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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fluids, Vapors, Fire & Salt- 25th March 1994

THERE needs be a conjunct, a mutuality, a shared area, whereupon one plane of being shoulders another. We shall not use the terms 'higher' or 'lower' as the relationship between worlds of Being are actually in truth not relatively marked as such, but being what they are, both enhanced and incorporated one unto another. This 'area' of mutual meeting occurs in shared aspects which follow through, carry over, according to their specific nature. In this we may look to the natural home in which a spiritual property may belong, and understand its significance in keeping with its characteristics both here and hereafter.

The soul-life described as occurring in the fluidic bodies of Man (and also in permeations throughout) has ventured forth into a crystalline world which has harvested itself in turn upon the etheric enterprise. The soul-system which comes to interpret the world and also give itself into the world, is complex and elaborate, having many variations as to the expression and to the synthesis, as combined and carried in any particular fluid or 'mist'.

There is a power to fluidity which is actually winningly persuasive. Form cannot resist its proposal. The astral 'nerves' for example, as carried in living fluids, stimulate the form of the man to become animate, without which, in nature and inclination, he should not go forward or back - he could not make conquest of an otherwise paralysis. 

The secret to the elixir of life was indeed this knowledge of the true life contained; that a body of fluid holds the magical properties of Life itself and lesser life individualized and distinct, within the incorruptible vessel of purity: the etheric substance in becoming physical (water itself). This was the answer as to eternal continuity and the mystery of physicality and its relationship to the Divine; that the principle and manifestation of Fluidity does suckle the obstinate World- obstinate and partially withstanding. (At present that is, for not always was this so. Originally the entire Globe was governed by the fluidic principle, as it was at that time unamassed to the mineral cleavage; and as a baby come straight from Heaven, strongly 'soulful', therefore fluidic in total.)

Upon death, when the warmth has expired from a man, the body becomes rigid as the soul-forces depart; and the rigor mortis condition is a true example of that result. Man without his fluidic soul-system should be as Pinocchio: wooden and unfeeling. 

One point raised was concerning the individual essences of men and their vapors as being experienced mutually. Out from the many hundreds of combinations and synthesis of fluids and their expression of the man, there is also a base residual which is lent out into the outer world which may well be experienced by another via the many natural excretions - saliva, perspiration, urination, semenal, nasal, tearful (and the nature of these vary day to day also) - and there are those as borne out in the exertion of certain vitalities of which a man may loosen his fully steeped connection with his body and exude himself in certain projections. 

So by these most personalized emanatory vapors, one individual may give over a soul-impression or impart an emotional expression in this way. This is not however, the full explanation to one's sense of presence or sympathetic bonding with another- although the receptivity to any others characteristics as borne as their fragrance of being, so to speak, does become relevant to individuals who are magnetically responsive.

Our Spirit was as the ethers of Space, that space in which the Life could be contained; and soon the dark waters collected within that space (soul) throughout which the Light of consciousness illumined; and then remarkably, came Form. This was lent to us by the Architects of Being, who in consultation with He who brought the silver-glass in which to view ourselves (our ego), we became defined and upright and did contrast the realities without, by this our presence.

The streams of entities which circulate the cosmic spheres are transported along arterial thoroughfares which are accommodating because of their fluidity. But what of the actual substance of this? To whom and to what, do these feelings of soul belong to? Each planet, which multitudes of individuals frequent, emanate on their own, these arterial pathways. They may 'feel' by their rays so extended- along which the aspirants are carried.

Equally so and in this way, there is a fluidic aspect to the sunlight, which by the way, invokes all kinds of vapors also in which the Sun itself may experience and interact soulfully with those who mingle with its light. Its soul expression and 'feeling' may disperse and intermix with all of those exposed to its shafts of radiance. By the bye, sunlight bears no relation to fire whatsoever, they are not even cousins- sunlight may evoke fire into being, yes, but it is not of the same or similar kindred.

Fire is a property, a cosmic property, which is not individually ensouled or enspirited. It is as the element itself and its origins go back so far that it is virtually untraceable. Fire is a midway material which has not fully entered into the physical world by its manifestation. Etheric warmth is distinctly different to the living principle which is fire. The etheric warmth as part of the being which is the Sun, enlivens and quickens the action of changeable life.

Fire comes and goes without self discrimination. It knows only of what it is and is continually contained by the presence of the vapors as humidity. Fire would, if it could, rampage the entire area. Its principle works within Man in several different areas, however its stimulation frees the fluids into release and thus discharges within the man. (Astrally - digestion, desire, aggression, courage, motivation, impulse, combustion with ideas etc.)

Spontaneous combustion occurs when the fluidic system may no longer resist the presence of the fiery principle; usually because the actual soul is no longer connected to the man. For one reason or another he has alienated himself from his soul-ego and ceased at one point to continue the connection. The resulting residue of ash is all that is remaining. Quite a crude warning to those who would forfeit their soul-life! 

The charcoal deposit left behind would be saltless too. The relationship between salt and the fluidic disposition is a fascinating one. For it is that the fluids are drawn unto salt and the salt does love them, completely. The salt is the intermediary between the fluidic natures and the mineral natures. It is because of the nature of salt that the two may not only cooperate, but be attached and interspersed into one another.

This is why there becomes often, the practice of a little salt being added to the holy waters of Communion. Firstly, there is the water received as dignified by the action of the ceremony's invocations alone; then secondly, the water is received with a little salt having been added to it by the celebrant and by this the action within the man is transformed physically.

Of course the salts within the man do meet with the water ordinarily also. However the blending of the two in this deliberate way, impacts quite dramatically and the potency received is doublefold.

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  1. Salt must be added for the reason that salt especially makes otherwise indigestible things, digestible.

    Man instinctively puts salt into his soup, because salt has the property of spreading rapidly through the body, and makes food digestible. -Rudolf Steiner


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