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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Question on Alcohol- 3rd August 1996

Dear Elder Brothers,
The issue of alcoholic beverages has a chequered past ranging from it being the 'draught of death' through your castigation of inebriation (implying perhaps the acceptance of moderation as compared to excess?), to Christ's teaching that 'nothing that goes into a man defiles him, only that which proceeds from a man'.

Some of us your co-workers, motivated by a desire to help the commonplace man feel more at home with us, have held that partaking up to the second glass was acceptable during the celebratory meals which sometimes follow our outreach studies, communions and pageants.These same co-workers are unwilling to dictate to others how they should behave on this issue.

We are absolutely clear that we cannot touch a drop of alcohol when committed to study or worship, in particular with respect to your sacred teachings. Up until now the imbibers as above, have taken any folly of more than two glasses as a normal sin along with say greed, gluttony, lying etc. etc. - by 'normal' meaning forgivable through the mercy of Christ.

However, we have come to depend upon your teachings to find our pathways into the future, along with our powers of discernment of the good and Christ's teachings in the Scriptures.

___ is aware that you have withdrawn from us and saw that this happened at the moment alcohol was introduced at the dinner which followed our pageant. The stopping of supply in a democratic government is known as the last drastic measure to be used only after everything else has failed to bring about a change for the good. We are therefore keenly aware that something deadly serious is at stake here - something more than Sin itself.

We desire to be the example to Mankind of the lifestyle that you, above all, advocate, and if abstinence for the sake of ensuring optimum clarity of consciousness at all times is required then we seek your comments on the above points for our consideration and final decision.

By the way, we love you, miss you and are fretful of a future without you.
Love, J.

Dearest Friend,
It is with an arcane travesty - the same story told in Man repeatedly - that God is mistaken in forgery and paths are split. Through willowed ways and myriads of error, when the careless submit their differentiation and desire for discrimination, forlorn are our young, abandoned are our elders... to a facetious account of life, self-styled and purportedly chosen without care.

Yet how can any choice be made if the qualification to choose is relinquished? How strong are the coherent forces in Man when he is breaking asunder with complicity? Can the mind turn back upon itself and suffer repeatedly the nonsense to which it has been given to? What is to be asked-for by each man, for what is asked-for to be then given? How can one be given and another weaken - do we test the strength until that strength is exhausted, or shall we hearken to the gift ere then we value it well? We are glad of your asking, for this is no small matter as you have guessed.

All substance speaks of its own origin. It has inherent within it, and in expression of itself, a spiritual, quintessential modality and imprint, which not only relates unto its properties given, but to its family of properties long past. We too, in addition to the those lesser corporate beings, hold our heritage in essence, with all of that to which is implied.

Many beings are convened in Man. Shared signatures imply a cohesive evolution; however, apart from the immediate and more obvious relationships Man shares with the material world around him, there are also those signature beings who associate upon an unseen level.

Christ was as the mother who must contest and make claim for her children now stolen. Christ is as the father, who must leave the family to fight, in order that the battle lines do not draw in any closer. And Christ is as the shepherd sitting at a fire-lit campsite, staring back into the glowing eyes which surround him: these wolves of the night.

There can be multifarious explanations given as to the deleterious effect ferments bring upon the constitution, the organization, mind-soul and relations of Man. And we can do this: we may address each and every point of question, so that the understanding of the consequences, both immediate and of those compounding, are to be considered plainly and without confusion. Whether it be wines, cordials, beers, liqueurs, ciders or even 'tonics' consumed, whether it be one pint or one ounce, the effect upon the heart and soul are same; for which we shall begin to describe.

When, through the great gates of Chaldea, burst tens of thousands of visitors, when the Roman world relished its bounties and the grape was given to be the god's own produce, the sunshine infilled the grape so powerfully that the etheric properties therein prolonged life and visibly radiated out from it.

It was not merely token to prosperity, it was prosperity. The vine was wrought into metal work and trailed through garden, farm and cottage. The bulbous drops were pregnant with god-quality, for the Sun had then a differing configuration alongside our etheric life amongst the world - the two then, before Christ, were not one and the same as is now.

Perhaps this is the reason why the grape should be the first to deny Him as it did - perhaps it had long thought itself to be the first ambassador of Christ, and resented His Presence now permeating all life green and grown ... whatever the consternation, the grape departed its place of importance to Man and was given to shame, shortly after Christ's crucifixion.

When the Sun had left the sky, and exhumed itself within our very Earth, the etheric world was endorsed by our Lord as He melded with it and also therefore combined with our very futures. The Sun of the grape was no longer an immigrative transport - it had become inherent within its life, whilst also to be found in commensurate abundance everywhere.

The process of fermentation is the action of parasitic vampirism. It is when life from one nature is quickened by the death of another nature and expands with an astral attitude, from which a sub-life may then manifest. This process is anti-life even though in the technical sense it is also manfestive of abundant life-energy. It is anti-life because the natures involved are without cooperation - either in evolution or in force - and it is the very repelling feature and reactiveness to which the great fires respond with further 'life'.

An inversion then occurs, and if the effect of the same is then conspired to within a man, it is in this case, as though the Sun has departed from his sky - the light from his own consciousness now gone - and he is living as in the blackened day. Those who have been even ever so slightly intoxicated will know of this malady and of the fright that may grip at the heart when their internal bearings are lost into a darkness which stifles the sense and the soul…………………………………………………….

