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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Xenoglossy- 19th September 1992

Question: I am in contact with a man who claims he receives on a regular basis, a form of writing called Xenoglossy, which he is unable to translate. Could you please comment on this?
- Steve G.

SPIRIT dyslexia from the 'back-to-front' land of the astral planes is not unusual. A man or woman might feel totally impelled or urged to translate what amounts to jumble, because of the needs and desires of that spirit frantic for communication. For the main part, if one were to decipher the text it should in all probability be extremely disappointing - mundane and mediocre accounts of day to day ordeals; and with limited impressions, limited wisdom, limited observance of true Nature, Cosmos and family.

That they are urging quite closely the hand of the receiver implies that they are very close to this world indeed. If it is not an entity pressing in, having newly deceased, there is a possibility that such information can stream from another soul who is quite alive: 'incarnate' and interpreted thus. For there are many individuals who are trapped within an uncomplying body who seek communication most naturally, and make psychic intimations within the ethers. Therefore a consciously active person suffering spasticity or paralysis, one who cannot form words to speak, may in fact impart messages to whoever might receive them. This has also been known to happen - although less often - with coma patients in a similar way. 

The ironic pathos of this situation accounted for - as in xenoglossy - is that the coherence of such expression is little better than that from the living individual who has desired above all to make communication. For usually the problems associated affect much more than the physical incapacity, but also for that time the summoning of coherent expression with the subtle bodies. 

One can measure the level of affectation by the activity pronounced within their dreams, vis-a-vis whether or not the individual carries out certain tasks perfunctorily whilst in certain levels of dream. The individual who dwells in chaos will slumber heavily, as the soul withdraws to those spheres above the usual lower fields of interpretation - recognizing the higher only.

Quite often one will find that the scribe who is moved to relate such 'nonsense' (not meaning to be unkind) has a compassionate empathy or rapport with the communicator. If this is not the case it might well turn out to be a number of 'non-empathetic' beings or shells. However, if there is a human warmth and vitality about the person, one might gauge the very real possibility of a living invalid acquaintance as described. Their powers of telepathy may even be enhanced by their immobility, coupled with the creative forces which issue from a man in any way, shape or form. 

The question is therefore, of the advisability of continuing such relay, and the health and wellbeing of the scribe so concerned. Perhaps it is not so much the telepathic act or even the psychic performance which of itself presents problems, but rather that one develops a lowered threshold, putting up with and opening up to the receiving of total nonsense. This is moreover perilous, because if one is in the habit of entertaining madness - truly defined - then it shall become more difficult as time passes to regulate precisely what is received. Because discernment is being consciously hushed, logic is suppressed, self-discipline is discouraged and self is 'pushed out' to allow another entity to prevail.
Whilst on the subject, an invalid has no right to go seeking another body to dominate, purely because his own is dysfunctional. His domain is his domain and it is dangerous to encourage the individual into behavior which after death is but a form of possession etc.. So one must distinguish between communication and dominating presence. Whether or not the soul is to be held fully accountable is another matter, but one can say that unfortunately there can be influences which stream out from those original conditions having 'gone wrong', with like consequences ever after. What is 'natural' to something 'unnatural' to begin with, may be devastating for those true to original form.

Communication on a soul-level is preferred. Sadly too, this scenario may be complicated by yet a third party who may influence the invalid and 'semi-incarnate' within what faculties may be persuaded, and thus set upon linkages with correspondence. However all of this is very much the exception to the rule and only made mention of because of the concerns with such mystical language which is unintelligible. 

For those who are impelled by such relationships, one might suggest that they pray on behalf of the soul who has impinged with their presence. The prayers are not lifeless but useful, and if well placed may offer much to the soul, for which the soul itself seeks but cannot ask for itself. The fact that there is such a relationship shall mean that the one who overshadows will receive great influence from the loving prayers and directions of he/she whom they have linked with.

Here also is but another good reason for reading psalms, meditations and essays with spiritual morality (especially read aloud), that those souls, who for whatever reason are drawn to you, shall benefit from directed, guided knowledge and inspiration with profound effect. This is the tonic they seek.

It may be that some entities come to instruct, and if worthier material be offered by them, the interchange can be most beneficial. Each individual must decide this for themselves: what exactly they are content with. For quite obviously there are many grades of information and enlightenment, each with certain emphasis; and much energy given to complete time-wasters in the true sense.

Modern man does seem to have a preoccupation of wasting time well, until he pleas for more - although this is not meant to be as cynical as it may sound. However, one must question what exactly the attraction to madness is, be it xenoglossy, cocaine or 'trivial pursuits'. Some would suggest that men seek to hide themselves from themselves and that the world is but painful, so painful that delusion and delirium is sought after. That even extreme beauty can be painful and we are fragile to the truth. Whether or not this is utterly the case, is a question of philosophy. In other words, there are many points of view, each with equal importance.

However, for the purpose of divining the causes of wanton madness, one maybe best assisted in establishing yet another point of view, one which maintains that for all the perilous aspects of the Seasons, the terrible and beautiful winds, the savage climates, the crystalline snowcaps, the floods over barren lands - for all of the fearful elements, they are within degrees (literally) most kind. That if velocity, ferocity and temperature wavered much more beyond the present margins, life would become intolerable. And for all the seeming idiosyncrasies of Nature, there is a divining medium which cares for her own. Life/Nature is generally coherent. It is beyond the present ability of Man to fully interpret this, however if the perception was adept, one would be more than satisfied that the world is indeed a kindly place, and far from nonsensical in all of its incorporations.

Therefore it is because of a man's limited ability to interpret his way in the world (or heaven) that he would impose madness, further madness, into his perceptions. But nevertheless, such madness or affirmation of such, has no bearing on the ordered reality maintained within the globe and extending out. 

