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Friday, September 10, 2010

On the Economics of Sadness & the Spiral Nature of Love

In the ever widening advancing up-reaching spiral, there is always a short decline preceding the larger incline, returning down to the level of the highest point of the incline before it, then yet to rise higher again and exceed that point twice equal.

This, with regarding sadness in a spiral upwards, is the leverage and also the grain for the pleasures forthcoming. All life expressions have this spiral in one form or another; that we are counter-balanced upon necessity to return to the previous plane, which in the light of the most recent elevation, is as a comparable low - particularly when known from the opposite vantage.

This swinging around and up to back and down, gives us our comprehension of full value. Love itself raises us higher, whilst at the same time we may also come to the further elevations of love and loving as our being unfolds and works its investments. It inspires the greatest reasons and perturbations, and is circular in nature, thus compelling all spirals, not only its own.

When it recedes down the spiral it may move only so far, and is guaranteed to then return, because the sadness is impetus for further advance, and such love will move rapidly out from that position returned to.

Everything has its night and day, no less with love. If we encounter sadness within our personal or outer lives we can believe in the compensatory force which will also accelerate the same soul experiencing such into bliss. 

This is why people grow to expect a pending disappointment or gloom when they are sensitive to forecast what they know will usually follow. But dark thoughts bring on their own measure of sorrow, and if indulged in, the individual becomes quite frozen to all experience, neither moving up nor slightly down, or advancing on, but instead is held back with this fear of ever falling. 

The meditation of the spiral will help answer this, as it is proven as reality within the inner constitution, and once recognized we may understand the subtle balances and expansive rise we are brought to upon each plane we come to, time and time again.

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