There are guardian hosts which encompass the evolution of plant families and animal families. These beings all differ as to their roles requested and roles attributed in actuality. Some plants and animals have futures to fulfill, some shall adapt and re-embody with great development, whilst others may well become extinct for the time being, until such a time when the cycles recommence in similar conditions to that which they have known. If a species cannot make the jump into the future, then it may await the next round of associate manifestation and renew itself then………………..

Before Christ the forces incurred [alcohol] were mysteriously faithful to the Sun, and therefore to Him. Wakefulness, in respect to self, was the outcome. A man may be drunken with a joy or with the melancholy, but whichever overtook his emotion, it was nonetheless all material to him; there was a concentration of self and of impending incarnation. The actual process which encroached upon the 'sub-life' did not effect the grape or grain at that point in that same way, for it was by the forces of the Sun that such was enhanced and made stronger…………………………………

The pleasure experienced comes from the blood itself. The experience is not unlike that which occurs when we are given to experience a true love for something or somebody outside of ourselves.

Our wills are manifest most prominently in the blood, and the ego's activity can be felt in the quickening when our subtle bodies are expansive and our soul-expression is open and enlivened………………………

There can be two individuals who as drinking partners feel quite wonderful in each other's company, but it can be witnessed within the interaction (or lack thereof) that they are not exchanging between each other, they are in fact appearing to talk to themselves. It is quite like a man who is tickling himself and laughing along…….

Some of Rudolf Steiner's indications.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Being Partial to Christ- 7th July 1996

Dear Teachers,
I have a question related to the synonymity of sin and sickness. It seems that, by and large, both traditional scientific medicine, and the more recent natural and homeopathic remedies, ignore sin. Involved in both of these streams, physical substances, together with etheric and astral forces, are used.

However, we have been asked to always bless the remedy before use. This act is of enormous importance, particularly in respect to the said remedy being the forgiveness of Sin as well as the healing of sickness.
Can you please teach us more about this ritual act of the blessing of remedial substance and also the subsequent workings in the recipient on the levels of both sickness and sin?

TO be made apparent, to become revealed, for want of acknowledgment, in need of defining - to be, but not yet found - in plan, in seed, in a dormant pre-existence, Goodness sits and waits Man's finding.

The science of health has followed the science of social politics, i.e. one of understanding illness in terms of attack and eradication, saying that defense ennobles death caused by insult, and finally that murder is good if it is justified (assuming that it is justified). It is not unusual to hear it said that there is a 'war' going on within a man's body who suffers a sickness, and it is with this approach of slaying the said enemy that we understand, as best we can, the concept of a subsequent conquering. However the health of a man does not need such aggressiveness in its defense. In kindness to self and to the conditions in which we harbor, we may learn a peaceable road to tolerance and to radiant health, one which is exceptionally good, rather than exceptionally evasive to the ailment.

Redemption of sin is just that. It is the forgiveness and redeeming of sin, of Sin itself! It is not as an assault, neither is it a slaying; and though we may well be advised to cast off an affliction, it may only be done so with love rather than despisal.

The keys of Man both physically and spiritually, are entwined with Sin, and it is through the existence of Sin that men have been tested, tried and delivered into much greater experience than would have been without. Its two faces, the one of the gorgon, the other of great beauty, did herald an appraisal of life hitherto unknown.

They are as the chocks of the soul. Just as 'black' contains the as yet unseen colors, so too does sin contain the space for greater virtue to become realized in Man.

Our question today begins with the surmise that physical remedies for sickness ignore sin in their application. We may come to this discussion two ways. Firstly we can ask if there is a respondent to Sin within the physical aspect, an element or quality of virtue which has a wisdom within it which may address a given sin within a man.

The action of prayer in the aspect of willing is a driven, (not a given) empowered and empowering directly from the longitude of the Holy Spirit. All things are quickened by the Holy Spirit, including the powers of any given virtue. As the heat exorcises the flower from bud and furthers the perfume, our powers brought in and brought forth from the governing wisdom of the 'engine', of the holy spiritual powers, impel remedies to mature within the physical representation.

Without the consultation of heavenly endorsement we find that the physical properties are present but immature, incomplete as it were. To say that there are useful properties nonetheless there, even though they are far less than what they could be, is also true.

Secondly, we may view this point with a further question, namely, to what extent may a physical remedy identify any particular or given sin? Is it possible for virtue to know what it is not? And can we afford to ignore the causal factors in our prescription?

When the blind man was healed [John 9:1-25] he maintained that he did not know of the sin, but that he did know that he was once blind and now could see. From this we find an indication in the nature of Man that his perception of self quite often comes to him in a secondary sense. The immediate and presenting problems are more readily comprehended in an abstract manifestation.

I will open my mouth in parables I will utter what has been hidden since the foundation of the World.
-Matthew 13:35

Our parabolic understanding began with the picture images which live retained within our souls. Pictures of events long past represent many inspirations to us, even though we have not the eyes or the glass to view them as they are, whilst we are within the earthly senses. Yet this World is as a living parable to Spirit, and Creation's beginnings are carried within the memory of Christ, who may recall them for us.