To some this knowledge is a comfort, and well might be. Just as the mysteries of written language are revealed to the child who begins to piece together the sense and syntax of the squiggle! There can never be a case 'for' madness, much less for a language so profound that it speaks to no-one.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Portable Hole- 15th September 1992

I'll give you a peace of my mind!

REMEMBER the portable-hole theory? The cartoon character [Felix the cat] whose flat black disks became doorways down into or through those things which would not otherwise have held even a crevice. We may in fact find entrance into the hearts of men simply by presenting the truth. For it is not impassable, the callings and remonstrations of the heart are deeply responsive. It is not that one should protest differences or seek to maintain supreme 'correctness', but rather by overall attitude and being they shall come to know you.

Men are seldom 'won' with words, and it is pointless to believe this to be the work itself. If one cannot be accustomed here and now to the fact that only in time can we expect the numbers to multiply, then what of the dismay later to follow? (Resignation which allows for minority/majority contrasts.) We can be optimistic and hopeful, but not strained or discontent, because of the road to go. If we can step out from time within our expectations, then we shall not be dissatisfied. For what exactly would we choose?

It is natural to seek communion, even to share confirmation, but unnatural to weigh each man in terms of being a likely convert; for it is we who are in service to them, not vice versa. It is we, who in sure-hearted subjugation, shall embrace each man regardless of differences, opinion or emmanatory. We do not however, need extend such embraces to accompany devils. Therefore we seek out the man in a man and exclude the rest.

One can easily become exacerbated beyond limit if one enters into the thought realm of another and tries to hazard the jungle. Unfamiliar territory! Take the portable-hole and make speedy exit from those terrains! For we are amassed in clouds of many hues, each with rambunctious activity. 

Equally so, we may not force a man to come to our work via our own thought-arena. It has to be of his desire, and then as thoughts strand, of his makeover to comprehension. And this takes time. A good teacher is a patient teacher, who knows that unfolding development has neither beginning nor end. Furthermore, the equidistant objectives always appear so far away, and when viewing our students and ourselves we keep eyes upon that distant rise, eyes with vision, that we may fix the elusive objective.

One cannot afford themselves indignation at becoming misunderstood. A great many great men could have thwarted themselves if having given time to such considerations. If we take it for granted, anticipating great results in times to come, streaming from the possibilities made evident now, in this way we are not discouraged, for the hope for men is allotted hence; and we are undeterred by present contrary aspects.

I am your lover,
in expression,
a brother,
who, with all of my being
shall be no other.

There is naught to give
but the gift of ourselves.
All else of the World
is but grafted to God.

And men who would flee time
have but this
for their salvation:
Too many destinies
with station after station.
I shall await thee,
with grand consolation,
And with all of my being
shall meet you at your station.

For, I am your lover,
in expression, a brother
who, with all of my being
shall be, can be, no other -

There is naught to give
but the gift of ourselves
all else of the world
is but grafted to God.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Judas- 9th September 1992

IT is with no exception - that is to say a rule as any other, fixed - that men, all men and women, shall continue great and gradual improvement. Retrogression in the long run is a misnomer - it simply cannot be when one accounts for the wealth of experience so accumulated and incorporated within the being of Man.

For every disclaimer to this, one may add that the point of axis from which all experience does pivot is Wisdom. It is out from Wisdom that the enlightening experience does stream; not vice versa, as is presumed.

The corporeal body of Man has of necessity, every element and every component, and every key to both inner and outer worlds. By his nature alone, he has gained entrance into vistas of experience which extend their own limits every time he chooses to move forward. How heartening, when one considers that every 'which-way' holds passage into yet further realms, uncharted at present but nonetheless there; always providing for Man and his levels of exploration. Cessation of the pursuance of Knowledge is periodically, an insultuous sin which falls upon the dim and fainthearted.

As a virus may sweep across an unsuspecting city, so too the plague of annihilative corruption may encompass the thoughts of men. This may work similarly in relation to general stupidities, but is so devastating to the otherwise cheerful spirit that it is one hindrance best left without. 

For Man is a kingly creature most generally, and quite often the opposite in spirit to that of his outer core. He has withstood and endured countless ages and therefore has inner knowledge of such - enough to provide for a haughty soul! It can be that a sickness, a heaviness, comes to his corporeal status, and for a time affects him with dispassion and frequent despair. The cosmic winds bring corrosive elements: the dust expelled from the dross of humanity. This 'dust' is as poison to those who become endowed, and recovery takes time before it may be expelled from the subtle body- remnants of lost men, cast off because the soul had no method of containing or transforming those parts now made slough. As ancient ruins crumble and decay, those sorry parts of forlorn men grievously afflict the unseen recesses of the Globe.

Some matter is absorbed into the Earth itself, some into the plants by waterways, whilst some rains down upon country and town in deluge of despair. Quite often, by this time, those men from whom this is accountable have gone on to happier outposts, free or freer of the burdensome condition they have suffered. That is not to say however, that upon return they will not encounter much of the same, for verily in time they will; but all souls require sweet rest and are granted time-out from those perplexing troubles as inspired by their own untoward activity.

That which is sloughed is very much characterized by the lower man, seeded with more which has gone before. It is as the cultured yogurt or bread of the generations, where one does seed another - sin perpetuated and perpetuating.

It was this cloud from dismembered and diseased men, which sorely afflicted our Judas, who was the one overcome and made vessel to absorb it so. That he could not deflect such away from his being is one thing, and yet each of his brothers did so, and thereby the stronger into him. Cosmically there has to be somewhere for this to manifest.

