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Thursday, September 9, 2010

On Acts of Commitment to the Higher Path

When a truth is adopted into practice and the serious student-teacher has developed their choices accordingly, there are both tests and strengths which will come in outstanding proportion.

If he is to be beset by demonic challengers, who with chaotic and indiscriminate intent seize upon his equilibrium - often there are contests that only he can manage for himself – his friends, his teachers, his muses and spiritual colleagues may or may not understand the full weight of the contest ongoing or about this man. Furthermore, the closer he may be to becoming equipped and enabled, the more he may find that he is dissuaded from his original intention by the mischievous interruption that ensues.

Yet above all of this, he shall find his way through, neither corrupted nor dissuaded from the higher path he strives for, regardless of such distractions. It is good to go to the quiet meditations during this time, in faith that the outward storms will resolve and desist their botheration, tiring themselves eventually.

He is as the knight valiant, flanked both by fire and water besides; each which becomes holy to him. The very fire that would scald him and deter him from his going forward, inspirits his passion for all he holds important enough to protect and to fight for. The waters that would rise up upon him recede at the feet, bringing honor to his soul; and herein all Heaven shall be reflected in their stillness for his viewing.

He is good, strong and capable. When it comes that he is moved to act upon a truth put before him and he does well, then further strength will come to him as never before.

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