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Monday, May 15, 2017

Artificial Intelligence- 14th May 2017

My question is concerning AI - Artificial Intelligence: is it possible for computers or robots to become self aware, self conscious, and make their own decisions and become self determined?

Many operating systems appear to demonstrate personality, having been given algorithms that are programmed with such a bias and characterization - and from this it could be easy to conceive that by some extraordinary leap, their intelligence could spark into individuality. . .

At present, the basic programming of any system runs according to the angelic principle of service and sameness: and in concordance with same and similar programs/supports and operating platforms. There is provision for owner operators to control their computers and personally tailor the programs, yet at the same time these systems work because they are in harmony with others, and not because they separate out in form or function in any way from the rest.

And so, computer systems by their nature, are conformists.

As intricate and complex as they may become, they will still operate within preset boundaries of rationale programming - requiring consensus with like platforms.

Fundamentally a materialist does not hold ideas as to the origin of consciousness, or the forming of individuality.

A materialist is limited in their view on this subject, and from this non-perspective an idea could be entertained that consciousness would just evolve or develop, as if by magic.

They really do not have an explanation for the imagination or individuality in relation to humankind, but rather than it is, computer-like in cognizance and either random or pre-programmed, in its choosing.

The materialist does not recognize the aeons of prior experience that the individual soul has gathered and grown with, along side its instinctual collecting along the way. And, more than this, far more than this wonderful learning, is the Godliness within the human nature, that 'spark' of divine intelligence and construct - that godly nucleus to which all else is fixed upon.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Cherry Picking- 30th April 2017

The gift of Heaven is one of true abundance: a limitless fortune that is neither owned nor sold.

Fresh forces of promulgation, of sustaination, and, of the continuum-momentum, are without tire, without fatigue, without stop.

The meaning of the name of Heaven is: replenishment. It is the ever-flowing fountain; and, paradoxically, through death one will find, that it is the very home of everlasting youth.

For nothing dwindles or dies in the spiritual realms. The depleted are fulfilled, and the shapeless become regenerated. Thoughts and hopes are the sprites of a cosmic dance that joyously twirl those starry lit fields in the ever morn.

Yes! everyone is Irish in Heaven! (a joke)

Revelation, not intoxication, enlights the mind with cheer and wonder.

And, everyone has their place.

One does not wander homeless as a constant refugee from materiality ... no, every single monadic soul has a home of their own that they can return to with visitors, companions and cherished animal friends. Life is more tangible than the physical world, because it is permeated with meaning and its very substance is durable.

From Heaven's perspective our descent into mortal life is death itself, rather than a becoming. At the very least it is as a tedious dream, at times with night terrors and at others, with perplexity ... a forgetfulness of one's root being, and immortality.

It is little wonder that the mortal consciousness is considered to be less than perfect, and only dimly aware; when, with the walk into Heaven one is fully sensing and knowing so much more. The forgetfulness of this world is its greatest peril. And the embrace of all that is Heaven is our ultimate life.

Passing back into the realm is as before - only with each venture had, there are treasures in hand, to be kept for ever more.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Recreated by the Power of Love- 11th April 2017

ONE great mystery of life is of the interconnection of all things: and this is primarily because of our beloved Christ and His connections within this World.

An example of this divine intersecting is when signs are looked for, and given, from the spiritual worlds into this one, translating messages and meanings for those to whom they are imparted.

Oftentimes there are seemingly nonsensical messages and connections that only purport to those who understand their particular meanings.

Of course the general explanation would be that it is nothing but nonsense, and that if one were to look for meaning in anything they can find it. This can be true. However and most interestingly, contrarily, the opposite is also true - insofar as everything has meaning and connection, absolutely everything.

Christ enabled Man to write a script that was his, and to have the ability to change the life around him where there becomes their meaning.

A sense of importance equals a sense of spiritual significance, whereby the invisible value of that which we seek to know is divined.

As beings of Christ we have and hold a creative force within us that is evoked through the power of Love.

Loving this world and engaging in projects and spheres pertaining to the great and the good and the furtherance thereof, qualifies and activates this power within.
It is that exact same power experienced in deep prayer, when one feels the summoning of the absolute into the heart, bringing the supplication of a new life into that which formally was deplete.
It is the same power that is experienced on the mountaintop when one tries to touch the sky with their imagination and broadcast their view over the expanse beneath to travel with thought through to the treks below.
It is the same power when one searches for an answer, and finds it in a remarkable place, although unknown before, and with such exact revelation the spirit is awakened once more.

The notions of 'haphazard' and the ideas of 'meaningless' are in themselves indescribable to the spiritual worlds.

The paradox is of course is that Man himself is the wilder element from which this unpredictability presides. It is through the creative power that the certain becomes the uncertain, that to the unknowing could appear haphazard or meaningless.

Love is love - and it is literally beyond compare.

What is meant by this is that the quality and substance of love itself is equal, and cannot pay weight or be measured from one to another with difference.

It is because of this fact that the spiritual worlds themselves take every man and his meaning, and his love, with serious gravity equally.

Because of this creative license there is no qualification needed or required as to what it is that the individual looks to.

This world is reimbursed and recreated continually through this power of love alone - it is the spiritual anima which invigorates and gives substance to the realities yet to come.

Only that which can die falls away and turns to dust.
There are plains and deserts in the Heavens to which this dust is blown into.

That which is perishable is of no value to the soul. The transitory always gives way to the permanent.
The spirit, our spirits, are strong and immutable. Our beings are permanent, they are fixed within the pristine eye of the Holy. Our place was, is and will ever be, eternal.

And everything we find the meaning of does remain - for this is our sanction, the gift given to Humanity, to be able to choose and make noble - yea immortal - that which we endearingly love.

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