Beloved Christ most definitely 'brought out' the best and the worst in Man. His very company exhaled demons and exhumed spirit. Clouds of steaming repositories of sloughed remains were swept the girth of the globe and excited. For even remains of that which was Man has memory. Even if this memory was all so slight, it responded in an agony all of its own in the Presence of Christ. Judas believed himself strong enough to take this into himself, and yet only one could bear the sins of the World. . . and be unscathed. The finale was, in part, the story of just this.

One must recognize the pain of Judas for it is one borne by misguided courage. The betrayal was apoplexy, and not of his own choosing or command - as borne out in the later testimony of his despaired act of repentance.

Sadly, those fearful aspects of 'fallen men' have haunted the healthy and strong of heart, in episodes which provoke many a ruin. The continuance of such disruptions is self-perpetuated, and elusive to those who are caught unawares. One may not underestimate the problem of such spiritual disease. You see, even though ghosts do lie and present to men the pictures of wickedness and sullen grace, they were believed because the ghosts appeared as spirits who had been cheated of Heaven. And the despair from these ghoulish entrails seeped into the purest heart and mind, and contaminated the aspiring soul. Before the appearance of Christ, this was consuming and debilitating many good men.

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”
John 17:33
Here is as fine a meditative contemplation as any: "Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world". No problems! No enduring problems to beset you. Be of good cheer! Such quiet confidence may preside within the bosom of a man, because of the love of Christ to whom we may defer all troubles. It is only when we try to absorb them into ourselves, by ourselves alone, that we may come to find it an impossible task.

At present the ills and woes of the world are still immeasurably dangerous to Man. They are the weight which deters a balanced spin, they are the seed of future sufferance. They contaminate the young, whereupon hope is no longer seen; and the weak succumb to those ways of wickedness so unlike the true ways of men.

There had to be a physical representation within the theatre of the World. The culmination of the ghosts of defeated men cleaved to Judas, who by himself could not withstand their vile temptations. For he did over-measure his ability and took himself to be what he perceived in his Master. This was the fault: Judas likened himself to Christ. And he did verily manifest the sins of humanity - he bore them as promised; but sadly, was vanquished asunder.

Sagittarius: Wisdom - Wisdom made known by the trials of sin throughout perilous experience.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baptism- 30th August 1992

THERE are three questions within the one you have asked:-

1) That concerning personal choice - which is not of our domain to enter into.
2) A general comment on baptisms and their relation to Heaven and Earth.
3) Some recommendation about the nature or character of the man who is suggesting a 'performance' of sorts.

To enter into particulars of personage is not our style even though it could be informing. What may be commented upon is the distinct difference one may find between one baptism and another. Furthermore, the difference which lies in the baptism of innocents and the baptism of sinners (consciously consenting adults who request the holy ordainment).

The blessing of Baptism within the rituals of orthodoxy, maintains that the man be charged with the Holy Spirit, and whilst being welcomed into the general fellowship of the Church and Christianity, is more importantly associated with a bonding relationship that Christ may enter into the being of the babe and remain throughout the years, and that the protection of God be also upon the child, the Governance, the Strength, and that the child shall come to a consciousness which possesses the powers of "God Sight" or "God Vision".

This is quite separate to the naming - even though the name which is spoken is spoken as for the first time, and even though each time the child is to hear their name called, it is to carry recollection of the event of Baptism; it is if you like, what may be considered as the fourth or fifth stage of labor and birth. In other words, a child's entrance into the world at large is as an ongoing process which spans decades before incarnation is complete. Whilst on the subject, from the moment that incarnation is fulfilled, one may begin the process of withdrawal!

However, back to the point at hand: For a soul to enter into the world there are many 'shifts' and awkward moments, whereas some may simply 'ease' their way into development. Not so long ago - and still in some parts of the Globe - it was recognized that there were hindrances (be them fairies or demons) who would snatch a child away from the crib, and interfere with the child making a full connection with its tiny, growing body. Dreaded childhood illnesses were perceived to be largely owing to the unnatural interference, which severs the heavenly child from its bodily connection: pushes it out and heavenward. Violence in the home can do this - violent thoughts are as great a disruption - or unfortunately, having associates around the babe whose own astrality is darkened and marred by undesirable passions feigned to goodness.

Usually however, one would like to say that a babe is enclosed in a blissful raiment of golden divinity whilst asleep. However, when awake the child is impressionable, and if it is not the case that the small one is protected from ugliness and debasement, then sadly the overall constitution will 'suck in' such impressions and hold them until much later on in years. Then they will either provoke sad and great aversions or weakened temptations; as fabric within the astrality of their being.

It is true to say that Christ Himself is with each child in the early years and by Him we may come to the world in peace, for the child has no 'resistance' of its own, so to speak.

Perhaps one of the questions has already been answered if one cares to consider the moral influences that shall become very real and apparent to the psyche of the child.

So the act of Baptism is one whereby all men and women who are present, offer something of themselves to be incorporated as a sheath to protect the child and to continue as a strength later on within their adult life.

The holy water drawn from the font does have a magical presence and power. It is undeniably 'alive' at the time of those prayers and blessings. For it is through the water - as perfect medium - that the 'quickening' may occur.

This quickening is precisely the experience and transformation which is sought also by sinners in Baptism. It is the experience of death and rebirth. It is one last gasp to one new breath, whereupon we are transformed utterly. There are many, many phases of this experience and it is something which one shall encounter many times over, not only in Baptism.

One may argue that the babe does not give over to God consciously, but we would say that the soul is knowing and aroused and consumed with happiness. It is on a soul-level that the Baptism, as with all of the Sacraments, is conducted. One looks to higher realities to find the true 'goings-on' of ritual with spiritual purpose. So in the one instance the child is purely responsive within the soul realm, whereas the adult may consciously experience this quickening.

