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Monday, September 6, 2010

Some Healing Thoughts & Meditations…14th August 1996

On Revelation

Revelation is when we catch sight of God looking at us and our gaze meets momentarily, when we know He knows that we know He is looking. And it all happened because we found Him in that mystery which drew our original attention and wonder.

All natures and beings adore to have attention poured upon them, to be taken notice of and appreciated. It is true that even the most exquisite landscape needs appreciation given to it, that it may thrive all the more - yes you may say that, and take that thought just a little bit further. 

For what is appreciation - considered and thankful, rejoicing and then wondering - if it is not in substance also, a gift of furtherance to that which we come to? We substantiate and transubstantiate that which we lovingly appreciate. We take on the eyes of our Creator and make a wish to further the life and being of that which we in humility adorn with love.

To appreciate is to bring life, and in revelation we experience our own selves being appreciated from beings much higher. As they give to us we may be mindful of this and of their love.

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