that the nations prided themselves on a sophistication that could take in the finer aspects of the other's culture in respect and beneficiary.

Whilst there were slaves and the military, the popular thought of this day was of the organization of this brute force ('brute' being meant literally) - which was again a matter of superior 'civilized' pride as well.

In many respects society had excelled in its thinking, its organizations, engineering, and peculiar fastidiousness - working with but raw materials, so to speak, being devoid of the old clairvoyance to guide it, and too young to fathom the electrical technologies to come - caught in a time of mediocrity of opportunity and trying to make the most of it.

You could purchase countless sweet cordials, each with a delicate and different flavor; but you could not see the mystery in the water, or the possible perils it could hold either.

'Decorum' was the word of that day; and with this emphasis of society came snobbery. Pure racism or religious bias is understandable - not condonable but quite natural to the unevolved. However snobbery is but a perverted value of self and self worth - it has no basis in real difference or concern. Although it may sound as trite as its bearers, it is in fact a very potent agent of evil, for it damages all parts of the individual who is supported by its frame.

Snobbery is literally a form of madness. Madness often comes of selfishness, and the assumptions of snobbery are both irrational and self-gratifying - an unfortunate spin-off from a 'discerning' society that has truly come so far with so little, in a world steeped in a materialism that is stifling the soul life. 

Amongst an orgy of one festival following another, their distraction from true faith and meaning meant that there had become a bacchanalian triumph - an attitude that even today from this, is so difficult to shift, as it migrated into the thought realm becoming a philosophy of material indulgence and superficial discrimination.

You see, whimsy preceded sophistication and came from a world that even predated romance. Whimsy is juvenile (in the real sense of the word, i.e. of Jove) being enthralled, joyful, excited in the collaborations of life - too captivated by pure love to be self serving, open and predisposed to almost any event that comes along, a time of noble ideals and concerns - an age to which we are only now returning.
What was to become the invisible planet still actually remains - yet not palpably so. Its influence does not infiltrate, its presence no longer permeates - a significant loss, a historical catalyst. It was the first rock at the mouth of the cavern-tomb - only that the rock was a planet removing itself, so that the light could infill the cavity within.

As with all else this planet and its presence was of Christ's own making firstly - rendered redundant through a complex necessity, deliberately disabled from its participation and contribution to this sphere.

This was a willingly given gift - a true act of self sacrifice and self denial for the betterment of this ornate World too immature for its offerings.

The very Gods seed and bead and embellish their creations; but not before they have animated them with a sturdy and pure life that is resilient to contamination.
Beware snobbery, for it has false attributes and brings nothing good.

This Christmas message has a theme to it of the gift of withdrawal - that of holding back and making way; of knowing when it is your time to speak or to be, and when it is not.

The rock had to roll for the light to come in.

The World shuddered and sighed - the birth was complete - the Christ Child had a mission to amalgamate a dismembered world and make it whole again.

Christ be my mind,
Christ be my eyes,
Christ be my hands,
Christ walk my legs,
Christ be my heart,
My heart be Thine,
Now and throughout,
All walks of time.

[How many Wise Men were there? The Gospel tells of three gifts and so we assume three. The ancient Nestorian teachings in the The Book of the Bee, state that there were twelve.

The three Magi visited when Jesus was a child, not a newborn. But did others visit at the time of the Birth? This is case with the old King, spoken of above. -Ed]

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love & Enduring Love- 8th November 2009

THE channels between humans open only when love is present, and remain locked to all else, in reality. An open channel requires love from both souls - it is not enough to have love from just one; and so it is that even love itself cannot coerce the flow-way to comply.

This tells us also something about the human ego and its presence of self, in that even love and the loving commute arises from an innate decision to do so - to be consent and predisposed to the love of another.

Yet there is fairness in this too, for we know that all beings are sovereign to themselves and protected from the outer influences of others, so that they may slowly build up that which they desire to become. If the reverse were true, the power of the love could become corrupt and demanding, in that he who loved the most would acquire an open door into the hearts and lives of everyone they chose.

Sometimes with an animal the latchkey of a fond and pure love will turn, and the beast itself acknowledges the life and soul of their human companion so cherished.