Some have had the power to invoke a rapid response within folk, which is similar to the quickening of Baptism. In those churches where the 'healers' have only to touch a man and he collapses losing consciousness, this rapid flash of heaven trails before and into him and he is 'reborn'. For an instant he is dead, being severed from his body. It is a little alike to having the blood flow in the umbilical cord interrupted through twisting sharply, and technically about as uncomfortable. During this process the objective is to evacuate the demons which cling and absolve a man from his personality as long as can be endured. Usually this is only a fraction of time, without even interference to the heartbeat.

In the case of the infant there is no cleavage of demons as with the adult, nor is the personality expressed to be denied. When we submit all to Heaven we are within the 'act' of something which also impresses much later on, again and again - the experience of the enormity of God. Vastness is one thing, but enormity quite another.

By such an encounter once only, we shall be given the ability to recall such experience time after time - that of the quickening when the soul was surrendered from the body, flung out into the embracing spiritual realities and became as an awakened union within- as a bond of God+Soul, Christ+Soul, Soul+Self, Self+God, Self+the World; upon return.

It is precisely the experience of the enormity of God in which we savor humility. Our true relation with the world and with perspective of others can be assessed accurately only in the light of humility. For a man to make his way in the world, requires of him continual assessment and degrees of judgment, which if unwisely placed or gauged shall lead him into error - such as a recipe book which has but dung and rats’ tails for ingredients. Without humility there can be no true discernment and a man is lost within the world. Better that man come to a realization of our Profound and Magnificent Father, than bethink himself and his own ego to be lord and leader of the world.

Returning to the quickening: It is inadvisable to have repeated baptisms. The sacrament of Communion is but an opposite to that of Baptism. We remain firmly placed within ourselves, within the earthly portals, but seek to 'drive down' heavenly forces into the substance of water and wafer that they might enter us, that we may be translated thereby. This is a strengthening which is altogether wholesome and as potent a medicine as any within the outer physical substance.

The experiences contained within Baptism are not required to be 're-enacted' because the impressions are 'living' within the man for life. However, prayers for a fellow's, or child's wellbeing and illumination within the world are always helpful, particularly within a loving fellowship from those who personally do know of them.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Churches- 21st August 1992

FOLLOW the Church bell back to the village, and into the village through to that church. Come out again and hear one hundred church-bells and know that the pinnacles from which they call, extend far over one hundred, one thousand - over a planet, in most regions of the Globe.

The holy forefathers of the church envisioned this with hopes aflame. It may have been difficult enough penetrating country after custom, without the added toil of rock upon rock, building the edifice of faith. We looked to the day when all men should have a church which was local to them. No matter what the overall condition was, it was indeed important for them to have a dwelling which was not inhabited by men - visited, but not inhabited - whereby the Holy Spirit could infill. One which was not contaminated by lowly thoughts, but was set aside with definite purpose, as a statement from men of their love of God the Father, Christ our Protector and Heaven with all her emissaries (not to forget those saints and holy men to whom we are endeared also).

Think of the hopes and also the aspiration, as it was said "Where there are men we shall build a church - or perhaps a great cathedral!" This is civilization at its best. Many, many changes occurred because of this exodus into society and suburb. What was once priority to build a bathhouse or theater became 'the church'.

Formerly, yes, there had always been temples and libraries where scholars could frequent. So too, the many dwellings of all manner of worship and subsequent revelation which were of God, but excluding Christ.

Christianity is very young! Twenty centuries is of little account in the face of men and their adopted reasonings. One would have to say that Christianity was born, but was apparent before its birth; as the infant waivers about the parents before conception. 

Similarly, if it were not for a certain few (relatively) there should not have been the advancement into the world as was. For the greatest of powers may not find repose in an unwelcome bosom. There had to be 'takers' - good soil for good seed - and much preparation tens of thousands of years before His coming.

We shall return to the matter of the churches. It is obvious to say that whilst some are full of eager spirits, many are quite empty and under-used. However, more remarkably than that are those societies whose majority do not frequent them all. Not even at Christmas! Because of this we are bound to ask why this is so. For the original vision of erecting our churches in more popular times, offered their community many varieties in many locations. Still, the youth are not drawn, the lonely have withdrawn, the cynical are without.

A congregation would double within a week if each was supplied with an armchair- an armchair and a footstool. (The footstool would make good kneeling apparatus!) The wood of a pew is very beautiful of course, and the emanations from such are undoubtedly of value.

There should be many a protest, as they would suggest that one does not enter a church that they may be so comfortable as to fall asleep. However, how much the better if they are comfortable and content, with the simplest of needs met. One can change a format you know. Perhaps this is the least of issues and yet at the forefront of attitude and the question of opinions and their value. One does not sit their guests upon a bench-seat. One does not choose a bench-seat in preference to a comfy chair - why deny ourselves or our guests?

Observe one who has just 'settled' into the comfortable chair - there is an almighty breathing out (a large sigh) followed by deeper, relaxed rhythmical rises and falls of the chest. The face is not taut, the composure not strained, the 'wildness' of the man has been calmed. Contrary to this, place him on an awkward seat: he does derive the benefit of a properly placed back, but is consciously or unconsciously aware of the displacement of bony bits and fat. The length of time to be endured in one cannot be compared to the other.

Of course there is a splendid inference of community brought about by shared seating; although whether or not this is genuinely enjoyed is another matter.

