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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Physical Body’s Gateways- 12th 13th 14th March 1994

On the questions of departure from the physical body:
The consciousness of a man permeates his body in entirety, every atom and every recess is fused with the individual's consciousness. Whilst he may only be self-conscious in a manner 'looking out' he is nonetheless soulfully aware of the host which incorporates the body/bodies - his communities of being. Not only is he aware on this soul-level, he is also responsible as the governor of these acquired surveys. For he, the manly individual, has called them to his being; and not only is he beholden to the multifarious beings which uphold and support him, that are directly connected, but also too, to those which comprise the very Globe that contains and sustains him; and likewise the very heavens that cradle the Globe...

We may move freely around those regions most directly associated within us. This means to say that because of our inseparable intimacy we share with our physical body - for example - we may 'go to' any specific point and affect it at will; we may draw from its forces, we may call it into being or to nothing.

Every center within the physical frame is connected to a corresponding and higher center which in turn leads to the apex of that soul which sits above the body as a whole as though it were a king upon a throne. The central point to the poles of a man is the heart; all other gateways are locked for the term of physical existence as they are secured for the purpose of containment.

To loosen a center would encourage a greater influx. The resisting capabilities are the key to balancing life against Life; and the influences which work within a Man are all toxic in larger measure - that is to say, all except those of the heart. The heart-meridian is a heavenly conjunction, one where the open gateway within the man extends out and beyond, through to soul, through to God. All other points of expansion necessitate antechambers, as it were, intermediary spaces which connect and conceal one radius of activity from another.

It is to be remembered also, that each and every purpose our bodily organs do serve will alter during the course of ensuing development, so that their capabilities in relation to the body as a whole, and their function as living banks of cosmic virtue shall alter progressively. Therefore it becomes no indictment to maintain at present, that the various organs are to be assessed on individual merit, having also differing histories/time periods of preceding development.

The heart, on the other hand, comes before all others. As the individual enters into the world it is the heart around which the body does conspire. Originally, when the human form was spherical (and not of physical matter as we know it) the whole sphere-exterior was what is now our heart. It was at that time the exterior-most feature to our 'body'; and that spherical notation is still there, save the physical body has now incorporated itself outside of that sphere, attaching the trunk, limb system and 'central intelligence center'.

The complexities which go about to form the current statement of Man are too vast to set upon paper, and finish. . . ever. What is not to be forgotten, however, is that above all the marvels and mysteries of his physical incarnating, are those profound and extraordinary reflections of the Cosmos that do express in this and that way - living a life right down to the bones! Once again, this is afforded only because of the heart within the man, that he can do this.

Set quite apart from the obvious (or not so obvious) capabilities of the primary functions there are reservoirs of great and wonderful deposit. Every fluid is a living, attending, blessing, through which the feelings of a Man (higher and lower) are so carried. His higher and lower emotions, his 'way' and his draft; his sensing and his pleasurable or painful reflecting; that which accompanies his willing; that which colors his motivations; that which fires his desire; and that which is satisfied in desire's fruition; that which is signatory to him (and to Christ); that which brings not only the healing, renewal and purification but also the 'feeling'-knowledge of such: his fluidic bodies are the physical fields of his soul-bodies.

The organs (all of the organs with the exception of the heart) are as outposts, they are separated and separate to the entity Man, insofar as they are not him, but do interconnect and 'work over' in influence and assistance- the fluidic bodies saturating them and their stations.

The term 'spirit vapors' is quite apt. We condense, we evaporate, we discharge or distil, and eventually all of the fluidic bodies can reform within the spiritual worlds irrespective of the physical body, and separate to the actual organs also. This is not to say that the organs concerned have not by their existence and functions imparted great gifts contributing to the very beingness, however they are as 'checkpoints', cosmic checkpoints, to the traveling man within.

Now it becomes quite possible for investigations to be made in and through any area. All matter contains 'doors' to such examination, where one may go to the astral realm of its beginning - by this it is meant that everything carries with it the impressions of origin (original formation) and one may 'see' the realm, the astral realm, as it was at that time of beginning. One could visit the forest from which the sapling sprung, of which the leg of the chair you sit upon came. One may frequent the imagination of the artist who contrived the design on the canvas before you. One may visit the realms so described in a travelogue: each and every port, as it was at the time of the author's account.

Similarly too, there are 'doors' to the actual source also - not only the origins, but the originators. One could come to the forest by way of the wood, and know also the guardian spirits of that glade or grove, nigh the forest sprang into being. One may make contact with the artist and his affinity, and come to know of his condition: if it be currently poor or fair, if he has departed from the man he was; and by the admiration and joy in his work he shall be uplifted. The author of the travelogue is also accessible by way of his work; to be reached anywhere he has now traveled to. So the conditions of the past, the present and the immediate present lie concealed in all matter.

It is also true that the very material-flesh of the body of man is incised with impressions of his own making; and also of those around him. The physical 'tensions' complained of (not the healthy tensions of being) are the rippling impressions as are unwanted by the individual. Once again, sunlight and water make for good remedies in this. (Particularly if one is suffering the more negative emanations as discharged and fired from another.) Conversely, many a happy memory is locked within the cell and enjoyed for the year until exhumed and deposited further out into the auric memory.

Question: It has been asked if the "best gateways to the twelve aspects of Heaven are through our zodiacal centers?"

The Body Astrea is independent to the physical vital organs inasmuch as it negotiates their being. It is the corresponding plan to which they are fixed, but it is not of them, nor they of it. So it can be discriminated that one operates passage into stellar fields via their Body Astrea; but not in line with the physical stations as such.

The epi-layers are traveled in, up and out at every level, one does advance eventually by expansion out and into where the consciousness directs. We cast our attention as one throws the pebble afar, and the subtle body expands, while the soul's perimeters of experience are widened.

See now the sap,
As the soul of the tree,
Here in the amber,
Its life's testimony.

Look to the flower,
And therein the bee -
So becomes soul,
In the sap of the honey.

Where water divines,
Its soul-life feels and knows.
It knoweth I,
It reflects all the World,
It knoweth itself,
By its likeness to the Truth,
And by eternal sacrifice.

Because of its chaste purity,
Sacred water is faithful to God,
In its transparency.

Awaken the sleeping
Metal to be,
In rivers melting molten,
Of fluidic levity -
Before setting fast
And captured there to form,
Or released into the World,
Swift, is cured, its soul.

Here is the Man -
Skimming the courses,
Within the extremities,
Exploring the passages,
Of this life's infirmity.

Floating, amassing,
Within his own humidity,
With currents contained
By persuasive membrane
In circuit,
Until given into expression.

And, where he divines,
His soul-life feels and knows,
His soul-life knoweth I,
His soul-life reflects all the World;
And he does know himself
By his likeness to the Truth.

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