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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On Companionship

There are two roads to God and He is to be found at their convergence.

With true spiritual companionship we are taught of the freeing of limitations. By freedom it is meant that the constrictions of prejudice have fallen away, that in mutual respect there are no considerations held to be more important than the friendship itself. The inner being has been recognized and outward appearances are no longer reconciled or weighed. Race, age or gender are unremarkable to the soul and without consequence to those who hold a genuine commune in spirit.

From this the World at large can take example. They may come to understand that the faces of men shift and change and are not reliable to the complete characteristic of the man within. As they enter into the many differing streams of incarnation they change; as they come to age and then to resemble their fathers and then to youth again they change; but the love which is spiritual cares not for the appearance for it knows only the higher nature, and the true face of that man that is forever.

If our rapports are independent of likeness, at odds rather than at evens, then we shall find that the higher nature overrules the objections which proceed from a prejudice and exoteric distinction. Great and lasting fellowships have been born from men of differing faiths and varying contradictory circumstances, and regardless of 'sensibilities' have proven the soul's greatest friend and true deliverer.

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