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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Love that is Forever- 28th February 1995

See the wild spill of plant and tree,
Blossom and berry,
As it rushes extravagantly into being;
With a ferocity advantageous,
The grasp and the grip of each moment realized;
Through vein with liquidity,
In resonant ambiguity;
Here is truth so complete and made evident,
Just by that being of expression –
Here in resource, in infiltration,
Whereupon the sunlight touches…

In argument the tresses strain,
In tangle, they altogether,
Each scene,
Each dream,
Each caught in frame;
Their angelic servitude lives true to our moment,
And reliable to objectivity.

Hush! Hush!
Hear the Wisdoms call for you,
Soft song in Man,
They here are tuning,
With valor,
Should he embrace their beauty,
And withstand the push out,
Into extremity's limits.

Relax! Relax the torsion's pull,
And stay awhile inside here,
In this quiet sanctum,
Close by, thereby,
There are the Spirit's secrets,
And here within,
Deep in agreement they confide,
Maintaining the Glories to be unrepentant,
As they sweep on and over into cascading joy.

Just as traveling froth,
Cheer sits atop the wave,
That heaves souls throughout Time's continuity.

The Spirit’s speak is hardly heard…
Yet seen as apparition;
By sign,
Or meaning so imposed,
To catch the comprehension.

And now be known,
My Christ,
My love,
In all that is so filled…
Your patient care,
And Might contained,
Implores my soul,
To come within your world…
That we know Love,
And it knows us -
There is no other better.

Our life is sensed,
And fully known,
In Love that is forever.

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