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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fur & Feathers- 7th October 1991

DEEP in the tropical jungles north of the south, or perhaps south of the north, there were in ages past very inhospitable forests, which were so dense and unfriendly that even the blades of grass would cut like tiny scissor points, upright and thickly placed.

It was not a realm where men would enter into through choice. Seldom did a traveler venture towards the entangled forests, let alone step into that dark and stifled place. The insects would swarm in great proportions, not only by the hundreds of thousands, and hundreds of those; and had swelled quite larger and adopted unusual features, characteristics which were indigenous only to that region.

A man would feel most unwelcome there. The idealist who seeks the natural world intact and wildly abounding, would have known immediately that this particular region was not earmarked for the gentle encounters he had anticipated. 

Some might suggest that this was nature at her best, and yet there was something there which was bordering on sinister - perhaps it was the pure alarm, for there were many, many a poisonous reptile and aggressive beast, deadly plant and deadly insect; and such great heat, such humidity and no fresh water, save what dripped from plant to ground. Wretched to men, this tussle of wild outburst and brilliant foliage.

A continent away the air was sweet and chilly. The small faced flowers sat upon the rocky outcrops. The trees were positioned more sparsely - there was not the reckless, haphazard jangle of the jungle. The skies were bright and yet not intense, the colors pastel. Gentle sheep and humble cows would graze on soft downy pasture, the beetles were small, so too the birds; and the pioneers of that time, were content to roam and set up home and lodgings. Conditions were never considered perfect, but by comparison were far more comfortable.

If one were to speak with a man from the sheep district and glean from him and all that is him, something of his life, something of his response to life, they would find that his country had been kind to him, and he reflected back much of the gentle, hospitable region. Even though the winds at times were cruel and icy, they were not as the perilous stench which would turn monsoon. Even the snows brought crystalline beauty, the frosty particles glistened, as dewdrops snapped and trees enshrouded with sparkling mane. 

For the man who had lived life long upon the outskirts of the uninhabitable terrain, he who had lived the 'colorful' existence, every minute was survival and true tension was without and so within. One could not blame him if life was perceived as a threat; all life being continually threatening and unfriendly. For even sleep was perpetually restless, being interrupted by squawkings by insects, by reptile; with throat constricted and awesome battle, the days were tedious with protective repetition.

One often presumes that natives are content with their native homeland, and never questions for them, if they should wish for a more friendly climate, would that they knew of one existing. Who by choice would prefer the dangerous habitat? Who by choice migrates and seeks out permanent residence in such places? Especially with only a shanty hut or a house of matchsticks.

There is much to understand of men, and firstly we must look to where they have come from- that they have spent the better half of their life growing up in either such a jungle or gentle sheep district. It is so today that the backgrounds of many suffer exactly those contrasts with conditions of family, that which entails the 'home life', conditions of opportunity and reflex for survival.

If one has been granted a fortunate upbringing, a gentle and gracious, uninflicted childhood, it is difficult to realize the perspective of the adult who as a child was born and bred in a veritable jungle- the ones who are denied the comfort of safety, and the comforts of comfort. For there are children who feel intensely the extremes of the climates, whose shelter and coverings are poor, whose parents and their friends remonstrate much 'wildness' and much anger. 

Moment to moment their days are perilous and tension is within, as it is without. They become poised for attack. They only know the 'colorful' existence. They have not had time out for quiet reflection. Their days have been filled with self-protection. When asked would they choose this, if there was but a choice - who would migrate into an unhappy, unfriendly home, to be a child?

For there are children exposed to poisonous thoughts, whose sleep is ever restless, they have not even been given the imaginings for a better, love-infilled home. The prisons are full of them, who having grown, speak the jungle-speak, and still know no better. 

The anthropologists of social-work have an educated curiosity - but not having grown up amidst the harsh terrain, thankfully, cannot make good this fearful condition, cannot calm the fevers, cannot entertain the carnivore with pâté.

The moralists, who condemn and dismiss, presume wholeheartedly that their destiny was especial to them, without reason. They would if they could, torch the jungle. They are indignant at its presence.

When a man walks the world he takes with him much 'wildlife'. A child may well grow up amongst adults who are less human, having become more 'beast'. That child is so impressed and so impinged upon, that the corrupt and vile atmosphere of degenerate behavior terrifies and fills his sensibilities. One need only to imagine the battles and the arguments so witnessed and so imposed, brutality demeaning to the spirit, degrading to the diminishing will. That the adults live by lower instincts, sorrowfully intense, with the higher motivations quashed- hope uplifting, strangled. Violent tempers, violent lusts, violent gratifications; violent consuming with violent vomit - this sadly, is the moral environment many little children who, regardless of their parent's affection, are imposed upon, living this jungle existence.

With gambling we compromise our destiny with every bet so placed. We give more than we will ever get back, as we test the fates with a prod and a poke. Men who gamble are incensed by the tide of good fortune; the value from the winnings is second place, to the notion of general exuberance when they believe that things are 'going their way'.