Our mortal selves, that which breathes and suffers the need for renewal, the transient qualities which comprise a man's lesser bodies, they too are in parable to the Higher Self which is causal to the least. In Christian law we are asked repeatedly to give consideration to the very least in all things, and no less to that of ourselves, just as to that of our brother. That in the small we find great, that by youth we may come understand eternity, that our Father God does not measure as we do, for He is particular when we are vague, and He is broad visioned, all visioned, when we are but small-minded.

Amongst all of this we often live in analogy or parody to our true selves, living secondary responses, which come close to the reality of being - alongside it - but are not directly responsive to it.

In this we may acknowledge the certain efficacy of various remedies (providing that they have come from a virtuous stock in the first place). However, observation of the ignorance of their action of atonement may be viewed thus:

If I am not doing the works of my Father, then do not believe me; but if I do them, even though you do not believe me, believe the works, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me and I am in the Father.
-John 10:37 38

If the action of a remedy works upon a man so that his health has improved and his disposition also, it can be said then a man shall come to know his Christ moreso by this happening. If the sin has not itself been redeemed then it shall surely manifest in other problems along the way, but in this also shall the man come to know his Christ self, through that peril and through the saving from.

If a child goes to the edge of a steep decline and is brought back by the arms of a protecting elder he shall not know of the fall that lay ahead, and it may be that he shall return back to the same place, to be yet retrieved again. He will not know of the danger, but he will come to know of the arms that draw him back. By this he will know that he is not to pursue a harm.

We may sense a sin but do we ever really come to know it as it is? Were a man to see his accompanying sin about him and of the world as well, then he should be witless as a result of the shock; he would excarnate with such a rapidity ne'er to return! Such is the hideous and horrific reality of sin! Seemingly is this the Dweller on the Threshold, yet still we say only in part! How protected we are, how safe as babes we are, from this horrid realization of the grotesque and obscure forms, untamed and uncouth, that we suffer.

Yet to this we may add that Man has hidden also from him his remarkable beauty, such is as his spiritual wealth, his divine and glorious countenance, when unclothed and bare to the spirit within. Men know of this handsomeness in love, from one to another, in glimpse and adoration, being then parabolic to God.

It is true to suggest that the remedy to sickness is inherent in substance, given its relation to the many bodies of Christ as are Him. These belong to His qualities as so do we, "particularly in the light of", yes particularly in the Light of. However, there is this difference, that in the calling to Him we call directly to He who shall respond not just in substance, but in consciousness. If I call across a room to nothing, nothing in particular shall respond. If I call out across a room to a vegetable it shall not perceive much of my message to it and shall not respond. If I call out to a sound activated electric light it may accordingly flash on. If I call out to Christ He will know that I have called, He will consciously perceive my presence and my need; and although not seen, He will be there.

So you see that when we talk about the effectiveness of substance and the calling in of Christ in this regard, it is not as much as to say that the tonic or the cure is more potent along lines of its own simply; or even that its enhancement is the whole story - for that alone, divorced of the consideration as to Christ's being, with individual regard for Him, is just magic.

To conspire spiritually is to perform a magic. When we call Christ, we do not have the power ourselves to summon Him. That is not our place. It is He that has the power and we who ask His mercy at all times.

For this reason my Father loves me, because I lay down my life, that I may take it again.
No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have power to lay it down and I have power to take it again; this charge I have received from my Father.
-John 10:17 18

That He lays down His very Life in consideration for us and for our needs, this is something we could never command to be so, no matter how professionally a ritual was conducted. There is not enough magic within the world to actually convince or coerce our Christ's presence where He would not have it be. It behooves us to have the correct attitude when coming to consider His Healing and how we should call to Him. (Unfortunately the sin of arrogance can thwart the original intention in the process, and it is arrogant for any man to assume authority over Christ. However, although this thought may seem of little concern, we can say that it is prevalent amongst so very many who believe that they can petition or commission Christ to be as they will. As a result of this sadly, the prayers are blocked and useless in the exercise.)

We can return for a moment to the beginning of this work where it was suggested that the mentality of most is to assume health and illness to be something of a saga of war. If this were the case then our assumption would be that indeed it is Christ who is the most powerful in terms of might against such. Simply put, we counter this by saying that we would not choose to kill ourselves in order to save ourselves from sickness, and that Man and his sin are so linked that the answer must be that both sin and its polarizing virtue be harvested together. Just as the weed and the wheat must be let to grow alongside, sin and its corresponding remedy must come together in Man.

As to the ritual act of blessing the remedy concerned:

For this people's heart has grown dull, and their ears are heavy of hearing, and their eyes have closed, lest they perceive with their eyes, and hear with their ears and understand with their heart, and turn for me to heal them.
Matthew 13:15

It is paramount to our calling that this is known in the heart afore all else. As we have discussed, much of our impressionings and perceptions are secondary, they are not direct or pure to the immediate truth of that which lies within us or without us.