One may be solemn without being tense. One should enter into a church similarly as one enters into death, and vice versa. In this one would hope for comfort, for reconciliation within, for sanctuary from the busy and erratic affairs of men, for commune with kindred souls and great affections, physical and spiritual warmth, the strength, experience and expression which comes with combined prayer and song, perspicacious thinking- one's home for soul and spirit as differing from that place which we call our everyday home; these and more.

We expect in any case, that a church be inviting. That one would by choice desire to be there above any other, to look forward with lively interest, and that it not be conducted like a business forum, nor with such somber composures as does meet the grave today. Relaxed, and with vitality!

There seems to be a contradiction but it is not so. Vitality does not imply fanaticism nor the mechanics of ritualistic overstimulation within a susceptible low-ego congregation. Vitality comes when the individual is so relaxed as to release his personal demons and submit them to holy reformation; relaxed, that he might surface the consciousness with a pure mind receiving pure insights; relaxed that worldly strains, cares and criticisms may dissolve along with wanton illness; relaxed that he may separate himself and fellow companions from an all-too-binding personality which over-presumes the true individuality. It is essential therefore, for a man to come to worship in a condition of body and mind and attitude which is relaxed.

It is wise therefore if anger or such words that might provoke anger, should be avoided by all speakers. There is a place for social forums to be aired with political allusions (generally by contemptuous people), but it does break the disposition of holy reverence to be exposed to the emanations which angry words expel and draw. It is preferable, far preferable, that all words issued are sympathetic and not antipathetic. One can be sympathetic to joy, as to sorrow, as to God, however that which is antipathy brings with it tensions which are no longer responsive to the remedy.

It must be said that not one church has failed. Insomuch as the men who did carry forth what necessarily began only as a vision - each and every church is a testament to the courage of men: courage to put Heaven first.

And it is not only the entity and establishment and the legacy left after both have dissipated, it is also the offshoot organizations which actually become entities also, because of the central 'lighthouse' of faith. The overall influence gives attributes to the surrounding community; as does a resident monastery also. The community will prosper with beings who are so attracted, assisting in all manner of organizations, bringing elements necessary to their continuance, to their cognition. For whether in business or in institution, certain elements are altogether necessary as ingredients to that survival and maintenance of that entity. And all aspects must run in compliance with one another, similarly to characteristics in which an individual is mixed.

The Roman Catholic Church evolved along these lines of itself, whereby the original hierarchical entity brought to it those attributes which could motivate almost any organization envisaged and designed. Well apart from radiating much of this to the general surrounding population, such influence and force turned within itself, incorporating elements which would best have suited general society. It succeeded however, in becoming 'worldly' successful - with now an emphasis in exoteric enterprise and commitment.

It is not enough to be both - to be so worldly active with political interests and then pretend to be committed firstly to Heaven. The Moslems cannot make this distinction either. One is one or the other in order of priority, one cannot prioritize both; and this is an unsavory idiocy which only provokes bad judgment.

The matters of the world shall always tire, and in time, fail to give over to that which is 'inspired' afresh. Pursuits of the world and of men are just fragments, and a church is best confined to exploits of nurture, of healing, of feeding; if it is to be involved in the world at large. However, if it is to hold investments and controlling interests in corporations and local governments; and become distinctive as to who its 'preferred' souls are. . . then it gives over to the world and is a sham instead of divine representative.

Again however, one must stress that it is perhaps an evolvement to be expected, and that entities as brought about by men may move onto some other body of men who are most 'like' the entity, as was originally inspired. You cannot necessarily expect the entity to indefinitely bond with a group which is in name only; and furthermore, it shall remain if it is to be furthered, but not if it is without 'feeding' - feeding of the stuff which it is colored by (characterized by).

And so in others, that which was and is the original Roman Catholic Church may be most happily attuned and expressing itself in some remote region of central Africa, or conversely (and most likely), be dwelling amongst the Shi’ite Moslems - working an influence there also.

Many an oriental entity was drawn into the early church. Many a corresponding entity has passed through the doors of the highest spiritual passion. And many a newborn takes shape and form and becomes 'inspired' by men with original trends in pronouncing a future world.

The church as entity - or more correctly, a multiplicity of entities - relies on a daily account of exactly the expression it has to offer. The merit, the character, of each unique body of men, deigns exactly what shall be brought to them, and what becomes of their signatory being. The 'mascot' was a symbol of this, so too the totem and the sacred animal. If the ego-consciousness of the group is inclined to be encouraged to be suppressed, then it can happen that the entity as born from the people, begins to dictate and persuade the group as a whole.

Unison need not be divorced from individuality of those united. True community is only realized when men have developed a corresponding condition within themselves.

If the consciousness is at a low ebb and requires external stimulation to determine judgment, if it cannot be aroused by internal discernment, if a man gives over his powers to some other agent, then he cannot develop aspects whilst denying them. And if he cannot develop, he may not come to full attainment of those specifics required to meet with his own humanity. If he cannot meet with his own humanity, he clearly cannot distinguish or experience community with fellow men. He may give over to the appearance of such, with little or no qualified love or ability to truly do so.

Of course, in part and fully, we do not have to be five-star souls to enable us to embrace our community, but we are speaking of yet a fuller realization than is known now. How wonderful to think that by such individual development we do not draw away from fellow men, but indeed move much closer. This is the nature of true comprehension*.

We are fortunate to be enabled to fill with virtue and divine knowledge in the manner that a fruit fills with water until it swells against the skin. And our development is all the more possible when our endeavors run aside those of our friends and fellows. Pick your friends well!

Returning to the concept of comfortable chairs in church: we should wonder at our readiness to dismiss such a notion. Why the protests? And we should question our perspective and consideration of worship in the face of such issues as personal comfort corresponding with such.