Men of confidence do not need such affirmation of this, in this expression. Men of confidence, usually find success's encouragement through other means. However, the man who realizes few achievements personally will often forgo his opportunity for working towards them and seek out the same thrill with a horse or dice. He believes he has done something right just by picking a number! Even then, most often the number is decided with blindfold or random choosing! 

Gambling is a no win situation and the pastime of 'losers'. The passion which is attached to the success or failure of speculation, for speculation's sake, is charged with fierce activity unseen but detrimental to the gambler, and also those around him. For in creation we unleash unprofitable activity with wild, untamed fury. 

If a man partakes in any activity he imparts great vitality and life-fluids which are essential to his summation to carry through whatever task he aspires to. However, if the activity has no provision to accept such vitalities, the spent vitalities must necessarily be absorbed elsewhere. The activity of gambling, for example, is sole-orientated. It goes nowhere, there is no completion, no actual working upon, but much fervor, much deliberation, much intensity, much vitality, going into that all absorbing activity. All of the motions carried out by the man who is doing this and that, all the expressions after the fact are as complete waste. 

The urges, the exclamations, the highs and the lows, are unrelated to reality, unrelated to a striving, which may personally be fulfilled. They are to satisfy and feed and stimulate a passion. They invoke passion, but cannot direct the actual vitalities any place in particular. Upon resuming the cycle begins again. There is no advancement. There is no expansion. The man is overworked with no reward. There is no attainment. The will is not strengthened, but weakened thereby. The concerns, and the conscience, are negotiated. The consciousness is suppressed. There is no lesson, save for that of repentance, to be received.

So what of the vitality, which the man imparts? This vitality streams out, and feeds his personal, albeit invisible, wildlife. Some beasties with bellies full! 

The character and the nature of these creatures are most akin to the character and the nature of the man. They are his and his to tend, and will be satisfied only by that which he does not use for himself, but rather for gratification. The gratification he feels, is their gratification.

Imagine that you have a citrus tree before you in a tub. You go every day to water the tree, and take a jug with you to do so. If you water the tree, the fruit shall profit and you shall profit by the fruit of the tree. But you take the jug and you tip it outside of the tub, and the lemon tree goes without. And the weeds which grow around the base of the tub receive the water instead - and grow very well indeed.

So there is that which we may put our vitalities into, from which we may profit if directed well to good purpose. The vitalities must be received somewhere. If they are expended in pursuits which of themselves have no capacity to hold them, they shall be received elsewhere. 

We each have our own personal environment (some in meditation may come to hold pictures of this place and its inhabitants) which is watered, fed and tended, and characterized by us and our activity. It may be unseen, but is nonetheless present. 

It can be said that the children who come to the world with no such place yet so developed, are influenced greatly by the environments which are of their parent's or their guardian's making. They sense them all too well. It is not only the actual activities of those around them, but also the offspring and the nature of those activities around the persons and the household.

Pity the child of the jungle! For although the spirits of the beasts, the birds, the reptiles, the insects, and the plants of this world, are made dumb and without direct communication, they are within their respective realms, in unseen regions, most prolific.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Foreword- Forward!- 1991

AS THE serpent chases its tail, one can try to catch the elusive Sun to take in a global sequence of perpetual sunrise. Development has its rewards and when you are asked, "For what am I working towards?" you may take us on our word that you are working for the day when you may witness the perpetual sunrise in all its glory!

There are mysteries and there are Mysteries. Above all one should not get caught, feather and tarred, seeking the mystery because of the mysterious. Undoubtedly there is much excitement when standing at the frontier of certain knowledge. But true delight is gleaned from the discovery anew that reasserts the marvels of life which are known.

We learn according to our will and soul-knowledge. We re-exact the inner knowledge. We perfect our recall of those songs which were sung to us as we lay cradled in our Father's Arms, in His Heart, in His Breast, in His Thought, in His Example, in His Exaltation.

The 'hard slog' of daily existence does not have to be viewed as an unwelcome interlude. Each living moment is to be rejoiced, and through inner knowledge this will be so.

As one masters one's self, with keys to character development, keys to objectivity and a love of love, the pupil discovers then the true beginnings of Eternity and her talents. "The Path" to such wonderment and inner knowledge is necessarily the way to embark on this peregrination.

For all of those students who are with great anticipation who hold such vitality of eagerness and inquiry, these messages may help set the path before you. It is with blessing from your Elder Brothers who share your eagerness and know of your inner desires, that you, with an open heart (and forgiveness for the shortcomings of the typist so dictated to), shall for a time consider what is put before you.