Romance today emphasizes the 'winning' of love between a man and a woman for a life or eternity; and the events that unfold around such unions are generally and fantastically haphazard and unpredictable. There may or may not be existing karma between the two, however the force of reasoning that magnetically compels this coupling could be from causes mundane to sublime - from the need of companionship to the Cherubim's promptings - and although such beginnings start energetically, they usually decline at some time earlier than first supposed or was hoped for. However, if true love had become present during any of the time they were together (and it seals in just a moment), it becomes enduring love for all time.

The true love, as qualified just earlier, requires the consent and openness of both the individuals to one another concurrently, thereby establishing an open channel for all times thereafter. With that open channel there literally becomes a living link to that soul wherever and however they be. Whether incarnate or disincarnate - whatever form they take - this loving flow-way connection is rapidly exchanging a commute.

Firstly we have our fellowship of Humanity and our common brotherhood with which we share this Kingdom. And in truth, for all of us present, we are so combined that the evolution of all, heaves and sighs in but one motion. And the condition of all is experienced in part by all.

This is not ordinarily a conscious relationship, but rather adopted within the fabric of our worldly and other-worldly life. Similarly also we have sub-groups in which there is a sharing - although not necessarily on a self-conscious basis either - through racial, religious, commercial or familial ties.

Then we have the handshake relationship - literally a combining where the individuals have met together during any lifetime and are thereafter enabled to find and recognize one another, regardless of form etc., but with a key that is made now between them. This key is created with a handshake literally - where the heart forces have combined through the palms to enable this.

What this key does is to bring back into contact those people we have shared past meetings with. If they are in proximity to us in any place or time, they are likely to be drawn back into our company. It is not so personal, nor consciously decided. Such keys can infill with mutual and shared experience - it does not have to be particularly loving, but may become because of common interests or concerns.

The next form of connection and attraction is the karmic compulsion whereby the relationship to one another may have been in another life - brief or long, informal or commercial - but whatever the case, it was unequal and there were karmic responsibilities still owing left over from this time. This attraction drives many folk to return into each other's sphere of activity until resolved.

The Christian principle of forgiveness puts peace to this compulsion - which proves to be of tremendous benefit both to the creditor and the World at large by its consequence. For unless the criminals, who in the past did you wrong, have reformed themselves and made better their characters, you may not want them continually turning up in your life to be given a chance to make good for the difficulties they have caused you in the past.

You see karma presents opportunity but does not compel action to the extent of forcing any one thing to happen. Some things may be easily rebalanced but not the willful intent or physical actions of another, for there needs to be a genuine reality to what is, and not just a pretence or play act of what should be.

We are never roboticly so motivated to play out the dictates of a karma due. The debtor needs to sincerely reconcile his past actions, not merely turn up on time to play out a role he has no heart in.

So you can see that over a relatively short period of say, twenty past lifetimes, you may have had ten where there has been a number of undesirable characters cause harm to you - either directly or indirectly - and possibly multiples of them during some episodes. Well if you accumulate the karmic debt it is possible for a good number of these fellows to re-enter your current life, driven by the push and the need to make good for what they have caused and aggrieved.

During this time a great many may have improved, however this kind of criminal does have a long way to climb ordinarily. It is very possible you simply do not want these folk back in your life at all. Under the new law of Forgiveness they are released from this most personal obligation but not released from their duty.

A lot of folk presume that all karmic debt is cancelled by forgiveness, but this is not the case - largely for the sake of the soul's learning and experience also. What this means is that the personal bonds have been dismissed yet the offending soul may have great opportunity within the larger and needing community to do a good work there. This has a double benefit because the good in the World increases thereby.

It is practical therefore to forgive, and release yourself from difficult ties and at the same time pass on a benefit to others along the way.

The next form of relationship is that of the enduring love - and this connection is first made real through the eyes - the simultaneous acceptance of the other into the spaces of their very soul, in mutual knowing and regard.

This love can come from romance but does not have to - it can be with parents and children, brothers and sisters, or stem from deep friendships; it has no relationship to gender or action, to karma or title, to obligation or owning.

