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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Death was Never Part of the Plan- 28th February 1994

DEATH results from insubordination; it never was or is part of any plan - insofar as to be that plan's undoing; particularly when prematurely effected. Nowadays the exit from this world is because of a failing; because a condition was unsatisfactory. It is never, in this regard, a happy ending, a happy departing, from the Earth-aspect; even though the spiritual worlds might well hold something of an added appeal because of this.

When one dies it has occurred because of some dysfunction. The soul is pressured to withdraw and it is not decided in its own time, based upon good reasons and happy associations, but rather, always so because of the cause for cessation.

This may appear a glib summary, but one may stop and question otherwise. For example: You are visiting a large and uncommonly beautiful residence, there are many others beside, some of whom you delight in their community. The buffet is pleasing and the conditions fulfilling. Now in the instance of death you would have cause to leave, and whatever the cause it would be a terrible one, so terrible that there was no choice in the matter. So at this beautiful residence you may have been disbarred, tossed out of a window, sent home, become aggravated by some other to the point of departing in argument.

Out of this life we die because the pain becomes too great to withstand in suffering. The physical body has become objectionable, the soul is uneasy for numerous reasons and withdraws. Or it can be also that the very plan of being here one holds, is completely interrupted by the insult of murder, accident or war. In all of these instances the man is not at peace with this physical world, but in calamity.

Returning to the residence: ideally the visitors are not moved to leave because they are caused to, by aggravation, interruption or unhappiness, but that they do so in their own time as part of the natural course. It is an entirely different form of departure indeed. So it could be with the negotiation of travailing this world into the next, that men in their own time and with full strength, realize perfectly without the pain that the vanquish of death brings.

It is good to struggle with the assertions of impending death for this reason, that the desire to remain ensures one’s forthright impulse to return. Therefore, not to be content with the partial defeat of death as it overrides every soul at present, but to hold fast in the knowledge that the spiritual realms offer up a continuum also for every project and interest we have invested our loving attention into.

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