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Friday, July 16, 2010

Sexuality, Homosexuality & Soul-twins- 15th December 1994

AS far as there are two souls who are so linked to one another, as from the split-egg of presoul in grand soul, there is always an invisible connection maintaining an equilibrium of sorts, wherever and whoever they are. 

Homosexuality is brought about by the circumstance of both twin souls concurrently manifesting in the expression of the same sex. This is unusual, however should one of the two repeat an incarnation of gender and the other swing back, there shall be a natural yearning from one to another, searched for in that form, by such relationship for that period.

This explains also how it can be that an individual may indeed alter their inclinations during the course of the one life, wherein their soul-twin has ceased their incarnation, or just entered into that stage of physical development and become so responsive as to alterably affect their partner thus.

The confusion is explained in many formats and for many given reasons, which may or may not be relevant to the adaptation of this primary event. However, as one can see from the above explanation, the etheric as well as astral magnetisms are determined by such a primary relationship as is inherent, to be later recognised in part, in relationship/s unknown.

The topic of sexuality is usually not broached as it is beswept with the issue of Origin. Not only in regards to propagation but in cosmic terms there are mysteries involved which are potent to Life, potent to potential, and potent of the past. Entire doctrines (such as the Eastern-Indian) are with understanding of the essential connection which streams into a man and out from a man bringing elements of cosmic fire and cosmic seed into the beingness of manifestation.

The question of Lucifer's relationship is answered by saying that he is too young for such a maturity. If Lucifer were a man he would not sprout a beard. He is bound to the affection of an ideal rather than an actuality - i.e. soul in manifestation. Therefore anything which is expressive of actuality comes in after him. As discussed, his power as witnessed directly through those men who have 'given up the ghost' (the Holy Ghost) and meditate upon nothingness with narcotic dreams, they are limp and witless and disorientated, they would not desire, for desire is too difficult for Lucifer and his world of ease.

Having said that, and in returning to the matter of study, it would be an impropriety for such a lesson to be introduced within a group situation, or even for some, to be sent out for solitary study. Whilst we do not deny that there is much to be comprehended, and many a marvellous mystery for which worlds unfurl daily because of, it is not for public consideration at this time. (Partially, nay mainly because there is so much material we should like to address and impart - would that we could work through it with you – that needs to be concerted in streams pertaining to the immediate and far future, at the present.)

As far as the student and the personal aspects go, they may come to know the wisdoms involved, by such means that no text could tell. The judgments which are half-informed are dangerous, as far as the forces which are so implicated are little understood by those who are not situated so (as in the case of homosexuality).

Homosexuality does deviate from the natural law, but is also subject to a natural law which has determined it. We have seen great sadnesses result, and from this we learn to pity any circumstance in which a man is outcast and resistant to the ordinary. Remembering too, that the genitals involved are quite typically plant-like and can be responsive completely amongst their own, without a need for soul or mind to correspond or convene upon the involuntary needs or actions. Likewise, they are so connected with essential forces which ebb and circulate, which culminate around all life (all things living), being quite natural to it. Therefore the association between an individual's consciousness and his sexuality (active or latent) may be, at certain times, disparate.

It is not a frivolous subject, and may we qualify also by saying that there can be great reverence offered, even in contemplation, for the actual holiness inherent in sexuality, which is not to be demeaned by attitude or action which is inconsistent with its true expression, and that expression's source.

How quickly a man discounts those qualities that are vital to God and belittles the divine inner realities so connected. This is why there is disgrace to those whose heart is distinct from the act; whereas it is truly a heart connection for which the soul itself would seek out and then meet in compliance and with culmination

The homosexual metabolizes his etheric fluids quite differently to the heterosexual. Even though the soul partners may be in no close proximity (perhaps in different countries), the activities of the one in this regard, shall hold effect upon the other until such a time that the etheric body may adapt and 'rearrange' itself to try to stabilize the constant desires at play. 

There are many young deaths at present, and this is of itself a great piteous tragedy; however it is also a signature of this age, when there are soul-twins becoming released by their partners thereby. Many soul-twins may be incarnating at this period beginning - just as babies or about to descend and come through - and before they come to an adolescent maturity their soul partner has desisted his body in a way of soul sacrifice. The exact reasoning for their appearing in the same sex concurrently is not to be noted here, but what can be said for all of the individuals who have re-entered the Heavens prematurely, is that they shall be returning within the lifetime of their soul-twin, rapidly by standards, that may 'take in' the Event which is summoning many back with precious timing.

When the soul-twins are harmonizing to each other, there is not only an equilibrium to each, but a vortex too (alike to spirit-space) which is accessible as an open gateway through to each other, reminiscent of their former whole. Most have developed quite naturally and happily (if that term can be used) being together as progressive as one another. Any discordance is usually but temporary, and yet necessary too to the ever-challenging ego-status of each.

In most instances the souls live distinctly apart without ever any contact for the reason, perhaps, that fulfillment is not 'enough' for the ego itself, though it be for the soul. The ego craves to learn and bring to itself an understanding of all men, and further to that of other beings that it may be adapted so as to survive its positioning. The soul's loves nourish, whilst the ego's loves bring the future into being and the present to be known and grappled with.

Without the nourishment of soul-love we could not withstand the forces as brought to us by our own ego, and without the curiosity and love from the ego embracing all newness, we should not recognize the inner soul qualities from which the love resounds.

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