Once this true love is established it is there to remain. And whether or not such souls are living presently within our lives, each man and woman has hundreds of such living relationships connected to their being.

This is vital to the life of the soul to have so. Without these channels connecting us, how very lonely an eternity of infinite possibility would become. These individuals are the true constant in our soul's lives and travels. They are our equals, our companions, trusted and beloved, with mutual cares, strivings and history. Our epic journeys are forever to conjoin, and the happiness of their presence gives us strength beyond measure.

One cannot synthetically produce such energetic love. A false guru or obsessed stalker cannot compel the yoke of the two by the want of the one. Nor can deceit, desire, or lust drive its happening - not governed by will or want or by correspondence alone either.

Yet once made, such true love enables each to share their experience and learning with profound complexity. The channels not only impart energetic love to one another throughout a vast yet intimate Cosmos, they also commute the enlightened exchange of each other's wisdoms gathered.This is the star ray that supports us all, the true networking, the very real connecting ever present in loving abide - that which was made so enduring.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Message- 1st November 2009

TIME is derived out from Life, not Life from Time, or its opportunities. Life maketh and createth the Time, yet neither is compelled into substance or in being.

Manifestation is a true concert of wills: the Divine driving consciousness and the participant... who exaggerates himself forth into the glamour of substance. And whilst Time itself requires the cooperation of the Spiritual Infinities, it does not enter into any warranty of permanence, but rather stands alone within the confines and perimeters self-defined.

For it is that Time pertains only to its own relevance, and is marked and measured by decay. When the World has achieved the transubstantiation of all substance and therefore the substantiality of such matter, the World will become as timeless as any other realm within the Corporeal and Heavenly domains.

Hell, by its own nature, is decay.

Derision lacks permanency - this is how the Universal Good succeeds all. Literally, Love endures; phenomenally that which is good, sound and pure and most Holy, is incorruptible - whether it be souls of the Kingdom, or deeds personified.

Yet that which is becoming fixed within a persuasive permanency is not perhaps the apex of hope for Mankind within itself. An illustration of this exists within the well meaning kingdoms of Lucifer, where a certain immortality was prematurely realized, and although the aging and decaying process was halted and his realm was locked somewhat into perpetuity, it has a hollowness in quality and a certain presence of an ongoing memorial to past life rather than a continuum of genuine living. And so there is a form of 'perfection' and 'goodness' which can stand alone and achieve a super-substantiality and yet in the same, lacks verve.

Verve is a great word, isn't it? Sounds like "nerve", yet it has the 'v' for vitality. A forceful motion forward - a vitality that is imbued with creating something inspired and character filled - an energy that is not just pure energy alone, but driven by purpose. The vitality of verve is the very purpose that inspires it.

The fixed nature of Lucifer's world lacks an ongoing purpose because it has achieved a homeostasis it does not want challenged. It is only strong enough to stand alone if kept to principles that define it, and in this respect becomes in truth a tomb and but a repetition of itself... without the prospect of ever advancing forward.

Generally speaking it is a universal principle to incrementally incorporate small and positive change. Beings do not hazard themselves with challenges that will defeat them. Evolution is the gradual adoption of allowable, permitable and livable consequence. Evolution could not survive itself if it took major risks upon itself. It is not reckless, nor haphazard, nor a gamble with that which it already has achieved. The further advancements are negotiated before possibility and viability, all the while sustained by an overall goodness.

How then you ask, can Hell and its diminishing exist? Why do the Spiritual Worlds even harbor any such places of spiritual disease and death?

To answer this we must first consider the several states of life and death throughout the Cosmic Spheres:

• Death/Cessation
• Autumnal Death
• Death - into Resurrection
• Static Life - as Death
• Life via Resurrection
• Life via Evolution (the constant gradient)
• Creative Life
• Holy & Miraculous Life
Death/Cessation: The Grand Finale
This term applies to those conditions, manifestations or beings that were once existent and now extinct - without recovery or transformation or resurrection. (Eventually to be discarded - even in the recorded Mahalayas*.)

Autumnal Death: The Cyclical Sloughing
This form of Death is perennial to some annual need of self determining or administration. It is accounted for and recommended for the advancement of the Life experiencing it.