Love, as experienced in Man, brings forth a greater clarity than any other expression. When we love truly it becomes as Christ's Love bringing His vision and His endearment. When we are moved to pity for another and call to Him on their behalf, the remedy is immediate, even though the apparent symptoms of the sickness, sin or both may still remain. In time, and overall, we can be assured that these symptoms will dissipate. This is promised to us by Christ of God. Each man may be saved, if only the compassionate love of another, one that is selfless and moved with a compunction of mercy, has called to our Christ from need. There is no doubt as to the power of Man which lies in his spiritual love.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Synonymity of Sin & Sickness- 2nd July 1996

Dear Teachers,
Regarding healing, what comes to mind is our knowledge of the initiates trained in the mystery schools to heal; also the witch doctors in primitive tribes and the medicine men in early civilizations. These people 'called down' the spiritual forces to enable the healings.
What was so different with Christ Jesus and His healings? He seemed to heal from within Himself and went on to say that all men have this 'individual ability'. He seemed surprised at His own power or energy when the woman touched His garment and He felt drained.
I have the impression that it was all new to Him also. It also appears that all the healings Jesus did were asked for: a one-to-one experience from the heart rather than the calling down of spiritual forces. What is the difference (as in end result) of their healings - if healed, why is one better than the other? When is a healing not good?
Thanks again,

THE words sin and sickness are synonymous. Such synonymity, although heralding a confusion, brings also much to answer Christ's healing as opposed to that healing without Him.

"Blessed is he who is not offended by me" [Luke 7:23] - it is the sins that indignantly protest our Christ within and are offended by His Being and His Presence, not a man, who by mercy may be released from his sin and his sickness were he to relinquish them to Christ.

When is a healing not effective? Precisely when the wineskins are old, for should it be that a man is outwardly cured of his sickness, yet his sin lingers on within his soul then he shall continue in illness, whether it is seen or unseen.

Neither is new wine put into old wine-skins; if it is, the skins burst, and the wine is spilled, and the skins are destroyed; but new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved.
Matthew 9:17

There is a power which is greater than an energy, a power which belongs alongside the essence of all Creation, rather than moves as an isolated element in amongst it. This power of powers, if you will, is our Christ. There is nothing which is not at His disposal, nor nothing above His command. He does not tire, nor does Man ever surprise Him. The very image of Christ being so, usurps our confidence most radically, and we should be cautioned as to regarding Him in such an ordinary fashion alike to the responses within an ordinary man.

However, and having said that, there were and still are, moments of long and drawn out suffering which He goes on to endure. That He is beyond this suffering, yet endures it, also brings us to the similar question as to why He must tolerate those who hold no faith in Him and keep their faith safe until such time as they shall turn to Him.

His Power, so named, is polarized. His dimension is this dimension, so that rather than by 'calling down', we may draw in; and by our faith, by our trust, this is effected. The energies of life and of deathly life assume rank one upon another. The laws entitle them to find their domains and rent their issue with mutual consideration. Christ holds the ribbons of energy as though they were streamers flying from a stick, but He has no use for them when it comes to the being of Man to rid him of his illness.

So we can ask why is it that a man is not so instantly good? Why can't we win perfection in just the moment of that desire? Yet to do this we must perfect that desire also. We must come to know what it is that we truly wish to be, and then how it is to be.

Christ answers the immediate, this is so. The affirmations of His Love must be maintained forever on and into the future - our proclamation of love for Him is not just a once-of utterance. We learn to revitalize our faith and diminish our sins in daily conquest. We learn also our differentiation in such matters that afford the heart and its determining, so that we become keen to respond to the need in the world, and not only to that of our own self's salvation.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Memoriam- July 1996

Before you go I have to ask, did the motion move complete?
Were the Autumn's gold,
And the Season's mask too warm, too cold,
Too brief?
In one tallying breath or thought, now gone,
Of a mood barely felt of a faraway song,
Can we know what was meant?
Or make good the intent,
And simply be done?

As a man we begin self styled humors all told,
By the Spirit's grace,
Yet with aged face,
All soon takes its place,
In tribute to self.

We exchange a provision for creating the compound,
Skip skies and cluster clouds,
Heave waves and then we firm the ground,
Tow the rope that pulls this world around,
Coal the furnace to stoke our beloved Sun.

Come to me now my company,
Come to me, my dear soul friends,
That we may all give thanks together,
For moments known and moments shared,
For scenes and dreams and in betweens,
And even all those could have beens.

Behind the milk glass pane awaits great friendships to renew,
Of lovers and children, angels anticipate,
Of parent and sibling there too.

And here in best robes, the soul's drapery,
We move about in the light and warmth of our God in our finery;
Magnetic our love, to this and that one,
Magnetic our drive to His Grace and His Love.
Snow is naught but snowflake,
Our world comprised of people.

Life is causal deep engrossed in voluminous divinity;
Death's mildew dissolves in this new day soon won,When together we wake to same morning, same Sun.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Milk; Denying Incarnation; & Embracing God- 1st July 1996

BEFORE there was sorrow there was milk. Before there were tears expired, then remote to sadness, long before those who now know how to weep had wept, there was milk.

All substance is profound, yet some substances have eternal implication. Salts for example, remain residual in chaos, in Heaven, after mist. Before time and prominently after time, the testimonial salts remain.

Milks have secreted from plant, animal and heavenly being - substance as sustenance, imparted to further yet another life other than their own. Here the principle turns to nurture that which is upon its own plane, that rather than from hierarchical domain, comes impulse and influence to nurture. Upon its own does it create to fulfill its own, and that is the outstanding nature and principle of milk.

