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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tortoise & Hare- 26th April 1991

THE tortoise, and some fish for that matter, have the gift of encrusting themselves within a hardened outer shell.

Semidetached but completely necessary for existence, one must question the modus operandus of the tortoise, and from where this ability did come from. For beneath the calcified enclosure is soft tissue that requires protection; and yet the shell itself is distinctly separate to the tortoise. It is a fibrous matter that is worked organically, but not directly from the organism.

 In the case of the fish it is a mineral composure, again distinctly separate to the organism and its systems, and to the fish itself. Therefore we have two bodies, that of the living creature, and that of the shell. The latter which may be separated, is dependent on its patterns as dictated by the creature.

The Earth in its relation to the Moon can be viewed in this way- the Earth in its living and vulnerable organism with a moon of its making, semidetached.

Herein is the key to the mythology of the tortoise and the hare.

The Triangle- 25th April 1991

THE triangle has a base of support for the pinnacle. The pinnacle is the culmination, the summation of the form, and where those directives meet.

Viewed as a pyramid, the expression of the triangle is a good example as to the necessity of the broad base. Here is the contrast of the multitudes, with the divinity aspired to and supporting the steady climb. This is a good meditation in itself: to observe the pyramid. 

Prometheus taught that one is compelled to seek perfection and aspire throughout our many-levelled being. We radiate outward and are manifest throughout many spheres, many kingdoms, although our consciousness is but placed at one point at any given time. However our base is the world itself and all of that substance which is the world and in all of the realms of soul that inhabit the world. Herein is man's fingers and toes - truly the interconnection is an undefiable reality, and not just a relationship based on the perception of such a reality. Our extremities flow into the oceans and up through those sleeping mountainous giants. . . and our heads are beyond the clouds amongst the stars, as it were.

There is a proverb:
At root of ancient tree the new moss grows.
- and we abide in both tree and moss and the two cling together, heaving in Sun, Water and Earth.
Within the scheme of Creation, which one of us may ask for a place that is excelled above another, or claim more or less importance?

Laughter cleanses the ether. The wise, the insane and the infant, may laugh. Laughter is an almighty challenge, before the soul contests to withdraw or take in that which presents itself.
Propriety, humility and joy - this is the discussion. These attributes assist the path of wisdom. Recklessness of judgment, egotism and fear inhibit the path of true learning. Be of the Earth, the Waters and of the Sun, for this is thy home.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mighty Rome- 23rd April 1991

THE populace of Rome, with its geographical positioning, used to be the mouthpiece and focus of the modern world and its concepts, summoning together the massive streams of thought at the time of its height, in powerful persuasion.

Both scholars and warriors amassed within its confines, and the Roman Church was a final offspring of such a powerful province, that sought to dictate and dominate world thought and opinion, expression and manifestation. This was still but a carryover, so to speak, of its grip some two thousand years ago.

No nation has the right born unto it to demand that it shall inflict its ways and methods within the arena of the world. However ancient Rome with its visiting divinities of old was granted a supreme opportunity to be the gateway through which wisdom would stream forth. All of the gifts to the world followed with this set of tasks and opportunities placed before the region.

Neighboring countries, who shouldered next to the influence of these visiting gods, who then inhabited and were called forth into the substance of the country itself, reflected some of the light that was cast in the beauty of their cultures. Their interpretations were many and varied of the experiences that were perceived of the overshadowing divinities inhabiting their sector of the Globe. However, the desire to convert the world did not defile their interpretations, as it did with mighty Rome. To Rome's annoyance then and ever since, they persevered with a sweetness of soul and a most graceful gentleness, in their demands upon individuals in the rights of their thinking and accepting that which was imparted.

Given this explanation, it is therefore fitting that historically the events that took place, brought upon such a nation, should have been cast by that nation - misused opportunities, again too much too soon, too little too late. What could have been a nation of grandeur became a nation of pomposity. (Pompei! Pomposity!) Largely an example of a possible consequence of when a people is given freely many powers of the heavens, and something of an explanation of the reservation and caution that is matched today in our conservatism.