We wish you well as you journey thus so,

In the Name of Christ,
And in the Name of our Father,
God Speed!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Three Wise Men- 6th October 1991

In geometry a straight line cannot represent an absolutely perfect figure, any more than two straight lines. Three straight lines, on the other hand, produce by their junction a triangle, or the first absolutely perfect figure. Therefore, it symbolized from the first and to this day the Eternal - the first perfection.
Ragon: Maœonerie Occult

The triad of perfect mind composed of:-

Observation of the Earth:

Argument of scientific surmise: argument and adaptations:

Propping against the third, the filter of ambiguous selection, namely -

Cosmic intent:

That the formula cannot interpret the higher substance which begat the formula originally, scientific interpretation is valid and pertinent, but rests against that which it must evaluate. And when single-minded, with purpose set for particular formulae, it must ignore the confounding factors of the complete interpretation, it must inquire not into absolutes but through particulars.

However, the corresponding angular stream, is quite absolute in nature. Whilst the components are somewhat definable, that are characteristic of themselves, and are essential rather than partial. They permeate order, or have withdrawn therefrom. They are the beings of the social order of the first angle, they are the colour in the spectrum, they are the virtues held within the constitution, they are the insights received through the vision. And it is at the apex, which confers that the two have met in unison, both with equal relation to the base from which they stream from.

The Heavenly triad :

With Cosmic base:

Two angular streams coming together at juxtaposed apex: one, being:

The pattern and order of Divinity: 

The other, the Divine Impulses: 

The equation made stems from the size of the base perspective - namely the length of said base is determinant in the meeting point of the two angular streams which begin at either end. Those two radiate out from each end - be it of Earth or of the Cosmos. And the two streams designate order, and impulse.

Little man and big man, the lower and upper triangles. The interconnection is the heaven/man contradiction, whereupon the higher stream meets the other in simultaneous attraction.

Cross paths create yet further triangular equations- they too, with split definitions. Now each to six, and therefore twelve, counterparts which make up the characteristic whole.

The inner space within the star, has now six bases, radiating outwards. One may colour the original sections of the first two triangles - in determining the new relationship of the new six - red and blue - with yellow base.

Reality, design, and impulse (spirit). Yellow: reality, red: design, impulse/spirit: blue. The converging points, being: orange, green, and plum, respectively.

Further the coloured lines, in keeping with their relative angles, and see now the three part grid. The super-frame has remained the same, in respect to notations of colour, whilst the star, at the outer periphery is also the same. But the inner frame fret-system has begun to be more detailed, and of course, more complex.

[ Note: Here should be a diagram of this. We don't have a computer generated one, so if if anyone could manufacture one we would be grateful. As you may have gather it is a Star of David with the lines continued out from the triangles. The colors of the lines and how they change when they meet is given above.- Ed]

Within the diagram there are two examples. Firstly, the materials which comprise the diagram are the reality, the lines of the diagram constitute the design, and now the colors which enhance, and give a certain meaning to the design, are the impulsed 'spirit' of the meaning.

Secondly, we have learnt of an original and perfect structure. We have examined it in its basic form. We pronounce and exaggerate the form, in compliance with its own indicated directives. We find that the form remains, and yet is now inwardly detailed, once expanded upon. This is basic to all of Creation, and the interpretation, the reproduction and inclination.

Symbols stream out from themselves, and are not 'merely' symbols, but rather essential keys to manifestation. This particular symbol denotes also, as said before, the way in which the impulses, in corresponding manner, in relation to a base of reality, interweave with the basic formula - formula which pertains to all symbols, all design.

One must bear this in mind, when viewing other such keys to Creation geometrically - for they of themselves will not be example of the spirit or of reality, but pertain only to formula - even if it is the: formula of reality, or formula of impulse, or of spirit.

We have learnt today of keys. We have learnt of original design, and its magnified reproduction. We have begun to think in relatively complex directions. And we are reminded of the essential three components, whether visible, explained or enhanced.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fearing the Unknown- 4th October 1991

TO be death-defying does not necessarily mean that you take outrageous risks and risk your life - it could mean rather, that throughout life you defy the fear of death.

There is always anxiety about change, particularly those changes that lead into unknown regions; and understandably much disagreement upon speculations, and sadness upon loss.The pictures range from the whimsical to the sublime, from the nonsensical and ridiculous to damnation - and all in all there can be nothing less than confusion when one merely enters the subject which has locked doors.

Whilst we know of the power of regeneration with regards to living forms and their component cells, one may ask if in fact, such abilities may also be transferred in ways that pertain to our own higher substances. Even when the answer is 'most surely', it is small comfort to those who have little 'proof' of this being correct, sound and true to the life of the spirit.

Also in this, one may wonder as to personal identity and be fearful and guarded that that which we have acquired, nay shafted onto our higher self, may be cast away and dissipated, proving of no use or remnant, and rendering our persona incomplete. 