Yes, the fluid of milk transports soul-life and soul-love, certainly in ways immeasurably greater than any other substance imbuing, save the clear water itself which is transmuted. However, this principle just mentioned also gives us the cosmic picture in this lateral equation.

When divinities themselves cease to merely "pass through" from their way, on their way, it is then when like can heal like, like can be like, like can further like, upon its own level. This principle is necessarily understood as regards ourselves and our dealings with others. Likeness need not be understood to be as sameness, for to be 'in like' is similar, not same. Yet also may we know that there can be other accompanying variables which incorporate men and their mix as well.

To be one and the same, to be individually contrasted yet in likeness to also, is party to the healing and sustaining found upon the arms of the Cross. Our world must heal itself in ways that spirit cannot penetrate from the top only down. You may picture, if you will, how small the opening is into this and that vessel, whilst how greater the spread may be when the spirit moves laterally out into the world at large. But it must meet world with world. For this there must be a mutual speak, a mutual comprehension and a mutual grasping.

Like souls seek out the company that will sustain them for a good reason. Without such true companionship they would be bereft of their vessel to give to and receive by, in understanding and in connection, in spirituality and in kinship; as need there is for outpouring and receiving with those in likeness to one's being.

How often the answers are here and all around us! The poet and the artist, the geometrician, the scientist, the problems that quiz the mind in random search are often found answer to in the immediate natural world, which has inspired the truth of the question there and then. How frequently too the troubled may look to the 'ordinary' world about them and find an illustration of some wonderful story which unfurls itself within the reach of their soul.

It is when we meet, just as stones in the road with successive sequence ongoing, that we advance, both on this plane, but also into the higher realms as well. This fundamental principle involves our Father God and His presence in this transaction. Picture: Father God resides at the beginning, and then as we move away (are pushed with forces extreme), our links remain, our channels back are in place, however we are removed. And then to cease the descent and level out, give over the forces laterally to a good and greater purpose, Father God is brought in, His Presence becomes in the giving between two. In the travel out and down we have one solitary action. By combining, in the giving, we have as was His initial Creation, that one gives life unto another. Never was there a holier principle than this.

When plants gave milk to men and sustained them, there were also combined with the men, those natures of the plant-world which belonged as expression, to higher beings. The plant was brought to manifest as an organ belonging to an angelic soul, one which gave itself in the love of Man to be as 'mother' to man, then in incarnating infancy.

At this point men could not fathom other men, although they viewed each other internally upon reflection. Directly, there was as though no sight, there was warmth, there was world, but no outer ego recognition. Father God here was experienced in the receiving, but not in the giving from each young soul.

But prior to this, before the attempt at physical incarnation, the spirits of men held intercourse with lively recognition and were suited and matched with definition and with prominence. The negotiations which have been labored, have brought to men a little of a dishevelment; yet always the 'bright sparks' they were; beginning as such they shall return to be so.

In early ages the wisdom of each man exceeded that of the lesser gods. The comprehension encompassed the spiritual mind of man so that wherever he sought inquiry he found instant understanding. A man's spirit was so gifted that he held an eager love for every ongoing fascination and he was transported here and there in wonder continually; but with no containment to speak of! However, with containment came stupidity, and Man had to then work his way through the corridors of finding one by one.

The word "trust" can be mentioned here (again). The infant does trust in the goodness of the milk and takes it. If the infant did not have this trust, all of the process to follow would be blocked. So in this principle we can examine what is necessary for the receiver in his relation to God and to gift, that not only does it involve a mother giving to her young in the outpouring, but it does also require the complete trusting of they who are to receive.

Our reliance upon one another is unquestionable. We are impelled into incarnation for the corporate will of Man decrees this so. Even though there becomes an individual merit and placement within the worldly field of being, there is an overwhelming attachment we have to the greater man who guides us in precedent. Because the archetypal man follows particular cosmic pathways through to repetitive incarnation, we by higher instinct, know the way to follow in progressive steps. The spiritual plotting of the charts has preceded our individual movements amongst the stars, for one reason that can be readily understood: that without a select guidance, inborn and innate, we would surely be lost to the countless other regions that we hold keys for but no relation to, at this point of time. Man has been limited in his travels, even though it appears that his opportunities are vast, the cosmic fields are innately cordoned and his spheres of activity are select and few.

The instance of a man wishing to cease from incarnating altogether has been questioned, asking if he is indeed obliged to return. For this we may first examine the suicide, who does at the extreme, by action and by idea, protest life, incarnation and the desire to further re-embody.

Oddly, as paradox would have it, he is firstly bound for a definite time to the one region that he sought to escape from. The ego who has defied his own instinct to express himself through earthly life is bound to the same, body or no. When comes the proper and designed time for the Angel of Death to receive him, he does find the same sweet peace as is then, and only then, in normal due. This parting experience secures the ordinary soul for the return journey. The man, whether tortured in life or after life in quasi-life, shall still be met with such an angel as does bring the supplication required to heal all pain.

The second instance of denying incarnation is that of the spiritually offended. Should the grass be reluctant to receive the burdensome weight of the dew-drop? Does the cow mistrust the sweetness of the dew-moist grass? Shall our gratitude fall into hapless suspicions and afeared outcomes?

