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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On Dreaming- 20th November 1994

IN direct association and alongside this our world, there are many infra-activities of being whereupon ethereal men and Angels may meet together and expose their souls in so doing. This world indeed relies upon the unseen life and its conducts, and although it is the chief determiner and all does conspire around it, this current globe, one might also look to the unseen realms which shoulder that same physical presence, and begin to understand the relationships and the go-betweens.

The entrance for many is in dream. For others it may be the natural place of existence for them, to which the physical waking does not occur. Depending upon the being and the activity, it may be their only realm in which they dwell, notwithstanding the fact that it does coincide with a very definite physical brother.

Spaces have been made, manufactured and reserved, and very holy council may be found, guaranteed as it were, in certain places established and continued on. For all men need to have their allotments, as too those souls who are most capable and spiritually active - they have 'addresses' that may be permanently found and enjoyed by those who find their way to frequent there. And the key is affinity.

When we pass out from our bodies into varying dream conditions, we are afforded a necessary release from the strains of a bodily harbor. We are loosened, although not deceased, and by natural inclination we go seeking that which the soul loves best and does know.

Nightly all men - and little children besides - are given to wander freely without care or worldly caution, as they eventually take their heavenly supplication which shall sustain them through the following day. In episode, the consciousness is unrestrained; and depending upon the effort and intent, the calm and the preceding considerations, a man may translate some of his experience into the unseen places and know something of the elongated being he became. What is recalled however, accounts for very little of what actually was ventured into.

One has only to think in terms of commensurate time to find that the hours spent in slumber have been undeniably vague. Does one require or wish to have the gift of retaining full consciousness across the threshold? Is one prepared? This is indeed an interesting question, because eventually all men can and will enter into sleep and back out again with full translation, however what would that mean in the current conditions of an eager student?

Firstly let us say that the desire to become more conscious and awake in the world is always preferable to the alternative. We strive to hold such abilities which will quicken the processes of all exactings in such ways which are tolerable rather than painful, meaningful rather than nonsensical; and blissful that the understandings may be wholly embraced. So as students we are given to ask that consciousness be keener and that we become more capable, proving the worth of everything we do.

The passage into sleep used not to be an experience which was forfeited; indeed Avalon was only ever penetrated in the dream condition and could be visited then in groups who would hold consensus upon waking. These realms were given to the night, whereas the tardy occupations still held responsibility throughout the day. However, the overall abilities of consciousness altered - physically differed - and the men became more defined in their daily narrowings, and yet concurrently more active in the further realms (although not remembered so) during the night.

Consciousness is more than a mirror when there is an ego involved. The ego designates the specifics and the identification, the ego makes the distinctions between this and that, and it and that. Consciousness however, does not discriminate, for by nature it absorbs the experience of that which infills it.

So the consciousness of a man during its release in sleep, travels into many places and settles into certain experience. It may venture into parts of the man's physical body - particularly in the case of an illness it will do this, to discover what is unsettling it in those respective parts. It may drift within a few feet of the body and experience the room or the belongings within the room; it may travel to just one and spend time there communicating with all that that object has to say (in terms of memory impressions and so forth). This is why it is suggested that one be very prudent with bedroom decor.

Consciousness may move on to the food which is still to be digested and communicate/experience the qualities of that material. This would be done via the astral inclinations so associated. One might be drawn into the home paddock or parley with Bacchus and his usual ravings.

Then there comes the musings of the day and last thoughts for the night. Our desires take the consciousness further into directions appointed. The very contemplations which infilled the daily clarified consciousness, will send it searching in the night. It shall go precisely where it pleases, and here also we may have conference with like souls or souls to which there is karma detailed.

Finally there becomes also, our drift into the recess of Father God – to which the beings who may lift you hither are too beautiful to be remembered if ever fully seen - wherein the soul is renewed and endowed with its starry plasma and the man and his consciousness is completely overwhelmed.

Contrary to the accommodating nature of the consciousness, becomes the ego, which is as the very tip of the consciousness - it is extremely appreciative because it holds the ability to compare. In most dream conditions a man does not question where he is or what he does, as his consciousness is given to go where it will and be taking up necessary investigations into those things which took the soul's interest or the mind's time, but were not known to satisfaction. In this, the full experience credits us with a further knowledge, which although we do not carry through to our waking minds necessarily, does nonetheless bring information and pictures to our beings upon our re-admission into that realm of inquiry.

This is a healthy and healing activity, and in many respects the ego may not go comfortably where the consciousness can. So the adoption of the subsequent experience is not personal, but rather remaining general, and presents no burden to the individual to have ventured into any particular format for a time.

Still too the ego has its choosings - much of which the waking consciousness may not surrender to for one reason or another. One reason being that the vessel is too small, that one cannot pour a pint into a dram, and that the higher experiences of the ego need have a man who is practiced in his thinking daily, to be qualified to make the translation. The other reason also, is that a man's daily consciousness is literally pulled this way and that - he is subject to the reasonings of others which impinge upon his thinking, he is given to the clouds of concerns which envelop his thought, he is restricted by the overall thought and feeling activities which permeate his environment, he is excessively strained by the very qualities of all exterial exposure and persuaded by the senses; and so the translation of such ego transactions of the night are largely unheeded.

When a man is given to obscure recollections which are unsavoury or troublesome, he is usually being confronted with the day back to front. In other words, as we have described, much of the outer influences in a man's day may make recollection prohibitive, and if upon waking he is given to the 'hellish' nonsensical variety of dream recollection, it is but a mirror of those influences which are daily inhibiting him from the more fantastic recollections which would if they could, surface the consciousness.

However, in this one need not be dismayed at the array of carnival visions they endure, when compared to those places so frequented which are of singular importance and significant to the soul. All men are spiritually sustained, however the man who is intent upon the religious life is often met with bizarre presentations because he is struggling with much of his daily life - that there is a very defined extreme between the outer and inner activities, and his ego and that of others also.

When we add intent into our consciousness, with the desire for a self-consciousness within our dream life, we are directing our ego to be active, we are deciding to be particular. With times given to review and such practice, there will be a sifting and a sorting enabled within the individual for the full experiences to be made known.

However we do not recommend 'consciousness at all cost' to be the attitude. The transition and the journeys which the ethereal man may nightly enjoy cannot be forced by intent alone. We must win the soul's place by the very nature of that which we pour our intent into. We must characterize those special places or events which we shall arrive at within the spiritual realms, for the key in is affinity.

All of us have met and do meet within the sleep times. It often brings a smile to us to hear our friends exclaim "Oh, if only I could but meet with one of them!" - and yet precisely the night before they themselves came before us and stayed a while. Our concerns with the world must not be given up because we seek the spiritual places, yet those very places and stations and souls within, are imperative to our life, our daily life also.

Many astral (not astrea) travellers have become quite ill physically because they have lost much of their association with their physical body. They become so used to pushing themselves out from it that it becomes permanently loosened. Of course this too can be a natural consequence of ill-health generally, that the individual is therefore predisposed to his astral wanderings. However in this one may be as a traveller without a map, and once again we are to remind that it also requires a lofty ideal travel to or a situation of likeness, which will give merit to the journey, rather than just the overall attempt to self-consciously go anywhere indiscriminately. The key in is affinity.

Night Prayer:
This day is gone and I must ask:
What has past? What has past?
Dear Christ this day did baffle me,
My life, my loves, its mystery,
In all I was, in all I could see,
May I make better from this memory?

Morning Prayer:
And now is morn and I must ask:
What did pass? What did pass?
Dear Christ this night did baffle me,
My life, my loves, its mystery,
In all I was, in all I could be,
Please give to me, that memory.

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