So we are uncomfortable at the prospect of passing at the moment of death, when all that we have come to recognize shall be removed from view and we no longer make an impact on the life we have come to know. There is sadness at the thought of non-participation and all of us do humbly come to such release, with sadness in parting. Yet in time the burdens of the world press in, and if a man has outlived his middle years he begins to know of the separation which takes place, as the sensory images become shadowy and the handshake grip less firm. There is an attraction drawing him away from the world, and the world itself loses the magnetism which once attracted him so. It may be that there is a transitional period between the two worlds, a pre-death condition in this the 'twilight years'.

Regardless of the passage, and to some extent the preparation for death, it can be said that great courage is of necessity, courage which assures us that come the time all will be well. We know of course that it is eventual - whenever, whatever, the outcome is ordained and explicit. To come to recognition of this in a way which denies the fear of such passing is wholesome to the individual, as reminder of the limitations we have in our term of a lifetime. As a reminder it serves well, that we may begin to view our life moment to moment with precious savor, rather than disregard this time, in belief that it shall remain forever the same.

Although there is nothing new being said here, it is important to ponder, for there shall always be 'unknown' destinies ahead of us, death itself being but one of the first. There are locked doors everywhere. There are doors concealed from us, in this our life. We are curious about one, but ignorant of so many, which can in fact become less of a mystery were that we truly endeavored to explore.

Of course opinion can be, 'I don't want to know', as in the case of death all mysteries may become unspeakable. This condition of soul is something else again. It really does not pertain to the reality of a situation, of expected findings or disappointments, it relates moreover to 'not wanting to know'. It is important that we should root out the dilemma of the one who emphatically maintains this, time and time again, when met with the unknown. It is important because such an attitude is almost self-fulfilling. It is self-denial and most difficult, for there can be many a rude awakening. For as a traveller who sets about to see the sights upon the agenda, and not upon the landscape, he may miss out on much beauty, and much which makes the journey worthy. However, the dips and the curves that are not mapped out, will still be made apparent and catch the unwary. Even dips and curves can of themselves be quite negotiable when visible, but prove hazardous to the blind man who may not adjust and calculate accordingly.

And so, in the first instance, we must accept that there is much we do not presently understand - the after-death condition being just one of the mysteries that will one day be encountered. Secondly, we must hold the attitude which says, 'I seek to understand, I am ready for the unknown, so that when it comes upon me, I shall be ready to learn - make it known to me'. That the mysteries become a challenge, and with vigor and refreshment we approach change and all that is indefinable to us, with confidence again.

Many of us view our little children, who in innocence are eager to make discoveries and eager to tread the unexplored path. We impress upon them our concerns in the world and necessarily watch over them for the main part; fearful for them in the ways we have found to be dangerous and harmful. Of course, as an adult we have limitations also and learn that we cannot do entirely as we please- we cannot run willy-nilly headfirst into danger waving a flag of discovery. Apprehension may well be warranted and informed concern a necessary approach; and adulthood, our maturity, is a strict keeper who accordingly dictates the alarms of limitations.

Once we have reached the sober point of knowing best how to watch out for ourselves, we can also compensate such necessity with an overview as to the nature of all of that which is still widely unknown by us. We dearly wish for a 'fix-it man' who may instantly fix the immediate problems. We have no fix-it man and therefore there will be times where we may feel quite helpless, and that no remedy or advice is available to us.

Perhaps in the short-term we shall not be satisfied and will have to look to the longer term, that we might find answers to adjustments and keys to the past. And so, there will be dark, unknown periods. It is in these times that we need the outlook which defies our fears and trusts in the unknowable becoming known.

If our attitude is always that we can keep destiny apart from us simply by ignoring her, then we are mistaken. If we are to glean any knowledge from her, then we must learn to accept her and begin to see and interpret her, as she presents herself. If we close our eyes to her as from the start, we shall be evermore frightened and startled at first greeting.

We must never act against our conscience, for this is a personal violation of oneself, as well as of others. We must heed concern in all seriousness, when called for. As past experience decides, we learn to discern accordingly.

However, when one approaches the realms of that which is utterly unknown by us, at that moment one need not fear, especially if the fear is unwarranted. We carry a great burden of this 'fear of the unknown' within us. It inhibits much of our thought. It makes for much nervousness. That we cannot accept something which is beyond our personal control, and we have lost unto this fear that stable feeling of surety. But it is not because the world and its aspects, the Cosmos and its aspects, are so much larger than ourselves, that makes us fearful, it is rather the fear itself. For conditions in life are kindly to the soul and are not destructive.

There are episodes of grief and pain, which are in respect to the soul only endured for brief periods. A single lifetime is alike to a change in the wind and its course, and is measured quite differently to our immediate perceptions. We know inwardly that we are supported and nurtured in this our Cosmic home, and that conditions do change, but we endure and endure happily. The connection therefore is to be made from us, in our daily perceptions, to us in our highermost aspects. This connection cannot be effected if we are fearful and completely hesitant to make such connections.