If one is fortunate to have beverages, heating and fabrics for upholstery, one can certainly make the initial effort to echo such comforts as are known and experienced, without being overly lavish in the enterprise. If indeed the fittings and the comforts were commensurate with those of the Dorchester, or any lounge of a five-star hotel, what would be the bother? You know people would certainly attend - and happily!

Why the argument as to 'common folk' enjoying such comfort? This does not mean that one introduces a casino (and we might add that Bingo is an undesirable evil as any), nor that one needs paid help or the trappings of a wine bar. But one can get a 'feel' for an environment which has all the attributes of absolute comfort as well as beauty.

Comfort is very different to sensual pleasure which may be overindulged. As described before, it heals the weary, and provides for an even state of mind; a reflective repose. To be and feel 'womb held': this is common that men seek such a basic longing. 

The church is the portal between this our Earth, and these our Heavens. Before death and rebirth we stand before God and expose our hearts to Him. All that we are is before Him. The church lessens our grief and enables us to come to Him before death calls. And He is the greatest comforter of all.

-the Brothers

*[In Anglicanism comprehension (or comprehensiveness) refers to theological inclusiveness and liturgical breadth.]

From the Spiritual Science Discussion Group:

DML wrote:

You can be relaxed in any environment, any chair, any temperature, anywhere, anytime; if you think of yourself as a spirit, rather than a body....Rise above the bench. Rise above it all........and stay there.....

The Brother’s reply:

If one were to follow this statement (in relation to comfortable churches) it may also then follow that there would be no need for the 'spirit' to be within a church at all ... indeed the spirit, rather than the body, can rise above all conditions to refer in prayer, in contemplation, in ecstasy, in devotion, and draw into the physical world many heavenly influences without. Yes, that is one way of perceiving the spiritual in Man.

However, we would go on to suggest that the work placed within churches is that of a collective force - it begets a community of men who are effectual in the spiritual worlds (and back again into the physical) in ways which are not possible for those working solely on their own.

The task of such 'working' alongside other men - of praying together, of directing thought, of partaking in the event of the Sacraments - this work within the church is obviously more powerful when the homogeny is happy. Now, of course it is difficult in the best of conditions given that men are apt to wear many individual problems which follow them into the congregational mix. But even so, if the sanctified space has been maintained properly, there shall be much in this regard made impotent for the time within ...

What is reckoned and actual is the time spent together within those walls moment to moment. And, moment to moment, comfort rather than discomfort, beauty rather than ugliness, fragrance in preference to stench, congenial humor in place of bad temperedness... these will predispose the community as a group to be further enabled into a relaxed and open spirituality combined.

The term 'relax', is used primarily within our teachings to explain a condition of the ego whereby we can take in to ourselves - rather than by definition, just merely falling asleep (although this was discussed).

Prayer can be willful; in which case there would be no need to 'take in' as it were - and yet how wonderful it is when a man in his spiritual transactions can bring into his heart, his being and this world, that which has answered the longings of all.

From our perspective, the time for asceticism is truthfully behind. Men everywhere actually need comfort, help and supplication. These things are not devilish, nor a sign of 'weakness' which is to be ignored. All cries are heard and bring answer, and if we are to be self-appointed agents for the divine then a little assistance, understanding and provision, is surely what is expected and hoped for, from us to our brothers, with all of the care and consideration that it takes.

The proof that development does not come easily is there before us. And during the time that it takes, men require as much help as they can get. Further to this must be the compassionate and patient perspective alongside the assistance - else the help shall be short-lived.

The greater point here though is: if we can 'rise above' the discomforts then that is well and good - but wouldn't it be to greater purpose if we gave cushions to those who can't yet make it?


If the sun rose twice in one day, would men call this two days?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Laws-17th August 1992

LAWS, as often referred to, are the transcribed themes of fluent projection which underlie and underpin the Creative Powers. If we are to imagine a solid but fluent law, it is often depicted as that which is accredited within a book, or that which is unduly imposed upon those who come within the radius thereof. However, cosmic laws are so intrinsically laid down within the substance and fiber of Creation that they are inseparable, almost indiscernible, interlocked with all which is essential to being.

Quite obviously the importance of such laws merits issue. As undeniable as they are, they - all, each and every one of them - require compliance. When one comes to the extraordinary encounter of running contrary to such a law, they are desisted from furtherance, and as simple as this may sound, it is a lesson which half of humanity (at least) should come to realize.

Men should study their laws! - the laws of Heaven before the laws of Men. For the latter should be decided upon by those who are more qualified in Cosmic regulation.

However, there is a phenomenon apparent within men, in which one may actually resist the awareness of the fundamental tides. This is of itself extremely important to a man; that similarly as his lack of observance, personal karma attributed to him is arrested. By any exertion of will, whilst a man is 'full on' and caught up in activity, he shall divorce himself from the reality of immediate consequence.

All actions are decided upon before a man is moved to activity. His motivation, his controlling logic (if any), his immediate sensibilities, his intuition from which he may draw on reservoirs of experience: all of these allow for the man to begin to exert himself in a particular direction beneath those starry fissures, which also, in accordance with laws, assist to determine an outcome from such activity.

However, the moment that one is self-propelled into certain motion, we are restricted to pursue its course until the end- the 'end' being either the final moment of exhausted vitality or the perimeter to that experience as defined by those laws predetermining definition. Therefore it is paramount that where possible, decisions are met with in a meditative, if not quiet mind, which is ill-disposed to answering immediately with activity.

Furthermore it is essential also for a man to set about and practice that which has preoccupied his expectations. He must test the water, so to speak, and often, that he may come to more accurately gauge the 'correctness' of his speculations.