A man may be split so that he ceases his manhood and becomes, in part, an entity which no longer rides the tide with humanity. However if this has been achieved by him - the cessation to incarnate - then it is not just a hesitation but a deprivation forever on. As to the retrieval of such souls, we cannot say- lost to systems and states, some divine and some demonic. All are still embraced by Father God and loved accordingly. Not all will remember who they are or what has passed.

So to answer that question in full, it is not just a simpleminded objection to incarnation that shall hold a man back from his destined pathway here. Yet if it does come to the bent of the ego and the spoil of his nature, having rid himself of all good earthly involvements and meaning, then it shall be as he declares for himself, eternally.

The disdain and recoil from the physical world is misplaced, insofar as it is innocent unto itself and naive to the frustrations of the spirit. We may coax ourselves into a greater compatibility - a harmonious health - if it is that we are welcoming to life itself and trusting to it.

The evils which thwart Man were not from the Earthly domain but rather from the spiritual worlds:

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against Principalities, against the Powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
Ephesians 6:11-12

So we may understand that where life meets life upon this plane, where life gives life and there enters God, there is goodness. When it comes to pass that we seek to withdraw, and no longer trust in this life that would sustain us then we withdraw from the experience of God also.

God is incarnate through our giving to one another. Likeness alone is not sufficient. The world itself could shaft away from its spiritual origins were it to be content upon itself, without the infilling presence of God. Man to man, upon this plane, does not satisfy the spirit or our God. All things within this world naturally concur amongst themselves, in those likenesses they share. Order, law and subsequent harmony come not from such likenesses in total but from intervention from the 'above' making possible the mix of greater differences.

We may take the physical example and employ the same principle within our spiritual needs. Our benefactors and our deliverers can meet with us at same station, at appointed time, feeding the need and bringing ease to the soul. Selflessness implies God. The sharing of self inspires God. It is with the love of a parent or same love of a child we can understand our relationship to God.

He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
- Matthew 10:37

If father is set upon his child or child against mother as the Scripture implies (Matthew 10:34), it is because the father is no longer a true father, in God, or the daughter, a true daughter to the mother whom she is set upon. To love one another, before loving Christ, before loving God, is a self-love in likeness alone. To love Christ firstly and embrace God before that love of person, is to greet that person in the highest esteem, permitting a love that knows both likeness and difference. If love is to be based upon likeness only, then it stands to follow that arguments will sooner or later ensue. If love is to incorporate the Heavenly grace of a greater love than is consciously understood, then we may revere the person, by firstly revering our beloved God and Christ.

Each man who comes to us as representative of Christ in goodness, who by deed or by word has been touched with his active love, is an emissary of God that we must not turn away lest we offend Him. This is so.

The physical substance of mammal-milk today is imbued with properties to which all milk subscribes namely:
  • fats (trust)
  • sugars (joy)
  • coagulants (stability) (within place)
  • fluid (heavenly ego permeated with sacrifice, rejoicing life and life-giving) 
  • imaginings (impressionable to dream-bearing, increases drowsiness in return to latent Father God).

Monday, August 30, 2010

Festival Celebration- 23rd June 1996

AMONGST the many who attended there, accompanied with them such wistful hope, barely recognized, yet present, that they be healed. The healing which is called for, the healing which is longed for, began for those present, collected in a humble grace, sequenced by the calling from the majority. Such gatherings are significant!

In trust the people look to the strongest lights amongst them, and when the joining of heavenly influence and immediate man has been achieved through these leading individuals, there is a grace which is peculiar to such a public event.

One of the strengths of the format was precisely because of the diversity of souls - the representation of need and of attitude rather than direct familiarity and therefore, commonality. Whilst it is true to say that organized gatherings of certain folk who are bound in work and with mutual karmic implications, also makes longterm a fixed impression of its own reality in being, it can be equally maintained in the broader delivery, that such a public pageant which brings together many who have not yet met before in that mix, also has a valuable purpose.

There is a distinction firstly between reason and cause, that all individuals who attended did so because of a hope and a curiosity which spoke within their higher being. This is important to note, as a gathering who assemble for sports, politics and the like, are motivated from the outset with an earthly-intended concentration in which the arrows, so to speak, are shot laterally only.

But all that Christ requires is an open heart, and when least expected, as often as is not, it is the Christian festivity which brings the healing; that with solemnity yes, but also with endeavor to create, rather than just receive. This creation of event, of designed yet improvised pageantry, is a beginning to communities to come. It is of this form of gathering which we will live out one day, in the reality of souls which combine in a township over many years.

Festival celebrations bring the best of people to each other; they make mix of the many varied notes of humankind in a way which encourages one another to be responsive to their immediate world.

However the importance here is borne in the very intention begun. Then in following through we find that the future itself is inspired to continue, that the garden planted today has now trees which will have a spiritual seed, literally speaking of course.

The value of true community is that the organization of Man is dependent upon its example. The physical laws are as intermixed upon the higher causations, yet again with an uncanny paradoxical play. Determinations are without sequence, that the many forces which conspire to make up the constitution of a man may be dependent upon some men proving their constitution in the world. That a body of men receive the heavenly influence and incur the heavenly order to that influence, portends then to the physiology of the whole of the remainder of men.