We hiccup, we jolt, we jerk, we run the other way - all of these reactions and more, are an overreaction if we are truly facing the unknown. For the unknown, being unknown, cannot tell us of dangers if it is the unknown. We might as well believe there to be as much happiness and wonder, as dangers concealed. If there are dangers, there is little which will help us until we know what they are - and we shall not come to know what they are unless our eyes are open to them. Fear does not help in either extreme.

As to death, it can be said that the expression on the face of the departed usually will speak to us of the moments prior to passing. It is not only that the muscles are relaxed so, it is the expression of serenity, the expression of one who has faced the unknown and found old friends. For there is nothing which is unconnected from the rest, all roads adjoin, no one road jumps apart from another - and although not clearly visible, death is only around the next bend!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

At the Summit of Worldly Passion- 22nd September 1991

THE changes occurring in the world today do but represent a small skerrick of that which moves the breath within them invisibly, and is but a whisper of what is to come.

As a man may swing in and out from passions and also endure those quiet periods in which changes may effect, one finds that the apex of his experience is at the height of the passion; and this also applies to episodic fluctuations upon the globe in like manner.

For us all, in this and the next century [this], we have come to such an apex, such an expression which is accelerated with swift magnitude. Concurrently also, the aspects within the outer starry system have set forth conditions that too incur many a great change. People may be reached in a way not hitherto possible. There shall be understandings, there shall be remonstrations which are unique to this time. Much which will define and determine the new order of the next two or more thousand centuries, shall be marked out in this our experience which is before us.

For many the pace is fast and furious. The heartbeats of men will quicken, their breath will shorten. To some the peaceful Globe appears to be spinning much faster; whilst to others the changing times present with every day a new perspective rushing in. 

It is not only within the imagination that these marked changes occur, but also in reality the conditions of the past are drawing together and seeking expression of fruition. That which was labored for in the physical world one and two thousand years before, does return now to be answered and transmuted through this our present.

That which we do is greatly magnified today. Were one to reach out to a man with wisdom and heart-touched teaching a century ago he may or may not have responded well. However today, not only will that one man return your gaze and your smile, but also one hundred others shall be touched by this small gesture. For the time is perfect for men to begin to reconcile that which was hitherto vague and unknown to their conscious physical existence. The ethers are more responsive, men's thoughts are more plastic than ever. Materialism has reached a certain height and has begun to turn a corner.

Although there are many grand options as yet unclaimed, and furthermore there are acts of conscience yet to be answered, the possibilities are there in the extreme and the developments are sure to arise. The pioneers who have been before and labored for this period, worked hard and are not to be denied. Some are in existence physically, some look on from spheres higher, all will be gratified. 

This is not to say that humanity's heartaches and sorrow has come to an end. It is to say that we are facing an epoch in which conditions are exalted and magnified, for better or for worse.

It is fortunate for those who are wakeful and may remain so. It is important that they try to help their brothers reach considerations which are primarily important to spiritual considerations. This is not a lifetime to be squandered or lost, but rather experienced as completely and exactly. 

We cannot make sweeping predictions on actual occurrences, although we may work and hope for certain tides of change to free up those bondages which have hitherto been laid man upon man. But with certainty we can offer something of the nature of the times and reiterate the importance of that which we all do and are a part of.

Some of the older races upon the Globe may well resist such changes foretold. This is understandable and sadly for them the greatest of changes will be effected precisely in those very regions. This will occur in physical upheaval – perhaps sadly, disastrously so. For the Earth does push and pull and does strain at the outer periphery, and where it does not meet with the required flex it shall fall asunder and be torn at that part which has no compromise. 

The global tendency is of great renewal - alike to the shedding of the skin of the snake. For the new world must meet at the summit of the old, and one shall depart whilst the other moves forward. Because of this our work is crucial in assisting men to realize more fully what becomes of them in the times ahead, and also that they are all the more responsive, receptive to the words of truth. For a time they shall even be affected within their very substance of racial-blood identity, whereby they shall be easily removed from those overwhelming ties and characteristics so inherited. From this there shall come a worldly sympathy and greater expression of brotherly affection, because of this very 'loosening' which has already begun. This is not to suggest that they shall turn their backs on the race that is theirs, or disinherit their families. But rather they may throw off those blood characteristics which distinguished them in great degree, and make new the finer bodies, whilst at the same time perceive all men in like manner. Even the Negro may be born once again with eyes of blue.

If there is to be one region which appears quite effortlessly to spring into change, it is the kingdom of the plant world. Here men might find great comforts, medicinal and otherwise, in coming to cope with these fast and furious times ahead. It is said that new species sprang up at the time of our Lord's visitation, and once again we shall see this in small faced flower or tangled bush, varieties which have not been before. With them come attributes of that which is much needed upon the Earth. They accommodate the impulses which are now drawn and brought unto us. Beware however, of those species which are known to be of poisonous variety, for they will become in strength tenfold; as some men may also.

