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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wisdom Angels- 19th February 1994

BANISHED from our own territory, thwarted in using our own names that are true; cramped and restrained, tethered and teetered, fastened and restricted, we are denied and unheard.

True sophisticates (sophisticates, as in sophia) endorsed our prose and script - forfeiting neither logic nor explanation, and never to forgo the vast accompanying beauties which amassed the vested work. Our seal was our great truth, bare for all, embossed and writ, recorded with joy. Our hopes, as ever, are borne out with each great teaching tried and experienced by our young masters of the future.

Do you not realize our frustrations behind the prosaic passage, confined awkwardly to this and that parcel? If it could be so it would all be yours - and to whoever so desired too - plainly and wholesome, in alphabetical reasoning! We would, should we be able, for your sake as well as for ours, impart it whole. The men would gather in noble enterprise and commit their will to the only true cause, and all meanings would rise in each being thus incorporated and once and for all; Christ would be hailed within.

The splendid sorrowful passion that anoints the periphery of our etherealness, at those nerve-endings of the soul which are immediate to the sympathetic consciousness, that sweet-salty sorrow is won by the progressive temptations which affront the curb we negotiate along the path. The progressive temptations are the muses, the Liliths of the World, each with a sweet and slender hand, each a synthesis of art and creativity; and for every man waylaid at their curtain, he is so profoundly touched as to be addicted to her company. Thus these muses are also named as such temptations, for although their gifts profit the soul of Man, they do not on the whole sustain him. He must look to those other strengths within himself to adopt and to develop, and never lose mind of intent or the trying.

Certain elevations as experienced by the student appear short-lived, but are in fact most nourishing and remain. Each rise in spiritual thought sobers the man in his worldly comprehension. One would imagine that it is the opposite, that indeed spiritual thinking would encourage a flimsy mentality slightly weighted. However, when a higher concept is reached and connected with, the man becomes more defined within his being, not less; and subsequently he is strengthened according to his level of practice and deliberation. Furthermore, the aligning actually works repeatedly down throughout various centers of consciousness, so that he has benefited throughout by the highest conscious exacting he may try for.

This is because of the principle that all beings are rewarded for that clarity which gauges and likens to that which is - namely truth and its parent reality. The argument that says, "The universe is but a facade of my own invention and circulates around my fancy" is partly true, so far as to concede that this can happen in particular realms, spheres or planes thereof. However and in the name of accuracy, it is ever so that development is the very realization of what is outside of oneself, and the extending clear comprehension of all that it comprises- "it" being truth/reality.

The more lowly the consciousness, the more confined to central self, the less experienced, the tighter the reasoning. Advancement cannot be self-spawned either: we do not expand upon ourselves like the multiplying cell theory. (The cells are individual, even they do not multiply themselves.)

When we seek to know, to really know - as some men have not come to that yet and deny consciousness, deny truth and deny their real self repeatedly - when we seek to know we are urged and prompted exterially to observe in new ways that will assist our consideration. These ways may vary from individual to individual, in that there are physical qualities that greet the eye as never before. Perhaps that the otherwise empty words which drift in have imparted a meaning for that day, that the significance, the real significance of the men and women you meet with begins to concur with your curiosity and prompt you to examine greater differences.

You are not without assistance. For those who are awake and calling, they shall have such an Angel to accompany them thereafter. For the birth into active knowledge brings all manner of diverse and obscure realities (not all are desirable for the novitiate to attempt). In plainer terms also, the assigned may speak to the man through promptings and whisperings at significant times, so that the individual will see a sign as an affirmation to his knowledge at the time, when it is moreover his Angel calling his attention to it specifically.

This is a way of communicating with him. In other words, one may view a certain formation in the clouds at exactly the right moment and it will be because their attention has been urged to go to that spot in the sky; not so much that the Angel has rolled the mists into a personalized design, but that the aspect of the moment has been realized and becomes significant.

Another example is a favorite tune being played which is overfull with associated meaning. This might be heard unexpectedly but at a time when some affirmation as to the correctness of one's thinking is called for, and the attention is brought to the source so as to hear it. For the Angel has only signs and symbols to work with and also is quite a keen interpreter of those around the man, which are his own intimations of being. For there are many pockets of knowledge and each man selects that which holds the greatest attraction. His Angel may see this and is duty-bound, as it were, to fully assist him in the coming closer to fusing aspiration with discovery and fulfilling comprehension.

There are a multitude of differing Angelic beings - the complexities are astounding - but the ones which we speak of today are the Wisdom bearers who attend the developing aspirants, who have won such an assistance by their efforts to Love. We may begin to measure our true knowledge by exactly that: by how much we love that which we presume to know. Of course the wisdom-beings can recognize this cognition immediately and are drawn to the man who begins to interact with his world in these flickerings of real consciousness. To some the word 'love' implies that one overlooks - viz. "love is blind." We refute this, hatred is blind but not so love. Perhaps that is one of its greater significances.

Of course we have often maintained that an excellent lead-in is to become fully involved in some activity or pursuit in which you lovingly rejoice. From all points of view this is obviously sound advice, and when it may be coupled also with the yearnings to love more and to know more and to become more, to experience more, to give in participation more and to appreciate more, then the radiance born from that joy shall be as a beacon to a Wisdom-Angel in waiting, who shall equally delight in your findings and encourage each step further along that way to becoming more.

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