Not all the world need to change into such activities else the time should not come in time enough. This is so in evidence. However, should there become yet more perfect events and gatherings and happenings - and too, in numbers small but perfect also - then the remedial and creative forces may enter into this world and into all men because of such.

Without Christ present, being called upon in reverence, it is just as though the host himself were not present at the party. Men come together in shopping malls, they concentrate minds upon newspaper items collectively, they share mutuality in almost everything they do ... and this alone does not provide enough substance for a future. There is no drive which shall come from commonalty alone - 'sharing' on a mundane level is precisely mundane and without enduring substance.

When we exact ourselves in intention for Christ we have an effort which is not only empowered, but also is considerate. The element amongst the gathering which did stream in and around them was of consideration; and such an element brings of itself a great healing to those who are open to it, and then by the practicing of it.

Consideration is elemental to the Angelic kingdom. As men and women we receive such talents as offspring from the higher beings themselves, whose accompanying beings - their servants of thought, will, and desire - bring us their influence also. In this case, if you stop to consider for a moment what the word implies, we may welcome you to it (as it has been overlooked as virtue, and yet is most powerful and relevant to Man). 

The act of consideration is in the context of the holy compunction of a considerate being, one who is driven to act with care and carefully with love, with compassion, to slightest detail, placing others before self without first thought. Obliging, creating, performing, even listening with consideration, this and also the context of the act itself inwardly, allows the virtue of consideration to take place, that is in giving time to something without dismissal, without prejudgment, without aggravation, without intolerance. This is indeed the holiest of attitudes whereupon a man is not committed, but he does lend himself to that which begs his consideration and he is more enhanced because of it.

To take the time for something, particularly something which is not in the immediate reckoning (and this goes for the spiritual worlds and experience also) is difficult for most. Men rarely relax unto the influence of a true and proper considerate attitude. When the ego has accelerated its course and denied the possibilities which are offered it, there becomes a sclerosis of attitude which inhibits the holy encumbrance.

This terminology is given with a gentle humor, yet legitimately owned. For consideration has never been deemed an encumbrance by those who have known its compulsion and its drive, yet from this is the very substance of our future humanity! The same substance that gives the teacher his love for his pupil gives the stronger their compassion for the frail, because by it we are enlivened to the beauty of those things before us and their worthiness before God.

All forms and expression carry beauty which mirrors their origin and realization. All manifestation is remarkably of the divine spirit which cannot but help bear the beauty of such, intrinsic and whole ... Yet without consideration we are little more than bemused - we are deft in our acknowledgment, but not enlivened to the true reality.

Those who are impassioned on behalf of the forests and moved to protest their holocaust are inspired by their beauty more and more, and at the same time they care for the trees they should save. So in the caring itself they are awakened to ever more beauteous aspects, and are moved to care, moved to beauty, in a way which becomes more deeper and intense, and therefore more impassioned as well.

The true charm speaks to the man, whatever his involvements which promote his ongoing consideration. In this he may value - and truly value it is - something which to most appears only 'ordinary'; for they have not the keys in, won and worked for, which enables them to see as God Himself does love.

Creative worship is of itself sense-building, that the higher senses may incorporate that which was then experienced. Not all sound is same sound in relation to the effect upon our sense of hearing and its higher correspondent. For just as only some sounds ever reach through to our consciousness to be acknowledged, our sense of 'higher hearing' shall only take in the holy note, which is given in and by the spirit of those who have transmuted the physical expression of song into contest.

Prayers contest the world; as do prayerful songs. Prayerful songs appease the higher ear and please the spirit who is then well reminded of those cosmic lullabies in which it was first raised.

Song, in point of fact, is spirit-speak. Although this world is our beloved world and precious to us, there are many corruptions which we do contest by way of our higher strivings. This contest itself will one day set all aright and to order. It is a muscle flex to be welcomed, proving worth against worth, bringing strength to make a strength.

The breaking of bread in His name feeds the higher self also. Once again the sense reality has a higher transfiguration, and the future organization of Man is implicated also.

When men are to cease from movement and be still together; and then in obliging accordance are to make move (in dance, in procession, or pebble walk) we have a consideration given to the whole. The attention of all is orchestrated within that time in that group, and by such, when coupled with a higher motivation, relates to the sense of movement and our very relation to the world, as spirit rides in upon the wave of its fleshy embankment.

So with the corporate intention we have lent ourselves to, for a short time the workings come inward individually and then pass out into further implications for the organization of Man.

Were a wood fire to have been lit, then the fragrance of that nature would reach the higher sense also. Similarly, in subtle reach, the sea air and flower patch infills the higher sensibilities as well. For in Christ we are enhanced.. by Christ we are made known. We invite Him on behalf of ourselves, but that He come for all others, and in this we have new life laid down in root beginnings.

Let Love to Live

By mercy His hand took my palm,
And led me to the love that was yours,
Through eyes of care I’ve seen my own,
By the Grace of love I’ve lived outworn.

From soul to soul His love does pass;
I’ve felt His Breath and held His grasp,
And now I wait again for Him,
Be here for me new life begin.

And I for you will always be,
With patience care considerately,
As angel, as patron as lover does love,
All the time that you need I shall give you dear God.