In gold there shall be found yet another new quality; and also a metal which is an offspring from gold, alike to it and valued especially. Plagues which did strike the old world will resume fury and alike to the dreaded dragons which taunted and corrupted whole villages at a time, shall again seethe with larger, more hideous attacks. For sickness will too be exacerbated. But of all that is good for men and wondrous to be known and held, will be made all the more apparent.

When great spiritual beings enter down into the realms of earthly existence there is something of a tremendous impact made known by them doing so - unintentional perhaps, but real in consequence. Christ's presence made known upon the Earth does make for a veritable whirlwind of activity; even though the grass may not flatten beneath His Feet, the ground beneath does quake and shake, the feeble tremble and the goodly are glad. Long has been the grandest of expectations, and now at our highest moment of passion, He returns with great impressions made.

The travelling minstrel goes about the world,
Singing songs for his keep, and songs for his love,
And inspires both with enchanting resonance.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Subtle & Awesome Beauty- 2nd October 1991

The sky is deep, the water blue,
Around the Sun a golden hue,
Upon a laugh, I shall arise,
To kiss the cheek,
Wipe dry the solemn eye,
I live for life, life lives for me,
I plunge the depths, I skim the sea,
Thy beauty smiles, I live for Thee,
I am a child of vast mystery.

ONE can never come to appreciate beauty in all of its forms, enough. Beauty is undeniably present within the ugliest to the most magnificent manifestation, and is never spoilt by our lack of consideration. It is easy to understand how so many have revered beauty first and foremost, giving over to a life of celebration and enlightenment which seeks to reveal the captured spirit, which in pure form is Creation.

There have been dark periods whereby men were almost unaware of the profound beauty of the world and of the heavens. Conditions were such that the soul-perception was persuaded by just about everything else but our indefinable beauty. It was as though she had vacated the Earth for a period, had been swept off into hiding and required the longing desire of Men before she could make her splendid return; for there are many considerations other than Beauty. It is a strange concept that of all that may be overlooked, Beauty herself may be the one. But there is much that can come before a man and his love, which does blind and bind him to false enchantment with hollow exploit.

There is much that is untoward, for that matter quite irksome, when one comes to soul-instructions set out by men which are bereft of beauty. For whatever reason, there are those who would deny her graceful presence and touch of her hand, and prefer to concentrate all inquiry upon extractions of philosophy or mental chit-chat, and take the child from its mother, so to speak.

For those who suffer a dull and glib existence beauty is so needed, in surroundings and in appreciation. She is self-explanatory. She is not related in any way to subjective desires or compromises, but rather to be known in that which lies outside from ourselves. She does not entertain, she is neither frivolous nor subdued, but in stately innocence, to be regarded, respected and paid with gratefulness, for she holds the mirror in which one may view the Face of God.

Beauty unlike fashion, cannot be cleverly contrived or incited. Although she is far from shy, she may not be brought forth and made known to us because we wish to replicate her in any way. However, when one meets with her and comes then to find her at every meeting, the heart is glad and fulfilled and the purpose of much existence becomes apparent also.

There are many demons which frighten a man from his manhood. He appears to be unreachable, he appears to be 'out of touch' with the spiritual realities. For these men in particular, it is important that the answer corresponding to their fearful malady of incongruous banality is made with impression that speaks once again to their inspirative self. There are answers around us for all forms of complaint. 

The greatest interference which one finds, is when men are satisfied for second best and become content with such. In the case of beauty, men often regard many a mistaken value and draw their appreciation (which is limited) therefrom, without the eyes to see the true reality from the attractive, but unattractive form. Shallow perceptions invariably lead to further shallow interpretations. The heart comes to know of the treasures of Creation as being of themselves truly valuable; whereas those who discern not by the heart, but by some measure of personal preference, only perceive value as value enhanced and not intrinsically in place regardless of appreciation.

Some are not interested in the sky if they cannot attach money to it. Some are not interested in the spirit of anything if they feel that they cannot personally claim ownership over it. And that which they do value, being most valueless, gives nothing in return. They may labor lifelong for the valued valueless mock-treasures: the tinsel of self-gratification and the glitter of personal accomplishment. In all of this unrewarding effort they have little remaining at the end of the term.

It is a question of ego-identity. In truth one's ego-identity may only become infilled by exterior relationships fulfilled. However, the man who is self-enclosed and self-ego orientated and will not submit to the larger world, denies that which it may offer him and goes without. We are fearful that we shall lose identity when met by great beauty. We are fearful that we become as a luckless shadow in her presence. But this is not her nature. For as with all of the goodly graces endowed with the spirit of heaven, she imparts much of herself unsparingly, always. 

Vanity is a shrewd and awkward bitch. She is vile and would have no other in her place. But her rightful place is not within the heart of man, and never can be. But deceptively she may work her way to the outer chambers and stand before beauty in the way of the soul.