We all struggle to 'fit', indulge and appease the higher laws. No man is so obstinate in soul that he would not knowingly comply. Yet having said that, an overuse (premature use) of will-forces may lead to denial and subsequent stupidity. Such may be mistaken for irreverence and indeed is the qualifying recipe for irreverence; but it is because the man can no longer distinguish, and separates his own will from the true Will of immutable Law. If he cannot come to a conscious reckoning, if he actively resists the acknowledgment of there being laws at all, then he has ventured upon the path of sin and is self-determined- self-determined with every bump and stumble. Sin is self-corrective in the long run, though.

What is it that encourages an individual to become receptive to the trends of Cosmic Law? Given the text above one might surmise that the will-activity dissuades us from a true consciousness of being, therefore we must quieten the exertion of self. This may well be the presumption, however it would be false to say so in the long run.

From this one can see that it is far easier to contain a group of men with set laws if they do not hold license to exert their will at any time. Yes it does actually work, but not for the good of those individuals who are aware of laws which may indeed be false and injurious. For it is good to acknowledge law, but preferable to come to law with acquired discernment.

For every law there shall be one greater from which the lesser has emanated. And for every law as known to man, there shall be an evil which will suggest a perversion. Such perversions are as useless as a ruler shorn at one end - and it need not be by much - that renders the perversion unequivocal!

One may ask: "Which came first: the law, or the provision for that law to replicate?" Laws need hold the consistency of such repetition, even when they are laid down 'out of time'. Repetition is something of an illusion in itself because every time something occurs it is as new, as from the first. True repetition does not really exist. One may take the wave of experience which leads to those conditions as met, from all directions from all beings, and find that each and every situation is vastly different.

Characteristics may resemble and opportunities may re-present, but repetition does not exist, for nothing remains the same and no opportunity lives indefinitely unaltered. The only repetition which is, belongs to the past whereby impressions of that which has gone before is imprinted upon the akasha, the ethers, the individual, and may be recalled over and over again satisfactorily with no diversion. However, the circumstances of such recall will always be different, with those who are living who observe the past before them. One can add here, that there is a hint in this as regards Cosmic Law, and its current resurrection upon a continuum.

Laws are predetermined, but the future, which is comprised of beings lofty and low, is as open-ended and unmarked as a newborn!

There is a purpose of maximum freedom within the superstructure of Cosmic Law. This is contrary to the belief that Law's purpose is confinement, even imprisonment. True laws give the majority licence, whilst protecting the minority as best. Laws provide for splendid cohabitation, without which there should be only floating particles of possibility in an expansive space, loose and limitless, with no power of return.

One can see at first glance the format for Communist ideology in the comprehension of the divine offerings of Law. One may be sensitive to this theory or fixed in opposition, whatever the case, the nature of man either runs alongside and downstream or attempts to ford the impassable.

The game of snakes and ladders was profoundly augmented as a clear example - in point of fact, its creation was for the purpose of divining the position of a man in relation to his future. Skeptical huh?

To continue: As each and every law is met and discerned by man, a deeper understanding prevails, unlike other terms of reference gained from experience or intuition. It is twofold: firstly, there is a revelation when one manages to comprehend a law and take it into themselves- a tool of understanding. Whilst also, there is not only the happiness of discovery - for all laws are gems to behold - but also the affirmation of 'correctness'.

Secondly, one must try and prove such understanding of a law by their own endeavors; and as a result of such effort there is unspeakable reward. One may try many attempts at certain knowledge before becoming so completely intimate with that particular knowledge as to take it into yourself as yours. Even those things which we experience are rarely done so with a full and comprehending consciousness.

As each law is identified, Man builds a minute infrastructure within his being, which in turn, allows for Creation to yet further propagate herself. 

Of course, laws by nature do not require observation, acknowledgment and application, to be. But by the power of man (or others in this case) they most certainly can go further to enhance a broader spectrum of existence.

All laws work their way down from Heaven and are the ladder on which we ascend.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blessed Be...- 13th August 1992

BLESSED be the meek, for it is they who do not impact the verdant Earth. It is they who would not bruise even a peach or pry the flesh from the heart.

Blessed be those who know not cruelty, whose attitude recoils from the hardship of criticism's burdens. That they would ne'er intend to mock, cajole or even offend. . . and treasure their words well spent.

Blessed be all those who weep, in sympathy or struggle dear. The anguish borne depletes the spirit, and may give way to anger and embitterment if they are allowed to cry alone. May they who sorrow know the sweet breath of hope in answer to all prayer.

Blessed be the pious, who with stalwart forbearance uphold the mighty frame of an ever trembling humanity. May they receive ten strengths from Heaven, and know the courage which defies the doubts that run side-stream. Such courage is all the new world requires as foundation.

Blessed be the righteous who have fallen, that we consider those who in lapse, now misgiving, have gone against themselves to provide for an unworthy sin. That they do not acknowledge this lament to be stuck as tar upon the self, but cleanse the guilt through betterment once again.

Blessed be those who seek judgment on their brothers, as perhaps it shall come to them precisely why their brothers have fallen. And too, may they be correct and mindful that penalties are such, that all men who do commit opinion are immediately reviewed themselves.

Blessed be all worldly produce: may the bounty be full and pleasing to men. That the plants give their best and so nurture us well, and concurrently the soil will be tilled with thanksgiving and dutiful respect. May we honor this Nature which sustains our friends, our fellows and our families; and abide no injury upon her face, no insult upon her beauty.