Pertaining to a reorganization and a cleansing, where new life quickly rechannels where needed, this form of sloughing and mini-death can be fragmented and repetitive, constant and energetic.

Resurrective Death
The Resurrective Death process occurs at the baseline of life where the two worlds meet … in contrast to the ordinary Death that happens end point, at the highest exhaustion.

An example of these is as follows:
• Man goes to sleep - Autumnal Death: partial death to the waking consciousness which finds renewal.
• Man awakes - Resurrection Death: comes back in through the gates he left by.
• Man dies. End point cessation - ordinary Death. Exhausts its physical capacity.
• Man awakes in the Spiritual worlds - Resurrection Death: back to where he started.
• Man reincarnates into the World again - Autumnal aspect to the shedding of lives.
• Man forgets his former lives when in the World - Cessation/Death to past consciousness.
The key to resurrection is the returning to the beginning and starting over. If you come to think of this as being pretty good, it will make up for the other connotations diminishing their strength in any matter. Most folk equate resurrection with a triumph and an improved circumstance. Indeed it might have both in consideration to it being required, however its application is simply that of going back to the very beginning - not an improved beginning, but the beginning - in order to start again. Resurrection alone does not bring betterment by its action.

Static Life as Death
Where Life is manifest and not disintegrating or desisting, and yet does not change for the better either - if it cannot and does not respond in kind to the life outside of its own realm, but rather has become an island of such plastic creation, this is known as a form of Death also - fixed, impenetrable, incontrovertible, and without the traffic of the Heavenly Graces permeating through it (such as Humor, Charity, Empathy, Love).

Life via Resurrection
That which lives gathers experience. It wears its experience in a myriad of ways. It does not have to be maintained or realized in the working consciousness, but is ever present in the fibrous sinew of the very soulic enterprise of being. And whilst the Resurrection Death process is of itself a relatively mundane action, the response to the re-embodying Life who experiences this process, is considerably strengthened and invigorated.

For some reason (a Divine mystery) when Life returns from the point of a death, it does so with a voracity of splendor. So it is with both bud and Man. This energetic drive is known as the Resurrective Life.

Life via Evolution: The Constant Gradient
If this Principle did not govern our Spiritual realms we would be all in static death placement or disintegration.

The provision for change is incorporated mercifully within all of Life, and the very push for actual improvement comes from the bulk and body of those coming up from behind those who have advanced.

Magnetically, profoundly, intuitively, and conducively, we are all awakened within by the call of further knowledge of those enlightenments that are shared by the collective experience of the luminaries who have gone before us.

This Divine evolutionary calling draws us all the one direction - without conflict or contradiction towards the infinities.

Creative Life
The Creative Life has a resurrective element insofar that the individual who experiences creativity, does so by going back to the threshold of their own experience and knowledge to the gateway of the spiritual imaginations, to experience and relate something unbefore known by them or the World they are in.

The Creative Life force has that resurrection life force which energetically charges the project entered into. The Creative Life can apply to:

• the propagation of children physically and spiritually;
• the incarnating of 'new' thoughts and ideas;
• the constructs of inspired design;
• the motivations of all learning;
• the lively interactions of purposeful relationship;
• the perseverance of task (i.e. creating a garden, a quilt, a building, a manuscript);
• wonderings and musings;
• Divine inspiration and revelation.
On a cosmic level the Creative Life is powerfully driven through the Gods themselves who expel from their own Being the perspiration of intent. In reverence and celebration, their projects are excitedly looked on upon and participated in. And once again - even for Deity design - there becomes the elements of both Resurrective Death and Resurrective Life contributing to their project.

You see if something were to start perfectly without needing revision, it would be self-fulfilled and static - statically dead from its beginning. This is where the notion came from that it is important for there to be a little fault or flaw in one's creation.

In many respects a project must renew itself with a regulated death and resurrection process, before it can find its place in the evolutionary life process where it is elastic enough to simply go on from one perfection to the next.

Holy & Miraculous Life
This Life is the very life behind the Life which is, and the Life that is yet to be. Miraculous Life, it is said, is the font of all Humor. It has an element of unpredictability and Grace; it has a power that exceeds and succeeds all Death.