For surely it is that all time is of yours,
And the life that we live is the life you adore,
And the strength that is strong is the strength you have won,
Please let love to live, that our futures be born.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Anti-Christ- 1st June1996

THERE used to be a test, a competition held for would-be initiates where there were a great many hearts held out upon platters and one was to be chosen, to be then kissed reverently. The hearts came from a variety of beasts and were of various sizes; whilst as well there were some which were just portions thereof. This was a ceremonial gesture of importance. This was to prove the discrimination of the man who had the choice to know.

Not one of them did ever come from a human; that is, of those which were laid out and presented upon a dish ... and should the student have gone to any one of the people who watched on and gave them his first choice and his kiss - they with the living heart, not incised nor exorcised - this friend was then proven well placed within this order.

Lessons and exercises are seldom confined to one plane of application, and in spiritual definition are never to be held as physically literal alone. The spirituality of any substance belongs firstly to its realm. Whether or not it is caught in amongst the lower ethers or the physicality which seeks to call it down, it does primarily begin and end and hold relevance in higher worlds.

Therefore we cannot divorce these worlds and speak only upon physical terms when the higher worlds are relevant. The physical sciences may be confined to study and document the physical factors regardless of the immeasurable and unseen. Whilst this is limited (and postulations do not have spiritual orientation) it is qualified upon the level that it investigates to a point. (That point being the physical perimeter of course.)

But then when we come to the thinking involved within the spiritual sciences where it is that our testing and weighing is amongst the non-apparent or seemingly-apparent (from a physical standpoint that is). Then we acknowledge that our processes cannot afford to be so fixed to any one level, but that we are required to move with a fluidity which eases in and out of the prima to the child so born, and by way of the imaginative comprehension whereupon quite often we are called to make improvise.

The lesson of the heart was not one in which the object was to make the student appear foolish. It was not a gentle joke with a lesson that was merely symbolic. It was not a physical test of anatomy, as to what lay before them quite obviously upon the plate presented. It was not a question of them complying with what they thought they were being asked to do.

Firstly, we do not recommend this as a teaching example or workshop activity to be used, however, the point from it is good enough and so we begin by the mention ... although, admittedly, some of the drama has gone from the exercise (you really would have had to have been there, as they say). The students were most serious about this and every other matter. They have prepared for the inauguration during pending lifetimes. Their characters are defined yet given, their resolution is clear, their love is almost complete.

This schooling in the past has been known by some of our students we address today who have not the same shelter which was provided before. They have returned to the world a'further. But some of you would know the old ways well.

Out-numbering our numbers were the ones who did not require that their students developed their own thinking. Contrariwise, for reasons both wonderful and sinister, it was discouraged to the point where the student would disown their own ego for that of their teachers lest they should be discharged from their lot. Our empathy is that we are Christian Christians according to Christ. In no other school is this free thinking permitted or advised. Whether archaic or progressive, let the question be: "Are the students required to retain and develop their own egos?"

The student is not above the master, nor qualified as an equal in what there is to be learnt, else the master would not be the master in this instance. However, the master may in no ways dominate the student into a conciliatory agreement, for this will only damage and weaken the ego of the up and coming soul developing so. The schools of Anti-Christ mark a man thus.

All men bear Christ within their imprint already, and were they to develop most naturally, then it is of consequence that they shall emanate the resplendence of Christ's own Nature and be just like Him. This is the paradox of the gift of ego. Its character in maturation is ordained - implying also that those egos which are not holy will not go on to further existence.

So when a being seeks to change not only the hearts of men but their egohood as well, it is to corrupt the path he has been given and make an alteration which will bear its signature instead. To do this it is then required that the souls who fall under them are willingly obedient and obligingly submissive to the point where they will forfeit themselves for that which they believe to be higher and worthier. Yet there is no trade, no equal trade, for in this the exchange is of soul also, soul to false god who has marked the ego for his own.

The question was: "Does the Anti-Christ know that he is not the Christ?" The very remedy lies in its opposing point: "Do men know that they are indeed the Christ?”, for should they come to know this well then all of the glamor of the Anti-Christ would fall away as but dust and filth, for imitation may well be a flattery, but with no proper substance within it, it is but a dangerous deception.

Yes he knows that he is not our Christ; he well knows what it is that he is not. He has not the stretch of joy that spreads the stars. He is irritated by the rosy aureole of the morning and the playfulness which extends the etheric fields. He is even dubious about love's freedoms making it ever stronger, for he is not compelled in the way of men; his strength builds upon itself, working to an invert law, one which the souls of Man could not survive upon.

The Anti-Christ holds to a false-glamor in everything - appearance is everything! (Remember that.) This is why we begin in the example of the hearts - look and look again, and then look to the hidden as well! For in the Anti-Christ he is singular, singular in level and in placement, for he would not want men to delve into inner truth, he would rather that they are caught in the fancies and seductions of the material world alone, and by such it can happen that they shall deny their Christ within and thereby deny Him also.

He isolates and then attacks. When men cease to commune with other like souls, they leave themselves also. Christ brings us to Him, and to our knowledge of our own selves through others. Selflessness in this true sense (not selflessness for gain of a greater ego superimposed upon our own) is there that we shall have the support of each other's Christ qualities as well - those which will lead us into manhood fully pronounced and glorious, one to be defended and to be guarded as the most precious gift of Him as well as of self….and to know God.

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