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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pouring Thee into Me- 16th February 1995

CALLING throughout the ethers to our Beloved, reaching into the spaces, there right before you the Christ in majesty, in royal perpetude, is ever present to invocation. Be still. Be knowing that He is present. Be watchful. Be ready. 

One need not search the Memories to find Him, nor the picture books of vague or great fantasy. The Memories of this our sphere are young to His imprint, whereas and only within one’s own heart is His greatest mark to be accessed and made known, firstly. No further. No stretch to reach. No bended light or perforated image. No muddied thought. No twisted beam. No distorted form. No death to self. No death to Him.

The Passion, the Holy Passion, is complete when it is drawn out and, as though a gem, held up to the light to be shot with the backing flame to its color. We may bring out our stern passion for Christ and hold it before the inner sight, waiting for the illumination to come with Him.

There is a regular heartbeat which all the planet does resound. One can hear the hearts of every man, as He does. Every soul that drives their flesh and works the existence, resounds the ethers in beating, in accord with His Life so given. And He also radiates in measured rhythm the heart dialogue of an ever-pressing affirmation - for that is what this action is. It is the gesture to our existence, it propounds its way into the exaggeration of action and of being, as it reaffirms our meeting with the world. 

The heart draws our own self-souls down into a flesh that is made perfect with every breath and beat, and the soul circulates the courses and expires out, maturing in love only; all else withering early. All the while it makes for the continuances because it has the one great emphasis, over and over and over and over saying "into this World I come, into this World I come, into this World I come", without pause.

This heart is too, the vehicular vessel for His Being by which we are substantiated. You may hold in your meditation upon this, the further parallel: "Into this World He comes" - meaning, "into mine own Heart he has entrance and right and existence and definition and Being; only that I would know it."

The mantra, therefore, as visualized to be a constant within the very resounding pulse, is:
Into this World I be,
Into this World He in me.
Into this World I be,
Into this World He in me.

Think too that all actions forthwith shall be of His standard and glory. All commerce and kindness shall be issued out from this being (your own) in the stature of Being, now given to His majesty. Every word now offered is in His Holiness. Every motivation and hope, every plan laid down and acted upon, every thing so imparted shall be dignified, as He does dignify and quicken all purpose and being.

All worldly decrees amount to nothing in comparison to the cordial truth known by Him. There is no law, no determination given by else, which is relevant; and His Way is best known by the man who will find Him through Love.

Goodness is not complete without Love. Laws are given to be empty of meaning, if practiced and upheld without love. Purpose shall be dead before begun. Death itself becomes the solitary gateway through to oblivion and desolation, if Love does not accompany the passing soul. Love is mandatory.

And what, where, is this Love? Why does such sweet completeness become so misunderstood and often denied? How can a man retract from his issue at all? It is because Love is too mighty to contain, or to issue, in knowing, in exceeding, in intensity. That which we find or manifest in love to our brothers is parallel to Christ, and it is terrifyingly powerful - it will take much a getting used to, and strengthening, little by little, that we may withstand the great surges.

It is not that it is meant to be deleterious to a man or that God in some macabre aspect has maligned His great gift, but that we are frail creatures still in the making, and in His time we are not as capable as we are yet to be realized. Being so, we are cautioned not to be impatient in this or doubtful, but to truly know that even though it appears that the love in our life comes and goes, ebbs and flows, it is immeasurably there, and it of itself, even in the unknowing, will strengthen us that in the future we shall come to comprehend more and give more.

Its actions within us can force the intensities to extremity - our man [student] who is fevered is simply overwrought with the desire to love so perfectly and violently, and he wonders at the margins he perceives, and cannot really reconcile such powerful intensities. These things are not of the mind, for the mind explains them afterwards, when the passions have dropped and the man is so exhausted, that he has emptied all his efforts for that time - this is symptomatic to Christ and to the terms of Love. 

Be prepared to wait for the next heartbeat. Do not lay doubts in the in between. The succession of heartbeats is what determines the continuity, not the emptiness felt of the interim, which makes the space for the next.

Learning to love with significance is what all men must keep striving for, and although it does imply simplicity, it is not such a talent that any one of us can say we have fulfilled to perfection. Therefore there is no need to feel frustrated or inadequate. This is the whole sum of living, and were that we knew how to withstand the greatest Love, in the giving and receiving, then we should be right up there on the thrones, alongside the immortals who have attained and won just that.

Do not turn away from love. Not for 'reasons', not for impatience. It finds you. It retrieves you from self. It acknowledges you in this World. It infills you and qualifies you. It enables you to pass it on. And it returns…always.

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