Jurisprudence in the Affairs of Men- 21st April 1991

FOR those seeking clarity in what appears to be the enormous anomalies in world thought and in the character of those proclaiming to hold the truth in a way that they believe that they can benefit the world's wisdom- we may answer that in our Father's house there are truly many mansions - not the least offered by the book of the Mansion Worlds.

One must look to the stars, but one must also fix a gaze intent upon the habitat that is local and important to the time today, in which you dwell. There is much to be put in order, and until a perspective that is clear and true is centered on one's immediate circumstances, then all else that radiates from or is held within and called unto, will be as mist upon the water. Neither shall blend, movements will be quite separate and radically amiss.

Truth is most glorious, but trust firstly in the Father. Ask of yourself, may the seeds of truth be planted in insane soil? And if one questions then sanity - keep questioning, don't allow it to pass as an answer in itself. We do not set out to discredit any such work, however we can ask that you yourself look hard at the contents and from whence it springs forth. 

As to who made such claims for the first part, that requires the premise from those who may follow, that in fact these claims are to be held sacrosanct. Investigate! There need be no fear in this if there is in fact validation. But go to the Father, turn to your inner self, look into the windows of the nature around you, and comfort in the knowledge that the fate of humanity does not rest on the one publication given out by a lunatic (Luna/Lunatic, i.e. under the influence thereof).

It has not been for naught - glean that which is good and perfect, and discard the rest –

God Bless.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paper Dolls- 19th April 1991

THE connection between man and beast has been touched upon slightly, but what of man and the higher beings? As in the instance before, it is true to say that man could once openly converse with the higher beings, and that the compatibility betwixt soul-life was such that the door to the higher worlds, whilst on Earth, was always open. Thus the humble shepherd, may have had sheep grazing on the hillside, whilst he in communion with the heavenly spirits, entertained a sonnet on pipe-whistle or bone-lyre. This would be commonplace from that hilltop to house of reverence, from waking to sleep.

Once more this condition - not so easily established today in ordinary circumstances - will again become the way of future existence. The aloneness that is so upsetting to the being of man, and all creatures above and below, shall be overcome in the natural sense-experience; as was and is intended to be.

In many respects it is a far easier course to dwell in the company of Angels than live with oneself. This condition is the kingdom of Faerie (for want of a better word) conversing day and night, with those that dwell in the Heavenly spheres. Complete persuasion is the consequence, for who can argue with a divine being? If man was to accord himself, for himself, and mark out his place and identity within the universal home, how then could he summon out of his substance such a claimed identity, when distracted and persuaded by influences and natures so powerfully alluring, and colorful, to that of his own? Sameness leads to sameness.

With all the wonders to draw from, man has the right and ability, assistance and will, to discover in the course of time and experience, that which he chooses to draw from the worlds and take into himself, for his own. It is similar to a birthday, where on the one hand one may be encumbered with too many parcels to hold, all well intended, but some decidedly a burden to house. Or on the other hand one is led to a room filled, and asked to choose - choose anything required or wished for! Herein are the endless possibilities given to Man, as he stands on the threshold aghast and bewildered! (Perhaps we should supply trailers, to carry the load home!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

St. Francis- 18th April 1991

DOGS have a very special compatibility and relationship to men. Man has proven that he can exert influence over many beasts, but of the animal kingdom the dog is the most responsive and the most likely to comply with the animal nature of Man and his will that rules both. There can be much genuine affection between the two, even with the consideration that one necessarily governs the other. 

The domestic temperament of the pet has developed seemingly of recent times, however this relationship was once possible betwixt man and all of the animal/mammal gender. Compatibility in existence, therefore, can be imagined and understood when one observes the remnants of this former time in connection to the dog and Man.

The falling-out that occurred is to be understood as something of a crisis in the natural world although an intrinsic step on the road of evolution and division of certain kingdoms and their corresponding souls. It denotes a great and marked change in the levels of understanding from one beast to another and the conflicts that now occur continually in the hungry battles for existence.

St. Francis could truly bridge the past into a future relationship and by his very being had refined and purified his own 'animal/beast' that took communion with that world in realms that spoke to the heart and soul of those animals surrounding him. Such care, love and respect for the lesser brothers was a regard for life and the Lord Himself. Dominance was not the question. 

