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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Animals & Man (continued)- 9th October 1994

IMAGINE this if you will: you have just completed the most exquisite set of pictures applying artistry and exactness, definition, realism and creativity; studies, some bold, some of delicate hue, one after another, each being quite different, each most marvelous as a reproduction of the inner picture which so composed it. One could say that it was the very final result of a definite term - the accomplishment now being obvious in these fine and individual works - and also that they were indeed a mixture of soul and what comprised soul up to that point, with a gradient of development actually captured in the pictorial account.

Now it happens (we may continue to imagine) that the backing material which each entire piece was worked upon, is tinged with an overall color not before assumed, and over time our palettes have noticeably corrupted from what they originally were. The definition too is somewhat rearranged by the added shade and the overall aspects are not quite the same. We are disappointed and dissatisfied with what now remains; it is unusual to us, having taken on a different and removed character overall; for in being the artist we are particular to the original vision and intention. So we put them to one side and begin again on a new set, working the visions this time on the equivalent to an acid-proof paper.

Our blessed beasts were adopted by Gods, Gods who are distinct from higher Angels because they have a self-directed will which determines within the 'limits' of creativity; whereas Angels do not create, they imitate perfectly the Plan and the Law in general and sublime obedience. However, Gods, lesser Gods are as barons of the future, and employed in amongst the unstable waters of creative design.

Our Animal Kingdom, as dismissed by Man, was so outcast at the juncture of being more wonderful than cumbersome. The divisionings were not because of evil or unwontedness; they were as the altered compositions of that artist, having been worked marvelously from great and lesser substance, but then fained by a tragedy of virus- contaminated at a point - which allowed only for separation. Then, as unrecognizable to the parent as they'd become, they were taken in and fostered by 'like' souls who were advanced enough to pool their aspect and attribute, and begin the grand revision. 

Massive collections, herds, were gathered up and gathered in, for their astrality could command a physicality within this World, and their 'humaness', their human qualities, being born from such, gained then a place and a perpetuation into re-embodiment within the Earth. But once attracted there was to be no leaving, and the animals themselves are bound to this Globe without the freedoms Man or the lesser Gods expire.

Firstly we must say that the Animal Kingdom drew many fine attributes, albeit raw and unfinished, into its natures. Conversely, there will be in time, some attributes which shall be reunited and resumed; but this is to occur only when the true and proper coincidence arrives. For to attempt to draw in any particular animal influence at this point is perilous for many reasons, one of which is the fact that they at present are under the governance of their lesser god. He has not freely relinquished them back, and so to incorporate an animal, any animal, back into one's being is to become obedient to his rightful keeper whose characteristics will then dominate the aspiring human traits that freshly attempt their expression into life.

Each keeper of the animals is an awesome being to behold, he has now the full astral force of that group of his dominion, he has their exaggerated characteristics impressed within his own 'like' being, and he is essentially, a being who has much insight and experience behind him. He is duty-bound to his collective and for they who have no ego naturally- theirs are true to his identity as far as he is to they.

Further to this, each species of creature is split into groupings which are self-limiting and then complete. There was a time initially when the physical substance abounded and the admission into life was unharnessed, however this is not now the case, and the fleshes which comprise one species will be the same in weight and measure and not added to. They are theirs to re-embody into and if the evolution of the animal itself changes that which is remarkable to it, then the capacity for incarnation remains too, but this is distinct to the earlier phases whereupon the physical fleshes were shared and indistinguishable.

When a man or an animal re-embodies they are entitled to a particular substance, and because of this there is fortunately quite a distinct separation on the physical level between Man and beast. The soul of a man knows one from the other. If a man consumes meat his astrality can and will be affected, however he will not take on the physical substance of that cadaver - his body will refuse every atom of it. Proteins will not come directly out from that substance, as the man's physicality will not combine satisfactorily. 

Astrally the nature of the animal may lead the constitution into a mimicry, i.e. the gathering of fleshy mass, as the cow does know by the right manipulation and digestion of the grass. This is what will work upon the man - apart from other characteristics of cow nature - not the immediate flesh equaling flesh.

So one may begin to understand that there are many derivative astral characteristics that effectively work upon a man - as the Asiatics in particular endorse. However, the desirability of these potent behavioral forces is to be questioned with cautious concern, for is a snake or a rhinoceros anatomically compatible? May we withstand the tiger once we have unleashed him into our astral metabolism? What does an octopus know of our movements or abilities? If we are to believe that Man has already a full set of capabilities determining the organization of his constitution and giving expression to his being, then we must naturally question our need to borrow from the animals any aspect peculiarly theirs by this means of astral investiture. 

Initially all creatures were born out from Christ, having been aspects to Man. In their pure form those attributes are still in Christ's keeping and discharged by Him, to Man and now to animal also. The highest of the attributes will be essential to Man within his development, but once again they shall issue from Christ, and His Greater starry Body, and not come from the animals or their keepers, even though they are related or shared.

If a dog knows selfless obligation then it continually derives that virtuous impulse from its ability to absorb that influence, which has been received by the group spirit of its species which in turn carries it into the Pneu, the collective soul-knowledge, which has its pourings from the stellar Christ Body. The ability inherent in that dog to act for selfless obligation has been as it was in Man before he was made separate. Though the two do still cooperate in likeness, they do not draw such influence from one another. (That is not to say that one may not inspire or invoke similar inclinations in the other.) However, as far as source and substance go, the source is the same, the substance is distinct. As abstractions they have altered past recollection. However, we are nonetheless, 'family', with all of its implications.

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