If we are to awaken to the true realities of both the spirit and Creation, we must necessarily begin to step out from our own ego-identity and give space over to those graces which offer themselves. It is good for a man. One can see at the moment of certain inspirations, much wonderful activity, much swelling of ethereal impulse lit with colorful and radiant hue. If one might perceive this enhancement of a soul so inspired, they would come to understand that the vague and mistaken dull values give over no such life as beauty can. A good quiet rapture may charge the ether delightfully, whilst titillation or exaggerated wallowing emits and receives only murk and mud.

You will know this to be true in your experience. It does not take a special eye to see this that you know to be absolute reality. A child may show you in his exterial delights, if you have forgotten the great and simple pleasures and the love of beauty.

It is within all of Creation and her peoples that such beauty is to be found. There is no aspect save for that of vanity's denial itself, that is without beauty. And we in awesome contrast shall find it everywhere; and as we do it shall mirror back, that we become too as beautiful.


Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault. Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only Beauty. 
-Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Inclines & Outlines- 1st October 1991

IMAGINE that you are perched upon a rock table which sits upon a mountain of glass - so smooth the surface, so slippery the decline! You have no way of knowing just how you may make the descent in safety. There is nothing to grasp onto, no hollow for the foot to grip; just one large angular surface, with you at the top looking down and wondering.

This is not as unusual as one might think. We all have our moments when we sit a'crest of a problem without any notion of a safe way of departure. It is a little like the insurmountable problem, however in this instance one has made their way to the top and the actual descent is of paramount importance. One feels quite trapped and fixed; and until the problem has been overcome one cannot go any further.

Of course in actuality one does not sit upon a mountain of glass, or for that matter even a hillock. More than likely we gaze as from an inner perspective, where the glass does but magnify and exaggerate such problems made apparent. We are somewhat enclosed by the transparent stone made of that our own making. We feel that we may look out into the world but never touch it. We cannot even become close. It is as if our perspective encloses us: we are within that mountain.

Picture again that mountain of glass, upon which rests the highermost aspects who have no means of descent, but at which spot the panorama is greatest, sitting atop of that which is the worldly perspective. Now you find that your conscious self is so caught deep within the immovable glass. The soul has the greatest mobility and greatest overview in aspect, but not the means to leave the summit, whilst the lower consciousness has but a limited baseline view, and although 'on the ground' has not the means to depart that which encloses it.

The question was asked: “If I have a higher self, why do I not use it, and why can I not acknowledge it; it being me.”

It is true to say that usually folk feel that there are almost two differing identities when considering the soul of a man and the active consciousness of a man. The question for the main part being: "Why am I actively conscious within my lower aspects and not aware of my higher?" Generally speaking it is not difficult for one to grasp the notion that there is something of a contrast to begin with.

Firstly, one can never equate physical function with soul-consciousness. As a man ages, in time his faculties will be somewhat less than that which he was initially endowed with, concerns function, in his youth. And yet he is the same individual, or rather a seasoned and enhanced individual who has much experience behind him.

One can query as to the value of the man who has not the physical ability which he once enjoyed. But aside from the assumption that this is relevant to the evolution of his overall awareness, one might suggest that during the course of his life there were many points in which he was at his best, or respectively lowest, function. He may in his youth have been an astute tap-dancer, and now disabled by arthritis has no longer such capability. Earlier on than that, as a small child he had much energy and flex but not the coordination or knowhow to enable him to dance. Now in later years he is without the necessary agility, but however does drive the ankles and the foot with more concentrated effort of will to motivate the physical action of merely walking in a far greater way than he did during his formative or middle years. Remarkably, abilities do translate into other abilities whether appreciated or not. There is much that we acquire by way of abilities and disciplines which are not consciously appreciated.

Similarly so, that which we do express and experience within the term of a life is both distilled and translated into much higher, refined aspects. The process of assimilation does not only pertain to the workings of one's digestive tract. When one examines the foodstuffs consumed within a lifetime one has difficulty finding exactly what substance, what essences were derived to help perpetuate our physical function. Largely it is entirely a mystery. One knows that the vitalities and characteristics vary greatly depending on the nature and origin of those foodstuffs, and also the way in which they are taken.

Now in respect to the extractions which are nourishing and sustaining to the soul in assistance to experiences respective to the higher self, one might also query the 'foodstuffs' which are so ingested thereby within a single lifetime of worldly activity.

Our physical constitution is no less real just because we partake in its processes and are affected accordingly for a time. Equally so our consciousness which functions daily is no less real because of its dependence on those functions. However, it may also be said that divorce from either has a great and obvious effect. Also a man may well have his consciousness dictated by the stomach or other parts of the metabolism; or conversely hold rule over physical activity by stern and balanced consciousness.