Francis had founded his home under the stars, taking his place with those kingdoms visible and invisible, in the earthly realms to which he was bound.

All may be understood to be pitiable creatures locked in earthly existence. Harmony, rather than compulsion to aggression, was the path of the Franciscan who followed in the steps of total regard and compassion that cherished all life in all forms that stream from our Father's being. And so we may contemplate and commemorate Father Francis and his ways, seeking a future harmony that will once more dictate the relationships of the many-faceted beings that cohabit the world.

Magnus Entrusta- 17th April 1991

FREDERICK THE GREAT frequented the courts and palaces of Spain and France in the latter part of the eighteenth century. His mission was as a courier distributing and delivering certain manuscripts and objets d'import to the various members of the (then secret) Société de la Rose-Croix.

Noblemen and women of fixed stations and commissions within their society (provincial, town and country) held fast to keep the knowledge in circulation, which would pass from the holy order through the courts of Europe. Into those hands certain precepts were to be entrusted.

There were two objectives in the collection of such material. Firstly, there was to be a compilation of the The Divine Order of Seven - Magnus Entrusta - Jewel of the Sea. Secondly, there were to be kept certain reliquiae that were gleaned from the Asiatic provinces, which hitherto various monks and scholars had held as custodians.

The task set out was an enormous endeavor: to collect all such material and guide it through to those vaults which were to be a depository for the holy works.

This mass peregrination of material was caused by the alarming incidence of robberies and deception. Whole communities were jeopardized by those who sought the material in order to commit the manuscripts and reliquiae into profane and degrading worship; furthermore to destroy such articles, that they would be no more.

Many artworks were included in this, whereupon veiled messages were concealed, as to the linkages of the true Order and its ways.

Frederick the Great

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Christian Rosenkreutz- 16th April 1991

CHRISTIAN Rosenkreutz was born in a small village in the fourteenth century. He was born the son of a merchant, who traveled abroad frequently. His mother passed away before the boy had yet become a man. 

He might have been a fairy prince for all the fascination that followed the onlookers of such a fine countenance. It appeared almost impossible that any man should deny his wishes. There was much to be said of the manner in which he strove throughout the world. Folk were all to keen to meet his needs at every stop, during his many lengthy travels, which began at the age of fourteen - similar to that of Francis.

He was truly beautiful to behold, and never did age mark or change his appearance. Fortunately, however, there was never an opportunity for men to question his age, as his presence would dumbfound the brightest inquirer. That which was to remain cloaked, was cloaked - necessarily so.

Adam became Christian. Christian has always been with us. 

All that is deemed favorable in the presence and aura of a man was strong with Christian. He had and does have, full command of all languages, although in the incarnation to which we refer, Latin was a profound passion. His speech was as poetry, his voice a culmination of the verses of the worlds.

Should we ever falter in objectives and outcome, we should look to the Master Christian and all doubt dispels. Surely when one questions such a most highly esteemed teacher of mankind, we can suppose that there must be, not only a representative on Earth of the most lowly of humanity, but also of the highest in Man. He may slip in and out of the worldly condition with the greatest of skillful joy - and the world of Man is his world, and all men his younger brothers.

It is not impossible to personally meet him today, if one can stay awake long enough in his company. He is the great inspirer, and there can be no conversation which could surpass his presence. He is a friend to all men, who are men.

He is Master to all pupils who would learn. 

Today is an important calendar day for such veneration. Hold these thoughts.

[1604- Father R.C.'s tomb opened. 16th April, St. Francis started Church.
16th of every month was kept holy to Mithras. St. Benedict’s birthday.]

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Testing of Experience Part 3

Continued 15th April 1991
As previously stated, there is an important and constant interplay that follows through in the course of daily life, where the individual is met on many levels with that which he may choose with his entire being to either accept voluntarily into himself, thus taking in that very essence in either the astral/etheric or Budhic/Manas, or battle on the commensurate level, in thereby rejecting that which confronts him. This is necessary to existence, and is part of that progression which we endeavor towards, called discernment.

However, in the case of the infant Man, the being accepts the impressions of the astral/etheric worlds around the babe; as too with the Budhic/Manas environment that is imposed and passed on to him by the surrounding souls entrusted to care for him. The child is protected by Christ - Christ who takes everything on every level unto Himself. 