Blessed be the dark in heart, for those with few illumined recesses. . . We pray that they shall overstep their forlorn aloneness and come cautiously out of such degradation, as is the poverty imposed by evil. We call all men to be of humanity, that they do not flinch or shy away from those images of Man adorned: Man in his proper place. That they will permit Christ Himself to enter into their stifling captivity; that He shall soften the armadillo armor-shell; that He shall bring tears to a countenance parched by heartlessness; that He shall strip thee of false dignity and pompous costume, that thee become once more the man that you rightfully are; that He answer your wonderings and prove all expectations feint when compared to the grand reality of being; that He shall comfort your spirit with a presence that heals all harm and loves with great pity; that you may awaken to the true and magnificent quest which awaits the order of you and yours, and all associated kingdoms combined.

Blessed be the troubled, who with no particular affliction, cannot make their way in the world. That they may perceive such worry to hearken to but an inner life- whereupon all motivation is derived. For those who are caught so within the physical realm and persuaded too heavily that that is all there is of spirit, the heart is heavy and optimism dashed repeatedly. And so, for such who are windswept and troubled, may they find self-governance and observation of the deeper mysteries which permeate the world. May they awaken to the unity and remarkable cooperation of all such living detail. That they may marvel at such explicit design, and regain their enthusiasm for true reality.

Blessed be those who are happy. May the sublime continue through their days; and they retain some part of the joy they now experience, and keep it for the not-so-happy days. Be it a promise of prospects which transpose sorrow. Glad they be, and glad again. This we wish for our fellow men.

Blessed be the overly-strict: they who with whip and cane, blaspheme themselves with torturous insults and condemnation. May they too soften with that love which oversteps all minor imperfections as do accompany all men; which until by Grace are unburdened. It is the lenience of Heaven which proclaims "Enough!" and "No more!" be the pain of sin endured. Finally, when we are reprieved, we cannot take the cause totally from self, for the desire and inclination to err is within our understanding. It cannot be both ways, for if we understand it not, there becomes a void to be answered (by experience); and if it is (which it is)- that we intimately know those ways of error- then we are one virtue short of perfection!

Blessed be the sick and the waning: That the physical afflictions dissolve and unharness themselves from such corrupted flesh. That with pneu life they are reborn; their vitality regained and no longer as poison to them. We pray for those who suffer pain and fear of pain, that this be eased by a sweet sleep which shall restore them completely; and that each and every one shall draw beloved Christ afore them; that He shall touch their feeble frame, and by His Presence the demons of sickness shall not remain.

Blessed be those who are stricken with insanity: For those with fevered or extinguished intellects, those who are caught between worlds, but bound to Earth; those who are disgraced by an abandoned consciousness. We pray that they return to normalcy. We pray that those conditions be such, that all madmen may literally 'come to their senses', and that by the grace of the virtues they shall make clean and good their heart to withstand evil. May the accompanying demons be flung from their personage and restoration made.

Blessed be the grateful, who with meager share do not scorn God, but bow in humble servitude, pronouncing all offerings to be good. For the grateful do not offend God, but appease Him. It is only to the grateful that much is given. . . and verily is. All souls know of this, and it is to a realization of our soul's aspect, that we must align and accord. It is only gratitude that we may offer back; such gratitude shall empower service and each dedication.

Blessed be those who scheme, for they shall surely be most surprised come the day of their reckoning!

Blessed be the dead. May we pray for their serenity and acknowledge the purpose of the lives which they had. In fond and loving recall we give thanks for their being, and express to all who are now deceased, our desire to further our ongoing companionship. If there was misunderstanding or even grief which cut between us, it is time to lay all grievances down and commit them to the folly of error. May they be 'lively' in all aspects divine, and know of our appreciation, for they did give of themselves to us and to the world.

Blessed be the argumentative, may they control the tongue of scorn and cease to use words as weapons in some imagined contest of will and concept. That the aggravation known by them and caused by them, be quietened with a happiness which defeats all upset, general or otherwise.

Blessed be the Administering Angels and all of their lovely counterparts. Praise be unto them for the velocity and width and breadth; from shining continent to banded horizon; with graceful tempestuousness, with spirit wild and yet contained. Duty-bound to men, honor placed in God, we thank all such beings who make up the world.

Blessed be the future of men. We pray for safe passage out into the unknown. That although we conject and contrive we are ever reminded of those hindering uncertainties - and for these we do pray that men shall be relieved, and that God shall further His commitment to us, as He has done all along.

Blessed be all simple men, may they be protected from the vile and the corruptive elements. May they who are in innocence, walk as if in effervescent light, one which startles demon and foe. And when approaching the Mysteries, we pray that their hearts be good, strong and dependable.

Blessed be the ugly of soul - the man who hath fallen, the specter who stalks the mirror-Earth. We pray that there be consolation for such wretchedness. We ask for furtherance, that the mold as was man, may be reformed. And we weep for them as mothers would weep, and ask for their repentance, that they again be in likeness to beauty, to God.

Blessed be the attractive: Who as magnet draw such men because of nobility, charisma, fame or desirousness. That they may withstand the pressures of an elevated status, whereby they shall be used again and again. For adoration may be tiresome and to most is not preferred. The burden is much when so many gravitate and would dearly hold on to, that they be beneath such direction. We pray that this responsibility is managed well, and that those men who attract others unto themselves, hold strength of character to withstand the temptations of abusing such credit and approval.

Blessed be the deformed who wear the shame of mankind, that we should be so fragile. For the man who is incomplete bears much which his brothers have afflicted. May they be cared for well, and as well as in charity, in duty also.

Blessed be the World, and from all of her suffering may she arise triumphant as a beacon to those who gave mankind possibility; and for those who dubiously watched on. May she be fulfilled.

Blessed be our Father and His Son, Who by Their Grace and Their Love we belong in actuality. We give thanks for our life and all life which does embrace us, and we pray that we become worthy of the love we have received.


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