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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lucifer- back in the box- 11th December 1994

He chose not himself,
That light from Heaven's ray,
There but a play-back,
Sullen and ill-illumined,
Where shadows are neither,
And light is just minor,
And life only rumor,
With parties consistent without gravitude,
There was no warrior,
And he couldn't find humor

Perpetual solitude,
Self-amassed and pleased,
So snug in smug with unrelease,
A mausoleum with unsparked spirits,
One great creation fixed,
As all art is the jailer of its very beauty,
By design and by intention -
It lives in its decease.

Had Christ written, he too should have subjected His power, in part, to the jailer. The Living Word was not to be captive in any respect; and furthermore there is no reliquary incised with His impressions. Only the devoted may feel His Presence acutely and bear His Aurora. 

The physical remnants all changed, and were of themselves transmuted and reborn, along with the catalytic action that was the resurrection over death. Yes, Christ won out over Lucifer and would not play his games with him. 

"Look around you" He would say, "See the noble and unique spirit within the presentation" ... "Look further and don't stop looking; as we cherish our Love from our Father". He mingled Himself with all Art in this way, that men may look further and know of a living reality attached to the fixed memory; and so the evil is lessened, yet more persuasive, as the records amount and the future beforehand swells to overfull.

Arguably such speak about Lucifer may be as delightful as a box of chocolates, however the student is asked to go cautiously into this subject and retain due solemnity. See what befalls when he is invoked!- the careless, unloving demeanor. He is critical, bitchy-critical, he is farcical and uses laughter to scorn with unfair, unkind spar. This not what we would have ourselves be. Let us love with intensity and divulge the depths of an adequate seriousness. Beware of the frivolity of Lucifer for he is the grandest time-waster of all Humanity. 

So dear ones, the exercise has been done and the reasoning made clear. Of course Lucifer's name need not be the only daring invocation. Contrariwise, if you know him well enough you may then distinguish him from Christ, and find that quite so (as commented afore) the two are confused - just as Jesus and little Jim - by those who saw likeness and knew not of difference.

Christ would have us appreciate a man through to his highest attribute of soul and spirit; Lucifer denies the soul's individuality and would love only the representation of perfected spirit. 

By Christ we have conscious unity, where even the combinings invent further marks of individuality; the signatures are still distinct and precious, and belonging to the souls who have thus become mutually fused, in part. However, by Lucifer all signature keys are his and given over to him in surrender of self - he is the lover and there is the stipulation of such combining. He would be at the bedside to the graveside indulging in the loveless and mediocre passions of men, lascivious to their over-spill.

Christ does not impinge upon experience, He would lead a man to his Father directly: He is as the Water, as the Light, which all may pass through where will and the waters and the light oblige. He is fulfilled by the true meaning, and by that which makes all men so dear to Him - their innate godliness, unique divinity, to be self-realized in this, His World. He is called upon very clearly with revelation and with awe. 

Conjecture may be as a murmur, but when a man sees a truth he sees Him - right before the soul, He is there - for He is drawn to the man who experiences the divine aspirations, and their answers through revelations. A revelatory knowing is as a breath in for the soul's breathing. The uptake in - the "oh!" - as the focus has sharpened and just briefly the man has "got the picture" as it is before him. Then the release - the soul breathes out with great issue and peace. The knowing follows, for the goodness taken in from the finding is retained and the breathing out is synergistic to this imparting/departing process.

Combined but separate, we truly become what we love. We are nourished and infilled by what we love, and then also so characterized, but still distinct. What a man abides with in his heart, in his waking hours and with his attention, so too he shall take to himself and be, accordingly. The man who expends himself with hate becomes precisely what it is that he does hate - and in good measure - for the soul then truly knows its brother well, and if nothing else, learns charity, a charity which shall desist from such a judgment. 

Fixations - even the holy and desirous ones - are too consuming. For a man to become himself requires that he not seek to blend egos or experience one hundred percent of the time. Solitary meditations shall make balance of the account of all experience, that the individual may digest quite thoroughly and happily his life's score. This time for stillness (other than sleep) is paramount to the further ingestion of divine observances. For we ask that our ego come to identify the truly wondrous aspects of life, which surely are all around us, that we rest most buoyant upon daily and thereby experience that truth, as the gates of the water-course submit, right up to soul, and the revelation rushes in completely.

For every evil there is antidote. By our studies we may learn of these antidotes and understand how to administer them into the world (both at large and of thought). Effectively our work is placed with the wherewithal to negotiate victories, that our humanhood has many a skill to learn, acquire and practice, and then to impart - all the while for a redemption for the whole, as gratitude and respect for our Father foremostly.

Reverence for Life itself is necessary; and however obvious that may sound, it will be surprising to the student how commonplace irreverence to Life actually is. Such irreverence is heretical- even moreso than the actual kill. Yet, as painfully sad this may become to our students, we are mindful of the karmic obligations which are certain to pronounce, and are satisfied that the insolent men are soon exposed to their own weaponry - knives and all.

Let us pray then not for cleverness, but straight-knowledge, which is as clear and precise as the first light of morning.

Lucifer would have us bear no karma, and by his assurity a man would and could not learn for himself the golden principles. (Peter Panism.) Let us not flinch from experience, but rather make of experience all that is worthwhile, praying that our adherences are well chosen and beneficial to the World.

Some knowledge is best kept like the trinkets put away, viewed occasionally and then placed back in secure storage ... Lucifer may be placed back in his box now.
Some knowledge is as the amulets borne plainly and most proudly, that become as part of the personage - that of our dear Christ - let us carry Him into our consciousness and not hesitate to love Him as He loves us.

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