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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Path of Warmth- 9th June 2011

CHRONIC stupidity can arise from a number of causes, however there is one malaise in particular that is antecedent to the currency of practical learning and retained knowledge, that is explicit also to cognitive dysfunction. 

Our thought processes live outside of our physical brain and being.  There is electrical activity that occurs within the hemisphere of the brain when 'fishing' for solutions and ideas, whilst also there are 'living' records of the concepts and memories once they are attained.

Actual thinking itself is far more complex in both structure and possibility than computation and association alone.  The suggestion that machine minds can exceed human intelligence is glib and restrictive, whilst also self-prophetic as it is the machine pre-organized thinking that is diseasing our thinking in general today.

Young minds are forceful and energetic. Life gives the young an opportunity to change and shape their time, their era, with their velocity of thought. If you consider this for a moment you can appreciate how quickly history can fall away and let new ideas fashion the present. If this dynamic were not the case then change and improvement would barely be possible.

It is the gift given to every generation - the energetic supremacy within the world of thought. What this means is that the collective thought world of any age is shaped and impressed by the young of its time. From this new ideas are communicated easily and old ideas quickly dissipate.

This is not to say that it is only from young minds that the world can be changed esoterically, for there are unique individuals who can carry the exuberance of their youth into their later years, however in the main the opportunities are delegated to those who will use them.

Returning to thinking and the processes involved: we find that the differences between human thinking and AI (artificial intelligence) can be simply put - one is warm and the other is cold.

You cannot install 'caring' or nurture into a program, that is in any way real. It may mimic something but it will be in actuality an illusion.

One could argue that we are trying to entertain emotion within the thinking and that it is irrelevant and off topic to do so. We answer this thus:

Warmth pervades every interior within the hierarchies of the Heavens. Warmth can be characterized by its temperate dance - for it is neither deathly cold with stagnation nor blazingly hot with consuming, wearing, properties. 

So often people can be described as being coldly uncaring or indifferent, or so very fiercely emotional that they begin to wither the other folk around them. Whereas the 'warm' people are those felt to bring comfort with their presence, who do not impinge in a negative way but rather bring life and hope and caring to those around them.

The nobleness of warmth far exceeds the small behaviors of dear people, for its body is that of the essential and cosmic virtue, out from which our very spiritual lives are formed.

Such nurture is Godliness and no less. Gentle nurture and its warmth holds and protects and keeps in check the motions of the planets, the ecology of the realm - ever weighing and balancing need upon need, place upon place, with both reverence and kindness evidential in being. Think not that life itself could continue, were it not for the kindness that the Infinite permits. 

Without the generosity which nurturing warmth does bring, all things would be in isolation and not even each to his own - merely one in the singular with nothing - no mothers or fathers or suns. 

The principle of warmth manifests wherever there is need calling it into being.  This is a natural response and so characterizes its goodness and properties. Warmth is the conveyor, but not the heat itself.  It is the heavenly deliverer conducting what otherwise would be too much energetic force, or too little without its presence.

And likewise, even in human behavior, the warmth can temper the heat and revive the cold - it is essential to health, both mental and physical.  A cold mind or an over-active mind loses its discernment for logic and the pathways to it. 

Both the cold mind and the over-active heated thinking tend towards self-centered behavior. Self-centeredness does not provide a conduit into thinking. 

Remembering that new thinking occurs outside of the body and into the ethers, self-centered individuals are 'brain bound' and by their own determining and cannot reach further than themselves. 

The thought world and the thinking processes are all around us.  In point of fact, the physical world is thought manifest.

Thought itself may have many shapes, forms and density variants, but it is essentially, the 'stuff of stuff' around us continually rearranging itself. 

To the seer the thoughts an individual entertains can comically be forming in the ethers around him - like an animated play. The memories and imaginings can appear etherically with form and shape and sometimes even person - in entourage to the individual who visits these thoughts, and for a time, makes them so tangible. 

The act of wondering is literally the experience of stepping out from oneself.  To ponder, to question, to wonder, opens the door of self into the immediate and provoking otherness, and one only has to imagine this feeling without even a direction, to sense the ideas that lie outside of their own reckoning. 

The talent of a man lies in his discerning and choosing; it was never in one's own genius alone. For it is impossible to know something you have not known before without it coming from outside the realm of your own immediate thinking. And unless you were born an adept with the recall of many lifetimes past, you simply do not have the original knowledge or pathways to it within your own mind. 

One's own soul holds recollection and can 'think', yet the soul does not live in the brain and nor will it be found there.

The egoic complex has fine thinking, but it does not reside in the brain nor can it be found there either. 

Our egoic thinking really is developing into that which chooses all things within the deepest sincerity. In some it functions well, in some it is yet too feint: for many physical and mental aggravants inhibit its purpose and drive the mediocre impressions primarily. Egoic thinking is prime, yet handicapped by intoxicants, corrupt, selfish or lewd thinking, trauma and of course physical decline. 

This subject borders the considerations of free will and choosing. If it is to be the function of the ego to choose, then generally speaking we are empowered also to ignore it and the values of choosing 'wisely'. If habits or ill health presides, then original choosing will be mean and determined by our glibness... often needing a fresh start, a new life with young eyes, to be able to try again with our strengths so intended.

Secondary to this is the overall thought world and the impressions it has to offer.  In eras past there were all kinds of struggles and philosophical imaginings that were about physical and spiritual survival, and the Divine. This generally (in the West) is preoccupied with fantasy and entertainment - with an immense amount of mental energy being spent on going down electronic paths of predetermined games. Hours, days, months and years can be spent 'exploring' the visual stories given out through these games - and also their best years, when it comes to the formation of new thought which is to be plastic to the aspirations and velocities of the generation at hand.

The concept of entertainment is very much one of being temporarily disconnected from the concerns of ordinary life - to feel a 'relief' as it were, from the pursuing worries. Not only does media disseminated knowledge exacerbate great fear and concern in relation to the worries of countries, currencies and the ecology today, but also the immediate thought world is saturate with this concentration of fear.

Then there is the internet - where for the moment one can find resourceful knowledge, and communication can be useful, generous, supportive and even warm. 

Fundamentalist reforms will become larger and stronger than ever before. Even though one might imagine that they are based on older traditions and respect for such etc., you will find that it is the young that drive and enforce these factions, populating and promulgating their 'truths' now repackaged. 

Idiocy is on the increase for two reasons - firstly self-centeredness, secondly, the ethers close by are over-full right now with relatively useless, go-nowhere thoughts inspired and inspiring this age of entertainment. For the more folk consider escapism as a proper part of living life, the worse this relay will become. 

Nourishing thoughts are to be found still, and for those with a compassionate heart the way of warmth will bring them lively interactions with both this world and the next.

Perhaps in this era, it shall no longer be spoken that one walks the path of the light or the dark, but of the divine deliverer - that of Warmth.

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