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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Giraffe & Our Mission- 16th October 1994

SEE now the patches, the remaining of the dark of his coat - these are where his body first began, and then as it grew larger they became separated by the spaces in between. (Alike to the earth when it splits and cracks in the heat, with islands of body insisted upon by the swelling ground beneath uprising.)

See also the noble breadth, wherefore he is reminiscent of that former time when all creatures were vast and even men stood twice as tall. He bears that tendency from an old Earth period, which also brings too, the inclinations which shall return; that the overall height will once more be regained, only this time it shall be by physical charge.

So our Giraffe is a fellow of the future, and not some archaic remain or contortion of the past. His elegant neck was not grafted, but inspired. As the top new shoots are always juicier and sweeter, he sees their flame and protest into life. He tastes paradise and knows it as he idles beside the glamor of an outstretched tree. He is fondled and sat upon by those nature spirits who too belong, living an etheric consciousness. He lives from horn to hoof and back again. 

He knows happiness and this is a key to his affable nature. He knows precisely what he wants and has the means, when uninterrupted, to savor it. He is fully conscious in that moment, that moment of ongoing happiness, because he fits with the circumstance with a perfect fit, when that joy surrenders the being into bonding with that moment. There is no argument with such a peace- there becomes no contest or awkwardness of being. 

There is a tight-fit of consciousness as it melds with its partner in being - ipso facto the nature-spirit of the tree - as our Giraffe is divorced from distraction, almost incapable of being distracted, aloof to the hurried lives which pass on by beneath his out-reached torso.

If we are to hold a soul-picture of this friend, then we may find that he is not overwhelmed with a sense of his own presence particularly, as the creatures who are active with the equivalent to hands in action. He is unaware of himself and his conspicuousness. He does not set a space around himself as some beasts would do in defining territories and thereby extending their bodies so, trying to expand into a largeness which is further than their physical presence. He adopts the space he is in, but does not seek to make it his own. Most creatures are covetous by nature which is not a contradiction to their being, but is pertaining to that 'gathering in' so required by any developing spirit; for to pursue the course of experience is a constant acquiring of sorts. But not so the Giraffe, he is one of those uncanny animals who are naturally satisfied, too satisfied to ponder the discomforts of a longing or a proving.

So we may see that this essence - the grace of complete comfort, fulfilment and happiness - is known to Man in part and necessary to him, and yet at the same time is kept distinctive to him that he may also aggrieve enough to go on and better yet his situation. For a man, to know moments of perfect happiness is primal to his being and to his being's future. Such moments are not to be denied because they are his life and that time when he 'fits' in alignment, that alignment of heart and consciousness, and is relieved of the worldly burdens and delivered to God by such love as is known. Compliant with an irresistible joy, Man is renewed by that happiness which invites him to stay in the present wholly and fully and without remission. 

So to have this within a life is contrasted by intermissions of solitude and struggle, of intensity from egos without, and remonstrations from that individuality which is ours; and the 'essence of Giraffe' is not long-staying, though it may live in him throughout each and every day. We in definition, do waver from the sublime pitch into the recesses of ineptitude, comfort and discomfort, realization and perfect knowing plummeting into further questioning, perhaps even sweeping by the unfathomable depths of doubt, and ever to set ourselves that time for attachment and that time for detachment.

From this we may well feel confused as to our 'real mission' in this lifetime and for the future, because any certainty shall fall away, and yet assuredly, if it is reliable, know also that that certainty will return. This applies to anything. Perhaps we address the broader aspects here, but the personal quandaries share much in common, enough to say that quite often the emotions which are experienced are more natural to their commodity rather than to resolution. 

What is meant by this is that if one is ever given an answer which defines their direction in life, it is no more satisfying, it does not hurry it along any quicker. Outcome is truly best saved for its time to which it belongs, and not to be attempted to be pre-empted out of time. However, having said that, a man must set himself that destiny to which he will work towards. The details of getting there are another matter and largely 'hit and miss' (necessarily), but to arrive somewhere does require a fixed purpose or need or wish, if one cares to call it that- and largely we are all allowed precisely such determination. (Providing of course that there is no freedom of another disallowed for in the equation.)

The desire for the 'mission' is a wonderful characteristic of the selfless pupil. It becomes consistent with the gratitude for such learnings which fulfill the soul and re-establish identity with reality, being natural for us all to feel the collective push onwards and upwards for the whole of our dear Mankind, that the consciousness will be urged by the 'mission' into the light of freedom from ignorance, that ignorance which constrains to the point almost of death and departure. 

We know that desire well; it never leaves one but indefinably gets stronger and more fervent that it be perpetuated. And all of those men who likewise appreciate the possibilities for greatness up ahead, they too by the qualification of their yearnings on behalf of their brothers, are but part of that 'mission', which at present gives back more of the same! Ever stronger- quite so, until all of Humanity has been gathered up and gathered in. 

It is exciting, frustrating, near disastrous and never completed. Each student who does offer himself to the World to do as he does best, to give when and where he is obliged, and does recognize such - each one is an encouragement to the cause, and so needed. Nature and her laws do tend to work to a very tight schedule - the 'just in time' approach - which, when witnessed from an overview, is breathtakingly bewildering to see that such a fine line is drawn time and time and time again. 

The student will find this: that he becomes necessary to the moment. He shall recognize by the intimations of others before him, what their souls need from him, and he shall respond. That he is aware for the sake of those who are not, that he is ever ready to offer the wisdoms that they simply cannot gain elsewhere - given the fact that they are brought before you and in your presence which is reinforced by prayer and by study and by careful consideration, and by the light in your eyes which travels out from one who knows.

The World truly is hungry for spiritual consolation at this time. Moreover than any other impending need, it is the struggle of spirit and sanity of spirit, which is of first issue. Furthermore, every student is an encouragement to his teachers and his angels and relied upon with huge hope; supported also by his desire for this cause.

This is intrinsic and at the very core of our 'work' (our life). It is a good question and one we hope will never stop being asked! Asked and answered.


The question from our friend was: "What is my real mission in this incarnation?"

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