The Miraculous Life in our experience, is consciously responsive to need and to plight. It is not mere force, energy or opportunity - it has discernment and charity. The more one sees this Life in action, the more one comes to regard the Divine in personal consideration; and with such, in deep respect and gratitude also.
The question as to how the Spiritual, diseased and death can exist is a twofold question. If you see a human or a demon that is beyond redemption and destined for the internments of Hell, you will find that the Spirit that was within either being originally, has departed and returned back to its very own beginnings.

The creatures of Hell are not living with a living life - they exist with a static life, being fixed at that point where in abhorrence their spirit disconnected from them permanently. They continue in what they have become - at that lowest point of behavior and conduct, with no motivation for evolutionary life and no means to obtain it - destitute spiritual corpses devoid of empathy, compassion or humor.

There are certain magicians and black demi-gods who choose to create armies of such beings, perverting life into zombie separations, where the evolution is stripped back and the men or elemental lose their sense of the divine and holy life. And yet the consequences for such, always - always - come back upon them, resulting in them also coming to forfeit the very same as they have invoked in others. For such is the wisdom of the Miraculous Life... Who by its benevolence and luminosity will further goodness before evil every time.

There are many beings and men whose behavior is unsanitary, and yet there is a life spirit still connecting enough for future learning, to enable them to improve themselves beyond the dark phase of their existence. Most beings will do this - and find their way out from Hell before it collapses in upon them. Only a few will become so displaced that they are so made zombie and divorced completely from their Spirit.

Eventually the Zombie Hell does disintegrate, for with every renewal of the sphere they are in, there is on the second round, no real life to bring them back into existence; and the bodies are evaporated and made cosmic dust - screaming vapors which echo sadness and disappointment. However, these final stages of wretched existence are appearance only of living beings, and no different to an earthly corpse, except for their perpetual animation.

Many ghosts are exactly the same as described above - they bear resemblance to the life that created them, but have no real connection within the current sphere of being. These too need clearing away, and can have quite an evil influence emanating from them - a sort of virulent discontent - which is manifest by only the 'undead'. 

Currently within the popular media there has been a revival interest in vampires and zombies, presenting a romantic and lyrical view. It is as comedic as demons doing household chores and acts of charity - not impossible, certainly not likely. And this comes in a period when the esoteric knowledge is finding expression here and there... with keen minds divining the truth, and excited by the fantasy.

The elements which are seemingly missing are that of gravity and strong purpose for the spiritual quest. Drama itself does not necessarily relate to seriousness and commitment - it just sometimes devolves back into chaos after a short respite from its calamity.

It is almost as if the 'spiritual' considerations of the young today, have become distracted by the greatness of it all, rather than the meaning. They are not so engaged, but rather walk their lives as if a tourist with a short term visa. In eons past, men have felt humbled before Nature, inspired by the Stars and ennobled by the Heavens. There has been before them an innate sense of the higher purpose that drives their life - not just a party.

Seriousness itself does not have to come only from the bereaved - and yet where is it to be championed? Mainstream thought now equates seriousness with fanaticism, and through a homogeny of philosophy seeks out an acceptable method of merely hoping for the best. In an age where the macabre is but another entertainment, one has to question at what point will the individuals of today reflect in earnest on the images before them, and realize their true causality?

All Life is intrinsically benevolent; yet beware the path of Death, for Death of itself brings nothing - especially not a good laugh.
Trick or treat? Quite a moribund question really...

* From Sanskrit Maha- "great" and Laya:
A "point of disappearance" - which is the Sanskrit meaning. Laya is from the Sanskrit root li, meaning "to dissolve," "to disintegrate," or "to vanish away." A laya-center is the mystical point where a thing disappears from one plane and passes onwards to reappear on another plane. It is that point or spot - any point or spot - in space, which, owing to karmic law, suddenly becomes the center of active life, first on a higher plane and later descending into manifestation through and by the laya-centers of the lower planes. In one sense a laya-center may be conceived of as a canal, a channel, through which the vitality of the superior spheres pours down into, and inspires, inbreathes into, the lower planes or states of matter, or rather of substance.
-Quoted from The Occult Glossary by G. de Purucker

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