If one feels the need to have an examination of their soul firsthand and does not feel qualified to specifically say as to whether or not a higher counterpart is truly existent, then here is the personal experiment:- take two teaspoons of sugar and two of salt and then add to a glass of soda. Now if you cannot bring yourself to drink this (and we are not suggesting that you try to) ask yourself why- the answer of course being too much salt. If one were to suggest a whole cup of sugar with a pinch of salt, in soda, would that be any more the desirable? Too much sugar. Our true alarm is the prospect of illness were that one to consume the concoction all at once.

Now take one cup of sugar and one cup of salt and place them on a bench to draw from when required, not to be consumed all together in a matter of minutes but rather to be sought after and spent as you will over the course of how many months it takes to use them completely. As one does this one may perceive the higher self in relation to our daily concerns.

Our perceptions day to day are fractional and relative mostly to the immediate moment. From this we arrived at the immediate assumption and conjecture that the salt and the sugar were to be consumed all at once, that we were suggesting that those two extremes put before you required immediate consumption. This is the lower consciousness doing what it does best: living in the moment and answering to the moment respective to the time it is in.

However one of the higher aspects of man can accommodate a much further view. Furthermore you can recall what you have set aside for future use and go to the cups of salt and sugar when you require them. Without this higher aspect you should not be able to do so.

I hear you ask, "Well so what if I can save a cup of sugar and a cup of salt and consume them both in time! Am I to believe that because of this I have a soul?" To this we answer "Yes".

One must learn to differentiate function from consciousness. The man who claims that he is conscious in daily living and therefore asks why it is not so in respect to his higher self, is rarely as conscious in daily living as he would presume to be. Men rarely have either in great measure. We must be content to start somewhere in perfecting this consciousness wherever it be located.

Our memory is not our consciousness, even though in memory we may consciously experience recall. Our habitual concepts and activities are not consciousness and little effort is required to be so motivated or stimulated through habit. Our antipathies and sympathies are not consciousness but rather habitual reflexes until adjusted consciously. Our thinking processes need not call for consciousness even though the consciousness may enliven the thinking. How often does one withdraw the consciousness to those higher regions and thus goes about the world only half-interred!

The problem with the notion of super-consciousness is that men expect it to be the same as the lower mind in function only greater. Therefore they cannot reconcile the two, but do live in the higher aspects daily. One may not translate to the other. That which is absorbed and impressed from the higher aspects may not necessarily be interpreted by the lower mind, but the one man circulates all of his aspects at times concurrently, and is aware of this in the commensurate regions of activity. One's physical constitution may not be aware of the mental intent but is permeated and affected by it. And the man is still a man regardless, with all parts sympathetically attuned.

The brain would suggest that the soul offers super-brain power. This is because this is what the brain knows best and would hope for. But this is an area which may or may not be developed in its own home, and does not mean to say that the soul should instantaneously reveal enhancement of its functions. From this one can see much confusion in differentiation as to what we expect from a consciousness alight within the higher mind. The wisdom is there, the soul experience is there and frequented often. The translation is missing and in time the lower aspects will develop, and translation of such will become more and more apparent.

So if the lower aspects ever suggest that the higher do no exist, purely on the basis that they do not acknowledge them, one may question this, the only conclusion they can make possible. The point being that one must continually make attempt to make link between all aspects which make up the constitution of man, rather than disassociation. Our focus, our desires and our dependencies will all play a part in our ability to do just this.

When we review our daily activities we begin to unravel that which we are so enmeshed in. We can call down our consciousness when required and must 'lift' all other activity up to meet with it. The lofty aspects need descend, but must be called and assisted to do so.

If a man is engaged in habitual work or habitual play, the consciousness is for the main part unabsorbed by such activity. It is communing on higher levels watching from above. Some crave work for this reason. Effort, discipline and duty are all wonderful 'muscle builders' for the strength of will and for the strength of character. But that does not necessarily work for the linking of an active consciousness.

However, one must not try to force the situation either. One must clearly decide the goal and try to be as informed as possible. Firstly to ask if the pressure cooker action of an expanding consciousness is in any way desirable, or rather are we to be content with a slow and gradual development according to our attributes and talents, which are to the soul most nourishing.

We fly in and out of the various conscious conditions from moment to moment. It is only our translation and interpretation of such which needs attunement. This is what we work for, this evolvement of awareness. For discernment and true learning is most difficult without the awareness of our complete condition. And through each day's trial and joy we work amongst a starry frame which radiates those qualities which we should best prefer incorporated. Incorporated in the incorporeal! The salt draws much and the sugar combusts and we with starry motivation circulate the all encompassing expanse of consciousness.

The condition of the 'glass mountain' is one which pertains to our worldly perspectives today. As was before it shall one day dissolve, but for now it does support as form, as conductor, the cosmic emanations which were we as naked to them we should become as one without individuality. We are firstly to receive and interpret, transfuse and incorporate in order that we might stand without our glasshouse protection. And certainly not cast stones!

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