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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Animals & Man- 2nd October 1994

INFINITY works backwards; and if there were no model in exactitude for a future conforming design and being, then there should be no reconciling towards it. One cannot advance into 'empty space' and arrive somewhere without there being that somewhere to arrive to. Just so, we cannot realize an evolutionary result without that result already born in our Creator's Mind, with an existence being paramount to what we might edge our ways towards.

By this logic it may be ascertained that men have always been men. They began as they should, they did not transmute or transmigrate out from a galactitude of quirks and freak mutation. Nor did Man drive his Humanity from those echelons lower than his original being, for this is not possible.

The lowly aspects of any contrast are just that, and proportionately there can be no raising higher out from purely the lower, if the lower is all that is known and provided for. Man therefore required full being from the beginning of the advance, and could not have climbed a non-existent ladder in order to become a nil-determined creature of no fixed address!

From our aspect on this there are accounts of preceding consciousness from which we may date some varying changes. These accounts will be only superficial in time, and extraordinarily misleading insofar as Man as a being is actually older, far older than such an account would imply. 

This is not said as simple comment - say for example, as our being's seeds being in the Heart of Father God, or even a gleam in His Eye. It is more concerned with the proofs which arise to suggest that mankind has taken a second route to some former way which is now quite barred from his recollection. This was an older residence, an older being, which to itself would have gathered and earned an empirical wisdom which has now translated into active capability - much yet unrealized, but nonetheless there. He has not, by any standards, simply "fallen on his feet" but rather scored the terrains of an extremely high history and scuttled down again; for what explanation we know not. 

It is always surmised that failure is indicated whereupon a course-direction is altered, and yet that is the cynical approach of today and not the basis for Creation and her reasoning. We do not grow from failure or because of it - this too is false logic with no sense implied. There always seems to be a need for a greater plan - that ongoing in the supreme resolute - and so we may simply sigh and continue on, rather than ever indicate we went wrong. For surely any distance traveled to bring us to our present station has involved no wrong measure.

If we begin our story then, with these few platitudes which resign Man to be Man without believing him to be something else, then we may proceed confidently into examining the abstract expressions he has ventured part into, along the more recent course in later development.

Just as a man may have children, Man has had animals. Bizarre as this may sound it is explanatory of his position; except to say that the consciousness is carried into those animals also. If we are to believe that Man was preconceived and already with attribute, we may look to the diversification and see how Man himself materialized the kingdom we have today. 

The animals were born out from his zoology of pre-existing experience and exterialized and further separated, so that: 

a) They may have life of their own and
b) Man may loosen his connections in order to advance further farther - he had 'dropped the excess baggage', so to say.
When we shafted off from ourselves those creatures (which were then quite tame), we did not cease our obligations to them, nor our binding affections. They are still, for the most part, ours and us, and all the while they proceed into experience and become more defined and adept in their being. We too are profiting by this as the creatures' Pneu pours into that pool of our own.

Likewise and for the record, this system applies to us and our Angelic protectors: they profit from our experience - in the long run, discounting the suffering too. Further to this the greater Angels are nourished by they as well.

The incorporated Animal Kingdom is not as easily discernible as thought of. Things are definitely not as they appear - according to their respective placement within the chain of activity. Many small forms of life, though mobile and with an adept metabolism, are but a form of plant life and do not directly owe their origins or title to the animal realm.
Many insects are plants. Birds (the non-violent variety) are also. The bird's substance and life is born out from the realm of the fiery plant ethers, which assist in the mineral body's compound of fragile shell and skeletal frame. Their legs are but mobile twigs and their heart-respiratory system comes from Man directly; whilst their natures are developing parallel to their air-spirit, which distances them from earthy magnetisms and lower astral persuasions. The birds are magnificently free from the dross and heavy-bound influences, and by this they are purpose-built to renew the world daily in their physical presence as example.

Many insects are animate rock which has combined with an organic compound, but with all of the mineral tendencies and structure of the immobile and inorganic variety. Beasts of land, sea and air are a jubilee of remaining form, out from a period in which they were, by appearance, quite consistent with their true nature.

Children today still find a corresponding resemblance. The form of the animal suggests to them something identifiable in themselves; and it was recognizable in ages past, in perfect accord. So the beasts were not representational, they were what they were, and when men likened characteristics to their species, it was a way of viewing that attribute specific to a man.

It is inconceivable to Man that we shall ever have been without them. However, as Man projected out from himself, so too was he separated. The cold-blooded reptiles, the old and ancient fellows, are possibly the furthest removed from the actual heart region of Man. They were certainly the first to go. You see, these living attributes may now be worked upon in a simpler fashion because they are made distinguishably separate to Man, and the venom will continue its manufacture until such a time that men cease their own poisonous poolings. This is quite the case and obviously difficult.

The Etheric World became into being before the fleshy animals were pronounced. Adam was an etheric man firstly. His Paradise was all sustaining and he need never have ventured out from it into the deeper Cosmos. In the etheric realm light pours out from the heart of everything - it is like all are the Sun in miniature, that their stream of life-essence is apparent and everything in the region is a vessel for that light.

Adam was a perfect Man - 'perfect' as in intact. But as we indicated before, we do not go by the opinion that he was naive in spirit at this point or at former, but that rather he was quite ancient and traveled and also inherently wise. His episodes on former Globes were intelligent, they were not of an amoebic consciousness living in a floating soup environment, they were not as insubstantial as a gas or flip and flighty as an inordinate vapor. He was akin to Angel consciousness, i.e. born wise. 

When natives venerate the various wisdoms of their totem animalia, they are preferring their former status, they are yearning for a retrogressive reunion. The beasts of this World today are fixed in their modalities, and fortunately for men they are confined to their particulars, depending upon Man for their release.

The Elder Brothers have retained their pre-Adamic consciousness, however they (we) too are consciously divorced from our earlier beginnings. Once again we stipulate that this is not because we simply had not the power of conscious comprehension, but that the recollection was translated into further actuality.

Man's astrality gave birth to the animalia form by form: from the first man of this World came the astrality for which his dual soul might enter into, to clothe herself in flesh, that she would later incorporate him in return, and his desire and design for the consequence of offspring. But before this was to take place, their etheric paradise conjoined with its astral dimensions also. Then, as milky starlight, it clung like wet dew and tack to the forms in the etherious paradise; and it solidified, drawing outer elements into itself, making stable and fixed what was hitherto but a dream.

Where were the men - all of the men - from the former World? They were there, but not there. They were waiting, held back by the Principle. Then their astralities combined with the fresh starry substance of the sun-filled World, and the bodies condensed and the beasts were imparted into the Globe. In this they did come before their men, their masters, who spewed them out from their entirety; and the Earth became a vestibule of a refracted Humanity which was so great and so complex that it was divisive unto itself.

What remained in men was more akin to what Man was before, in those unspoken-of origins, in that of his pure self and what he then could go on to find in the love as known from his soul-in-kind, there to regain himself by such knowing.


May we combine
With the birds and the fish
And their spirit of the air
And of the water,
With the Virtues,
And the flowers,
The beauteous empowered,
Nature's landscape defined.

And may we give ourselves
To that which is of You, firstly -
Worthy of our fulfillment and combination,
And do it well,

Knowledge is so intimate -
We seek to combine with knowledge also;
And we pray that our union be with Your Knowledge -
Pure, Straight, Enlightening and Reasonable.

We wish to combine with another by hearts,
May we do so unconditionally,
With our only expectation being
Their perfection realized.

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