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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On Death

The spirit is supple. As the breath departs our bodies, it is there upon that exhalation that fly the colored aspirations of a translucent being, which then goes on to reform and rebuild, in concentration and in expansion.

Spirit sight, the eyes of soul, are awash with wonder, and such bright eyes they are! Here in the worlds of spirit which are sought to be revealed and made known, it is the eyes themselves which cast a light distinct from the shadow. The eager gaze calls in the spiritual Sun particles of soul intent. May I see? Oh yes! And our marvels are graced by that internal light. True enough it is most surely, that it is the eyes of love that best may see this beauty that is all about us!

How gently the arms of death enfold as we are brought into now our greater life. Pray well for those who have gone on, moving from this World, for each message sent is known to them with more substantiality that we ourselves do realize or experience.

To our consciousness the prayers we issue present vaguely. However in imparting a thoughtful prayer, they are then taken up and worked upon, made much of, being then decorated by angels who gladden in making them all the more beautiful with 'gift-wrappings' of scent, memory, or sweet-soul impressionings drawn in from the surrounding accompanying substance/nature of they who do pray. Happy recollections, sympathetic and joyous laughter, moments of indefinable bliss ... and to these they add flowers, flowers which hold all the essences of their passionate natures, adorning the thought-sent prayers, betokening great happiness to the receiver.
Be sure of this: that it is not the minutes but the hours which shall remain after death - all that was noted by the soul as important to our spiritual being shall continue on and all that was not will fade from existence.

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