Within Christ there are no battles taking place, and no thing is rejected, as all is purified and transmuted through Him and by Him, as sunlight penetrates and transmutes the darkness. This acceptance unto Him is as we know: Love.

The infant when born has one foot on the Earth and one in Heaven. His being does not identify the world as a personal arena of conflict. As Christ stands at the crib protecting the child until such a time that the infant may stand upright and walk in the world, then slowly the consciousness of opposing affinities weaves patterns of acceptance and resistance for the continuance of that earthly life. Otherwise the pain of the world would bear down with such a force that the infant would immeasurably suffer, notwithstanding an anxious existence.

In Paradise this would not be so, but mankind having fallen from Paradise in the forefathers preceding, has the burden of learning discernment. For example: should one take a man for a lifetime and place him in a room that would starve the senses, providing neither cold nor warmth, a slap or embrace, a taste bitter or sweet, a sound, neither scream nor symphony; how then would this soul come to know of any physical encounter? At the close of this pitiable life, what should have been gained in the glory of experience? So we say that in all the worlds of manifestation and expression, not only the physical world, one must not deny such testing and experience that calls on our beings daily.

God Bless,


Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Testing of Experience Part 2

Continued 14th April 1991

In the preceding lesson we spoke of the voluntary nature with which Man receives pleasures, and how thus the interaction occurs within the astral and etheric substance of that which is in both the pleasure itself and Man. Also comment was made on denial and rejection of certain confronting astral and etheric natures within certain circumstances, which in turn are not received but are distinguished as a pain to the individual that confronts – a veritable angel on the one hand and a dragon on the other.

Taken a step further we should like to comment that this voluntary acceptance also applies very much to the Budhi and Manas of Man. Spiritual teachings can never be imposed on Man because Man has to be in a state of questioning, acceptance and receiving within his Budhi and Manas faculties, in order to assimilate those teachings into himself. Those teachings of the spirit must be absorbed into the spirit and this requires a voluntary acceptance and a wholly embracing of the teachings. Were this not so there would necessarily be conflict and rejection, and the individual is no better for the instruction.

This explains somewhat when it is referred to that "the time must be right". It is to say that teachings and wisdom thereby are never held back from any individual, that it is impossible for the individual to receive wholeheartedly into his Budhic/Manas comprehension, that which he may in fact be fighting against in his lower nature and not identify consciously in the higher, at a given stage.

Conversely, there are beings who would impose upon a soul with various methods, and as we have thus explained it is virtually an impossibility to make any impression in the arena of conflict and rejection, unless acceptance by that soul has taken place. However sickness, both mental and physical can occur, and does occur, when there is repeated conflict; and in some cases insanity.

With the elderly one can often witness where faculties withdraw prematurely to their respective sphere, where resistance is no longer possible for their will-forces to actively resist, resist, resist. It may be symptomatic purely of the inability to meet the concepts of a modern age; and where there is no acceptance on the respective Budhic/Manas spheres, as a muscle withers with unuse, so it is that the ability is weakened to meet with the world concepts at all.

Often in the case of insanity, the individual has gone too far in entertaining the devils that have arisen within their sphere of life, and at a certain point the soul has identified the creatures for what they are, and has ceased to voluntarily absorb such into themselves. Then the only back door in which to escape is to desert the whole physical fabric in which they dwell, and happily withdraw out of harm's way. The devils in question do appear in the individual however, and in the cases of possession one might truly believe that they have won their imposing way over that soul. But the soul has truly vacated and withdrawn on all levels save astral and etheric, where the fight of resistance is no longer pressing in on them, requiring resistance- almost alike to wires that have been in electrical overload.

So one would almost require a fitness regime of sorts in order to meet with the pendulum of resistance and acceptance, and discernment in both the Budhic/Manas substance/worlds of our daily living, and the voluntary acceptance or denial of confrontations in the world of desire, indwelling within the astral/etheric regions of daily life.

Now you have the explanation as to why teachings must be asked for, doors must be knocked, prayers must be made; for without the willingness to receive, not a scrap may be given or received……


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