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Monday, September 6, 2010

On our Future Self: that Part which Resides & is Kept Safe ahead of Time

Remiss we are, and yet in time our future's self has a portion fulfilled already. Beyond the 'city-limits' and passages out from, on roads which stream to and fro from Father God, divinely there is an allotment of future and provision for Spirit, in a place where no more a truer self than any that we own can be found.

This underpins the Holies’ confidence in Man, for they have seen this selfhood, both quiescent and realized. Be assured that in the silent stillness of firm attitude you may encounter this aspect and own it in the present.
For to meet the present with this future, to welcome our designated glory, is fresh and new in the very combining. When a man brings all of his experience to meet with his God-self, his experience enables him to perceive his own blessedness, whilst his inherited self is enhanced by his learning along the way from here to then.

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